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Mining 1,000,000 Blocks Alone!

  • Published on May 11, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • I hosted a challenge that lasted for days! The last person to mine one million blocks wins $30,000!
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Comments • 40 429

  • Wallibear
    Wallibear 2 years ago +3387

    These players are smart I wouldve died

  • Jaitnium
    Jaitnium Year ago +3960

    I'm very happy that Mr. Beast gave Argo 20k as a consolation prize. It would be devastating to be that close to winning and get nothing.

  • SwiftBlade4
    SwiftBlade4 Year ago +6617

    I feel bad for Argo, he was doing so well until the entire server conspired against him.

    • RaceKmBoi
      RaceKmBoi Year ago +242

      There is evidence he and his team hacked

    • mossfan1
      mossfan1 Year ago +408

      @RaceKmBoi I see this a lot in the comment-section, but can't find any info outside of it. What's the source of info, why was it not discovered & what hacks?

    • KingQixels
      KingQixels Year ago +57

      @mossfan1 the dreef documentary goes over how they were hacking

    • RaceKmBoi
      RaceKmBoi Year ago +121

      @mossfan1 turning off his cam when he doesnt log off, wierd movements when players are close to him, and more

    • Dinamiteur Dinamiteur
      Dinamiteur Dinamiteur Year ago +6


  • Mikhail
    Mikhail 5 months ago +331

    argo is the literal champ here, krang has a team and argo made his progress by his own, but i wont blame someone here as long as argo got his consolation prize, congrats krang and argo and also W Mrbeast.

    • swear jar
      swear jar 4 months ago +3

      Lmao he also had a team of cheaters that's doing dirty work for him with xrays

  • Morgan
    Morgan Year ago +554

    okay but can we talk about how damn awesome it was to have a bunch of people come together and form a minecraft team trees? and the base they built looked spectacular.

  • Zhiqian Wen
    Zhiqian Wen 5 months ago +61

    I am glad he gave Argo money. He basically made the entire server turned on him for doing what he was asked to do

  • Lootbot
    Lootbot 2 years ago +2694

    Krang's mom is an absolute legend

    • HIS torial
      HIS torial 2 years ago +47

      so true i wish thats my mom

    • OP Editing
      OP Editing 2 years ago +27

      i think he was near the top when her mom did it and she really wanted 30k

    • BRZRX
      BRZRX 2 years ago +5

      I want it to happen to me

    • Cowsome 2
      Cowsome 2 2 years ago +6

      Yeah i wish thats my mom lol

    • Cowsome 2
      Cowsome 2 2 years ago +3

      Cooper Stearns my life be like :

  • The Pudge
    The Pudge Year ago +5080

    argo is true champ he did it on his own with everyone against him, kango got carried. glad to see argo still got 20k regardless

    • Jimmy Talbot
      Jimmy Talbot Year ago +167

      well their is a documentary that went into great details about everything that happened and it turns out that Argo and his 'team' was cheating.

    • Sgt-Cas
      Sgt-Cas Year ago +23

      @Jimmy Talbot wat is the Documentary called?

    • TimeCrashV5 Wu
      TimeCrashV5 Wu Year ago +16

      @Sgt-Cas he didnt reply :(

    • D_Gamer
      D_Gamer Year ago +47

      His own? Didnt you see someone helping argo? Or you were too busy ignoring argo's partner?

    • J4NK0
      J4NK0 Year ago +10

      @Sgt-Cas dreeft channel

  • UnknownVasto
    UnknownVasto Year ago +155

    Bruh the dedication of each of this players helping and trying to reach one million block was awesome to watch.

  • Idontknowmyusername
    Idontknowmyusername 5 months ago +66

    Respect for the mom that actually trusted games and let her son stay home to play games so she just signed him sick

  • Prackity ELITE
    Prackity ELITE Year ago +294

    good moral to the story, even if you’re the best, if you wrong somebody you may not come out on top. teamwork makes the dream work!

  • Stocks Mentor
    Stocks Mentor 10 months ago +8

    Muito obrigado. A muito tempo procuro um mod assim.

  • InkqusitR
    InkqusitR 2 years ago +2661

    Can we take a moment to appreciate the editors editing 100 hours of footage into 10 minutes

    • Esteban A
      Esteban A 2 years ago +57

      it’s fucking crazy the work that goes in

    • Michael Christy
      Michael Christy 2 years ago +81

      I honestly wish these videos were longer than 10 minutes and around 20-30

    • I’m back
      I’m back 2 years ago +4

      This comment will blow up

    • Lucy Whiskers
      Lucy Whiskers 2 years ago +5

      Ikr. I'd love to edit for Mr. Beast but I think I'd malfunction a little. XD

    • Shadoweb EB
      Shadoweb EB 2 years ago +9

      There is not 100h of footage, they only film from time to time obviously.

  • SRQ
    SRQ Year ago +1765

    It took 20 people to take down Argo and his teammate. I'd call Argo victorious at this point.
    Edit: For everyone commenting his team had hacks, this was a comment before that became known information

    • yessir
      yessir Year ago +80

      I agree Argo honestly deserved to win although he stole from team trees

    • kid's champ
      kid's champ Year ago +6

      You guys forgot to think that their armor and weapons are so overpowered

    • SRQ
      SRQ Year ago +77

      @kid's champ That literally makes no difference, when you have 20 people punching you and respawning immediately just to chase you down and slow you down. And the argument is they needed 20 people to take Argo down, compared to Argo vs Krang in a 1v1.

    • kid's champ
      kid's champ Year ago +2

      @SRQbut you missed a point that if argo and his team mate kill a person once they have to respawn and they have to chase both of them with literally no armor on and it's just like a UHC and bymistake the people who are chasing argo hit the other people it will help argo and his team mate evenmore

    • SRQ
      SRQ Year ago +22

      @kid's champ Thing is tho at the end it was just argo cuz his teammate died of fall damage and lost his stuff, and even with no armor and the time took chasing him down, the time just to kill them over and over would have slowed him down tremendously , and even just with 5-10 people hitting him and the rest actually helping the other guy mine faster (Like planting trees for leaves, giving him resources and making sure he doesn't run out of durability) is a huge help. Anyways the argument is that they NEEDED 20 people to beat Argo, which is literally what both our arguments are about so idk what your trying to prove.

  • ChocoBlob
    ChocoBlob Year ago +36

    I love the guy who made the tree farm. The fact he's got people to join him and then there was that Team Trees sign. It's so wholesome, I love it.

  • Xawee
    Xawee 9 months ago +4

    The moment the challenge started I knew the best strategy would be
    1# - Get to a good spot and use the leaves tactic till you get diamond shovel
    #2 - Team up with 1 person who's goal is to get diamond shovel.
    #2 - Once you got 3 diamond shovels switch to sand/dirt
    # 3 - other guy get efficiency asap
    #4 - farm dirt -WIN

  • Cloud
    Cloud Year ago +288

    Krang's mom must be proud of him.

    • High
      High Year ago +1

      Krang's sick right 😂

  • Burç Gürel
    Burç Gürel 4 months ago +13

    Feeling sorry for Argo, he deserved atleast 50 grand with that effort.

  • Absolute_Whimsical
    Absolute_Whimsical 2 years ago +2042

    “My mum, signed me up as sick so I can compete in this challenge”
    Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how nice this mum is 👏👏

    • Dragos L.
      Dragos L. 2 years ago +119

      That was the best decision his mom made in her entire life lol

    • Harsh Kumar
      Harsh Kumar 2 years ago +48

      I asked my mum and she said she would do the same too :)

    • Swinging Bro
      Swinging Bro 2 years ago +14

      best mom in the world

    • Ant 55
      Ant 55 2 years ago +13


  • Undercover Lightning
    Undercover Lightning Year ago +340

    I love how the man is just like "I LOVE YOU!!!" while jimmy was explaining stuff

  • Tremayne Narh
    Tremayne Narh Year ago +46

    I usually comment on a lot I watch, but not everything. Depends on the subject matter. Your gaming skills are very cool. Thanks for your help you never make me bored.
    Keep those videos coming,
    ya dig ??

  • ♊___𝕊𝕎𝔼𝔼𝕋_𝔾𝔼𝕄𝕀___♊

    Damn krang was given a chance. He made it all worth it. Respect brother 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • aunna mitchell
    aunna mitchell 11 months ago +2

    I have tried to join the discord server, but sadly its full, so, I want to congratulate all the people who have been in all the videos, and people who are just in the server! Thank you Mr.Beast, for all the awesome content, and to anyone who is reading this, have a good day!

  • A guy without A BEARD
    A guy without A BEARD 2 years ago +2482

    Even his mom helped him get the win, and he won.
    Props to mom.

    • TayTay
      TayTay 2 years ago +31

      Mothers day

      BLACKMAGEYT 2 years ago +23

      Epic mom moment

    • YouTube ꪜ
      YouTube ꪜ 2 years ago +6

      I saw your comment on other video. But I can't remember where?

    • Levin Martinez
      Levin Martinez 2 years ago +1

      @Clip-Share ꪜ click his profile and you will the the videos he has commented on, and what he commented

    • Capital Gamer
      Capital Gamer 2 years ago +1

      If you see my community tab's post (photo) then I promise you that you not stop your laughing🤣😅🤣......💖...,,..,,......

  • Negosyo Manila
    Negosyo Manila Year ago +2

    this video of yours isn’t just a simple content but a pleasure and satisfaction.💗 I was glued and really loved watching it, well in fact, there was never a time my attention was out of it. Keep making this kind of contents, It is worthy of a million likes!. 💖

  • Woah Quill
    Woah Quill Year ago +83

    After watching Dreefty’s documentary on this challenge, it seemed like a good idea on paper but a horrible idea in execution. I would e given all the top 10 at least some cash. The amount of people who spent days mining and put their bodies in harm’s way for this challenge was just too much, just for someone who was almost definitely cheating to get 20k

    • Kost Tsi
      Kost Tsi Year ago +4

      I fully agree with you but Argo didnt cheated everyone teamed against him

    • Justakidgamer
      Justakidgamer Year ago +4

      how was he cheating? like mate didnt do anything wrong

    • Cyavin
      Cyavin Year ago +4

      @Justakidgamer there was evidence that he had a secret team and that both he and the team were using x-ray. he had stashes of furnaces around the whole map filled to the brim with diamonds, and had like 20+ stacks of diamonds in his inventory at times.

  • John The Pikachu
    John The Pikachu 10 months ago +50

    *Mining 1,000,000 Blocks Alone!*
    Yet, he made 100 players do it for him

    • StormScout09
      StormScout09 8 months ago

      Yea but every player had to mine 1M blocks alone to win

    • Lightning Lynx Gaming
      Lightning Lynx Gaming 7 months ago


    • FantasticRiver1
      FantasticRiver1 7 months ago

      You realize that is his title scheme right? Easy, simple, captures attention. And not technically wrong

    • Lightning Lynx Gaming
      Lightning Lynx Gaming 7 months ago

      @FantasticRiver1 true

    • SanZiD
      SanZiD 7 months ago +1

      He referred to the players so that it gets views.

  • MyNameIsCry
    MyNameIsCry Year ago +4

    Man i love mrbeast because he gets straight to the point on why we clicked on the video

  • Imhaaland's#1fan
    Imhaaland's#1fan 6 months ago

    Did any of the contestants think of going to the Nether? You could have just destroyed thousands of blocks there very quickly.

  • Wisp
    Wisp 2 years ago +452

    i would've mined 1mil blocks for a kiss

    FRANKIE Year ago +4

    Props to these builds

  • AkinMCYT
    AkinMCYT Year ago +8

    1Q and Krang were the best and most kind people I've ever seen in a mrbeast challenge

  • Priyam Patel
    Priyam Patel 11 months ago +9

    I really feel sad for Argo as he was the one who deserved to win

  • RedDragonZ81
    RedDragonZ81 Year ago +8

    Couldn’t you…
    Break leaves, place them, then break them? Or stack a scaffold tower and break it.

  • whatever AWHR means
    whatever AWHR means 6 months ago +2

    After 9 days of staring at the desktop screen for 9 days, His smile still remains.

  • Durgesh
    Durgesh 2 years ago +493

    I have infinite respect for everyone who participated in this challenge

    • Austin Coldwater
      Austin Coldwater 2 years ago +11

      @eugenes memes bro good content isn’t fortnite videos that are a minute long

    • Tech Nickk
      Tech Nickk 2 years ago +4

      @eugenes memes 😂 nice joke

      THE EARTH BURNER 2 years ago +2

      @eugenes memes 1 thing I don't understand in life:
      Why do you call your low effort content good?

    • sarah :T
      sarah :T 2 years ago

      @Veekshith Ganapuram it was chris

    • Beta Gozaimas
      Beta Gozaimas 2 years ago

      I was there , But My dad said no

  • Thunder beast
    Thunder beast Year ago +26

    Argo is the true winner for me. He kept his 1st place for so long even if he was getting hunted by 20 players.

  • Rhomayyann
    Rhomayyann Year ago +100

    I would have immediately went as far away from everyone as I can get. Then I would have gotten enchanted Diamond pickaxes and went into the Nether and started busting out Nether blocks.

    • Andrea Grimaldi
      Andrea Grimaldi Year ago +6

      but there is a lot of danger in nether

    • Abhayplayz
      Abhayplayz Year ago +5

      @Andrea Grimaldi unless you go in with enchanted armor, and underground

    • D_Gamer
      D_Gamer Year ago +2

      @Andrea Grimaldi then get full fire protection 4 diamond armor then

    • Suheb Malek
      Suheb Malek Year ago +1

      @D_Gamer Are u Joking? Or serious. Until he gets the resourcea for enchantment table and Book shelves and crafts them and Finds Fire protection 4 on every Armor till then everyone will get So far

    • LMDR
      LMDR Year ago

      Незер был закрыт.

  • gia woelfel
    gia woelfel Year ago +59

    *_Jimmy casually explaining stuff_*
    Random guy: "I LOVE YOU!"
    Jimmy: _thank you._

  • Best Music For Relax

    Happy New Year friend, may this year be better than last year with more challenges and, most importantly, do not get sick, good luck in all your endeavors

  • TerkkoB
    TerkkoB 7 months ago

    Absolutely Insane to me the way ALL of them turned on Argo. Like 20K is nice but damn that’s sad

  • Blakrex
    Blakrex 2 years ago +1639

    I'm so happy you still gave argo 20k. That man earned it.

    • PonyPlayer619
      PonyPlayer619 2 years ago +25

      The Good Ending

    • BandT
      BandT 2 years ago +15

      He did need it tho

    • David El Beaner
      David El Beaner 2 years ago +3

      @PonyPlayer619 Nah tbh nah

    • Doerian
      Doerian 2 years ago +23

      I mean he did screw over a bunch 9f individuals.
      After getting screwed over by the host of the show.

    • Siddhesh Phadke
      Siddhesh Phadke 2 years ago +9

      Yep, the poor Argo

  • JxstDukey🏀™
    JxstDukey🏀™ Year ago +2

    i could watch this guy for hours

  • soccer_editz
    soccer_editz Year ago +8

    Can we appreciate how much time content creators put in for us❤️😀❤️

  • Masiha
    Masiha 10 months ago +6

    “You’re a wanted man Mr.Argo $5000 for your head alone”

  • 00 00
    00 00 Year ago +1

    Crazy, GG MAN. Respect to the winner.

  • Luke Atmey
    Luke Atmey Month ago

    Bruh image how much a snowball farm would have skyrocketed these stats. Real missed opportunity tbh.

  • frst.
    frst. 2 years ago +901

    gotta respect the determination on Argo though, the whole server was against him and helping Krang but he still came only 7k blocks too short..

    • Durjam
      Durjam 2 years ago +41

      + it was super cool how he had a bodyguard

    • Chris McNichols
      Chris McNichols 2 years ago +98

      I’m honestly devastated that Argo lost he completely deserved it

    • zanmato
      zanmato 2 years ago +4

      @DON'T wont

    • uIpex
      uIpex 2 years ago +15

      @Chris McNichols At least he earned 20K. Good enough for me

  • Aprotoshoot
    Aprotoshoot Year ago

    it's not a mistake it's a ✨ masterpiece ✨

  • Xman285
    Xman285 15 days ago +1

    this is the strat, you mine a couple of leaves with shears then place them down and mine them again.

  • NotFajnyyy
    NotFajnyyy 11 months ago +60

    Mrbeast: ,,I mined 1,000,000 blocks alone!"
    Also Mrbeast: ,,I HIRED 100 PEOPLE TO MINE 1,000,000 BLOCKS FOR ME!!!!!!!"

  • The_Green bean_man
    The_Green bean_man 2 years ago +1304

    Respect for Krang's mom being possibly the only mother on earth that knows you can't pause video games

    • Shubh Soni
      Shubh Soni 2 years ago +32

      Didnt know a simple yup would be my most liked comment but sure XD

    • Super_cuber
      Super_cuber 2 years ago +2


    • Themrlupo
      Themrlupo 2 years ago +10

      @eugenes memes Sorry man, but if you want to grow you have to play popular games, fortnite is in a dark space right now, but I will support you so you can grow, just play popular games.

  • Pragon822
    Pragon822 Year ago +20

    Take a moment to understand the fact that his mom literally said he was sick so he could mine blocks in a video game

  • Finley Baker
    Finley Baker 9 months ago

    This video doesn’t look fun but it’s probably one of my favorite Minecraft challenges Jimmy’s done.

  • Xayez
    Xayez Year ago +4

    The guy built house in such serious moment is the biggest Sigma of 2021

  • RossTubes
    RossTubes 4 months ago

    It was wholesome that he still gave argo 20 k cuz he litterly got swarmed by the entire server

  • yusei
    yusei 2 years ago +595

    The fact that people actually spent days mining for 30 grand is just dedication

    • Professor X
      Professor X 2 years ago +1

      Hi shu

    • DON'T
      DON'T 2 years ago


    • Vipre😸
      Vipre😸 2 years ago


    • Angela Fish
      Angela Fish 2 years ago +4

      And a lot of people in America spend 40 hours a week for 52 weeks to make not even that much... Dedication.

  • A Person
    A Person Year ago +4

    the guy who said "i love you" to mrbeast is such a legend
    he had the courage LOL

  • Claire Coles
    Claire Coles Year ago +2

    I love watching Mr beast's vids:) he has got so much progress :0

  • sara's EQ world
    sara's EQ world 11 months ago

    bro krang's reaction was WAY better than some of the other people who won.
    i remember someone just said "wow" and "ok" in the building compititions

  • notsena
    notsena Year ago +30

    Mans mom is really a legend.

  • Cameron Holmes
    Cameron Holmes 11 months ago +1

    *legend has it, that alliance name is how the charity “team trees” started*

  • A guy without A BEARD
    A guy without A BEARD 2 years ago +1368

    Even his mom helped him get the win, and he won.
    *Props to mom...*

    • TheName'sArif
      TheName'sArif 2 years ago +28

      That's the power of your mother's support

    • Freah Jean Celis
      Freah Jean Celis 2 years ago +11

      @MaleTale I missed the part where that's my problem

    • DONT
      DONT 2 years ago +3


    • Blue Towel - Reko
      Blue Towel - Reko 2 years ago +1

      My mom wont even bother

  • Django Hall
    Django Hall Year ago +32

    i love how when jimmy was interviewing 1q he made a fake mic with his fist

    VECTOR YT Year ago

    Isn't it actually a world record to mine 1 million blocks?

  • LIND Lou
    LIND Lou 9 months ago +1

    Jimmy: Yo guys, guys Dreams here. It’s Irish Dream
    Chris: Top of the morning to you speed-running
    Me (a Geography Nerd): That’s not Irish Dream that’s Côte d’ Ivoire Dream

  • CaligulaXXIV
    CaligulaXXIV Year ago +10

    I would get some shears, mine a single leaf, then auto place and break that leaf a million times

  • Codm Ghosts
    Codm Ghosts 7 months ago +2

    I don't think Mr beast realised that they can place the leaves back down to break them lol

  • adam danial
    adam danial 2 years ago +5218

    His mother signed him as sick that day so that his son could mining blocks in minecraft, What a Legend!

  • Tootleypoot
    Tootleypoot Year ago

    I think you should do more documentary style vids like this

  • Horcrux 2468
    Horcrux 2468 Year ago +18

    Argo got the Survivor ending and Krang got the Savior ending

  • iixcherryshine
    iixcherryshine 6 months ago +4

    i feel bad for argo, the whole server turned on him

  • yes
    yes Year ago

    i love how 100 people in a cube game made lore in 4 weeks

  • The Goat
    The Goat 10 months ago +2

    You should do another one of these Jimmy. Still one of my favorite videos

  • 🐐
    🐐 2 years ago +293

    Even his mom helped him get the win, and he won.
    Props to the mom.

    • Caden
      Caden 2 years ago

      Thats when you know that your mom has faith in you

    EEE EEE Year ago +104

    "Mining alone" Jimmy 2 seconds after it starts "I GOT 100 RANDOM PLAYERS TO HELP"

  • RoneyST
    RoneyST Year ago

    If the leaves were finished they could’ve planted more saplings lol

  • Endqr 25
    Endqr 25 5 months ago +6

    Mrbeast “Mining 1,000,00 blocks alone!”
    Also mrbeast “today we have 100 players who will be breaking blocks!”

  • 5astelija
    5astelija Year ago

    Yes leaves are faster to break than stone, but you lose 5x more time moving to next one

  • David Gresehover
    David Gresehover 11 months ago +1

    Of course the guy who was pretended he was sick won lol 😂 I just love that

  • Debbie JG
    Debbie JG Year ago

    someone could have just placed a torch, then mined it until they got to 1,000,000

  • effo ?
    effo ? Year ago

    Окей. Делаем ферму железа, встаем рядом. По желанию под себя ставим воронку, над собой дроппер с миллиардом честов забитых ножницами сверху. Воронку цепляем через выбрасыватель и воду к дропперу над нами. Блок листвы в левую руку, ножницы в правую. Тупим в афк, переодически крафтим новые инструменты

  • Nicholas Montaruli
    Nicholas Montaruli 10 months ago

    I love how it says "Mining 1,000,000 Blocks Alone!", yet he didn't even mine blocks.

  • Bonnie Kirtley
    Bonnie Kirtley Year ago

    Argo had it so clutch but that stealing of team trees destroyed him, RIP

  • InfamousAJ
    InfamousAJ 10 months ago

    I thought they were supposed to mind that much blocks alone? 🤔

  • Zoe Penrose
    Zoe Penrose 2 years ago +856

    the editor after he realises he has to edit down 100 hours of Minecraft-👁👄👁

    • DON'T
      DON'T 2 years ago +1


    • BloodWork
      BloodWork 2 years ago +19

      I hate bots

    • Warga_indo01
      Warga_indo01 2 years ago +3

      @BloodWork same, not in youtube or TF2 theyre still annoying

    • Red-Sky YT
      Red-Sky YT 2 years ago

      @BloodWork bist du deutscher

  • Hpone Thiha Aung
    Hpone Thiha Aung Year ago +1

    they shouldve gone to the nether with an efficiency 4 pick and just mine through it
    wouldve been an ez win

  • MistiriousClown
    MistiriousClown Year ago +88

    “I mined one million blocks alone”
    3 seconds in: “here is 100 players”

  • PxrzEditzz
    PxrzEditzz 7 months ago

    "Hey Irish Dream it's your enemy Technoblade!" That hit different. Rest well legend

  • Linux Support
    Linux Support Year ago

    You could just place torches and hold down left and right click and you would instantly place and break about a stack all while being AFK

  • GarageBand Remakes
    GarageBand Remakes 4 months ago

    to this day, i still dont understand 1q's strat

  • cbry
    cbry 2 years ago +54683

    imagine telling your parents you won $30,000 for mining blocks in minecraft...

  • Dinozzgamer
    Dinozzgamer Year ago

    That Argo guy can literally verse Dream

  • Caleb
    Caleb Year ago +2

    Ah yes. He definitely mined 1,000,000 blocks alone.

  • Alexaaaa
    Alexaaaa 11 months ago +1

    Let’s show some respect to the mom that called her kid in for being sick😂

    SCORZY Year ago

    Epic video as always! 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Thor odinson
    Thor odinson 7 months ago

    I feel bad for argo he had the lead for so long until half the server decided they don't like him

  • Rhombus
    Rhombus 2 years ago +212

    Actually felt bad for Argo. He was just playing the best he could but was sabotaged by everyone else. 😂
    It was nice that Mr.Beast was really considerate of the situation. Respect.

    • Vasconcelos
      Vasconcelos 2 years ago +2

      He did steal though

    • I’m back
      I’m back 2 years ago +1

      I wish my comment had as much likes as yours lol

    • Seven
      Seven 2 years ago +1

      Argos a fucking legend he almost won by himself

    • Thanh Trinh
      Thanh Trinh 2 years ago +6

      @Vasconcelos there wasn’t a rule say u wasn’t allowed to steal

    • Vasconcelos
      Vasconcelos 2 years ago

      @Thanh Trinh and there wasn't a rule saying you wasn't allowed to team with other players either

  • Juan Se Gómez Picón

    His mother said that he was sick just to participate in the challenge? That's insane

  • Rizz king Baez
    Rizz king Baez Year ago

    Just know Argo would’ve won if he didn’t get sabotaged by like 20 people.