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IShowSpeed opens fifa packs 不不

  • Published on Mar 29, 2023 ver繹ffentlicht
  • #ishowspeed #shorts
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    OOO_STINKY 2 months ago +3514

    Bro speed should work in starbucks

  • 篧秒
    篧秒 Month ago +336

    Even editor didnt recognize that ishowspeed said Uruguay as England

  • Aaron Adventures
    Aaron Adventures  Month ago +554

    Ah bruh is the most chill word I ever heard from speed

    • Kaan C
      Kaan C Month ago +8

      Bro he has s** with the computer afterwards

    • 賁幓﹥幓鉏
      賁幓﹥幓鉏 Month ago +4

      bro wdym he said meesi better and start having s*x with his pc

    • Kaan C
      Kaan C Month ago +4

      @賁幓﹥幓鉏 bro is WILD

    • PEREBA
      PEREBA Month ago +3


  • Vinny
    Vinny 2 months ago +2960

    Says "chelsea"

  • Wainel Santiago Jr.
    Wainel Santiago Jr. Month ago +98

    bro that ohio smash snaped something back in his head bc he turned normal after that

  • Kei Jiro Sutanto
    Kei Jiro Sutanto Month ago +40

    The uhh, bruh *lip smack

  • Caleb
    Caleb 2 months ago +1858

    **uruguay appears**
    speed: england
    editor: hmmm, thats alright.

  • Leonhel Bruan
    Leonhel Bruan Month ago +10

    Ah bruh is the most chillest word I heard from speed

  • Reggae Muffin
    Reggae Muffin Month ago +4

    I really wish that there was another Portuguese striker at al bazar just so we all could watch speeds reaction when he thought he was packing ronaldo

  • Jethro
    Jethro Month ago +122

    His pc was like shut up Im trying to sleep

  • C0c0Nut孕WaTer
    C0c0Nut孕WaTer 2 days ago +1

    The way speed was like RONALDOOOOO- nahh bruh Got me

  • leo_craft
    leo_craft Month ago +40

    bro said Chelse
    him saying chill whale got me dying

    • KS Model
      KS Model Month ago

      And didnt ppint out that he said England on uruguay lmao

    • leo_craft
      leo_craft Month ago


  • uk ball
    uk ball 2 months ago +287

    Chillwell is the only reason im chilling rn

    • _xEl2
      _xEl2 2 months ago


    • Thunderstrom Gaming
      Thunderstrom Gaming 2 months ago +2

      Now i know why Ohio meme was created

    • Xenophobia
      Xenophobia Month ago

      Speed said chillwell and the edit put chillwell

  • Yellow Emoji
    Yellow Emoji Month ago +21

    Back in my days, people said a phrase which said The Waffle House has found its new host

    KING REINXXX Month ago +62

    When the editor needs an editor

  • TheKralex
    TheKralex  2 months ago +675

    Aw Bro-

  • toyota GR sup
    toyota GR sup Month ago

    his PC was like, this is what you get for all the times, your bullying my friend desk

  • 諯賈 諈科欠
    諯賈 諈科欠 Month ago

    諯賄酗窸 鴔鴔

  • Thi Mui Pham
    Thi Mui Pham 2 months ago +126

    Speed's face when he got Ronaldo

  • No one
    No one Month ago

    The thing speed did after the pc fell on him.唐唐

  • That Person
    That Person Month ago +13

    Speed when his pc fell on him
    *he started reproducing with his pc *

  • JJVR2
    JJVR2 Month ago +44

    The ah brah when he hits his head on the pc

    • [GD] 967k
      [GD] 967k Month ago +1

      bro aftet he got hit in the head with his pc he starts humping it LMFAO

  • Daydream
    Daydream  4 days ago

    Speed knows more than the editor

  • Xxdaniel_gamerxX
    Xxdaniel_gamerxX Month ago +2

    Bro, the face of speed

  • Gauresh bedse arts and games
    Gauresh bedse arts and games 2 months ago +235

    I like how nobody talkin about that he pronounced Chelsea correct

  • Crocz
    Crocz Month ago +1

    Nobody gonna talk about how he called Uruguay 綾 as England

  • Nana Kwame
    Nana Kwame Month ago

    Bro speed is a true Ronalado
    fan fr fr

  • PD10 17
    PD10 17 2 months ago +53

    SPEED : England (instead of Uruguay)
    Editor : Oh that's fine.

    • Krufson
      Krufson 2 months ago +1

      instead of "ur a gay"

    • PD10 17
      PD10 17 2 months ago

      @Krufson yeah right

    • Italia FC
      Italia FC 2 months ago +1

      Bro thinks 湮更k件氦更 is Uruguay..

    • PD10 17
      PD10 17 2 months ago

      @Italia FC yep he is best in geography 儭

    • Mussolini
      Mussolini 2 months ago +1

      @Italia FC Argentina is England, no Uruguay

  • Litch
    Litch Month ago

    In the first when speed got hit he started to reproduce with the ohio pc

  • Yassin Soua
    Yassin Soua Month ago

    Speed: Chelsea
    Editor: Im boutta end dis man's whole career

  • Sukdev Singh
    Sukdev Singh 2 months ago +6

    The Ohio face from Ishowspeed

    • L10R
      L10R 2 months ago +1

  • minecart gaming
    minecart gaming Month ago

    Chelsea shows up
    Editor: Nah that's wrong

  • Isaac Ramsay
    Isaac Ramsay Month ago

    Speed: Chelsea! Editor:yeah Im gonna correct him even tho the same thing is already on the screen

  • ralk
    ralk 2 months ago +68

    Bro he said Chelsea right

    • krar ahmed 2004
      krar ahmed 2004 2 months ago +2


    • Caleb
      Caleb 2 months ago +4

      no. he said "chelseyah"

    • fran癟ais dude
      fran癟ais dude 2 months ago +1

      @Caleb that's how you frickin pronounce it

    • Caleb
      Caleb 2 months ago +6

      @fran癟ais dude no. chelsea is pronounced "chel-see" not "chel-si-ya".

    • Nerd
      Nerd 2 months ago +2

      Nah the ditor and the comments are iq 0

  • Sang sang sang sang

    Oh man speed should work at the police

  • apa lu?
    apa lu? 6 days ago

    Speed isn't wrong, it's just that you don't really hear Speed's words

  • Omar Steward
    Omar Steward Month ago +5

    The mood changed so fast

  • Acap a go go YT
    Acap a go go YT Month ago

    The PC hits Speed before disaster

  • Zee1235
    Zee1235 10 days ago

    Speed:*Celebrating getting the goat
    The grim reaper:
    The beginning:

  • Alisha Shahab
    Alisha Shahab 2 months ago +12

    The "ow bruh"

  • Gamingvr
    Gamingvr Month ago

    The Ohio smack got me dieing of laughter

  • Josan Wong
    Josan Wong 29 days ago

    'aw bruh' got me dead

  • daddy_af
    daddy_af Month ago +9

    Aww bruh got me dead I love watching ishowspeed

    • tegar permana
      tegar permana Month ago


  • Unleashalltheink
    Unleashalltheink Month ago

    Speed really called Uruguay England

  • El Cappuccino
    El Cappuccino Month ago

    Alchemy had to cut the ishowspeed getting hit on pc because something sus is about to happen

  • Ashwyn Aditya
    Ashwyn Aditya 2 months ago +4

    Legends know what he did with that pc after it fell on him while packing CR7

  • X38
    X38 Month ago

    Bro had me dying when he said chill whale不不不

  • Anime Faze
    Anime Faze Month ago

    The fact that he called Uruguay England and you didn't even notice it

  • Mahmoud Morad
    Mahmoud Morad 2 months ago +3

    Lol the library

  • Fahim Shaikh
    Fahim Shaikh 9 days ago +1

    Bro just said England to Uruguay

  • WillyWoohGamer
    WillyWoohGamer Month ago

    Bro said Chelsea when speed was right

  • Rupak Samanta
    Rupak Samanta 2 months ago +84

    Bro he said Chelsea a correctly

  • BetterMINTS197
    BetterMINTS197 Month ago +1

    The editor:he did it wrong!

  • 返
     Month ago

    Bro really let uruguay slide

  • Romeo
    Romeo 2 months ago +3

    bro chelsea was correct

    • Pratham
      Pratham 2 months ago

      No it wasnt

    • nolife
      nolife 2 months ago

      @Pratham its was correct

  • Lam Lam
    Lam Lam Month ago

    He saw Renaldo and he smashed and his pc fell on his head

  • ThunderBlade
    ThunderBlade Month ago +1

    Did this man get made at speed for correctly saying Chelsea

  • Sean Sweet Johnson
    Sean Sweet Johnson 2 months ago +33


  • Addie Dhingra
    Addie Dhingra Month ago

    The switch up where he was so happy then said Ow bruh

  • dark cacao is a good father

    at the 1st one he legit did his pc

  • Lepez
    Lepez 2 months ago +16

    Speed: England
    Editor:oh yea that's perfectly fine.

  • Randy Loreyni
    Randy Loreyni Month ago +1

    Nobody is gonna talk about the face that he made before getting Ronaldo?

  • MegaRockerX
    MegaRockerX Month ago

    The pc got sick of speed

  • Satyajit Das
    Satyajit Das 2 months ago +25

    Bro said England to Uruguay

  • 訄訄 REMBO
    訄訄 REMBO Month ago

    Well, yes, Chelsea and Chelsea are exactly two different words.

    Pasha SHOUHANYPOUR Month ago

    The face speed made after getting Rinaldo got me dying

  • 404_lynx
    404_lynx 2 months ago +28


    • Unknown???
      Unknown??? 2 months ago +5

      Im not

    • Yeet Yeet
      Yeet Yeet 2 months ago +2

      @Unknown??? He said uruguay It's the country's name

    • Remeni
      Remeni 2 months ago

      @Yeet Yeet its a joke

    • Unknown???
      Unknown??? 2 months ago

      @Yeet Yeet its a joke chill

  • asha rani
    asha rani Month ago

    In that video speed reproduced with the PC

  • Camman18(fan)
    Camman18(fan) Month ago

    There's one time speed got banned from buying too much Ronaldo

  • canadiancountryballs
    canadiancountryballs 2 months ago +12

    Whats the song used after the players name

    • Arctix_Gamez
      Arctix_Gamez 2 months ago +3

      Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse but its earrape

    • Michael O'Leary
      Michael O'Leary 2 months ago

      It's in despicable me
      The movie
      Look up despicable me songs
      Ull find it

  • Hackmaster2108
    Hackmaster2108 Month ago +1

    The whale is just chilling

  • Dan_Carlover
    Dan_Carlover 4 days ago

    Bro called England to Uruguay

  • Kaiju toy time 2009
    Kaiju toy time 2009 2 months ago +4

    First pls pin

  • BCubed18
    BCubed18 16 days ago

    bro his face after he knew Ronaldo was coming

  • salwa Ebrahim
    salwa Ebrahim Month ago

    Bro, really didn't scream after the PC falling into his head

  • kris
    kris Month ago

    Give this guys an Oscar for the spin with the car

  • Saber Galaxy
    Saber Galaxy Month ago

    His pc falling was the embodiment of Ronaldo ass Messi better 丑

  • Malachi Powell-Lee
    Malachi Powell-Lee 10 days ago +1

    Speed: Chelsea
    Editor: ImAgInE sAyInG cHeLsEa
    Speed: Uruguay even though it shows England
    Editor: Hmm, thats fine.

    PRO3RAGGER鈭GAMING Month ago +1

    Speed said Messi better after the pc fell on him

  • monty gamer
    monty gamer Month ago

    chelsea appears
    editor: it's wrong,
    Uruguay appears
    Speed: England
    Editor:Now it is right

  • Ujwal
    Ujwal Month ago

    Not only he changed the names of the players and club, but he also changed name of a whole country. He said England insted of Uruguay

  • Hydria^w^
    Hydria^w^ Month ago

    The fact he said "england", instead of "Uruguay"

  • Yippeeeee
    Yippeeeee 16 days ago

    He was happy when Messi scored in World Cup

  • Johan Liebert
    Johan Liebert Month ago +1

    Bro should start working in Statbucks


    Speed slightly pronouncing it wrong
    Internet:Bro what the hell is he stupid

  • Kainoas Diary
    Kainoas Diary Month ago

    Bro said aw bruh

    OSO SPEED Month ago

    Bro editor has 200iq Speeds reaction to this f you no 坎

  • atombxy
    atombxy Month ago

    *Chelsea appears*
    "Is that Chelsea!?"
    Editor: "Chelsea"

  • Pc Diff
    Pc Diff Month ago

    Idk whats more enjoyable the speed that the guy is going on the bottom or speed pronouncing the cards on top

  • PIONEZApower
    PIONEZApower Month ago

    Did IshowSpeed learn at school

  • Kr籀l Minstel I
    Kr籀l Minstel I Month ago

    Speed is smarter than the editor

  • Al aqeb Fortnite
    Al aqeb Fortnite Month ago +1

    Uruguay: England
    Editor: yeah it's right

  • john doe
    john doe Month ago

    He got the Chelsea thing right though

  • Tabrez
    Tabrez 9 days ago

    That face he made when it showed Al-nassr will give me nightmares

  • Ljjacky
    Ljjacky Month ago

    Bro speed gotta be a builder

  • 。ute kitty cat
    。ute kitty cat Month ago +1

    Nobodys going to talk about when speed win Ronaldo he was about to get possessed but something smacked speed stopping speed to get possessed

  • central d
    central d 4 days ago

    the chill whale fr

  • Chris Lukasik
    Chris Lukasik Month ago

    Chill whale

  • Ponyx
    Ponyx Month ago +1

    Bro screamed so hard it was heard from ohio儭

  • 穈
     Month ago

    Ishowspeed was screaming