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Why were Sergiño Dest, Weston McKennie left off Alexi's All-time USMNT squad? | State of the Union

  • Published on Aug 22, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Alexi Lalas explains why he needs to see more from the USA's 'golden generation' in order to place them in his all-time USMNT starting 11. Check out the full episode wherever you listen to podcasts.
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    Why were Sergiño Dest, Weston McKennie left off Alexi's All-time USMNT squad? | State of the Union
    • Why were Sergiño ...
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Comments • 41

  • FOX Soccer
    FOX Soccer  7 months ago

    Should Dest and McKennie be included in the all-time USMNT squad?

    • KenDaKingArrives
      KenDaKingArrives 7 months ago +1

      @muralles6 You can say this if you are a national team with top history, top talents. Some players do well with the national team and some don't, then it's easier to dismiss one talent in favor of another of equal value that did better for the national team. We don't have players of equal value in our short, mediocre history and so this list is unacceptable to me. Playing at top teams in Europe is something we should be forced to acknowledge which again makes this list inadmissable IMO. A good individual performance in the World Cup will complete this argument that at the very least McKennie and Gio and even Dest if he finally plays, should also be included in the best XI, already.

    • muralles6
      muralles6 7 months ago +1

      Maybe eventually, but no, not at the moment. I believe all time best is what they did for the national team first with club accomplishments and play as supporting factors

  • muralles6
    muralles6 7 months ago +10

    Landon Donovan most definitely deserves to be in this list. All time assists and goals. No way he can be left off

  • max Maxie
    max Maxie 7 months ago +6

    Alexi started with "i am actually live in reality and finishes with what if the old generation had current days avialability and opportunity?"😂😂😂😂😂

  • Saleha Noori
    Saleha Noori 7 months ago +4

    Alexi said he is basing it off of reality and then he literally gave examples that were based on what ifs and dreams.

  • Gilligan
    Gilligan 7 months ago

    I'm fine with Cherundelo as RB and agree that McKennie isn't quite in the mix yet, but I'm less sold on Meola (though you made a fair enough case in the original video), and I feel like Boca could potentially slide over to LB for lack of better options and we could do something else at CB or go 3 in the back and shove somebody like Jermaine Jones or Michael Bradley into the middle. If you hadn't started off with Meola, the entire video probably wouldn't have gotten so much hate. People were always going to nitpick after that. 😂

  • exhortingone
    exhortingone 7 months ago

    Those guys are better for sure, but that's due to current situations. But they need to achieve more before making the list. All Time isn't just talent...it's accomplishments as well. I think McKennie will get there...Dest needs to move away from Barcelona and stay healthy...but he has the talent for sure.

  • Ken Masonj
    Ken Masonj 7 months ago +3

    Dest and Mckennie should DEFINITELY be ON the USMNT.

  • Saleha Noori
    Saleha Noori 7 months ago +1

    His all time list is hilarious

  • Chad North
    Chad North 7 months ago +1

    Agree with Alexi’s top XI 👍🇺🇸

  • Erickwkweric
    Erickwkweric 7 months ago +1

    Interesting lineup he picked, I don’t like it but I feel like he’s right

  • R M
    R M 7 months ago +5

    Not bad but the reality is Howard is still the best keeper we’ve ever had if not him than friedel.

  • exhortingone
    exhortingone 7 months ago +2

    Biggest misses are Howard (most saves ever in a WC game...not for US...but for all goalies). Micheal Bradley as the defensive midfielders, and Gooch is the best CB we've ever had and it's not even close.

  • max Maxie
    max Maxie 7 months ago +1

    International competition alone cant measure a player quality may be that time but not now.

  • Jamie Whealon
    Jamie Whealon 7 months ago

    Alexi is a realist and likes to brag about reality but hypothetically places players in fantasy situations.

  • Perc Nowitzki
    Perc Nowitzki 6 months ago

    Fabian Johnson getting no love at all lmao especially when for a hot minute he was our best player by a long shot

  • BananaPistol
    BananaPistol 7 months ago +2

    Missing what the USMNT greats actually won

    • Rob Thomas
      Rob Thomas 7 months ago +1

      They qualified for 7 straight World Cups. They won Gold Cups. They earned a draw at the Azteca in a qualifier. They earned a draw against Italy at the World Cup. They advanced to the quarterfinals of the World Cup under the guidance of an NCAA and MLS coach.
      The new crop of players have earned a couple merit badges...they've won a Gold Cup, defeated Mexico in Nations League, also tied at the Azteca in a qualifier. All very good. The USMNT greats can be surpassed by this group if they show us something special in Qatar. I think in the next 5-10 years we will have moved on from the Donovan-Dempsey era, having reached a higher plateau, but we aren't there yet. Alexi is right this time, we have to see them play in ONE World Cup before they can be anointed.

  • max Maxie
    max Maxie 7 months ago +1

    We havent seen? You dont have to wait world cup to see if the player is good or bad!

  • Mike Gaynes
    Mike Gaynes 7 months ago +3

    I'm sorry, but the idea that Tony Meola belongs any higher than fourth on the goalkeepers list is ridiculous. The debate should be over whether Keller, Friedel or Howard is #1. Meola shouldn't even be in the conversation.

  • ace xavier1356
    ace xavier1356 7 months ago

    Change GK. And that is best squad. Dwight from the office got it right

  • Brendan Agnew
    Brendan Agnew 7 months ago

    If World Cup is a criteria why is pulisic there also I have no clue who the goalie is but Tim Howard has the record for most saves in a World Cup game and it was against a stacked Belgium team probably shoudve been 6-0 that game

  • John James
    John James 7 months ago

    Meola is awful. Remember how at the World Cup he got into this really bad habit where he wouldn't catch the ball but would bat it down to the ground and catch the rebound. Who does this? Meanwhile we have World Class keepers in Tim Howard, Kasey Keller, and Brad Friedel. Guys who all played in the top divisions in Europe. Meola never got a sniff. Lalas is basing this off of 4 games at the World Cup, 1 of which "Near Post Meola" was culpable for the loss.

  • Stuart Dollar
    Stuart Dollar 7 months ago +3

    I wouldn't rate Meola higher than fourth at Goalkeeper. Keller, Howard, and Brad Freidel all were better.

  • John Woodham
    John Woodham 7 months ago

    John O'Brien instead of Jeff Agoos. Eddie Pope instead of Boca. Keller instead of Meola. I would also take pre-injury Mathis over McBride.

  • hushg2000
    hushg2000 7 months ago

    You seen them in the World Cup, but you didn’t see them in the Champions league tho lol Weston already has more champions than most on Alexis list

  • New Transcendentalist
    New Transcendentalist 7 months ago +1

    meola over howard?!

  • Andrew Benson
    Andrew Benson 7 months ago

    Bunch of clowns saying Bradley deserves to be in the best 11. No way.

  • Marlon Ramos
    Marlon Ramos 7 months ago

    Well said! I am in my late 30's and got to watch a lot of these from the list. The person who commented should appreciate and understand history, but real football(soccer fans) will never make such statement. Good response.

    • Marlon Ramos
      Marlon Ramos 6 months ago

      @Evil Khamzat Chimaev idk about that but I get the sentiment. Trust I’m on their side, just different timing in my opinion.

    • Marlon Ramos
      Marlon Ramos 6 months ago

      @Ricky Ricardo like you said. Still waiting for the results. I’m optimistic but waiting to see it.

    • Ricky Ricardo
      Ricky Ricardo 6 months ago

      @Marlon Ramos they're playing in europe and have not yet had a chance to do any of that.. they have the youngest team in the world cup (second to ecuador) so this is the first time for all of these kids to make something happen for the national team.. yet they're already playing in Europe and some already starting for EPL or Serie A. Maybe if they asked him this question next year.. we'll see what these kids do in the world cup.

    • Marlon Ramos
      Marlon Ramos 7 months ago

      @Ricky Ricardo I’d call it more information to draw a conclusion. In fact, this whole generation has not done anything major for the mens national team (making it to the World Cup was achieved by the prior mentioned generations) but have the opportunity to make it to such list depending their World Cup performance

    • Evil Khamzat Chimaev
      Evil Khamzat Chimaev 7 months ago +1

      @Ricky Ricardo yup and they are all light years ahead of all the players he named respect to them for building the foundation but come on

  • American Soccer United
    American Soccer United 7 months ago

    I think that hypothetical Alexi is doing is absurd. It's just like saying well Maradonna is better than Pele bc if he didn't have a drug addiction then he would've achieved more than Pele. That makes no sense and also not entirely true. You don't know that he would have. It's just a massive assumption. Nah you have to go by who the players actually were and what they were able to do. You can't create these weird hypothetical and make huge assumptions off that. Nonsense.

  • max Maxie
    max Maxie 7 months ago +1

    Alexi giving 2002 fluke so much credit.
    And also he thinks Dest and Mckenny are in big club because of opportunity and disregard their quality😂

  • Alexander Aguilastratt
    Alexander Aguilastratt 7 months ago

    Lala’s all stars have no black players.

  • Nate Wierzbicki
    Nate Wierzbicki 7 months ago +6

    Your credibility is shot. No gooch or Bradley or Tim Howard. Like what haha. Also where do the international games players get their skills tested. IN THE CLUB SEASON. So tab and balboa couldn’t cut it in those leagues. They shouldn’t be on. Landon Is an mls legend mls key word yes he had two good World Cups. Imagine if he actually good enough to make it in Europe , bc belief me he tried and couldn’t, pulsic will show why he’s the goat come November as well. At least show you mls first fans I guess lol. Amd hot take Brian McBride might need to make room for Sargent before all,is said amd done 😁👀👀