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What Life Inside The Orbital Reef Space Station Will Be Like!

  • Published on Feb 24, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • What Life Inside The Orbital Reef Space Station Will Be Like!
    Last Video: What Life Inside The SpaceX Starship Will Be Like!
    • What Life Inside ...
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Comments • 385

  • M Gaffey
    M Gaffey 3 months ago +248

    Space development is going to be like the internet's development. The internet developed slowly for decades and then, boom, massive investment and exponential growth hit almost overnight. I think we're on the cusp of that right now in space development. When Starship starts working, everybody and their uncle is going to try to get into the game, and then the fun begins. Private space stations, moon bases, asteroid mining and things we haven't thought of yet will start coming in AHEAD of schedule because to fall behind is to lose the race. The bad new is WW3 will probably start in the Shackleton crater.

    • Dumitru Langham
      Dumitru Langham 3 months ago +6

      Totally agree!

    • PrOLeon
      PrOLeon 3 months ago +6

      the things that no one have imagined start with LEO factories that will orbital drop their products leading to orbital elevators for rising the raw materials( not the moronic tethered variants ) combined with radiation enrichment plants combined with some solar farms. Next will be space born humans for interstellar crews(asteroid mining/flight/factory workers etc.) and yes it all starts this year.

    • EGO maniac
      EGO maniac 3 months ago +6

      Look how well that turned out

    • Dustin's Watson's
      Dustin's Watson's 3 months ago +10

      Fuck I hope people don't kill each other tomorrow

    • Polyps conglomeration
      Polyps conglomeration 3 months ago +6

      We are finally getting all the cool stuff in our timeline. if only the soviets didn’t give up in the space race 😒😒😒

  • AmuroR4y
    AmuroR4y 3 months ago +78

    Axiom Space is going to be the world's first commercial space station. Orbital Reef is a concept at best, and knowing BO it'll fly in 20 years.

    • runningray
      runningray 3 months ago +23

      Axiom is literary building modules right now. Axiom will be in orbit 3-4 years from now. At best Orbital Reef (I am being generous to Orbital Reef here) will be in orbit by the end of this decade.

    • Loud Moderns
      Loud Moderns 3 months ago +11

      LOL! Knowing BO, Orbital Reef is twenty years away, and always will be.

    • stainlesssteelfox1
      stainlesssteelfox1 3 months ago +6

      The only partners I expect to deliver on time are Sierra Space. They have built actual flight hardware for Dreamchaser, and test models of habitats.
      Blue Origin, for all it's suborbital successes, have failed to deliver New Glenn, and have only just started providing the BE4 engie to Vulcan, never mind producing enough for New Glenn, years behind schedule. And then there's Boeing, with their Starliner debacle and the massively delayed SLS core stage. The institutional knowledge is there, but the project management ability is not.

    • John Stewart
      John Stewart 3 months ago +9

      Agreed. As long as Blue Origin is run by Jeff Bezo , Axiom Space will be the first private space station

  • I-Love-Space
    I-Love-Space 2 months ago +16

    A lot of what made the ISS so expensive to build was the limited launch capability of the time, the expense of the Space Shuttle, the delays caused by 3-4 redesigns of the ISS as its mission changed and just the stretching out of the length of time of the construction.
    (It turns out that when you slow development by limiting funds, it usually ends up costing MORE than if you just bite the bullet and "get 'er done".)
    If New Glenn ever gets operational, not only its fairing will be large, but its payload capacity will be significant - on the order of the Falcon Heavy. If its reusability pans out, that will also cut the cost of payload to orbit. Couple that with the inflatable module technology, and you get a lot of internal volume for less cost.
    Also, the Orbital Reef will be constructed more like the Chinese and Russian space stations in that it will be a bunch of modules simply docked together. No stupid truss segments to construct. Hopefully, they will have some of the better ideas of the ISS, such as wiring and duct work that goes outside of the station rather than inside the passageways between modules, like on Mir. (That created quite a problem on Mir when the fire broke out, because they had to remove duct work and wiring between modules before they could seal off a section.)
    I think they can beat the Chinese cost effectiveness once they get the launch vehicles in place.

  • Paul
    Paul 3 months ago +16

    Sounds very optimistic in both cost and time. However, if bold goals are not put in place nothing tends to happen. Better to extend the time lines than have it flounder on the table and never start.
    Elon may need something like the 'Reef' for Mars anyway. A staging platform to prepare for Mars launches. Then a similar staging platform at the Mars. Perhaps it will be more efficient to build and load large scale vehicles to move cargo between staging platforms and use smaller craft to ferry the cargo to the surface. "Teamsters in Sppaaccceee".

    • StanJ
      StanJ 3 months ago +4

      Elon already has something like Orbital Reef: Starship. It has more habitable volume than the ISS does, at a fraction of the cost. It's cheaper to leave a Starship in LEO and add the long-duration hab items to it than to build something else from scratch. Now all we need to do is launch Starship.

  • Mike W
    Mike W 3 months ago +14

    I sure wish Blue Origin would get something launched into LEO, at least, soon. then I would have more faith in efforts like the Orbital Reef. In any case, I hope it succeeds and wish them all the luck.

    • Thomas Higgins
      Thomas Higgins 2 months ago +1

      Same, here.
      Hopefully, the Vulcan launches go well, and they learn enough to improve the engines even more, and that leads to successful test flights of the New Glenn, *sometime* next year.

  • Chaotician69
    Chaotician69 3 months ago +4

    I want so much for blue origin, Sierra space and Boeing to succeed but their collective innovative wheel moves entirely too slow. Boeing is heavily weighed down by bureaucracy, blue origins throws money at problems without any legitimate engineering solutions. Sierra is late in the game but has plenty of potential. I sincerely hope they all succeed. By they need to change how they do things and get out of an antiquated methodology of innovation and tech advancement. Let's go team ..... get it done by taking chances while maintaining safety.

  • chrisTOPHER Chapin
    chrisTOPHER Chapin 2 months ago +2

    I really hope this design will be expandable where that center column could be expanded and more inflatable habitats could go in more people going to space and size those things would bring people's awareness to our community is better

  • Kenji Fox
    Kenji Fox 2 months ago

    Everything really hinges on having New Glenn, Vulcan, and Starship all flying operationally. Once those are reliably going to space any huge space station module can be sent up very quickly and cheaply.

  • Björn Jonsson
    Björn Jonsson 3 months ago +4

    Great as usual!
    (ha ha especially at 10.50 =) )
    No seriously:
    Couldn't Spaceex do it significantly cheaper, since they can launch rockets significantly cheaper than the others combined?
    They have also talked about building a space station, so what happened with that?
    And with new construction modules and construction robots in space from Offworld Industries (former Gateway spaceport) we can have this up and running within four years (in mine and Elon time ;) )
    Why does everything take so long and cost so much?
    If everyone just gets together and agrees, this wouldn't be as impossible as it sounds..

  • Timothy Webb
    Timothy Webb 3 months ago +15

    My hope is pinned on Starship , with a 9m diameter and expendable version with over 1000 cubic meters of living space.
    IF Starship only ever works getting to orbit(booster reusable) and needing Dragon capsules for crew. it will make Orbital reef obsolete and a very expensive alternative.
    Hoping to see the first test flight and also a the test of SpaceX's new EVA suit tested by a dragon crew of 4 in space this summer.

    • Lunatic BZ
      Lunatic BZ 3 months ago +5

      If Starship can be made to work. It's really going to make so many concepts and ideas economically feasible.
      If we built a new ISS with the same funding it had the first time, but using Starship to launch it we could get quite the massive space station.

    • Lunatic BZ
      Lunatic BZ 3 months ago +4

      @TheExplodingChipmunk I personally have a lot of doubts about them achieving that price per launch. Would love to be wrong.
      But even if its 50 million per launch.. Still be the cheapest option by a wide margin, with way more capability then anything else.
      I can't wait till we start mining asteroids, really wish I was somehow in that business.

    • Timothy Webb
      Timothy Webb 3 months ago +1

      @Lunatic BZ Exactly. I tried to explain that to a leading scientist at ESA, That now is the time to consider what amazing payloads should be being looked into. They just did not believe a private company could do more that small payloads or space tourism :(
      An expendable Starship has an incredible 250 tonnes to LEO, think about what could be done without the cost of needing to make everything super lightweight.

    • Steve Austin
      Steve Austin 2 months ago +1

      @Lunatic BZ I agree. The recent comments by SpaceX's Gary Henry of $2000/kg now and possibly $200/kg for Starship, look to be internal SpaceX costs. Because the Falcon 9 B5 starting at $67M for 17.4 tons is $3,851/kg to the customer. So if Starship has the same profit margin on Starship, that puts a $200/kg internal Starship cost to $38M-$57M to the customer for 100-150 tons to LEO. Currently, NASA has the HLS Option B contract for $1.15B to get HLS to the Moon and if it takes 10 flights (GAO pg 27), then that is $115M per launch for the short term. Still very competitive.

  • Marius Meyer
    Marius Meyer 3 months ago +3

    Thanks for sharing. There might be a easier if not cheaper way to create a space station. When Starship is fully functional they can launch a freighter version whith a Dodecahedron shaped docking node then in time 12 Crew rated Starships can dock to form a pincushion like space station. All SpaceX will have to do is to figure out how to get a docking port at the pointy end of a reusable Starship to make this a remarkable Space Station. Imagine, they can optimize each craft for different tasks like habitats, science labs and so on. The fact that it's reusable will enable them to bring them back for refit with more modern stuff. 😉

    • coolHawk
      coolHawk 3 months ago +1

      Starship could carry the same amount of cargo as 5 space shuttle missions, and for way less cost. I think SpaceX will eventually make a starship docking station and use it for refueling. I could also see that station being helpful in the case of NASA’s nuclear propulsion craft that they’re saying can reach Mars in drastically less time. You’d then be able to keep that nuclear ship in orbit, have Starship dock to a station to refuel, maneuver to dock to the NASA ship, and that ship could ferry Starship to Mars in less time than Starship alone could do. It would be quite the operation, but it could happen

  • Keith Scott
    Keith Scott 3 months ago +7

    I’m wondering why Sierra’s primary stage isn’t reusable? It could save them some money.

    • Nathan A.
      Nathan A. 3 months ago +6

      The only thing that sierra space makes is the actual space plane (dream chaser) they will use another company’s booster. It is apparently supposed to fit on multiple different rockets

    • Steve Austin
      Steve Austin 2 months ago +1

      @Nathan A. Yeah, SNC says that the Dream Chaser is launcher agnostic and can fit on the Atlas-V, Vuclan Centaur, and Falcon 9. I'm not sure about the Antares 330 that Northrop Grumman is developing with Firefly Aerospace, but it should since it is planned to launch the Cygnus spacecraft for CRS missions.

  • MrPsychopathy
    MrPsychopathy 3 months ago +4

    How funny would it be if Sierra finished their development in time, and ended up partnering with Axiom with SpaceX for transport and finishing some other concept by 2030 while orbital reef gets delayed by 20 years due to blue origin?

    • Thomas. parnell
      Thomas. parnell 23 days ago

      I like the dream chaser too will always be bit limited in payload capacity

  • Eric Blanchard
    Eric Blanchard 3 months ago +11

    The Dreamchaser shuttle looks a lot like the test ship of John Criteon in the show Farscape.

  • Mathias List
    Mathias List 2 months ago

    it's a pity that space stations do not last long --- even during my lifetime I have seen several come and go like MIR being the most remarkable

  • John Stewart
    John Stewart 3 months ago +4

    I hope Orbital Reef takes orbit however Jeff Bezo's Blue Origin places a huge question mark on this project

  • Encolpius
    Encolpius Month ago

    Love your personal add-ins man. I now desperately want to hear about the space balloon man who lost his mind while looking for ghosts!

  • Job VanWagner
    Job VanWagner 3 months ago +4

    I really enjoy your two channels. Thanks for what you do man. 😎

  • Matthew Schuchardt
    Matthew Schuchardt 2 months ago

    Just one more question, if they’re calling it an orbital reef, will it be possible to attach additional have modules onto each module

  • Out and About with Christie

    I reckon it would be awesome , I thought by now we would have had big space station and a moon base as well ,,if I was loaded with money I would want to be a business partner in on the action just for the fun of it all... I hope it all happens in the next couple of years

  • John Revel
    John Revel 3 months ago +16

    Given the companies associated with this project and their past performances, I have no expectation that this will happen in the next 50 years.

  • Wakamoli
    Wakamoli 3 months ago +3

    I would think AI robotics would be a good way about this for construction.

  • C N
    C N Month ago

    Is SpaceX considering building their own space station? I figured they wanted to since they'll have to eventually dock Starships out in space that aren't designed to re-enter Earth's atmosphere.

  • Nathan A.
    Nathan A. 3 months ago +1

    Dream chaser is meant for 7 people not 12. The habitat module can accommodate up to 12 people.

  • Mishko Simonovski
    Mishko Simonovski 3 months ago +1

    The Reef could be adjusted or expanded for tourist purposes. The first Space Hotel :)

  • CUBETechie
    CUBETechie Month ago

    I'm curious if it can be made from wood too? I heard that there is an experiment going on its natural wood no clue but pins. It is made from cross laminated timber

  • Brian Thompson
    Brian Thompson 24 days ago

    AI is going to impact the space race in ways that will be amazing. It will help cut costs and therefore ramp up timeframes as opposed to the current opposite.

  • Rat 1
    Rat 1 3 months ago +1

    how long do you think it will be before spaceX will have their own station

  • HEX Token
    HEX Token 2 months ago +1

    They really need to get some sort of gravity solution and radiation protection too.

  • Bill the Cat
    Bill the Cat 3 months ago +13

    My bet would be if Elon likes this type of idea for SpaceX, he'd make it happen within a few short years. Starship, when fully operational, could carry the whole Reef in probably 2 launches. But knowing Elon, he'd think bigger and more functional for his own ''reef'' and it might take a few more launches. He could put the whole thing in orbit in about a month though once his fleet is built up some. ;-)

    • Earl Pottinger
      Earl Pottinger 3 months ago +7

      And BO will try to sue claiming they invented the idea of space stations.

    • A86
      A86 3 months ago +6

      Elon has made a bunch of promises that have yet to come to fruition, were quietly dropped, or are behind schedule. Like Starship now being more than a year behind schedule. So, I'm not confident that he would pull it off in a few years.

    • Earl Pottinger
      Earl Pottinger 3 months ago +2

      @A86 Yet, Elon's Falcon 9 put satellites in orbit, it's crew dragon and cargo dragon makes deliveries to the ISS. I put more trust in Elon's promises than Jeff's BO that still has not even reach orbit. Also Jeff sues all the time instead of building rockets.

    • Tra-Vis Kaiser
      Tra-Vis Kaiser 2 months ago

      @Earl Pottinger yea I have to think elon has the base and funding abilities. He seems to be the most on the ball, and not willing to wait "just a few more decades" like everyone else seems to.. he feels the money and pioneer spirit. Just like the boer stock he is from.

    • john gunderson
      john gunderson 18 days ago

      SpaceX is contracting to launch the first module of the Vast company Haven-1 space station in 2025, so they might be able to claim first commercial space station ahead of Axiom. Good news all around. Plenty of room for everybody.

  • adrian january
    adrian january 2 months ago

    The biggest problem with ORSS is that they have tied their fortunes to Blue Origins New Glenn which, because of many reasons, will not launch for another 10 years, if it launches at all.

  • Emm W
    Emm W 2 months ago +1

    Space X is realistically the only company that could get a Space Station in orbit by 2027, but they have other goals and projects going on with NASA and Space Force. LEt's see how far Blue Origin can get.

  • John.S
    John.S 29 days ago

    Eventually (we should hope) there will be rules demanding that the booster stages must be able to land again (SpaceX style), this would significantly decrease waste, and further garbage thrown into the ocens. (The oceans is where we get 99% of our oxygen from, so throwing garbage into the oceans is akin to what smoking does to your lungs)

  • RexRocker
    RexRocker Month ago

    Would it be possible to use Starship as a space station?

  • riogrande5761
    riogrande5761 2 months ago +1

    Blue Origin seems to be having trouble with success. Too bad SpaceX can't take over and get the job done. The inflatable habitat modules would make me nervous. Watching those tests where they over pressurize them and they explode is rather visually alarming.

  • Viper84
    Viper84 3 months ago +1

    Without re-usability this wont be financial enough to go long term, the concept looks awesome though.

  • Andrew Reynolds
    Andrew Reynolds 2 months ago +1

    $20 says Orbital Reef is never more than a 'power point presentation'.

  • Steve Austin
    Steve Austin 2 months ago

    Dream Chaser Tenacity was not the one doing the drop tests in 2017. It was an engineering test article that was dropped. Tenacity has not flown yet, as it is the first one built for orbit and plans to fly the demo CRS mission to the ISS in 2023, before the rest of the 6 mission CRS flights.

  • Tra-Vis Kaiser
    Tra-Vis Kaiser 2 months ago +2

    Haven't actually built new glenn yet... but its doing really well in kerbal!!

  • Eric Blanchard
    Eric Blanchard 3 months ago +1

    They should make the orbital reef more like Deep Space 9.

  • Howard Hakon
    Howard Hakon 24 days ago

    I think that it's going to be a million more years to get to the Enterprise 1701. 😁

  • Stomp City
    Stomp City Month ago

    Starship booster…perfect size for modules…9 metres in diameter

  • Liam Erridge
    Liam Erridge 2 months ago +1

    I think if blue origin do not get going asap then space x will put the reef into space and service it when starship succeeds.

  • taith2
    taith2 26 days ago

    I'm still of an opinion that if we want to get serious on mass space deployment we need active support launch rails
    Bonus to this infrastructure is it doubles as energy storage and transmission over large distance
    Funny enough, building it is actually within NASA budget possibilities

  • Off-Grid Ham Radio OH8STN
    Off-Grid Ham Radio OH8STN 2 months ago +1

    Blue Origin hasn't even gotten into space yet. I wouldn't hold my breath.

  • Catman48
    Catman48 2 months ago

    These are all cool. But what about space elevators? Carbon nanotubes and graphene are coming out. They are becoming much more cost efficient now. Please make a video about that.

  • Bering Strait Railway
    Bering Strait Railway 2 months ago

    Which company will the first one to build the first rotating space station?
    40 modest sized modules that are each 8 meters long would be enough to build a ring with a diameter of at least 100 meters.

  • Gilles de Brouwer
    Gilles de Brouwer Month ago

    Instead of a linear station, make the pieces in a ring to allow some gravity from spin...

  • Donald Clifford
    Donald Clifford 2 months ago +1

    I'm not too excited until I see a rotating station with centrifugal force simulated gravity.

  • I Chose Hampture
    I Chose Hampture 3 months ago +2

    What a beautiful, magnificent space station. Bezos finally doing something good, can't knock him for that.

    • Ken D
      Ken D 3 months ago +1

      Yes he has a good CGI department

  • Sethia Saamis
    Sethia Saamis 3 months ago

    Wouldn't it be "Jeff Basos will serve as the first SpaceLord!" not "Landlord"?

  • General Rendar
    General Rendar 3 months ago +14

    I think that Blue Origin is the weak link in Orbital Reef. They keep losing top talent and their management structure is critically inflexible. Love Sierra Space though.

  • SciVirus
    SciVirus Month ago

    Blue Origin needs to put something in orbit first

  • Zionist World Order
    Zionist World Order 3 months ago +1

    i wouldnt say Bigalow lost his mind or went crazy, rather he was psy-opped out of the space business for others to take over. For poor Bigalow the supernatural subsided once takeover complete. Makes one wonder..

  • scott moore
    scott moore 2 months ago +1

    If the space reef doesn’t pan out he won’t have Elon to blame or sue. Lol

  • Mark Tadlock
    Mark Tadlock 2 months ago

    Are they testing for micro meteor strikes that can hit at speeds of 15kmph?

  • Tim W
    Tim W 7 days ago

    Sounds like something George Lucas, Gene Roddenberry and Stanley Kubrik would come up with !

  • Rob Van Gessel
    Rob Van Gessel 2 months ago +1

    A new goal for private competition should be development of artificial gravity systems.

  • David Ponseigo
    David Ponseigo Month ago

    I'm 50 years old and I know I will never visit space but all my life I have wanted to.

  • teleroel
    teleroel Month ago

    A ladder (around 8:05) to get to other levels? Why not just 'float' there?

  • Eric Blanchard
    Eric Blanchard 3 months ago +2

    I don't think I would want to live in an inflatable habitat in space with space debris flying around up there.

  • mariolis1000
    mariolis1000 3 months ago +1

    What about the Axiom Station & Starlab projects?

  • Philip Longee
    Philip Longee 2 months ago

    As I get closer to retirement (70+), Orbital Reef looks better and better.

  • Ro Ro
    Ro Ro 2 months ago

    If the habitats are inflatable, what is protecting them from ballistic space debris? 🤯

  • Steamboat Ed Haas
    Steamboat Ed Haas 3 months ago

    This is the first I've heard about Bigelow's founder. So that's what happened!

  • TraditionalAnglican
    TraditionalAnglican 3 months ago

    SpaceX could beat this by launching 2 starships fitted out with solar panels, docking bays and whatever else is needed for a space station, rendezvous and assemble the station providing over 2000 m3 of habitable volume…

  • Jorge Solis
    Jorge Solis Month ago

    Can Dream Chaser take off from a Boing 7787....

  • Dušan Radin
    Dušan Radin 3 months ago

    I would like to be there and be part of that.Permanently.

  • The smoker
    The smoker 3 months ago

    this is pure science..

  • DrawingDoodles
    DrawingDoodles 2 months ago

    What about Ocean Exploration XD and Under Sea stations :p I'd love to be a artist in space!

  • John Rodgers
    John Rodgers 2 months ago

    Blue origin should just merge with Space x, then we'd see much faster progress.

  • dirtdude
    dirtdude 3 months ago

    whats the ladder for? climbing up and down?

  • Radu Ungureanu
    Radu Ungureanu 2 months ago

    Blue Origin and Boeing... So they really don't want to make this project come to life.

  • Whisper227
    Whisper227 2 months ago +1

    I'm guessing if they truly want to start this project, they're gonna have to suck it up and ask nicely for Elon Musk to assist with these launches. He is the number 1 provider of crew and supplies to the iss currently. That and he's the cheapest.

  • alan m hinds
    alan m hinds Month ago

    I remember growing up at 10 i heard 3 years from mars😅 its a nice dream but 100s of years off.. 60 years on from supposedly landing of moon to starship blowing up... hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ryan
    Ryan 3 months ago

    I really like how Dream Chaser looks like Farscape 1.

    • Steve Austin
      Steve Austin 2 months ago +1

      Evidently Farscape 1 and Dream Chaser were based on the HL-20 space plane from the early 1990s. The HL-20 ancesters go all the way back to the M2-F2 from the late 1960s.

  • Leo Sunshine
    Leo Sunshine 24 days ago

    the new station needs rotating artificial gravity!

  • Stol Netmor
    Stol Netmor  3 months ago +5

    New life goal: Make enough money to tour space in the first wave of tourists

    • Eric Blanchard
      Eric Blanchard 3 months ago

      Good luck with that one, I'm just trying to fix my credit and save up for a Cybertruck.

  • Pepsi Man 101
    Pepsi Man 101 3 months ago

    This shouldn't take years to build...and if you put engines on the back you have a ship that go places.

  • No Charlie
    No Charlie 26 days ago

    Forget about Blue Origin... that feather is destined to be blown away

  • Virtual Monk
    Virtual Monk Month ago

    How many trips worth of rockets are they planning on dropping in the ocean? Soon you'll have to go to space to see a reef

  • Enrico Conedera
    Enrico Conedera 3 months ago +2

    The beginning of the video showed a circular ship spinning in space - thus creating artificial gravity. This avoids all of the health problems associated with long-term micro gravity. In my opinion they won’t get it right until they actually design a space station - or ship to mars - with a rotating ring for gravity.

    • Eric Blanchard
      Eric Blanchard 3 months ago


    • Steve Austin
      Steve Austin 2 months ago

      Those kinds of stations are VERY heavy and have to be built in orbit. It's not like docking modules. Ring stations are likely not a near term solution.

  • Lin Teck Lim
    Lin Teck Lim Month ago

    Partnering with SpaceX=Possible. Otherwise best of luck guys.

  • wade cooper
    wade cooper 22 days ago

    With a better, more efficient booster engine we could put 1,000 tons in low earth orbit. Given that each launch at Space x with the 9 meter booster could put larger objects into orbit, each one dwarfing what came before and only cost between 20 and 30 million per launch. 3 launches could put up double or even triple the volume of the ISS and for a tiny fraction of the cost, less than 90 million.

  • DayRider76
    DayRider76 3 months ago

    Where would we be without our dreams?

    • Sam Burns
      Sam Burns 3 months ago

      Frustrated that we keep changing positions in bed to get comfy, yet, cannot fall asleep.
      I've had this occur many times, and it sucks.

  • Alex B
    Alex B Month ago

    Here's my prediction for hotels in space. I think it will take 50 years. 10 years for Quantum Computing and Quantum AI to advance well enough to make space travel more efficient. Another 10 years for us to trust the technology and then 30 years for the government to lift restrictions for commercial space flights. I think the price of space travel will be much cheaper since Quantum Computing will improve EV batteries and nuclear power plants lowering oil and fuel prices needed to get to space

  • Liegh DeBose
    Liegh DeBose 3 months ago +1

    Dude, Space IS hard. If humans had the characteristics of driver ants 'we' would have been to Mars and then some. Space rock = Colony. In reality we're just disorganized collections of grabassian
    ......... You get the point. Love the video and yea i agree this is going to be the way forward in LEO. Just have to deal with the "disorganized collections" part.

    • richiexp2
      richiexp2 3 months ago

      If you want to organise humanity, you'll need a government system like China.

  • Roosevelt Coopling
    Roosevelt Coopling 2 months ago

    8:27 if hydroponics can be grown in space, I wonder Ruderalis, Afeghanica, Indica, and Sativa....

  • fl00fydragon
    fl00fydragon 2 months ago

    "No governents, no nations, just capitalism. what could possibly go wrong"
    The DR who episode "Oxygen" is your answer.

    BS MUSIC 3 months ago

    They should fit dream chaser on starship

  • Anthony Kevin Kerr
    Anthony Kevin Kerr 3 months ago

    Look at the companies involved - Blue Origin and Boeing. BO produces cgi presentation but little else. Boeing produces very late, very expensive and largely obsolete solutions. SpaceX is pushing ahead with developing orbital tankers which would be 9m diameter and could be used as a much bigger core sections.

  • Cody Malone
    Cody Malone 3 months ago

    I think we should at least take 1 module from the ISS and return to Earth using the shuttle as a poetic farewell to the ISS and an actual part of station survive in earth for future generations also potential fix to microgravity is that they put a centrifugal grav generator at the center connection of the crew modules where they sleep or workout or use the toilet this is for future stations though as the speed required to make Earth's gravity with such a small arm would be too fast for people to enter the rooms to prevent the ship from spinning out of control they can add another at the other end of the ship going counterclockwise

  • Adam F
    Adam F 3 months ago +1

    The intro hits different!

  • John Rudy
    John Rudy 3 months ago

    Someone mentioned the internet.
    That is precisely the way things will
    Develop. Robots, technology, advances in medicine, all of it.
    There will be a confluence of ideas and tech which will probably answer presently unknown questions. Once money is to be made in space, itll just become business as usual.

  • Dmitry Chernivetsky
    Dmitry Chernivetsky 2 months ago

    Dreamchaser looks suspiciously like Soviet's Spiral.
    China: "Let's build space station to do science"
    US: "Mr. Beast 10 ordinary people in space"

  • Buddy McMillan
    Buddy McMillan 3 months ago

    Long-term visitors should workout everyday to minimize muscle atrophy, like the astronauts and cosmonauts currently do aboard the ISS.

  • jmr1512000
    jmr1512000 Month ago

    Tax payers pay so Jeff can rule space😢

  • jay jay
    jay jay 6 days ago

    So where is the transporter room in the Orbital Reef ?

  • Craig Corson
    Craig Corson 3 months ago

    I think these companies will keep proposing poorly designed space stations until some future genius figures out what I already know.

  • matt crikelair
    matt crikelair Month ago

    Why wouldn't they just use a Space X booster for reusability, I thought we were past these 70's designs lol.