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  • Published on Jul 27, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • The Sidemen take on the task of becoming parents for the day, Who do you think will be the best parent out of the Sidemen?
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Comments • 34 692

  • YuleCat
    YuleCat Year ago +20777

    I was seriously expecting JJ to be the worst parent. But he was actually the best dad ever. I have never saw him being so soft and sweet.

  • RRJ Gaming
    RRJ Gaming Month ago +721

    JJ is actually a really great father until he snaps XD then he just started killing the baby XD

  • Maya Bythwood
    Maya Bythwood 8 months ago +2885

    Harry every 5 seconds: *stumbles with the baby*
    “It’s fine, he’s fine”

    • Jadestea
      Jadestea 6 months ago +10

      8:54 I'm so incredibly glad it isn't actual babies

  • XxpancakexX
    XxpancakexX 9 months ago +7595

    To think that Ethan’s gonna actually be a dad now…

    • RASTA_MAN [ 679 ]
      RASTA_MAN [ 679 ] 24 days ago +1

      Freezy's trim

    • Elsie Johnson
      Elsie Johnson 3 months ago

      Thank god not with Harry 😂😂😂

    • Brook
      Brook 3 months ago +1

      Damn... to think Ethan IS a dad now!

    • molliexox.
      molliexox. 4 months ago


    • BATMAN
      BATMAN 5 months ago +1

      This was 3 years ago and it was a doll

  • Pricey
    Pricey 9 months ago +7994

    Who’s here after Ethan announced he’s becoming a Dad, just to check his CV 😂😂

  • Victoria Quinn
    Victoria Quinn Month ago +179

    Has anyone noticed the way Harry runs. He runs a bit like Phoebe from friends 😂 I’m crying

  • Vikinger
    Vikinger 4 months ago +65

    I sincerely hope Ethan learned a lot since this video, as he is really a dad now 😂

  • Sneha Thakur
    Sneha Thakur Month ago +163

    Tobi is the nicest dad tbh 🥲❤️

  • hello i am human
    hello i am human 9 months ago +2535

    this is literally my alltime favourite sidemen sunday. the actual peak of their content. and its gonna be so weird rewatching it knowing ethan will actually become a dad😭😭

    • a
      a 2 months ago

      He is now

    • Katya Rhys
      Katya Rhys 3 months ago

      this video is their best video ever for sure

    • Ellie Dawson
      Ellie Dawson 4 months ago


    • MarioXI
      MarioXI 4 months ago


    • Coffee Daddy
      Coffee Daddy 5 months ago +1

      I guess this is Ethan's training vid to be a dad

  • Digiac
    Digiac 2 years ago +15499

    Team JJ: protective spoiling dad
    Team Toby: Wholesome
    Team Harry: *Throws the baby down the stairs 30x on a day*

    • bayli Lov
      bayli Lov Month ago

      team harry is building character lmao

    • Merc
      Merc Month ago


    • Ross Bauer
      Ross Bauer 3 months ago

      Just make sure uncle Josh is nowhere near him and he’ll be fine!

    • Rehan Firdaus
      Rehan Firdaus 5 months ago

      Team tobi : wholesome Simon Kicks a football at the baby.

    • Coffee Daddy
      Coffee Daddy 5 months ago

      Team Harry does Spartan parenting to the core

  • Emily Thompson
    Emily Thompson Month ago +126

    KSI fully LOST IT in this video. The Peekaboo in the back of the taxi got me

  • Evie
    Evie 5 months ago +655

    If they still have them, JJ and Josh should give Ethan the Gucci shoes and clothes to give to his baby when she’s born 😂
    It would be hilarious

    • Danny Hipolito
      Danny Hipolito 9 days ago

      Olive probably has the Morpheus’ drip as a gift from Uncles Jide and Zerkaa

    • Shyam Singh
      Shyam Singh 2 months ago

      Yooooo yeeeeeeeeeees!

    • Evie
      Evie 3 months ago +2

      @Noah Griffith oh my goodness 😭 good idea, also thanks

    • Noah Griffith
      Noah Griffith 3 months ago +11

      Someone put this on KSI Reddit

    • Brianna Soto
      Brianna Soto 4 months ago +6

      Omg yesses!!!

  • Hell O
    Hell O 5 months ago +326

    I think out of everyone, harry was the best father. He was so careful and gave him a good time. Amazing.

    • CooperClarke2004
      CooperClarke2004 Month ago +1

      @dahlia that's meant to be the joke.

    • dahlia
      dahlia Month ago +5

      did we watch the same vid bro it was 100% tobi and jj till he snapped

    • Baconandcheesewrap
      Baconandcheesewrap 5 months ago +8

      Definitely 🤣

  • Random Stuff All day😌

    OMG BRO THE WAY HE SAID “oh my gOd” LIKE HE ACTUALLY LOVED HOW THE CLOTHES LOOKED ON HER😭✋🏼❤ 18:22 bro ksi actually went full dad mode all vid😂 and he was treating it like it was real all vid also🥹 well not when he kicked the baby in th air😂

  • chelsea
    chelsea Year ago +12442

    JJ: gets upset when josh dropped their baby on the floor
    Harry:*drops baby off roof*
    Ethan: *laughs*

  • Rotciv Kumar
    Rotciv Kumar Month ago +55

    Harry made this video 10 times more funnier 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Siarra Randall
    Siarra Randall 3 months ago +432

    JJ's parenting skills are on point👌🏻and the baby fever he had while shopping for his and Josh's baby 😂Best parent!!!😊
    Harry ummmm honey noooooo🤦🏻‍♀️😂

    • Beaten Chad
      Beaten Chad 2 months ago +8

      minus the fact he drop kicked him across the field but we dont talk about that

  • Ultimate Ships
    Ultimate Ships 6 months ago +743

    Love how Tobi was the only one throughout the video that actually cared for the baby, even when the challenge was over, he didn’t want the baby to get hurt😭

    • silver
      silver 4 months ago +13

      @Kaiyla Ferguson nah they were right, jj gave up after a while😭

    • MarioXI
      MarioXI 4 months ago

      @Kaiyla Ferguson g

    • Kaiyla Ferguson
      Kaiyla Ferguson 4 months ago +28

      Don’t forget jj

  • Diana
    Diana Month ago +30

    Toby and JJ are the best dad's of em all, harry just decided to give it a head injury and if it was able to die, it would've been dead at the start already

  • d ventures
    d ventures Year ago +19034

    JJ & Josh's baby - rich & spoiled
    Simon, Vik & Toby's baby - famous & humble
    Harry & Ethan's baby - dead & depressed

  • Christina Etienne
    Christina Etienne Month ago +18

    This episode made me pee on myself honestly freaking hilarious

  • Oreoluwa Ajayi
    Oreoluwa Ajayi Month ago +36

    Rewatching this after Ethan had his baby.😂

  • Anna 🇵🇱
    Anna 🇵🇱 Month ago +30

    JJ acc would be such a good father figure for the first 44 mins

  • siinamalee
    siinamalee 8 months ago +441

    4:45 the way tobi panicked when the baby screamed louder had me DYING OF LAUGHTER 🤣

  • Alex LaFortune
    Alex LaFortune 3 years ago +2605

    Morpheus and Daequinius: out here, living their best life with supportive dads
    Nathaniel: dead

  • Rapidz Mist
    Rapidz Mist 7 months ago +338

    32:03 was Harry's most fatherly moment 🤣

    • Elisha Davidson
      Elisha Davidson 6 months ago +29

      lets not speak about the fact the baby was already dead lol

  • IndestructibleApe
    IndestructibleApe 9 months ago +619

    13:16 and 13:46 and 28:36 and 32:41 Harry always makes me laugh.Still can't believe he dropped the baby 4 times.💀😂

    • Captain
      Captain Month ago

      he dropped him here aswell 19:37 23:54

    • Jam
      Jam 4 months ago +4

      He obviously put it on for the camera

    • DiplexPen
      DiplexPen 5 months ago +7

      I love how he reassures the girl on the beach that he's fine

    • Grilled_RATS
      Grilled_RATS 6 months ago +16

      At 19:38 too

    • Iam Ahiphopfan
      Iam Ahiphopfan 7 months ago +24

      I love how Harry goes to catch the baby at 13:46 but just gives up midway through

  • NAWdreamz
    NAWdreamz 8 months ago +209

    Watching Jj play peekaboo with a fake plastic baby is the best thing I’ve ever seen

  • AsdaMelDels
    AsdaMelDels 2 months ago +74

    Out of all people I did not expect JJ
    to be the most loving and caring father

  • Dvniel
    Dvniel 2 years ago +22944

    Normal parent: "the baby is quiet that's so adorable"
    Sidemen: "the baby is quiet, throw her at the floor see if she's dead"

  • Arvind Dhaliwal
    Arvind Dhaliwal 9 months ago +265

    42:20 never fails to make me burst out laughing

    • S
      S 2 months ago

      FR 💀

    • Elisha Davidson
      Elisha Davidson 7 months ago +18

      its the confusion and they were one step away from giving up.

  • William Smith
    William Smith 3 months ago +63

    Me thinking JJ would be a good dad 20mins later he has drop kicked down a hill 😂😂😂

  • Winny Cate
    Winny Cate Month ago +6

    Was wondering why Nathaniel hadn't cried for long...kumbe he'd died 5 hours earlier

  • Ashutosh Bharadwaj
    Ashutosh Bharadwaj 2 months ago +35

    Vik's reaction to the spray tan was definitely the highlight

  • Bappyfeet
    Bappyfeet 2 years ago +1916

    JJ: Actually attempts to do the challenge properly
    Josh: *Intensely staring at the baby*

    • Cameron Nevin
      Cameron Nevin 2 years ago +11

      Harry:chucking the baby down a 50ft escorlator

    • JustNik231
      JustNik231 2 years ago +3

      Wow 850+ likes and 1 comment.

  • doofus jerry
    doofus jerry 4 months ago +40


  • Jack Schoen
    Jack Schoen Month ago +1

    They had it for one day I had to take one of these for a whole weekend

  • you smell
    you smell 17 days ago +5

    The fact that JJ is such a good dad and he was so soft with her it was adorable and I love how protective tobi is over the baby aswell

  • Mia Heath
    Mia Heath 9 months ago +98

    It's so crazy that this is seriously becoming a reality for the boys 🥺 Big congrats to Ethan and Faith! 💞

    • Angel 0309
      Angel 0309 6 months ago +4

      Let’s hope he doesn’t actually drop the baby

  • KillerKing | Brydn
    KillerKing | Brydn 3 years ago +1399

    Josh: tries not to waste money on pointless things for fake baby.

  • isa10
    isa10 10 months ago +116

    Harry: it’s going to be a wholesome video.
    All so Harry: *drops down stairs, hanging him by one hand while climbing a ladder.

  • Luna
    Luna Month ago +5

    So glad Ethan's parenting has improved, also really hope Freezo raises Olive to be a croc queen

  • Hope Sibede
    Hope Sibede 2 months ago +7

    36:16 jj having a breakdown and later trying to make jokes

  • 3 6razy
    3 6razy 2 months ago +22

    jj and josh: buys baby an entire gucci fit
    Tobi, Simon & Vik: buys baby car
    harry & ethan: buys baby half a pint

  • Helaire
    Helaire 2 years ago +35067

    Ethan’s 1% Nigerian really showed on his baby

  • Kheiberd Marzon
    Kheiberd Marzon Month ago +5

    Me reincarnated as a baby of:
    ( *KSI* )
    ( *Harry* )
    Me:Oh no

  • Shiranda Williams
    Shiranda Williams 10 months ago +34

    I did not expect Josh to be an abusive parent 💀

  • Connor Peterson
    Connor Peterson 5 months ago +46

    “Fresh out the womb, ready to get back inside one 😤” best bio ever 😂

  • Xales
    Xales 5 months ago +37

    KSI actually caring for his baby is so wholesome

  • Dezaviii
    Dezaviii 3 years ago +3443

    baby: *cries*
    everyone: JUST BE QUIET BABY
    baby: *actually stays quiet*
    everyone:is it dead? *dropkick*

  • Ameekah J
    Ameekah J 7 months ago +46

    Never thought Jj would be the responsible dad lol. Him running down hills to save this plastic baby is lovely 😂

  • Desabell 08
    Desabell 08 8 months ago +64

    JJ and Tobi are magnificent dad's like JJ got so attached 😂

  • Myriam
    Myriam 8 months ago +57

    The way ksi reacted to the baby with its shirt, u can tell he’s gonna be a good dad 😊

  • Northern Goalkeeper
    Northern Goalkeeper 3 months ago +10

    3 years ago and it still makes me laugh when harry nearly drops the baby down the escalator 😂

  • Rob & 1/2
    Rob & 1/2 Year ago +7029

    round of a applause for jj and tobi’s paternal instincts honestly. but harry…. oh harry… the lad would kill a rock

  • itsLite
    itsLite 3 months ago +13

    Its a tradition to come back to this every once and a while especially now that Ethan is a dad.

  • E
    E 9 months ago +240

    Ethan just announced his girlfriend is pregnant. He’s gonna be a real father 🤧

  • Lucy Sanders
    Lucy Sanders 9 months ago +45

    Omg! When Harry falls down the stairs and the baby goes flying. I've rewatched about 5 times and have tears streaming down my face. Omfg 🤣 🤣 🤣

  • Talia Burdett
    Talia Burdett 4 months ago +12

    ethans moment at 19:17 shows me hes gonna be a great dad the way he just sits down with the baby

  • Gianna Wyatt
    Gianna Wyatt 2 years ago +5963

    The ultimate parenting duo would've been JJ and Tobi

  • Polyz
    Polyz 6 months ago +47

    jj as a dad is just so wholesome

  • Suzy
    Suzy 2 months ago +8

    34:34 Vik being an absent dad 😂
    40:23 oh my god Harry
    42:10 good idea Simon
    46:30 hahaha Ethan
    53:26 that is MORBID 🤣

  • Keira Brickley
    Keira Brickley 24 days ago

    This is hilarious to watch especially knowing Ethan is a dad now 😂

  • Amir_Elassri
    Amir_Elassri 5 months ago +9

    32:25 vick stands like every other foreign dad😂

  • Lunar Star113
    Lunar Star113 Year ago +6505

    I love how JJ and Tobi are actually trying and doing a pretty decent job.

  • jr.
    jr. Month ago +10

    This was the first ever sidemen video I watched and I’ve been a fan since ❤️

  • chg7
    chg7 5 months ago +7

    this made me laugh so much and its brightened my whole day, JJ was being so wholesome with the baby until he drop kicked it and toby was trying as well but this cracked me up, amazing videos keep doing what your doing!

    • Gabriel
      Gabriel 3 months ago

      He was being so wholesome with the baby until he drop kicked it…

  • bruce jongeling
    bruce jongeling 3 months ago +13

    I am very proud of JJ and he is a amazing dad

  • Grace
    Grace 9 days ago +2

    Fast forward 3 years - vik is engaged, Simon is too, and Ethan is a dad (unexpected when 3 years ago he was kicking fake babies) 😢😂

  • Ehab
    Ehab 2 years ago +1840

    JJ playing peek-a-boo with his baby was probably the cutest thing ever

    • ur mom
      ur mom 2 years ago

      Saif IKR

    • Phoebe
      Phoebe 2 years ago

      Saif when he kicked him 😂😂

    • djela
      djela 2 years ago +1

      @PeakyBlinders tnx

    • PeakyBlinders
      PeakyBlinders 2 years ago +2

      @djela 34:05

    • djela
      djela 2 years ago +2

      Wait i cant find it anymore-
      Time stamp?

  • Adyasha Swain
    Adyasha Swain 5 months ago +117

    "He's missing his mother."

  • 4𝑘𝘁𝘂𝗻𝗲𝘇
    4𝑘𝘁𝘂𝗻𝗲𝘇 8 months ago +27

    4:37 Harry’s face is killing me💀

  • Ibrahim_14
    Ibrahim_14 Month ago +9

    Harry defo was the best parent he cared for the baby and never hurt it

  • Abbey the artist
    Abbey the artist 7 months ago +33

    Ksi was such a good dad until the end 💀

  • Amir Hausic
    Amir Hausic 2 years ago +4209

    Me: thinking JJ gonna be dumb and funny.
    Him: being the best parent

  • JJ
    JJ 12 days ago +3

    JJ has a soft spot for animald and babies 💖🤣

  • siinamalee
    siinamalee 8 months ago +26

    harry is such a menace i can't stop laughing😂😭

  • Trapix BG
    Trapix BG 10 months ago +21

    Me before: JJ is litterally the best father ever
    Me after: I take it back😂

  • Nicole D.
    Nicole D. 3 months ago +7

    JJ was such a good father ....and it wenr downhill 43:58 but i bet all parents had thought of doing that 🤣

  • Dankulouss
    Dankulouss Year ago +3635

    There's a touch of wholesomeness seeing jj caring for a baby ngl

    • Adao
      Adao Year ago

      yeah until he drop kicked it

    • Javiera Díaz
      Javiera Díaz Year ago


    • Joshua Povey
      Joshua Povey Year ago

      @Meena rajcs XDDD

    • kailyn
      kailyn Year ago +1

      Until he punts them across the park

    • Dankulouss
      Dankulouss Year ago +8

      @Meena rajcs we wont talk abt that part 😅

  • Kate Swan
    Kate Swan 8 months ago +13

    On rough parenting days I come back and watch this video 😂😂

  • Hiltonio
    Hiltonio 4 months ago +11


  • Lenox
    Lenox 28 days ago +3

    I love it how JJ,Josh,Harry and Ethan are so caring for their baby until they get sick of it and fkn kill the baby 😂

  • Isobel Mary
    Isobel Mary 9 months ago +11

    i come back to this video all the time its so funny. it will never fail to make me have a giggle. good on ethan for thinking this one up

  • Will F
    Will F 3 years ago +491

    Ethan: tries his best to be a good father

  • FiercePierce
    FiercePierce 3 months ago +7

    harry at the end: i think we were good parents
    also harry:27:30 , 13:17 , 23:28 , 41:42

  • Shantal Mu
    Shantal Mu 4 months ago +11

    JJ is gonna be a good dad for sure ❤

  • kerry thomson
    kerry thomson Month ago +5

    JJ would actually be a good dad same with josh

  • Sylvia Northling
    Sylvia Northling 9 months ago +13

    Harry is the clumsiest most hilarious Babydanger,that boy. This video made me laugh so hard... I cant believe how Funny They can be,and how they,no matter how u group em up,they always seem to plan alike anyways.if that made ANY sense... Oh my how I love this

  • MM Normph
    MM Normph Year ago +9631

    One day, Harry’s going to use this video as an excuse to make his wife take care of the baby

    • MM Normph
      MM Normph 11 months ago +1

      @plasmaticMC Thanks bro😎🥳

    • plasmaticMC
      plasmaticMC 11 months ago +1

      Nine thousandth like

    • MM Normph
      MM Normph 11 months ago +1

      @Hind Mohammed SHE IS UNEARTHEDDDD!!
      wait, why is she like 4?

    • Hind Mohammed
      Hind Mohammed 11 months ago +1

      that’s true, I can comfirm, I’m the wife.

    • Not So Funny
      Not So Funny Year ago +1


  • Waltharry
    Waltharry 6 months ago +17

    I love this video so much harry is hilarious he drops the baby then throws him up the ladder harry a savage 🤣🤣

  • Downgrade
    Downgrade 6 hours ago

    JJ & Josh's baby: Pampered and rich
    Simon, Vik, & Toby's baby: Famous & humble
    Harry & Ethans baby: Raised like JJ

  • Evie
    Evie 5 months ago +8

    JJ took this so seriously, it’s so funny 😂

  • Priya
    Priya 5 months ago +5

    Harry and Ethan had me in tears the entire time 😂😂😂

  • sander leonardsen
    sander leonardsen 3 years ago +1919

    Harry drops the bike with baby in
    Harry: the bike is fine, the bike is fine..

    • Doody
      Doody 3 years ago

      I just uploaded a video about the this, I would really appreciate any support on it 🙏🙏

    • Brookeleigh_flemhs
      Brookeleigh_flemhs 3 years ago

      Its called a pram innit?

    • Heri0n Addict
      Heri0n Addict 3 years ago

      What time at??

    • EBK
      EBK 3 years ago

      I posted a video of ONLY Harry and Ethan killing the baby

    • Nicolas Vermehren
      Nicolas Vermehren 3 years ago +2

      It's fine it's fine it's fine it's not fine #clickfortaz

  • Jemimah Stam
    Jemimah Stam 6 days ago

    JJ getting upset with josh throwing their baby, amazing, meanwhile harry throws their off a roof and Ethan laughs 😂

  • Shaira Frye
    Shaira Frye 4 months ago +11

    42:19 their reaction though 🤣🤣

  • Finn Guntrip
    Finn Guntrip 2 months ago

    i love watching your videos, especially the Christmas ones! they always get me in the Christmas spirit so i watch them from the start of November every year! I've been doing it for about 5 years! 😁

  • frankie.is.random
    frankie.is.random 2 months ago +3

    The fact everyone else admit the times where they slightly abused their babies when they came to share at the end and Harry and Ethan said nothing about their abuse when they was the most abusive ones is hilarious to me
    Best vid👏🏽👏🏽😊😊🥰🥰

  • Madman-Goku
    Madman-Goku Year ago +5554

    Baby: *cries*
    Tobi: *plays a ksi song*
    Baby: *cries intensely*