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Elon Musk Beefs with Apple & GOP Slams Trump Dinner with Nick Fuentes | The Daily Show

  • Published on Feb 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Aditya
    Aditya 2 months ago +241

    "Let the free market save this company that's not profitable" was sheer genius that no one in the audience seems to have got.

    • HoraceInkling
      HoraceInkling Month ago

      No one in the audience?

    • minj4ever
      minj4ever 2 months ago +1

      the joke starts with a C-word, but yes

    • Mᴥāz Kalīm
      Mᴥāz Kalīm 2 months ago +1

      But, but..
      When it's not from Our World( Fourteen Eyes+NATO+OECD member countries), then it certainly ain't having nothing to do with "free market" - let alone 'that C-word', Ms "@Sarah H.".

    • Sarah H.
      Sarah H. 2 months ago +12

      "ThE InViSiBlE HaNd Of ThE FrEe MaRkEt"

    JGM0JGM 2 months ago +35

    Ronnie always finds a way to take stabs at Trevor, sometimes in a more subtle way (like the apartheid joke), or directly like with Trevor's own tweets... I think Ronnie is underrated as a comedian, he's so funny.

  • J.M. Blues
    J.M. Blues 2 months ago +95

    I could do with a 3 hour montage of every correspondent bit from the past year or so. Such an amazingly funny cast all around.

    • Charles Talarico
      Charles Talarico Month ago

      @music authority You'd probably die from something but definitely not laughter.

    • music authority
      music authority 2 months ago +3

      I don't know if I could take much daily show all at once? I'd laugh myself too death.

  • Alessandra Santos
    Alessandra Santos 2 months ago +482

    Ai gente, o que vamos fazer sem o Trevor Noah nas nossas vidas?

    • Breeze Glass
      Breeze Glass Month ago

      Everything I was doing without him in my life to begin with 😂

    • Alessandra Santos
      Alessandra Santos 2 months ago

      @K.O. FPV that's it, sad but true

    • Gordon Dwyer
      Gordon Dwyer 2 months ago

      Think I suppose.

    • Muscle D'avis
      Muscle D'avis 2 months ago +1


    • sealyoness
      sealyoness 2 months ago

      He will be sorely missed. We will be reduced to following his tours and catching his specials.

  • MechakittenX
    MechakittenX 2 months ago +25

    Ronnie Chang kills me every time. Love his humor.

  • Nikolaus Cox
    Nikolaus Cox 2 months ago +883

    Cheng’s bit about Musk growing up under apartheid and how no one in the room could understand why that was like had me in stitches. Absolutely amazing 😂

    • Bjørn-Ingar Trønnes
      Bjørn-Ingar Trønnes 2 months ago

      @NH Dwayne Elon left apartheid and studied rocket science. Where is your point?

    • Robert Parker
      Robert Parker 2 months ago

      @Meow DNC and FBI are caught red handed to censor twitter to influence a election ?? But that doesnt bother ?? That's actually against the Law and that doesn't bother you?? Instead you take something from someone's past that might be true or even might not be true ??? Gossip isn't news and you can't convict someone of crime based on gossip. That's a tactic that apartheid South Africa would have done. The thing you are accusing others of is the very thing you are doing.

    • Meow
      Meow 2 months ago +2

      @Heavens Devil I’m sick of Elon!

    • Marlise Skinner
      Marlise Skinner 2 months ago +3

      @nhdwayne knowing people that know rocket science is not the same as knowing rocket science.

    • baverfjant
      baverfjant 2 months ago +5

      @Fʟʏ Lɪᴍᴀ Yeah but the joke is that since Elon was a white South African, his experience was the complete opposite of Trevor. So Trevor did in fact have no idea what it was like, cause Trevor didn't get to be part of the "superior" race during apartheid.

  • Kira Ebert
    Kira Ebert 2 months ago +9

    I love how they're always trolling Trevor with his own tweets. 😂🤣

  • EliN
    EliN 2 months ago +1

    Often other companies follow Apple’s moves. That’s why I’m surprised Elon brought up so much attention to them pulling out.

  • Otter Cai
    Otter Cai 2 months ago +1279

    The train employees just want more than one paid sick day a year and they deserve it. They have been taken advantage of for far too long. They are being forced to drive without sleep and while sick because Buffet and others want to make billions. And they’re driving things like nuclear waste around. They deserve paid time off, sick leave, and to have a safe work environment. They are vital to our entire economy.

    • Wade Marley
      Wade Marley Month ago

      @Wurth-It Travel Adventures You don't work a day in your life, bet.

    • Mac Mcleod
      Mac Mcleod 2 months ago

      @Erik Elenström MIT's "opinion" on what constitutes a "livable" wage are what is out of touch with reality since they set livable above the average.
      I'm done discussing this with you. it's clear you are irrational on the subject. Happy Holidays.

    • ቬ
       2 months ago +1

      @Karim Madueno agree. I have been lucky that all my adult life I have had such benefits. they are certainly needed.
      And why shouldn't the people we depend on so much for our supply chain not receive those same benefits? it's barbaric. In an age of pandemics sick days are needed to contain epidemics and pandemics.

    • Mac Mcleod
      Mac Mcleod 2 months ago

      @Erik Elenström if you can't see thar saying a livable wage is higher than the *average* household income of one of the richest nations on the planet is unrealistic, then there is no point in continuing our conversation.
      And sport, it's on *you* to prove it too. And you've done nothing on that front.
      And finally, I find a net income of 26k to be fine for a single adult* and my daughter supports a stay at home husband and two kids on over 30k less MIT says is required. They live in a really nice 2 story house too .
      * including annual ski vacations, a car, a couple new gaming laptops, a 56" tv, a 34" monitor. The key is don't eat out more than once a week and don't get star bucks.

    • Erik Elenström
      Erik Elenström 2 months ago

      @Mac Mcleod so US statistics are out of tutch with reality.
      You haven't made a single argument to show that MITs numbers are incorrect. To do that you need to show problems or inconsistencies with their methodology.
      Just to ignore it because it don't comports to your worldview is not an argument.

  • Yaritza Cordova
    Yaritza Cordova 2 months ago +90

    Ronny always has the best joke delivery. Can't believe he's able to do so with a straight face, especially when Trevor is there just laughing about the South Africa experience. Trevor will be missed.

  • Ruhrpottpatriot
    Ruhrpottpatriot 2 months ago +27

    Receeding Hairline Musk to Apple: "Finally! Our Battle will be legendary"
    Tim Apple in a few years: "For him, the day Apple banned Twitter from the AppStore was the most important day of his life. But for us, it was Tuesday."

  • deejayjojo
    deejayjojo 2 months ago +275

    Love how Ronny Chieng roasts Trevor every time. Brilliant.

  • JulliaStark
    JulliaStark 2 months ago +799

    Ronny was the perfect way to end the segment, almost cracked up, and there's a class writing an exam in the library😂

  • MegaCassie83
    MegaCassie83 2 months ago +11

    I'm going to miss Trevor. 😢

  • David Wilson
    David Wilson 2 months ago +2

    I Love it when Trevor can't help but laugh at his own jokes. lol!

  • Lagen
    Lagen 2 months ago +231

    As an African, the irony of the Elon Musk apartheid joke hits on so many levels. This comedy was born a crime.

    • Innocent Dlamini
      Innocent Dlamini 12 days ago

      @itachimistress While I do understand your intended meaning, what you said is like saying a black person is not American because of their experience and living conditions in that country. I can tell you now that black Americans consider themselves and are known as AMERICANS. But you already know that you're just arguing to pass time.

    • transformer stuff
      transformer stuff Month ago

      @Em E. yea africans of color are racist.

    • itachimistress
      itachimistress 2 months ago

      @Julie Daggett My comments about the race is that, no matter where Elon Musk, or any white person for that matter, grew up he is still considered white. African normally holds a connotation for sub-saharan Africans.
      The Bohemian Rhapsody song is an unfortunate result of pop culture repeatedly using it without providing credits/names to the younger generation. It's not the first time kids thought they "discovered" a song that's actually been redone over and over again

    • J. Langer
      J. Langer 2 months ago

      @Em E. lol

    • Em E.
      Em E. 2 months ago

      @J. Langer - Go to bed, child.

  • Ms De
    Ms De 2 months ago +441

    As I am literally listening to trains come through neighborhoods I am surrounded by...all night and day. And members of my family worked for trucking companies.
    Give the train workers everything they ask for!

    • Sarah H.
      Sarah H. 2 months ago

      @Peter Last who brought up communism?
      Also, if Congress can't force an agreement, and the rail companies don't cave, then the strike is *going* to happen. "Face reality"

    • Server Surfer
      Server Surfer 2 months ago +2

      @Peter Last > think of how complex running a railroad is…
      Vastly. Who do you imagine is running it now? Do you suppose that one of the shareholders is in charge of ordering all of the railroad ties? Another does the taxes? 🤔
      > but how do think that government organization or company is really going to function if the workers allowed to keep electing a leadership that says it would keep raising the their pay
      I assume that the workers would vote to give themselves full shares of the profits. Basically, continue to do what they do right now, but mail the dividend checks to themselves instead of some randos that didn't actually do any of the work. 🤷‍♂
      > It is possible for workers to own something like a grocery store, or other single location businesses, but a railroad is just too complex.
      It's already being run by the workers. Ownership's workday used to consist entirely of saying, "You may begin," but now they have servants called CEOs to say it for them. 😜

    • Peter Last
      Peter Last 2 months ago

      @Server Surfer think of how complex running a railroad is, and you think a union leadership that truly represents the railroad workers could run it effectively (face reality dude). Companies or government government organizations are not democracies for actual reasons. A government is a bunch of complex organizations run by leaders chosen by the national leadership, which can be elected by the nation’s citizens (although in some national leaderships are unelected dictatorships). Think of it this way, companies or government organizations workers pay is set by their leadership, but how do think that government organization or company is really going to function if the workers allowed to keep electing a leadership that says it would keep raising the their pay (just to put one example)? Private ownership of railroads may have railroads run less effectively than government ownership (just look up of how much more efficient the Soviet railroads were), but railroads owned by the workers would just lead to completely failed railroads. It is possible for workers to own something like a grocery store, or other single location businesses, but a railroad is just too complex.

    • Server Surfer
      Server Surfer 2 months ago +2

      @Peter Last Yes, I understand our inheritance laws. I said that ownership should should be given to the workers, and you claimed they'd be helpless without government or "private business" to spend their money for them. 🤦‍♂

    • Peter Last
      Peter Last 2 months ago

      @Server Surfer if the shareholders dropped dead the ownership of the railroads won’t go to the railroad workers, it would go to the next of kin of the shareholders, or failing that, to the government (who eventually takes over anything that last wills and testaments can’t cover). You need to learn how the world works pal, since there hasn’t been a single nation that had true communism (in the Soviet Union the government dictatorship controlled everything, including the railroads). The same thing is true for every other so called communist nation that ever existed. The overall running of a business as complicated as a railroad would be far to complex for a union organization to effectively handle, and the financial institutions would be well aware of this, but like I said the railroad worker unions will never get ownership anyways (because it is not how the world and human nature works).

  • marsbitrona
    marsbitrona 2 months ago +465

    Ronny Chieng would be my pick for the next host of The Daily Show. His particular brand of annoyed incredulity is a perfect match for current world events.

    • wada Torain
      wada Torain 2 months ago


    • SuperAH1985
      SuperAH1985 2 months ago

      @Minolta Araya I guess you don't know about it being a U and not an O. So considering you messed up 2 out of 5 letters...I suppose: Get an education. There, I talked to you back. Clearly respect for people, and their names, has not been learned by you yet.

    • Minolta Araya
      Minolta Araya 2 months ago

      @SuperAH1985 Are you referring to the accent over the e? Get a life, a job, a hobby. But here you go I talked to you, you’re welcome. 🥰

    • oleggold
      oleggold 2 months ago +2

      His style is great!
      He has a way to tell a joke in a very funny way.
      Really not appreciated enough.
      His accent I think adds to his ability as a comedian.

    • Emma Rose
      Emma Rose 2 months ago

      Someone new hopefully! Henry Golding will be phenomenal at this

  • Rig- Zag
    Rig- Zag 2 months ago +93

    I LOVE the fact that I got an Apple+ ad during the Elon Musk vs Apple story about their reduced advertising. Well played, Apple. Well played.

    • Shay Boogie
      Shay Boogie 2 months ago

      I got an ad for Getir- which features a dancing Banana 😅😅😅😅

    • Andrew Tinker
      Andrew Tinker 2 months ago +10

      Its a bit funny that man who made his wealth by never paying for advertising, now owns a company that only makes money by advertising.

  • Bryce Quintana
    Bryce Quintana 2 months ago +4

    I can watch this over and over.

  • yrlk
    yrlk 2 months ago +56

    These guys and their writing teams are-as usual-ON POINT.
    Thanks, Trevor and Ronny!

  • Katherine Evans
    Katherine Evans 2 months ago +512

    Trevor, railroad wife here. The negotiations have been going on for years not just months. Also, "some rail workers have rejected" I know that's a different news clip, but several hundreds rejected it. Thank you for adding it to your segment and showing the world what so many rail workers are dealing with; and some have died due to the lack of sick days.

    • Je Zeus
      Je Zeus Month ago

      The fact that anyone has limited sick days is so bizarre to me.

    • sunshineandtea
      sunshineandtea 2 months ago

      @iseewhatyoudidthere It's the folks refusing to compensate them properly who are holding the country hostage.

    • L Singstock
      L Singstock 2 months ago

      @Tyler Durden population is selfish?? What? You do not think that th CEO's making Billions in profit have anything to do with it?

    • Katherine Evans
      Katherine Evans 2 months ago

      @Tyler Durden the way the railroad unions are set up they have cooling periods and Congress involvement. I don’t know enough about how they work but I know it’s not the same as healthcare or other unions striking.

    • Tyler Durden
      Tyler Durden 2 months ago

      The rail workers were way too patient, they should strike.
      The rest of the population is selfish and don't care that these worker are sometimes dying...they only care about the inconvenience of stiff not arriving.

  • IviSpark
    IviSpark 2 months ago +121

    These parents exploiting their kids for social media are truly disgusting. Loved the statement about them getting checked by CPS.

  • Kyu1LL
    Kyu1LL 2 months ago +4

    Ronny just always kills it man

  • peter janoff
    peter janoff 2 months ago +66

    I love Trevor’s show and will be sorry to see him leave.

  • 0shadowgrace0
    0shadowgrace0 2 months ago +4

    The elon south africa thing had me rolling. love ronny

  • machead57
    machead57 2 months ago +750

    Wonder if Elon understands that free speech means Apple has the right, NOT to speak on your platform.

    • Postumus
      Postumus 2 months ago +1

      @BetterLifeAhead , BINGO! I don't get that there are still people out there defending Musk after his infamous "Comedy is now legal on Twitter" tweet and shortly after going on a ban spree. I'm embarrassed because my partner is one of those Elon fanboys and believes that we are all just 'haters'. He ignores that even some of his cult members are now turning on him.

    • Vin Wiesel
      Vin Wiesel 2 months ago +1

      Does free speech mean that CCP can force Apple to remove Airdrop on Chinese citizens iPhones, too?

    • bananaempijama
      bananaempijama 2 months ago +1

      The so called Freedom of speech absolutist lol

    • Ray Rivera
      Ray Rivera 2 months ago

      @Isabel McGaugh twitter is not bad for business. Apple is against free speech. Dont you agree censoring scientists, who time has proven were correct, was bad? Try to understand, you are brainwashed, and people are dying today because of it, blood clots.

    • Helium Valentine
      Helium Valentine 2 months ago +4

      He doesn't understand fee speech cause companies have the right to set limits to your speech. Same as someone entering your home. You can kick them out if they say things you don't like.

  • Ekiba Margret
    Ekiba Margret 2 months ago +4

    I died at the banana line🤣

  • OnlyMsNicky
    OnlyMsNicky 2 months ago +75

    I'm going to hang on to Trevor's leg screaming "PLEASE DON'T LEAVE US!" as he walks away from TDS 😭

  • dirk bomans
    dirk bomans 2 months ago +130

    I imagine horrible Musk lying awake at night wondering why the whole world is laughing at him. Makes me sleep soundly.

    • Kanyarat Baker
      Kanyarat Baker 2 months ago

      @Earnem He's definitely lighter than a year ago.

    • Earnem
      Earnem 2 months ago

      @Chris333 He got a 2b loan from his friend, and a loan from the government. Guy is having a tough time paying back

    • Earnem
      Earnem 2 months ago

      @Kanyarat Baker he is worth 100b now, he lost a major amount of his net worth

    • Chris333
      Chris333 2 months ago

      @Kanyarat Baker true. you start with a small "loan" of a 100 million USD from your father

    • Jordi Nagel
      Jordi Nagel 2 months ago

      @Abdulahim abdilehe’s also a serial liar (this whole thing about Apple supposedly threatening to take him off the App Store was apparently complete hogwash), sponsors dangerous radicals, acts like he’s above the law, has no respect for his employees, has incredibly thin skin, and wastes tons of money on stuff like Twitter or messing with the rail network in several countries in ways that would leave it off worse than before, in favor of having shiny, future-looking stuff, not to mention he brands himself as the founder of Paypal and Tesla, when in fact that is not true and he instead simply bought the rights to call himself that.
      He’s a big baby who got all his wealth from his father and makes more poor business decisions than his followers - who treat him like a genius in a cult-like obsession - would like to admit; no wonder he gets along so well with Trump

    MLG GAMER 2 months ago +1

    This guy who tweeted that has a lot of sense that's all I can say. Lionel Messi is quite a player as the main reason I got into world cup and cheered for Argentina four years ago.

  • Timothy McAleer
    Timothy McAleer 2 months ago +210

    I've never felt so guilty about not eating a banana lol

    • Jerome Productions
      Jerome Productions 2 months ago


    • ___Beyond Horizon
      ___Beyond Horizon 2 months ago +2

      @OnlyMsNicky brown bananas is perfect for making banana bread, pancakes or banana muffins 🥞😋 it's naturally sweet

    • OnlyMsNicky
      OnlyMsNicky 2 months ago +2

      I honestly felt called out at that moment 😳

    • mayah
      mayah 2 months ago +3

      @Ducklingscap or buy just what you need

    • Ducklingscap
      Ducklingscap 2 months ago +13

      Just make banana bread or pancakes out of them if they become to soft and brown the next time :)

  • Thomas Wiegele
    Thomas Wiegele 2 months ago +14

    That bit by Ronny Chieng was legendary.

  • Amanda Sterner
    Amanda Sterner 2 months ago +1

    I love Trevor Noah and this show. But I am so hung up on him talking about Kraft Mac n Cheese with a picture of Velveeta Shells behind him 😂.

  • Rose
    Rose 2 months ago

    Now that Elon’s done this, Apples stock prices have gone way up.

  • Crypto Evo
    Crypto Evo 2 months ago +1

    This guy is so confused he has no idea which side to be part off... thank Elon for this!

  • Sarah E. Graves
    Sarah E. Graves 2 months ago +12

    He slipped in the line..."we know no one ordered latkes". His intelligent humor and ability to uncover deeper truths will be sorely missed and yet, wherever he goes, he'll be bringing his bright light to our world!

  • Thortok2000
    Thortok2000 Month ago

    "The viruses are going to emerge anyway when the ice caps melt" was supposed to be a joke. Except nobody laughed. They just accepted that all as the truth. I feel kind of sad about that.

  • Bob Bauer
    Bob Bauer 2 months ago +16

    I was looking for christmas dinner recipes, and mistakenly clicked on "Elon's Beef with Apple". That sounds lovely.

    AKIRAASMR300 2 months ago +1

    Elon made a beef product out of an apple. Wowzer he really is a great inventor and innovator. Now I bet everyone will turn vegan!!

  • Lev Moses
    Lev Moses 2 months ago +24

    The gifts of Trevor’s team has been just Amazing! All of them Gems!

  • Not Interested
    Not Interested Month ago +1

    Ronny is quite possibly as funny as Trevor if not funnier. Brilliant🎉

  • SusieQ Makeup
    SusieQ Makeup 2 months ago

    Ronny made me cry laughing 😂😂 I needed that

  • @crptnite
    @crptnite 2 months ago +883

    i love how the tyrants are always the ones attempting to convince us that somehow "tyranny is what lies ahead" if we DON'T give them what they want...

    • Marco Blesius
      Marco Blesius Month ago

      @Mr. Xandarious my point exactly

    • Mr. Xandarious
      Mr. Xandarious Month ago

      @Marco Blesius who owns the Washington post again?

    • Marco Blesius
      Marco Blesius 2 months ago

      @Tyler Durden do you understand the implications of billionaires controlling the media?

    • Tyler Durden
      Tyler Durden 2 months ago

      It's getting rediculous now. People are more disconcerted that a billionair bought Twitter as if it's the end of the world, than the fact that A Russian psycopath with enough nukes to destroy the world 500 times over has his finger on the button.
      Dafuq is wrong with people?

    • Marco Blesius
      Marco Blesius 2 months ago

      @Matthew Melkesian i don't!? wrong person?

  • ispequaltonp
    ispequaltonp 2 months ago +58

    usually people stop at "too soon" but ronny took it one step further 😂

  • John Patterson
    John Patterson 2 months ago +1

    Some of our billionaires are putting a whole new spin on the term "disposable wealth."😎👌

  • Hunter Andrus
    Hunter Andrus 2 months ago

    "YOU COMMIES" lol priceless gonna miss catching my worldly updates from these guys

  • Whitney Glowacki
    Whitney Glowacki 2 months ago +18

    I will follow Trevor's career anywhere. Thank you for showing us how to communicate and understand what is happening around us. Thank you for helping me be more aware of life.

    MLIOGJXNUYAT 2 months ago +652

    You can see it really pained McConnell to have to lie like that.

    • Jan Smitowicz, Author
      Jan Smitowicz, Author 2 months ago

      @James Pyacek Yup. It's not that there's no place in the GOP for white supremacists, it's that GOP is THE place for them!

    • Jan Smitowicz, Author
      Jan Smitowicz, Author 2 months ago

      @Troy Hunter Facts. Often the people I see talking about word salad are confused by any sentence with more than zero prepositions

    • Holly Zukowski
      Holly Zukowski 2 months ago

      Looked like those words tasted like vinegar coming out of his mouth.

    • Surge 1077
      Surge 1077 2 months ago

      Considering how much Trump has bashed McConnell lately, I have to wonder if McConnell actually enjoyed returning the favor. But it's hard to know with that turtle face of his.

    • Troy Hunter
      Troy Hunter 2 months ago +3

      @HalfAssRanch I think you're just not that smart if you didn't know what he meant. He put blah blah in there and it broke you.

  • Miss ESL
    Miss ESL 2 months ago +45

    I love to see Ronny as the next host, his absolute incredulity is hilarious.

  • Robert Pearson
    Robert Pearson 2 months ago

    What can the railroad workers do? Well, how about removing a rail or two. Remember, railroad derailments are usually caused by railroad executives failing to maintain the tracks to keep their profits high.

  • FalloutJack
    FalloutJack 2 months ago

    Now now, you know Darth Vader wasn't pro-planet-destruction. That was his running mate, Lord Palpatine. He denounced it in front of a full panel of Moffs, including Moff Tarkin, and never once showed their Death Star project any real support.

  • Cam Solis Mejias
    Cam Solis Mejias 2 months ago +29

    Not only am I Costa Rican, but I am also currently eating a banana. This is hilarious.

    • tix f
      tix f 2 months ago +1

      🤣🤣🤣 And I currently have bananas on my counter and hoping they won't rot before I decide to finally eat them...

  • Jab
    Jab 2 months ago

    That Mac and Cheese-Lawyer bit was so Norm MacDonald.

  • Tavonna McKenzie
    Tavonna McKenzie 2 months ago +8

    It’s amazing how this man can accrue 1M views on a video with just commentary, no guest & he’s really just about to walk away from the platform

  • AbsolutFlippy
    AbsolutFlippy 2 months ago +25

    The “too Soon Yi?” After mentioning Woody Allen killed me. 😂

  • OP_Tempest
    OP_Tempest 2 months ago

    The translater is brilliant, i speak arabic and it felt like the king himself was translating with all that passion lol

  • Zarli
    Zarli 2 months ago +295

    Ronny always kills it with his segments 💀

    • Genius ignotus
      Genius ignotus 2 months ago +2

      While Costa always crushes it with his 🥁

    • ID10T
      ID10T 2 months ago +3

      that was hilarious!

  • Eddie Galon
    Eddie Galon 2 months ago +4

    Such great stuff always from Noah and his writers.

  • Jasmine Kyoko
    Jasmine Kyoko Month ago

    "Just nuke us now" 🤣🤣🤣

  • arnav rai
    arnav rai 2 months ago +6

    I really enjoy the way Ronny ends the show with making fun of trevor 🤣🤣🤣

  • Debi D
    Debi D 2 months ago +6

    And the irony that he's tweeting from 'Twitter for iphone' Apple response highlighting that was epic.

  • Donatella Ricci
    Donatella Ricci 2 months ago +5

    i love everyone on the daily show cast. Ronny and Trevor are great!

  • Leigh Kaiser
    Leigh Kaiser 2 months ago +30

    I’m watching this at 8 in the morning. Trevor may cry at having to eat Kraft macaroni and cheese for dinner, but I’m eating the microwave Kraft macaroni and cheese for breakfast right now as I watch this. And yes, I’m crying about it! My whole family is sick and we haven’t been able to go grocery shopping. Or do the dishes. Thank goodness I found a plastic spoon!

    • Jamie
      Jamie 2 months ago

      @Clarissa J And immediately sneeze on the drying dishes after you do them.
      SMART. YEAAAAAH. Spread the plague, why don't you!

    • Leigh Kaiser
      Leigh Kaiser 2 months ago +3

      @OnlyMsNickythank you so much! I still have kids home from school and work. But I’m feeling better today, so I know they won’t be far behind. Have a great day!

    • OnlyMsNicky
      OnlyMsNicky 2 months ago +6

      Wishing you & your family a fast recovery ❤

  • Will
    Will 2 months ago +13

    Love when Chieng comes on! He would be a hilarious next host for the daily show as well

  • Armaan Bruno
    Armaan Bruno 2 months ago

    I am watching this while having Mac and Cheese 🤣🤣

  • Angela Absolutely
    Angela Absolutely 2 months ago

    Ronny with the Woody Allen joke was just 🤌

  • Rex123 Go123
    Rex123 Go123 2 months ago +1

    Starting to like this show again

  • The Emperor
    The Emperor 2 months ago +26

    Never thought I would hear No Nut November joke from Trevor😂

  • Jasmine Kyoko
    Jasmine Kyoko Month ago

    The timing of hakunamatata 🤣🤣🤣

  • Grilled Spaghetti
    Grilled Spaghetti 2 months ago +20

    Funny how Elon was fine with the "Secret 30% tax " until they threaten to take the app out of the store.

  • WKDS Coding
    WKDS Coding 2 months ago

    Did I just hear Zombie virus ?
    Nevermind 😆

  • Sky Tech
    Sky Tech 2 months ago

    there is a massive misconceptions about twitter charging 8 dollar vs apple charging 30 percent, it's like a farmer is selling apples for 8 dollar vs all the farmers has to pay 30 percent of that every 8 dollar revenue to gatekeeper. Trevor probably needs to fact check his scripts!

  • A A
    A A 2 months ago

    too-soon-yi! So funny and perfect.

  • Kryštof Ondráček
    Kryštof Ondráček 2 months ago

    Elon Musk: Apple hates free speech cause they wont give twitter money.
    Also Elon Musk: Lets make people pay 8 dollars a month for free speech.

  • Choicemas
    Choicemas Month ago +2

    With his last name being Fuentes, how can he… forget it. I’m done 😂

  • Oscar Hernandez
    Oscar Hernandez 2 months ago +5

    I like how everybody is worried about everything else beside the fact that Trevor is leaving 😢

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    Blumm Month ago

    I was thinking ….. just thinking …..how about making an interview or show with Trump? 🤔

  • Carol Morris
    Carol Morris 2 months ago +201

    This show has the funniest contributors and I laugh out loud every time one of them has a segment. Poking fun at Trevor’s soccer tweet was hilarious! 😂😂😂

    • NGo TeMNa
      NGo TeMNa 2 months ago +7

      Him being like
      "Do you have any idea what it's like growing up in apartheid Southafrica, Trevor?" almost killed me because I choked on my coffe, while bursting out in laughter

    • ID10T
      ID10T 2 months ago +6

      Ronny's skit was funny AF!

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    Biloki 2 months ago +15

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    Eva Carlsen 2 months ago +12

    "Do you have any idea how hard that was for him Trevor?" Thank goodness I had just swallowed some coffee, because had it still been in my mouth, it surely would have exited through my nose.

  • Go Go
    Go Go Month ago +2

    Trevor Noah, did you know that people of Iran celebrated when US won the soccer game and they came to the streets dancing and chanting? But, many Iranians got arrested and even shot at for celebrating for the US victory.
    Those players were under a lot of pressure from the dictatorship of Islamic government .

  • D.D.
    D.D. 2 months ago +14

    "Too Soon-Yi?" did not get the attention it deserved. Runny killed this 😂😂😂😂

  • chigboyrock
    chigboyrock Month ago

    Apple should tell Elon musk not to charge for full self driving smh

  • Bibian PAH
    Bibian PAH 2 months ago

    Ronnie forgets where he was from, his asian parents would just go with the easiest and most commonly used reply when questioned about where he came from: "We found you in a trash can"

  • bonface ong'uti
    bonface ong'uti 2 months ago +8

    8:13, Trevor saying a random "Hakuna Matata" that goes under the radar because it ain't as audible and the Kenyan in me smiling like he bought me bread 😅😅😅😅

  • Play Music
    Play Music 2 months ago

    You really gotta hand it to Pence. The level of bs he can spew with a stone cold straight face... Trump should apologize... Even though that's a fact, I could never say it in seriousness with a straight face as if I believed him to be decent enough to really do it.

  • Sean M. Brown
    Sean M. Brown 2 months ago +204

    I'm glad Trevor is finding joy by following his goals by traveling and doing stand up comedy. But he's such an important voice for people from Generation Z and up. Through him we learn about the world. During Covid, I was so sad by the news and I could only watch the Daily Show since the news was attached to comedy.

    • maia
      maia 2 months ago +1

      Wait I hope you’re joking😂

    • Ale og
      Ale og 2 months ago

      your a beta for sure. wanna talk about discrimination go visit the world my friend . go visit south america , central , china and then come back and talk about no opporutnites in this country. you are an entitled little man for sure

    • TableWrens
      TableWrens 2 months ago

      @assy holey Name Checks Out!

    • assy holey
      assy holey 2 months ago +3

      that's note the real world. that's propaganda comedy. no wonder gen Z are so lost.

    • Sharpe
      Sharpe 2 months ago +7

      Don’t worry. John Stewart did the same thing for his generation. Maybe Ronnie Chieng will be the new host!

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    Yung Gado 2 months ago +19

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    Nii Ayi Mensah Lartey 2 months ago +22

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    nonsense name 2 months ago

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    Rui Ribeiro 2 months ago

    The hating is beautiful real... hahahaha and Elon keeps on Walking while the dogs bark. Hahahahahaha

  • Dave Shichman
    Dave Shichman 2 months ago +4

    If your friend brings someone evil to your home, its 100000% reflects on you and how your friend views you and your level of tolerance.

    • Catelyn H
      Catelyn H 2 months ago

      You're a bad judge of friends, your friend is a bad judge of you, or you're both right.
      Except for one case, and that's family.
      I have a friend whose family makes my hackles raise sometimes. It's the culture of their household and their religion combined. Pent up aggression, military mindset, and a very clear conservative heirarchy makes it uncomfortable to spend much time with them. My friend is great, her family is fine i guess. I did get along with her mother well enough.
      I have some relatives that are very religious and stuck a century back in their thinking. Last time i saw one of them, they expressed genuine concern that i was an unmarried adult woman (still am) with a job in tech (a man's job), and had previously lived with a man while in college who (worse still) wasn't the head of the household of us 4 and wore skirts around the house. He was simultaneously a threat because he was a man and not a threat because he acted no different from the 3 women he lived with.
      That's pretty evil to me.

  • Heather Berg
    Heather Berg 2 months ago

    Ronnie on fire today. Love it.

  • Ali Woitovich
    Ali Woitovich 2 months ago +5

    The audience giggling as soon as Mitch McConnell starts speaking 😅

  • Bryan West
    Bryan West 2 months ago

    If railroad workers going on strike would completely crush our country (which it would), maybe its time to stop forcing workers to remain in inhumane conditions. Just a crazy thought.

  • Marie Walshe
    Marie Walshe 2 months ago

    In other countries, public transport workers went in strike and the action they took was to refuse to charge passengers. Trains ran in time; passengers and cargo got delivered; only the rail companies suffered. Would POTUS support that kind of action?

  • Abigail Garcia
    Abigail Garcia 2 months ago

    Seriously though more people should be mindful on the amount of food we purchase.

  • Sourav Datta
    Sourav Datta 2 months ago

    I wish twitter goes away..its the most toxic out of all the apps. I just have it installed to check my exam scores and get local updates.

  • JuNhoe Choo
    JuNhoe Choo 2 months ago +2

    Gotta love the combo of Trevor and Ronny