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I Built Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory!

  • Published on Jun 3, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • @MrBeast
    @MrBeast   +87

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  • @snowball1

    Gordon guy seems to have good cooking knowledge. He should become a good chef someday

  • @user-kz5zj7st5f

    впервые вижу, что бы были звуковые дорожки у видео на разных языках.

  • @user-gf8yk9uf6l

    Rewatching this knowing jimmy hadn’t eaten for a while really shows how committed he is and I love that

  • @alexisbaudens2900
    @alexisbaudens2900 2 hours ago +3

    S'était très cool à regardé. Très originale comme manière de faire sa publicité et le fait d'avoir plusieurs piste audio dans différente langue rends le tout très accessible. Franchement c'est un sans faute.

  • @trentonnotpro806
    @trentonnotpro806 28 days ago +518

    This went from fun mini games to win a chocolate factory to a cooking show real quick.

  • @maxhorne3864
    @maxhorne3864 14 hours ago +97

    To think MrBeast was this excited and upbeat after fasting for 2 weeks, this man has my respect. What a hard worker

  • @WriotWtf
    @WriotWtf  +136

    That dude deserved the win. He literally crushed every event.

  • @hashuvlogs8559

    What a life this man's living, while helping those in need of help. Kudos.

  • @sweetteamsweetteam3435
    @sweetteamsweetteam3435 21 day ago +89

    The fact Gordon doesn't spit out his food, already makes him a winner.

  • @patomarresto-bar7137
    @patomarresto-bar7137 2 hours ago

    Hola MrBeast, un final inesperado ,mejor el dinero que la fábrica que le costaría mucho mantener ,eres exelente 🥳

  • @zxphry4471

    The cake looked so real! Natalie did a great job :)

  • @erichorner8336
    @erichorner8336 12 hours ago +42

    You HAVE to do more Gordon Ramsey + Mr. Beast Cooking shows! So funny!

  • @zarinsubha1664

    The winner dude actually deserves it. He was so consistent and amazing throughout the whole game

  • @user-tf1ww9jt9o

    Я в шоке от этого блогера, уровень на высоте, столько бабла в саживает, смотрю часто его, я даже с одной пачки даже больше 10 купюр не держал, а тут состав аж, класс

  • @chipson1849
    @chipson1849 19 hours ago +40

    Чесно сказать, я в шоке от кое какого дела. Так это то что он сделал разные звуковые дорожки что бы для каждого языка было, у меня просто улетела крыша 💥

  • @mrwarzo6932

    Frankly, the sound, the montage, the fun and the awareness that this person presented, it is difficult to find someone who offers the same thing.

  • @sillycreations3339
    @sillycreations3339 14 hours ago +6

    :O Im amazed, what a amazing factory! wish I could've been there! love the waterfall!

  • @iamdevilking

    That man, right there is gonna make history for sure.

  • @crazgoober4873

    I loved seeing how cheerful that guy was when he entered the marshmallow room