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50 Hours In A Country That Doesn't Exist On A Map (Transnistria)

  • Published on Oct 10, 2021 veröffentlicht
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    WE'RE BACK! Weekly uploads until December then every 2 weeks! We've been filming a lot recently, it's been crazy being able to do this again. We've got lots of life updates coming along with some of the most epic adventures to date.
    On this trip, Eric and Thomas head to a country in Eastern Europe that doesn't exist that calls itself Transnistria.. Considered dangerous to travel to by some familiar with the region.. They decided to travel there without any itinerary and see what they find.
    This idea was submitted to us by Nick Bowlby in our Creative Internship program we hosted last year! We had 6 people from the Yes Fam pitch ideas for us every week for a few months and lots of great things came out of that, including this one. So shout-out to the Yes Fam and Nick for getting us out to this strange and unique “country”.
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Comments • 18 593

  • Yes Theory
    Yes Theory  Year ago +9257

    You HAVE to watch this until the end.. You seriously won't believe what happens while we're in the "country". But ah it FEELS GOOD TO BE BACK! We're going to roll weekly the next few months until December then stick with videos every two weeks! Got so many crazy adventures coming your way very soon I hope you're excited. We're definitely not the first to travel and make a story about Transnistria so shout-out to all the other creator who had already been. Hope you enjoy our take on it and the crazy end of our trip. Much love and see you next week! - Thomas

    • Infinite Inspiration
      Infinite Inspiration Month ago

      God bless you guys 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

    • Thom Perkins
      Thom Perkins Month ago

      @История против ватыDoesn't matter. The people there are lovely, that's all that matters.

    • Jonathan Holloway
      Jonathan Holloway 2 months ago

      I want to go live there, it's like a hole country of momaws and papaw's..if love it..

  • Kara and Nate
    Kara and Nate Year ago +6827

    This is the experience every traveler hopes to have when they visit a new country, but it can’t be planned or forced. Grandma moved us to tears 🥲

  • Vince Tolentino Reyes II
    Vince Tolentino Reyes II 5 months ago +1568

    How ironic that genuine kindness exists in a country that doesn't exist on a map.

    • Куранты - Телевизи⁧нный Архив
      Куранты - Телевизи⁧нный Архив 3 days ago

      Man. This De Re Antiqua guy is such a coward. He deleted all of his messages.

    • Renata Vlas
      Renata Vlas 3 days ago

      @red bull emm no, it’s totally diferent 🙈

    • red bull
      red bull 3 days ago +1

      @Ice o Lator stay strong brother

    • red bull
      red bull 3 days ago

      @Renata Vlasalso its not like its different from this video i can tell that the capital of transistria is better then of maldova lol

  • Edaykuc
    Edaykuc 4 months ago +978

    I've been living in Tiraspol since birth. I am only 14, but I managed to see many countries. I've been to China, Italy and many other European countries. And even despite all this, I really adore my city and country. Maybe everything here is old and ugly, but this is still my home country. It is safe and beautiful in its own way. All people are kind and sympathetic, you noticed it :)
    Here I get a good education, learn English, play professional sports and have the opportunity to go anywhere, despite the fact that technically I live in a non-existent country. I like it here

    • Edaykuc
      Edaykuc 25 days ago

      @Tariq bamahriz i think you should know some basic russian words as "спасибо" (it means thanks, reads as spasibo) and some others. You can easily google them. And also, here we have our own currency and you'll have to change money in the bank as the first thing after coming to our country! I recommend you stay in Tiraspol, it's our capital, but you can also visit some other great places. Don't be afraid to ask people here anything you need, most of young men and women know english here.

    • Edaykuc
      Edaykuc 25 days ago

      @Stella with moldavian one!

    • Stella
      Stella 27 days ago +1

      What passport did you travel with ? As transnistrian isn't recognized from what i understand

  • staredsky
    staredsky 2 months ago +116

    A country where people are so warmly friendly and ready to share the very little few they have, is a country ro respect

  • Sally DoZ
    Sally DoZ 4 months ago +535

    I'm from Africa and watching this made me cry. As I grow older, I tend to appreciate this lifestyle more than the flashy life in "developed" countries. These people are so kind and content with what they have.

    • Branko Belfranin
      Branko Belfranin 7 days ago

      @iAdam43 lol, sure.

    • iAdam43
      iAdam43 7 days ago

      @Branko Belfranin they are.. most of them dont care about money

    • snake698
      snake698 8 days ago

      @AustenThor Can you give an example

    • AustenThor
      AustenThor 16 days ago +1

      @WarriorTurkey no communism is better then capitalism it just was under the rule of people who didn’t know how to use it plus communism if done right can actually lead to a stable economy

    • Sniperboy5551
      Sniperboy5551 Month ago

      @Chevalier You need to work on your reading comprehension skills. Flashy life as in that of the US/Western countries. Post Soviet countries have a much simpler life, due to the obvious shortcomings of the communist system.

  • Ryan D'souza
    Ryan D'souza 4 months ago +186

    Man that old lady made me year up like no one's business. Warmed my heart so much. She's got so much resolve, spirit and love. Damn I need to cry. Why is life so hard.

  • Project Nightfall
    Project Nightfall Year ago +5764

    Seeing how generous and trusting these people were is so inspiring. OMG, the amazing grandma, she's so sweet. I'm so sad when I see older people being alone, thank you so much for spending time with her, it must've meant so much to her 🙏

    • Ilie Petcan
      Ilie Petcan 25 days ago

      Mister kids are out because of Romania passport to make theyer luvings

    • TeaCup1940
      TeaCup1940 25 days ago

      @DASH-3456RWhat are you still doing in Western Europe then if you don't like it?

    • Phil Wanadoo
      Phil Wanadoo 27 days ago

      You ain't seen the nice russian troops !

    • minecraftify
      minecraftify Month ago


    • Илья Муромец
      Илья Муромец 6 months ago

      This is how almost every person was in the Soviet Union, I’m from Moscow

  • raevae
    raevae 5 months ago +110

    I just totally turned into a puddle of tears when you guys said goodbye to the grandma :(

  • Юлечка ;з
    Юлечка ;з 2 months ago +55

    Начиная с момента в церкви, плачу весь видеоролик. Не знаю как передать свои эмоции словами. Просто хочется огромный поклон вам сделать, за то что помогли бабушке

    • 俄語李小龍
      俄語李小龍 19 days ago +1


  • YOLO
    YOLO Month ago +33

    I can't believe I'm crying because of an old lady in a country that I didn't know existed just a year ago. She's so unbelievably nice.

    • plējå
      plējå 5 hours ago

      @Death Meter idk definition but i sure know for country to be country it needs to be recognised by other countries

    • Death Meter
      Death Meter 6 hours ago

      @plējå What is the definition of a country?

    • plējå
      plējå 10 days ago

      @Death Meter not really but whatever you say

    • Death Meter
      Death Meter 10 days ago +1

      @plējå It depends on what your view is.

    • plējå
      plējå 11 days ago

      its not a country

  • D34DW0OD
    D34DW0OD 3 months ago +94

    How could sons leave a mother like Yelena, I would be looking after her for the rest of my life if she was my mum. What a lovely human being.

    • Ilie Petcan
      Ilie Petcan 25 days ago

      Because they have Gone into Russia and with roumanian passport in west europe because they need to make money

    • TeaCup1940
      TeaCup1940 25 days ago

      Probably they had to go make a living? Are you taking care of your own mother or grandmother? If not, start with your own family instead of judging others you do not know.

  • Roma Voloschuk
    Roma Voloschuk Month ago +69

    Я сам из Тирасполя. Получил удовольствие от просмотра данного видео, а также от доброты наших жителей.

  • Chris Ramsay
    Chris Ramsay Year ago +2119

    Are you guys in charge of this simulation? UNREAL experience! Thanks for the great video!

    • ajaku
      ajaku Year ago

      @Sir André LeFae de L'inoge huh? I'm not complaining, just repeating a fact I've read? If I have it wrong, I'm all ears. Seems like a place filled with lovely people

    • Sir André LeFae de L'inoge
      Sir André LeFae de L'inoge Year ago

      @ajaku What's wrong with you people who have to complain about everything? Try living in a country such as this...

    • ajaku
      ajaku Year ago

      @Sandra C Myers the country isn't internationally recognized by any nation except for a few other small "unofficial"/disputed countries. That's where the whole "country that doesn't exist on a map" comes from. A little clickbait-y, but it's simply alluding to this fact.

    • Monty Cobra
      Monty Cobra Year ago

      @Dennis The International Menace He doesn't seem American to me.

    • Vigilant Cosmic Penguin
      Vigilant Cosmic Penguin Year ago

      The Matrix was controlled by Yes Theory all along.

  • Taylor Nichol
    Taylor Nichol 3 months ago +302

    Every video on this channel blows me away. Just discovered you guys this past week and it's giving me new life.

    • Infinite Inspiration
      Infinite Inspiration Month ago

      How brilliant is this impact you are making 👏 🙌 😍 😀 👌 ✨️

    • Nathan DuPhene
      Nathan DuPhene 2 months ago +4

      Watched their Italian ghost town video and gave it a like. Then saw this and liked it within a few minutes. There is so much the world could learn from this region, which is not "fake" in any way. A truly unique, if tiny nation.

  • salvador
    salvador 2 months ago +24

    May her son rest in peace. You helped that lady grieve a little more. As someone with a father who passed, seeing anyone that sounds or looks like him leads me to want to talk to them. It gives me more closure in a weird way and It helps my soul to grieve and heal. especially when they are sweet about it like you were. That definitely made her week, I wouldn’t stop thinking about you if I was her ❤️❤️

  • Truth Speaker  [Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza]

    This video made me to believe that it’s not people who create borders of hate, it’s the establishments who hate each-other.
    Love from 🇬🇧

  • Katie Martin
    Katie Martin 3 months ago +162

    when she said "I prayed for you guys. to come I. was wondering what. look to long" made me cryyy

    • Darklord
      Darklord 7 days ago +1

      Why did it make you cry they didn't even know if they were coming but they came and that made you cry?

    • Ilie Petcan
      Ilie Petcan 25 days ago

      Katie thts how Moldova, Romania are :)

  • NaooM
    NaooM 4 months ago +44

    Это видео такое душевное и тёплое, аж дух захватывает.

  • Auxkom
    Auxkom Year ago +12945

    I can't believe how this grandma has the strength to carry around such a huge heart every day

    • Rakan Altwaijry
      Rakan Altwaijry 29 days ago

      All grandmas have a big heart

    • RipeApple
      RipeApple Month ago


    • Q K
      Q K Month ago

      I’ve been living in Russia during hard times, and the people there never closed their harts. Especially old people. Just love them so much, and I’m really sorry for the shame they feel against Ukraine. U mention that to the Russian people and they can burst into tears real quick.

    • ATV Anatolie
      ATV Anatolie 2 months ago

      This is how my grandma was with every child and every single visitor she had in her house.

    • DiamondFan20 - ダイヤモンドファン
      DiamondFan20 - ダイヤモンドファン 3 months ago

      You meant babushka

  • Az Krayus
    Az Krayus 3 months ago +202

    you guys are the best. taking care of grandma deff got you another subscriber. Be safe out there!

    • Slayr
      Slayr 3 months ago


      GALATASARAY 10 3 months ago +7

      @albert n i think he subscribed not the grandma😂

    • albert n
      albert n 3 months ago +1

      nah she surely doesnt have internet

  • nithin kumar m p
    nithin kumar m p 3 months ago +33

    Thomas goes to a new country, finds an abandoned amusement park and a nicest grandma/pa😀 what an heartwarming story yet again❤️

  • Mollohan Kabonde
    Mollohan Kabonde 4 months ago +32

    Guys I’ve just seen this and I cried. I’m from Tanzania and I thought we were the most hospitable people in the world but after seeing this I change my mind. As an American it’s so nice to see that you weren’t biased about what you saw. I’ve subscribed immediately. Congrats guys.

  • Tr1p6
    Tr1p6 4 months ago +55

    All of the locals you all spoke with seemed so happy to meet tourists to their tiny “fake” country and seemed like genuinely sweet people.

    • TeaCup1940
      TeaCup1940 25 days ago +2

      They maybe did not show the ones that were rude if there were any. They also dis not talk to them about politics. Surely if they would have discussed politics, the locals would have reacted very differently, don't you think?

    • Phil Wanadoo
      Phil Wanadoo 27 days ago

      As in all countries of that sort

    HONEST JOE 3 months ago +43

    Awww, this is actually one of the sweetest video's I've seen on the net for months. Thank you for this. I really needed it. An the people were so wonderful. What a joy :)

  • niall murphy
    niall murphy Year ago +1698

    The woman talking about her sons and the kindness she showed. Made me tear up. I’m a 45 year old man I’ve never been so touched by anything on Clip-Share.

  • sergiu ursu
    sergiu ursu 4 months ago +13

    What is amazing in this story is that 2 unknown guys from other part of this world just went for 2 days in this place and they found a grandma for themselves.
    Make you realize that people are all the same, culture is different, believes,but kindness and compassion is what really defines a human.
    I wish more people understand that.
    Great journey,I watch your content for couple of years,and never thought that i will see you coming in my country Moldova and Transnistria, makes me proud of our people.Thank you guys for this video.

  • the3spirit
    the3spirit 4 months ago +17

    Didn't think I would cry on a video about Transnistria, yet here we are.

  • em
    em 2 months ago +10

    I love that each time Thomas goes to a different country, he has a new grandma to add to the spectacular list of grandmas we've already met

  • Hessa Jamal
    Hessa Jamal 2 months ago +3

    You know what. This made me realize how the world is more than what the media covers. I’m really happy that I watched this video, such an eye opening video that made me realize how the world is diverse and we have to accept each other no matter how different we are, politics should not control us.

  • Coltyn
    Coltyn Year ago +4201

    That old lady is the sweetest person in the world. So kind and loving.

    • munchey 247
      munchey 247 2 months ago

      She made me cry

    • Spice Smuggler
      Spice Smuggler 8 months ago +1

      People that suffer great losses in life become the most loving ones when they see what they once had in other people.

    • Mammoth Chats
      Mammoth Chats Year ago

      And communist

    • Todd Amtmann
      Todd Amtmann Year ago +2

      I'm at the part where they paid for her surgery. I teared up. 🥲

    • MindedSinger282
      MindedSinger282 Year ago +3

      She reminds me of my grandma

  • Andrew Daly
    Andrew Daly 5 months ago +45

    Guys. Without a doubt this is the most amazing video you’ve made. I know I’m a little late, but I think now more than ever it’s important to appreciate the beauty we still have in this world whenever we can.

  • Krezonkian
    Krezonkian 3 months ago +18

    My parents grew up in the soviet union they talk about how generous everyone used to be and how kind everyone used to be to strangers they had never met before, this video helped me see what my parents meant by that.

  • Neil Patrick Claus
    Neil Patrick Claus 4 months ago +18

    So much love for Yelena and grandma, I hope they're both doing great and healthy.

  • Drone Landing Zone
    Drone Landing Zone 4 months ago +5

    Such a cool place! Brings back memories to places I have visited in Russia, the people were always so welcoming and accommodating! Thank you for sharing!

    • Phil Wanadoo
      Phil Wanadoo 27 days ago

      Always like that when they don't see too many rich people...

  • Nicu Jah
    Nicu Jah Month ago +9

    I put this to watch while doing breakfast, i didnt expect to cry … i m russian blood born in moldova and i ve been running away from moldova all my life, but this video reminded me of the love that is lives with this people, the love that they taught me… fuck…

  • Poon Pounder
    Poon Pounder 7 months ago +2020

    I’m in tears seeing how generous and heartwarming that grandma was. She has a pure heart and she treated them like they were her own sons.

  • C-Laydee Music
    C-Laydee Music 21 day ago +1

    Thanks for sharing your guys experience ❤ this country has such beautiful and wonderful people that are so welcoming and friendly. Hopefully to someday be able to visit! May grandma live a long amazing healthy life and new eyes 👀 ❤

  • Егор Стасев
    Егор Стасев 4 months ago +27

    Я из Приднестровья, и я очень рад что у вас остались хорошие впечатления 😄

    • Freddy Gonzalez
      Freddy Gonzalez Month ago +1

      @Егор Стасев это не работает вот мое Stryx#5776

    • Егор Стасев
      Егор Стасев Month ago +2

      @Freddy Gonzalez я им не так часто пользуюсь но оно у меня есть (Есев#1795)

    • Freddy Gonzalez
      Freddy Gonzalez Month ago

      @Егор Стасев у тебя дискорд приложение? Discord

    • Егор Стасев
      Егор Стасев Month ago +1

      @Freddy Gonzalez ну я не против

    • Freddy Gonzalez
      Freddy Gonzalez Month ago +1

      хочу дружить?

  • Rohs
    Rohs 3 months ago +65

    im acually half transnistrian and i got to say you guys missed one of the funnest parks where u can rent out segways bikes and electric scooters for almost nothing i want to go back there but im too busy with school in my other country

    • Hye Jin Moon
      Hye Jin Moon Month ago +2

      you are half Moldovan? Transistria isn't a country.

  • Desi Motorcycle Diaries
    Desi Motorcycle Diaries 4 months ago +21

    Very few videos can make a grown man cry. The locals are amazing! Love to all the people there from India.

  • David Mackey
    David Mackey 8 days ago

    As a world traveller I have experienced this before. I quickly noticed in countries where people who have little are the first to offer food and drink not expecting anything in return. I have experienced this in Arab villages in Israel, Indonesia, Malaysia, Poland, etc... Amazing Video!!

  • Adrienne Allie A
    Adrienne Allie A Year ago +1615

    The mother must have been so happy to see someone who looked so much like her deceased son. Must have felt like fate for her and another chance to see him. gosh it made me cry buckets. ❤

    • V Volek
      V Volek 10 months ago +5

      @Züzû dont underestimate the generousness of people from eastern europe

    • Züzû
      Züzû Year ago +9

      That's probably why she immidiately invited them for tea, seeing someone look exactly like her son, though not the deceased one, probably moved her a lot.

    • Dewi Lew
      Dewi Lew Year ago +1

      It’s Andrei who passed away. This guy looks like Constantin.

    • Burhan Ilyas
      Burhan Ilyas Year ago


    • Gooble Gobblers • 11y ago
      Gooble Gobblers • 11y ago Year ago +25

      Thomas looks like Constantine, the healthy one. And Andrei was the deceased one.

  • indyracingnut
    indyracingnut 28 days ago

    This brought back soooo many warm memories of my visit to Russia in 1993. It truly brings tears to my eyes. May their government one day match the character of its people.

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith Month ago +2

    Watching this video brought tears to my eyes,it was great to see the kindness and love in a people in what was an old Soviet state, I was not expecting to see that. Thank you for showing this on Clip-Share.

  • D
    D Month ago +3

    The locals of this place are so welcoming and so generous with the little they have. I would be happy to call this place home.

  • Cyrax Cyanide
    Cyrax Cyanide Month ago +1

    Don't know how I never stumbled upon your channel before, but you guys are absolute beautiful souls and I've never subscribed to a channel so fast, thank you for what you do

  • Richard Mora
    Richard Mora Month ago +1

    Just found this today! The lady in the church broke my heart and then your new grandma brought me to tears. Thanks you for looking after her with the eye surgery and I hope there’s an update soon on her health. God bless.

  • zollotech
    zollotech Year ago +368

    So good. Couldn’t have turned out more perfectly.

    • Sir Squirrel
      Sir Squirrel Year ago +4

      Wait a minute, are my eyes deceiving me?

  • Jeffrey Kleeven
    Jeffrey Kleeven Month ago +1

    I've always had a judgemental feeling about Transnistria, simply because of what is going on in Ukraine and it being a Russian break-away region.
    However, after seeing this video, it really made me change my mind.
    I always loved the other countries of eastern Europe, and I added Transnistria to my list of countries I want to travel to.
    Btw. I love the grandma! Such a sweet and caring old lady. Wish her lots of love and all the best in life❤

  • Will
    Will 3 months ago +5

    I broke down in tears from the love that grandma showed. Unbelievable. This world is filled with unexpected goodness. I needed this video.

  • Johnnie Lou
    Johnnie Lou 16 days ago +1

    I will go there someday. Thanks for sharing this beautiful country with beautiful people.

  • Irina Bugai
    Irina Bugai Month ago +1

    My husband was born there and I used to travel there in my childhood. They held gymnastics competitions and I participated many times. Very interesting place, it seems like you travel back in time when you visit that place. Nice video, thank you very much.

  • Nyxz
    Nyxz 2 months ago +2

    I found my new fave YT channel. This channel is so full of life and truly shows what travelling is like.

  • Nick Ramos
    Nick Ramos Year ago +1672

    Gosh I cried. Really. This is one of the most heartwarming and wholesome things I've seen in a long time. The babushkas and the people in general were so inviting and welcoming that made me cry for real. I really hope that the people of Transnistria can have their place under the sun respected and loved.

    • Ольга
      Ольга 4 months ago

      Thank you for your kind words 🙏🏼

    • von
      von Year ago +1

      @茶豹 you obviously don't know anything about moldo,and how much we sufferd because of them,they killed my uncle in the transnistrian war

    • von
      von Year ago +1

      @GeneralNO1 you obviously don't know anything about moldo,and how much we sufferd because of them,they killed my uncle in the transnistrian war

    • 茶豹
      茶豹 Year ago +2

      @von yeah yeah, edgy lord

  • Sasha Pavljenko
    Sasha Pavljenko 2 months ago

    Вот так нужно отдыхать с друзьями)) Лучшие эмоции в грустном месте

  • Vacation Richard
    Vacation Richard Month ago

    This made me emotional......the grandma was just precious. I love her.

  • mittenpandas
    mittenpandas Month ago +1

    in a way this was really wholesome, seeing Eric being able to relive his childhood was so heartwarming. Transnistria seems like such a lovely little country with a very kind community and lovely people you meet everywhere you go :)

  • David Garwood
    David Garwood 5 months ago +11

    I don't love Yes Theory because of where you've come from, I love it because of where you're going. You bring warmth to my heart. Thank you for bringing travel to me ❤️

  • Priscilla Johnson
    Priscilla Johnson 4 months ago +7

    I love you guys. How awesome it is to experience other beautiful humans and their cultures. I love what you guys did for Eric's new grandma. I shed tears of joy.

  • Ian Boggs
    Ian Boggs Year ago +350

    Yet another incredible documentary vlog from one of my biggest inspirations, KEEP DOING INCREDIBLE THINGS YES THEORY! Would love to work with y'all someday. Also... THAT GAME WAS INCREDIBLE HAHAHA

    • swayam
      swayam Year ago

      You I know you ian

    • Isagani
      Isagani Year ago

      Oh wow fancy seeing you here, Ian.

  • Chernobyl Coleslaw
    Chernobyl Coleslaw 4 months ago +34

    Even outside of Russia and Transnistria, the people are very kind and giving. I attend a Russian Orthodox church, most of which (including me) is made up of Russians, naturally. Having never been, I was surprised to see the kindness and generousity. So at the end, I can attest that we are pretty kind and generous, at least when we have the humble upbringings

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