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Daniel Negreanu BATTLES His Poker Coach | Poker After Dark S13E01

  • Published on Oct 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • The Best Poker Shows on the planet "Poker After Dark" is now on GGPoker Channel!
    Daniel Negreanu, Dan Smith, MJ Gonzales, Zach Franzi, Scott Seiver and Matt Berkey are starring in this episode.
    The game in this episode is Cash Game with the Blind $200/$400+ $400 Big Blind Ante with $40,000 Min Buy-in, No Max.
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    #Poker #PokerAfterDark #DanielNegreanu
    00:00 - Gonzales vs. Franzi
    2:35 - White flag is waived
    2:44 - Negotiation between Gonzalez and Smith for the props
    3:45 - Negreanu talks to Veronica(interviewer) about playing against his coach
    8:07 - Smith calls his jack-of-heart prop and picks up a four-pack
    9:50 - Two for two Smith vs. Gonzalez
    9:58 - Break
    10:21 - Match review
    16:31 - Berkey makes Gonzalez fold easy
    16:49 - Negreanu has Berkey well covered
    18:57 - Match review
    20:36 - Gonzalez asks the question with 3x check raise
    21:20 - Gonzalez talks to Veronica(interviewer) about being a new dad
    22:54 - Berkey will check-raise putting a lot of pressure on the middle pair behind him
    23:07- Berkey vs Negreanu
    25:01 - Negreanu shows Berkey the bluff
    25:53 - Berkey vs Seiver
    26:12 - Seiver goes all-in
    28:00 - Seiver goes all in the second time in a row
    28:12 - Seiver vs Smith
    32:32 - Franzi vs Negreanu
    32:49 - Franzi check to raise all in
    34:50 - Berkey vs Negreanu
    36:10 - Negreanu recovers with a good hand
    37:59 - Gonzales vs Franzi
    38:45 - Franzi takes makes a nice call
    39:56 - Gonzales can’t subtheme Franzi
    41:10 - Last hand of the game
    41:51 - Franzi vs Negreanu
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  • GGPoker
    GGPoker  11 months ago +1

    🔴SUBSCRIBE: gg.gl/ytsub🔴

  • Stay_at_home_Dad
    Stay_at_home_Dad Year ago +65

    I always appreciate Scott's table talk when I see him play live poker. Most people don't act so casual under the lights. Props

    • Yalla Miami
      Yalla Miami Year ago

      I will buy a hat 👒 like his one day

    • Sand Hanitizer
      Sand Hanitizer Year ago +2

      @Yalla Miami I think you're referring to Dan Smith's hat. Scott Seiver wasn't wearing a hat here.

    • Yalla Miami
      Yalla Miami Year ago

      @Sand Hanitizer yup

    • DyerB
      DyerB Year ago

      I love watching Scott, I think he's one of the best at every game he plays. So cerebral and brilliant.... And the table talk is always fun to listen to.

  • The Son Man
    The Son Man Year ago +18

    Zack Franzi has such a good demeanor at the table!!

  • Michael Weston
    Michael Weston Year ago +59

    Negreanu having a poker coach at this stage in his career, and by someone who is younger and less experienced, seems kinda like Clayton Kershaw getting coached by a relief pitcher to be named later

    • DB WiLLY
      DB WiLLY Year ago +25

      To be fair the game has changed up over the years. It makes sense for an “old dog” to be open to new tricks. He’s talked on his channel before about this generation being much different than player styles 15-20 years ago.

    • Tyler Chauvet
      Tyler Chauvet Year ago +13

      Even with less experience and age he most likely has skills that Daniel is interested in adding to his bag. Just because someone is coaching doesn't mean they are better in that field overall, just means they might have some facets of expertise that they can impart.

    • Raul Petrascu
      Raul Petrascu 9 months ago +5

      Daniel reminds me of Fernando Alonso, always staying on top of the game with the attitude and passion of someone who is new to the sport. Always learning and adapting

    • dummy
      dummy 9 months ago +3

      He's just one of those really calculated GTO guys and Daniel wants to stay up. Always has and its why he's the best ever for so long

    • MissingWilson
      MissingWilson 9 months ago +2

      He’s helping with solvers and actually accessing the information. Daniel was born in a different computer era. He’s also learning how his main competition thinks. 35 yr old poker boom kids

  • Karlen Bell
    Karlen Bell Year ago +48

    17:04 DNegs back at it again with his accurate read on his opponents, wow

    • RodJeez
      RodJeez Year ago +1

      Yeah because he wouldn't have gone all in with AA KK or QQ. Pretty obvious

    • Unad Euabreese
      Unad Euabreese Year ago

      @RodJeez ak is 16 combos QQ,KK,AA is 6 combos each. Easy to guess AK it’s majority of combos

    • RodJeez
      RodJeez Year ago +1

      @Unad Euabreese I don't think that analysis applies here. I think Daniel just read on how this play would try to maximize their value in this game and he probably thought he would play super premium hands a bit more exploitative where AK all in preflop has fold equity and maximizes value if he hits a A or K

    • Techies
      Techies Year ago

      @RodJeez Nah I think DNeg can see through opponent's cards. Idk how he's not caught cheating already!

    • Serious Aleks
      Serious Aleks 9 months ago

      You're the first person ever to call Daniel DNegs

  • trybebill
    trybebill Year ago +30

    seiver folding that aq preflop shows his talent. so many pros put the money in there.

    • j Daddy
      j Daddy 7 months ago

      Not really

    • j Daddy
      j Daddy 7 months ago

      Most pros fold there😂

  • Grizzly McGill
    Grizzly McGill Year ago +5

    DNegs laugh at 16:44 was drawing a tell out of Berkey, this is classic dnegs

  • Noodles
    Noodles Year ago +2

    Started to enjoy the post-Heads Up Fued D-Negs. Better chat and even better play.

  • markus molnar
    markus molnar Year ago +8

    Call all in with 7-5 Daniel the goat 😂

    • Josh T
      Josh T Year ago +1

      The bet size on the flop priced himself in to call. The whole hand was obviously a punt though, he was feeling frisky lol

    • Ozren Balić
      Ozren Balić Year ago +2

      "Call all in with 7-5 Daniel the goat 😂" -- what are you babbling about, he needed 25% to break even on a call, and he had 31% equity. It was an +EV call.

  • S L
    S L Year ago +9

    I missed the part where he battled his coach.

  • Mike X Poker
    Mike X Poker Year ago +5

    Very entertaining, Pls post more

    • GGPoker
      GGPoker  Year ago +7

      Thank you. We will be posting 2 episodes a week!

  • Sabino Harriague
    Sabino Harriague Year ago

    That Franzi is a god like player!! OMG

  • Brandon Stoehr
    Brandon Stoehr Year ago +41

    Damn Berkey polished the f outa his Qball

  • Travis Alias
    Travis Alias 9 months ago

    How does negreanu not raise with the King high flush lol

  • Bad News Bears
    Bad News Bears 6 months ago

    Can someone please explain why Daniel having jacks removes the possibility of Berkey having pocket Qs or Ks

    • Christopher Chandler
      Christopher Chandler 3 months ago

      It's because he called with jacks. He wouldn't call with jacks if he thought he was beat.

  • KM Snow
    KM Snow Year ago

    I wonder what part of Daniel’s game that he considers weak and therefore seeks coaching?

    • asbury collins
      asbury collins Year ago +1

      He is down alot over the last year i think. But mainly to learn gto i guess

  • Tanner Lynn
    Tanner Lynn Year ago +2

    In a single hand these guys are winning or losing more than my car is worth. It’s crazy

    • Tyler Fabish
      Tyler Fabish Year ago

      Sucks to be poor

    • Tanner Lynn
      Tanner Lynn Year ago

      @Tyler Fabish I’m still more rich than you 😂

    • Tyler Fabish
      Tyler Fabish Year ago

      @Tanner Lynn well im pretty well off so you must be doing really well

    • MellowJaes
      MellowJaes Year ago

      Get a room guys

  • Stephen Landrum
    Stephen Landrum Year ago +1

    Will we get episode 2?

  • Courtney Kelley
    Courtney Kelley Year ago +4

    So couldn't you theoretically "misplay" hands on purpose so it would be harder for players to guess your range, making them incorrectly see overbet bluffs that aren't there?

    • William Lane
      William Lane Year ago +2

      no as if you misplay hands you too would be seeing bluffs that aren't correct and incorrectly value bet/ miss lots of value

    • Pow3rGaming
      Pow3rGaming Year ago

      umm, of course?...

  • The Martial Arts Approach

    "My single greateat accomplishment is getting laid and not pulling out, therefore creating another person that has to make their way through life." Every bio from a parent.

    • CT
      CT 10 months ago

      Basicly he said he values other things more than work and that a new world he encounters

  • Pebe Metayis
    Pebe Metayis Year ago +10

    Ah yes, let's gamble without gambling by running it 2x!

    • Egrin
      Egrin Year ago

      You got something against reducing variance?

  • Cousin Fred
    Cousin Fred Year ago +8

    Why would a poker genius like Daniel have a coach? He should be the coach

    • itsBreezy
      itsBreezy Year ago +6

      Some coaches are deep experts in certain poker theory in different game types etc.. so they amass the theoretical knowledge and most up to date solutions/solvers etc and then will be employed by pro's like Daniel who want to pick it up as quickly & easily as possible whether its a more broad scope or they may be training for a specific event like when Daniel was training to play Doug Polk heads up and needed coaching for that

    • Miss Viking
      Miss Viking 10 months ago

      Because if you play thousands of hours like us Internet players + 3D hours, that gives you the edge over any theorist.

    • kenny fleck
      kenny fleck 9 months ago +2

      Thats his drug dealer and poker coach is just the cover story

  • Henrik Rolfsen
    Henrik Rolfsen 11 months ago +1

    When Push, comes to Shove; Poker is all luck!

  • Alexander Raj
    Alexander Raj Year ago +1

    Did they forget the Diamond king was folded for the Berkey all in?

  • Caleb Nelson
    Caleb Nelson Year ago +2

    I’ve watched A LOT of Daniel Negreanu poker content, new, old, and in between. He was not bein himself today. Don’t know why. But he wasn’t. And I don’t know why they insult Daniel who, was at least previously the winningest player in the world in terms of tournament cashes, by makin a big deal out of MJ bein a heads up coach of his. Heads up is quite a bit different. So it was smart of him to seek guidance. It would’ve been foolish not to. But were they playing heads up? No
    On another note, it took so long for the pot to be calculated after a bet that I had to rewind to figure out what percentage of the pot was being bet multiple times. And, that poker room is bland.

    • Caleb Nelson
      Caleb Nelson Year ago

      Whoever runs this doesn’t have a clue.

    • Rhys Bates
      Rhys Bates Year ago +1

      Making a big deal about Daniel playing against is coach isn’t insulting him. It’s interesting because they play a lot with eachother and know how the other plays

  • Don’t_Pay_For_Fury_v_Ngannou

    Do the players get paid on the side for this? Was asking because there is no way I would sit down in a game against Negreanu and his coach unless I was getting paid on the side somehow..

    • Anthony Guptaitis
      Anthony Guptaitis 11 months ago

      They are paid to appear those who thry paid. Phil Helmut gets 50k an appearance

    • Anthony Guptaitis
      Anthony Guptaitis 11 months ago

      If you didn't understand why they cover them selves in advertising poker strategy online sights who ever will pay for advertising

    • Don’t_Pay_For_Fury_v_Ngannou
      Don’t_Pay_For_Fury_v_Ngannou 11 months ago

      @Anthony Guptaitis Not all of them are wearing adverts and even if they were it's not at all evident that that would make risking huge amounts of money against the worlds best players worthwhile. It would make more sense if the show were to cover 20% of anyone's losses for example. That would then make it worthwhile (if you are decent enough) and it would also encourage action instead of folding every hand and then occasionally defending your blinds purely to get the standard appearance fee.

  • Yalla Miami
    Yalla Miami Year ago +5

    Can someone explain for me how when Negreanu had JJs he blocked AA’s and KK’s and made him put Berkey on AK for sure 🤔

    • john phillips
      john phillips Year ago +4

      Berkey needs to have a 4 bet flatting range. Some KK AA and QQ go into it. Most of not all AKs jam as they block AA and KK. I think flatting the AKs and jamming AKo is optimal but not sure.

    • Lumin Rabbit
      Lumin Rabbit Year ago +1

      @john phillips I appreciate the explanation!

    • Hoang Truong
      Hoang Truong Year ago +4

      im not dnegs so not 100% sure but in that spot AA KK would usually 5bet or call to extract more value. Shipping is an equity denial move. Matt will do that w AK most of the time hoping Dnegs has 10-10 or JJ and folded. Also, since AK is a drawing hand and you only have 50k behind after the 12k raise, shoving gives you the best chance to win the hand by seeing 5 cards if called since 2/3 of the time you won't see a A or K on the flop.

    • Yalla Miami
      Yalla Miami Year ago

      @Hoang Truong kinda makes since.
      It’s amazing how they think about all these things that fast

    • Yalla Miami
      Yalla Miami Year ago

      @john phillips thank you 🙏🏻

  • Gingnose
    Gingnose 8 months ago +1

    Scott playing well but unfortunate this time

  • Tony H
    Tony H Year ago +1

    I enjoy watching these events, but how do we know how recent they are?

  • David Cobb
    David Cobb 8 months ago

    So the dealer burned 2 cards before the river hand 1… can someone explain that to me?

  • Damon Thomas
    Damon Thomas Year ago +3

    Someone is qualified to be Daniel's poker coach? Is he a supercomputer.... or perhaps God maybe?

    • KMDN
      KMDN Year ago

      He’s dedicated his life to poker. Nuff said

  • ᄋᄋ
    ᄋᄋ 4 months ago

    25:00 Rare to seeNegreau bluff

  • Gabriel Tudor
    Gabriel Tudor Year ago +1

    Why someone like Negreanu needs a coach?

    • Rant Therapist
      Rant Therapist Year ago

      Why does someone like Michael Jordan need a coach?

  • Bang Bang
    Bang Bang Year ago +1

    Never knew who MJ Gonzales was until today.

  • Ryan Turner
    Ryan Turner Year ago +1

    Kid poker is now the old guy at the table that refuses to acknowledge he's old and tries dressing like he's 25

  • E. T
    E. T Year ago +2

    Why daniel needs a coach? I mean he is the best...

    • Jesus2030
      Jesus2030 Year ago +1

      He went heads up against Doug Polk and got smashed

    • dennis dupuis
      dennis dupuis Year ago +1

      The best at what? Doug Polk punked him out

    • Jonathan Sykes
      Jonathan Sykes Year ago +5

      Tiger Woods has a caddy.

    • Egrin
      Egrin Year ago +1

      @Jesus2030 Anyone who expected anything else doesn't have a clue. Heads up is a completely different beast and Doug has a million times more experience in it.

    • Sal Jablo
      Sal Jablo Year ago +2

      I get the troll but the best in the world have coaches.

  • SoCal Gear Guy
    SoCal Gear Guy Year ago

    When did John Mayer become Daniel's coach? And why does he have a coach, it's Daniel?

  • Unad Euabreese
    Unad Euabreese Year ago

    39:44 bad check you have no showdown with 3rd pair. And if you’re going to check you HAVE to checkraise small that river you block 9T and Franzi’s river 50% pot bet range is so weak with him putting in 2nd pair good kicker in it, he’s just begging to be bluffed off with that weak of a range

    • dennis dupuis
      dennis dupuis Year ago

      Try that in English

    • Sal Jablo
      Sal Jablo Year ago +2

      People who do hand analysis in the comments are so cringe

  • Rigatoni
    Rigatoni 5 months ago +1

    Mj is a stone cold rock

  • Noah Miles
    Noah Miles 10 months ago

    GG needs to do something about their graphic latency, it’s infuriating how slow those graphics are

  • millhouse millard
    millhouse millard 6 months ago

    Scott seiver ruins my poker watching but I'm gonna try it

  • galkanftw
    galkanftw Year ago

    A popular activity but in reality such a high level of luck that it was really the personalities that made it popular.You see an opponent with a short stack and he just went all in,seems like an obvious typical play right well what if he really has it?You wil never know and just playing the numbers the probabilities is not good enough.

  • Dkim44 K
    Dkim44 K Year ago +1

    Daniel aged so much~


    great video

  • faismasterx
    faismasterx Year ago

    Why does someone who gave a masterclass in poker need a coach? Could somebody please explain this to me?

    • Ireng IG
      Ireng IG Year ago

      A coach doesnt mean he needs to be better than you, it means he knows how to make you better

    • faismasterx
      faismasterx Year ago

      @Ireng IG That doesn't make sense in poker, though. This isn't like a physical sport where knowledge of the game is enough to be a coach and you don't need to be physically capable. In poker what you know is directly related to what you can do.

    • Ireng IG
      Ireng IG Year ago

      @faismasterx the current chess world champion and the highest rated player ever is coached by someone ranked 190 in the rating list.
      Google it and compare it to poker.
      A good coach is necessary to improve when you're a professional player.

  • Daniel Arthur
    Daniel Arthur Year ago

    Daniel doesn’t understand how to speak like a normal human in interviews. Like he’s trying to win some award

  • Sam March
    Sam March 10 months ago

    The hand percentage calculations are wrong.
    at 18:02 there are not 13 outs, there are only 11, as the As and Kd are not available, having already been folded from other players hands

  • JokicBack2BackMVP
    JokicBack2BackMVP Year ago +1

    That was such a weak call with kk king high flush lol

    • K Green
      K Green Year ago

      Lmao stick to poker

  • comatose torpor
    comatose torpor Year ago

    Gonzales game is above the rest of these players.

  • Domesticated Hippy
    Domesticated Hippy Year ago +4

    Running it more than once is a complete cop out. If you're not prepared to lose it all, don't shove it.

    • Andrew Sercer
      Andrew Sercer 11 months ago

      Of course it's easy for me to say that when I don't have the money on the line ...

  • Bobby Sweet
    Bobby Sweet Year ago

    Do you purposely run it twice because it’s on TV and don’t want the other players to have to buy back in? It seems dumb to run it twice most of the time.

    • Tom Wisniewski
      Tom Wisniewski Year ago

      It's a friendly gesture, nothing more.

    • Jesus2030
      Jesus2030 Year ago +1

      It reduces variance in high stakes cash games

    • Steve Stocker
      Steve Stocker Year ago

      @Jesus2030 This is it. This is probably a bigger game than they regularly play too. Plus most of these hands you could switch the cards between players and they would have played the same. So no real skill in this hands.

  • Lolita Pitpong
    Lolita Pitpong Year ago

    So the muzzled dealer does a triple six hand sign as she deals the flop, welcome to 2022 folks, lmao

  • Nif From Tampa
    Nif From Tampa Year ago +1

    We need more free premium content! 🔥 You'll make more off the views in monetization 💯

  • Shane Murray
    Shane Murray Year ago

    Watch the dealer slowly on the first hand. She either didn’t burn for the turn or she burned twice for the river. 🤔

    • The Desperate Artist
      The Desperate Artist Year ago

      She did right.
      Before the river, she slides the burned-turn-card under the burned-flop-card (what she should have done before), then burn the river card

  • Office of Peace Information

    Im sorry, even with Berkey in the game, this was mind numbing boring poker. Everybody but Hustler Stream should just hang it up in embarrassment IMO.

    • Lloyd Christmas
      Lloyd Christmas Year ago

      Hustler Fri nights are the best. Hustler def #1 poker stream

  • bartekciemiega
    bartekciemiega Year ago

    What is that second watch that Daniel and Matt are wearing on their right hands?

  • Jerry Fan
    Jerry Fan Year ago

    Why did the commentator call pocket 6s box cars at 11:04? I thought pocket 10s were called box cars.

  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones Year ago

    Does anyone know the hand Daniel Negreanu is talking about @41:50? "Remember you did this to yourself" is the quote, but I can't find it anywhere yet.

  • GGPoker
    GGPoker  Year ago +2

    Check out all the episodes of Poker After Dark Season 13: bit.ly/PADS13!

  • Michael Wou
    Michael Wou Year ago

    No longer the Poker Kid, start calling Daniel “Game Theory Optimal” Negreanu. That’s all that’s coming out of his mouth these days.

    • Joel Willis
      Joel Willis Year ago

      He is like Vanessa Ruosso in 2006 talking about using all the game theory she learned in college, cracks me up.

    • Michael Wou
      Michael Wou Year ago

      @Joel Willis she was right but her GTO sucked cause she wasn’t a good poker player.

    • Joel Willis
      Joel Willis Year ago

      @Michael Wou She was solely using it as a marketing ploy. Just like Negreanu. I remember Daniel being confused when Phil Galfond check raised a vulnerable hand in PLO, lol.

  • februarystars1976
    februarystars1976 Year ago +1

    Anyone Else noticed negreanus Heel turn once he Got his hair implants

  • James Fullwood
    James Fullwood 9 months ago

    Where's Joe Stapleton when you need him???

  • Sal Jablo
    Sal Jablo Year ago +1

    Lolol at them social distancing during the little interviews.

  • Dredd Scott
    Dredd Scott 10 months ago

    The percentages at 17:42 don't make sense to me. Why doesn't it account for the fact that there is already a dead ace and a dead king from folding players hands? The chances are much lower here.

  • Robert Lewis
    Robert Lewis Year ago +1

    Gonzales looking like a hipster Dracula

  • Rare Pear
    Rare Pear Year ago

    Negreanu is such a dork🤣🤣🤣

  • shane braund
    shane braund Year ago +3

    I've never come across this Gonzales bloke but boy does he sound so intelligent.

    • jppagetoo
      jppagetoo Year ago +1

      He is part of the new solver generation. He has a company that makes solver software and teaches GTO to pros. That is why he is teaching Daniel. He and his partners did a lot of behind the scenes training for the Heads Up challenges that Phil Helmuth was dominating. He knows his GTO. He might be the best player at this table.

    • Lloyd Christmas
      Lloyd Christmas Year ago

      @jppagetoo doubtful

  • Formally RV
    Formally RV Year ago

    Someone should tell Daniel he look like @as when he is on adderall. Dnegs, you're great...you don't need the spice✌

  • wilf
    wilf Year ago +4

    That must be a head tattoo on Berkey right?

  • Ingram Fry
    Ingram Fry Year ago +1

    4:28 Presenter seems surprised that playing optimal is optimal?

  • leroy jankins
    leroy jankins Year ago +3

    Berkey definitely had that ‘hair’ tattoo done

    • Sal Jablo
      Sal Jablo Year ago +1

      Yea and it’s done badly. You can see the line where the tattoo stops midway around his head. The blending into the hairline is awful.

  • W B
    W B Year ago +1

    Poker Coach geeked out on modafinil.

    • Dally33
      Dally33 2 months ago

      😂😂😂 accurate call

  • Thomas Minter
    Thomas Minter Year ago +1

    The dealers wearing masks is ridiculous theatre.

  • Way2fast4u82
    Way2fast4u82 Year ago +2

    When was this filmed?

  • Tyler Dudley
    Tyler Dudley 10 months ago +1

    Seiver get into drugs or alcohol. He aged like milk

    SYNIISTER 3 months ago

    lets not mention peoples family and personal shit while in a match.. ik its probably not a big deal but imagine someone owes you money then u see them online.. then you hear he has a daughter named zoey and now you live in vegas…. this is too much personal information that criminals can use to harm players. this is my concern.. thanks

  • Daesun1
    Daesun1 Year ago

    Which one of them is DNegs coach?

  • jredmoon
    jredmoon Year ago

    Gonzales has got Daniels number; Daniel playing terrible

  • Aleh Karasiou
    Aleh Karasiou Year ago

    i never going to understand why pro player need a coach. I would understand if coach was a pro famous player.

    • Rodney Stevenson
      Rodney Stevenson Year ago

      Strategy is always evolving. That's like saying the greatest athletes don't need a coach.

  • Dom Santiago
    Dom Santiago Year ago

    You can run it back? Whaaaa. I here I was thinking I knew how to play Texas

  • Zsolt Szederkényi

    Gonzales the "gipsy" is the best player...

  • Moe Cross
    Moe Cross 11 months ago

    How is running it twice allowed? You have an all in and then split the pot? They then take the other players money with no risk. Why even play poker?

  • Zack Wajer
    Zack Wajer Year ago

    Did Daniel get bosley hair restoration?

  • PK_K
    PK_K Year ago +1

    Why DN said he can't have QQ n KK ? Whn he had JJ?

  • Kieran archibald
    Kieran archibald Year ago

    Fckn love scott

  • Amortal88
    Amortal88 Year ago

    А где трансляция на твиче?

  • Jose A.
    Jose A. 8 months ago

    D negs is a de gen.

  • Sal Jablo
    Sal Jablo Year ago

    Is Scott Seiver out?

  • Rant Therapist
    Rant Therapist Year ago

    Kid poker is an unfortunate nickname.

  • Butch BINION
    Butch BINION Year ago +1


  • frisson steemit
    frisson steemit Year ago

    GG is Rigged

  • Gersain Lopez
    Gersain Lopez Year ago

    Is there rake in these games?

  • Josh
    Josh Year ago +2

    Poker coach lmao

  • Kenzho Lim
    Kenzho Lim Year ago

    what happened to Scott ? he look so run down and untidy ~

  • G G
    G G Year ago +2

    Burkey looks rough… looks like he’s on a cycle a roids but not hitting the actual gym enough

  • Don’t_Pay_For_Fury_v_Ngannou

    Do they edit out hands in this?

  • Joseph Meluskey
    Joseph Meluskey Month ago

    Poker shouldn't be my comfort watch

  • Taylor Collins
    Taylor Collins Year ago +1

    looks at the bald guy-he had his head tattooed to look like he has hair! lol

  • liyexiang66
    liyexiang66 Year ago

    is GG sponsoring PAD now?

    • Mike Yee
      Mike Yee Year ago

      This is odd. The headline says PAD season 13 ep 1 but on PokerGo there PAD season 13 ep 1 is different. They have a completely different line up. Someone fucked up