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M2 MacBook Air Review: More Than a Refresh!

  • Published on Jul 17, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • 2022 MacBook Air M2: Impressively thin. Deceivingly expensive 😈
    Buy Apple Air M2 MacBook Pro on Amazon at geni.us/Xyfj
    Prevent fingerprints with dbrand skins at dbrand.com/m2-air
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    Laptop provided by Apple for review.
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  • Tux
    Tux 4 months ago +10888

    The fact that Apple not only decided to stick with 256GB as the entry storage, but is in fact SLOWER storage than the previous model is absurd. It should at the very least have a note on their website specifying these detail

    • Michael Xz
      Michael Xz 2 days ago

      lol people don't buy macs if they care about value

    • Big_Bird
      Big_Bird 28 days ago

      most apple users dont care or even know, because on mac os you cant see how fast file transfers are so most people would never even know sadly

    • 𝒥𝒶𝓂𝓈𝒽𝒾𝒹 𝒰𝓀𝓉𝒶𝓂
      𝒥𝒶𝓂𝓈𝒽𝒾𝒹 𝒰𝓀𝓉𝒶𝓂 Month ago

      Bro, I think little hair stucked on ur profile picture

    • Sabersz
      Sabersz Month ago

      @Klaus Kapalle my old Acer literally melted after a year, utter shitpile it was

    • Klaus Kapalle
      Klaus Kapalle Month ago

      @Sabersz your laptop must run and run and not giving up after 1 year like HP, Levono ect. They are cheap build and only good for students

  • Benjamin Harrison
    Benjamin Harrison Day ago +3

    I actually just picked up the midnight one, loving it so far!

  • Sarthak Murarka
    Sarthak Murarka 8 hours ago

    I bought an M2 Macbook Air 4 months back. Haven't overcharged it even once and followed all the battery prolonging tips but still find my laptop's battery health at 97% already. Is anyone else facing similar issues? Can I get it replaced for free since it is in the warranty period?

  • James Allen
    James Allen 4 months ago +2534

    imagine smashing out an intro even more cinematic and impressive than apple's own marketing, then cold opening with 'aight, what's up?' Such great content.

    • The One & Only
      The One & Only Month ago +1

      Did you even see the Apple ad? The budget on that 2 min video was probably more than his entire channels yearly revenue.

    • Zephyr
      Zephyr 2 months ago +1

      Lol my vanced skips all intros

    • Ash Pal
      Ash Pal 3 months ago

      Yes, you can stop the ass-licking now.

    • Kerry Daniels
      Kerry Daniels 3 months ago +3

      He 1000% pays others to do this stuff for em folks. This isn't him doing his own stuff these days. He's paying folks to do it. Which honestly isn't a bad thing tbh.

    • Always A Bigga Fish
      Always A Bigga Fish 3 months ago +3

      i don't see how him saying aight what's up is very special or peculiar...are you having an 'exaggerated swagger' moment?

  • Bi Bi binxer
    Bi Bi binxer Day ago

    How well can the M1 and M2 laptops that you’re talking about handle 2K to 4K work desk monitors 27 inch?

  • Attempt16
    Attempt16 4 months ago +5189

    Absolutely killing it with the intros. They are so original, so good, and literally increase the already EXTREMELY HIGH quality videos by an absolute TON. Keep it up man!

    • Goofy
      Goofy 2 months ago

      @Lorenzo Burton I agree too, he's like James Bond if he was a producer lol

    • Gordon Gekko
      Gordon Gekko 4 months ago

      a laptop without a numpad , sheesh,
      no wonder i am stuck to windows for decades

    • David
      David 4 months ago

      "Keep it up man!" You mean, "keep it up, the editors that he paid a lot of money to." They are the ones who deserve the credit for edits

    • bukke bharathi
      bukke bharathi 4 months ago

      @Lorenzo Burton yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    • Choclatesyrp
      Choclatesyrp 4 months ago


  • Abhishek Sathe
    Abhishek Sathe 4 months ago +873

    These intros keep getting more and more creative and amazing. Way to go editing team

    • it's 6884
      it's 6884 Month ago +2

      lol i went back to watch it just because of the comments

    • Maruz
      Maruz 4 months ago +13

      marques is the brain of these, he spent a quarter million dollars to have that kind of shot on his videos

  • luedriver
    luedriver 4 days ago

    3:10 I have to point out the fact apple can make something thin and have a headphone jack, if they wanted to, people should be more vocal about apple returning headphone jacks to iphones

  • Peter F
    Peter F 21 hour ago

    Why is there such an issue on the ssd? It’s going to be good. I’ve got one coming for Christmas and can’t wait for it as an upgrade from my ZX81.

  • Christopher Martin
    Christopher Martin 3 months ago +313

    I’m a Data Engineer as well as a hobbyist music producer that recently upgraded from the 2016 MacBook Pro w/Touch Bar to the MacBook Air M2 (spec’d out to 10 cores, 24gbs of Memory and 1tb HDD). For me, the deciding factor was the portability even though I knew the Pro was the superior machine. I have to say that since using it, this new laptop is beyond sufficient for my workflow and the trade off on performance for a lighter and more compact form factor was definitely worth it for me. No doubt I see myself keeping this machine for many, many years.

    • H.Anthony Pagani
      H.Anthony Pagani 11 days ago

      I made the same choice. M2 Air with 10 core gpu 24gb ram and 1TB SSD people said 8gb was bad and 256gb storage with swap was bad to much slow down.. get some thermal pads on the inside cpu and the air is better it looks sexy in mid night and I don’t like that slide bar. In the Apple Store the slide bar was freezing and glitching not even working great lol

    • Christopher Martin
      Christopher Martin Month ago +1

      @Rex Lapdance For reference: I’m using the latest version of Live as my DAW, and I’ve experienced no throttling issues so far. I’m also loading plenty of plugins in my projects, nearly all of which have been optimized for Apple silicon.

    • Rex Lapdance
      Rex Lapdance Month ago

      I just bought the M2 MBA with 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB SSD. I'm a hobbyist music producer too. The video got me a little worried about sustained performance/thermal throttling, though. Are you not facing any issues working in your DAW on somewhat heavy projects for an hour or more?

    • Jatin Parmar
      Jatin Parmar 2 months ago

      @Ujjwal Shukla yes it will be. M1 Air should be good enough for you

    • Ujjwal Shukla
      Ujjwal Shukla 2 months ago

      @Noob Plays is the base version good enough? Need it for development and engineering purposes

  • Kerry M
    Kerry M 4 months ago +929

    That opening camera sweep from behind the laptop to above the keyboard and then zomming in to draw the M2 on the keys was brilliant! Nice work!

    • brian_rafferty_photography
      brian_rafferty_photography 4 months ago +1

      Any excuse to whip out the $250,000 robot camera

    • Izzat Firdaus
      Izzat Firdaus 4 months ago

      @Abdullah I guess it's a reflection of light.

    • Dheal
      Dheal 4 months ago

      They just put the BTS on The Studio channel.

    • FastYnSlowLY
      FastYnSlowLY 4 months ago

      @Vaibhav Sonawane lol, there was a comment after the OP's comment about some Jesus shit, a whole essay. So I was replying to that, not Kerry's comment. But thanks anyways lol

    • Vaibhav Sonawane
      Vaibhav Sonawane 4 months ago

      @FastYnSlowLY 0:08

  • Nicholas Campisano
    Nicholas Campisano 18 hours ago

    I’d have to Agree to disagree on the speaker quality

  • Rob Julian Maghinang
    Rob Julian Maghinang 4 months ago +481

    I love listening to Marques. He makes me feel like he is really conversing with me and, often, he makes me think about things that typically I wouldn't consider. Keep the videos coming, sir!

    • rat attack
      rat attack Month ago

      @TheKimberlydw this is why kids are so screwed up these days

    • C
      C 3 months ago +1

      @TheKimberlydw I was about to post this lol

    • Arturo De Guzman
      Arturo De Guzman 3 months ago

      Very true…Rene Ritchie seems to be talking at you…and screaming at the same time.

    • Dave Daniel
      Dave Daniel 4 months ago +1

      Oh gosh, no. He's a spin doctor.

    • Simon Vutov
      Simon Vutov 4 months ago +1

      This is why we love him :)

  • Wonderboy168
    Wonderboy168 4 months ago +219

    This is the review that i have been looking for ever since M2 MacBook Air has been out!! Everyone else focuses on all the technical specs and forget the basics. M1 MacBook Air at 1K, M2 MacBook Air 2 1.5K and MacBook Pro at 2k. This is all I need to make my decision! Great job!

    • indigetal
      indigetal Month ago

      Well… The reason for considering the M2 Air a $1500 laptop also applies to the M1 Air, so the M1 Air is more like a $1300 laptop following that same logic

    • Wonderboy168
      Wonderboy168 Month ago +1

      @Thomas my wife got a MacBook Pro and I am still waiting for the Mac Mini M2 to be release 👍

    • Thomas
      Thomas Month ago +1

      Which one you finna get???

  • Shaleen Jain
    Shaleen Jain 7 days ago

    @mkbhd I think the refurbished deal for a 512 GB and 16 GB config should be a great deal. What’s your opinion?

    • ArthropodSpidey
      ArthropodSpidey 5 days ago +2

      Do you think Marques is your brother-in-law or something?

    • Taaran
      Taaran 7 days ago +4

      han bhai terko personally reply dega vo 👍

  • david king
    david king 3 months ago +15

    One thing I was concerned with the M2 MacBook Air being so thing is it possible to flex the base with the keyboard during transport. Also, one thing you may want to consider when travelling in the hotter climates heat built up is an issue even with the MacBook pro. You may consider then using a fan assisted base powered by the usb

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  • Dominic M
    Dominic M 3 months ago +5

    Loving the reviews bro, to the point, not complicated, great critical analysis from a value perspective on every video. Much appreciated!

  • Tanmay Gawand
    Tanmay Gawand 4 months ago +920

    That Intro was so incredibly done. The M shifts at right a little before going to the left and that kind of detail makes this the best tech channel on youtube.

    • Ketan Chavan
      Ketan Chavan 4 months ago

      @Mocorn no.. i have seen what is principal of anticipation is.. and its not what it he make from left to right.. I would have convinced, if M was living object.. but its not.. if you are animator, animate M direct to left and bring 2 in side of M like flowring.. see the results..

    • Future
      Future 4 months ago

      Because you watch Indian tech youtubers lol

    • Jack Diss
      Jack Diss 4 months ago

      That must be what the two pieces of 'L' shaped tape on the desk were for, visible in the first few seconds. The marker for Marques to put the MacBook on

    • spikey190
      spikey190 4 months ago +4


    • Mocorn
      Mocorn 4 months ago +10

      @Ketan Chavan You're missing what mr Gawand is instintintively picking up on here. In animation there are 12 principles and anticipation is one of them. That is what we're seeing here in the movement of the M. It needs to move left to make room for the 2 so the animation principle of anticipation says that a slight movement to the right first will make the movement more readable and "feel right". Similar to how a human will shift their body weight to one side and maybe lift their arms out a little if asked to stand on one leg.

  • banrions
    banrions 3 months ago +10

    i'm finally looking to upgrade from my 2012 macbook pro a decade later (it's been a great run, but it's getting hot all the time and the fan is going bananas, the battery is terrible, and it's no longer supported by updates). i've been debating between the M1 and the M2 airs, and i THINK despite the higher price, i'm going with this one, because it's 2 years newer, and i'd like to get a longer use/support out of it. (i'd love to go another 10 years with a new one, but i'd be really happy with 6-7 too). i'm thinking of going 16ram/512gb in starlight, fingers crossed it's not super fingerprint heavy.

  • Jan Woods II
    Jan Woods II 4 months ago +25

    I love that all your videos just feel like sitting and chilling/chatting with the homie, rather than watching a fully “produced” video (which it is). All the vids you guys create feel comfortable, which is why I’ve watched since you started making them ALL those years ago. Team is doing great work, keep it up.

  • Fran Tortosa
    Fran Tortosa 4 months ago +41

    I totally agree. I was considering this MBA-M2+16Gb+1Tb, and it gets too damn close in price to the MBP with same ram and ssd. And a much better processor, no throttling, better and bigger screen, only 200gr heavier than my current model. My only doubt is, wait for the M2PRO chip? Will that come this fall?

    • arsal09
      arsal09 Month ago

      @cowilo how did you go from 240 Hz to 60 Hz on macbook air?

    • Evacody124
      Evacody124 2 months ago +1

      @Belgutei Dbook dude a phone refresh rate is not the same as a monitor refresh rate.

    • Evacody124
      Evacody124 2 months ago +2

      @Belgutei Dbook 🤦‍♂️ do you even know ow that most all monitors and laptops that have high refresh rate are made for gaming and they they can go as high as like 300hz?
      Do you understand that all none gaming monitors and laptops are at 60hz that includes TVs? Because 60hz is not outdated. Unless you are gaming you don't need a high refresh rate monitor for desktop, TV or laptop.

    • Belgutei Dbook
      Belgutei Dbook 2 months ago

      @cowilo oh yea that might be the reason

    • cowilo
      cowilo 2 months ago +1

      @Belgutei Dbook Well I also have a phone with 120hz (Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra) and tbh the 60hz screen on the macbook air feels fine. I think this mainly has to do with the size of the screens. Because going from 240hz to 60hz on my gaming monitor which is 27 inches feels awful, but then going from 240hz to 60hz on the macbook air which is 13.6 inches feels fine.

  • Mert Günyüz
    Mert Günyüz 3 months ago +11

    I have a suggestion for the possible scratches around the USB-C port, which worked out fine for years on my space gray iPad: I usually put the USB head in diagonally first, so that one of its edges is halfway in and other edge is out. Then I push the edge inside the port wall and correct the direction of the USB head while doing so. It then easily fits in, and it almost does not take additional time and effort. It really helped me not to scratch the port surrounding, I do the same thing for lightning ports on iPhones as well.

    • Austin L
      Austin L 3 months ago

      Oh yeah bro I do the exact same thing and also with my MagSafe port.

  • UTJK
    UTJK 4 months ago +899

    With the M1 Air they made a computer with an exceptional price/quality ratio. With this one they're making a very desirable product, but it comes back in the luxury territory, rather than the utilitaristic one.

    • UTJK
      UTJK 3 months ago

      @Ellie Hawkes if your workflow doesn't require CPU or GPU intensive tasks (like editing 4K videos all day long, compiling giant piles of code, super complicated spreadsheets and so on), the M1 is enough. Especially if you buy used or refurbed, it is very cost effective. Otherwise go for the M2, but many reviewers in that case suggest to buy the 512GB upgrade, because the speed of the 250GB SSD is half of that mounted on the M1 edition, and the laptop could slow down significantly if you have only 8GB of RAM as the swapping process isn't fast enough (the swapping is when the OS needs more space in the RAM and moves the data back and forth on the disk). The problem with upgrading the M2 macbook air on the official site is that if you higher the spec at 512GB and 16GB of RAM the price goes so up that it reaches the the base model of the 14" macbook pro, that it comes already with 512GB and 16GB of RAM, but it has a larger display of a better quality, with more ports, better audio, and much more faster CPU and GPU so it would be smarter to buy it instead of the M2. That's why I say the M2 is more a voluptuary choice... you buy it for the design. I would consider it only if you find it super discounted.

    • Ellie Hawkes
      Ellie Hawkes 3 months ago

      So would you say if you're looking to buy a new Macbook Air to go for the M1? Over the M2? I'm using a Macbook Air from 2016, had it for 8 years, it's time for an upgrade but am unsure on which model to go for?

    • Purjo
      Purjo 4 months ago

      @patrykoopiw 5 nm chips are overbooked right now, so there will be silicon surplus, which should push prices down. No Idea if the same can be said about other parts.

    • Alejandro Risco
      Alejandro Risco 4 months ago

      Most apple consumers don't care about utility that's why they keep selling overpriced products without problems, the day they decide to care more about quality/price ratio they won't be apple anymore

    • top az gadgets
      top az gadgets 4 months ago

      Thanks for all
      Love you too all ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
      Best luck ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️
      Best wishes ✌️✌️✌️

  • LiK
    LiK 4 months ago +22

    I like that you mentioned how quickly it can get dirty and possible scratches. I love their old MacBook Pros where it’s so durable.

  • Mentor
    Mentor Month ago +16

    I bought this laptop for school. So far, I love it. I haven't owned a Mac for a while so this was really pleasing. I love the colour, the price, and the performance. Though I wouldn't have bought it if it weren't for your thorough review. It helped me think about my purchase. Turns out I still love apples.

  • ToastyClam
    ToastyClam 5 days ago

    This man definitely wears a watch

  • D Serrao
    D Serrao 4 months ago +10

    I always like watching your reviews. You’re pretty straight forward and don’t hold back on your thoughts. Thank you for that.

  • beefbmx
    beefbmx 4 months ago +1468

    MKB These hard effort intros never get old! I always look forward to them and wonder how you make them happen!

    • David
      David 4 months ago

      What do you mean how? It's called hiring people and paying them money. That's literally all there is to it.

    • Nefth
      Nefth 4 months ago

      I didn't ask who edited it, I asked how it was edited

    • J D
      J D 4 months ago

      @Nefth easy.. he doesnt edit anything. His team does

    • top az gadgets
      top az gadgets 4 months ago

      Thanks for all
      Love you too all ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
      Best luck ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️
      Best wishes ✌️✌️✌️

    • Pandaado
      Pandaado 4 months ago

      @Not a Clip-Share uploader yes that shot was done by one most likely

  • Jimi Hendrixx
    Jimi Hendrixx 4 months ago +4

    Thanks. M1 mbp works well for me but the standard storage just isn’t enough. That’s my only problem with it and I wish I had ordered online and waited. But I want to get the M2 specced out so it can last me a while. I don’t do heavy media stuff but do a lot with web & some other apps.

  • Pawel Patla
    Pawel Patla 2 days ago

    Does the new MacBook Air support wifi6 ?

  • Randy Ragsdale
    Randy Ragsdale 4 months ago +9

    I like your reviews. You objectively analyze products to give customers the best review possible. Thanks for everything that you do!

  • LaterNerd
    LaterNerd Month ago +2

    Think I’m finally ready to take the plunge into a MacBook. For productivity this is perfect. I’ll keep a desktop PC at home for gaming and any kind of heavier use case. But for on the go, I think Apple has finally converted me. The things they’ve been doing lately are very tempting. Plus it would be kind of nice to mostly keep work stuff on MacOS and all the fun stuff on Windows.

    • fkykas
      fkykas 28 days ago

      Same here its just sad that probably all the 3D modelling stuff will have to go windows. Macos is just so inspiring for creative work.

  • Zouth
    Zouth 4 months ago +633

    This M2 mac really proves how awesome M1 really was. It was the perfect balance of power and efficiency and worked perfectly in a fanless design. The M2 may be more powerful, but that extra thermal output and downgraded SSD is definitely a caveat to that extra power.
    To anyone looking to get the M2 as their laptop, I would take a moment to consider the M1 Macbook air, too. It does so many things right, it's WAY cheaper, and it's not as much of a downgrade as you would think.

    • Julian Ongpin
      Julian Ongpin 2 months ago

      @Ray N. bump

    • Ray N.
      Ray N. 3 months ago +2

      Can it run ps2 emulators well?

    • rohan shah
      rohan shah 4 months ago

      @Jason yeah it's 1200 for thr 16gb, costco in the bay area has the 8gb for 950

    • Jason
      Jason 4 months ago

      @rohan shah $1200? Wow my local Costco has the air M1 for $849 right now. And I’m still torn on what one to get. Lol

    • T.C. King
      T.C. King 4 months ago +1

      MacBook Air M1 is $849 at Costco for 3 more days. Just picked one up.

  • H.ヒロト Hat
    H.ヒロト Hat Month ago

    Thank you for the great review. I’m definitely gonna get it! I will only use it for school writing, not editing or heavy work stuff. I’m just concerned about the 256, wether it will be enough with every new update.

  • Stephen M
    Stephen M 4 months ago +9

    Good review. For general use and normal workloads the M1 MacBook Air is great (I have one). IMO the jump in price for this isn't worth it for what the MacBook Air is for. If you aren't fussed about a new screen with a notch, the M1 Air is better value and not slow by any means. Anyone looking for a heavy video editing workload or similar shouldn't be looking at an Air anyway. And for the price of the M2 it's debatable whether to just spend that money on a really good PC or Windows Laptop with an Nvidia card that's going to smash things out the park for a good 3-5 years.

    • Stephen M
      Stephen M 3 months ago

      @Ellie Hawkes What do you use to edit? If iMovie then that’s good for light editing. And should be enhanced for the M1/2. Guess it is down to your budget and whether you like the newer display size. That said, if you’re plugging into an external monitor to edit then the M1 is going to save you some money. You can configure it on the apple website and see how much storage would be. Generally you should always future proof computer purchases. Just that apple gets pretty expensive. But if it has to be a Mac, then go for it. If you don’t need to be portable, then there’s always the iMac too. Hope that helps :)

    • Ellie Hawkes
      Ellie Hawkes 3 months ago

      Thank you for this - I've been debating on whether to get an M1 or M2, I do need to edit but not a load, and mostly 2-3 minute clips, use zoom a lot and watch a lot of videos. I wondered whether I should get the M1 and just buy more storage? Although I'm not sure how much storage is in each haha...

  • OnceAPunAThyme
    OnceAPunAThyme 4 months ago +4

    It hits 108 degrees Celcius in as little as 15 seconds under load and so, heat wear and tear wise, I think that's a consideration, especially if you live in a warm climate. Sure, it thermally throttles to stop it doing damage but the point is it has no fan to fairly-quickly bring that temperature right down and given that computers thermal pads, etc, dry out with age, what kind of life expectancy does this MacBook have, given that resale value tends to be a factor with some buyers.
    In past years, users could replace the SSD, upgrade the memory, replace thermal pads, etc, in a lot of Apple products. As students, we did it for resale value, there was very little risk that you'd end up with a non functioning paperweight that you couldn't sell.
    Now, with I think most Apple products, or at least those that use Apple silicon, everything is soldered/integrated into the main logic board. So if the SSD dies on you - and if you go for the 8GB model, as pointed out in this review, that SSD is used more as virtual memory than if you shell out for the 16GB model - outside of the warranty period, that's one very expensive repair, surely?

  • Patrick Carnahan
    Patrick Carnahan 4 months ago +2

    The thing I’m curious about is how this performs on light Parallels Windows gaming. I know EGPUs are not currently supported by Apple Silicon, but the performance of occasional AOE II games with friends or Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 sessions alone are the only things that might make me want more performance.

  • william goss
    william goss 4 months ago +135

    I was considering the M2 Air; the mag-safe, the 20% up in Brightness, the new design (perhaps), but the 256 Mem already felt a bit tight and the increasing likelihood of throttling as photo / video files get bigger and tasks more complicated the calculation changes dramatically. If I need to up the Mem to 500 the price goes up £1,500, which makes the M2 50% more the the M1, and that makes me reconsider the whole proposition. A very useful vid, thank U.

    • Duncan Idaho
      Duncan Idaho 3 months ago

      Get the 14 inch. Better screen, better speakers, better keyboard and more ports.

    • Dennis P
      Dennis P 4 months ago +2

      @dirty harry1881 windows is the best OS. However, when it comes to laptops, there is nothing like the new MacBooks in the laptop space from any OEMs which is the reason I own a MacBook Pro 16in with the m1 max. It strikes the right balance of performance to battery life.
      Hopefully, Intel and AMD will be able to improve their integrated graphics performance/ cpu performance while keeping power draw down to a minimum so windows can have a comparable product made.
      Intel Ark graphics has me excited and optimistic but will have to wait and see

    • dirty harry1881
      dirty harry1881 4 months ago +3

      I was waiting to maybe buy it and upgrade from my M1 which was my first mac. Now I'm going straight back to windows. Some really nice laptops out there!
      Apple's memory options and pricing are an elevated form of scam. MacOS, from what I've seen so far, has increasingly fewer advantages compared to Windows. And if more software was available, Linux would crash them both.

    • Johannes Ruscheinski
      Johannes Ruscheinski 4 months ago +11

      It's a 25% increase in brightness! 400 nits to 500 nits!

  • Dovahkiin3.14
    Dovahkiin3.14 4 months ago +14

    I recently got the M2 macbook air. I got the 16gb ram and 1TB SSD for about $1600. It's pretty good so far, although I'm biased because I haven't had a working laptop for like 5 years lol.

    • Google Account
      Google Account 20 days ago

      Should have gotten MacBook Pro 14 inch. 512gb was 16 gb mem for 1400..

    • Aaryan Panthi
      Aaryan Panthi 4 months ago +1

      How did you get it for that cheap? i mean with that specs it will cost you around 2k with the taxes.

  • yo_yo_master99
    yo_yo_master99 Month ago

    I was gonna go with the pro however seeing the comments and the overall lightness of the MacBook makes me convinced that this is a better choice i dont really need a heavy duty machine anyway apple did a good job on this i will say also amazing video!

  • Tae P.
    Tae P. 4 months ago +3

    As beautiful and fascinating as the M2 air is, I'll stick to my M1 Macbook air, hoping the imac with the M2 chip comes out next year *fingers crossed*

  • What The Fork Cooking Show

    I bought the new MacBook Air M2 my workload consist of email, internet, apps, and editing short videos so I built it with upgraded chip 10 core GPU, 16gb of ram and left the storage at 256 because I use cloud storage.
    I think this is the perfect setup for the task mentioned, getting 2TB and 24gb of ram is overkill on this laptop if you need that much power like he said go MB Pro.
    Going to see if I can get a clear skin to hide fingerprints on the midnight color.
    Great review salute!

  • El Bosque
    El Bosque 4 months ago +42

    If there's that issue with the SSD where you can fill up the Unified Memory and then it starts using your SSD storage, wouldn't it be better to upgrade the Unified Memory to 16GB instead of upgrading the SSD to 512GB?

    • Evacody124
      Evacody124 2 months ago

      Don't use you RAM like that. That's the worst way to use the ram. It's short term. Get more memory. 256gb unless you are just putting the OS on is not go enough for laptops or desktops these days. Programs are only getting bigger.

    • Evacody124
      Evacody124 2 months ago


    • Ron Cecchetti
      Ron Cecchetti 4 months ago +1

      Yeah I think one terabyte is the perfect amount

    • NK
      NK 4 months ago


      GOAT OF DUTY 4 months ago

      Thats why didnt have anyways hoped for M2 MacBooks and got a M1 Pro way before M2 was released!

  • TheJaisah
    TheJaisah 4 months ago +20

    There are a lot of good reasons to just spend a little bit more and get the 14" but its a much chunkier device and what I really want is a small, light, thin laptop that can replace my iPad Pro 11". I mean, I am tempted to get the 14" but the M2 Air with 16GB ram and 512 GB SSD will most likely be plenty for my use as a general personal computer with some occasional video editing. I think the main thing that attracts me to the 14" is the 120Hz mini LED display and the punchier speakers. Other than that, I don't care so much about the extra power since I'll mostly just be using it to browse the web, watch videos etc. I also like that the air is fully sealed i.e. it doesn't have vents all over it that can let dust inside the computer. It's just one less thing to worry about.

    • TheJaisah
      TheJaisah 2 months ago

      @GOAT OF DUTY For me it’s just a personal home computer. The most onerous thing I do on it is some occasional 4K video editing from my GoPro. I have a gaming desktop for gaming and I have a computer supplied by work for engineering so the 14” is just for fun really and it’s great for that. Nice and portable and still a beast.

    • Mosi Jahi
      Mosi Jahi 4 months ago

      @TheJaisah 😂

      GOAT OF DUTY 4 months ago

      @TheJaisah the only reason to go 14" is in my opinion if it really has to be "super portable".
      But the 16" isnt much thicker or heavier (0,4kg is NOT much), the additional weight goes pretty much to the battery (+42% more battery!) and is TOTALLY WORTH IT (beside the other advantages...)
      It fits in my small backpack easily. The 1,9kg can get annoying when i pack light with the camera gear (2kg with a regular 50mm prime and a lightweight supertele, Canon RF 800 F11), but i guess there wont be much of a difference if there are now 4kg or 3,5kg on my shoulder, hell in long term even 3kg in total gets annoying with just a 1l water bottle
      For ultra mobility even a 13" M2 Air is not perfect, therefor premium subnotebooks/netbooks are lighter and sometimes even more battery runtime (but performing ofc much worse)

      GOAT OF DUTY 4 months ago

      @TheJaisah What is your usecase? Cant be that complex or multitasking when 14" is enough for you.
      Im doing mainly basic and not really demanding photoshop editing, sometimes stacking panoramas/mosaics and astrophotography, and in a month im even studying after some years "working" and now too annoyed/abused from.
      I really wanted a 14" with 1TB SSD... but thankfully i tested my mums 14" convertible and realized: 14" screen is TINY. So because of already 1000$ over budget with 1TB upgraded 14" base model i just got 16/512 base model 16" (and im still thinking... will it be worth it in long term?)
      I mean... just because of the glorious screen and because im image editing and watching or showing on it and because i need as much battery runtime as possible there was no way around the 16" model anyways. I dont regret it!
      As i got the 16" at home... first thing even before opening it the first time: Comparing the size to my 2010 15" MacBook Pro.... WOW! Its smaller, lighter and thinner.... but still "a lot" bigger screen. Now the 15,4" i was comfortable with for 10 years+ is "small" once used to the pretty portable 16" MBP.

    • TheJaisah
      TheJaisah 4 months ago

      Update: I ended up getting the 14” MacBook Pro because when I compared the two laptops side by side in the shop, it was pretty obvious that the 14” is way better and only a tiny bit more once you spec the air with 16gb and 512gb. Extremely happy with it. It’s a really nice machine.

  • Settiis
    Settiis 4 months ago +8

    The black M2 has to be the cleanest laptop I’ve ever seen. So beautiful.

  • Brunski yoski
    Brunski yoski 4 months ago +3

    I like the Long time coming improvements on the new M2 Air, like better screen to body ratio etc, actually I would've been happy if they retained the M1 chip, however I'm curious as to why no-one talks about the lack of future proofing (future throttling?) with a 5 Year Old Bluetooth "5" technology. Forget 5.2, not even 5.1 Also No WiFi 6E. 🤔 Surely it's not that unimportant a topic.
    I'm getting new peripheral equipment, already have Bluetooth 5.2 headset, and will only buy Bluetooth 5.2 & WiFi 6E products. I'd like to hear perhaps some justification from some presenters re this. 5 year old Bluetooth '5' is so bad for a new premium brand 2022 product.

  • R
    R 4 months ago +563

    As a VFX sup that has done a ton of motion control work and high end commercials I must congratulate you and your team for such refined quality! You are on another level.

    • Mewnu
      Mewnu 4 months ago

      What about the massive overheating issue?

    • Parimal Kadam
      Parimal Kadam 4 months ago +4

      Legit marvel haters marvel fans are with you 😂😂

  • David Lopez
    David Lopez Month ago

    That was super informative. You crammed a lot in under 12 minutes! Thank you!

  • Theboaterswede
    Theboaterswede 4 months ago +4

    Thank you for a good review. I’m going to stick with my old MacBook Air Early 2015
    I can remote my stationary PC via my laptop anyhow, if I want to do more heavy tasks.
    I don’t like how overpriced Apple’s products has become. But what I like about MacBook Air, are their aluminium housing and minimalistic design.
    Considering in the future buying an ARM single board to replace the Intel logic board.

    • sXm
      sXm 4 months ago

      What do you mean by replacing it with an ARM logic board?
      Buying an M1 Air Logic board and putting it into your 2015? That won‘t work.

  • BK C
    BK C 4 months ago

    I'm so jealous of the ports and charging as an M1

  • Adam Wilson
    Adam Wilson 4 months ago +3

    This is a remarkably excellent review video. Brief, to the point, helpful, and clearly stated. Keep up the good work sir!

  • Connor Learmonth
    Connor Learmonth 4 months ago +195

    Yes thank you for actually acknowledging the SSD issue. A lot of reviewers are just dismissing it as fake drama or being a hater etc when it is in fact a real issue for the base model. I agree they should have bumped the starting config to 2x 256gb instead, considering how cheap those NAND chips are at apples scale.

    • Connor Learmonth
      Connor Learmonth 4 months ago +2

      @George Oust it’s an issue for the base model, he said you basically should skip it and get at least 512, which is why it suddenly is more like a $1500 laptop. If one could only afford the base model, the m1 air is a better way to go right now because it doesn’t have the same issues as the m2 air

    • George Oust
      George Oust 4 months ago

      Though he does acknowledge it is technically a $1.400 device

    • George Oust
      George Oust 4 months ago

      Even he said it want an issue. His only issue with the device were the weird price points. He said so himself

    • Mick Cozad
      Mick Cozad 4 months ago +2

      They all get 1TB Macbook Airs for free.

    • Krisna Darma
      Krisna Darma 4 months ago

      @Snowfall save your money and buy m1 mba

  • Rahul K
    Rahul K 3 months ago

    Love the effort you put into your videos you know you’re watching an MKBHD video it’s got that signature

  • stoke_moran
    stoke_moran 4 months ago +2

    Can you test the M2 Air with a laptop cooler? Be curious if a fan underneath it can help prevent the throttling.

  • Purjo
    Purjo 4 months ago +7

    Yeah, 16 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of SSD space is something I would expect from a €400 / $400 laptop. Nice to know that Apple still loves making artificial limitations for its computers. I'm happy to pay less money for a similarly specced Windows laptop, at least then I can also play every PC game existing, have wider choice of professional software, have nice backwards compatibility and if I wish so, install multiple operating systems to use.

  • beastlymaniacftw
    beastlymaniacftw 4 months ago +1

    Nice video, but I think this guy's missing a major point when it comes to the target market for this laptop. The VAST majority of buyers will be going for the base model due it being new and 'only' $100 more than the M1 MBA. Encouraging people to spend an extra 40% on the laptop is crazy, especially when almost none of the buyers who would actually make use of the additional speed would be looking at this laptop in the first place - they'd be looking at the MBPs actually designed for higher workloads. As a student myself, the base model with the 67W charger was the most I could comfortably spend on a laptop, and I'd wager that many, many people would be in the same position... $1500+ is a very different price point, especially when you consider how situational and (for most casual laptop users) undetectable the performance gains would be. Just my opinion though!

  • M4v3r1ck
    M4v3r1ck 4 months ago +6

    Impressive intro. I've liked it so much that I've watched it a few times... and after some time at the very beginning I've noticed two pieces of L-shaped transparent tapes on the desk that you've used to position your MacBook Air. Is so bright on the rights side, you can clearly see that piece of desk is standing out due to reflections. It's easy to spot when you know what are you looking for, left one is a little bit harder, but still visible.
    I love it!

  • Luckie stripes
    Luckie stripes 4 months ago +1

    MKBHD is just absolutely changing the game out here!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • JohnnyCloud81
    JohnnyCloud81 3 months ago

    Hello. This review is amazing. Just a question. I use my current 2017 MacBook Pro with an i7 processor mostly for everyday usage & also for work on my blog site that involves opening up a lot of browser tabs. Would that make the bottom line M2 Air heat up too fast? Or would I be safe? That heating up issue is what concerns me the most. Any feedback would be great before I make a purchase. Thanks. 👍🏻

    • Matt W
      Matt W 3 months ago

      The heating issue is non existent. No idea where he was getting that from but my MBA M2 hasn't heated up at all yet and I do web design, use spreadsheets, MS Teams, video calls and screen sharing. Oh, and I play a couple of games.
      It's amazing and will be perfect for most scenarios except heavy rendering, video editing, things like that.

  • Cashnix
    Cashnix 4 months ago +5

    I'm considering getting this as my first mac but am a little confused about the whole 256 slower gigs. Do I understand it right that if I get the 500 gig version that it won't be an issue?

  • starzzzy
    starzzzy 4 months ago +264

    I wanted the new Air but ended up with the 14 inch and honestly, I love it! I would’ve upgraded from the base model Air anyway so getting a base model 14 inch pro (with the current education sale) worked perfectly.

    • starzzzy
      starzzzy 4 months ago +2

      @Sebastian Aguirre the apple website doesn’t ask for anything when getting the discount. I’m a student but there’s several other ways to qualify for the discount, so definitely look into it.

    • Tony Nguyen
      Tony Nguyen 4 months ago

      @Isaac Silva I would take the m1 pro 14 any day of the week.
      It's a far superior laptop. The only thing m2 has going for it is the portable form factor and thats it.

    • Shelton Brown
      Shelton Brown 4 months ago

      @Isaac Silva I can't say for certain that the M2 is better since I haven't had my hands on it, but given that it's a next generation of the M1 I would venture to say that it's going to work just fine. But I'm loving my M1 Pro. I personally don't like having less than 1tb of storage. I know it's pricey but it's just a safety net I like to have.

    • Isaac Silva
      Isaac Silva 4 months ago

      @Shelton Brown What do you think is better Macbook air M2 10 core 16gb of RAM 1TB of storage .. or MacBook Pro M1 Pro 14” 16gb of RAM 512gb of storage ? I code as well

    • Shelton Brown
      Shelton Brown 4 months ago +1

      @Spider-Man I think you'll be satisfied. I've found that Apple Silicon runs much more efficiently. And the quickness is just so nice lol.

  • EA
    EA 4 months ago +4

    For me, the thinness👌🏽.....Phenomenal
    Also, really cool intro Marques. I loved it

  • Joelle
    Joelle 3 months ago +1

    Can you do a video comparing this to the 14” Pro? I can’t decide which one to get for school. I like the bigger screen, better storage, better sound, additional ports, and updated cooling fan in the Pro, but not sure if it’s truly worth the extra $$ as I’m just a college student

  • SevenCreations
    SevenCreations 4 months ago +10

    I think now I'm much clearer on which one to buy (Air M2 vs Pro) considering the expectations that I have. thank you very much for this video, love from India.

    • SevenCreations
      SevenCreations 3 months ago

      @Skibity thanks.

    • Skibity
      Skibity 3 months ago +1

      @SevenCreations m2 air has a better screen but the m2pro is more durable. But I think both of them are good so just go with the one your heart really wants..that way you have peace of mind.

    • SevenCreations
      SevenCreations 3 months ago

      @Skibity thanks so much for the response. Would you recommend Air M2 for videos editing? I have been using Air 2020 intel i3 from last two years but it becomes slow when I color grade or basically put some load. My main usage would be videos editing and I mostly make HD videos. No 4k.

    • Skibity
      Skibity 3 months ago

      @SevenCreations I think you should watch more reviews on m2 pro before actually making a decision ..i also wanted to buy the m2 Pro but old design just sucks that huge ass bezel on the screen and almost everything about it is old as the 2016 version ..and i was talking to someone who also faced the same issue choosing between the m2pro and the m2air...they said they ordered the m2pro but then returned it and got the air instead...also for me i already used m1pro before and which is basically the same with the m2pro ..I'm just gonna go for the air this time

    • SevenCreations
      SevenCreations 3 months ago

      @Skibity M2 pro

  • Brunski yoski
    Brunski yoski 4 months ago

    It would be nice to see a comparison between the M2 512 Air and the new Samsung Book 2 pro, 13",512/i7 which is smaller, thinner, and cheaper. I'm leaning towards Samsung as it's smaller and has better comms.

  • Oseremen
    Oseremen 4 months ago +132

    Thank you for adding the "real price" advice - considering a lot of base models seem to be scams.
    Please keep doing that. 💪🏾

    • rigbymortis
      rigbymortis 4 months ago +1

      Idk, I’m assuming the base model is gonna be really popular. Lot of people want the newest thing but don’t care about specs.
      I’d personally be less offended by their pricing strategy if the RAM and storage bumps were only $100 each.

    • why tho
      why tho 4 months ago

      @Spider-Man I've seen a lot more honest reviewers than him, but if we're considering only people that have the amount of reach as Marques has, yep, he's the only one.

    • Ebalosus
      Ebalosus 4 months ago +3

      Yeah as an independent Apple tech, I always encourage clients to spend the extra money and bump up the storage and RAM, since they aren’t exactly upgradable down the line

    • Spider-Man
      Spider-Man 4 months ago +11

      Fr... He's one of the only ones that give detailed AND honest reviews to us the non-rich people lol (And Flossy of course)

  • Jason Guevara
    Jason Guevara 3 months ago +1

    I have a 2015 MacBook Pro which I think was the base model at the time, 8GB of ram and a 256GB hard drive. Thinking of getting this for when I start school. I won’t be doing any video processing or coding so I feel like this will be sufficient enough for schoolwork. Any input would be appreciated, either for or against this option

  • Diego Vásquez
    Diego Vásquez 4 months ago +1

    Hi Marques, with what version did you did the testing of the performance of the new macbook air? 8gb memory or 16gb?

  • Fred Fleming
    Fred Fleming 4 months ago +1

    Excellent review I am waiting patiently for my 16” MacBook Pro with the M1 Max Chip 10 core CPU, 32 core GPU and 32GB unified memory. The price is insane more than I paid for new cars back in my younger days (age 75). The wife actually made the decision to spring for the best…shocked me to death! I can’t wait to feel the performance difference between it and my 2015 iMac. I do a lot of photography and some video work I really need the horsepower. Thanks again for the excellent review…Fred in Texas

  • Dr. Susan Chaudoir
    Dr. Susan Chaudoir 3 months ago +1

    Im just finding you for the first time and Wow! Thank you for doing what you do! Perfect timing for me to find this review! You’re just awesome and covered everything that matters to me when upgrading. Thank you MKBHD!

  • Christian Payne
    Christian Payne 4 months ago +1

    Awesome video. In 10 minutes I got all the information I need to decide I will stick with my 14” Macbook Pro 👍💻

  • SpongeBob#127
    SpongeBob#127 4 months ago +1

    I have to admit that 'THE STUDIO' makes the most amazing intro and this intro is the best i ever watched on this channel, i just feel an another level of addiction to that intro so that i watched it like 30-40 times only today!!!! The bgm and robotic arm synchronization are so perfect that I can't get rid of it, it's just dope🔥
    Go ahead guysss, love you ❤️🇧🇩

  • Lex Lojek
    Lex Lojek 4 months ago

    If they made one with 4TB of storage, I would pick it up. I'm nuts and just needs a good bit of internal space.

  • alexfirth21 _
    alexfirth21 _ 4 months ago

    Waiting for the next refresh of the Pro. I like the Air but for the price, yeah doesn’t make sense for a lesser quality display.

  • MrSmitheroons
    MrSmitheroons 4 months ago +238

    I love how to the point this is. I feel like these laptops are really impressive, but they're well-understood now. We need a dash of context and relevant zoom-ins on what makes this one different. Exactly what's in your video. No Apple hype. Just some facts and some opinions that IMO really naturally follow from those facts. This was a really quick way to get I think a really solid perspective on this laptop.
    Thanks for shouting out the M1 MacBook Air! Some of us have that, and it really does deserve attention, especially at the 256GB storage tier as you mentioned.

    • TazerXI
      TazerXI 4 months ago +3

      Yea, you can't do a laptop review in a bubble. Mentioning how the recommended spec means that the price will be close to other high end mac books helps inform consumers about what will be the right decision for them.

    DESI DUDE Day ago

    I have the same wallpaper on my laptop

  • Marvel Okonta
    Marvel Okonta 3 months ago +1

    Hey Marques, I've loved your content for over 7 years now? But honestly I don't know if it's just me but you've been leaving out the main reason why I use to love your reviews.. Especially with apple products.. It's like the only better product you review are Apple or nothing...❤️

  • Ian Patrick
    Ian Patrick 2 months ago +1

    Great review! This really helps me decide my next purchase for a laptop.

  • HSE
    HSE 4 months ago +3

    That intro is just simply insane. Marques you are breaking some amazing barriers!

  • angelicsailor
    angelicsailor 4 months ago +30

    What i think people really need to know is the base option for the air M2 works a lot slower then the M1 so they need to upgrade the memory and storage to make proper use of the M2

    • Srfhdx
      Srfhdx 3 months ago

      @Kaitlyn L m2 screen and form factor is worth it to me. Found a good deal where it was only 80 quid more bargain

    • Willem Cahill-Chiaroni
      Willem Cahill-Chiaroni 4 months ago +1

      @Kaitlyn L the everyday user is more likely to appreciate the fresh design and raw processing of the m2 over the m1 than the read write speeds of the ssd. That being said, the m1 is still an amazing machine

    • Kaitlyn L
      Kaitlyn L 4 months ago +1

      @Daniel Berretta still, the everyday user could get the M1 and have the same experience but save some money

    • Daniel Berretta
      Daniel Berretta 4 months ago +2

      I promise you, the everyday user who buys this won’t tell a difference

  • Theodor Ganescu
    Theodor Ganescu 4 months ago +3

    Bro i literally just bought the MacBook Air "midnight", with 24 GB of ram and 1Tb of disk. I opted for this instead of the pro because it's more portable and slick, and i don't want to carry extra weight. I do coding and infrastructure ( i'm a DevOps ) and i already used the best possible Air M1 for almost a year ( 512Gb SSD, 16Gb RAM, 8 cores / 8 CPU cores ). The reason i upgraded is the ram, i constantly hit ~1,5 Gb of swap and need more to run container tests locally.

  • Ray Seto
    Ray Seto 3 months ago

    thanks for the video as well as your input on the pros and cons of the m2 macbook air!

  • Zack Landers
    Zack Landers 4 months ago +5

    for what most people need out of a macbook AIR, I think the M1 is a way better deal. As you said, the m2 air spec'd out is as expensive as a similarly spec'd pro which will perform better with the fan, and the m1 air still holds up competitively with other laptops

    • jc
      jc 2 months ago

      Buy with student discoujt

  • Impalse
    Impalse 4 months ago +157

    I love how MKBHD just jumps right into the video and doesn't waste our time. Also very informative! Thanks for this video!

    • Impalse
      Impalse 4 months ago

      @Abdullah Its the M2 Air keyboard, it just the way the light hits it.

    • Abdullah
      Abdullah 4 months ago

      Can someone please tell me which MacBook is this 5:58 Iv never seen a MacBook with a sliver keyboard

    • The bosS / السايس
      The bosS / السايس 4 months ago


    • Primelink
      Primelink 4 months ago +2

      Well did you think he was going to thank the 200k people that posted comments on his last video or the 20k on his Patreon. He has 86k Likes and 1.8 million views. :)

  • Vebjørn Sæten Skre
    Vebjørn Sæten Skre 28 days ago +1

    I have seen many other Clip-Sharer saying that increasing the ram from 8 to 16 gb is far superior to upgrading the ssd. Wouldn’t it then make more sense to upgrade this spec instead since it cost the same? This is for cases where you only can afford one of the spec bumps. I’m going to use my laptop mostly for coding as well as web browsing with a lot of tabs open. Which spec should I then upgrade?

  • Ludwig Haskins
    Ludwig Haskins 4 months ago +1

    So Good... pace, content, style, knowledge. A masterclass in Clip-Share reviewing. Thank you.

  • Mahmoud Ziada
    Mahmoud Ziada 4 months ago

    Agree on the price, really wanted to get this one but can't live with low specs, so it's a dillema!
    The intro is sick by the way MB and you made me hesitant about the color too :D

  • Graeme Glen
    Graeme Glen 12 days ago

    I have the exact same machine and can attest that it is a fingerprint magnet. I chose blue because it matches my phone.

  • Mr L
    Mr L 4 months ago +169

    The hidden performance gap between the base and higher end models reminds me of the whole debacle with the 24-in iMac where it missed a fan and heat pipe in the base unit and Apple never really disclosed it.

    • top az gadgets
      top az gadgets 4 months ago

      Thanks for all

    • Zveebo
      Zveebo 4 months ago +2

      The fan thing made basically no difference for the sort of customers buying a 24” iMac, and the same is true with the SSD here. If it bothers you, but the higher end model, but for 99.9% of their customers it’s a complete non issue.

    • sundaynightdrunk
      sundaynightdrunk 4 months ago +3

      I have the upgraded 24" iMac and after seeing performance numbers, it isn't really worth the extra $200 to get the extra fan. They're very close in performance. It's a fantastic machine that never really gets much mention since the laptops are Apple's big sellers.

    • Sheepception
      Sheepception 4 months ago +7

      @Mark Slima Could be. Apple never disclosing it is obviously entirely their decision, though.

    • Mark Slima
      Mark Slima 4 months ago +1

      i wonder how much of this is due to chip-shortages?

  • TJS
    TJS Month ago +1

    I bought the M2 Air with 10-core GPU and 512gb last month and loved it till it started having delays and crashes. Gonna try to use AppleCare to fix it but you’ve been warned!! Also the heating issue is crazy. Reaches a lot sooner than you think

    • TJS
      TJS 21 day ago +1

      @Nikolaus H yeah I should’ve updated this comment! After a system update to Ventura everything got resolved n the computers working fine now

    • Nikolaus H
      Nikolaus H 21 day ago

      That sucks. I have the M1 MBA and it is very reasonable with warming - I live in the tropics and it can get hot on a hot day, but that's about it - most of the time it's great. I had a feeling the original M1 was the best. Hard to beat the power/performance ratio. Less impressed with the M1 Pro in my 16" MBP - it uses much more power, but never actually feels faster in day to day use.

  • Micah
    Micah 4 months ago

    I’m beyond overdue for a new MacBook (my current is from college back in 2012). Debating between the M2 MacBook Air or going to last years 14” MacBook Pro. I’d probably be using it mostly for photoshop/Lightroom and video/audio editing, outside of the typical Clip-Share video watching. Any suggestions to pick between the 2?

  • Nicholas Guthaux
    Nicholas Guthaux 3 months ago +2

    typing this from my M2 MBA.
    For whoever is in my position: Yes, the upgrade - even from a Macbook Pro 2017 - is so worth it. Wonderful machine.
    Disclaimer: I had cash to burn, but this was for sure the best way burning it!

  • C. Charles Hahn
    C. Charles Hahn 4 months ago +1

    You'd think Apple could come up with a more durable and less fingerprint-prone finish... even the (albeit plastic) black Macbooks of old weren't THAT bad.

  • Al Samuelson
    Al Samuelson 4 months ago +54

    Curious how any scratching around the USBC port would affect Apple taking it as a trade-in in a year or two against the newer version? That alone might make me decide to go to a different color. As much as I love this midnight color. Again another great video well thought out and totally different than all the others that have popped up lately.

    • ALV1N
      ALV1N 4 months ago

      @Al Samuelson so what I meant was something that can be added during manufacturing where they make the port hole in the device larger so they can fit USBC port that has this plastic let's say guide and protective ring around the port
      For your worries about scratching your device around the port i would suggest trying to find clear protective film that you could use to protect the area something like dbrand or some generic clear film that's either precut for the port or you could just use razor to make one yourself and

    • Al Samuelson
      Al Samuelson 4 months ago

      @ALV1N link to a port cover. Thought you posted about it. Now can't find the post. No worries.

    • ALV1N
      ALV1N 4 months ago

      @Al Samuelson not sure what kind of link do you need ? :D

    • Al Samuelson
      Al Samuelson 4 months ago

      @ALV1N mind sharing a link?

    • Daniel
      Daniel 4 months ago

      @Chaschuky999 Compact devices tend to use their chassis to get rid of heat, I can Imagine that quite a bit of heat gets released from mac books through their metal bodies. Putting a skin on would isolate the metal from letting go of the heat, especially if we're talking about the air.

  • Luffy the Beagle
    Luffy the Beagle 2 months ago

    ever since m1 came out I switched to completely apple. Rocking a m1 Mac mini I got for $400, but since I need a laptop for school I'm getting the base model Mac air with the m2. The only reason I got the m2 instead of the m1 was seriously just the design. My Mac mini can handle most of the creative stuff I do, and the stuff it can't I just go to the school studio. Once Im done school I plan on getting a maxed out iMac Pro, hopefully by then they have one with an m3 ultra chip or something gnarly.

  • Faizan Ahmed Gojali
    Faizan Ahmed Gojali 4 months ago

    Always with the new n refreshed intros 🤩

  • No Names
    No Names 4 months ago +2

    Thank you for this. These days I try to gain knowledge of building a Hi-Fi PC that must be silent, provides a jitter-free and free of electrical "noise" output to the outboard DAC, and uses a linear PSU. Is such a computer possible these days? Or we all will be watching videos that interest youtube video creators: that mainly discuss efficient processors and better video rendering capabilities, build-n speakers, and looks?

    • Kaitlyn L
      Kaitlyn L 4 months ago +1

      You won’t find a linear PSU on any computer nowadays. Too much heat from the linear regulator.
      Even in the 80s it was rare - the very first BBC Micro had a linear PSU due to the BBC wanting to minimise RF noise, but within a few months they switched to a switching regulator design due to heat issues.
      You’d be better building a linear PSU for _just_ an external audio output device, if the RF noise filtering isn’t sufficient for your ears. Then the main computer can still use a switching supply, as jitter etc doesn’t make a difference on the digital side (unless you picked a unit with a tiny buffer or something). A linear 5V regulator could power any USB-powered audio output, like even a basic $150 Focusrite or Schitt unit.

  • Killer Bee
    Killer Bee 4 months ago +5

    I feel like people focus on those fingerprints way more than they should. I own a MBP space gray and MBP silver, I have the same issues as I do with the midnight one. Filled with fingerprints with no differences besides color. it is the same for me. It is metal after all.

    • Girshwen Pienaar
      Girshwen Pienaar 4 months ago

      Ironic that the MacBook Air does not have a fan 😅