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The Reverse Domino Effect

  • Published on May 24, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • I show you the reverse domino or double domino effect and talk about how it works.
    See the full length video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ch0_J...
    My main channel: clip-share.net/channel/UC1VL...

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  • SOUSO991
    SOUSO991 Year ago +3

    Boss: why is our client saying we didn’t ship the bricks yet?

  • Reeses_Pieces6

    Love how my man just does this in the middle of a Home Depot lol

  • cartler
    cartler  +1

    "Sir, this is Home Depot"

  • Andrew Salazar
    Andrew Salazar Year ago +35

    The Title: “Reverse Domino Effect”

  • Secret
    Secret  +6

    The sound of the bricks falling is highly satisfying

  • TriFlow
    TriFlow  +196

    The ants that survived between the bricks :

  • The profile picture's a tribute to my cousin's dog

    "If we fall, we fall together"

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous  +701

    "Get the hell out of this store!"

  • Kspice9000

    "see this is called the reverse domino effect"

  • Minerva Galvez
    Minerva Galvez Year ago +8

    You should have a camera actually showing the last brick that causes the Reversal. Thanks!

  • PK C
    PK C  +60

    "Jim... that guy is playing with bricks in aisle 10 again!"

  • Anas9v
    Anas9v  +272

    Gf: "he's probably cheating on me."

  • Danny A.
    Danny A. Year ago +7

    I expected the blocks to go back up

  • Thomas E S Thomas

    “Reverse domino effect: How I got banned from Home Depot”

  • Normal Man

    "Double domino effect" the title: I'm just an illusion

  • maremagnus
    maremagnus Year ago +14

    But he forgot to record the most important part: the last brick falling and thus causing the double effect

  • Speedy
    Speedy  +6

    The video: Double domino effect.

  • Andrew
    Andrew  +5

    Imagine you’re just walking around the store and see him doing this

  • A Random Dog
    A Random Dog Year ago +5

    The noise of the bricks was more satisfying than the actual effect itself

  • Nicole Banag

    Dang, I was expecting those bricks to stand up one by one, a reverse 😂