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GUESS THE FOOTBALLER Ft Trent Alexander-Arnold

  • Published on Dec 2, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • @emthebest

    Trent’s energy with the Beta Squad is so sick

  • @Link20022

    The fact that the Polish guy actually faked his accent is the biggest plot twist

  • @catherinesbookshelf

    trent seems like such a cool guy he doesn't deserve the hate he gets frrr

  • @anaispersephone6041

    Cameron is so adorable and so sweet. Something about his whole persona is so wholesome. I really wish him the best of luck in his endeavors.

  • @naturalbby1722


  • @MysticMarble

    Trent actually seems so genuine and humble, bless him

  • @isabelladavis6546

    Trent hitting that crossbar and backing up his confidence 🥵♥️

  • @blockayethe2nd220

    Icl Trent realising he played the pro was wholesome as hell 😭

  • @YouTube
    @YouTube  +205

    i need some of Trent’s confidence, hitting that crossbar with no hesitation 🥶🔥

  • @mewsao
    @mewsao  +21

    this was so entertaining to watch and trent is actually smart as hell, the way he observes things omg (hot) but he once said he valued education so no wonder ❤️ love him so much

  • @Papi4
    @Papi4  +44

    “And it’s our turn to guess who the professional rapper is” - AJ

  • @mubz4k407
    @mubz4k407  +244

    Trent is actually smart with his questions

  • @camilasantos531

    literally one of your best videos ever. had me DYING laughing the entire time. the energy and chemistry between everyone in this one was through the roof

  • @mzgotvocalz8578

    niko trolling Karius is too funny

  • @nicholascristancho8143

    the fact we get one of the best beta squad videos ever and one of the best sidemen videos ever in the same week is insane

  • @randomtarts8489

    niko is like the master of minds

  • @ismahanali952

    Trent is actually the smartest guest they’ve had on here… asking all the important q’s… I thought it was #3 until he started tripping him up 😭

  • @flying_finster7

    It’s actually really happy to see Trent happy