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The radius is how big?

  • Published on Nov 26, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Fwegwy
    Fwegwy 2 months ago +13334

    “Is it gonna hurt”
    Yes that’s how C4 works Byron

    • Maria Ragonese
      Maria Ragonese 12 days ago

      Poor Byron

    • Karon Elson
      Karon Elson 29 days ago

      Lol yeah a lot

    • coffinmyface
      coffinmyface Month ago

      No, no it's not

    • Shob
      Shob Month ago

      funniest comment ever

    • NK GAMING2017
      NK GAMING2017 Month ago +1

      Well if the size is so big then it probably would kill then before they could even notice the pain

  • TopG Goat - GoatedWtheWhiteSauce

    this is the most chill friend u could ever have in game, forgiving u in ur honest mistake

    • ChumpyLumpy
      ChumpyLumpy 16 days ago

      @Richard Vye oh my bad I don't get mad just annoyed for a moment if I said mad that's a misunderstanding on my part

    • ChumpyLumpy
      ChumpyLumpy 16 days ago

      @Richard Vye yah cause I'm gonna enjoy a game when there are little kids playing a ranked mode or are screwing me over after I've tried to do a mission for 3 hours

    • ChumpyLumpy
      ChumpyLumpy 16 days ago

      ​@Richard Vye I don't
      I understand if u just started playing but I'm tired of having to play competitive with players who picked up the game a day ago or losing in squads cause my teammate doesent know what button to press

    • Bryan Moses
      Bryan Moses 20 days ago

      I wish my friends were like that

    • TopG Goat - GoatedWtheWhiteSauce
      TopG Goat - GoatedWtheWhiteSauce 21 day ago

      @N4te-th3-gr34t actually mate that ain't my original profile pic, i just change it into the favorite anime of one of my friend, cause i did a work for him in exchange for money ( school related work ) and to hide that he " " did it, i had to change my profile pic to something else to look like his. I just haven't change it yet... also nice luck mate, u might wanna try Genshin with that luck ( Thx for the like i've been flexing this comment to some of my friend lately hehehe )

  • cory6266
    cory6266 2 months ago +1283

    Based on the size of the play area, the other team is literally right on the other side of the wall. In this case, your best option is for one player to RUN into the blue right before detonation, and hope the blast downs the other team, because they're just as close to the blast as you are. If you can time it right, the player that runs is still alive when the C4 detonates, and your team wins.

    • Sam Siggers
      Sam Siggers 2 days ago

      ​@The2ndUnfunniestMan101 if your talking about real life, it certainly will destroy that wall and anyone within that blue circle. If your refering to pubg, cod or whatever game. I couldn't say if your right or wrong as i've never heard of shaped charges in games. But i don't play them so makes sense i don't. Apologies if your referring to a game.

    • Will Williams
      Will Williams 19 days ago

      ​@The2ndUnfunniestMan101 bruh they are talking about a video game pubg lmfao

    • Aqila Rayhan
      Aqila Rayhan 29 days ago +1

      nah, if your friends makes that newbie mistake. they won't be able doing that expert gamer moves.

    • The2ndUnfunniestMan101
      The2ndUnfunniestMan101 Month ago

      @X C4 like that won't work on a concrete wall that thick. It has to be a shaped charge. Or use 5 times more C4, *O R...* You can use thermite instead.

    • X
      X Month ago

      @The2ndUnfunniestMan101 not if you have enough of it. And…that looks like enough of it

  • Bijou
    Bijou 2 months ago +6653

    "I mean, we get second place, which is..."
    "Worse than first."
    "That's what it is."

    • Corey Miller
      Corey Miller 18 days ago

      If you ain't first, you're last!

    • Wandering Zenith
      Wandering Zenith 20 days ago +1

      That's how your mindset should be. This was greatest line even if its meant to be a part of the joke.

    • Scythe4Life77
      Scythe4Life77 26 days ago +1

      That’s how placement works buddy

    • MonkeyLover
      MonkeyLover Month ago

      We watched the vid bud I think we know what it’s saying

    • DiE LoG
      DiE LoG Month ago

      @Bijou my bad..not my languages either.

  • Earl Pettey
    Earl Pettey 2 months ago +2363

    "Is it gonna hurt?"
    "Again, no, that's not how C4 works, Byron."
    Would only hurt if it somehow didn't kill you. Blast waves travel faster than your pain receptors can send a signal to your brain. You'd be stardust before you could even process that it had gone off.

    • nabkill 013
      nabkill 013 24 days ago +1

      ​@H-to-O which also terrifying if you survive.

    • Phumelela
      Phumelela 27 days ago +1

      Ok so, that’s how I’d like to die

    • Soul Invictus
      Soul Invictus Month ago

      Honestly the best part about being blown up is that you die wicker then your body and brain realizes it.

    • Jack RoyalTea
      Jack RoyalTea Month ago +1

      Is that true? The blast is faster than pain signals can travel?
      It’s a painless death?

    • Knight838
      Knight838 Month ago +2

      Sadly the blast isn't always immediately fatal. You might lay there on the ground in excruciating pain for 5 minutes before you actually die but maybe if you're lucky you'll pass out from the pain before that point.

  • Hopop
    Hopop 2 months ago +2821

    "Is it gonna hurt?" oh Byron

    • Oleg B
      Oleg B Month ago

      You would feel the flesh melt off your bones before you explode along... its pretty nasty if you think about it.

    • Dalton Wilmott
      Dalton Wilmott Month ago +1

      ​@grzexd electricity travels at the speed of light (or damn near it depending on resistances). So the brain would interperate pain, if only for a few milliseconds. Bryan will feel pain.

    • grzexd
      grzexd Month ago +1

      Its actually not if the explosion is powerful enough to obliterate your brain before it even knows what hit it lmao

    • HazeZeus
      HazeZeus 2 months ago +4

      Fortunately, that's not how c4 wor-💥

    • Brain Lock
      Brain Lock 2 months ago +3


  • Evellior
    Evellior Month ago +1

    That could've been a great tactical move though. It damages through cover and the other team is stuck against the same wall on the other side, so place c4 on the wall and move into the blue just before it detonates, it should kill the other team.

  • George Perkins
    George Perkins Month ago +1

    As a self-proclaimed weapons expert, I can assure you that C4 does NOT have a blast radius of "like 20 meters", as it's used to breach doors, etc.
    So therefore, it would not have that big of a blast radius, it would only explode out to about 1 meter

  • Skalo2
    Skalo2 2 months ago +446

    "2nd is the last to lose" Should be a quote 🤣🤣🤣

    • Grim
      Grim Month ago

      @Adam 熊さんyes it is

    • Jazen Danke
      Jazen Danke Month ago

      @Ravenwolf Fenrirson chronology, sequence, timeline. Nice analyzed sgt.Raven

    • Jazen Danke
      Jazen Danke Month ago

      @Sora Shirogami I can feel the aura has obliterated his hope within 2nd chance

    • Ravenwolf Fenrirson
      Ravenwolf Fenrirson Month ago +3

      It is somehow the last last loser and the first loser. The person knows if they are are in last that they wont win, yet the person in 2nd place still thinks they have a chance when they dont...

    • Sora Shirogami
      Sora Shirogami Month ago +1

      Strong Asian parent energy here.

  • Sabizos
    Sabizos Month ago +1

    My favorite thing about C4 is how it is the only explosive known to man to destroy walls. As we all know grenades, guns, RPG's, and grenade launchers not only can't destroy walls, walls are actually created to reflect such explosions back at you. Thankfully C4 is not subject to this natural law.

  • Thomas Robertson
    Thomas Robertson Month ago +1

    I love how it didn't kill the enemy even though its the same range as them

  • HippoKrampus
    HippoKrampus Month ago +1

    I mean, if you and the other team go down at once I'd consider it at least a technical victory since you were the ones to finish it.

  • xNable
    xNable Month ago +1

    I remember when I used c4 for the first time and ended up killing my entire team because we were all in a building 😂

  • Noneof Yourbusiness
    Noneof Yourbusiness 2 months ago +325

    and now we know why Byron is not in more teams, still you have to commend him by going out with a bang instead of a whimper

    • Jazen Danke
      Jazen Danke 27 days ago +2

      I gotta say it's officially his role since 😂

    • Noneof Yourbusiness
      Noneof Yourbusiness Month ago +2

      @Jazen Danke wellllll, in the series Bored he was taking all the deliveries to the dump because he thought they were thrash since he will always empty the thrash can before leaving, once he realized it he looked like he was about to birth a cow and a few kittens for good measure

    • Jazen Danke
      Jazen Danke Month ago +3

      How poor, hope this not how Byron works

  • Christophe Druon
    Christophe Druon Month ago +1

    Byron...the kind of friendly noob you like to have in your team...i love the collective "uuuuhhhhhhhh" after he's launched the c4...😂

  • Oz Fiji
    Oz Fiji Month ago +3

    “2nd place”
    “Yeah, the last ones to lose.”
    Felt that

  • Ruler6T6
    Ruler6T6 Month ago +2

    those times you are mad enough to keep it cool 🤣🤣🤣

  • eggmancorp
    eggmancorp Month ago

    instant resignation! Dudes' expressions had me rolling 🤣🤣

  • UNSC_AlphaWolf
    UNSC_AlphaWolf Month ago +1

    Honestly if the radius is that big, pile all the healing on one guy, have him run into the storm while healing before it goes off and try to kill the enemy team, if that doesn’t work come back and try to res. Requires some luck and meds but it might just work.

  • x_Safttox..loxvs_x
    x_Safttox..loxvs_x Month ago

    There so chill and forgiving it's honestly wholesome 😭

  • Infernal Daedra
    Infernal Daedra 2 months ago +187

    "I thought it would go higher than that." honest mistake and wasn't a bad idea lol

    • Jazen Danke
      Jazen Danke Month ago

      That's not how will the C4 works if it was Byron's 🤣

  • Local Maple
    Local Maple 2 months ago +85

    The other team was right on the other side of the wall, unable to hear the pinging. So due to being closer to the blast radius, they lost and got second.

    • gogo
      gogo 2 months ago

      ​@Mr.Swanny yeah i was thinking the same thing

    • Console
      Console 2 months ago +8

      That's exactly you play this. Boost up. Toggle shift, run and pray.

    • Mr.Swanny
      Mr.Swanny 2 months ago +17

      I was thinking they'd be right on the other side too and that they should go in the blue right before it goes off and it'd kill the other team!

  • Madison Brown
    Madison Brown Month ago +1

    Shockingly, Rowan knew how something worked in PUBG!🧐😂

  • </Angled>
    </Angled> Month ago +33

    "Is it gonna hurt?" oh Byron

  • Bill Derr
    Bill Derr Month ago +1

    I mean, couldn't they have ran into the blue before it exploded, then ran back into the safe zone after? Sure, they'd get hurt from the blue zone, but surely they would be able to survive it for that amount of time.

  • Pentti Perjantai
    Pentti Perjantai Month ago

    Cleared whole building with one C4, got 5 kills by it. And first time we met C4 in pubg with my friends, it wasn't very far for every dude shitting them pants🤣🤣🤣

  • Ela2Quick
    Ela2Quick Month ago

    I threw one in a house with my friend in the top of it he thought his headset was dying with the beeping😂

  • human  being
    human being  Month ago +1

    At least they're chill,many friends would be screaming thier lungs off when these happens.

  • binaryboy
    binaryboy Month ago

    Those ridiculous small circle moments are so much fun. Like being on separate floors or being 8n the water.

  • thfpt
    thfpt Month ago +2

    Asking if it's going to hurt...
    Nah. Pain travels at only 300 fps, so i highly doubt anyone would feel anything.

  • Kimberly M
    Kimberly M Month ago

    Now I don't feel so bad, accidentally picking up an item in game yesterday that had to respawn 15 minutes later on the other side of the zone for the other members of the group =D

  • 龙猫
    龙猫 Month ago +1

    hmmm if the circle is so small, the opponent team would be blasted by the c4 as well.... so technically if they stay as far as they can they might still win?

  • nosmoya
    nosmoya Month ago

    I mean it looks like you're controlling 75% of the circle... lmao

  • Cringe Worthy
    Cringe Worthy 2 months ago +58

    at least he tried fixing his mistake, and they're so chill abt it 😂

  • CodeGerman71
    CodeGerman71 Month ago

    Is that really how C4 works in pubg?😂

  • rangidd
    rangidd Month ago

    Luv ya guy... u make me cry of laughter!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Christopher Aviles
    Christopher Aviles 2 months ago +43

    20 meter radius seems like a massively overpowered explosive for a battle royal which I’d assume is what they’re playing. Someone finds one of those on hot drop and throws it in the middle of of that initial bloodbath and immediately gets 10+ kills

    • Nemo99 Nemo
      Nemo99 Nemo Month ago +1

      These things are loud and take ages to explode

    • Mr_Ceiling
      Mr_Ceiling Month ago +14

      i mean tbf it does take like 15 seconds to arm and explode. And most shooter battle royales have massive maps with open terrain.

    INVICTUS ERROR Month ago

    I actually had a warzone moment where a teammate threw a c4 charge and blew up all 4 of us players 😒 and it was only 1 guy left alive

  • Zombieslay3r401
    Zombieslay3r401 Month ago

    “Is it gonna hurt”
    “Well thats not how c4 works it somehow doesn’t hurt any of your team”

  • ZORO
    ZORO Month ago +1

    yes! that one fucking teammate 💀.
    why is this so relatable tho?

  • S̸͟͞a̸͟͞m̸͟͞u̸͟͞r̸͟͞a̸͟͞i̸͟͞

    “How to use C4” oh yea because I do that when I play with my C4

  • Poetry
    Poetry Month ago

    When you dont know how to use C4
    Byron: oh okay
    Other team won the battle

  • TheGoldenBlizzard
    TheGoldenBlizzard Month ago

    They should of ran into storm for a second to avoid it 😅

    BLIXT Month ago +1

    You could’ve left the zone and then went back in

  • KommieKaze2524
    KommieKaze2524 Month ago

    When the game doesn’t add a feature that allows you to climb over walls that are taller than you

  • thezombieblacksmith
    thezombieblacksmith Month ago +1

    youtube asked me for my opinion on this and I gave the smile but I'm coming back to voice an opinion.
    the circle is extrodinarily small, if they are the last team the other team is on the other side of the wall

  • Redmond Makalew
    Redmond Makalew Month ago

    How come Byron is so adorable lol

  • riskY
    riskY Month ago +1

    If the zone is this close and you are doomed: try to go for the fight. What are you afraid if losing?

  • Bolgavets
    Bolgavets Month ago

    Should have gotten a "boost up" before throwing the C4.

  • Elissey
    Elissey Month ago

    Them not realizing they have the majority of zone so they can just walk into blue for half a sec if they're full hp and start healing prematurely

  • Leandra Belmonte
    Leandra Belmonte Month ago +1

    "is it gonna hurt?" "BOOM!"

  • Byron Views Food
    Byron Views Food Month ago

    Didn’t expect him to be named Byron so I got jumpscared when he first said my name

  • Walmart Vergil
    Walmart Vergil 2 months ago +57

    Byron is that one friend that doesn't know how to play but wants to play with his friends

  • pray for beans
    pray for beans Month ago

    Not only did you forget how c4 works, your mac-10 stock was unfolded. Come on Byron

  • The DBD Entity
    The DBD Entity Month ago

    DRG fix is that with the satchel charge or mining bomber. Thing the miner has it. It allows you to D activated

  • goodtimeswithcoop
    goodtimeswithcoop Month ago

    I know this isn’t supposed to be realistic but I just want to say 2 things
    1 c4 charge is directional
    2 when c4 explodes it doesn’t look like fire it just sends high pressure air in the strike side

  • Noah Schumaker
    Noah Schumaker Month ago

    It looked like if they had gone into the blue they could have survived then came back out.

  • Hamster On a swing
    Hamster On a swing Month ago

    Well tbh most games allows you to pick up c4, also most are triggered activated.
    Since there exist grenades called timed grenades in some games. Or sticky grenade.

  • Kaleb Glenn
    Kaleb Glenn Month ago +1

    PFFT, 20 meter C4...
    Like any video game will give it that much range, you'll be lucky if you can damage two people standing TWO meters apart...
    UNLESS it's a cutscene of course!

  • Elite Patchy Gaming

    I feel bad for him coz that's me in like every game lol

  • Assassin Ragz
    Assassin Ragz Month ago

    Fun fact:In a real game it would just kill the thrower bacause in games like this there is no friendly fire

  • Freaker
    Freaker Month ago

    “Atleast we all have self revives”

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi 2 months ago

    Pubg c4’s are the best in any game imo. They’re actually good if you use them correctly

  • Austin West
    Austin West Month ago

    I wish friends in game were this nice🙂

  • Screaming Norwegian City man

    Theoretically the enemy would be behind wall so they would die first? Unless the game gives you 2nd place then it sucks

  • Rory Donnelly
    Rory Donnelly Month ago

    I thought they were gonna throw the energy drink

  • Gustav Rex
    Gustav Rex Month ago +3


  • Dom Tremb
    Dom Tremb Month ago

    Byron's the best 😂

    THESHOGUNAT2 Month ago

    I think he was right about the 20 meters.

  • Elijah Thao
    Elijah Thao Month ago

    **gets in 4th place**
    “Aw what the FU-“

  • zohar llera
    zohar llera Month ago +1

    Plot twist: enemy team was behind the wall and they died first.

  • oblivexx
    oblivexx Month ago

    Omg just run into the blue, also C4 has 60 foot blast radius, that's a bit much for something so small.

  • Goku4everyone2see
    Goku4everyone2see Month ago

    c4 blows up by its self
    me: hmmmmmm pretty certain that's NOT how a c4 works

  • Cody Allen
    Cody Allen Month ago

    POV: your the newbie in the squad

  • valerieee
    valerieee Month ago

    the thing is nothing except the throwing part is actually true to game mechanics so

  • Peripheral engineer

    but... that's not how C4 works :o
    Also the circle is mayority their side so ends on their side, ez dub wth

  • Latin Alexander
    Latin Alexander Month ago

    This reminds me of the time where I killed my squad because they wouldn't work as a team. Like that was before COVID where I played PUBG Battle Royal.

  • Uno reverse
    Uno reverse Month ago +2

    Can't you not damage your teamates in any game?

    • NinjaDragonGamer
      NinjaDragonGamer Month ago

      It depends on the game, and on the weapon. Regular weapons generally can't hurt teamates, but explosives usually damage everything around them, even the player who used it

  • FettiAlfredo
    FettiAlfredo Month ago

    In what game does c4 run on a timer?

  • shrimp style
    shrimp style Month ago

    Its the same with cod warzone. The c4s go like, 3 feet away

  • dynamax7000
    dynamax7000 Month ago

    Wait why did the c4 explode on its own?

  • Martin Tarango
    Martin Tarango Month ago

    Sadly should've killed the other team but hey if it can't go through walls

  • Josh B
    Josh B Month ago

    Why is it on a timer? That's not how C4 works

  • Blade Sensei
    Blade Sensei Month ago +1

    Plot twist, the other team died before them because of the blast

  • Mohamed Tarik Rochdi
    Mohamed Tarik Rochdi Month ago +3

    what makes it funnier is that they're not even mad at him 😂
    These are some good friends

  • El Pasta
    El Pasta Month ago

    they can go the blue for a second and then come back

  • ROPO 11080
    ROPO 11080 Month ago +1

    Ok but C4 is remote activated.

  • Derrick Vance
    Derrick Vance Month ago

    Right before it blew up i would run into the blue just think lmao

  • chez
    chez Month ago

    The detonation, again thats not how C4 works

  • ThatOneCodGuy78
    ThatOneCodGuy78 Month ago

    Anyone else feel like there dreaming when a youtuber sais your name
    Well I do and this video explains it

  • Johnny Katter
    Johnny Katter Month ago

    eat the blue damage at the last second

    CHICKENWING 101 Month ago


  • Richard Todd
    Richard Todd Month ago

    It takes 40 seconds to go off. Nice detail.

  • nicolas creo
    nicolas creo Month ago

    I mean. They could go into the blue zone, come back.

  • Z
    Z Month ago

    "You cant disarm it thats not how it c4 works"
    Bruh CS:GO dissarms a bomb thats stupid

  • tactical
    tactical Month ago

    The British special force be like


    Namaste I am your big fan from Nepal I wonder can you guys make of GTA logic video too

  • Jt
    Jt Month ago

    Did he really ask if it was gonna hurt?😭

  • Chinese_God_duolingo

    if he didn't use c4 they would have been first

  • crozyWASfound.
    crozyWASfound. Month ago

    They were so calm wth, they just didnt care about dying.