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  • Published on Dec 13, 2017 veröffentlicht
  • Moments captured by Nokia 8 #UniteFor
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  • S Am
    S Am 5 years ago +7096

    Hate Stormzy or not. He's made history, very wise for his age, he's talented, and he's the flipping King!

  • Anointed Worship
    Anointed Worship 3 months ago +91

    If you are reading this message, I wish you to receive what you long for and everything you need. Thousands of blessings to all!!!!!!!!!

  • Jacob Woods
    Jacob Woods 10 months ago +269

    This song was played at my friend's funeral yesterday, The emotion I feel listening to this is overwhelming. Thankyou Stormzy and RIP Bradley💙

    • Damian Mack
      Damian Mack 6 days ago

      Sorry for ypur loss check the song dancing in the sky both parts .. was my brothers song at funeral #LongLiveJuice🥃🥃💨

    • Jacob Woods
      Jacob Woods Month ago

      Appreciate the replies🙏🏼 He lives on in spirit while safe in God's hands🤲

    • CupcakesrobloxYT
      CupcakesrobloxYT Month ago +1


    • Teresa Calladine
      Teresa Calladine 3 months ago +1

      🙏God bless

    • Teresa Calladine
      Teresa Calladine 5 months ago +2


  • gav d
    gav d Year ago +176

    Really important track to me this one. Long story but basically I got sectioned, I reached out to God. I got sent to a different city, got off the drugs, got rehoused, got my dream job. And this track came on the radio. I couldn't have said how I was feeling better myself. Nice one stormzy, God bless, peace

    • Leanne
      Leanne 2 months ago

      Well done! I’m not religious either but this song hits me different!

    • Danielle Purcell
      Danielle Purcell 3 months ago

      This song is magic biffo👍💋💋💓❣️💕

    • Danielle Purcell
      Danielle Purcell 3 months ago

      @Rita Mali love this song man👍💋💋💋💓❣️💕

    • Rita Mali
      Rita Mali 5 months ago

      God bless you for sharing,.this shows there's indeed God and whatever you set your mind on,you can do it.thanks

  • caleb pancione
    caleb pancione 11 months ago +257

    My daughters name is grace, I got off drugs and everything for her she's everything to me and I couldn't be more thankful! Thank you stormzy for making me feel a song for her, mentally emotionally and psychologically. I never felt worthy so I couldn't be more grateful 🙏 thank you, I feel so blessed from this song

    • Chris Hewitt
      Chris Hewitt 24 days ago

      You're amazing 👏 💖 ❤️

    • Hxrriet Jessicx
      Hxrriet Jessicx Month ago


    • k.L Jiae
      k.L Jiae 2 months ago +2

      SO POWERFUL! Being mature enough to put your daughter first over addiction...mad respect, lots of love🖤💗

    • mrbrightside
      mrbrightside 2 months ago

      That is love.

    • Adam Lewis
      Adam Lewis 2 months ago

      👏 ❤

  • Davia Riley
    Davia Riley 7 months ago +26

    I'm Blinded By Your Grace (By Your Grace)
    I'm Blinded By Your Grace, by your grace (By Your Grace)
    I'm Blinded By Your Grace (By Your Grace)
    I'm Blinded By Your (By Your)
    Lord I've been broken
    Although I'm not worthy
    You fixed me
    I'm Blinded By Your Grace
    You came and saved me
    Lord I've been broken
    Although I'm not worthy
    You fixed me
    Now I'm Blinded By Your Grace
    You came and saved me
    One time for the Lord
    And one time for the cause
    And one round of applause
    One time for Fraser T Smith on the chords
    I think we got one, I stay prayed up then I get the job done
    Yeah, I'm Abigail's yout, but I'm God's son
    But I'm up now, look at what God's done
    Now I real talk, look at what God did
    On the main stage runnin' 'round topless
    I phone Flipz then I tell him that we got this
    This is God's plan, they can never stop this
    Like, wait right there, could you stop my verse?
    You saved this kid and I'm not your first
    It's not by blood and it's not by birth
    But oh my God, what a God I serve
    Lord I've been broken
    Although I'm not worthy
    You fixed me
    I'm Blinded By Your Grace
    You came and saved me
    Lord I've been broken
    Although I'm not worthy
    You fixed me
    Now I'm Blinded By Your Grace
    You came and saved me
    I said a prayer this morning
    I prayed I would find a way
    To another day, I was so afraid
    'Til you came and saved, you came and saved me
    And the rain was pouring, 'cause the sun faded away
    Now I'm in a better place, no longer afraid
    Blinded By Your Grace, you came and saved me, yeah
    I said a prayer this morning, I prayed I would find a way
    To another day, I was so afraid
    'Til you came and saved, you came and saved me
    And the rain was pouring, 'cause the sun faded away
    Now I'm in a better place, no longer afraid
    Blinded By Your Grace, you came and saved me, yeah
    Lord I've been broken
    Although I'm not worthy
    You fixed me
    I'm Blinded By Your Grace
    You came and saved me
    Lord I've been broken
    Although I'm not worthy
    You fixed me
    Now I'm Blinded By Your Grace
    You came and saved me

  • Akompi Collins
    Akompi Collins 2 years ago +2649

    My mom left me at age 2 and I'm 21 now. I haven't seen her since and sometimes I break down thinking of her but this song saves me always ❤️💯.

    • Nyati
      Nyati 3 days ago

      I feel you.
      Not to even compare that pain in any way but my mama left me at 11 and my now 34 and that shit still hurts. I'm sorry you were forced into wisdom at a young age but you are supposed to do something with it and I wish you the best.

    • Seun Kolawole
      Seun Kolawole 2 months ago

      Wish you the best ❤️❤️❤️🥺

    • menzisa dlamini
      menzisa dlamini 2 months ago

      you must be special person,the lord loves you and he is always by your side,I might be 14 years old but I give you my blessings 🙇

    • Claudio Palumbo
      Claudio Palumbo 5 months ago

      You were 2 how about looking at differently. You were 2 you have nothing to miss. Better having someone not around then having them pretend to care for a lifetime.

    • Jamila Khalidi
      Jamila Khalidi 5 months ago

      love this comment

  • Joseph Campanelli
    Joseph Campanelli 29 days ago +7

    This song hits deep. I am struggling daily with addiction and I may fail more than I succeed. And when I get into my deep depressions I put this and the other three versions on and it gives me a small glimmer of hope.

    • LittleJ2022
      LittleJ2022 19 days ago

      Sending you love and hugs and prayers xxxxx

    • Jimmy Joe Jenkins
      Jimmy Joe Jenkins 20 days ago

      I wish you the best of luck buddy, I'm going through the same thing and we will prevail with God on our side. God bless 🙌

  • S.I Ohumu
    S.I Ohumu 10 months ago +63

    Just finished cleaning my house and found this song again. Currently weeping happy tears. Living with depression makes you see what a miracle every day, every smile is. Still alive and kicking, blinded by god's grace. So grateful.

  • Thelma
    Thelma 9 months ago +40

    I love how this is filmed in black and white to symbolise how colour doesn't matter! It doesn't and shouldn't matter what colour skin you have. We should all be treated equally regardless of the colour of our skin. Also, I love how he is reflecting on where he has come from.
    Edit: 22 likes Tysm

  • KeitielleRodriguesVEVO
    KeitielleRodriguesVEVO 2 months ago +118

    THIS GUY go in soo hard on this right here, straight up BANGER! He aint like all them trappers and oppas who just be usin dat *HIPVIEWS* to get they hits up to go HAM... SMH seem like anyone can glow up these days... SMH

  • Amy-Leigh xoxo
    Amy-Leigh xoxo 3 years ago +2331

    Im 11 years old going on 12 and i am addicted to this song because my dad passed away nearly 6 years ago this song helps me through it thank u stormzy!

    • Ruth Barr
      Ruth Barr 2 months ago

      Thanks for sharing. Don't forget to reach out to the people who love you too. Hope you have a great future. Work hard at school, hang with good kids and have fun while you can.

    • Tracey Maitland
      Tracey Maitland 8 months ago +1

      He is in you hart ❤️

    • Katrina Sanderson
      Katrina Sanderson 8 months ago

      Me too sweetheart xxxxxxx

    • Sonny Warren
      Sonny Warren Year ago

      sorry for ur loss🕊💔

    • iDervieydour Lens
      iDervieydour Lens Year ago +1

      So sorry

  • Ebo Asmah
    Ebo Asmah Year ago +68

    Being a teacher, teaches Religious and Moral Education in a private school in Ghana, I had the opportunity to treat a topic called worship and exposed these kids to this song, you should know how much they loved me for it. Love you stormzy, please collab with Dave on such powerful music for the soul.

  • Timothy Guerrero
    Timothy Guerrero Month ago +7

    Thank you Stormzy for making this song and reminding me of God’s grace. God bless!

  • Andy
    Andy Year ago +104

    never gets old this, a modern masterpiece.

  • Jasmine Dempsey
    Jasmine Dempsey 2 months ago +8

    The fact I love his music my 14 year daughter does and my 61 year old mother loves his music says a lot he's a legend

  • Brey Ashton Ziggy
    Brey Ashton Ziggy Month ago +6


  • Reformed Branding
    Reformed Branding 5 years ago +3184

    Wouldn’t say he’s the best in grime, but the fact he can make a song for me to like, my little sister to like and even my nan to like I respect him for that

    • edward halmarack
      edward halmarack 3 months ago

      Elton johns about as grime as stromz big hair

    • Blair Shergold
      Blair Shergold 3 months ago

      Bruv send me a link of who is better then stromyz in grime and then I will believe you he is the most homible guy ever and I am a kiwi from new Zealand!!

    • The last sons of Makaveli
      The last sons of Makaveli 3 months ago

      What yu guys talkin bout stormzy been the man

    • James E. Ivory, III
      James E. Ivory, III 4 months ago

      Well, we’re happy(or NOT) to have been informed that they’re not quite up to snuff with your standard (this duo), shaggy- Angel ft. Rayon. Perhaps you might consider marshaling some of your talents and making some cut(s) to release... If you can find a label... and listen to yourself “grime” away. “Git Jiggy wit it, my man...”

    • callum Gaming
      callum Gaming 4 months ago

      @Jordan Allen lllll

  • BEE Aaron
    BEE Aaron 3 months ago +16

    ''You saved this kid and I am not your first'' POWERFUL!!!!!!

  • RUOKM8 with Jamie Archer

    God is good ❤️❤️❤️ I’m currently in tears, in the gym listening to this for the 3rd time. I have been saved so many times despite my misgivings. Thank you Stormzy

  • Kehinde Oyegunle
    Kehinde Oyegunle 19 days ago +2

    I feel God's presence in HERE Amen. Not totally a GRIME follower but this is SPECIAL. Jesus loves Us ALL

  • A Singh
    A Singh Year ago +22

    Go on my Brother Stormzy and the crew. I feel prayed up today brother nearly made me cry when I felt the love from the Angels. Lost my cousin to corona Jaigan Singh Nahal true warrior. Never to be forgotten. I suffer with bi polar disorder and I see dark days but the Faith keeps me going. I’m blinded by your Grace

  • Dpresley2011
    Dpresley2011 2 years ago +1442

    Im not religious myself but things like this show me why so many people are. gives me goosebumps every time

    • vryce(ゝ。∂)
      vryce(ゝ。∂) 4 months ago

      how would we be here without a creator

    • Amoré Baskin
      Amoré Baskin 5 months ago +1

      That’s the spirit calling love

    • Sian Rohde
      Sian Rohde 10 months ago +1

      @Herbalattraction3000 I like the way you wrote that, makes alot more sense. I believe in something higher but just don't know what it is.

    • kaiviti inc
      kaiviti inc 11 months ago +1

      God is for everyone, and he waiting to share his grace with you. You are worthy of his grace. My first time hearing this song, god is always waiting with open arm

  • Joseph Garba
    Joseph Garba 8 months ago +43

    This song gives me confidence that am not alone even when I was broken

  • marigold beam
    marigold beam 8 months ago +7

    A great man and example to young people. He is giving so much back to his community, more than some of his elders and more than many who are much wealthier than him. May Stormzy continue to be blessed and to be a blessing.🙏🏾

    • Octagon9
      Octagon9 6 months ago +1

      that’s what’s up and we all obviously like to see cause you ain’t takin nothin witch you!!!
      ask them you’ve left

  • Mable Bwalya
    Mable Bwalya 8 months ago +10

    I just want to say thank you Stormzy for this Master Piece I almost Gave up on my Life but this song has helped me through 😩😭💔😔😩🥺 Surly am Blinded By God's Grace Cause have been through Hell 💯🇿🇲❣️

  • OjVibez
    OjVibez Year ago +34

    This Song always hit differently, when you coming out of some problem, depression, etc...

  • Federico Battistetti
    Federico Battistetti 5 months ago +16

    I’m not a rap/hip hop fan but this song is simply amazing, great production, great artist. Love from Italy

  • Eddie Gbalay
    Eddie Gbalay 5 years ago +466

    Mad respect to stormzy for bringing in people men and women like us everyday people.

    • Samantha C
      Samantha C 5 years ago +2

      Eddie Gbalay
      That's what makes him different he hasn't forgotten his routes!!

  • Question
    Question 4 months ago +6


  • Vivian Ojeah
    Vivian Ojeah Year ago +41

    I love this song...I get goosebumps whenever I listen to the song

  • Annamaria Vernica
    Annamaria Vernica 2 months ago +3

    This song is so special in its own and unique way unlike any other ❤

  • Aaron😈
    Aaron😈 Year ago +22

    I haven't heard of this song in 3 and a half years and it still slaps hard!

  • Natasha Bailey
    Natasha Bailey 11 months ago +7

    I am by no means a religious person but stormzy being as genuine as he is this gave me goose bumps from the very first time I heard it and it continues to evrey time I listen to it because now I listen to it for strength to keep going through the crap that life continues to throw at me Thank you stormzy xxx

    • Uche Ihunwo
      Uche Ihunwo 6 months ago

      You are special Natasha

  • CheekySport
    CheekySport 5 years ago +5260

    INCREDIBLE. Deserves to be number one this Christmas.

  • Mitchel Madzima
    Mitchel Madzima Year ago +17

    4 years later this song gives me goosebumps 🎶🙏

  • Vegan Vocalist
    Vegan Vocalist Month ago

    His videos and music moves me to tears ....very inspiring man and artist ;D

  • Favour Amadi
    Favour Amadi 5 months ago +4

    🖤 this song lifted me and it still does 💡

  • Gary Hopkinson
    Gary Hopkinson 9 months ago +23

    I am not religious by any means, but this song touches my heart ♥️ 💓 and I cry nearly every time 😢 😭 so very powerful. Respect Stormsy bro!! Nat xxx

    • Octagon9
      Octagon9 6 months ago

      i have zero idea what I just said ignore

    • Jay07
      Jay07 7 months ago +1

      Genuinely the best religious song I've heard.

    • neil brown
      neil brown 9 months ago +1

      same, you dont have to be im Atheist and still love it.

  • Caroline Natasha Murenga
    Caroline Natasha Murenga 5 months ago +6

    I lost my brother in July. He was just 17 and it was a tragic death. We loved this song and i remember when we had karaoke night, we sang this song and struggled through the part Stormy raps. During his memorial, we released some doves for him and played this song. It was so emotional for me.

  • Liam Sbitity
    Liam Sbitity 2 years ago +728

    This is one of the best Christian rap songs I’ve ever heard so amazing lyrics

    • 234SuperSimi
      234SuperSimi 4 months ago


    • Naomi gold
      Naomi gold Year ago

      @TeddyMeister95 definitely i totally agree

    • TeddyMeister95
      TeddyMeister95 Year ago +4

      To be fair you can take this as anything you wish. I grew up being a Christian but now I hold Muslim beliefs and this song hits me hard. It is categorised as a gospel song but you can take it as a Muslim song or Jewish song or whatever, basically to anyone that believes in God. Also notice how there’s a Muslim girl in the background singing with them.

    • Naomi gold
      Naomi gold 2 years ago

      Abdullah AlMamun I know what u mean but it’s a Christian song like when he says he’s bling by ur grace he’s speaking about God plus in an interview they asked him if it was an Christian song and he said yes

    • Mwizz Tp
      Mwizz Tp 2 years ago

      Didnt ask

  • Sharon Karaan
    Sharon Karaan Year ago +5

    well deserving in every form. i lost my uncle last year(jan 2021) and my closest friend a year before(feb 2020) and i remember blasting this song in my uncles house and he would go back and listen at his spare time for some reason. to everyone who's grieving or who is going through some form of loss, just know that it gets better and although we are seperated by distance, we will always be connected by the heart and memories. God got us all; bless our hearts.

  • StPats Tablet06
    StPats Tablet06 11 months ago +14

    To see a strong man with street smarts and fame stand up and give thanks to God! Well it humbles me! He will guide many to the love of God! His blessings will be great!! He's like a prophet of sorts! Wonderful ♥️♥️

  • Katherine Teates
    Katherine Teates 4 months ago +4

    I’m still saying - he’s a legend. He took something negative, and made it into a positive. Why are people still going on about him & Wiley? Trust, I listen to this track often when I’m feeling down and it truly uplifts me that there is true kindness in life

  • Ewurabx Kitchen
    Ewurabx Kitchen 6 months ago +6

    Just watched him perform this on the Global Citizen Festival in Ghana. 💜💜

  • llinos R.D
    llinos R.D 2 months ago +1

    This song will forever have me remember of those I have lost and good memories remembered.
    There will always be tears in my eyes when listening to this absolutely beautiful song.

  • Lord London
    Lord London Year ago +1245

    This song is so powerful and is dedicated to my wife.
    Please pray for her.

  • Elvis Mugisha
    Elvis Mugisha 11 months ago +32

    This is what being a star means. Creating something that touches so many people.

  • Zac
    Zac 9 months ago +6

    My faith is the only thing that keeps me alive some days. Tracks like this give me strength.

  • cheech
    cheech Month ago

    i found this song last year all late :( it still moves me to tears.

  • Connor_ LewinHD
    Connor_ LewinHD Year ago +10

    I stumbled across this song by accident listening to his other songs. Now it is probably my favourite stormzy track. So underrated and seems like a genuine guy

  • Michelle Adamson
    Michelle Adamson 3 months ago +71

    Praise 👏 the Lord

  • mariam
    mariam 2 years ago +1593

    This song better be played at my funeral
    Or I’m not going

  • Denbighshire event Entertainment

    Grime isn't just about spitting bars and sending for each other it's about the music that comes from the ends and out the getto and how we can all relate to it

  • Kiguthi Njeri
    Kiguthi Njeri 8 months ago +6

    Blinded by his everlasting Grace 😍😍

  • Unordinary
    Unordinary 5 months ago +3

    You're amazing I just was attracted to all of every piece of it. Thank you so much keep on Shining Shine On

  • Glen Staines
    Glen Staines 3 months ago +1

    This song was playing when I got the news my best pal passed.
    Now it gives me massive goosebumps everytime big love r.i.p kirk love ya brudda ❤

  • Kiky Yakubu
    Kiky Yakubu Year ago +3

    Still here , still rocking with this , never gets old , goosebumps, feelings, love all the way ❤️

  • SolarMane iCY LongLiveXxxNPeep

    I'm an addict today I woke up sober from weeks of xanax and heroin abuse. .I found my mum dead a few years back and it never goes away not looking for no sympathy but thanks for helping me see there's more to life.. Much love stormzy

    • Killian Ward
      Killian Ward 3 years ago

      SolarMane iCY LongLiveXxxNPeep listen to no justice

    • Christopher Bird
      Christopher Bird 3 years ago

      Omg I love heroin

    • Leah Willis
      Leah Willis 3 years ago

      Bless you, keep going 💪🏻♥️

    • Ash88
      Ash88 3 years ago +2

      Anyone reading this message , please believe in yourself . You can do this 🙌🏽 Seek Jesus , in your life . He is our Heavenly Father . Come to church , be a regular, we can pray about this together and keep our mind away from any type of addiction .

  • Adwubi Kete
    Adwubi Kete Year ago +2

    This song is so uplifting and I love it very much ❤️❤️❤️

  • Cee Art Production
    Cee Art Production 10 months ago +5

    It's been 4years and still the song sounds great

  • B
    B 5 months ago +2

    I love this song man God bless and lead you to make more of this work
    Song gives me goosebumps I even cry when i heard it first

  • Andy
    Andy 4 months ago +1

    Can't wait for the new album, gonna slap 🎵🎧

  • evalsam sammy
    evalsam sammy 7 months ago +2

    This song gives me chills.. it resonate with my life. God bless you stormzy... more grace

  • annie ox
    annie ox 5 years ago +220

    The message within the song and the video is so beautiful! Amazing to see people from different religions and backgrounds come together 👏🏼

    • Sinatra ArTanis
      Sinatra ArTanis 4 years ago

      annie ox Amen!🌸🙏👼😘💖

    • Western Rite Orthodox
      Western Rite Orthodox 5 years ago +2

      The thing is I don't understand why Muslims are Happy? They don't have "Grace" God manifest himself in Flesh to unite us with him in the Body of Jesus Christ. Promised from Genesis 3 to Isaiah 53 to Psalms 22 to Daniel 7 in the Torah/Old Testament. Islam have no "Grace". So you don't even know if your going to Heaven or Hell. That's your God. My God humbled himself(When he most defo never had too, We all deserve Hellfire for Sins) Yet he came and saved us and bore our transgressions(Isaiah 53) because he Loves us. You are only saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. Amen.

    • Acharich Speaks
      Acharich Speaks 5 years ago

      James J 👀

    • guleiro
      guleiro 5 years ago

      James J
      Let me guess: you didn't liked what you saw right?

    • guleiro
      guleiro 5 years ago

      Nigel Farage
      Wrong channel for you.
      Try the Farage show on LBC.

  • 27cazza
    27cazza 8 months ago +7

    When I nearly died in hospital and I was saved I listened to this song constantly and it made me cry happy tears and gave me goosebumps and made me thank the Lord for saving me 🙏

  • Gavin lee1983
    Gavin lee1983 Year ago +7

    One of his best songs he's ever released definitely.this everyone can listen to. He's actually a really good singer

  • Finbar O'Leary
    Finbar O'Leary Year ago +7

    Stormzy does know how to make HIStory and to make me cry every time he raps BRAVO STORMZY U SHOULD BE PROUD OF URE AMAZING WORK

  • Verity X
    Verity X  Year ago +1

    I just wanted to say thank you stormzy for making me believe x your music touches my entire soul so thank you X x X MNEK your voice makes me sing x x x

  • Mads
    Mads 5 years ago +425

    Such a beautiful gospel song🙌🏾🔥

    • Janice Cass
      Janice Cass 5 years ago +1

      M hope it's not the last one. I remember the lighthouse family, they. Where good. He has the amazing ability to make a difference. Amazing

  • Giovanni Maroni
    Giovanni Maroni Year ago

    Un Artista completo, che usa e profusa la Musica Hip-Hop/Rap per arrivare alla Gente e non per coltivare Idioti da Baby-Gang come la maggior parte di questi tempi...e soprattutto sa cantare Davvero! Complimenti

  • Anton Evans
    Anton Evans Year ago +2

    This artist is on road to global recognition. The u.s.a billboard number one spot is waiting for you Stormzy 👍👍👍 Brilliant

  • LoveVibez
    LoveVibez 2 months ago

    Actually Stormzy's voice is Healing. This guy's really good at being unique.

  • lovedelia
    lovedelia Year ago +3

    This song still gives me goosebumps 😵❤️ 4 years later 🙌

  • Rose French
    Rose French Year ago

    This song gives me goosebumps every time I hear it and I just have it on repeat right now...beautiful song, gives me hope for my future and especially my loved ones who are suffering. A family of believers, but mental illness has been a really battle in the past years...God has answered my prayers and I have hope again, I shared this with my loved ones hoping the lyrics will relate to them also.

  • Annya Taylor
    Annya Taylor 4 years ago +1266

    I'm an atheist but it's so great to see how proud they are of their community and religions.

    • John Shayne
      John Shayne 3 years ago

      Annya Taylor hi

    • TheJofrica
      TheJofrica 3 years ago

      You have your own community too. Build up yours and support yours

    • kamurke
      kamurke 3 years ago

      Todoroki Shōto believers should question there believes and the paradox of the God concept. And then give into being atheist or anti-theist 🙂

  • Jerrin Mendis
    Jerrin Mendis 2 months ago +3

    The only song that puts a Depressed mind to peace ♥️

  • Alison Shenton
    Alison Shenton 4 months ago +1


  • Solomon Markham
    Solomon Markham 11 months ago +5

    This song brings me so much peace. Bless up Stormzy

  • James Kershaw
    James Kershaw Year ago +4

    Am playing this music and crying , I know there’s better days . If you see this no matter what or how hard it may be , pls stay alive be strong . Never give up. Love you all

  • Kim Jones
    Kim Jones 10 months ago +3

    This was mine and my fiancees first ever song that we called "OUR SONG" Still get butterflies when I hear it💖

  • mingler 38
    mingler 38 5 years ago +291

    As an ex addict it's by the grace that God saved me ....praise Jesus .... Beautiful song stormz

    • Natasha Colcombe
      Natasha Colcombe 4 years ago +1

      Well done! God has healed me of so much. Ptsd, depression, eating disorders, etc etc. I wouldn't be alive now without God. He turned my life around and changed me. He is awesome!

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      Well done stay strong

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      David Franklin 4 years ago

      Well done mate xxxx Gemma remember u gave it up u well done

    • Lewis Gartland
      Lewis Gartland 4 years ago +1

      DGJ P it’s sad but it’s not as easy as that

  • Magdalena Birsanu
    Magdalena Birsanu Year ago +1

    My eldest son left to be with His Lord last year on 15th March and he loves this song and mostly the message of it!
    We will honour his wish and will be sang by unique Dana Masters on Saturday 12th March 2022 on Marius's life celebration🙌👑❤️

  • Angela Mcconnell
    Angela Mcconnell 8 months ago +2

    Strormzy do you know you have written not just a song ♥️ this you are giving God the glory god bless you and your family Stormzy 🙏♥️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😇

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  • YLENOL 08
    YLENOL 08 5 months ago +1

    We fall , we rise
    Take my soul , i cry every night
    Blinded by your grace ,no lies
    Pain in my heart , my voice
    F*ck it!!
    This sh*t called `life’
    I compromise
    But look in my eyes
    Mom said my son you are gonna rise when it’s your time .
    But the question i always ask is why

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      Merlin, agree 100%, and long may it continue.

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      seamus winters 5 years ago +1

      merlin brimah well done stormzy make more like this Amen

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    This song flows within my soul its the song i always listen to on Sundays

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    Aisling Moran 8 months ago +4

    this song reminds me of how my son saved my life in more ways than one 💙💙💙

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    Tracy Eastlake Month ago +1

    I love this video Stormzy you are amazing you give the credit where it belongs in God's grace in your song you say I was broken you fixed me This God is awesome.
    Stormzy you have preached to the people God wants to reach .
    This God is the most beautiful and liberating God his love is truly incredible and who loves unconditionally he understands our pain and wants us to be free what Jesus did for us no one will really appreciate or understand but it is the truth praise your Holy name Lord Jesus Amen

    • Sandy Shore
      Sandy Shore Month ago

      Amen Tracy, you nailed it girrl 👏🏾

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    Carole Knapp Smith 10 months ago +3

    I was introduced to your music while watching, Ambulance, Britain. I am so blessed. You truly have the holy spirit in your soul. Thank you.

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      iesha lewin yep well said we are all God's children Bless Stormzy

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      iesha lewin said!!Im athiest be we needti unite like this x

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    Barnald Year ago

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    Xplisit GOOSE Year ago +2

    No one is born worthy…we all have to prove ourselves to ourselves that we can be better than yesterday today so that tomorrow has hope that the pain of the past doesn’t repeat it’s self In the cycle it has love yourself and love those around you no matter how hard it might be that’s true strength ❤️also more songs like this please Stormzy !

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    Hey if you’re reading this I hope Coronavirus isn’t hitting you too badly and you’re brilliant stay safe

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