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We are sad. Next infertility steps!

  • Published on Nov 27, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Hayley Stoltzfus

    Thank you guys for being so open and vulnerable! Really appreciate you.

  • Olivia
    Olivia  +64

    Please don’t lose hope! My parents tried for years to get pregnant and tried everything, and when they finally found a medical procedure that worked, they had triplets! The were 30 when this happened, so it’s totally possible! Sending prayers and hugs💖

  • Brittney Nicole

    As someone who has gone through years of infertility and going through various treatments I decided to go the natural way and look into myo-inositol and other natural vitamins and after a year of Mayo-insitol and different prenatals and folic acid supplements I got pregnant with my daughter after 5 almost 6 yrs of different methods for infertility. Please look into this! ❤

  • Haley Gates

    Y’all deserve to take time and process all the treatments. It’s okay to take time away from Clip-Share. You both have a huge support here and we understand that you need time to heal and process. We will be here for when y’all post but take the time you need to heal together 💝

  • Caitlin Jean

    Praying for a Christmas miracle for you guys ❤️

  • Unnie Eli

    It will come when you least expect it. Praying for you guys!

  • Marin Whiting

    Bella, I’m praying for you so much right now 🥺🤍 your feelings are so valid & you are so strong.

  • Jenna Rom
    Jenna Rom  +11

    I am praying for you guys. I truly believe God has a plan through all of this. Sending so much love!!

  • Our Clark Clan

    Definitely follow @FabandEll British couple that struggled with fertility, we're told chances were virtually nothing. They did loads of stuff at home to heighten their chances and I think after a year they fell naturally with twin boys that they had a week or 2 ago. Lovely watching their journey, hope the same happens for you both. Have a look at fab and ells videos x x

  • Noni Monalisa Anderson

    im sending all the best vibes, currently going through my first egg retrieval on thurs after struggling w infertility for almost 4 yrs. i truly hope for all the best outcomes on yalls journey💛

  • Allison Skarbinski

    Turn that room into a prayer room!! Make it your battle ground where you go when you’re at the end of yourselves and give it all to the Lord!! Having a designated prayer space can be so incredible!! Continuing to Pray for you guys!

  • joshlyn kauffman

    I’m very hopeful for you guys. Stay strong and positive. I feel it will happen when you guys least expect it.

  • Esther Newswanger

    Thanks for sharing ❤. So sorry you're going thru this .Our hearts ache for you all and We can so relate with the pain and discouragment,the crushed hopes and the questions that come with infertility as my Husband and I are currently going through it too for the past 6-7 years. Prayers for you all....for healing and for hope, joy, strength and peace thru it all❤❤

  • Tara Nell

    I’m in the exact same boat as you. I feel your pain. I’ve been doing it for for 5 years. Nothing hurts worse. Read the book “Take charge of your fertility” it will help you understand your body. I just started and it helps

  • Caroline Nicole

    Honestly I wish you the best. I wish I had the perfect words but I don’t. You’re a motivation to me and other people 😢

  • SunsetGirl

    I stumbled upon your channel and I was going through what you’re going through. Honestly, just be patient it’ll come. It will happen when you least expect it! Trust.


    We r alp here for u guys and are praying for u guys all the time. It will happen soon

  • Rachel O

    I don’t understand why God makes us wait sometimes. But you guys are going to be the absolute best parents!! I love you guys so much! You’re faith is such an encouragement! Im praying for you guys!!!

  • Keep Calm

    I understand she wants a baby but I hope it’s more for her ! & not stressing because of what he wants . His bucket list . I say stop the Ivf meds focus on you guys stay positive and it will come to u guys when y’all least expected . Prayers to u guys 🤞🏾💕

  • Melanie Castro

    Im deeply sorry guys for you going through this 🥺😢 I can imagine that it’s very complicating and trying so hard to stay confident and hopeful but at the end of the day you really need to be hopeful because In this world anything could happen! Sometimes it’s a sign for us that makes us be more confident and ourselves! I have an uncle that sorta went through this situation just that in his case his wife couldn’t get pregnant easily when she did get pregnant she got mis carriages sometimes she felt it was a pregnancy but it was just water all in her head, she bleed badly and I forgot what she has but she can’t get pregnant normally until from them loosing hope they had their rainbow baby a beautiful baby girl after trying so many procedures to be able to get pregnant without any complications! I heard one of my uncles tell him obviously do you want another baby which is so ignorant In my way of seeing since it took them so long to be able to do it cause it’s not easy I could imagine but he respectfully answered “I don’t want to pressure her, I want her personally to tell me without being pressured and stress” he loves her so much and has been there for her never left her side! Which I believe there is hope in this world don’t give up 🥺🙏🏻🙌🏻 Sending you guys my prayers and love that 2023 would be an amazing year for you guys and hopefully there would be a baby Della ❤️✨ love you guys sending you both a big hug 🤗🫶🏻❤️🙏🏻✨✨✨