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Jordan Schlansky’s Origin Story | Team Coco Radio

  • Published on Mar 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Conan asks Jordan Schlansky how he rose from "Late Night" intern to "Associate Producer." Plus, Conan blames his longtime producer, Frank Smiley, for empowering Jordan.
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Comments • 2 854

  • Team Coco
    Team Coco  2 months ago +300

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    • Adam M
      Adam M 2 months ago +36

      It seems to me that it's US only. Conan is a worldwide phenom, we demand more across the globe :D

    • MaxFleye
      MaxFleye 2 months ago +6

      Channel 106? Well, I guess I'll listen anyway.

    • J
      J 2 months ago +14

      Is there a way to watch full podcasts or is it listen only and clips from Clip-Share?

    • Chris Leon
      Chris Leon 2 months ago +1

      Can I listen to ur radio from China

    • Adelwijn T
      Adelwijn T 2 months ago +24

      Hi Team Coco,
      I can't listen to siriusxm in Europe, please can you post the rest of the talk with Jordan on Clip-Share or your podcast channel. Conan and Jordan are pure gold!

  • Javi Del Val
    Javi Del Val 2 months ago +1693

    I thoroughly believe he's actually just a comedic genius sacrificing his public image for comedy history

    • Andi Burns
      Andi Burns 2 months ago +86

      It's funny that so many still believe there was one employee who couldn't explain what his duties were for years. That's complete nonsense.

    • Alan Harwell
      Alan Harwell 2 months ago +178

      @Andi Burns He could explain, his plethora of tasks were just so various and diversified he knew it'll take all day to explain

    • Javi Del Val
      Javi Del Val 2 months ago +7

      @Andi Burns I actually don't fully believe it but it sure is a theory

    • S P
      S P 2 months ago +42

      ​ @Andi Burns Look up what a producer does. His answer of "various things" is entirely correct.

    • Dave Flug
      Dave Flug 2 months ago +21

      Agree, I think he's pulling an Andy Kauffman on the world.

  • Riddlewrong
    Riddlewrong 2 months ago +1400

    Jordan Schlansky has made an entire career out of deflection. He never skips a beat. It's masterful to watch.

    • Liam Cooper
      Liam Cooper 2 months ago +25

      he woulda made way more as a lawyer, we all owe him a debt of gratitude

    • John Filson
      John Filson 2 months ago +16

      "those who need to know.. know" - Jordan Schlansky

    • ViVega
      ViVega Month ago +10

      if you see how Sona squirms when Jeff Goldblum brings up Jordan, I get the sense some of Conan's staff have put the kabash on including Jordan more, or in any new way. If they had a travel show, something together, I would watch all the time. And I rarely watch the comedy host shows (kimmel, fallon, etc). I think the real genius is Jordan in knowing how to play opposite Conan.

    • Blondie
      Blondie Month ago +4

      He’s magnificent 😂

    • NightTripper
      NightTripper Month ago +2

      ​@John Filsonvarious people know

  • Adam Reeves
    Adam Reeves 2 months ago +1016

    I could watch these two bicker for 18 hours straight. Their chemistry is just the weirdest, most enjoyable hilarious thing.

    • Dima Knopf
      Dima Knopf 2 months ago +5

      When I was in the Marines I had a 1Sgt like Conan whenever I had to input Data into the system on a computer he would walk in and be like "What the hell are you watching? Why does your hair look like a mushroom?!" Everyone else he just kinda ignored but always had a special interest in what I was doing like he had no idea wtf was going on lol.

    • Krumple Themal
      Krumple Themal 2 months ago +4

      What are you doing for the other six?

    • Ethan S.
      Ethan S. 2 months ago +2

      Oddly specific.

  • Vic
    Vic 2 months ago +1115

    Always amazed me how precise every aspect of his life is about his health, diet, clothing, body grooming, etc , and his office was like a hoarder bedroom.

    • J B
      J B 2 months ago +51

      Well, that's because despite everything Conan says here, Jordan Schlansky is not a real person but a character from Conan's show, loosely based on the real person.

    • masterofallgoons
      masterofallgoons 2 months ago +26

      ​@J B - He's just an exaggerated version of himself

    • Sarym
      Sarym 2 months ago +43

      While he does play up his personality a bit, this type of contradiction is seen in many real life people as well..Some parts of them are absolutely meticulous while others are completely ignored..I guess at a deeper level it tells something about priorities

    • Pam Toesh
      Pam Toesh 2 months ago +2

      Don't forget the exact amount of water he drinks.

  • Christian Robinson
    Christian Robinson 2 months ago +377

    Arguably the funniest unexpected duo on the internet of all time. How can you not laugh when they interact

    • Doug Lemmikey
      Doug Lemmikey 2 months ago +5

      I'll take Ricky Gervais and Karl Pilkington as my #1. But these guys are decent second.

    • 0x33
      0x33 Month ago +3

      @Doug Lemmikey 100%. And Stephen is the icing on the cake of that duo.

    CITIZEN JOAN 2 months ago +166

    The best part of their relationship is Conan is completely impervious to all of the nonsense that comes out of Jordan’s mouth and Jordan doesn’t care about being laughed at by Conan. They’re both able to deflect each other perfectly without the other getting seriously offended. Its like they're playing social Tennis. Everyone needs someone like that in their lives. Someone who you can say exactly what you feel to them without need for justification or an expectation of judgement. Someone who you can laugh at in Italy.

    • Canon Kingsley
      Canon Kingsley Month ago +9

      When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.

    • scaf
      scaf Month ago +2

      I’m so glad I have friends like that lol

    • eLAZYbeth
      eLAZYbeth Month ago +1

      I want a dynamic like that

  • Evander Caldwell
    Evander Caldwell 2 months ago +6829

    Jordan Schlansky: The most infamous associate producer in showbiz history with various duties, numerous titles and a multitude of responsibilities!!

    • Lenusniq _
      Lenusniq _ 2 months ago +186

      And to add, he is also a deeply emotional man.

    • Thisusedtobemyrealname
      Thisusedtobemyrealname 2 months ago +204

      I would like to finally know how he prepares his body in various ways.

    • Floedekage
      Floedekage 2 months ago +43

      And finally; absolutely _no bodyhair_

    • unwishfulthink
      unwishfulthink 2 months ago +41

      It's probably best to explain Jordan's job by an actual example. Robert Smigel has a very good detailed account of what Jordan had to do to make the very first Triumph Insult Comic Dog clip happen in the Westminster dog show. It involve a lot of background logistic work, including sneaking the camera crew and equipment past the security. It's definitely a real job.

  • Wrenlin Whitelight
    Wrenlin Whitelight 2 months ago +183

    The writers strike was one of the best things to every happen to Conan. Genius thrives in desperation

    • Ronnie’s379 peterbilt Experiences .
      Ronnie’s379 peterbilt Experiences . 20 days ago

      What happen?

    • Liquicitizen Dirk
      Liquicitizen Dirk 14 days ago

      ​@Ronnie’s379 peterbilt Experiences . There was a writers guild strike so Conan had to improvise, what came out of it are the office episodes including the ones with Jordan

  • Scotty Frenzee
    Scotty Frenzee Day ago +3

    I love how he is just... himself, within seconds of speaking. Jordan is a hilarious anomaly and needs to be protected.

  • Ron Hu
    Ron Hu Month ago +55

    I like how Conan’s most viewed video in the past couple of months is the one with Jordan Schlansky. This goes to show how much we want to see Jordan more

  • Joakim Demiri
    Joakim Demiri 2 months ago +308

    Still can't get my head around if he is just a character made up for showbiz or if he is actually, Actually, like this. After all these years.

    • Daniel Grantham
      Daniel Grantham 2 months ago +86

      He is playing a hyper exaggerated version of himself. He probably has similar tendencies and likes, but does not act to such a standoffish extreme. It's why it seems almost real

    • Alexander M.
      Alexander M. 2 months ago +27

      The most phenomenal is that they tell you over and over that he really is just like that, and people still can't believe.

    • Aziz Kurtarıcınız
      Aziz Kurtarıcınız 2 months ago +8

      @Alexander M. It’s probably because he is like that with the people he’s comfortable with. I somehow relate to him, so I’m sure he is not behaving like that towards the random people.

    • Aziz Kurtarıcınız
      Aziz Kurtarıcınız 2 months ago +5

      @Alexander M. What bothers me is sometimes people assume that they would have the same dynamics, but that won’t be the case. So I disapprove the people who act like Conan towards him. He mostly plays along because he is aware of the situation and those things are on the camera.

    • Daniel Grantham
      Daniel Grantham 2 months ago +1

      @Alexander M. Dude, that is part of the joke.

  • Allison Brower
    Allison Brower 2 months ago +127

    I love that they're talking about him in detail and he's there, just sitting silently

  • uplayedurself
    uplayedurself 2 months ago +344

    Jordan answering this like he's testifying in front of Congress is 10 out of 10.

  • qwertmom
    qwertmom 2 months ago +158

    "One of my responsibilities was NOT to explain to YOU what I do". What a great non-answer lmao

    • NightTripper
      NightTripper Month ago +6

      You = his own boss 😂😂😂

    • Lottie Prescott
      Lottie Prescott Month ago +3

      He's a nonworker! He's just a general non all around. 😅

  • Soul Star
    Soul Star Month ago +17

    Jordan is a once in a lifetime human being. We and the planet are all the better that he is here with us. Conan protect him forever at all costs.

  • I’ve come Here to chew bubblegum

    I love how Jordan is so detailed and breaks everything down and can go on forever with his responses so funny 😂

  • Mark Regulus
    Mark Regulus 2 months ago +104

    Conan needs to make Jordan a co-host. Their relationship is pretty dynamic - i.e. like an old married couple.

    • Ian Mcclellan
      Ian Mcclellan Month ago +8

      Conan, Sona, Matt AND Jordan?
      What a beautiful, chaotic nightmare that would be.

    • David Kymdell
      David Kymdell Month ago +1

      It works in small doses....I wouldn't want to see/hear it all the time

    • The sun
      The sun Month ago

      It might be too powerful tbh. Like it would overwhelm the topics at hand or their guests

  • Paula Plantita
    Paula Plantita 2 months ago +37

    To be fair, Jordan has a point at the end about Conan having the responsibility to know what his employees did 😂😂

  • Richard Wayland
    Richard Wayland 2 months ago +4328

    FYI Jordan is a really sweet and thoughtful guy in real life. He used to come into my restaurant a lot, and at one point he gave me and a friend tickets to see the show, plus gave us a whole backstage tour and took a photo for us sitting at Conan's desk on stage. Really turned it into a once-in-a-lifetime experience for us! And he somehow found the time to send us an annual handwritten holiday card, too. I like to imagine that his day to day job is giving that extra level of thoughtfulness and care to everyone that comes through, whether they're big celebrities, guests, or employees, like an executive level maitre d'. And by the way, he does smile and laugh more in person, when he's not being actively ridiculed by Conan, lol.

    • Henning Larsson
      Henning Larsson 2 months ago +231

      Wait what, Jordan sent you holiday cards annually??

    • Henning Larsson
      Henning Larsson 2 months ago +83

      What a guy

    • Lemmingdot
      Lemmingdot 2 months ago +113

      Thanks for sharing this story.

    • Richard Wayland
      Richard Wayland 2 months ago +315

      @Henning Larsson Yeah he did! Not that he asked for our personal info or anything like that. For at least a couple years, he sent cards to the restaurant addressed to me and the other staff he met there regularly, on official "Team Coco" holiday cards.

    • Jon D
      Jon D 2 months ago +427

      Nice try Jordan.

    NVR DWN FX Month ago +38

    There hasn’t been over 1 million views on a single video in the last 4 months worth of content Conan has brought us. GOTTA LOVE SCHLANKSY! Love them both😂

  • Studeb
    Studeb 2 months ago +57

    Love the chemistry and banter between these two, always a pleasure.

  • SecretAznMan604
    SecretAznMan604 2 months ago +30

    These 2 together will always bring a smile to my face.

  • goatitisful
    goatitisful 2 months ago +17

    So glad to see Jordan on the show! 1 of the greatest unintentional comedy duos!

  • Matthew Fernandez
    Matthew Fernandez 2 months ago +1826

    The fact that Jeff Goldblum has admitted that he binged watched Jordan's videos and asked Conan about him solidifies that Schlansky is a true legend.

    • Asdf
      Asdf 2 months ago +167

      There really is no higher honor than being fascinating to Jeff Goldblum. Except for being Conan's associate producer apparently.

    • MyNameHere
      MyNameHere 2 months ago +3

      @Asdf 😂😂😂

    • SyzygyNoon
      SyzygyNoon 2 months ago +18

      @Asdf True, but it really gets interesting if his fascination with you causes him to take off and put on his glasses more than five times in five minutes.

    • swish007
      swish007 2 months ago +23

      ahhh..I'd absolutely adore if Jordan and Goldblum got together and just talked on camera. Jeff Goldblum is so nice and affirming.. I imagine Jordan would really let his guard down with him!

    • SHA
      SHA 2 months ago +3

      who is jeff goldblum?

  • Huntstyle
    Huntstyle 2 months ago +16

    He had various tasks, Conan! 😂🤣😂 It's never not funny when these two are together! They should totally do a travel vlog series together, similar to the remotes they used to do!

  • Carmo
    Carmo 2 months ago +30

    We need Conan and Jordan as permanent segment on this show at least once a week. Make Jordan Associate Producer Again! #MJAPA 😂

  • drunkensailor112
    drunkensailor112 Month ago +16

    Within 4 seconds of conversation this is already gold. Please never stop this

  • --
    -- 2 months ago +27

    I was in Quebec City when I saw Jordan at a cafe eating crepes and walked up to him after he finished paying to see if he was who he was and if I could have a picture! He was so nice and friendly and it was definitely a highlight of my life!!!

    • Tony Lee
      Tony Lee Month ago +2

      They must have had his setting on “friendly to humans”

    • Jethro Jacinto
      Jethro Jacinto 15 days ago +1

      @Tony Lee😂😂😂

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body
    Come Fast To Get Into My Body 2 months ago +5113

    These two guys need to restart Conans travel show, go around the globe, discover, observe and comment on various nations and cultures and to make the world a better place

    • Diwas Puri
      Diwas Puri 2 months ago +23


    • Hadrian007
      Hadrian007 2 months ago +7

      Yes! ❤

    • Googley Eyed
      Googley Eyed 2 months ago +55

      That would never work. At some point Conan would kill Jordan out of uncontrollable frustration .

    • far22186
      far22186 2 months ago +18

      He's already said they are

    • G
      G 2 months ago +8

      This is all I want in life

  • P
    P 2 months ago +105

    Why is there no full version of this podcast? It’s a crime to have any less than 8 hours of Jordan!

    • Ryan Govender
      Ryan Govender Month ago +1

      It’s on Spotify

    • Marcel
      Marcel Month ago

      @Ryan Govender How is it called?

    • John Collins
      John Collins Month ago +2

      @Marcel Jordan Schlansky Needs a Friend... or something.

    • maggie198333
      maggie198333 Month ago

      @Ryan Govender i can’t find his episode on Spotify. May i ask if it’s a full episode of him or a segment? I can’t find his name in the title.

    • goo animation
      goo animation Month ago

      I'm looking for the full version too. Did you find it?

  • butterflygirl22
    butterflygirl22 2 months ago +6

    One of the greatest comedy duos of all time! They never fail to go over. Love this pairing!! LOOL

  • Kali Van Rooy
    Kali Van Rooy 2 months ago +10

    Conan is one of those people that I am so happy we’re alive in the same time period because he’s a goddamn American treasure and it’s been such a privilege to have him (and Jordan, I guess) make me laugh regularly for decades! Thank you for your service to joy for the world, Conan O’Brian. I salute you 🫡❤

  • Music Drive (LoFi)
    Music Drive (LoFi) Month ago +2

    They tread a fine line between raising their blood pressure to new highs and comedy gold. It's immense talent and discipline on their part. Bravo.

  • Bobby Alon
    Bobby Alon 2 months ago +8

    I will stop everything I do to watch these 2 in a room. If anyone in Hollywood is left with a fraction of imagination and pull, they should put these guys in a movie or travel show. As cliché as I and everyone who might have said this before, it's 100% true....this is comic gold. Now someone get me a tissue, I'm tearing from lmfao'ing.

  • Glumy
    Glumy 2 months ago +1841

    Can we get a full podcast episode with Jordan as the guest alongside Matt and Sona, I would love to see how he interacts with others?

    • Dandymite
      Dandymite 2 months ago +33

      He’s been on the Inside Conan pod, there’s clips on youtube

    • Nandi Collector
      Nandi Collector 2 months ago +16

      I want this every single day. 😂😂😂😂

    • Felipe Turriago
      Felipe Turriago 2 months ago +47

      I have the impression that Sona doesn't like him very much. She's hardly present every time Jordan appears and when she is she makes annoyed - disgusted expressions. Plus, she never ever talks about him, being both workmates for a long time and all.

    • Chosen Architect
      Chosen Architect 2 months ago +9

      Sona would probably end up in a hospital because of all the laughing

  • Lone Wolfe
    Lone Wolfe 2 months ago +22

    Their chemistry is so real that I still can't tell that which part is scripted and which part is real. 😂

    • deepak
      deepak 2 months ago +1

      same 😂😂

  • memal25
    memal25 2 months ago +6

    I love Jordan's passion and depth of knowledge in his interests and hope to hear more from him!

  • Atomic Gator
    Atomic Gator 2 months ago +9

    Like others I find Jordan fascinating. He is such an enigma. And I think the pairing of the these two is so fun.

  • Emmet D'Alton
    Emmet D'Alton 2 months ago +2808

    There was something epic about this. Like a villain from Season 1 showing up in Season 7 after everyone thought he was dead.

    • Andrea Bruson
      Andrea Bruson 2 months ago +94

      and the villain is even stronger than ever!

    • After Stupid Show
      After Stupid Show 2 months ago +20

      What would make you think he is still alive. Maybe he is the first autonomous AI and can't answer questions outside his programming.

    • Maks Largu
      Maks Largu 2 months ago +3

      @After Stupid Show perhaps he was never alive. Any grown man with a bill whip has to be dead inside.

    • H. Gordon Sears
      H. Gordon Sears 2 months ago +4

      I always thought he was just sad or morose but he is mean too? Love it either way

  • NooDLES411911
    NooDLES411911 2 months ago +8

    Conan and Jordan is the gift that keeps on giving.

  • S. Shuck
    S. Shuck 2 months ago +13

    Jordan Schlansky glaring at the end - he being the one guy not laughing - is the most Jordan Schlansky thing in this video.

  • Lee J
    Lee J 2 months ago +16

    Man that mic issue got me laughing hard already. As always superb content with JS

  • Deni
    Deni Month ago +1

    Please Conan BACK on TV . These two are legendary❤

  • Rown Aerith
    Rown Aerith 2 months ago +805

    not even a minute in I'm already laughing. these two are unstoppable

    • Evander Caldwell
      Evander Caldwell 2 months ago +6

      For real, bwahahahaha!!!! 😂😂

    • anon
      anon 2 months ago +1

      I dunno about being unstoppable but there is a lot of tension for no good reason
      Conan is kind of giving him a hard time which maybe puts Jordan on defensive, but he's not entirely giving him a hard time and he's not entirely off.

    • AmioteG
      AmioteG 2 months ago +8

      fr 1 minute in and I am literally laughing my ass off. I've missed this duo

    • Chosen Architect
      Chosen Architect 2 months ago +6

      That short "Hi" had me laughing ;D

    • RalphMachyo
      RalphMachyo 2 months ago +13

      The sas! "I didn't realize I was functioning as an audio engineer" 🤣

  • noahman27
    noahman27 Month ago +2

    Conan, you and Jordan's original office and travel episodes had me crying with laughter!

  • xxhh liu
    xxhh liu Month ago +2

    They should do a sitcom together.

  • Marclar
    Marclar 2 months ago +2

    Jordan performed a variety tasks in order to ensure the survival and longevity of the Conan O’Brien show. The manner in which he performed these tasks were not important, but a favorable outcome was indeed reached which can be backed by the positive feedback and high ratings of said show.

  • trrisner37
    trrisner37 2 months ago +10

    The irony of Conan asking for a succinct answer from Jordan and then Conan talking for 5 minutes haha. Would love to watch the rest of this

  • Aldrin Gayeta
    Aldrin Gayeta 25 days ago +2

    I love your interactions with Max Weinberg during your late night show, I hope you invite him and do an episode with him.

  • Wake Me Up Inside
    Wake Me Up Inside 2 months ago +333

    Finally, we get a real celebrity on the podcast.

  • Sohan Anjana
    Sohan Anjana 2 months ago +8

    Finally some Jordan ❤️ Give us a full episode of him in the podcast please 🙏

  • JoshTheBoss
    JoshTheBoss Month ago

    Jordan is the perfect antithesis to Conan. They're really funny together 😂

  • Frank Vassalli
    Frank Vassalli Month ago +4

    I love how Jordan not only does not break character (which he likely created) but doesn't even smile when Conan gets on his case. The best.

  • BladeRunner
    BladeRunner 25 days ago +1

    They should have Jordan come back for another podcast episode in the near future!
    But knowing Jordan full well, he'll probably end up being too busy due to his numersous tasks and how long he spends time preparing his body in various ways......

  • TheElecPlay92
    TheElecPlay92 22 days ago +5

    I’m certain Jordan prepared his body in various ways for this Team Coco Radio episode.

  • Mediados
    Mediados 2 months ago +690

    You know you are good when it is entertaining enough for your audience to talk to your own staff

    • Patreeko Time
      Patreeko Time 2 months ago +7

      Letterman also did it, and I wonder if other hosts have done it in the past. But if you start out having bits with paid actors who appear just to say a line or two, or just stand in a costume and wave... it seems like a natural evolution to have an intern or staffer do that short bit instead of having to cast and hire an actor. Especially if you want to do bits with a plant in the audience, its a little more obvious if the plant is an actor whos done the show a bunch of times, but if the plant is a random staffer or intern, then its a little less obvious. Then before you know it, these random staffers are suddenly part of the segment actors stable. And the next thing you know they are sitting in a car with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. The real genius step that Conan took I think was bringing the cameras behind the scenes on the writers and staffers, and just making the real everyday office intrigues part of the show. Who stole Sona's mug? Who's been eating all the free cake? Featuring specific staffers like Jordan and effects guy Bill Tull comes so natually out of all of that. And then he took it even a step further and they created a podcast where they talk about the nuts and bolts of how the show is made. And its incredibly fascinating to hear from all of these people who we know either their work, or we may have seen them in one of those office remotes. And then Conan continues the tradition by dragging Sona and Matt into his podcast. Overall I think it shows that Conan has a keen ear for what is funny, trusts his staff to also have that ear, and isnt bothered by letting someone else be funny on camera... even if they arent someone who wanted the limelight.

    • Ar riddle
      Ar riddle 2 months ago +1

      Basically what the Howard stern show did

    • I Gave Lia HIV
      I Gave Lia HIV 2 months ago +12

      @Patreeko Time dude no one’s reading all that

    • Gary NY
      Gary NY 2 months ago +2

      ​@I Gave Lia HIV 😅😅, why did u do that to Lia ? 😮😮😊😊😊

  • Conor Baird
    Conor Baird Month ago

    Brings me back to the good ol days. Late night is not the same without Conan and Dave.

  • chunxiaqiudong
    chunxiaqiudong 2 months ago +12

    Jordan is literally my favourite person on the internet, and their dynamic is just the best ❤.

  • Chaz Balasakis
    Chaz Balasakis Month ago

    I need more Conan! He should be your permanent side kick on the show….. What is better than the unknown when guests come onto the show while Jordan has his pinky finger up brewing a cup of espresso while in a deep convo with big named guests?

  • Kyle Wilson
    Kyle Wilson 2 months ago

    We love Jordan! We need more remotes with him. The best is him breaking character

  • Jam Master
    Jam Master Month ago +3

    This is on a level like Abbot and Costello, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. I can't stop laughing at the interaction these two have together.

  • Hello
    Hello 2 months ago +730

    I can’t believe Jordan has been irritating Conan for as long as I’ve been alive. Good job Jordan.

    • Emu
      Emu 2 months ago +40

      but 1994 was only 10 years ago..... oh no, i'm old

    • daniel sarmiento
      daniel sarmiento 2 months ago +2

      ​@Emu 10 years?

    • utubeSome
      utubeSome 2 months ago +4

      ​@Emu 😂

    • Emu
      Emu 2 months ago +18

      @daniel sarmiento a joke is really good if you have to explain it.... the joke is that it feels like the 90s was only 10 years ago but it was very long ago now, and we are all old (those born in the 70/80s)

    • Lenin Garcia
      Lenin Garcia 2 months ago

      I was born in 2003 so... completely relatable XDDD

  • Jay Swan
    Jay Swan Month ago +2

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  • Linda Le
    Linda Le Month ago +5

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  • Burger Soup
    Burger Soup 17 days ago

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    Jim Kochem 2 months ago +1

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    R3 Games 2 months ago +1

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    Daniel 2 months ago +353

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    • phileo
      phileo 2 months ago +18

      Make that a monthly special. :)

    • Mikel Gibson
      Mikel Gibson 2 months ago +2

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    • Aldous Yelxuh
      Aldous Yelxuh 2 months ago

      Hear me out: "An Associate Producer Abroad". Pay the licensing to Gervais if you have to. I would like to see no one more than JS trotting the globe, visiting major historical sites and cities and cultures, and being put into ridiculous travel circumstances that he has to wind his way out of. JS would jump at the chance I think because he would believe he could always outsmart Conan, Conan meanwhile is working to make life unbearable for Jordan as his trips continue on. Cat and mouse style.

    • Marquise Strong
      Marquise Strong 2 months ago


  • Sheep Music
    Sheep Music 2 months ago +37

    I saw Conan at a restaurant and once he finished I followed him outside to get a picture. I told him I loved all the Jordan Schlansky bits and he said "he is like that in real life" then took off

    • notthatbad8
      notthatbad8 2 months ago +1


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      therealCamoron 2 months ago +1

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  • Corey Mulvey
    Corey Mulvey 2 months ago +1

    I’ve always imagined that whatever Jordan’s multitude of duties entailed, ultimately he was an important person on the show. The guy that contacted important people at important places to get major things done. Lots of phone calls and emails and meetings. I’d still love to actually hear a proper job description though.

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  • BelovedChatter
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  • TheString Breaker
    TheString Breaker 2 months ago +2

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    • Ricardo L.H.
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    • jefferi chang
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      i hope not that soon. they got plenty of stuff to show.

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    Sophia Rodriguez Month ago

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