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Toyota Supra по уровням


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  • Art Vetal
    Art Vetal  2 months ago +965

    Больше контента, заказ рисунка и по рекламе тут:
    Телеграмм: t.me/art_vetal
    ВК группа: vk.com/art_vetal
    Instagram: instagram.com/art_vetal
    Новые треки в ВК группе выходят👍

  • X3veren
    X3veren Month ago +4

    Thanks for showing how i can draw level 5, its been difficult to draw in different poses

  • Davis777⚡• 69 years and
    Davis777⚡• 69 years and 20 days ago +311

    level 20: Car drives out of the paper 😂

  • John Dc2
    John Dc2 11 days ago +3

    Bro thats insane. Wanted to see level 6 longer

  • Dailytubis
    Dailytubis 22 days ago

    Para mi el dos ya estaba genial ❤

  • Itz Max_Panther Day
    Itz Max_Panther Day 13 days ago +1

    So according to this guy i can consider myself a level 5 artist
    *NOICE* 😁
    what about you guys?
    Btw amazing art my brother 🤟😃🥳✨

  • Jedidiah Everton
    Jedidiah Everton Month ago +84

    Finally someone who actually draws something in shorts and not making random stuff calling it "Art".

  • The Shadow King
    The Shadow King 21 day ago

    let's just think about the fact that this guy had to go through the effort of drawing a Toyota Supra seven times

  • anuayman
    anuayman 5 days ago +6

    Level 2 was better than my whole drawing career 🤣

  • 🌸Fifka channel🌸
    🌸Fifka channel🌸 2 days ago +1

    Ожидание: лвл 7. Реальность: лвл 1

  • Andrii Borodai
    Andrii Borodai 6 days ago +12

    Супра отдельный вид искусства

  • Prof. オタク猫
    Prof. オタク猫 Month ago +128

    Bro💀 i thought level 6 was the last one. Sick!!

  • Khaleed Shaidi
    Khaleed Shaidi 19 days ago

    when i was 8 years old i was already at level 5.. now im 27 and level 7 is still really hard for me 😂

  • Mythic
    Mythic 8 days ago +5

    And to think, level 1 is better than my life’s achievements

  • Neonicon
    Neonicon 15 days ago +1

    I like how you actually showed your true skill level. A lot of these kinds of videos will go up to level 3 or something and it'll be a decent drawing (usually better than what I can do) and then it'll say the next level and then cut off acting like they can do better than what they just did

  • Sergio Alonso Esparza Martínez

    Luce genial el resultado hasta parece un auto real.

  • Faiz_ Uraco
    Faiz_ Uraco 2 months ago +9334

    The ending is always satisfying

  • Aaron Powell
    Aaron Powell 15 days ago +1

    The cool thing about level 1 is that the shape was easy to recognize

  • IP Random Shorts
    IP Random Shorts 10 days ago

    I was waiting for levels 8,9, and 10!
    7 was amazing

  • YouTube Geek
    YouTube Geek 16 days ago

    A good thing about this is that the higher the level gets,the higher the quality gets.

  • Dylan Dylan Dylan
    Dylan Dylan Dylan 20 days ago

    I didn't think it could go past level 6... But it sure did! Damn.

  • LoLyx
    LoLyx 2 months ago +1092

    level 69 - he finally bought the car !! dream come true

    CEOS_XP 10 days ago

    Aí sim hein, brabíssimo

  • Robson Lelis De Oliveira Moreira

    Lindo muito carro azul 👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏desenho ✏✏🖊

  • Кирилл Беляков

    Вы с 1 левела уже лучше меня рисуете)

  • Mark M
    Mark M 15 days ago

    I could draw level 0 as a child and now as an adult I can finally draw level 1

  • Random_vidz🤪
    Random_vidz🤪 29 days ago +6

    There is now a level zero.”- Master Shifu

    • Random_vidz🤪
      Random_vidz🤪 24 days ago

      @Bayo Costa ummm did you drop your keyboard 😂

    • Bayo Costa
      Bayo Costa 24 days ago +1


  • Lil gaming
    Lil gaming Day ago

    And level 100: *proceeds to draw a fully functional car and it works

  • Dino RL
    Dino RL 4 days ago

    I'm about level 2 but how do you do this it looks insanely good

  • FOREVER 411
    FOREVER 411 17 days ago

    I used to be this talented around 8 years old, I lost all ambition to draw over the years.

  • FOREVER 411
    FOREVER 411 17 days ago

    I used to be this talented around 8 years old, I lost all ambition to draw over the years.

  • ᔕᕼ1ᑎ1ᑎG•ᗰ00ᑎ

    If that’s level 1 and 0 then I’m something else bro 💀💀💀💀

    • Mourath Das
      Mourath Das Month ago

      Me to

    • The car man
      The car man Month ago

      I’m 2

    • Khan Khan
      Khan Khan Month ago


    • Ho Samuel
      Ho Samuel Month ago

      I'm in -1000000000000

    • ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎
      ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ Month ago

      ​@25 subs goal (I will make random vidoes)
      That's the same thing as 0 lmao. This is why I say addicting games lioe roblox kill your braincells especially if youre young

  • Emmanuel Ríos Ángel
    Emmanuel Ríos Ángel 10 days ago

    que hermoso ❤

  • Dilfuza Sargelova
    Dilfuza Sargelova 8 days ago

    Тут короче должен был быть 8-ой уровень, когда он стал умнее и просто распечатал).

  • EnMorse
    EnMorse 4 days ago

    Orgulloso de ser lvl 1😎

  • Rusher
    Rusher 2 days ago

    PoV: I'm still struggling at Lvl-1 🥲

  • Ghazalisthecoolist 123
    Ghazalisthecoolist 123 23 days ago +401

    Level 1 is better than my whole art career 😂

    • Jesreels YT
      Jesreels YT 8 days ago

      level 0 for Real 😂

    • L
      L 14 days ago +3

      Damn, for me, it's level 0

    • MK Dinçtürk
      MK Dinçtürk 17 days ago +4

      The comment I was looking for 😅

    DRAGSTER 17 days ago

    В этом и есть прелести графики)

  • Ken
    Ken 19 days ago +28


  • Last Comment
    Last Comment 20 days ago

    Level 7: That one level that introduces a new mechanic

  • YouTuber Baylee Xiong
    YouTuber Baylee Xiong 18 days ago

    Level 3 you can really see it starting to come together

  • Ladarius Buckner Jr
    Ladarius Buckner Jr Month ago +80

    This is the guy you can trust at the end, y'know, the one that doesn't make a crappy drawing at the end and call it a masterpiece far from any artists understanding.

  • Sarita Jain
    Sarita Jain 19 hours ago +1

    The car is looking better than my game car👀

  • Felix Mathison
    Felix Mathison 14 days ago +1

    I'd be happy to draw level 2 🤣

  • PorterGTAG
    PorterGTAG 18 days ago

    every time he starts drawing a new one, i fear the lead will fall out 😭

  • Joj
    Joj 15 days ago

    I like how the people who always used to call us nerds have now just started doing nerdier shit than we would ever do and it's somehow just cool now

    STAS BASS 3 months ago +5

    Сделай красиво, нарисуй фокуса моего ❤🔊

  • Laser
    Laser 19 days ago

    At 26 years of age I made it to level 0.5 😅

  • Antonio Lopez
    Antonio Lopez 10 days ago

    This music reminds me of early 90's techno

  • Antonio Lopez
    Antonio Lopez 10 days ago

    This music reminds me of early 90's techno

  • Ivette Sofia Laitano Medina

    Level 100: the car gets the size of the sun

    LA MOTORS 27 days ago +439

    lets be honest we all drew level 0 when we were little and thought we were doing something 💀

  • Ian Antonio mommy
    Ian Antonio mommy 16 days ago

    When you finally have been able to hit the max level in an Aart video YES YES YES YES AIGHHHHHHHH YES YES YES AUGHHHHH YES HARDER YEASSSSSS

  • Md92
    Md92 9 days ago

    Damn lv 7 was intense🙏

  • WebMaster247 🌐
    WebMaster247 🌐 13 days ago

    Já fui level 4/5... depois dum trauma de ver minha familia jogando varios cadernos de desenho no lixo, sem qualquer proposito, sou lvl 0

  • Anush.R
    Anush.R 2 hours ago

    Proud to be in lv 1 drawing skills.😎😎

  • JC
    JC 19 days ago

    Good choice of generation 👍
    You should do the bmw Supra next

  • Gabriel Uelyson
    Gabriel Uelyson 3 days ago

    Já desenhei um musthang com giz no seria quase nível 3

  • PratGamer
    PratGamer 18 days ago

    Me who can do till level 6 depending on my mood and patience

  • DayKit
    DayKit 14 days ago +1

    I could maybe do lvl one in like 5hours if I REALLY tried but idk lol

  • PillowTheGreat
    PillowTheGreat Month ago +545

    Bro started drawing better than me at level 1. 💀

  • JulisusDxz
    JulisusDxz 19 days ago +1

    The level 2 is a lvl 100 for me 😰

  • احمد حسين
    احمد حسين 9 days ago +1

    Good that I drew level 3 and 4 was difficult 😅

  • Exͥtrͣeͫmΐร♛
    Exͥtrͣeͫmΐร♛ 22 days ago

    Friend : I can't draw good
    also him :
    level 69💀

  • ᗪ 乇 卂 ᗪ 丂 卄 ㄖ ㄒ

    Bro deserves 10 mil + likes

  • Classic tails
    Classic tails Month ago +9

    kids draw and adults draw be like:

  • Ashrai
    Ashrai 21 day ago

    12 years I can lvl 1±
    16 years lvl 4±
    Now I'm still can lvl 5max

  • Guy from Pindi
    Guy from Pindi 17 days ago

    Now that is called drawing 🤤

  • Петрос Авдышоев

    Очень красиво рисуешь респект

  • Петрос Авдышоев

    Очень красиво рисуешь респект

  • EnNombreDeLaCiencia !
    EnNombreDeLaCiencia ! 2 months ago +6

    Elon Musk design team stuck at level 0

    • Intrx
      Intrx 2 months ago

      F A X

  • Benny Marquez
    Benny Marquez 6 days ago

    Daaannggg bro that's fire 🔥🔥🔥

  • Dачник чикен ган

    У меня 100% получится 0- уровень🤣

  • PS. suicide
    PS. suicide 14 days ago +1

    Chose a nice car to draw as well, u got talent

  • 🌸Anya🌸
    🌸Anya🌸 4 days ago

    I love your videos ❤

  • a3ercKuY4eByPek
    a3ercKuY4eByPek 2 months ago +700

    "Отныне существует нулевой уровень"
    ©Мастер Шифу

    • APS۔CAFE
      APS۔CAFE 3 days ago

      So nice ❤

    • Azamat
      Azamat 2 months ago

      У меня пятый не дотягиваю до шестого

    • Игорь
      Игорь 2 months ago

      Я окончил художку, у меня 6 лвл. До 7го надо ещё развиваться

    • Максим Бородай
      Максим Бородай 2 months ago

      Когда еще в школе был, сильно нравилось по 5му лвлу рисовать. А поняо как ьлагодаря олнокласнику

    • Гордеев Борис
      Гордеев Борис 2 months ago

      @Close_Scarov:D Взаимно ))

  • 181. Filo
    181. Filo 21 hour ago

    lv 0 is a masterpiece

  • Potatoechip
    Potatoechip  17 days ago

    Now imagine level 8

  • Captain Harlock
    Captain Harlock 4 days ago

    Supra for life man!

  • kingcujo #420
    kingcujo #420 15 days ago

    I'm 35 and still only draw a stick family.. very impressive...

  • Panda
    Panda Month ago +12

    Me who simply gets print out👀

  • Lightning Mcnuggets
    Lightning Mcnuggets 12 days ago

    I'm convinced there is a room in this man's house full of supra drawings and red strings connecting it all💀

  • Abhi creation 96
    Abhi creation 96 12 days ago

    If The level increases the time also increases=hence proved

  • yehya ali
    yehya ali 19 days ago

    Who else were waiting for level 8 🙂

  • Divya Kulmethe
    Divya Kulmethe 17 days ago

    Me winning at level 0🤣✌️

  • Cyreexz
    Cyreexz 2 months ago +95

    The video makes itself watch so much that I waited for it to go up to level 10, bro. Legendary art works. Keep it up like this 🔥🤙🏻

  • Whitey4646
    Whitey4646 12 days ago +2


    НАХЛАД  2 days ago

    То чуство когда я рисую хуже уровня 0

  • Астемир Тарчоков

    Круто получилось😍😍😍😍

  • Azman Zeddy 😈
    Azman Zeddy 😈 12 days ago

    He drew level 0 better than me 😹

  • Dillon Martinez
    Dillon Martinez 2 months ago +35

    Honestly, I let this sit on repeat while I jogged the other day and it was like snorting a quadruple espresso.

  • Dirceu Santos
    Dirceu Santos 20 days ago

    Cool to know my skill is level 5... wish it was 7 🥲

  • •lil_bestAy•
    •lil_bestAy• 15 days ago +1

    Me in math (level 7)
    Me in art(level 0)

  • Richard Gore
    Richard Gore 18 days ago

    Level 0: ??
    Level 1: A car with a spoiler
    Level 2: A sports car
    Level 3: *IS THAT A SUPRA?!*
    I'm currently at level 1, may reach level 2 after practice but that's it😂.

  • AMSG
    AMSG 22 days ago

    My favorite was 7 and 5.

  • Nervous2GetBobuk
    Nervous2GetBobuk 2 months ago +233

    Level 1 is honestly better than me trying my hardest

    • Elite
      Elite 26 days ago

      You aren’t trying your hardest, a child can do level one so unless u like a 3 year old, there’s no way you can’t draw this.

    • Deep Wine
      Deep Wine Month ago


    • StormWorgen
      StormWorgen 2 months ago

      ​@celso aquino 🤣🤣🤣

    • Zayn
      Zayn 2 months ago +2

      Bro... how can u not draw that? Are u 5?

    • Tornado
      Tornado 2 months ago

      Same. The sad thing is, my mum says I'm good...

    GRISELDA 17 days ago

    Last time I drew it was the same as Level 5 and it was a mustang 😂

  • まろ
    まろ 14 days ago

    I feel like drawing a car now

  • D.RAKE
    D.RAKE 22 days ago

    Wow dude, great work. 👍

  • Flow
    Flow 22 days ago +2

    Well that escalated quickly