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Dog Memes

  • Published on Mar 23, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Dog Memes
    Check these out or i will cry
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  • Svenne Karlsson
    Svenne Karlsson 2 months ago +179

    3:06 The concept of dogs not only understanding human struggles but also mimicking us while mocking us for them is way more hilarious than anything I've heard in a week.

    • BiggDoggK12
      BiggDoggK12 26 days ago +2

      im dying from laughter as a dog lover this is so funny LOL

    • PixieYT
      PixieYT 13 days ago

      Help. My. Wifi. Is. Terrible.!

    • The Glitch Master
      The Glitch Master 9 days ago

      2:38 it has a beard

  • daymare
    daymare 2 months ago +154

    I've never hear him laugh, it's a miracle! 4:45

  • Fionnuala Thompson
    Fionnuala Thompson Month ago +38

    11:59 I literally started bawling 😭

    • bxplanes
      bxplanes 27 days ago

      did he die or did he just get fired?

    • Jordan Williams
      Jordan Williams 26 days ago +1

      @bxplanesa lot of people would get angry at your comment but that’s a good question

    • Lisa Graupmann
      Lisa Graupmann 25 days ago

      Oml me toooo

    • bxplanes
      bxplanes 25 days ago

      @Jordan Williams i genuinely dont know tho

    • anuwat potiruk
      anuwat potiruk 14 days ago +1

      He got too old so the K-9 retired

  • Art-imator
    Art-imator 2 months ago +35

    As someone who has a dog, I can confirm they're cute and funny af

  • Woof Wuf
    Woof Wuf 2 months ago +73

    I am very congested and I started crying at this and couldn’t breathe. Rip that poor dog.

  • Kiturnip
    Kiturnip 2 months ago +378

    Animals are amazing

  • LigtngGremln
    LigtngGremln Month ago +7

    11:00 this is a good man right there I don’t know why they are arresting him

    • fishcelery4894
      fishcelery4894 11 days ago +1

      its edited.
      *dramatic music*
      *angry chanting with intense drumming in background*
      *cheering and applause*

  • Jackson Lee
    Jackson Lee 2 months ago +55

    I'm always amazed at just how many different kinds of dog personalities there are. I guess no matter who you are there is a dog that will be good for you.

  • Stickboi Animations
    Stickboi Animations 2 months ago +175

    My day is infinitely better because of this video

  • II N E K O II
    II N E K O II Month ago +6


    • Grayestspore
      Grayestspore 21 day ago


  • Justacorgi
    Justacorgi Month ago +11

    Dog memes honestly just make my day quite a lot better than usual ❤

  • iskyspaper
    iskyspaper 2 months ago +11

    8:38 When you just started playing and find a piece of armor

  • 包
     Month ago +24

    7:55 “Hello store owner, can you sell my dog a bag of orange Cheetos, not red cause they’re spicy, there’s $20 in her collar. If you don’t attend well my dog she’ll bite you. - The front neighbor”
    This made my day 😭

    • RetroBit
      RetroBit 5 days ago +1

      acaso eres español? 🤔

  • Guy In a Helmet
    Guy In a Helmet Month ago +5

    Watching this while sick in bed. Thanks for the cute dog pics 🥰

  • SplitFaceDragon
    SplitFaceDragon Month ago +4

    Today mark the lost of my dog a 17 year old chiweenie. She had been for most of my life she had to be gone when I barely became a adult and not even completing high school. This video did cheer me up it even got emotional at the 6:44 so I would have to say thanks you for that. You will be miss Bella.

    • C9 s
      C9 s 8 days ago

      i bet she was an amazing dog sorry for your loss hope your feeling better

  • Duolingo
    Duolingo Month ago +10

    0:16 died from cuteness

  • Moog City Mayor
    Moog City Mayor Month ago +4

    The dog shaved head one is terrifying yet so funny and cute at the same time. It looks like a dream demon but also like a strange little human. It's so late. I almost cried at the police dog dying one.

  • Gina Leanne A
    Gina Leanne A 2 months ago +26

    literally 18 seconds in and im gonna go on a cutness overload 0:18

  • Isla J. VB
    Isla J. VB 2 months ago +18

    "You have to name your dog after the last thing you ate" Tic Tac is actually a super cute name for a dog lol

  • _.-R1V3R-._
    _.-R1V3R-._ 27 days ago +1

    my favorite one of all dog memes
    "does your dog bite?"
    "no, it's worse... she judges."
    XD i love that one so much

  • Beckett Wagner
    Beckett Wagner Month ago

    I love how I was sitting on the couch when I was watching this video and playing with my dog

  • asdf
    asdf Month ago +1

    the police dog one actually made me cry, i bet he was a good boi and helped sniff out many criminals. RIP doggo...

  • r0ach.c0re
    r0ach.c0re 2 months ago +16

    I love animals in general. These make me smile. :DD

  • B̶l̶a̶c̶k̶b̶e̶r̶r̶y̶🖤

    Teacher: the test isn't that hard!
    Is this dog
    A: standing
    B: sitting
    C: laying down
    Edit: if D, all of the above, isn't an option, which one you going with? I'd go with B if I had to chose

  • andrew
    andrew 2 months ago +5

    This hit me hard I’m crying over here because no dog deserves to be abandoned they should deserve better❤

  • goofy ahh
    goofy ahh 27 days ago +2

    This honestly the best one I laughed at nearly all of them 😂❤

  • Chicken Nuggiez
    Chicken Nuggiez Month ago +3

    I'm not the biggest dog person, but these are all so cute! I just wanna squeeze them! ❤❤❤

  • DapperFrog_II
    DapperFrog_II 2 months ago +2

    11:59 rip, may his doggo soul be blessed

  • HY-PRO Heroes
    HY-PRO Heroes Month ago

    I'm probably gonna get a dog soon and watching this made me want one even more🙂

  • ForgottenChickenNugget

    12:05 I lived with my sister and her friend's family for a month and they had a dog who was like this her English name was Bella but her Navajo name meant Pig. She is so chubby and adorable and loves people so much. When I lived with them I had to take care of the dogs, Bella and Joseph. I took them on walks and fed them but Bella lived like this before she was reduced and I had to drive a few times to take them on certain walking trails and everyone time she would freak out and I had to pet her and talk to her and she wouldn't get out of the car until Joseph did. it broke my heart everytime.

  • Scott Chapple
    Scott Chapple Month ago +5

    12:16 Made Me Cry RIP George You Will Be Missed

  • Jenifer Smith
    Jenifer Smith 21 day ago

    This is the most wholesome thing I’ve seen all day

  • Beep Boop
    Beep Boop 2 months ago +7

    Hearing about George actually made me tear up

  • Adolf Rizzler
    Adolf Rizzler 14 days ago

    I had a smile on my face for the whole video

  • Tacoman123
    Tacoman123 2 months ago +2

    As a New Zealander, I can confirm that we are training robot dogs to herd sheep. (Also take over the world with Laser Kiwi(dont ask))

  • Chad
    Chad Month ago +1

    8:20 It seems as if my brother might be a dog.
    Edit:Upon further investigation his unusual barking and him crawling on all fours to my bedroom daily may imply that he is actually a dog

  • Mintkiity
    Mintkiity 2 months ago +5

    1:10 dog was fed up
    1:18 AWWW
    2:16 Thats so sweet ❤️
    2:35 VERY PRETTY
    2:54 he’s so happy 😭
    12:17 I’m sobbing at some of these

  • Patch
    Patch 2 months ago +2

    I smiled this entire video 😭

  • The Animation Nerd
    The Animation Nerd 14 days ago +1

    12:16 this is so sad, R.I.P this amazing dog, you will not be forgotten

  • Z
    Z 6 days ago

    This is the embodiment of not thinking you need something but realizing that you are now addicted to it

    • Z
      Z 6 days ago

      And when you run out of it to watch you drive your bed and land a double backflip and promptly wake everyone else up at 1:26 am and fall through the floor

  • Omar
    Omar 2 months ago +6

    5:35 man we all got dreams but you got a great one VaazkL, you're a cool person and I'm sure you'll get there!

  • MadGamingWolfYT
    MadGamingWolfYT 16 days ago

    I just remembered my dog because of this and I am so happy for my dog

  • Henry Peterson
    Henry Peterson 2 months ago +7

    12:00 thank you for your service you are not forgotten

  • Donna Thornton
    Donna Thornton Month ago +1

    This didn't just make my day. This made my whole year! 🐶❤💗❤

  • Starscream
    Starscream 18 days ago

    Cute animals and wholesome animals make my day and make me forget all my worries

  • Patrick_VR
    Patrick_VR Month ago +1

    Bro 10:29 had me Died on my floor 😂

  • Feenix
    Feenix Month ago +3

    0:43 I’m crying that’s so wholesome 🥹🥹🥹

  • • Ruby •
    • Ruby • Month ago

    Protect the good boy at all costs

  • jb
    jb 2 months ago +3

    0:52 what a smile :)

  • keith brown
    keith brown 2 months ago +3

    I lost my dog a few weeks ago and this made me both happy and sad.

    • Ryan Hass
      Ryan Hass 28 days ago +1

      Sorry to hear that, I don't suppose you've found it in the month since you wrote this? (Not to pry)

    • keith brown
      keith brown 28 days ago +1

      @Ryan Hass I meant that my dog passed away :(

    • Ryan Hass
      Ryan Hass 27 days ago +1

      @keith brown oh goodness, I'm sorry, what you wrote is so clear in retrospect. That's awful to hear though, I hope time is healing that wound.

    • keith brown
      keith brown 27 days ago +1

      @Ryan Hass It’s alright I do still miss her but I am moving on :)

  • speedz
    speedz Month ago

    i dont usually watch meme videos over 13 minutes, but this is special.

  • blockyz
    blockyz Month ago

    2:37 i was going to die from cuteness

  • Brayden Nelson
    Brayden Nelson Month ago

    My dog has been having health problems so this cheered me up

    DAVID HANSEN Month ago +1

    10:31 the booty boi has claimed 7 squeaking pigs and looks proud of his work. IM DYING OF LAUGHTER OVER HERE!!!

  • Interviduals
    Interviduals 2 months ago +5

    the "First day and Last day" absolutely broke me

  • Memegod
    Memegod Month ago

    These dogs deserve oscars

  • Lukeario797 ThoseTimes
    Lukeario797 ThoseTimes 2 months ago +2

    R.I.P. George.
    He is the best George.

  • THpilot
    THpilot Month ago

    When the meme of “what if you had to name your dog what you last ate.” I thought in my mind “your mom” and busted out laughing

  • Plainoats
    Plainoats 9 days ago

    That man hi devoted his life for old dogs to loved in their final days is the man of all time

  • Noah Amantite
    Noah Amantite 12 days ago

    This meme just gets me lmao 3:07

  • ExExEl
    ExExEl 2 months ago +4

    'If you had to name your dog after the last thing you ate, what would it be called?'
    Fruit Mint

  • Fun In The Chamber
    Fun In The Chamber Month ago +1

    The dude who trained the dog to bite Fortnite dancers is a national hero.

  • Missy Seal
    Missy Seal Month ago +1

    I'm crying the thumbnail is just to die for its SO SO SO. CUTE😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🐕🐕🐕🐕❤❤❤❤❤

  • parkour_warrior123
    parkour_warrior123 18 days ago

    8:36 is legit the funniest thing ive ever seen

  • Peachfang_wcue
    Peachfang_wcue Month ago

    If I had a dog who’s name was the last thing I ate, it would be Cereal. This is too cute

    • CringeNugget
      CringeNugget 16 days ago

      Mine would be Sushi I can’t 😭 ❤

  • TheUntitled_Animator
    TheUntitled_Animator 18 days ago

    1:53 I want to come home to this one day.

  • No koh
    No koh 2 months ago +15

    0:50 anyone else notice the dog was called miss peanut

  • Matrioszko
    Matrioszko 25 days ago

    this entire video is wholesome

  • Flipping_Awesome
    Flipping_Awesome Month ago

    "The last thing you ate is what you call this dog"
    Also me instinctively: Grandpa

  • TheImperialFlame
    TheImperialFlame Month ago

    0:19 the best face of a dog i have ever seen

  • Katana H
    Katana H 21 day ago

    They all need a hug.

  • Aedyn
    Aedyn 18 days ago

    11:59 it’s enough to make a grown man cry, and that’s OK.

  • OneCube
    OneCube 2 months ago +6

    1:25 "there's only space for one of us in this family"

  • Chopkewl
    Chopkewl 22 days ago

    11:01 good boy. Keep training those dogs like that

  • Adam van Zwieten
    Adam van Zwieten Month ago +1

    Im laughing so hard i cant breath and im crying

  • _.-R1V3R-._
    _.-R1V3R-._ 27 days ago

    im glad that store allows stray dogs there, that is so sweet! HELP, MY HEART IS MELTING🥹🥺

  • Potato Muffin
    Potato Muffin Month ago +3

    George's statue is in my town, right near the center of it. I was surprised when I saw it in this video, I literally said out loud: "Hey, that's in my town!"

  • Maarten De Maere
    Maarten De Maere 7 days ago

    12:00 had me crying 😭😭😭😭

  • Me am smort
    Me am smort 2 months ago +5

    The last one has found it’s homeland, he has found the land of the target dogs 13:52

  • royvie
    royvie 24 days ago

    we really don't deserve dogs I WANNA CRY AFTER SEEING THIS

  • galaxy wolf 1234
    galaxy wolf 1234 2 months ago

    The dog didn't photo bomb the photo, he made it a ✨masterpiece✨

  • friendless dudes friend wait a minute

    your dog when they see their best friend while going for a walking and they start playing with each other.

  • Doggolover
    Doggolover 12 days ago


  • Guy Sandler
    Guy Sandler 2 months ago +2

    The dog didn't photo bomb, the waterfall did

  • TheMinecraftPotato
    TheMinecraftPotato 2 months ago +3

    dogs are just so cute

  • OneCube
    OneCube 2 months ago +2

    0:53 First of all, it turned out amazing.Second of all, The waterfall photobombed HIS pic

  • S-Rank Edit Vibes
    S-Rank Edit Vibes 28 days ago

    I laughed so hard I choked on my lunch

  • Jack Dyer
    Jack Dyer 16 hours ago

    10:29 look at that good boy look at hi- OH MY GOD HIS FREAKING SMILE HOLY SHIT

  • Twinsplus1 ACL
    Twinsplus1 ACL 18 days ago

    1:12 they didn’t deserve him anyway’ he was too good for them😊 0:47 why not she’s adorable❤❤💅

  • Bloxbitz
    Bloxbitz 26 days ago

    F in the comments to pay respect to this poor pup 12:00

  • Raidens & Jax Youtube Channel


  • ☆ Jellycoral !! ☆
    ☆ Jellycoral !! ☆ 24 days ago

    11:59 / 12:17 / 12:50

  • SamiraRoseblood
    SamiraRoseblood Month ago

    he looks so magical🥺💗😍

  • SamiraRoseblood
    SamiraRoseblood Month ago +1

    dog legit did the "side eye" meme🤣1:14

  • Ruthie Witter
    Ruthie Witter 2 months ago

    I needed this so badly 🙇‍♀️❤️

  • StevenDaze
    StevenDaze 15 days ago


  • The Mad Sparrow
    The Mad Sparrow Month ago +4

    11:09 Karma. This guy deserves worse than that though

  • Zallaahh
    Zallaahh Month ago

    dogs are truly the gods of the multiverse they have a power over everything we need to make sure they get what they deserve

  • that one weirdo:p
    that one weirdo:p Month ago

    I feel like people don’t deserve dogs. They’ll love you without judging you. this video made me feel a bit better cause I recently lost my dog to lymphoma💔

  • Gamer4L1f3?
    Gamer4L1f3? 28 days ago

    1:59 this is perfect! 😂