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Trying American Snacks For The First Time (Taste Test)

  • Published on Mar 21, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • I'm trying American snacks, candy and drinks and rating them to figure out which is my favorite one. As a European, I've never tried most of these american snacks, so this is my first-time reaction too.
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  • Sabrina
    Sabrina 8 months ago +1395

    You can put fluff on bread, but generally is used as an ice cream topping, usually with chocolate sauce too. I've never heard of strawberry fluff though, definitely rare.

    • Kent Redwine
      Kent Redwine Month ago

      @yasharkbos sorry I live on west coast

    • yasharkbos
      yasharkbos Month ago

      @Kent Redwine WHAT it’s a staple in New England

    • Kent Redwine
      Kent Redwine Month ago

      I’m an American, I’ve never heard of fluff.

    • PumpkinsArtz
      PumpkinsArtz Month ago

      Im from the Netherlands too and every time i try to find the normal fluff its always sold out and i see like atleast 10 strawberry versions just sitting there

    • Panda Q
      Panda Q 2 months ago

      Who uses it as an IC topping. That marshmallow IC topping is very different and meltiet. Fluff is for fluffernutters

  • Micah
    Micah 3 months ago +473

    i think part of why american snacks are so sweet and unhealthy is because most people dont get them much. theyre never something you just have in the cupboards, theyre something you get as a treat every now and then as a kid. the only 'snack' type food my parents ever consistently had was tortilla chips and salsa

    • mrlavamanisdead
      mrlavamanisdead 17 hours ago

      dude its just a american stereotype get over it im american and im cool with it

    • Quinn Thomas
      Quinn Thomas 12 days ago

      @clukesyou just lied its not even in the top 10. Nauru has the highest obesity rate.

    • Jack Frost TWW
      Jack Frost TWW 22 days ago

      ​@TMU J neither do they have a sense of humor apparently

    • Micah
      Micah 25 days ago

      @Rachel Silverman yeah i agree, also good point about the snacks i have never heard of a ton of these its like he went out of his way to pick weird flavors of things that are exclusive to the us, like i have never heard of oreo pudding

    • Rachel Silverman
      Rachel Silverman 25 days ago

      I think people around the world also don't understand the regional aspect of eating processed sugars. In Southern California you won't see as many cupboards with this stuff as you would in other states (I hate to say it but a lot of cities in the south) The US is so big, and a big chunk of our cities are extremely healthy, but others are the standard "fat" America we've all been stereotyped to be. I was surprised to find I've only ever had like 3 of these snacks and I wouldn't consider myself a particularly skinny American

  • Sam*
    Sam* 8 months ago +1015

    Him: “I am not a sensitive individual”
    Also him: “proceeds to turn into an amoeba”

    • ThatBigBear
      ThatBigBear Month ago

      @BurritoJoe Once you get used to anything in general it doesn't feel as overwhelming, it's probably very sour for people in general, but not for you since you're used to sour candy

    • Slemoch
      Slemoch Month ago

      @Dunksz no no no trust me it’s not them the first time I had them I was like oh these aren’t that sour and I downed like the whole thing

    • Trader Joe
      Trader Joe 4 months ago


    • Synthetic
      Synthetic 5 months ago

      @wub Same I would eat 2 at a time

    • Dunksz
      Dunksz 6 months ago +1

      @wub yeah I feel like after a while. You’ll get used to it.

  • TheMemeDealer
    TheMemeDealer 3 months ago +78

    Twinkie 0:45
    Cheddar Jalapeño Cheetos 1:24
    Coca Cola Zero intergalactic 2:15
    Cinnamon Toast Crunch 2:57
    Sour patch kids 4:00
    Reese’s White Peanut butter cup 4:41
    Fluff 5:28
    Sweet Chilli BBQ popcorn 6:28
    Dr Pepper Cream Soda 7:09
    Pop Tarts 7:43
    Toxic Waste 8:39
    Oreo Cake 9:46
    Oreo pudding 10:20
    Blue heat takis 11:18
    Warheads sour soda 12:08
    Cookies and cream soda 12:57
    Takis Fuego 13:41

    • Fofo Flashy
      Fofo Flashy Month ago

      @Slush Fabuloso lmaooo no way🤣🤣i always thought the youtubers divided them although it confused me bc ppl will start watching little segments instead of the whole video.
      But when i was ur comment i was like "what if comments dicide the vds" ļol thats for the confirmation

    • Slush Fabuloso
      Slush Fabuloso Month ago +1

      @Fofo Flashy
      The videos usually get divided by the timestamps
      The timestamps make Clip-Share detect which parts are where and divides them according to the timestamps

    • Fofo Flashy
      Fofo Flashy Month ago +3

      @Slush Fabuloso THE VIDEO IS ALREADY DIVIDED THO......

    • Slush Fabuloso
      Slush Fabuloso Month ago +1

      Thank you, you underrated king

  • eatlocalhoney
    eatlocalhoney 8 months ago +638

    We know they aren’t healthy. The game is: see what your mom might buy you once 😂
    I’ve never had these snacks in the house.

    • oskifan1
      oskifan1 4 months ago +1

      Some of those snacks I've never seen before. LOL

    • Slushii
      Slushii 7 months ago

      @KittyKay833 My dad and mom keeps telling me they won’t buy me more takis but they still end up getting for me 😂 ( my mom likes to spoil me even though I tell her not to overdo this because I don’t want to become spoiled or y’know like a bratty entitled person… but she still does it because she cares about me and she wants me to have things that she could never have When she grew up since her childhood was harsh and very tough on her… )

    • Tania V
      Tania V 7 months ago +5

      As an experience, even if you had these snacks, they would not last long in your house, well, in my case, that was how it happened all the time xd

    • Sylvia Shu
      Sylvia Shu 7 months ago


    • A large mass of pulsating tortillas
      A large mass of pulsating tortillas 7 months ago +1

      Same, and I'm American

  • A Goose :D
    A Goose :D 7 months ago +303

    For the marshmallow fluff, even if you don't like it, you gotta try a very thin layer on one slice of bread, peanut butter on the other. It's a popular sandwich called a fluffernutter. Hope you give it a shot!

    • The Seven Deadly Sins
      The Seven Deadly Sins 19 days ago

      I love marshmallow fluff and peanut butter sandwiches!

    • Ben Foley
      Ben Foley Month ago

      is that a southern thing lmao

    • Hey It's Charlee
      Hey It's Charlee 3 months ago

      @MAssHole413 yeah, I live in mass now!

    • Pineapple Bee
      Pineapple Bee 4 months ago +1

      @Astranaut I have peanut butter cookie mix so now I'm gonna ask my mom to get fluff so I can make this

    • Pineapple Bee
      Pineapple Bee 4 months ago +2


  • Robert B. Momert
    Robert B. Momert 3 months ago +220

    Takis indeed is Mexican. It has been growing a lot in the US recently mainly with the takis brand.

    • mrlavamanisdead
      mrlavamanisdead 17 hours ago

      @darlene marc i think shes talking about north america because the USA is united states of america. America is something different America means south america and north america combined as one continent.

    • darlene marc
      darlene marc 20 days ago

      ​@Average Jojo Fanyea there Mexican it literally says there tortilla chips tortilla was made in Mexico

    • NOT.Areya.💖💐
      NOT.Areya.💖💐 25 days ago

      @Izakuma I was just saying mexico is in America....

    • Izakuma
      Izakuma 25 days ago

      @NOT.Areya.💖💐 what are you smoking?!?

    • Izakuma
      Izakuma 25 days ago

      @Average Jojo Fan they're literally mexican

  • Murphy Leigh
    Murphy Leigh 8 months ago +342

    American here with suggestions for if you do our snack foods again!
    1. Slim Jims - they're these processed beef/pork sticks; I like the Mild ones, and they're absolutely addictive, I will go through a whole box of 14 mini ones in like an hour if I'm not careful
    2. Arizona Green Tea - its a canned iced green tea that you can buy real cheap at any gas station pretty much. There's a regular Arizona Iced Tea as well, but I prefer the more delicate flavor of the green tea.
    3. Hostess Devil Dogs - they're like the oreo cake you just tried, I think, but the cake is much drier and a bit less sweet.
    4. Bomb Pop - this is a red white and blue ice pop, I'm not a huge fan but they're an iconic American summer treat.
    5. Tanka Bars - this is my apology to you for suggesting Slim Jims before. Tanka Bars are Native-made pemmican bars made with bison meat and cranberries. They are the best protein bar I've ever eaten. I recommend the apple and orange peel flavor the most, but any of the three flavors are fantastic.
    Anyways, this was a great video! I'm genuinely kinda shocked the flavor "blue raspberry" isn't really a thing where you are? It's a staple flavor in American. I don't really know how to describe it, it's just blue to me. Next time I go get a slushy/slurpee/Italian ice, I'll get blue raspberry and report back, because it's been a while, lmao.
    Thanks for trying out our snacks, and I'm sorry for all the sugar!

    • D0vidas
      D0vidas 26 days ago

      @SaltyBskut In europe rare

    • cricketandgraham
      cricketandgraham 3 months ago

      Arizona teas are the best. A massive can is less than a buck in my CVS.

    • Oh my gosh it’s Cole
      Oh my gosh it’s Cole 4 months ago +1

      @KBeast606 you’ve never heard of a slim Jim or Arizona iced tea?

    • MAssHole413
      MAssHole413 5 months ago

      @Faiqal _x1103 Yeah blue raspberry pretty much just taste like a sort of sour-ish raspberry flavor I guess. It's big here in the States but it's geared more towards kids.

    • AmokBR
      AmokBR 5 months ago

      Arizona green tea is pretty common in Europe. Tastes like crap tho

  • hungry
    hungry 8 months ago +2065

    Well, we can admit that Americans have extremely unhealthy snacks in general 😂

  • A_RagingRodent
    A_RagingRodent 5 months ago +14

    The weird thing about the snack industry in the US is that 90% of the snacks coming out in the last 10 years are things that Americans don't even eat. There's just such a high concentration of weird novelty snacks that are produced with the intention of being impulse buys, but we don't really eat those frequently.

  • Evelyn Pendley
    Evelyn Pendley 8 months ago +247

    You're dead on about the sodas being novelty items. I know a lot of people who just collect crazy sodas, and there are occasional stores everywhere that sell them! Definitely some really gross flavors out there,so I'm glad the oreos one was good (I've seen ranch soda, steak soda, etc)

    • Noah Mc
      Noah Mc 4 months ago

      Root beer is an American soda pop staple.

    • how do I change my profile picture
      how do I change my profile picture 7 months ago +1

      @wise tree wait what, Lenin nade, as in a soda that's supposed to taste like a dead politician

    • Tree on a Hill
      Tree on a Hill 8 months ago +1

      Ranch? 😭😭

    • Kavewolf1989
      Kavewolf1989 8 months ago +2

      Balls is my favorite novelty soda

    • wise tree
      wise tree 8 months ago +1

      I mean I have a bottle of leninade so novelty sodas are wierd

  • Andrew E.
    Andrew E. 7 months ago +129

    If you do this again, definitely do more snack foods instead of straight junk food, like Dotz pretzels, cheezits, spitz sunflower seeds, and pretty much anything else you’d find in the chips isle

    • frostyy_y
      frostyy_y 3 months ago

      @Spaghetti veggie chips are the goat
      i dont taste the veggies tho

    • Spaghetti
      Spaghetti 6 months ago

      Veggie chips are surprisingly good. I love spicy jalapeno chips. Those are delicious

    • The longest comment
      The longest comment 6 months ago +2

      So yeah this is like spicy sour chips and candy not chips

    • LARRYY🥵🥵
      LARRYY🥵🥵 7 months ago +1

      Don’t disrespect my mans cheezits or else I’ll find you

  • S277 Garage
    S277 Garage 8 months ago +167

    I gotta be honest. I've actually never used marshmallow fluff for any dessert or dish. Also I never knew there were flavors of them

    • Hannah ShineX
      Hannah ShineX 3 months ago


    • Noah Mc
      Noah Mc 4 months ago +1

      I’m from Massachusetts and all my friends not in the North East really haven’t heard or heard it.

    • Coffee Link
      Coffee Link 5 months ago +1

      I don’t buy or use them either

    • sky
      sky 6 months ago +2

      it's really disgusting for me personally to be honest.

    • Kat williams
      Kat williams 6 months ago +1

      I've only seen it being used as a dip for fruit, but even then it is doctored and not straight fluff

  • Raspberry Senpie
    Raspberry Senpie 8 months ago +59

    For the 0% juice thing, yes it is required by the FDA to disclose how much fruit juice is in fruit related drinks as to not mislead people through marketing. It's so you can't say "Buy our Fruit Juice!" when, like the Warhead soda, there's nothing in it but water, sugar, and artificial flavors/colors

  • Cindy Blake
    Cindy Blake 5 months ago +19

    I appreciate that you actually honestly rated them by taste and personal opinion! I see so many of these “I try American Snacks” videos where people just spend 20 minutes talking about how unhealthy they are without even mentioning the taste. I’ve never even had some of these things myself but I trust your word on them 😂

  • ineffie
    ineffie 3 months ago +57

    i’ll be honest, i’ve never even seen strawberry marshmallow fluff and the only time i have the regular kind in the house is when i make fudge, i’ve never liked eating it by itself

    • NOT.Areya.💖💐
      NOT.Areya.💖💐 Month ago +1

      Same my mom had the normal one when I was little because she made things for our local farmers market and that was the only time I would get it
      (Don't ask me what she would make because I have no idea)

    • Hannah ShineX
      Hannah ShineX 3 months ago +1

      Samee I've never heard of strawberry fluff.

  • Alexis
    Alexis 8 months ago +159

    Love the video but as an american, a lot of these are definitely niche. I only know of about half of these and have maybe eaten 1/4 of them. I also feel like a lot of these are straight junk food snacks that the average person wouldn't eat that often. can't wait to see more videos though!

    • im bored
      im bored 6 months ago

      @discord stuff crazy but in a fun way (unless youre an adult its expensive)

    • discord stuff
      discord stuff 7 months ago +2

      @MoMoney I don't know.

    • MoMoney
      MoMoney 7 months ago +7

      @discord stuff in what sense?

    • discord stuff
      discord stuff 7 months ago +1

      How is it in US

  • Henry Larson
    Henry Larson 7 months ago +66

    As an American it was so funny to see him so like, confused or surprised by something I see and get bored of all the time

    • Noah Mc
      Noah Mc 4 months ago

      @Alexia like Skittles

    • Alexia
      Alexia 7 months ago +8

      As a european this snacks are so weird and something beyond an european's imagination also they are banned in Europe due to food regulations. But they look so fun tho for example here in Italy the cereal snack isle is super small compared to america's . I wish we had all of those snacks tho .

    • Fraxyz
      Fraxyz 7 months ago +4


  • MisterDuck
    MisterDuck 8 months ago +220

    Hello, i wanted to ask you if you could do the national dish of Kosovo (Flia)
    Here is the recipe:
    1kg white flour
    1L Water
    1 Pinch of Salt
    1 Tiny piece of molten Butter
    400g of Cream
    2 Cups of Schmand
    100g of molten Butter
    200g of Natural Joghurt
    1 pinch of Salt
    1. Mix the ingredients for the dough until the consistency is a little thicker than the crêpe dough, add a little more flour or water if necessary until the consistency is the same as that described
    2. Mix the ingredients for the filling and season with salt
    3. Now grease a round baking dish (similar to a springform pan) or a round baking sheet and spread the dough out from the edge to the middle in a radial pattern, spoon by spoon, so that a "sun" is created
    4. The filling is now carefully spread on the free surfaces with a spoon so that the entire bottom of the mold is now covered
    5. Now place the form/tin in the oven on the top rail at 250°C and bake for a few minutes until the dough is brownish, then remove the form
    6. Repeat the same, but this time spread the dough in a radial pattern from the edge to the middle where the filling was spread the first time. Fill the free fields again with filling (there where the dough was poured the first time)
    7. Repeat this until the fli has reached the desired size. Finally spread a thick layer of the filling on top, cover with a kitchen towel and leave to stand for a quarter of an hour
    8. Serve hot.
    9. Flia can be mixed good with Yoghurt and Vegetables. This recipe is a bit complicated, if you have any questions inform me :)

    • MisterDuck
      MisterDuck 7 months ago

      @Tamimplayz I’ve commented this multiple times, i always got 0-5 likes. This is the best one so far

    • MisterDuck
      MisterDuck 7 months ago +1

      @hazma muffin101 Nice to hear it was good. How would you rate it from 1 to 10?

    • Tamimplayz
      Tamimplayz 7 months ago +1

      so much for 187 likes

    • hazma muffin101
      hazma muffin101 7 months ago +1

      I got fila at a restaurant and it looked like jello but actully good

    • MisterDuck
      MisterDuck 7 months ago +1

      @Derrek What?

  • GoodGoodReviews
    GoodGoodReviews 8 months ago +57

    KWOOWK: “Ugh it’s so sweet I can’t finish it.”
    Also KWOOWK: “Wow this cookie pudding is amazing.”
    As a self-proclaimed fat ass American, that stuff makes me shudder to even think about. Always interesting which relatively obscure flavors catch on in other countries.

  • ntbored
    ntbored 7 months ago +53

    American snacks are so damn good and addictive but that’s the point, everything down to it is so you GET addicted and continue buying. Pretty packaging, amount, price, ingredients and all that chemical stuff

  • Yosho
    Yosho 7 months ago +36

    Takis are actually a Mexican candy, Barcel (the company) just sells them in America, but they also have other chips

  • TraxelAxel
    TraxelAxel 4 months ago +9

    I laughed so hard when he said he's going to try American snacks and then pulled out some Takis. That's like me going to Italy to get some authentic sushi

  • Worm
    Worm 7 months ago +54

    I get how people outside of America clowns on the Americans alot cuz of their unhealthy food n stuff but u gotta admit the food tastes amazing lol

    • Trooper Sho
      Trooper Sho 3 months ago

      @Danitron balls

    • DidiTheCoolio
      DidiTheCoolio 7 months ago +3

      @Danitron fruit

    • 4XR M.A.
      4XR M.A. 7 months ago +3

      @Danitron apple

    • Danitron
      Danitron 7 months ago +10

      Well it’s kinda dumb to clown on snacks for being unhealthy

  • Nef36
    Nef36 8 months ago +163

    Most Americans treat snacks the same way you do in this video lmao.
    "I know this is unhealthy, but holy f**k I can't stop". It doesn't help that we work really long hours, and these snacks help us unwind :(

    • NOT.Areya.💖💐
      NOT.Areya.💖💐 Month ago +1

      @Noah Mc yeah we have others like chips, quesadillas, and more

    • NOT.Areya.💖💐
      NOT.Areya.💖💐 Month ago

      Wait these aren't normal hours.....

    • Trooper Sho
      Trooper Sho 3 months ago

      @Wolfie51 true, we have it easy compared to many other countries.

    • Wolfie51
      Wolfie51 3 months ago

      you're kidding right? you only work 40 hours

  • GoodGoodReviews
    GoodGoodReviews 8 months ago +46

    Definitely need to try a variety of Doritos (specifically cool ranch and/or Tapatio, two of the greatest chip flavors ever made). Also pizza rolls, jalapeño poppers, any brand of white cheddar popcorn, and of course the most underrated soda ever, Squirt.

  • Glitterfartsss
    Glitterfartsss 7 months ago +21

    As an American I have not found a single person who actually enjoys Twinkies and I hate that that's considered our most popular snack. Unless it's deep fried which brings it to a whole nother' level!
    Also we eat cereal as a snack all the time lol.

    • Eyy lmoa
      Eyy lmoa Month ago

      @vanilla fella my main complaint Is a fresh made version is just so much better.

    • vanilla fella
      vanilla fella Month ago

      @Eyy lmoa nah oatmeal creme pies are good

    • Eyy lmoa
      Eyy lmoa Month ago +1

      Every package bakery item is ass, any little debbie snacks are just not it.

    • kaiwryn q
      kaiwryn q 3 months ago +1

      I legit can't believe he rated it so high. I've only eaten a Twinkie once in my life-a classmate's birthday was on the same day as a school trip and so instead of cupcakes her mom brought Twinkies since they were easier to pack. It wasn't good.

    • Noah Mc
      Noah Mc 4 months ago +1

      Y’all ever seen Zombieland, what about Tallahassee?

  • Flareon 136
    Flareon 136 3 months ago +11

    YES I hate the fake chemical fruit flavors 😭 anytime I'm in Japan I'm always eating fruit flavored stuff because it's actually flavored with fruit but in the US I avoid it even though I LOVE fruit flavored food and fruit in general (lemon tarts are definitely my favorite desert)
    In fact, your reaction to every snack mirrors mine even as someone who grew up in the US lol everything is way too sweet and I love sweet foods

  • Mohn
    Mohn 8 months ago +34

    I would love to see you try snacks from Japan!
    We have lot's of good snacks and not just candies, so try to get some savory things if you do it!

    • Zahra
      Zahra 4 months ago

      The only japanese snacks I've tried are mochi and daifuku, which I didnt like because the texture is too chewy to me, but I absolutely love Pocky, especially the macha sakura flavoured ones. I want to try the fish snacks (forgot the name) but I think contain red bean paste? not sure if I'll like that, I'm not too keen on red bean paste. I love macha flavoured stuff tho

    • your generic dumb unlogical person
      your generic dumb unlogical person 6 months ago

      my local store sells those red bean fishes and for some reason they just give out the japanese fruit candies for free i dont even know why candy stores exist when i can get those for free

    • Margie Innes
      Margie Innes 7 months ago

      @Mohn I've seen the Boksu snack boxes on other videos, and I have to say that the attention to detail and the phenomenally beautiful packaging is on another level!! It's on my wish list for sure:D

  • Camelpiece
    Camelpiece 3 months ago +7

    Holy shit! Dude! Your Spanish pronunciation is honestly SO good for someone who doesn't really speak it!

  • Cody Tays
    Cody Tays 8 months ago +113

    Him “This can only happen in America”
    Me “That chip is from MEXICO”

    • Mr. JJ
      Mr. JJ 3 months ago

      Blue takis aren’t that popular in Mexico. Mainly the fuego, guacamole and salsa brava

    • Hello it's Me
      Hello it's Me 3 months ago

      Yep.. i thought the same, specially since i think he was referring to America (USA). I didn't even know about Takis until i moved to Texas.

    • HoppingSnake290
      HoppingSnake290 3 months ago

      Lol knew right away when I saw those black spots indicating the calories

    • massnitro
      massnitro 5 months ago

      @Cody Tays fair enough

    • Cody Tays
      Cody Tays 5 months ago +1

      @massnitro I am not sure how you are trying to correct me saying I need to learn geography while your statement is completely fabricated

  • - RiO -
    - RiO - 8 months ago +46

    Trying rare/traditional snacks from around the world, epic series idea 🔥

  • BeingKindaBored
    BeingKindaBored 7 months ago +35

    A lot of those snacks are at their best when paired with milk, and American has been trying to get Americans to drink more milk for decades so it would make sense.

    • junova
      junova 3 months ago

      @Anthony Mostly cus the dairy and meat industries are massive here. Milk actually weakens your bones but we've bought into the lie too hard by this point.

    • Corey Eck
      Corey Eck 5 months ago +1

      @Anthony .... height?

    • Anthony
      Anthony 7 months ago +13

      Holy shit never thought about that but uou are so right. Why tf do we do that

  • Shame
    Shame 7 months ago +7

    I actually had the warhead soda yesterday, I went to throw it away and saw the “0 PERCENT JUICE” thing and shat myself laughing. Such a contrast to how they normally wouldn’t want to advertise that, went and bought another.

    • junova
      junova 3 months ago +1

      As he suspected, it's a legal requirement for them to put that on the container. Always right above the nutrition facts.

  • Lauren Bastian
    Lauren Bastian 8 months ago +14

    We (at least in the midwest) use marshmallow fluff for "fluffer nutters", which is marshmallow fluff and peanutbutter spread between two honey Graham crackers. A true childhood delicacy haha

  •  The Coaster Gnome
    The Coaster Gnome  3 months ago +5

    even I as an American have not seen some of these! good job on finding some rare snacks man! i'm going to have to check some out! keep up the great content!

  • SnarkyStack
    SnarkyStack 8 months ago +12

    As a Romanian, i can agree that Cini Minis are one of the best cereals in Romania

  • deiuu
    deiuu 8 months ago +10

    As a romanian i can confirm that those snacks are really good:) tho i wish we would have more acces to foreign snacks

    • Oana Puha
      Oana Puha 6 months ago +2

      tony borelli your neck looks mighty fine today...

    • zafuro
      zafuro 7 months ago +3

      tony borelli real

  • Hayley Noel
    Hayley Noel 7 months ago +37

    In my 20 years growing up in America I’ve actually never heard of strawberry fluff but I personally think it sounds awful lol

    • Gio M.
      Gio M. 5 months ago

      @Hayley Noel lmaoo i was down bad 2 weeks ago my bad. Still drop the insta tho 😁

    • Hayley Noel
      Hayley Noel 5 months ago +1

      @Gio M. why you asking? Lmao

    • Gio M.
      Gio M. 5 months ago +1

      @Hayley Noel whats yo insta

    • Hayley Noel
      Hayley Noel 5 months ago +1

      @Gio M. ???

    • Gio M.
      Gio M. 6 months ago +1

      Wsg bbg you up?

  • GlitchiestSaH
    GlitchiestSaH 7 months ago +1

    I love how everyone who isn't Latin comes to think of our candy as either something really spicy or sour, and I love that they're right!
    You're reaction to the Takis Paleta was absolutely priceless, specifically after knowing children consume this type of stuff as if their lives depended on it. (And, of course, back in the good old days, I was one of those kids. Mexico loves Takis and anything Takis related. So does the rest of Latinoamerica, so does the rest of the world)

    • en
      en 7 months ago +1

      Takis are from Mexico

    DHARMALOCK 8 months ago +12

    I CHALLENGE you to try an elevated and respectable version of “frito pie” a southern American staple. Not technically a “snack” but an interesting sub-meal food item. Personally tend to really like it but it’s also maybe the highest profile meal famously made with a snack food as the marquee ingredient.

    • junova
      junova 3 months ago +1

      After watching his videos I'm sure he'd love it (He's a sucker for beans).

    LIL ULTRA KATARU 7 months ago +7

    Poptarts are breakfast it’s made like instant oatmeal ready to eat but yes it’s very sweet 😂

    • SaltyBskut
      SaltyBskut 7 months ago +2

      He makes all of these “college student meals” but this is what we’re actually eating lol

  • Clest Ror
    Clest Ror 8 months ago +33

    Takis are from Mexico also there are habanero chips you'll love it

    • Coffee Link
      Coffee Link 5 months ago +1

      It’s popular in America but yes it was invented in Mexico and not in U.S

  • MarielFigueroa
    MarielFigueroa 8 months ago +10

    “Inspired by the intensity of Takis…”
    Nailed it. The Spanish was pretty good!

  • Devon Welch
    Devon Welch 8 months ago +7

    If you're looking to try the best American chips and you can get your hands on them then I'd recommend Ruffles originals with French onion dip, Fritos honey BBQ, Zapp's Voodoo, Doritos spicy sweet chili, Cheetoh's puffs, anything from Utz, and of course Funyuns.

    • Maxzuul
      Maxzuul 3 months ago

      You can find doritos spicy sweet chili in the netherlands

    • Lauren Bastian
      Lauren Bastian 8 months ago +1

      100% for Doritos spicy sweet chili

  • fishboy123
    fishboy123 7 months ago +15

    Glad to see a European that appreciates fine American cuisine 😅

    • Blue addiction
      Blue addiction 5 months ago

      @Ayaan Badal what do u know? Do u even season ur food? 🤣

    • Corey Eck
      Corey Eck 5 months ago +1

      Idk bro, I've never even heard of aome of these things. I've only even tasted a few

    • yourcrsly
      yourcrsly 7 months ago +1


    • Ayaan Badal
      Ayaan Badal 7 months ago +2


  • RJ Meteor
    RJ Meteor 8 months ago +31

    Jalapeño Cheetos are my all time favorite!
    Also pop tarts mess with my blood sugar levels and I’m not even diabetic

  • Delaney Richins
    Delaney Richins Month ago +1

    The fact that I could smell all of these as soon as he opened the package 😂

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    Nimcraft _ 7 months ago +177

    Dude you NEED to try Sour Patch Kids Watermelons. They don’t sound different but WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE

    • Nimcraft _
      Nimcraft _ 2 months ago

      @CuteSeal they are like little watermelon gummies that are kind sour but but taste really really good, not quite like actual watermelons but super good

    • Milobusterz
      Milobusterz 2 months ago

      @CuteSeal really good candy

    • CuteSeal
      CuteSeal 2 months ago

      What the heck are sour patch kids watermelon?

    • jameel ahmed
      jameel ahmed 2 months ago +1


    • Milobusterz
      Milobusterz 3 months ago +1

      They completely changed my life

  • Pancake the puppy
    Pancake the puppy 3 months ago +4

    I’m in the US Northeast. We use marshmallow Fluff in hot chocolate. I’ve never seen strawberry flavor.

  • The Gaming Paladin
    The Gaming Paladin 3 months ago +4

    i personally prefer the Cheddar Jalapeno over the Flamin' Hot, i love cheese and i'm not big on hot sauce flavors but i do enjoy having some heat, so this is perfect for me.
    i'll also add that by the time i finish a bag, i'm not physically regretting it besides the fact that i consumed a whole bag.

  • ୨ ୧ ‣ Akiraxx —˖ 𖥔 ࣪ ˖

    There’s some twinkies at the milk bar I go to. And I’m pretty obsessed, I’d honestly rate them a 9/10.

  • Paden Fackrell
    Paden Fackrell Month ago

    As an American, at least 1/3 of the snaks you showed they are difficult to find, if they are even sold at all at any store in the us.
    Fun video 👍

  • mikeobiwon
    mikeobiwon 8 months ago +3

    Love this video. Keep up the great work! I really enjoy watching the content you post and share with us!

  • Idc
    Idc 8 months ago +1

    I’ve only ever seen people use marshmallow fluff to make homemade Rice Krispie Treats, but you can get as creative with it as you want, or just eat it by itself if you want!

  • Pedro Sereno
    Pedro Sereno 8 months ago +1

    You should make a video about Portuguese pastries. You'll be mindblown by the flavour 😋

  • BarçaForever2
    BarçaForever2 7 months ago +6

    Takis is a Mexican Food if you didn’t know after the Takis Invention, Takis came to the US after that Takis was called as a “American Snack” but actually Originally made in Mexico.

    • BarçaForever2
      BarçaForever2 7 months ago

      @Mod AI some of them give credit

    • Mod AI
      Mod AI 7 months ago +1

      Exactly they give no credit

  • Victoria Ríos
    Victoria Ríos 8 months ago +14

    BRO you CANNOT eat a poptart without roasting it 😭💔💔 toast it and I promise you will rate it higher. That cinnamon brown sugar flavor is my second favorite after s’mores flavor. So bomb

    • Katsuki Bakugou
      Katsuki Bakugou 7 months ago

      @Anthony omg the milk makes it 10 times betterrr

    • Anthony
      Anthony 7 months ago +1

      @Kat's kinda married to Sans- so freaking good man. Put it in the toaster and use some milk

    • Anthony
      Anthony 7 months ago +1

      Toasted with milk

    • Victoria Ríos
      Victoria Ríos 7 months ago

      @Kat's kinda married to Sans- oooh you gotta try it I promise it’s so good

    • Kat's kinda married to Sans-
      Kat's kinda married to Sans- 7 months ago

      Jeez I never had them toasted lol

  • askmiller
    askmiller 4 months ago

    As an American, I think I only recognized like 2 of these. Snacks in the US are either candy, cakes/pastries, or msg coated corn products typically. They're one of the easiest ways to get fat because they don't really satisfy hunger and come at like 200-300 calories for a serving.

  • flowey fanboy
    flowey fanboy 8 months ago +6

    churros is a famous "candy" here in brazil, is like a deep fried dough in a cylindrical shape stuffed with chocolate or smth like that

    • Erick Tellez
      Erick Tellez 7 months ago +2

      churros come from spain and portugal, they are all over latin america because of that

    • Anthony
      Anthony 7 months ago +2

      Mexico too. They just made a cereal cause idk marketing opertunity ig

  • Emili
    Emili 8 months ago

    I loved this video! I think it’ll be interesting if you review snacks from all around the world like you do with cooking!!:)

  • HomerOJSimpson
    HomerOJSimpson 5 months ago

    You’re Spanish pronunciation at 13:98 was really good. Romanian is a Latin / Romance language so I imagine you did well because of the similarities?

  • Jayden Terrell
    Jayden Terrell 7 months ago +3

    as much as i love cheetos and basicly any american snack my problem is how addictive and unfilling they are, to me personaly a snack should hold you over or at least not leave you craving more

  • Trishie Earley
    Trishie Earley 2 months ago

    Fluffer nutter sandwich ❤ I’ve never heard of the strawberry fluff but I love fluff and peanut butter sandwiches (even better if you grill the sandwich so it’s toasted on the outside and gooey on the inside) you got to try it, just not with the strawberry stuff 😅

  • Duane Atlas
    Duane Atlas 25 days ago

    White chocolate Reese's peanut butter cups are one of the greatest candies ever made. Wish they would make a white chocolate peanut butter M&M.

  • lala is obsessed with anime

    3:35 the most iconic line I’ve ever heard
    “They’re not very spoonable because they’re huge”

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 7 months ago +1

    As an American, I don’t even think any of us knew cookies and cream soda was a thing

  • The Pack Of Gamers' Extras

    As someone who comes from America, I can confirm these are very rare

  • Demon slayer
    Demon slayer 7 months ago +1

    If you guys wanna part two or get him to see this say I Because I would really like to see a part two of this and some of the snacks that he showed I have never seen so I would just really enjoy to see something like this again

  • Zoey’z Thing
    Zoey’z Thing 2 months ago +2

    As I watched this i was eating a whole bag of those Cheetos in one sitting 😂😂😂

  • lightamplificationbystimulatedemissionofradiation

    Toxic waste is the only american snack i have had (that i liked) and it was delicious i felt like i just ascended to heaven.
    I love sour things

  • Jack
    Jack 3 months ago +12

    We have Marshmallow Fluff here in the UK, but my only evidence of this is from seeing my dads ex fiancé having it. I asked her where to get it and she told me that I can find it in the european/American section of most supermarkets, but in the last year I’ve never seen it on any shelves. I really want too try it but I’ve started too believe that it’s something that isn’t regularly stocked and quickly sold whenever it is as I’ve never personally seen it anywhere other than in the cupboard of my dads old house

  • Lenard Miguel Guevarra
    Lenard Miguel Guevarra 8 months ago +4

    Good change of content, these sancks were interesting and sweet. It would be nice to incorporate these snacks into student meals

  • AvocadosfromMexico
    AvocadosfromMexico 5 months ago

    I love how he put the peanut butter cup to the camera like we can smell it

  • Nacho
    Nacho 3 months ago +2

    You should try Mexican snacks there delicious trust me

  • Hey It's Charlee
    Hey It's Charlee 5 months ago +1

    I can't stop laughing at "dehydrated fingers" and "packing alot of crunch" 😂😂

  • Asher Alley
    Asher Alley 3 months ago +2

    As an American, I can tell you I have eaten or even heard of very few of these before XD

  • Cheese Grater
    Cheese Grater 7 months ago +3

    You got probably the best Takis bag possible. There's variability from bag to bag between how much dust you get on the chips
    Also you didn't get the original "Fuego" chip

  • Callie Wright
    Callie Wright 4 months ago

    If you find the oreo pudding too good to have in the house, then you should definitely never try oreo pie, which is that pudding mixed with whipped cream, all on a crushed-up oreo pie crust 😉
    (/s, it's delicious)

  • Landon tucker
    Landon tucker 7 months ago

    Our snacks are so synthetic and gut wrenching

  • Skylar Armstrong
    Skylar Armstrong 6 months ago +5

    Me: notices warhead soda can. Also me: NO DON'T DO IT

  • Fluffy Canterbury
    Fluffy Canterbury 8 months ago +16

    I agree with you on the "ridiculous sweetness" part. I'm not an American, but I was highly invested in cake baking at one point in my life, and I watched a 💩 ton of American baking videos. I don't know why they so often make their cakes (birthday cakes, wedding cakes) insanely sweet and with zero flavor 🤷‍♀️ American buttercream is my least favorite thing in the baking world.

    • Noah Mc
      Noah Mc 4 months ago

      @Oana Puha You should try the muffins then 🤣

    • Oana Puha
      Oana Puha 6 months ago

      @Yessweetie The sugar point that the States are using is way too high. Yes, cakes are supposed to be sweet but not so much so that you can't distinguish any other flavour.

    • Fluffy Canterbury
      Fluffy Canterbury 7 months ago +1

      @Andrew E. OMG sounds heavenly

    • Andrew E.
      Andrew E. 7 months ago +4

      @Fluffy Canterbury true, most cakes are incredibly sickening and I sometimes just choose not to have the buttercream. The best cakes in the world are angel food cakes with whipped cream and strawberry sauce. 🤤

    • Fluffy Canterbury
      Fluffy Canterbury 7 months ago +2

      @Yessweetie Well, you know, you have plain marshmallows (basically nothing but sugar) for example, and a raspberry cream tart. It's not the sweetness itself, but more like the lack of any other flavor. There's a ton of stuff that can be added to cakes (both in cake batter and as a separate layer): fruits, fruit purees, nuts, nut butters, merengues, caramel, crunchy stuff, etc. All of those make a cake interesting and more complicated in flavor. And for some reason American bakers rarely add those, I don't know why.

  • Lightning the Greyhound
    Lightning the Greyhound 7 months ago +1

    I'm surprised you didn't puke after those sour patch kids! But glad you made it to my favorite Pop Tart flavor!!!

  • SailorRose
    SailorRose 8 months ago +3

    Plain Marshmellow fluff should be used to make fluffernuters! It's sandwhich made of penut butter and marshmellow fluff. Can be toasted or not, but I like it toasted

  • Szymon Romotowski
    Szymon Romotowski 8 months ago +1

    for your next video from the "breakfast around the world" series could you do polish breakfast please? I've been asking for a while. I'd love if you covered "naleśniki" (polish crepes) or "racuchy owocowe" (polish fruit pancakes; a type of pancake with a batter different to the american batter. It is also filled with a fruit, I recommend sliced apples, bananas or blueberries) If you end up doing this, enjoy!

  • SilverThorn
    SilverThorn 2 months ago

    I, as an American, have never even seen marshmellow fluff being sold 😂

  • HomerOJSimpson
    HomerOJSimpson 5 months ago +1

    So, I looked up Takis. It’s very popular in the US now (last decade became popular) but apparently it was founded in Mexico in 1999. I don’t remember seeing takis at the stores in Mexico in my trips. It’s probably more popular in the US than in Mexico

  • Serendipitous Slim
    Serendipitous Slim 5 months ago

    I’ve tried the Churros Toast Crunch and while they’re good, I definitely think they’re inferior in flavor to the regular ones. They do have the added benefit in texture though because they get less soggy. Ultimately though the goated cinnamon toast crunch is I believe the Dulce de Leche one. The absolute rarest (and I believe discontinued) yet ultimately greatest Toast Crunch ever made though happened to be off-brand; Wegmans Blueberry Muffin Squares was a staple in my childhood. May have just been the greatest cereal ever made. It’s probably worth it’s weight in gold now if anybody has a box hanging around still.

  • kedah
    kedah 6 months ago

    Original Fluff and Peanut butter is my go to sandwich if I want to feel like a kid. The Fluffernutter is a masterpiece.

  • Stephen Root
    Stephen Root 8 months ago +3

    As far as Pop Tarts, strawberry is by far the best flavor (imo). They get even better when you put them in a toaster until the edges are golden brown!

    • Noah Mc
      Noah Mc 4 months ago

      I mean brown sugar is a classic though. But yeah toast them up!

    • Ava Shepherd
      Ava Shepherd 7 months ago

      Cherry is best in my opinion

    • ntbored
      ntbored 7 months ago

      Get the strawberry shi out of here. Blueberry the way to go, after that cinnamon

  • Goksir
    Goksir 8 months ago

    I'm from Norway and I remember a Lithuanian friend brought Cini Minis. Absolutely delicious cereal. Probably my favourite too.

  • yOuR dOg SpEaKs ChInEsE!?!
    yOuR dOg SpEaKs ChInEsE!?! 7 months ago +10

    I personally recommend Little Debbie anything. ESPECIALLY ZEBRA CAKES OMG. Also, any ice cream sandwich. Anyways, American anything is addictive. Tv shows, food, movies, celebrities, we have it all. It's weird

    • missnazstylee
      missnazstylee 7 months ago

      @SaltyBskut same here ! 🤪🤪🤪

    • SaltyBskut
      SaltyBskut 7 months ago +1

      +1 on the zebra cakes, I had to ban myself from anything Little Debbie so my arteries can have a fighting chance lmao

  • Troy the Boy
    Troy the Boy 3 months ago

    The cookies and cream soda is part of a much bigger collection of weird sodas. In America we have all sorts of joke flavors. Anything from Mustard flavor to Spit flavor.

  • SuPeRsKiTtLeStAlKeR
    SuPeRsKiTtLeStAlKeR 7 months ago +1

    For pop tarts they're very sweet, if you overcook them q tad in the toaster flavors like s'mores, brown sugar cinnamon and cherry taste better. Hot fudge sundae, wild berry, and strawberry are disgusting if you cook them too much. I don't like the strawberry it's too sweet, but strawberry milkshake frozen is absolutely delicious. I hear the strawberry frozen is also good.

  • Mochii
    Mochii 22 days ago

    Cini minis are also here in Spain and DEAR GOD THEY ARE *SO GOOD*
    My fav part is drinking the leftover milk too!

  • muppy
    muppy 8 months ago +5

    i hope you will do more long form videos like this moving forward!!! ❤️

  • Sara
    Sara 2 months ago

    As an American I've literally never seen any other flavor beside original marshmallow fluff or cream in stores

  • Bitzer Dog
    Bitzer Dog 17 days ago

    Let's be honest, KWOOWK should rent a home in The US so he could try more American snacks.

  • Sara Saad
    Sara Saad Month ago

    Hey KWOOK!! So the Tabasco popcorn would be very nice if you add real Tabasco and a little bit of lime and shake veryyyyyyy well and it would be veryyyy nice!