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LEGO VS MINECRAFT - Which Can I Build Faster?

  • Published on Aug 5, 2016 veröffentlicht
  • LEGO VS MINECRAFT - Which Can I Build Faster? Today I'm racing lego against minecraft to see if i which i can make a minecraft house faster in. I used to love lego as a kid, and now minecraft as an adult. I guess I never really grew up.
    Who do YOU think will win? Guess before you start watching!
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Comments • 9 805

  • Red
    Red 3 years ago +3598

    *50% Lego* *50% Minecraft*
    *Perfectly balanced, as all things should be*

  • Mxpx1112
    Mxpx1112 3 years ago +1713

    “Grian the builder”
    “Can we fix it?”
    “Grian the builder”
    “Yes we can!”

    • AxoGurl
      AxoGurl 2 months ago

      Lol my music teacher sang that to us in 4th grade

    • シηαωαғ
      シηαωαғ Year ago

      @Juli Spears Bob the builder

    • Jasmine Huang
      Jasmine Huang Year ago


    • Raagam Parmar
      Raagam Parmar Year ago +1

      @Juli Spears it is from a cartoon show: Bob The Builder.
      The title song of the cartoon is:
      Bob The Builder!
      Can we fix it?
      Bob The Builder!
      Yes We Can!

    • Jme Juniper
      Jme Juniper Year ago

      please no lol

  • Sister Understandable
    Sister Understandable 3 years ago +5664

    Lego vs Minecraft
    What hurts more
    Stepping on a lego
    Losing all your diamonds

  • Miri
    Miri Year ago +57

    After seeing this, I kind of want to see you do a full on creative Lego build, now. No instructions...just all from your imagination. A mega base Lego build! Lol...maybe not so elaborate. That'd take quite a bit of time. I'd still like to see you come up with some interesting Lego builds, though.

    • Jam Usagi
      Jam Usagi 11 months ago +5

      He did the Boatem hole as a Lego build!

  • Eurolex Trainspotting
    Eurolex Trainspotting 2 years ago +189

    When your Lego build gets smashed:
    When a creeper blows your house:
    *Copy Command*

  • PogerMan
    PogerMan 3 years ago +7

    Another thing to note is that, since the build is called "The First Night," most people would probably be building this type of building in survival. Because of that, you'd have to take time to gather materials for the build itself, and then it would take much longer in total.

  • Alexander Melby
    Alexander Melby 2 years ago +345

    1:04: "I haven't touched Lego since I was a young teenager."
    Wait, so how old is Grian?

  • Carter Stevenson
    Carter Stevenson 3 years ago +374

    My two favorite childhood memories compete.

    • Aviaspotter32
      Aviaspotter32 Year ago

      @ItsLiam i dont play Pokémon when i was a kid

    • ItsLiam
      ItsLiam Year ago

      @Recoup fax

    • Recoup
      Recoup Year ago

      @ItsLiam lol thats the trio

    • Crowem
      Crowem Year ago +1


    • ItsLiam
      ItsLiam Year ago +1

      @DERPMEMER ohkay?

  • Totaly NOT Catherine
    Totaly NOT Catherine 2 years ago +8

    As a Lego builder AND a Minecraft player, I really appreciated that Grian did this. Thank you Grian!

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 3 years ago +603

    Who would win?
    Minecraft Magma Block or
    Lego block

  • Cooliokid 956
    Cooliokid 956 3 years ago +824

    Actually...You forgot to add the creeper and steve
    Edit 1: So you never finished the build

  • wisho1926
    wisho1926 3 years ago +191

    For a "First night" he has a pretty good start.

    • Goose
      Goose Year ago +3

      @Lego City Life you can get a farm way before you can make a mine

    • Lego City Life
      Lego City Life 2 years ago +1

      I mean he has an animal farm although no mine so I think he cheated

    • Lego City Life
      Lego City Life 2 years ago

      bacon master yeah

    • Womens Rights Gaming
      Womens Rights Gaming 2 years ago

      That isnt very hard to do in a Minecraft day

  • RiceMan300
    RiceMan300 2 years ago +584

    the lego kid in the commercial: *P A T H E T I C*

    • ARgamer
      ARgamer 4 months ago +1

      a man has fallen into the river in leg-

    • Panda
      Panda 8 months ago

      @Sierra Day no the lego kid is so fast he just throws legos and it builds

    • Sierra Day
      Sierra Day 8 months ago

      Probably saying this because Grain was going slow?

    • I need help
      I need help 10 months ago

      @ThyDeathlyHallows chill

    • Panda
      Panda 10 months ago +1

      @Ginyu Tokusentai Gaming lower the rescue line

  • Wega H
    Wega H 3 years ago +39

    Yo. I love that we’re polar opposites. I’m a lego expert and a casual Minecraft fan.

  • Finn
    Finn 13 days ago +1

    As someone who plays minecraft and makes lego sets weekly almost, I think that the good part about legos is the amount of time it consumes. I think that is the fun of it. But when it comes to minecraft, it is quicker and easier with a preset world. (Unless it is superflat) I think that they are both fun.

  • Hey hey it's Jae
    Hey hey it's Jae 3 years ago

    One thing I adore about LEGO Minecraft is that all the sets have little gaps in the support structure underneath and (the older ones) have bricks jutting out a level under the baseplate. These allow you to quickly and easily place builds next to each other and (optionally) link them together with a single brick. You can build pretty huge and impressive worlds with enough time and dedication. I've currently got 22 of the 36 or so main sets on a table in my basement and they look gorgeous together!

  • WSuperAndry
    WSuperAndry 3 years ago +3166

    We discovered you have hands

  • Mr Mediocre
    Mr Mediocre Year ago +1

    I think that the reason for minecraft being so popular is because it's basically virtual legos but with less limitations and more ways to play, and lego was (and is) already an insanely popular thing.

  • sodaddict
    sodaddict 2 years ago +15

    It's called "The First Night", yet it takes an entire in-game day to make

    • Epic Dud
      Epic Dud Year ago +1

      In creative

    • Panek
      Panek Year ago +5

      @First Name Last name Or just, you know, a *furnace*

    • First Name Last name
      First Name Last name Year ago

      And there's stone! You need silk touch, a late game thing you get after beating a dragon

  • Soph1a
    Soph1a Year ago +11

    me trying this:
    lego: 15 minutes
    mincraft: a litteral hour-
    LOL Im clearly better at doing lego builds- ;-;

  • Rafael C.S
    Rafael C.S 4 years ago +3946

    Which would win?
    1. A guy that hasnt touch lego for years
    2. A professional minecraft builder thats played minecraft for years

  • PumkindSD
    PumkindSD 3 years ago +9

    I remember doing this a bit before you did (not to toot my own horn or anything). I actually did this exact set... I also did the alternative one in the back of the book.

  • 20 Second Cuber
    20 Second Cuber 2 years ago +52

    “Legos is slightly shorter”
    Me: why not use some slabs?

    • Dead as Ice-c01d
      Dead as Ice-c01d Year ago +1

      Are there dirt slabs?

    • Johan Friberg
      Johan Friberg Year ago +4

      You cant stack diffrent slabs like that

    • Manfredi
      Manfredi Year ago +4

      it's to short, a lego block is as tall as an enchanting table

  • Lego Flame
    Lego Flame 3 years ago +30

    hay Grian
    have you ever tried the game lego worlds its kind of like minecraft but lego
    before i payed minecraft i would watch your tutorial videos on minecraft and try to translate it into lego worlds the results where 50/50 iv seen how you build in minecraft i would like to see how you build in lego worlds

    • mouse
      mouse 2 years ago

      Dr Ravager stfu

    • Sh0ckwave
      Sh0ckwave 2 years ago

      I have that game and I am a master builder

  • TheStarrboy 27
    TheStarrboy 27 2 years ago +1

    I have been playing with Legos for about 6 years now. I've had my X-box for a little over a year, and I've been playing Minecraft for about half that. With the fact that I'm a terrible Minecraft builder and I have experience with Legos it would probably take me twice as long to do the Minecraft build. It would probably be 20L-30/40M.

  • WonTonDuk
    WonTonDuk 4 years ago +2682

    Yes the hand reveal!

  • Theresa C Givans
    Theresa C Givans 2 years ago +1

    That lego build would've taken my daughter around 15 minutes, she builds lego a lot.

  • Lizard of Oz
    Lizard of Oz 2 years ago +2

    Yeah my friend could actually get the Lego thing done in 6 min. Definitely an unfair fight.

  • Ollie Da Skeleton
    Ollie Da Skeleton 3 years ago +11

    LEGO is very addictive and fun, that’s why i love it

    • TheStarrboy 27
      TheStarrboy 27 2 years ago +2

      I am a slave to Lego,Join me!
      Star Wars,Minecraft,DC,Marvel,Duplo,Friends,and City. Play with them,Play with me!

  • Niv
    Niv 2 years ago +1

    can you do this again with a different lego minecraft set? maybe one that is built kind of differently

  • ThaKidOnThaCorna
    ThaKidOnThaCorna 2 years ago +1

    its not that its harder to do the LEGO house, it depends on your skill at making LEGO. like he said, it depends how experienced with it, i use LEGO every day for about 2 hours, I don't play minecraft much because I play on mobile. so if for example it was me vs Grian, then there would be more of a balance in it.

  • Miloyall GD
    Miloyall GD 3 years ago +17

    I love legos and I like Minecraft so, thanks for this.

  • LegoLiga Bricks
    LegoLiga Bricks 2 years ago +2

    The problem is that a 2x2 lego brick is less tall. If you want it to be the same hight and width it would had to be 5 plates or a brick and 2 plates. Lego makes it whit the lego brick a brick because it is cheaper. If they would make a minecraft block 3 pieces it would cost a lot.

  • Alfons
    Alfons 2 years ago

    These old Grian videos are so different.

  • zKairu
    zKairu 3 years ago +175

    Hmmmm something is not right....
    Put a creeper on your front house :>

    • Sniper Bot
      Sniper Bot Year ago

      @Delightless nights amogus sussy baka !!!11!1 🧐🥵🤓🧐😮🥵🙄🥵🥶🥵🥵😱🧐🤓🧐🧐😮

    • Delightless nights
      Delightless nights Year ago

      @StartIsDumb 'Cause baby tonight, you grab your pick, shovel and bolt again
      (Bolt again)

    • StartIsDumb
      StartIsDumb Year ago +1

      @Delightless nights cuz baby tonight! The creepers tryna steal our stuf again, our stuff again, again

    • SkyD_Hunter
      SkyD_Hunter Year ago +1

      In the replies: creeper? aww,man!

    • Delightless nights
      Delightless nights Year ago +1

      @StartIsDumb and run, run, untill it’s done, done, until, the sun comes up in the mourn

  • Pilot Jack
    Pilot Jack 3 years ago +3

    Ahhhhh, so this is how people get good at building.

  • John Marston
    John Marston 3 years ago

    We REALLY need a Lego Worlds 2. I love how you can do parkour and climb buildings in Lego Worlds "Assassin's Creed" style.

  • StudentWindesheim
    StudentWindesheim 3 years ago

    Lego is the more detailed version of minecraft when it comes to building. However, in minecraft you don't have limited blocks. Love both.

  • TXLAdventure
    TXLAdventure 3 years ago +1

    Part of the fun in LEGO is building it so it would make sense to spend more time on it

  • christopher jalladeau
    christopher jalladeau 10 months ago +1

    You should do one in survival cause it would be more fair in the building and material efficiency

  • Mr, Human man
    Mr, Human man Year ago

    Two of my favorite thing to do in one video made by one of my favorite Clip-Sharers. We have reached true perfection

  • ChaosGnoblin
    ChaosGnoblin Year ago

    This is a nicer house than I have ever built.

  • Chris W
    Chris W 2 years ago +2

    Get five 2x2 plates (the square flat bricks) and it will be a full cube.

  • JoelCrafter43
    JoelCrafter43 3 years ago

    I love how the lego "minecraft" set has lego bricks that are nothing like minecraft blocks.

  • Henry Hammarberg
    Henry Hammarberg 3 years ago

    When this first came out I was hoping grian would make this a series or something:(

  • Ananth V
    Ananth V 2 years ago +1

    Yes Grian picking up blocks and placing them together is physical activity

  • Donald Duck
    Donald Duck 2 years ago +2

    What takes longer
    Grian making a working red stone system or somebody making a working electric system

  • Logan Harm
    Logan Harm 2 years ago

    Man you should see some of the custom creations people make with the Lego. By the way, Grian how also are you?

  • Scott Bowne
    Scott Bowne 2 years ago +1

    Me being a HUGE grian fan and being a HUGE Lego fan seeing him build Lego
    Mind BLOWN

  • Edra Warwickshire
    Edra Warwickshire Year ago +1

    Lego + Minecraft + Griand with Bob the Builder suit = Perfect Childhood

  • F1nnzy
    F1nnzy 2 years ago

    I’m not a big fan of legos but somehow I still enjoyed this

  • Loaf-Of-Hound
    Loaf-Of-Hound 8 months ago +2

    I love vids like this!

  • Jeffry Salazar
    Jeffry Salazar 3 years ago +1

    Did u know:if grian is a great builder,he is a good perfectionist top!

  • uncommon mythic
    uncommon mythic 2 years ago

    They both have one thing in common. *They’re blocks*

  • layla_chai_tea
    layla_chai_tea 6 years ago +135

    Grian, I have a suggestion for something you could do for a video. You could make a modern house, however, you would build it using the steps of how real-life construction workers when they build houses. So, you would start with the foundation and then you would move onto to doing whatever is next. This may be a challenge, but I believe in you. This was just a thought, though and if it's not possible, I can take the wrath of the people in the comments yelling at me.

    • MomN Stuffz
      MomN Stuffz 3 years ago

      Actually that's a good idea

    • Widget The Doggy
      Widget The Doggy 4 years ago


    • ScientistCat
      ScientistCat 6 years ago +2

      Twas a misunderstanding. Twas fixed with open conversation.
      Like countless others that occur both in and out of internet every day.

    • Ritesh Rajbhandari
      Ritesh Rajbhandari 6 years ago +2

      @PhoenixSaphire18 i don't think that was an argument. that's basically what Clip-Share is :3

    • layla_chai_tea
      layla_chai_tea 6 years ago +2

      (Thank god, that argument ended...Was it even an argument? It was just weird...)

  • holly cox
    holly cox Year ago

    grian: it actually took me 40 minutes to put that together
    me, a master builder: *puts together the Razor Crest in under an hour*
    the first night: Ive got 408 pieces, thats obviously why it took longer
    the razor crest: Ive got 1,023 pieces
    grian and the lego set: *struggling to think of another reason*
    (dont mean this to be rude, its just supposed to be funny, your videos are awesome)

  • H Bomb
    H Bomb 3 years ago +1

    You should do it in survival and have all of the blocks in chests
    So that its fair

  • Eloise Lewis
    Eloise Lewis Year ago

    I love Lego Minecraft and you’re content so I really liked this

  • Jingxu Wu
    Jingxu Wu 2 years ago

    lego logic:stepping on a brick hurts more than stepping on a lego Knife
    minecraft logic:lava's damage is almost the same as a wooden sword

  • Gasto
    Gasto Year ago +1

    That one kid that builds LEGO everyday: P A T H E T I C

  • Mylo Fryett
    Mylo Fryett 2 years ago

    Someone needs to rebuild all the Lego Minecraft sets in Minecraft

  • NeonValkyrie
    NeonValkyrie 3 years ago +76

    I finished the same LEGO set in around....15 min.

    • RedKnightC
      RedKnightC 2 years ago

      I disassembled and reassembled the 700 piece city mine (not Minecraft) in 20 minutes

    • Aseem Mathur
      Aseem Mathur 2 years ago

      Good for you

    • BrickHabitat Productions
      BrickHabitat Productions 3 years ago +2

      @Drake` Turcotte he said 40 mins, but it does sound like 14

    • Drake` Turcotte
      Drake` Turcotte 3 years ago +1

      BrickHabitat Productions he said the Minecraft one took 20 minutes, and the LEGO one took 14 at 3:46 for some reason.

    • Drialeth
      Drialeth 3 years ago

      @BrickHabitat Productions exactly

  • Vladimir Car gamer
    Vladimir Car gamer 2 years ago

    Hey Grian you can use a half slab for a LEGO plate

  • Hardcore 511
    Hardcore 511 6 years ago +68

    from the thumbnail I can already tell this video is going to be awesome

  • Chexmix6
    Chexmix6 Year ago +1

    Should have done a chest with the blocks and played in survival with flight on.

  • Patriot
    Patriot 11 months ago +1

    2021:grians made the whole boatom pole and got sponsored by lego

  • Imee Bayot
    Imee Bayot 2 years ago +2

    Grian:making lego on many minutes
    Me:It took me 6 min to make a simple lego gun

  • 🪁[AgniZen4]🪁
    🪁[AgniZen4]🪁 3 years ago +2

    When I was a lego fan I watched this and this is what inspired me to play Minecraft

  • Lowbii
    Lowbii 4 years ago +46

    I find it hilarious how he makes lego sound so hard

  • nekonesse
    nekonesse 2 years ago +1

    this minecraft house is totally something you WOULDNT build on your first night.

  • Lego Weegee
    Lego Weegee Year ago

    the spikes in 1.17 cave update should be replaced with lego

  • Jackal Of Rovia
    Jackal Of Rovia 3 years ago

    Lego: *Finally! A Worthy opponent!*
    Minecraft: *Our battle will be legendary!*

  • Willy Bold
    Willy Bold 2 years ago +13

    2:54 That moment when you realize that you put on the headphones and forgot to plug them in.

  • Repowered
    Repowered 4 years ago +540

    You should have made the minecraft one in survival but have all the materials in a chest.

    • lxminesque
      lxminesque 3 years ago

      Repowered that would’ve took longer.

    • Gamer Master
      Gamer Master 3 years ago


    • lazyegg
      lazyegg 4 years ago +1

      But then Lego would have an advantage

    • pyro
      pyro 4 years ago


    • Juanita Walker
      Juanita Walker 4 years ago +4

      he should’ve used Minecraft forge and used the Minecraft LEGO mod

  • Uniwolf gamer
    Uniwolf gamer 2 years ago

    You can make it more fair by placing the blocks in minecraft congruent to the legos and build in survival.

  • Anger Potato
    Anger Potato 2 years ago

    This is the video that bigot me into grian’s videos

  • Toasty but on different acc

    Legos have more versatility in terms of blocks. But you need to actually own the blocks tho

  • Terraria Boi
    Terraria Boi 3 years ago

    You should do this more often

  • John Rhoades
    John Rhoades 3 years ago

    With Legos you can make things in real life and make real life looking cars until minecraft earth comes out.

  • Klippie's Games
    Klippie's Games 3 years ago +17

    Conspiracy: Grian is Gordon Ramsays son

  • Guitar Capo
    Guitar Capo 2 years ago

    Okay so im gonna tell that no one makes a house like that for the first night.

  • SimplyUnplayed
    SimplyUnplayed Year ago +1

    It’s actually a good house

  • 940YHTARCS
    940YHTARCS 2 years ago

    In lego you also have to build some blocks (like ores)

  • Abdul wadud
    Abdul wadud 2 years ago

    I don't play with Legos everyday but I'm really good at it.

  • Tyson
    Tyson 2 years ago

    As someone who plays both Lego and minecraft alot so my results would be a bit more fair

  • Honey Bear
    Honey Bear Year ago

    You should try the Studio 2.0 Software from Bricklink. You can digitally build lego creations there. And i think you would be really good at IT.

  • Pietro Celano
    Pietro Celano 6 years ago +80

    Who put dirt as a ceiling? Lego employees have no style!

    • Dylangamertube 1
      Dylangamertube 1 6 years ago


    • PR0WN3D
      PR0WN3D 6 years ago +1

      i mean i feel bad for u ;-;

    • PR0WN3D
      PR0WN3D 6 years ago +1

      i feel mad for u ;-;

    • Vio//NinjaDogDB
      Vio//NinjaDogDB 6 years ago

      My brother got ripped off by a minecraft lego set. SOMEONE COPIED THE SET AND SOLD IT ONLINE! MY BROTHER GOT IT BUT IT WASNT LEGO!

    • bidoofus
      bidoofus 6 years ago +1

      Lego is awesome, but Minecraft Lego sucks

  • Stønes 022
    Stønes 022 2 years ago +1

    Me who does both minecraft and LEGO at the same time

  • TheRoyalOrange
    TheRoyalOrange 3 years ago +2

    On the minecraft i thought he was gonna build a giant terrain in the house lol

  • DeformedPeashooter
    DeformedPeashooter 2 years ago

    Even though minecraft building is faster, I love playing with Legos.

  • Jillian Lei Herrera
    Jillian Lei Herrera 2 years ago

    Which is faster: building with Lego or building in hardcore mode?

  • Simone C
    Simone C 6 years ago +806

    Dang.. That's a really good house for the first night 😂

  • Average Weeb
    Average Weeb 3 years ago +1

    He is a master builder either way.

  • Zane de Guia
    Zane de Guia 2 years ago

    The reason minecraft won was because grian was in survival mode building with the legos.

  • nikunj chauhan
    nikunj chauhan 2 years ago

    Well minecraft's one block is 1m by 1m by 1m and Lego blocks much smaller so I think the time per volume placed is far greater for minecraft compared to Lego

  • Leo’s LEGO
    Leo’s LEGO 3 years ago

    I've only been playing minecraft for about 2 weeks and I've been playing with LEGO for ~8 years. I might try this experiment and see what happens.

  • Amanda McNeff
    Amanda McNeff 2 years ago

    What if grian installed the lego mod in minecraft and tried to replicate the lego build in minecraft with the lego mod?

  • Crazy Burger
    Crazy Burger 2 years ago +1

    My brother has that Lego set and it definitely took us way longer than him

  • Daniel
    Daniel 2 years ago +1

    mumbo needs to do this but with lego technic

  • ImNotHereNow
    ImNotHereNow 2 years ago

    You should do a video where you try to build something out of lego and a pro lego builder tried to build something in minecraft, and have a competition out of it.