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Earth Over The Next Billion Years

  • Published on Mar 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Our lifespans might feel like a long time by human standards, but to the Earth it's the blink of an eye. Even the entirety of human history represents a tiny slither of the vast chronology for our planet. We often think about geological time when looking back into the past, but today we look ahead. What might happen on our planet in the next billion years?
    Written and presented by Prof David Kipping, edited by Jorge Casas.
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    00:00 A Recurring Dream
    02:12 The Timescape Ahead
    04:06 Gyr Evolution
    06:32 A Technological Future?
    09:38 What We Leave Behind
    11:42 Who Are We To Them?
    13:02 Unidirectional
    14:57 Outro and credits
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  • ItsameDrew
    ItsameDrew 2 months ago +648

    I love this channel so much. I love how Prof. Kipping can lend his voice to almost any scientific topic, from planet formations to cases like this where he dips into anthropology. We're lucky to live in a time where we can learn from such incredible speakers basically for free. Thank you Mr Kipping.

    • ToBeOrNotToBe
      ToBeOrNotToBe Month ago

      Just found this channel. Best video I have watched for a long time.

    • JakubP
      JakubP Month ago

      “You complete me” …smh

    • carl krebs
      carl krebs Month ago

      a truly great man.........i enjoy david attenborough as well

    • Cuvtixo
      Cuvtixo Month ago +1

      @JDGlove I wonder if he smokes pot like Mr. Sagan? Many of the best minds do!

  • Stan Youngers
    Stan Youngers 2 months ago +127

    Professor Kipping has a gift for story telling, and each time I listen to him, he has what a story to tell!

    • calitaco
      calitaco Month ago +6

      He is definitely the wordsmith!

  • ewganhoff
    ewganhoff Month ago +31

    That writing, that narration, that love for humanity and it's yearning for knowledge, all mixed with a double portion of existential dread. Amazing. Thank you, Dr Kipping, you are a gift.

  • Joel S
    Joel S Month ago +92

    Honestly I think Cool Worlds is the best channel I've ever been subscribed to. These videos delve so deep into the pondering thoughts I frequently have in such a profound way. Thank you Professor Kipping!

  • superhawk20002
    superhawk20002 Month ago +18

    Sometimes the reality of our future makes me inherently sad... like the ending of a good book or tv series. Other times I find it peaceful knowing it all comes to an end. These videos always make me think about the bigger questions of life, but more importantly they make me talk to others (esp my young children) about the most diverse topics. Thank you

  • Tim Bresnahan
    Tim Bresnahan Month ago +26

    Wow, this is one of the most mind provoking, logical assessments of where we are in this frame of time. Well done!

  • Tyler Perkins
    Tyler Perkins 2 months ago +32

    I only wish I had more capability to boost this channel. Everyone needs to be introduced to these topics and you continuously provide exceptionally thoughtful content. Thanks again

    • Denny Smith
      Denny Smith Month ago +2

      When I connect with other people on various social media, I always give a link to CW if I think they'd feel engaged by it.

    • Daniel Verberne
      Daniel Verberne Month ago +2

      I agree with you saying that 'everyone needs to be introduced to these topics', because I have a sense that many people who might not have normally considered themselves into these 'big questions' can nonetheless engage with them and be curious about them. While it's undeniable that aspects of many of the sciences are complex and not all people are going to be able to engage at the technical level (myself included), the advantage about the Cool Worlds stuff is that (by and large), the emphasis is less on the scientific minutiae and more on posing and reflecting on some of the big questions that arguably concern us all. Just as science 'belongs' and is 'owned' by no one and by everyone, so too I see all of these 'big questions' as being essentially humanity's questions, for everyone to consider and ponder. Even if science does manage to eventually provide some semblance of answers to some of these questions (such as possibly finding a second genesis of life somewhere), it will never fully close the book of questions and as such I think there will always be room for individuals to pose their own answers, or just as good - to pose new questions.

  • Bear Weiter
    Bear Weiter Month ago +10

    I love all of your work, and especially the videos that explore these big “what if” and “what’s next” type questions.
    For me, that’s one of the joys of roleplaying games (particularly the tabletop kind), where you can delve into a new world or a different time, with friends, and journey through a shared experience together. All while exploring these kinds of big thoughts.

  • Sylvester Dzimiri
    Sylvester Dzimiri 2 months ago +17

    Prof. Kipping never disappoints. This is the only channel where I check if a new video is up even though I have notifications up!

  • Gary Seven
    Gary Seven Month ago +9

    You Sir are a Poet.
    Your narration here is beautiful, thought provoking and inspirational.
    This channel never fails to deliver on so many levels and this edition
    was outstanding, successfully conveying so much in a mere fifteen minutes.
    Look at us now, we must evolve or become extinct by our own hand. Our
    propensity to wage wars of ever increasing destruction and misery seems
    to be our deepest default setting, an evolutionary Dead End.

  • Shawn
    Shawn 2 months ago +81

    That was just so deep. So true, a BILLION years and we're a flicker in our entire evolution. It's mind-blowing to even contemplate what even 1 million years from now. 50,000 years will be, let alone a billion. It's an on-going movie we only play a small part of, before the next scenes come and we're not around to participate in. Hopefully, this movie never has an end no matter what Human derived species come next (until the Universe itself ends...).

    • Intasar Batool
      Intasar Batool Month ago

      @DGr Uh huh, what??

    • DGr
      DGr Month ago

      @Intasar Batool Uh huh

    • Intasar Batool
      Intasar Batool Month ago

      @DGr OK listen buddy. You yourself talked with misinformation first, saying that polytheistic societies had any connection with the simulation hypothesis, and based on that you believed that simulation hypothesis is correct. I explained to you that how its not the case. I spoke on facts.
      And I told you that a God is beyond His creation and is no way "attached" to it. You said that a monotheistic God is called He/Him, and not They/Them, because ancient societies were patriarchal. Now you think monotheistic God should be called "They/Them" because you are influenced by your OWN society. Plus so many "genders" we suddenly have(never had before in thousands of years) of which that are called "They/Them" are still humans. You can not put God in the same frame as humans or any THING.
      Also, what's wrong with a patriarchal society?? Even today, mostly men are running the societies around the world. The way you mentioned "patriarchal society" gives me the impression that you have been influenced my todays media and the gender issues rising, etc.
      And I wasn't laughing at the concepts I disagree with, I was just giggling at the example I gave in response to the concepts, because I was trying to explain to you that God is not attached to His creation. Just like the baker is not a cake himself. And so we can not "make" gods out of the natural phenomenon we see, in this regard there are still ignorant people even today. They just can't fathom that God is beyond His creation and insist on god having a physical shape or features, and so; many number of gods.
      I did not make any speculations, I only made logical arguments, and based on logic, science and common sense, I said that God has to be one. Because that seems to be the logical conclusion. And the Abrahamic religions teach us about one true God, so it seems that they are correct. If you have any logical or scientific reasoning for polytheism, I'd love to hear from you. Tell me WHY Abrahamic religions are just hypothesis in that regard? You didn't give me ANY good reasoning so far.

    • DGr
      DGr Month ago +1

      @Intasar Batool That is an insane amount of mental gymnastics, misinformation, and assumptions you just made. Gaslighting both myself, and tens of thousands of years of ancient cultures.
      I for sure agree that if there was a monotheistic God they would be genderless. However, the Abrahamic God is called He/Him, and not They/Them, because ancient Judean society, and most societies over the course of our history, were heavily patriarchal.
      And yes, many of those polytheistic religions were based around nature and astronomy, because those are extraordinary concepts we still to this day barely understand, and thus always have and always will associate with a greater power.
      But, as soon as you start calling people and cultures you've never met ignorant fools, laughing at concepts you disagree with, and declare hardly provable claims as facts that "prove" God, while making no factual claims of your own, just zealous speculation, is where you lose me.
      Just so it's clear though, Abrahamic religions are just as much of a hypothesis as simulation theory. You are free to believe what you will.

  • Christine Bernchat
    Christine Bernchat 2 months ago +254

    Everything about this video is perfect, from the visuals to the soothing storyteller voice. But what Cool Worlds has that other channels don’t is a bonafide expert sharing his knowledge, and there’s simply no substitution for that.

    • Charlo Rivard
      Charlo Rivard Month ago +2

      What I actually love about him is that he's not afraid to say * I don't know * when the question has no clear answers.

    • Joe Bennett
      Joe Bennett Month ago +3

      @jrothwell2 Agreed, would love hour long videos but the wait between episodes would probably be much longer if they were . This is by far my favorite channel.

    • A Yashwanth👑
      A Yashwanth👑 Month ago +3

      Yes. An expert in a field sharing something on Clip-Share is amazing.

    • jrothwell2
      jrothwell2 2 months ago +7

      perfect except for being too short

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith Month ago +6

    Another thought provoking masterpiece. Never fail to make learning so interesting and enjoyable at the same time. I've watched some videos into double figures they're such easy listening.

  • Rio Chowdhury
    Rio Chowdhury Month ago +4

    Thank you for another wonderful episode.
    The idea for leaving something behind for future civilizations is very similar to the Start Track The Next Generation's Inner Light episode. In that episode a long dead civilization left behind a probe that helped captain of a starship experience in 25 minutes what is equivalent to a lifetime of one person in that lost civilization. This episode from professor Kipping reminded me of the same mind-space I experienced when I watched the Star Trek episode so long ago. And yet that episode was broadcasted only a fraction of a second ago when measured in a different calendar...
    Earth rotates on its axis at a speed of 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds. This rotation gives us day and night. The Earth is tilted on its axis at 23.5 degrees. This creates four to six seasons. And finally, the Earth completes its orbit around the sun in 365.26 days. On average, we live 70-90 orbits of Earth around the sun. We remember events and our lives based on these repeating units. What would it be like if we did not live longer than a season? Then we would never know the difference between Winter and Spring. What would it be like if we lived longer and felt changes influenced by a wider orbit of the Sun around our Galaxy?
    By the time the Sun completes a circle around the Milky Way galaxy, the Earth would have completed 230 million orbits around the Sun. Or, in our language the Sun orbits around our galaxy in 230 million years. In this galactic calendar, Jurassic era when dinosaurs roamed ended as recently as the last season. The earth is only 16 years old, the Sun is 20 and the entire universe was formed 60 years ago
    According to this new galactic calendar the universe is not very old; we simply die too young.

  • Romanovskie
    Romanovskie 2 months ago +134

    As a backwoods redneck you would think I would be the last person to watch this channel. But nothing is further from the truth as I've been subbed for a long time. I love the content and subjects presented from Cool Worlds and Prof. Kipping presentation style and teaching makes it very enjoyable to watch. I love pondering about the universe, aliens, technology our existence and what the future may hold. Keep up the great work!

    • SomeSortOfDeliciousBiscuit
      SomeSortOfDeliciousBiscuit Month ago

      Wonder and curiousity is open to everyone for its own sake.

    • Cristina Taliani
      Cristina Taliani Month ago

      Maybe planetary evolution does not repeat itself-- in fact it may be a continuam that only goes forward.

    • Don Gately
      Don Gately Month ago +2

      Never sell yourself short just cuz you don’t fit neatly into an archetype.

  • Brandon Nye
    Brandon Nye Month ago +6

    I love every video you put out at Cool Worlds, and they are fantastic to watch during my long night shifts. Also perfect brain fuel to watch during study breaks while getting ready to start a physics PhD

  • Wrist Factor
    Wrist Factor Month ago +3

    Well done again David!!
    The most thought provoking video and channel in existence!!!
    I’ve been saying this for years!!! Although, not with such eloquence and consistency.
    Thank you.
    Now, and for the future of our future’s generation of history buffs, researching our present to predict their own future’s possibilities. If only we could see such a past in such a way as to be looking at our experience, that has yet to happen!
    Love it!

  • David Tarantino
    David Tarantino Month ago +4

    Professor i can't tell you how relaxing but existentially terrifying your videos are. I have your videos and the Why Files on a Playlist I play on my hour long commute to work. Thank you so much for such amazing content. You are amazing.

  • Mimi V
    Mimi V 2 months ago +43

    I'm so excited! So glad caught the notification. The depths of the information. The way he tells the stories of countless universes. How he can turn science into this beautiful thing that enters the conscious mind. Probes the deepest part of the curious brain. Just keeping you spellbound throughout the awesomeness. And then a feeling of loss when it comes to an end. Leaving you wanting more. Wishing he could keep talking forever. Taking you to the farthest reaches of the known universe and beyond.
    Thank you Professor for today's wondering journey.

    • Mazillius MashupGunz
      Mazillius MashupGunz Month ago +2

      @Zakalwe I mostly agree with this. We are a wonder, but wondrously flawed. Every aspect of us has this duality in both our biological workings and psychological workings/behavior. For example, our own immune system is absolutely mind bogglingly amazing. It protects us every second of every day and performs like it almost has a mind of its own, but yet it can easily over react causing allergies and even destroy healthy cells and even kill us. We as people and as a species are capable of incredibly beautiful things and selflessness, but also incredibly selfish and ugly destructive things. We are greedy to the point of destroying our planet and draining every last resource available even to the point of destroying our species' future and killing off other species in droves. Then we have those of us trying to save us all.

    • Zakalwe
      Zakalwe Month ago +3

      Never talk of humans as rats or cockroaches. That’s the terminology of extermination. There are too many people with that growing mindset about the human race, and most of them see themselves as above and apart from ‘the masses’. Humans are the Universe’s greatest wonder, NOT an infestation.

  • JBrett
    JBrett Month ago +3

    Thanks again for another thought provoking video David. When you think about the short time we have been on this earth and the scale of technological advancement we have seen, and that we are able to ask ourselves these questions, it makes me wonder if other intelligent earth creatures also ask similar questions? Thanks again your excellent work and I look forward next video.

  • Skip Houston
    Skip Houston 6 days ago +1

    Thank you for this video. Love your channel, but as someone who intensely inquisitive and always marvels at what humans will achieve next, this video, is like a form of meditation for me, pondering and being grateful that I get to live in age of such amazing advancement. My hope and belief, is that with the advancement of AI and quantum computing, we are only just at the beginning of a new revolution, that will transform our world and our lives over the coming decades in ways that we can only dream or barely conceive of today. Thanks again Professor Kipping.

  • Bendy Bruce
    Bendy Bruce 2 months ago +7

    I have memories of when I was a little boy when my stepfather Courtney trying to find the Christmas presents. He passed away last year, and it was strange to think of how someone that I thought would last forever, in truth, was just a warm breeze against my skin, to be washed away by the relentless passage of time. We are such an astonishing miracle, and all the more so, by the simple fact that we were not made to last. Appreciate every moment, because it took billions of years just to get here.

  • Harriet Harlow
    Harriet Harlow Month ago

    An absolutely exquisite video, stunning images with a narration that informs while being soothing and a soundtrack that does not intrude, but instead adds to enjoyment of the video. Thanks so much for uploading, Cool Worlds!!

  • Ryan253
    Ryan253 Month ago +1

    Absolutely one of the best channels on the universe. Easy to understand the most complex details of the universe and beyond. I'm a big fan! Wish cool worlds lab a excellent future! Kipping brilliant!

  • DogKiss
    DogKiss 2 months ago +40

    Oh yes. Perfect Friday evening video. And an incredibly intersting topic as usual! Thanks so much for making amazing content; it's much appreciated!

  • DGr
    DGr Month ago +1

    It never ceases to amaze me how quickly you can make me go from being highly depressed or apathetic, to incredibly hopeful and inspired. I mean, that's what being human is, the ups and the downs, and so you connect with us not only through knowledge, but through us being ourselves. And for free. Amazing.
    Looking forward to the next, thanks for being great.

  • Rook Silva
    Rook Silva Month ago

    Ya know what, I respect and absolutely love this content from Cool Worlds, tbh I love space and physics and all that, but really, this particular video really grasped me! I am truly impressed and will continue to keep watching your content whenever you release it! :)

  • necrosunderground
    necrosunderground Month ago

    I feel like I just listened to Carl Sagan, the way you narrated this video, Professor. Absolutely fantastic work! And a fascinating topic. We have to find a way to begin the next chapter, even though we won't be here to see how it plays out; we owe it to the future.

  • kayskreed
    kayskreed Month ago +1

    Perfect timing. I've been thinking about this recently also. We are these conscious beings, a tiny fragment of the universe that has become aware of itself. Just like matter gets recycled and reused, I wonder if it's the same with consciousness and intelligence. Since it has occurred already, is it destined to repeat itself again and again, be it on earth or elsewhere, considering the incomprehensible amount of time that the universe has left? And how ironic, poetic even would it be that the reason we haven't stumbled upon "aliens" yet is because they have yet to descend from us, millions of years from now. And like the video suggested, who knows if it will be remotely "human" in any way that we understand that term. And would these recognize themselves in us any more than we recognize ourselves in our common ancestor a billion years ago? It's hard to imagine. In any case, hopefully human or not, the universe will keep experimenting with intelligence and new forms of consciousness. The universe has always appeared to me as some giant science experiment anyway. We may never know if there was a point to it all or not, but I guess the mystery is part of the appeal.

  • semugenyi latif
    semugenyi latif Month ago

    "Mysteries that we have no choice but to go to the grave with " the cosmos is indeed unforgiving, such videos remind us the fragility of life. Thanks prof. Kipping for the quality, message and knowledge of Cool worlds lab Chanel videos. We really appreciate.

  • Keith Metcalf
    Keith Metcalf 2 months ago +16

    Dr. Kipping,you sir are a legend. Been listening for quite some time,thank you Cool world labs! ❤️💯🔭

    • Cool Worlds
      Cool Worlds  2 months ago +7

      That’s really wonderful to hear, thanks so much

  • James Braginton
    James Braginton Month ago +1

    To be able to travel a half million years into the future, I often wonder if one would be able to eat the food , breathe the air and communicate with others. What a trip that would be!

  • Griffith Berserk
    Griffith Berserk Month ago +2

    Such beautiful and also tragic truth about us, Earth and the universe. Brought me to tears since it connected with my thoughts on a deeper level. Thanks for this!

  • Bryan Botha
    Bryan Botha Month ago

    Love your channel Prof. David Kipping and this video in particular. Thank you and keep doing the incredible research, science communication and story-telling you're doing!
    I particularly liked the deep questions you pose about the future of humanity as a species - Will we become true interstellar explorers, perhaps joining other advanced space-faring civilizations, able to one day unlock countless mysteries across the galaxy?
    Or will we exhaust the precious resources on our home planet and fail to bring our complex ecosystem back into balance, potentially destroying ourselves, unable to realize a more optimistic future for our species?
    You inspire BIG thinking and I love where my mind goes thanks to the different thought-provoking questions you raise.
    In the world of science fiction (Star Trek, Star Wars, etc.) it’s easy for humans to travel to other planets and stars but in the short time we’ve been able to venture beyond Earth’s atmosphere, we’ve realized just how challenging our moon, Mars and the cold unforgiving void of space truly are. Unless we drastically alter our own biology, exploring our solar system and beyond looks like a job better suited for our AI surrogates.
    The AI we send out to explore other planets, moons and asteroids in our solar system will continue to get more advanced, able to withstand almost any environment the universe can throw at us, becoming more autonomous and one day even able to travel to nearby stars as you’ve highlighted in other videos. If we had a spaceship that could make it to our nearest star Proxima Centauri, and it took only 300 years (unbelievable future technology advances would be required to achieve this), who’s to say the humans born onboard during the trip would follow through on the plans their parents or grand-parents set out with when they left Earth?
    AI will also be more reliable to follow through on commitments written into their source code compared with us fickle free-thinking humans ;) It makes me wonder if when do make contact with other interstellar civilizations, whether we are far more likely to be meeting their AI rather than them - as would likely be the case were things reversed. Today images of our AI conjure up silicon chips running robot-like humanoids like C-3PO but alien AI may look very different from this paradigm - they may or may not resemble their own biology and it’s hard to know if we would even be able to truly know if our encounter was with them or one of their AI creations. Even in the short time we humans have been making computers we already have created computation with DNA and incorporated human neurons onto a computer chip.
    Though smart folks have expressed concern that the singularity is soon approaching - when AI and humans will merge and/or AI will gain consciousness, so far we haven’t seen any hard evidence that consciousness and artificial intelligence are inextricably linked. We tend to link these because in humans they are linked. Yuval Harari defines consciousness as the ability to experience suffering, which for me gets to the crux of it. It’s not obvious to me that as AI develops in complexity and computational power it will automatically gain the ability to experience suffering.
    We will need to consider designing our future AI interstellar explorers as potential ambassadors and communicators to other interstellar species they might encounter. Strange that we may only learn about such a future encounter many years after it has already happened, when the information has had enough time to travel back to us. Hopefully faster than the ensuing alien invasion of Earth ;)
    Even though I think it will be possible to have highly advanced AI without consciousness, it seems presumptive to assume that there’s anything supernatural about human or animal consciousness. So in theory if one day we do figure out what consciousness is exactly, we may be able to create it or another version of it using silicon rather than carbon as the base substrate and grant a kind of consciousness to the AI we build and send out to distant stars.

  • Silas Dense
    Silas Dense 2 months ago +2

    Your presentations are compelling and insightful as well as educational and thought provoking.
    Thank you.

  • Douglas Anchell
    Douglas Anchell Month ago

    Professor Kipping is a breath of fresh thoughts. And his words and his voice soothing and stimulating to the soul.

  • Zaucy
    Zaucy 2 months ago +42

    How freaking weird!! I was JUST thinking about this yesterday when looking in awe at some of the massive buildings constructed by us. I thought "man how weird is it gonna be in a million or even a billion years if there's some type of intelligent species to see our artifacts left behind if anything is left" and then you come out with this video today.. what are the chances? Amazing video as always professor. Thank you

    • René
      René Month ago

      So are you, probably.
      Judging without knowing is a flaw of character.
      Everyone has something good to bring to the table.

    • Alexya
      Alexya Month ago

      @Calvin Jary Not true. It will take at least 4 billion years for unicellular life to die. Multicellular life can survive for as much as a billion years.

    • Zaucy
      Zaucy 2 months ago

      @jackesioto yes I know but we are getting more and more technologically advanced every single day and who knows maybe in 100-200 years we WILL be able to build something that can!

    • belstar
      belstar 2 months ago +2

      @Calvin Jary That will take over 4 billion years but the sun will already become hotter by 1 billion years from now but in 200 million years we should be fine.

  • Js Somewhere
    Js Somewhere Month ago

    Thanks Professor Kipping and thanks to your crew. As always another great video.
    I love that you don't have the answers cuz it's the questions that drive us.

  • Zach
    Zach Month ago +1

    I simply love this channel. You continue to amaze me everyday with the stories you tell. Forever have my thanks :)

  • Alexander Cheong
    Alexander Cheong Month ago

    Hi Cool Worlds, as someone who's not able to afford higher education, I just wanna tell you that your videos have inspired and helped me in understanding the world so much better. Your work is incredible. Thank you so much.

  • 02ismyfriend
    02ismyfriend Month ago

    Another absolutely fantastic video. It indeed is quite a tragedy that we are limited to such infinity small period of time.

  • Dipak R. Jhala
    Dipak R. Jhala Month ago +1

    every video takes us into another world. the subject, the explanation and the expressive voice makes us spell bound. You are a living legend with a vision and combining the science technology and philosophy in the most simplified way. ever eager to receive your new video filled with unimaginable in depth information. best wishes and regards Sir,

  • Atawahinta
    Atawahinta 2 months ago +8

    Every time I think Prof. Kipping can't produce a more insightful video, he does!

  • Gman k
    Gman k Month ago +1

    Professor Kipping you have an eloquent way with words and tone of voice and talk about the things I think about all the time and it's so refreshing to know I'm not alone. Thank you for a mind opening piece. I love Cool Worlds Lab. Clip-Share is the Best!

  • Ana Laura Rodríguez Gustá

    Perfect video, so inspiring ... Prof. Kipping and Cool Worlds provide wonderful explanations of who we are and how precious our life on Earth is ...

  • c4tubo
    c4tubo Month ago

    Thank you. Not sense Carl Sagan have I heard someone express such poetic philosophy about our existence in terms of geologic time scales. Well done.

  • Santiago Diaz
    Santiago Diaz Month ago

    This video is sooo inspiring. Loved it as all of them. Keep the good work Prof.

  • W0tch
    W0tch Month ago

    Great video ! Also you could have mentioned how important our current time might be for the near and perhaps far future of our species or lineage !

  • Jack Buff
    Jack Buff Month ago +4

    I could've watched this for a billion years. Sublime production worthy of all the awards YT has to offer. The fact this channel is still under a million subs is a crime.

  • All0utmetal
    All0utmetal Month ago

    I can never get enough of this channel. I wish new uploads were longer and more frequent.

  • mason hines
    mason hines Month ago +1

    That was absolutely phenomenal!👏👏👏 I went through so many emotions watching this

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