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So I got the new ROBLOX DOORS ENDING & door 100 is COMPLETELY different.

  • Published on Jan 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Welcome back to Roblox Doors where in today's episode we are getting the brand new UPDATED ENDING! This update was incredible and we are still not done. We're coming back for a multiplayer video and also to check out some of the crazy secrets. Enjoy!!
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  • 8-BitRyan
    8-BitRyan  Month ago +871

    What you guys picking? Door A or number B?

  • Cris
    Cris Month ago +3282

    Fun Fact: The Glitch serves as a failsafe for when the game has trouble rendering certain rooms, it used to serve the purpose of bringing back players who were trailing behind the group in multiplayer, since the game stops rendering earlier rooms as you progress for the sake of performance, but that purpose was replaced by a different entity in the new update, so it can only be found in rare occasions where room generation fails

    • Curious light
      Curious light Hour ago

      Fun fact:you can get glitch before you open door 1

    • Duckyvision
      Duckyvision Day ago

      Glitch also comes if you fall out the world

    • FunnyManCaleb
      FunnyManCaleb 15 days ago

      Glitch also served as anti-softlock(ish) measure for when a room either improperly loaded, or failed to load.

    • HairuZ_Ripin
      HairuZ_Ripin 16 days ago

      The Glitch is not an entity, even Guiding Light not sure who is Glitch.

    • CityLights
      CityLights 20 days ago


  • Emerald
    Emerald Month ago +291

    More tips for Figure: Broken wood being stepped on also makes noise but not too much for him to hear from across the room and you can grab the book and equip a different item or un-equip it so it doesn’t block your sight

  • Ender 010
    Ender 010 Month ago +346

    Little tip if you play again, when putting in the code in the library, if you right click the number it goes backwards, so from 9 to 0 instead of 0 to 9, its useful for codes with a lot of higher digits
    Also, for the secret at door 60, to open the metal gate you need to flip the switch at door 61, and then go back to the secret area and the door will be opened. Past that however, the door is locked and requires two lockpicks and the skeleton key.

  • Xiinar
    Xiinar Month ago +339

    this game feels like a cross between the back rooms and spooky’s house of jumpscares (god that was such a gem, hits my nostalgia nerve real hard) while also being original enough to be its own plot- glad it’s getting the recognition it deserves

    • Phoenix
      Phoenix Month ago

      Omg THAT game, awesome

    • matcha
      matcha Month ago +2

      @yeet fr, that game was unique above the rest and was underrated, one of the first indie horror games that actually scared the living soul out of me

    • yeet
      yeet Month ago +2

      I remember spooky's. Such an underrated game

    • Thecooldudenoob
      Thecooldudenoob Month ago +3

      The backrooms I don't think had any relation to this game though still it's meant to be kind of like a liminal space

    • Thecooldudenoob
      Thecooldudenoob Month ago

      @Michael Peck correct

  • JulliaStark
    JulliaStark Month ago +437

    This update was great, the original ending was really underwhelming so a remake was definitely in line, and I’m glad they used the “Figure Angered” song. Would be a shame if it went unused

  • spr7nt
    spr7nt Month ago +1087

    A little secret u may wanna check out:
    behind the closet in door 60 is a maze that leads to a secret. Just make sure you have the skeleton key, 2 lockpicks and turn on the switch in door 61. That's All I am gonna say for now :)

    • jacobmakescontent
      jacobmakescontent Month ago

      @EirPlen that makes the bot more like a bot.

    • BeepDuck
      BeepDuck Month ago


    • DevRaven
      DevRaven Month ago

      @Emperor Moist everytime i go to the A-000 rooms it is either door 60 or door 64. It might just be that the RNG i have for room generation is really bad but it only spawns in those two for me.
      *Prob just how much random luck I have. It is possible to spawn inbetweeen 60-65 because it happens to me and other Clip-Sharers have experienced it before too.*

    • Samuel Kaša
      Samuel Kaša Month ago

      @EktoAnimations lmao I mean that it's literally not always door 60 that has the secret

    • EktoAnimations
      EktoAnimations Month ago

      @Samuel Kaša what do you mean

  • Simtonic
    Simtonic Month ago +79

    Love that Ryan is starting to appreciate more roblox horror games. Devs really did a good job

  • SMToon Entertainment
    SMToon Entertainment Month ago +61

    For people who didn't know, you can use the crucifx on seek and figure, it will stop them for a little bit, but useful

    • McCree_ALEXdoc
      McCree_ALEXdoc Month ago +3

      And at the stairs leading to the elevator if you go down the stairs there's some kind of rift that you can put a item in that I think either stays there next run or gives you that item in the begining of your next run

  • Yandere Isa-Kun
    Yandere Isa-Kun Month ago +46

    Ryan not only completed this game in one run, he did it with 1hp left at the end even without the lighter for most of the run. That’s a history making legend of Doors.

  • Thiago Games
    Thiago Games Month ago +60

    17:10 -
    Glitch is an entity that used to teleport the players in multiplayer if they stayed away from the group. That utility of glitch is now replaced by Void. Glitch's only utility is to save the player incase a room fails to load.

  • glitch guy
    glitch guy Month ago +23

    Tip: There are stairs that go down instead of up where you see the figure at door 100 that lead to a rift that you can store one item in to keep for your next run.

  • BeastPerfect
    BeastPerfect Month ago +630

    LSplash really outdid theirselves in this update. It's really impressive on how much everything looks like compared to their previous update and this is literally just their 1st huge update on doors.

    • NagitoHuntingMan
      NagitoHuntingMan Month ago

      @Camden Smith Omori and FNF has the same issue.
      Delayed/still updated,but when updated,it is the most banger thing ever.

    • The Grim Reaper
      The Grim Reaper Month ago

      @Camden Smith They are a small team. They didnt even have real animators before.

    • Vaihly
      Vaihly Month ago

      @Camden Smith Oh ok

    • Camden Smith
      Camden Smith Month ago

      @Vaihly but for almost a year it’s a little disappointing especially since how popular it is not saying I hate the update I quite like it but just saying it took a while

    • Vaihly
      Vaihly Month ago

      @Camden Smith I played during release lol, and i actually expected the update to release in like a year and a half lol

  • Ana Soares
    Ana Soares Month ago +42

    ways to deal with Dupe
    1. keep track of the room # before you go in, you are also given a few seconds after entering a dupe room to check the previous door until the number tag disappears.
    2. if you forget the room, go near (not too near) the 2 doors, you may hear breathing: that is Dupe.
    3. you can wait for rush/ambush to open the door since they also go to the correctly numbered door.
    4. if it's a key room, find the key and look closely at it, since it will store the door # on it, while this is probably going to get removed in later updates, use it while you can.
    ROXLOX 😎
    edit: no more roxlox :(

    • Thorak
      Thorak Month ago

      you can also stand next to a door and listen for odd sounds. if you hear them, then dupe in in that door

    • Emi
      Emi Month ago

      the real door opens from further away, meaning that standing to the side of it will open it, but doing it near the dupe door requires being right up next to it and also directly in front of it.

    • Ana Soares
      Ana Soares Month ago

      @Tony and Sammy Club i have to love that ROXLOX

    • Tony and Sammy Club
      Tony and Sammy Club Month ago +1

      @Atomic_shroomz 8bitryan misspelled it in the title

    • Atomic_shroomz
      Atomic_shroomz Month ago +1

      Uhhhh roxlox?

  • Epic warcrimes 2.0
    Epic warcrimes 2.0 Month ago +22

    In case you didn’t know the glicth is only there when a level fails to load or loads wrong so you don’t have to worry about encountering him repeatedly

  • Sphinxz
    Sphinxz Month ago +17

    Thank you for providing entertainment Ryan, you deserve something from me after years of watching 👾

    • Yosh1
      Yosh1 Month ago +1

      I didn't know you can donate thrue the comments

  • Olsi Ismaili
    Olsi Ismaili Month ago +12

    this is epic. You should play this on multiplayer with friends for sure
    Also that secret place at door 60 a lot of people are talking about is a reference to the game that inspired doors (Rooms). To unlock the entrance you will need 2 lockpicks, a skull/skeleton key and open the gate on Door 61. Once you go through, beating it will be an adventure.
    *spoiler and how to survive:*
    There's 1000 rooms, with 2 achievements, one for escaping at around room 200, could be further, where you see an Exit. And there's one more at room 1000 for beating the rooms. (Takes around 2 hours or more)
    There are 3 entities:
    A-60: he's rush except you only spot him with sound cues since rooms does not have lights (which is why you need a flashlight or you can purchase a gummy flashlight at the start for 10 coins).
    A-90: he's basically a jumpscare, he appears for about half a second on your screen and if you do any movement or chatting, he will deal 95dmg, and insta kill you if you do it for a bit too long.
    A-120: he's a couple of smiley faces, less louder than A-60 but still fairly hearable, and he only spawns if the PREVIOUS room had any lockers. He also spawns in front of the room you just entered, and also if you try to continue, it'll say something along the lines of "something is preventing you to continue".
    Goodluck surviving these monsters, as they're fairly easy but since there's 1000 rooms, it'll just take forever.
    Last thing i have to say: all monsters spawn at any room, but have higher chances after their respected number. A-90 being the most common.

    • Deeps
      Deeps Month ago

      @Albert Wesker FR, I keep dying cuz of him.

    • Albert Wesker
      Albert Wesker Month ago

      A-90 is flipping annoying

  • Saoyed
    Saoyed Month ago +6

    I love how they made the finale terrifying but it’s not that hard, it feels really good to play

  • BlueBerry
    BlueBerry Month ago +721

    Heads up for those of you who want to play this in multi-player, DO NOT advance after beating figure until every one is by the exit, because if you don't then figure just kills everyone other than you.

    • the aqua and the scorpio
      the aqua and the scorpio Month ago

      Figure-d that out the hard way 😂😂😂

    • Yuki the great
      Yuki the great Month ago

      Nice advice man but i think either way they will just have to FIGURE it out

    • A Shifty Leaf
      A Shifty Leaf Month ago

      @hello five everytime I see open na noor I always read it in the guys voice kills me everytime 😂

    • meme lord
      meme lord Month ago

      Yeah my dumbass friends found out the hard way when exiting while I was having a stare-off with figure

    • Suki
      Suki Month ago

      @Nathaniel Pounds me because I thought crucifix would oof him💀💀💀🤣😂🤣

  • LightNight
    LightNight Month ago +8

    The Glitch pretty much is a scare and helpful. If you’re game doesn’t render doors, it appears to teleport you. Same with if you lack behind in multiplayer.

    • MushMash
      MushMash Month ago +1

      They actually changed the entity for staying behind in multiplayer 😳

  • PlutoIsn'tReal
    PlutoIsn'tReal Month ago +3

    The Glitch has always been in the game, it used to be used for multiplayer but now its mostly used when you progress faster than the game can generate rooms.

  • Heavenly Light Disaster Ch.

    If you ever try go through that blocked door that is usually 61, here's what you need/do: When you get there, you need to go through the next door and pull the lever. When you do, go back. Then you'll just need 2 lockpicks and the skeleton key

  • 𝐆𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐥 𝐍𝐮𝐠𝐠𝐞𝐭

    even with horror games, Ryan's videos are so weirdly calming.

  • H Huntsman
    H Huntsman Month ago

    something you could try to do to maneuver better around the dark areas is looking at the ground and following the carpets

  • Grasp Of The Revenant
    Grasp Of The Revenant Month ago +653

    In order to interact to the gate in room 60, you can unlock the gate by completing room 61, and then go back to room 60. And also make sure to prepare 2 lockpicks and 1 skeleton key in order to enter.

    • HeccFunk
      HeccFunk Month ago

      hope he sees this

    • Ramen Noodle
      Ramen Noodle Month ago

      @Emperor Moist Yeah, and he probably won't see what is behind that gate before he knows that you need to press the lever in the next room. I guess the skeleton key and 2 lock pick part is a bit too much but at the same time, if he needs to do another run after opening the gate and realising that you need 2 lock picks and a skeleton key then he'd just be wasting recording time and the run in general. Also, no one spoiled the thing behind the gate, just the things you need after the gate.

    • Emperor Moist
      Emperor Moist Month ago

      @Grasp Of The Revenant the door itself. He doesnt even know there is a door behind there so he doesn’t know what to expect. You ruin the surprise of there being a whole different realm basically, if he has eyes (which he does) he will be able to tell that it requires a skull key and 2 picks so it’s not like you have to tell him

    • Emperor Moist
      Emperor Moist Month ago

      @Ramen Noodle he didn’t see what was beyond the gate, would be cool if he could see that for himself tho instead of the comments telling him what it is what what to do and what it leads to

  • Enzo4Life
    Enzo4Life Month ago

    your videos are always amazing and I love to watch a little bit of 8 bitryan to top my day off. Keep on going with this entertaining, astonishing content xxx

  • TEF The Emerald Fountain

    Hey Ryan! Thanks s much for playing this again. Would love to see a speedrunning video / stream too!

  • Kimmick
    Kimmick Month ago

    The doors saga continues 😁🤩
    Trying my best to catch up on your videos, Ryan. I've got a good backlog which lasts me several hours, so I'm hyped 😍

  • DatPirateGamer
    DatPirateGamer Month ago +2

    By the way, on door 100 you can actually go downstairs. There's a portal that you can use to save an item for your next run! you could have slipped the cross in there for the next time you played. It also gives an achievement for using it. Nice work!!!

  • Not Plezp
    Not Plezp Month ago

    There's a cool thing you should check out but you'll need 2 Lockpicks and a Skeleton Key. Once you reach door 60 search for a secret entrance behind one of the Lockers, after that you'll be in a small maze. You will see a gate closing your path to somewhere else. That means in the next door (61) you will have to find a lever which will open the gate in there, after that you go back to door 60 and there you go, open the Locks with teh lockpicks and use the skeleton key on the skull.

  • Nekokami
    Nekokami Month ago +254

    ⚠️ Important tip for multiplayer!!⚠️
    For multiplayer at door 50, you must wait until everyone in front of the door before solving the puzzle, and you all must exit the door together when the door opens. No leaving anyone behind because Figure will targeted everyone (except those who already exit the library) Figure will run at max speed and killed them when they're left behind!!!
    Also if you gonna play with Dawko, he never beat Doors before, he got so close when he's playing with Fusion but he died because of figure at door 100, maybe you can help him Ryan

    • Kaiza Cat
      Kaiza Cat Month ago

      Nahhh the Figure thing happened with me and I was so confused LMAO😭💀

    • Taqwa duraid
      Taqwa duraid Month ago

      @Thecooldudenoob theres actually a secret figure and a floor if you do that and just like i said a very important tip

    • Dxse
      Dxse Month ago

      Funny this happened to me, bro just went "woops" and carried on without 3 peopel

    • Anonymous Anonymous
      Anonymous Anonymous Month ago

      Well Figure DOES go for escapees, but it gets stuck on an invisible wall. Of course, it's still ON the escape, so pretty much only a crucifix can save you

    • Drëw
      Drëw Month ago

      I thought they changed this, I was playing a day ago and the figure never came after us when we unlocked door

  • Nully
    Nully Month ago +4

    I hope the game comes with more updates. I really want to see them expand this game even more

  • Vanilla EXE
    Vanilla EXE Month ago +1

    The animations are so damn smooth, the music is really fitting in the mood and the jumpscares are very well made
    A literal masterpiece

  • krln
    krln Month ago +2

    At the room 100 you can actually go downstairs and there is a secret rift that allows you to keep one item, so you have it right at the start of the next game. You can keep the cross, so you can have it before door 50 and you can use the cross against seek for the achievement.

  • SimuraiiAlt
    SimuraiiAlt Month ago

    That gate behind the closet, you need to flip the switch in the next room to open it. You also need a skeleton key and 2 lock picks as well.

  • nerd
    nerd Month ago

    to open the gate on door 60, you must need 2 lockpicks and a skeleton key, then open the gate using the lever on door 61, go back to 60 and open the door.
    hope you'll find this usefull

  • egg_boi
    egg_boi Month ago +235

    17:03 that happens in singleplayer when a room fails to load properly so glitch just takes you to the next room, however in multiplayer, if you are too far behind from your fellow allies, then glitch will take you to them but takes away your health

    • L commenter
      L commenter Month ago

      glitch no longer teleports you to the next room

    • Da Dog
      Da Dog Month ago

      @Mini Whiffy3 what? Void appears in light rooms too. I think you need to go test it out yourself

    • Mini Whiffy3
      Mini Whiffy3 Month ago

      ​@Da Dog void is just glitch but if you are lost in a dark room and your teammates leave you behind glitch is just if generation failed or you've been left behind in a lightened room

    • MageNinja
      MageNinja Month ago

      @Bluey no i think you got attacked by something at the same time you got tp’d bc that happened to me with void and rush

    • Bluey
      Bluey Month ago

      @MageNinja Void does 50% of ur hp im pretty sure but he can't kill you since I lost half my health when I encountered void.

  • Cortinated
    Cortinated Month ago +1

    If ryan ever goes back and does multiplayer:
    NEVER WAIT FOR CLOSETS. At the beginning, take advantage of the time you are given in the closets. It is crucial to surviving with 4 players and can save your life many times.

  • Luffytaro (一块)
    Luffytaro (一块) Month ago +2

    13:35 you need the skull key and 2 lock picks, here after flipping the lever down go back to that same passage.

  • plybot GD
    plybot GD Month ago

    for the room with the yellow glow, you need to go forwards to a room with a lever than activates another gate, then you go back and you need a skeleton key + 2 lock picks. you'll end up the rooms, which is another roblox game, but this is a different version (just called rooms though) which inspired doors. you can buy a green flashlight for 10 gold and you click to shake it up. hope this helps! glad you checked out doors again!

  • Rec0h
    Rec0h Month ago +1

    to open door 61 you need to open the basement lever and then use the skelton key and 2 lockpicks. Goodluck there, trust me you will need it

  • Cayko Bako
    Cayko Bako Month ago

    17:02 the glitch has always been part of the game. it is meant to bring players in multiplayer that are far behind to the rest of the group.

  • Germanp778
    Germanp778 Month ago +1

    If you want to get through the secret gate in door 60, you gotta pull the lever in the dark cellar room first, which is in door 61 or 62, then head back to the secret and it'll be open. Once you go in, you'll get a secret, the rest is up for you to figure out. I would really want to see you do this, the reward for getting past whatever the secret is, is amazing... if you can do it

    R4GE SEPT1X Month ago +3

    at the secret area at door 60 you'll need to switch the lever in 61 which is the room right after, then go back to the area and make sure you have 2 lockpicks and 1 skeleton key.

  • katastrophy
    katastrophy Month ago

    The lever in room 61 opens the gate for the room in 60 (the maze room behind the wardrobe). You will need 2 lockpicks and a skeleton key.

  • PexilHart
    PexilHart Month ago

    i'd love to see you play this with others, it's fun alone but a lot more fun with friends in my experience

  • Pobeehpo
    Pobeehpo Month ago +1

    *To get the secret on door 60 you need to get the skeleton key and 2 lockpicks, after 60 there will always be a dark lever room, when you pull that lever go back to the secret, use the 2 lockpicks, use the skeleton key then enter. I won’t spoil anything after that point Ryan :D*

  • Cartoony
    Cartoony Month ago +137

    12:59 That gate you found actually contains a secret door that leads to something entirely different.
    You just need two lockpicks and a skeleton key to unlock it. But first, you have to unlock the gate by pulling the lever in the room ahead of you.

    • AlphaMarker
      AlphaMarker Month ago

      @SliderDies he didn’t even know it existed anyway

    • Be Evil
      Be Evil Month ago +7

      @SliderDies He couldn't open it, he didn't have money to buy the skeleton key

    • SliderDies
      SliderDies Month ago

      Bruh just left and didn’t even look for the lever

    • xcubie
      xcubie Month ago +2

      liking so he sees this i really want him to explore this secret

  • Lemonhead 15
    Lemonhead 15 Month ago

    The Glitch is a very rare entity that appears if - for some reason - the room ahead of you doesn't connect correctly to the room you're currently in, or if you lag behind your friends. If the room ahead doesn't load, it'll teleport you painlessly. If not, you'll take 33% of your HP in damage.

  • funny dino
    funny dino Month ago

    13:12 Its possible to get pass the gate, when you go to door 61 and you pull down the lever instead of going to the next door go back to this area. and make sure to have a *skeleton key* and a 2 lock picks. (I very much recommend bringing a flashlight before doing this)

  • Jen
    Jen Month ago

    First run, no light source, a pinky nail worth of health left. Nice job Ryan!

  • Kkristalist
    Kkristalist Month ago

    On door 60 with the gate at the secret passageway, in order to get it open, you need to flip the switch on 61, go back to 60, and open a special door using 2 lockpicks and the skeleton key. Hitting continue will bring you to a place called the rooms where you can get the hidden achievement A-1000

  • TheLimeMint𖢇
    TheLimeMint𖢇 Month ago +1

    Hey Ryan, regarding that secret gate on 60, go to 61 and pull the level in the basement and go back. you will need a skeleton key and 2 lockpicks. Keep up the good work 😀

  • vortexguy123
    vortexguy123 Month ago +1

    tip: right click in the number code on door 50 to lower the number by one. you can also change 0 to 9 by right clicking on a 0 which makes getting high numbers faster

    EPIPHANY Month ago

    Fun Fact: There is a room in door 100 that acts as a portal of sorts. If you place an item in it, like the crucifix, it will be in the lobby next time you playthrough

  • Shah Wali Baqi
    Shah Wali Baqi Month ago

    I love how he checks everything so he doesn't miss anything that's smart cause for example if you're about to fight a boss make sure to check everywhere so you can get prepared for the boss

  • Akashi
    Akashi Month ago

    17:02 this happened because the game had an issue rendering the next room, so Glitch warped you to a newly-generated room

    • Moonbroyal2935
      Moonbroyal2935 Month ago

      No, its the same room. The previous rooms got deleted because they intersected with the new room

  • Lonewolf3515
    Lonewolf3515 Month ago

    I always, always, always appreciate and like a good collab. :) Go for it Ryan! :D

  • SaterxGaming
    SaterxGaming Month ago +40

    I hope he gets the secret room at door-60 at some point. Also fun fact, you actually CAN open it. To do it, you just need to go to door 61, activate the switch, then go back to that blocked off area, it should be open. Though don’t bother going there if you do not have 2 lock picks and a skeleton key. Those are requirements for opening the secret door

    • k lol
      k lol Month ago

      @*insert random name* bruh ur fault for checking comments in the first place

    • Miss Dire
      Miss Dire Month ago +4

      When will people learn that the comments always have spoilers. 🙄

    • Mini Whiffy3
      Mini Whiffy3 Month ago +4

      @*insert random name* why are you here if you didn't want them?

    • *insert random name*
      *insert random name* Month ago

      Thanks for the spoilers.

    • Death
      Death Month ago

      Let him figure it out himself, keep the instructions vague.

  • XthaX
    XthaX Month ago

    at door 100, you can go downstairs and leave an item for the beginning of the next run, which is how you get the "Interconnected" achievement.

  • León Burgos Meneses

    Amazing how he managed to beat the game with barely any HP left... even Timothy could have caused a Game Over at that point!

  • Spongebob Story
    Spongebob Story Month ago

    behind the closet in door 60 is a maze that leads to a secret. Just make sure you have the skeleton key, 2 lockpicks and turn on the switch in door 61. That's All I am gonna say for now :)

  • Random_Username Gamer

    Also Ryan, with the secret room in 60 - 70, there is switch in 61 and you need to use it to get back to 60 and go through the gate which you need 2 lockpicks and one skeleton key to open the secret door. The rest is up to you.

  • E gamer
    E gamer Month ago +2

    There is a secret door in door 60 but you need 2 picklocks and skeleton key to unlock the "A-00" door. But first you may see a gate, to unlock it you must get to the next room, find a switch and then you can go right straight in and unlock the door with 2 picklocks and 1 skeleton key. You will be teleported to the first room of the game that doors inspired "Rooms". You made see a green flashlight but you have to spam click to make it full battery cuz its a glow stick. Tips for the entities. First, A-60. Obviously he start attack somewhere in A-60. Just like rush but the difference is no flicker and must hide in a locker. Next is A-90. Duh he attacks in A-90 but if you see his face and change into a a stop sign YOU MUST STOP and when he is gone you may continue. Since its rooms you dont have to rush because A-60 may come then you see A-90 dont rush or else you lose A LOT OF HEALTH. The last entity is A-120. He may rebound anytime so basically like ambush. That is all the entities. But the exit could be somewhere in the 200 but not too far. You may exit and continue doors or waste your time and continue in rooms getting to A-1000 but good thing no new entities throughout A-1000. You are welcome for the secret room.

  • TG
    TG Month ago +57

    13:30 there will always be one of those lever pull thing rooms ahead of it, once you pull it, turn to the secret room again and make sure to bring 2 lock-picks and a skeleton key.

    • Victor
      Victor Month ago +2

      @Panel you will enter the rooms, where A-60 will be and 2 new ones, the rooms is an original game and doors is based on that game, the rooms go to room 1000 but every 100 or 200 door, you can choose to go back to doors where you left off, sadly you cant use the crucifix on those 3 entities

    • DoggoDoge
      DoggoDoge Month ago

      @Panel watch a video about it

    • Panel
      Panel Month ago

      What happen when you open

    • DoggoDoge
      DoggoDoge Month ago

      Yea I encounter that secret room and i was 1 lock pick short

  • Kirsty Shepherd
    Kirsty Shepherd Month ago

    It’s sad, you could of saved your crucifix. Let me explain. At the bottom of floor 100, down the staircase there is a rift. You can put an item in the rift to preserve it for next round. I hope this helps you next time if so!

  • DevilBoy / Banjo
    DevilBoy / Banjo Month ago

    At floor 100 try going down stairs before repairing the breaker box but you might want to consider saving an item.

  • DevinatorCSFO
    DevinatorCSFO Month ago

    Ok for the secret room, there's always one of the rooms that need a lever to be pulled to continue right? But its always right after the secret room, so pull that lever and go back to the gate.

  • Torque
    Torque Month ago

    Gotta love Ryan getting the new "Roxlox Doors" Ending 🙏

  • DaniAaron
    DaniAaron Month ago

    Been an fan since 2019, I'm super glad your doing great. Love you Ryan!

  • Exslueterra
    Exslueterra Month ago +62

    Hey man, there's a really sick but scary secret they added, which deserves its own video to be honest. There is a broken part in a wall around room 60, it is hidden behind a cluster of closets. All I'll say is, you'll need two lockpicks, a skeleton key (DON'T use it in the infirmary, save it!), and the switch pulled in the next room. The first time I went through this secret I was TERRIFIED. It's... eerie.
    Edit: On room 50, with the lock you can right click on any slot to move a number back. useful for numbers 6-9.

    • Snaproductions
      Snaproductions Month ago

      You can get the skull key and the cross in drawers,on drawers and also in chests

    • TheBoss1987
      TheBoss1987 Month ago +1

      @Miss Dire Let's just spoil it in the most vague way possible, Rooms

    • Miss Dire
      Miss Dire Month ago

      I see so many people talking about this, but I want to know what this secret is.

    • TheBoss1987
      TheBoss1987 Month ago +2

      This is the most helpful tip I've seen yet

  • renagade
    renagade Month ago

    Somebody needs to convert doors into a full on online indie game, this game is so awesome.

  • Bakhurr
    Bakhurr Month ago

    You might wanna check out the other skull door. It not only requires the skull key but also 2 lockpicks to open. A big price to pay in exchange fro leaving the hotel 👀

  • J Games
    J Games Month ago

    Tip for 2nd seek chase. If you get 2 lefts/2 rights, the next roundabout CANNOT be the same turn. This is because everyone knows that 3 of the same turn makes you go back where you came from. Also, if you got 2 lefts(or right) then a straight, the next room still cannot be left. (According to my calculations that is.)

    AROSE NIGHTMAR3 Month ago

    I can't wait for the next Dead Space part! Here's to hoping you play the second game too, they're both really good, the second game had more jumpscares though

  • Heru Williams
    Heru Williams Month ago +12

    This game has been incredible I love the new npcs I love the cultured game references like the herbs from “resident evil” or the tips for “college” like Temmie from “undertale” I love the revamped animations it all is so great.

  • Hay Yeh
    Hay Yeh Month ago

    I do wanna see you play it with friends, especially the secret rooms you still haven't found. Can't wait for the next big update of doors tho

  • Aztechs
    Aztechs Month ago +1

    Hey Ryan, another little secret in the new update, if you are being chased by seek or the figure in door 100, you can use the crucifix to stop them and it activates 2 achievements that are pretty cool 👍

  • That one commenter
    That one commenter Month ago

    If you go to level 62, around there find the latch normally then go back and find the crack in the wall. You'll enter the rooms which is a whole new section

  • KingBoi
    KingBoi Month ago

    In the Room 60 Easter egg, make sure to have 2-3 lockpicks and enough money to buy a Skeleton Key from Jeff. After that, you need to find the Switch down in basement and press it. After that, go back to the hidden room and it should be unlocked. Use the lockpicks and skeleton key on it and it should be unlocked. Just beware, because it's insanely difficult and you have to pay heavy attention to sound cues.

  • Pandaboeet
    Pandaboeet Month ago

    This guy hasn't played doors in a long time, yet he is still good at it. (He has only made one recent video, so I said "in a long time")

  • mask
    mask Month ago +3

    7:35 I can't believe Ryan just gnomed his viewers like that

  • unfunny - guy
    unfunny - guy Month ago +2

    fun fact: dupe makes a sound effect in the door it hides in, so you can just listen for it rather then paying attention to what door you're in.

  • Colin Leaptrot
    Colin Leaptrot Month ago

    My hands were sweaty and shaky during door 100 even though Ryan was the one playing it.
    Just goes to show Doors is THAT good of a horror game. Also, if Ryan is seeing this then here's a tip for you: Make sure to look around yourself every once and a while because you can actually get rid of screech before he makes the "Psst" sound so you can decrease your chances of dying to him.

  • PickledScab6996
    PickledScab6996 Month ago

    Hey Ryan I heard you talking about our door speed run! I would have 100% be interested but here are some tips if you want to keep your time to a minimum make sure to cut around corners and stick to the wall it might only shave off a few milliseconds but they add up in the end and also don't check drawers unless you know 100% there's going to be something good inside them like that desk drawer

  • Nabz Miya 🗸
    Nabz Miya 🗸 Month ago +1

    Hello Ryan. In the library room yo7 can stick to the corners instead of hiding in closets. You don’t need to camp corners but be near them

  • Cyro
    Cyro Month ago +16

    The Rooms is interesting, I won’t spoil it, but you can only encounter 3 enetities.
    Tips and fun facts:
    - The Rooms is one room back and appears at or after door 60, the room after is always a gated off door (the one with the cellar). Pull the lever and walk back to the hole in the wall.
    - The Figure walks away in the library because of a painting falling
    - The ending cutscene has each player doing a different pose
    - The Crucifix/Cross can be used against all of the entities except Hide and Jack. The Figure and Seek can only be stopped temporarily
    - To avoid being hit by Dupe always look at the door you enter once you learn the room layout.
    - Glitch acts as a failsafe for rooms that didn’t despawn or overlap with other rooms ir any other issues that could break the game. My friend had a back-to-back encounter when Rush came through and went to The Library as well as encountering Dupe.
    - Go downstairs, I suggest you keep something until the end of your run, all I can say is: “Enjoy, future me!”
    - There is an achievement for hiding from Rush without the use of a closet or bed. You need a door to have a room or multiple rooms (like the X junction with three other doors)
    - Doors without a sign that aren’t damaged or missing a handle can be opened to find a chest or drawers or a closet, sometimes the chest needs to be lockpicked but there’s at most 100 gold

    • Akashi
      Akashi Month ago

      @Naw bro yes. you can hear Dupe on the other side of the door before you open it.

    • Naw bro
      Naw bro Month ago

      You can apparently hear the dupe

    • Eyes 👁️‍🗨️
      Eyes 👁️‍🗨️ Month ago

      @Gibbsy nope there's 3

    • Gibbsy
      Gibbsy Month ago

      i swear there is only 2 entities to encounter?

  • Tobia
    Tobia Month ago

    Ryan doing a speedrun? That'd be awesome to see ngl, especially if it's a game he genuinely enjoys!

  • Phobos
    Phobos Month ago +1

    In fact, in door 60, you need 2 lockpicks, a skeleton key, and to pull the level in door 61. Then you will be teleported to the Rooms, where there are 3 entities, and 1000 doors. You can escape before door 1000, however.

  • Naf
    Naf Month ago

    Dude! I would love a collab with you Dawko and Baz, especially after the Escape the Backrooms video, it’s so fun to watch you three play!

  • M3SS
    M3SS Month ago +1

    And to just think how it all started and where we are now, not to mention they havent even made a second floor, the dev's truly want us to remember doors in a few years from now and say it was a good game.

  • Greenbird Gaming
    Greenbird Gaming Month ago +1

    Btw, yes, figure can kill you while you are cracking the code, it's just incredibly rare. It happened to me last run when I was too scared to go back down to get the second and last digit. In case you didn't know, I am horrible at Figure, and have never gotten last door 50 in my LIFE.

  • Acrooms
    Acrooms Month ago +3

    It's so great seeing how Lsplash is still working and updating doors in a extremely cool way!

  • Luceus4
    Luceus4 Month ago

    I'm sure many other's have said this but at 13:14 in that room you do the door 61 lever then come back to this room and the gate will be open, you need two lock picks and a skeleton key as well, i wont tell you what is there though. Also on door 100 before you do the breaker puzzle you can go down the stairs to a secret area

  • Luke Bettison
    Luke Bettison Month ago

    can't wait for episode 3 and 4 where he finds out how to do the secret.

  • Milky
    Milky Month ago

    Don't know if anyone mentioned this but on level 100, if you go downstairs instead of upstairs, there is a rift like crack where if you sacrifice an item like lockpick, the next run you play, the rift will spawn in the start and you will be able to get your item back. Edit: Forgot to include you also get a badge for it.

  • DeathAtNoon12
    DeathAtNoon12 Month ago

    rooms unload when you go further, so after like 5 or so rooms, the 6th room is deleted from your game

  • DiamondOnYT
    DiamondOnYT Month ago +1

    Ryan, the “secret” number 60 room you went into had that door closed because you didn’t flip the lever. Id like to see you find out what is behind it. ;)

  • Rayzerbeam
    Rayzerbeam Month ago +4

    It'd be so cool if, when they update the game and add the next section of the game you'd start with like 50% health after the Elevator cutscene seeing as you'd probably not get hurt from that fall