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Stardew Valley meets Animal Crossing! - Hokko Life [First Impression]

  • Published on May 6, 2021 veröffentlicht
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  • Zsalexa
    Zsalexa Year ago +43

    Thanks for this video Sharky!🧡 This game is amazing, and looks soo fun! Of corse this video was amazing too! ^^
    Road to 100k! ✨

  • James d'Shone
    James d'Shone Year ago +124

    What a wholesome game -- trusting a mysterious stranger with unrestricted use of your spare room and giving them an axe. Looks awesome, though.

  • InternetWAP
    InternetWAP Year ago +34

    I really think animal crossing needs a good healthy competition like that, cause they've been kinda slacking with qol updates or adding more humor and text to the animals again, more sass as they use to have.

  • Mark Phillips
    Mark Phillips Year ago +23

    Ok I knew within about 5 minutes that this is a game that I will definitely pick up. The visuals are right up my street. Good stuff!

    • Britlyn Elmore
      Britlyn Elmore Year ago

      If they make this on switch I feel like this would be a truly relaxing game.. the art.. the noises ... its a game I feel like the game world needs with the world being the way it is

    • RavenRavero
      RavenRavero Year ago


  • kim my
    kim my Year ago +59

    As someone who doesn't have access to Animal Crossing I really enjoyed this. 😊


    This game already looks so awesome. I can't wait to play the early access. If the beta version plays like this imagine the fully polished version of this. So excited. Great video btw sharky. It's always a fun time watching you.

  • Bae_Bea
    Bae_Bea Year ago +86

    I absolutely adore how completely British the people sound

    • Ranae Foote
      Ranae Foote Year ago

      i like northern english accents (i dont think that's british but im not good at geography in the first place)

    • Mpazi Nambao
      Mpazi Nambao Year ago +3

      Very distinguished

    • Neil
      Neil Year ago +1

      I know! Makes me want to pet them.

    • SharkyGames
      SharkyGames  Year ago +6

      I know right! I dig that

  • Rodrigo Cáceres
    Rodrigo Cáceres Year ago +11

    The gameplay looks good ,but it's hard to be interested in playing it when the aesthetics give you the creeps. That's why every aspect of the game, from visuals to audio, is important.

    • Hào
      Hào 9 months ago +1

      agree with you, I care so much about visual aesthetics. The animals look like there are murderers inside the costume and the character's appearance isn't good at all. The way they were stylized from the first time I found looks much better than this

    • Usagi Felton
      Usagi Felton Year ago

      @Rodrigo Cáceres yeah there is a clear distinction between the styles, but they also had to kinda do their own thing with them. I don't see too much difference myself, though I hope they have a larger variety than has been shown for this game.

    • Rodrigo Cáceres
      Rodrigo Cáceres Year ago +1

      @Usagi Felton I personally see animal crossing characters with more charm and expression. I think it's a combination of many different elements, from height to the way that facial features are made.

    • Usagi Felton
      Usagi Felton Year ago

      @Rodrigo Cáceres Ahh so it's giving you "uncanny valley" vibes. See I don't get that, they remind me of the other games like animal crossing, except they're about the same height/taller than the character?

    • Rodrigo Cáceres
      Rodrigo Cáceres Year ago +1

      @Usagi Felton Animals look a bit too human probably because of the body shape and expressions look kinda bland, as if they have no soul. It's not like I'm saying that it makes it a scary game, it simply has some ugly aesthetic elements for me.

  • Latasha Roland
    Latasha Roland Year ago +4

    Sharky....doggone it you done did it again!!! Another farm sim for me to purchase. Man you put me onto to so many games since I found your channel looking for Stardew content. Love it!!

    • SharkyGames
      SharkyGames  Year ago +1

      Haha I'm sorrrryyyyyy!! You love it really though 😜

  • Sassy Mom
    Sassy Mom Year ago +10

    OMG!! I have been waiting and hoping you would have access to show off this game........thank you soo much Chris, so many games and so few hours to play them all 😱great content as always, love it 💖

  • Scana -chan
    Scana -chan Year ago +5

    You have no idea how much your videos helped me get through the last few days. Thanks for the wholesome content!! 💙💙 Added this game on steam, can't wait for it!

  • TyrantLizardKing
    TyrantLizardKing Year ago +2

    This game is so pretty! I've been desperate for a game that combines animal crossing and farm sims, I can't wait to see how this comes along.

  • Annika Klein
    Annika Klein Year ago +2

    Woah this looks already so nice and polished for beta 😍
    I love the visuals, the animations, the details in the houses 😊 and the way you can place stuff in the areas 😍
    Btw funny thing. "Oma" is the German word for grandmother 😂👍

  • HeyBexx
    HeyBexx Year ago +6

    This looks promising, so cute! I already love it. Thanks for sharing with us and letting us see some game play this early. Sharky, much love! 💙🤘🏻

    • HeyBexx
      HeyBexx Year ago +1

      @SharkyGames I sure did! Just finished the video now. So wholesome. 🤗 love the animals! You’re such a good creator and always so positive and nice to everyone. I wish I could sub to you multiple times to help you get to 100k but I can’t. More people will come soon, I just know it. We’ll get you to 100k before this year is over! 👏🏻 Stay safe Sharky, have a great rest of your evening! 💙

    • SharkyGames
      SharkyGames  Year ago +5

      You are very welcome! Thank you for watching, I do hope you enjoyed the game and ofc the video to!

  • Pernille Hermansen
    Pernille Hermansen Year ago +7

    THIS STYLE IS SO CUTE! the character customization look great and love the lill naruto run/zoomies they do. Looking forwards for this to come out!

  • Arvi
    Arvi Year ago +7

    This game looks so good! Just started My Time At Portia and now I have a new game I can look forward to :D

  • Fay Alobaid
    Fay Alobaid Year ago +40

    Hoping this gets released on the switch!

  • CorpseParty
    CorpseParty Year ago +3

    The games looks realy nice!!! I hope they animate the faces a bit too show emotions ^_^

  • Carrie Johnson
    Carrie Johnson Year ago +3

    This game is going to be AMAZING I definitely can’t wait for this to release! And I really hope it’ll be on the switch! It was on my top favorite games when you made that video too!
    YES of course do a playthrough please!
    Thanks for the video

  • Cassie G
    Cassie G Year ago +1

    Thanks for bringing this game to my attention! Another game to add to my watchlist 😊

  • Ircha Gaming
    Ircha Gaming Year ago +13

    I need this now on the Switch.

  • Ebba Lytle
    Ebba Lytle Year ago +9

    I've had this one on my wishlist for ages. So glad you showed us what it's like. I'm lovin' it!!

  • Diego
    Diego Year ago +1

    it looks awesome, love the new design. In the first trailer the animals had big round heads, this new design looks better

  • Sunny
    Sunny Year ago +1

    I eould love to see a playthrough when it comes out! I dont think I am going to play it myself just because I am not the biggest fan of the artstyle but I would love to see other people play it!

  • Julieta Soria
    Julieta Soria Year ago +2

    I love it, i knew about this game for a year ago and I completely fall in love, just waiting 16 days for buy at the early access ♥

  • Queen Zelda
    Queen Zelda Year ago +2

    The steam page shows that the game comes out at the 2nd of June, I can't wait to play it

  • Kimberlyn Salmon
    Kimberlyn Salmon Year ago +3

    Another great game to look forward to! Definitely needs a play through.

  • M H
    M H Year ago +1

    This game looks delightful. Thanks for the first look.

  • Angelic Slayer
    Angelic Slayer Year ago +1

    Thanks for showing the game. I've been excited since I saw it announced last year. Im a huge fan of stardew and animal crossing and I am so excited, can't wait for it to be released

  • Nicolle Nelsen
    Nicolle Nelsen Year ago +1

    This game looks so charming. I can't wait to play it myself. Definetly on my WIshlist! Any game you recommend is usually a winner in my book. I've enjoyed all the games you've featured so far, it fits my style of gaming. PS. I had to stop drinking coffee after my 3rd heart attack and switched to tea. I don't miss it at all and enjoy the almost endless variety of teas on hand. I also use the name "Ruby" or "Rose" when I have to choose a name.

    • Nicolle Nelsen
      Nicolle Nelsen Year ago

      Just a side note: I wonder what would happen of you try to "pet" any of the townpeople?

  • DesignerSlashGamer Plays

    Great video! I'm really looking forward to this game. UGC is everything. It will really differentiate this game!

  • MirandaZ2000
    MirandaZ2000 Year ago +1

    Oh man, now I really want this game... and I also would like you to voice all the characters!! Great video, thank you for the early look!

  • Gaming with Alchemy
    Gaming with Alchemy Year ago +1

    Another amazing video, Sharky! 😁

  • Jenny
    Jenny Year ago +1

    looks promising. hopefully they work some more on the animations and models. it's easy to make a games environment look good visually these days with lighting but you can't hide the other stuff. Makes it looks awkward.

  • DJ McKay
    DJ McKay Year ago +2

    I've had this game on my wish list for so long! I can't wait for it to be released. It's adorable!

  • Maya K
    Maya K Year ago +2

    Please do make a series out of this!

  • Katie
    Katie Year ago +1

    Definitely seems like a game I'll like! Do you know if it will just be out on pc or other consoles?

  • NT
    NT Year ago +1

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I put it in my steam wishlist!

  • Antonie de Koning
    Antonie de Koning Year ago +52

    "The movement is great" Character proceeds to move around like his shoes are made of soap

    • CodeBlue-^v-
      CodeBlue-^v- Year ago +4

      Idk, it looks more like a cartoony hop to me. Like the style of animation in his walk is supposed to be a cartoony skip to his step. I thought it looked cute

  • Grass
    Grass Year ago +1

    I've been looking forward to this game, and now looking forward to you playing it!

  • Ghost
    Ghost Year ago +1

    I love your videos sharky thank you for existing 💕

  • Melanie Sch
    Melanie Sch Year ago +31

    I'm so confused by Oma's name because "Oma" means "Grandma" in German haha love it.

  • DragonMage156
    DragonMage156 Year ago +10

    This morning, I didn't know this game existed. Now I NEED it!

  • Carlos Dyer
    Carlos Dyer Year ago +1

    The run animation sold me on this game 😂

  • Lionel
    Lionel Year ago +3

    Great to see your playing other games than stardew its good to have a variety of games to play

  • hayankitty
    hayankitty Year ago +1

    This looks so awesome! I was wondering if you would be willing to do an acnh island tour? Also YES to a play though of this ❤️

  • Linda Watson
    Linda Watson Year ago +1

    Can't wait for this game comes out . You are brilliant at narrating too 💖

  • Katrin
    Katrin Year ago +1

    I just spotted this game in steam as I was looking through the shop and I must say...it looks really cute :3 And just for you to know "Oma" is in Germany a nickname for your Grandmother^^ I know rhis bechause I live in Germany :)

  • Lymon
    Lymon Year ago +1

    This is just what I ever dreamed of ♥

  • B.
    B. Year ago +36

    I feel like the animals look really creepy compared to the animal crossing animals, they are too human like in the body

    • Megorium
      Megorium Year ago +5

      Agreed I wrote about that in my comment also. I think just popping different animal heads on the human body is not only lazy on the Dev's part, but also very creepy. They just don't look...right. lol

    • JazzyHK
      JazzyHK Year ago +6

      yea maybe if they made the bodies more rounded and stubby to give them a more cartoonish look it wouldn't be as strange XD

    • Elizabeth C
      Elizabeth C Year ago +7

      Yeah. Something about the animals creeps me out😂

  • OctoberSkyrim
    OctoberSkyrim 6 months ago

    I'll definitely pick this up for my PS4 love these types of games

  • Sarah Clopine
    Sarah Clopine Year ago

    Oma means mom and/or yes in Korean. Thanks for showing us this game. I cannot wait to get my computer back up and running to play this. It would be neat if they would port this to the switch.

  • Smooth Collision
    Smooth Collision Year ago +3

    I feel like this is a British mad game, considering some of the phrases and words the characters use lol. You're reading out loud is pretty good

  • Mary Gershwin
    Mary Gershwin Year ago

    I'm very much on the fence about this game... don't know if I like the HEAVY inspiration they took from animal crossing with the artstyle of the villagers and the nature etc. It borders on copying tbh... although I really want to love and play it. Let's see what they change up when Early Access rolls out.

  • Dojando
    Dojando Year ago +8

    Oma means grandma in German 😂 but that game looks so cute UwU I definitely get the animal crossing vibes! Love it

    • Dojando
      Dojando Year ago

      @MrsNekoful If you pronounce the a more it definitely does sound different indeed. But it's so weird just reading "grandma" as a name xD

    • MrsNekoful
      MrsNekoful Year ago +1

      I've been looking for a German comment like this! I had to laugh so hard, but with an English pronunciation it isn't to bad I suppose xD

  • Bad Gamer Kat
    Bad Gamer Kat Year ago

    This is such a cute game! On Steam is says it will be available on June 2nd

  • MinishMilly
    MinishMilly Year ago +6

    That's not a mattress on a bed, that's a futon! It's supposed to be on the ground! ^^

  • Megorium
    Megorium Year ago +2

    The animals need more work for sure. Moss should have a longer neck and hooves. The Elephants need thicker arms and legs. Everyone having the same human body is weirding me out. More eye designs on the animals would be nice...maybe different expressions. The graphics are lovely though and I love the Elephant's different colors and designs. I do love the little town and the item menu screen looks amazing, I also love how easy it is to design the world around you. Very streamlined. :)

  • ItsHui
    ItsHui Year ago +1

    I'd buy that game if they add a better idle animation when the character stays still~ I really don't like it when characters seem dead when not moving in games...

  • Water You Painting? (Michelle)

    So cute! Hope it comes to switch!
    What happened to Olive town? You done?

  • Starlight Bettas
    Starlight Bettas Year ago +31

    the only thing i really dislike, is how uncanny the animal characters look. their bodies are SO human looking, with the anatomy portions especially, then a sudden super cartoony animal head, it looks weird x"D

    • Starlight Bettas
      Starlight Bettas Year ago

      @A S i get they don't want it to look too much like animal crossing but if they edited the models some and made them cuter and less creepy, i think it'd be fine. would also be nice if the girls looks more... like girls. i thought the first elephant was a dude until it said otherwise lmao

    • A S
      A S Year ago

      yeah, unfortunately cause of that the game is probably not gonna get popular

    • Elizabeth C
      Elizabeth C Year ago +3

      I agree. They look weird and creepy

  • LaNea Willison
    LaNea Willison Year ago

    I have been playing Animal Crossing New Horizons for a little over a year and love it. But I have been wanting a a new game that I would love as much as acnh . And this game looks just like the kind of game I was looking for. I am going to get it. Thanks so much for showing me this game. I wonder if you can go to others to play with them.

  • Matt Sedlak
    Matt Sedlak Year ago

    i just put this on my steam wishlist. it also has a my time at portia feel too

  • MissRyukkie
    MissRyukkie Year ago +1

    I won't purchase it unless it comes to consoles since I don't own a PC. It looks cute though. I'd like a playthrough or at least a few episodes from early access to get more of an idea of how it plays. I hope it does well on PC so they eventually port it over.

  • Grace Yu
    Grace Yu Year ago

    Hi much love Sharky keep up the good work

  • JazzyHK
    JazzyHK Year ago +48

    dangit, it's not out for public early access yet... So many cozy farm sims that are yet to come out o

    • Rachel
      Rachel Year ago +1

      @Sai Suzuki Ngl Cozy grove is pretty good but the map is eerie

    • Sai Suzuki
      Sai Suzuki Year ago

      @Dani S but everyone on cozy grove is dead :D just joking. i love this game as well and everything is so cute. or do you mean litereally dark? :D

    • Nateo Arjaya
      Nateo Arjaya Year ago

      @JazzyHK At least coral island gonna be released in october this year :)

    • JazzyHK
      JazzyHK Year ago +4

      @StarlitGlitch Coral Island, Roots of Pacha, Witchbrooke, Little witch in the woods, alchemic cuties, and lots more I can't remember the names of off the top of my head XD

    • StarlitGlitch
      StarlitGlitch Year ago

      What else are you looking at?

  • Joshua MJ
    Joshua MJ Year ago +2

    What platforms is this coming out on :0? I'd love to get it myself

  • Natezzz
    Natezzz Year ago +8

    at least we dont have to search days for the perfect island name :D

  • ichigo
    ichigo Year ago

    that game looks so adorableee

  • Laetittia Pannell’s Gaming & Favorite Gaming Tip’s

    ❤😂🎉 hello 👋🏼 Sharky! I got the game on the 29th of September n I love 💕 it you have some animal crossing welcome amibo with the train 🚊 n the new home design, then animal crossing new horizon with the setting up of homes for animals to have , then you have a fam Stardew Valley style n of course a touch of friends of mineral town with the two mines wrapped up into one n once you get further into the game you got bug catching,fishing a ride on the boat to treasure hunt on a island n also fish! N further into the game you can move house’s upgrad your house simply by building your second level house that gives you more room, lol 😂 then once the house is done you evict you from your old house n put you in your new house with all your belongings! N put someone else in your old house! N you can then create a whole new set of neighbor hood’s for your villagers! O yea let’s talk mining ⛏, no more getting beaten up by bats, slimes bones 🦴 walking around n weird crawling things turning into flying things where you get beaten up n your stuff go missing! Yay 😀 the good time’s here you can mine in peace n happiness woo hoo!
    HokkoLife was a cool 😎 $31.74 in the Nintendo switch eShop go get it now n enjoy the good life!

  • Bruce Arthurs
    Bruce Arthurs Year ago

    Sharky play more of this game when it is fullly out

  • Apple Sauce
    Apple Sauce Year ago +1

    do you know if this is only going to be for steam or is it coming to other platforms later as well?

  • Maizy Bonham
    Maizy Bonham Year ago +1

    Shut up and take my money!! Finally an Animal Crossing game on PC!

  • lisa baker
    lisa baker Year ago

    Oma is pronounced with a short O like in hot, kinda like Omuh. Means grandma in German 😊

  • COMICON ↻ H397 ↺

    I’m playing animal crossing new horizons for 5 months but I miss stardew velley I feel like a prison there 😪 stardew velley is the best

  • عبدالله خالد

    This my dream game 😍😅😍

  • Jg main
    Jg main Year ago

    Hey Sharky very good video what is your favourite farm in Stardew valley and what should i use i had a save forest farm 7 years

    • molly
      molly Year ago

      i use forest farm too :)

  • Dirty Unicorn 69
    Dirty Unicorn 69 Year ago +1

    Hello Omg I Love this game thank you so much for making a video I hope they have it on Nintendo Switch or Xbox Series X omg I Love this game so much can't wait to play it Lol....🤘😍🤘

  • Yinaria
    Yinaria Year ago

    This game killed me. I have so long think about to upgrade my PC, I have no windows 10. But I get as a gift a switch from my mum 🥰, and play since weeks Animal crossing new horizons. Because at hokko life will be added a energy system and the daytime goes so fast by like in other farm games, and so I'm happy with my switch. But I wish all of you a good time in this game when it released 🙂 also a good farm game on PC is garden paws. I love this game too 💕

  • Chase Wolfe
    Chase Wolfe Year ago +2

    "just a mattress on the floor"
    xDD It's a futon

  • Kuribo
    Kuribo Year ago

    Literally got a Hokko Life ad before the video. Seems promising!

  • ZeldaLover6
    ZeldaLover6 Year ago

    Sooooo basically like Story of Seasons/Harvest Moon.

  • Jaida Daily
    Jaida Daily Year ago +2

    Will this be available on the switch?

  • Phumkriangchai Khuntep

    it looks more fun than Animal Crossing

  • Omni
    Omni Year ago

    wow, they got a version of Brewster before us 😤😤

  • Wendy None
    Wendy None Year ago

    In Dutch "Oma" means grandmother ;)

  • Christopher Barboza

    Looks cool

  • Lily
    Lily Year ago +5

    Do you know if it will be available on the Nintendo switch?

  • XxNsN900xX
    XxNsN900xX Year ago

    Didn’t know about this lol looks interesting

  • Mary Ogle
    Mary Ogle Year ago

    Also a tea lover. The smell of brewed coffee smells like a skunk walked into the house.

    • Mary Ogle
      Mary Ogle Year ago

      I wish I could take it back, but it's my truth.

    • A S
      A S Year ago

      take that back..

  • D-Pad Queen
    D-Pad Queen Year ago

    2nd June!! Can't wait!!!

  • Laetittia Pannell’s Gaming & Favorite Gaming Tip’s

    ❤😂🎉 this game is now on Nintendo switch eShop since September 29,2022 in the evening!

  • 345Windy
    345Windy Year ago +6

    This reminds me of My Time at Portia

    • Bladedrummer
      Bladedrummer Year ago +1

      Checked the comments to see if this was mentioned!

    • SharkyGames
      SharkyGames  Year ago +1

      Yes it does actually! It's a mixture off all kinds of games 🤩

    • Nicolle Nelsen
      Nicolle Nelsen Year ago +1

      Took the words out of my mouth.

  • GamerGirl212
    GamerGirl212 Year ago

    the one thing that this game has over animal crossing is the stack crafting

  • Idk
    Idk Year ago +3

    This game is good

  • 杯麵子
    杯麵子 Year ago

    This is the demo version right?

  • Nichiirawberry
    Nichiirawberry Year ago

    Is this gonna be on switch?

  • Muktesh Kumar
    Muktesh Kumar Year ago

    is this a free game or we have to purchase it

  • MaeBunny
    MaeBunny Year ago +4

    The game is awfully adorable, but the characters look a bit lifeless and stiff. I wish their expressions were more exaggerated like in animal crossing.

  • brenda champagne
    brenda champagne Year ago

    will it be on switch latter on?