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How many LEDs does Nothing have? - Lets Count Together!

  • Published on Aug 14, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • You asked for it - now you gotta count with me. I mentioned in the Nothing Teardown video that if we got 50,000 likes I would count each and every LED. Well, we got over 100,000 likes, which is AMAZING! You must really like counting. Today we find out how many tiny little LED lights Nothing put inside of their Nothing Phone (1). Rumor is there are over 900 - but the only way to find out for sure is by counting all of the LED's inside of the Nothing phone ourselves. Things might get interesting....
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  • Tuxido
    Tuxido 3 months ago +1663

    Wow! Only 15 LEDs? Can't believe Nothing would do this.

    • Matthew Bachynsky
      Matthew Bachynsky 3 months ago +1

      @srikanth sri I did watch the video it’s just I made this comment half way through

    • srikanth sri
      srikanth sri 3 months ago

      See full video bro

    • Matthew Bachynsky
      Matthew Bachynsky 3 months ago +1

      @Tracer No I did I just made this comment halfway through LOL

    • Tracer
      Tracer 3 months ago

      @Matthew Bachynsky Bro didn't watch the full video...

    • Shailesh R
      Shailesh R 3 months ago +2

      This comment definitely made me judge Nothing until I watched the whole video

  • pitochu19
    pitochu19 3 months ago +232

    I gave a thumb up to the challenge so i am partially responsible for this so i am watching every second of you gasping for air as you count every LED. Thank for your great service.

  • Rofl Dirt
    Rofl Dirt 3 months ago +93

    Didn't expect there to be almost 2586 leds on the back, great counting!

  • Matesosh
    Matesosh 3 months ago +62

    Just listening to him counting helped me falling asleep in a record time last night. No offense intended, I am struggling with severe sleep deprevation, and his voice paired with such a monotonous task worked like a charm. I will come back to this for sure!

    • daemon
      daemon 3 months ago +2

      have you tried actual asmr counting videos?

  • Nuruddeen
    Nuruddeen 3 months ago +135

    Never thought the 900 estimated number of LEDs would be a lie. Surprised to see just 200.

    • Nuruddeen
      Nuruddeen 3 months ago +5

      @Monil Valia Clearly you didn't watch the full video. If you did, you would understand. Next time be sure of something before comment .

    • Monil Valia
      Monil Valia 3 months ago

      Watch full video. You caveman

    • Luiz Gustavo Hartkopf
      Luiz Gustavo Hartkopf 3 months ago +9

      @Fusion he also says in the end for people to not comment how many LEDs there were, so people are saying the wrong number on purpose lol

    • Fusion
      Fusion 3 months ago +3

      he actually says it in the end that they look doubled up

    • Fusion
      Fusion 3 months ago +1

      i actually think every led he counted as 1 were 2 leds if you look closely

  • RockBandRS
    RockBandRS 3 months ago +2246

    Never thought I'd watch someone count LEDs for over 10 minutes, but here I am 😂

    • Adrian Williams
      Adrian Williams 3 months ago

      Me on my day off. I couldn't say no to seeing this!

    • mutahher2k official
      mutahher2k official 3 months ago

      I'm watching this video while reading comments. It needs more patience.

    • Hamid Zain
      Hamid Zain 3 months ago

      Unbox therapy made a video doing 200,000 folding for the galaxy fold, too see if Samsung was lying or not

    • Charles Bernard
      Charles Bernard 3 months ago +2

      pshh, i could listen to Zack read the table of contents of a car owner's manual for over 10 minutes and be happy, his voice is soothing.

    • Matthew T
      Matthew T 3 months ago


  • visualdarkness
    visualdarkness 3 months ago +8

    This reminds me of an internship I had as a teen where I was asked to count how many diods and resistors they had left on the half-used large rolls of them. I took it literly and counted every single one of the components on the multiple rolls, until a man came by and told me to just guesstimate based on the length of the rolls...

  • Jeckman814
    Jeckman814 3 months ago +9

    My favorite treat is a fresh, new JerryRigEverything video! Great content, as always. Thank you.

  • MetalMad89
    MetalMad89 3 months ago +2

    I watch a lot of ASMR videos so I'm kind of used to watching people do repetitive things, but fair play to you Zach, you're a man of your word! Also, defo got some asmr vibes from this lol

  • George Lopez
    George Lopez 2 months ago +1

    The most relaxing video on Clip-Share, period.
    I loved having my favorite snack (my homemade low sugar chocolate fudge cake) while watching this video!
    Funny how they put exactly 420 LEDs in the large strip and 69 in the smaller one xd

  • Phoenix Constellation
    Phoenix Constellation 3 months ago +2575

    Props to Zack for actually doing and counting every single one of the LEDs.

    • Piyush Rahi
      Piyush Rahi 3 months ago

      that's what jobless people do lol he counted leds on phone and jimmy counted to 100k and read entire dictionary

    • Anthony Kyle
      Anthony Kyle 3 months ago

      Me Beast: hold my beer

    • Yul Park
      Yul Park 3 months ago

      this is off topic but imagine if nothing released a rgb version of the phone

    • Charles Bernard
      Charles Bernard 3 months ago

      @Swagamel i dont understand your question

    • Aidan Bowen
      Aidan Bowen 3 months ago


  • Andrei Marasigan
    Andrei Marasigan 3 months ago +2

    My favorite treat is seeing Zack tearing down phones. Always looking forward to it 💪

  • JustFotios
    JustFotios 3 months ago

    Great teardown video!
    I remember when my first phone, the HTC Hero (it had Android 1.5 “Cupcake”), had only one led for the notifications😂Still it was better than the tiny little led, which i can see only when in dark, of my current phone, an Redmi Note 9S. I really like what all these leds can feedback, using the software.

  • Reymund Lopez
    Reymund Lopez 3 months ago +2

    I think this was my first time I was being patient with numbers. Thanks professor Jerry. You're Math Wizard! 👏

  • Podwaho Gaming
    Podwaho Gaming 3 months ago

    I work in phone sales. Your videos help me learn a lot about the phones that are coming out. Thank you for all you do. Any word on when you’ll be testing the flip 4?

  • HayyanPro 167
    HayyanPro 167 3 months ago +939

    It’s incredible that Nothing has added 1726 LED’s. Seems they were off their count

    • I like watermelons
      I like watermelons 2 months ago

      @H258 no its double that

    • H258
      H258 2 months ago +5

      They are double LEDs so it's 3452 lights

    • Hydra Of Malice
      Hydra Of Malice 3 months ago +4

      They can be correct what he is counting is like 4 leds in one row. If Jack is counting one row(4leds) as one

    • Spyridon Pigkas
      Spyridon Pigkas 3 months ago +22

      lmao you did what Zack asked for ....

    • BH4x0r
      BH4x0r 3 months ago +54

      you seem to have forgotten the 7.7 mil in the screen

  • James De Raja
    James De Raja 3 months ago +2

    I can’t fathom the amount of patience that is required to do this masterpiece without losing the count.

  • HaileStorm
    HaileStorm Month ago

    Thanks, Zack! Lulled me to sleep. Way better than counting sheep. This vid helps in so many levels!
    Ps. Can't believe there's actually just 1 big LED on that phone. Their count was way off at 900.

  • ・your non favorite person 👍・

    It still blows my mind that there are actually 0 LEDs. Incredible use of fluorescent.

  • Wade
    Wade 3 months ago +9

    Well done, Zach. I wouldn't have been able to continue after 1150, but you kept going. That's dedication, buddy!

  • Sai Sidharth
    Sai Sidharth 3 months ago +6622

    Can't believe the fact that nothing put 420 LEDs inside the nothing phone (1). If it wasn't for Zack, this funny little Easter egg would've gone unnoticed.

    • Prashant Chaubey
      Prashant Chaubey 2 months ago


    • Extra Curricular Kitty
      Extra Curricular Kitty 3 months ago

      None of you can count. It was forfdy-two (no typo) LEDs. Forfdy two is the answer to everything. Don't panic. Jeezly crow!

    • DJ JeetGamer 🔘
      DJ JeetGamer 🔘 3 months ago

      @Barack Hussein Obama II it’s

    • SplitFusion♪
      SplitFusion♪ 3 months ago

      @The Troll Master that kinda sus................

    • Tangobaldy
      Tangobaldy 3 months ago

      There is only one led as there is nothing here

  • Colognius B.I.G.
    Colognius B.I.G. 3 months ago

    Forget ASMR and ambient sounds, Zack counting LEDs is my absolute relaxing thing!

  • Weston Hood
    Weston Hood 2 months ago

    Woah!! The fact that each led had 4 individual diodes is insane!!! No one is ever going to beat 1900+ LEDs!!!

  • Syed Ibad
    Syed Ibad 3 months ago +2

    I would have simply used Unitary Method.
    If 2mm of length has = 3 lights
    Then(tot.length of led)= x
    Then cross multiply and here you have got the most efficient accurate answer

  • WarmKiosk
    WarmKiosk Month ago

    Hey Jerry, great video. I think the phones front screen reportedly puts out about 600 nits. Are you able to measure the brightness of the full rear led cluster?

  • KrispyKrab714
    KrispyKrab714 3 months ago +901

    It still blows my mind that there are actually 0 LEDs. Incredible use of fluorescent.

    • BH4x0r
      BH4x0r 3 months ago

      flash, screen, mini uv leds under the phosphorus
      how do you think "normal" leds operate? exactly the same way, and not to mention 3 OLEDs per pixel (screen), still LED technology even if it uses other materials

    • BH4x0r
      BH4x0r 3 months ago

      @Ezra Pardede COB leds are actually miniscule UV leds with phosphorus on them, they're still all separate leds in reality :D

    • Ezra Pardede
      Ezra Pardede 3 months ago +3

      COB LED, how could so many ppl agree with even if the fact that it is individual LED diode

    • large wall of beans
      large wall of beans 3 months ago +33

      It appears you forgot the flash

  • Nothing
    Nothing 3 months ago +6

    More soothing than counting sheep. Zach should look into creating guided meditations.

  • Ehab Nooh
    Ehab Nooh 3 months ago

    One of the most informative useless video you’ve done, thanks Jack
    I also discovered a relaxing effect to hearing someone counting numbers, I almost fell asleep

  • Green&Blue Productions
    Green&Blue Productions 2 months ago

    Thanks for holding manufactures responsible by counting 1 million times in 10 minutes!

  • Ilya
    Ilya 3 months ago

    I've counted with you and I have noticed that you have skipped one between LEDs 510 and 511, so it should be +1 into the final result. Still an impressive light rig!
    EDIT: forgot to tell you about my favorite treat. There is no "one favorite". If you were to query "the" favorite treat, it would return *nothing*.

  • Troy
    Troy 3 months ago +1269

    When I first heard in the last video that he would count all of the individual LEDs at 50K likes, I honestly thought he was joking. Jerry does not disappoint.
    EDIT: My favorite treat is popcorn :)

    • Charles Bernard
      Charles Bernard 3 months ago

      yeah, i laughed when he said 50k cuz i knew that number was gonna come and go in the blink of an eye, i think he said a low number because he actually wanted to count them just as much as we wanted him to.

    • Orlox Phoenix
      Orlox Phoenix 3 months ago

      @SHADY SLIM your name ain't Jerry either, Jerry

    • mh as
      mh as 3 months ago +3

      @SHADY SLIM hahahaha - thanks for that! Had to Google his name!

      SHADY SLIM 3 months ago +3

      His name ain't Jerry lol

    • VIBaJ 16
      VIBaJ 16 3 months ago +1

      Yeah, that was a lot of LEDs. A whole lot of Nothing

  • Nikita Belyaev
    Nikita Belyaev 3 months ago

    Wow, didn't expect it to be exactly 900! Very impressive!

  • AphX
    AphX 3 months ago +1

    Man I can’t believe they managed to fit over 2326 LED’s onto the small form factor! Huge props to nothing

  • Kyle Sanders
    Kyle Sanders 2 months ago +1

    Man I can't belive they put almost 1,300 LEDs! That's dedication

  • Baconface McGee
    Baconface McGee 3 months ago +1

    I’m stunned Zack never lost track!!! I would if given up on counting very quickly.

  • Kristijonas Pupšys
    Kristijonas Pupšys 3 months ago +850

    I have to wake up in 5 hours and I'm watching the guy counting LED lights
    You are actually a legend, it is entertaining to watch

    • KabeeshS
      KabeeshS 3 months ago

      @Asthetically Pleasing Clip-Share Name fax

    • Oways Alom
      Oways Alom 3 months ago +1

      lol I'm the 666 like on this comment

    • Adil M
      Adil M 3 months ago +4

      Counting sheep to fall asleep is so old school. It's all about counting LEDs now lol

    • Torab Abdullah
      Torab Abdullah 3 months ago +1

      i just had my dinner while watching him count LEDs . NGL it's relaxing...

    • Advesh Darvekar
      Advesh Darvekar 3 months ago +1

      Where are u going?

  • Brayden Barrett
    Brayden Barrett 3 months ago

    Wow nice work Zack, never expected there to be 1 billion LEDs in this phone, thanks for counting for us!

  • Ascii89
    Ascii89 3 months ago

    No way, they actually delivered with 900 LEDs, no more no less 👏

  • D'shaun Sylvester
    D'shaun Sylvester 3 months ago

    Hmmmmm... Its amazing that they used the wireless charging technology to connect the LEDs wirelessly into one strip. Innovation!

  • Kevin Rodrigues
    Kevin Rodrigues 3 months ago

    Insane that they can fit almost 10k LED's on a phone. The battery must take a real beating because of them.

  • xs
    xs 3 months ago +837

    Dang! Never expected they could just make 1 large led go throughout the entire phone! Technology has come so far

    • BH4x0r
      BH4x0r 3 months ago +1

      @Purjo this screen is also OLED, and then if u look at the Xperia phones with the 4K display even more leds

    • Purjo
      Purjo 3 months ago +1

      Well, for example, Samsung S22 Ultra phone has OLED panel which has about 18 million LEDs in 6.7-inch screen, think about that. :) And it has 10+ BILLION transistors on a processsor chip that is smaller than your fingernail.

    • BH4x0r
      BH4x0r 3 months ago

      it isn't, in the COB leds there still are miniscule UV leds ;)

    • Matt561
      Matt561 3 months ago

      @土川虎虎虎 watch the whole video

    • e
      e 3 months ago +3

      @土川虎虎虎 There's 900+, you haven't watch the video till last for sure.

  • Jay NC
    Jay NC 3 months ago

    Much respect to you for being a person of their word.

  • Nick Guerriero
    Nick Guerriero 3 months ago

    Crazy how there's only 1 LED light on this whole phone! Great use of mirrors though.

  • Jec Paras
    Jec Paras 3 months ago

    What an effort of counting zack! Hope to get one!

  • VinnHansen
    VinnHansen 3 months ago

    I never thought that it would be nearly 2000 LEDs. Good job Nothing

  • paytondev
    paytondev 3 months ago +422

    At first it looked like there were only going to be 899, but once you found those lost LEDs on the table and brought the count up to 2012, that really surprised me!

  • The Will's Family Account

    Being a father now.. he has loads of patience counting all these LEDs! Nice one..

  • μron
    μron 3 months ago

    Woah, I thought you were only going to count the LEDs on the back, I didn't think you were also going to include the display. But now I know, that the Nothing Phone (1) has exactly 2,592,974 LEDs inside.

  • Baalcom
    Baalcom 3 months ago

    I'm still pretty shocked that nothing have used 0 LEDs for this phone, since they invented a whole new illuminance system never seen before

  • Technology is Awesome
    Technology is Awesome 2 months ago +1

    OMG that's a lot of work. I can't believe you actually counted all the LED lol

  • Gustavo Henrique
    Gustavo Henrique 3 months ago +632

    Wow, 2000 LEDs, not gonna lie, i was expecting even less than 900, but they broke our expectations, nice Zach, great work for counting every one

  • Mementos
    Mementos 3 months ago +1

    I would've been a scientist if I had ever paid this much attention to math in my school as much I have spent counting these LEDs over here.
    BTW it's Exactly 969 LEDs

  • Chris
    Chris 3 months ago

    WOW! You actually counted them!!! Thumbs-up to that Zachary 👍

  • Chuck Litchfield
    Chuck Litchfield 3 months ago

    A great time for the pinch and zoom feature but still needed to get closer. Who thought they would have only 674 LEDs. They should have known they would get counted. What do you expect from nothing...
    Thanks Zach!

  • Lindy Worthington
    Lindy Worthington 3 months ago

    Pretty amazing- my eyes were trying to blur as I counted with you. Good job! My favorite treat is ice cream.

  • Bennett Hackett
    Bennett Hackett 3 months ago +646

    Pretty crazy that they actually had only 69 LEDS, which is honestly pretty *nice*

  • Alexey Volin
    Alexey Volin 3 months ago +1

    Behold, we are witnessing the next big milestone for tech Clip-Share as a whole!

  • Adem Omerovic
    Adem Omerovic 3 months ago

    That one bulb unther the LED like mesh, is fantastic trick. A lot of movable parts... But damn, no LEDs only one bulb. Incredible.

  • Just A Red Penguin
    Just A Red Penguin 3 months ago

    Cant believe I just watched the whole thing, amazing video, deserves an Oscar. To everyone who just skipped to the end, if you like three stuff, watch the whole video

  • Alif Azri Hadi
    Alif Azri Hadi 3 months ago

    I can't I spend over 14 minutes watching a man counting LEDs and somehow it still entertaining me

  • Anony Mousse
    Anony Mousse 3 months ago +227

    I don't know what I was expecting, but that amount of LED's is just insane. It's over 9,000 !!!

    • Riyad Hussain
      Riyad Hussain 3 months ago +11

      I wanted to like your comment. But then I noticed that it had 69 likes. You know I can't ruin that beautiful number. 😆

    • coredumperror
      coredumperror 3 months ago +2

      WHAT, 9000?! There's no way that can be right!

    • Gamer_Time
      Gamer_Time 3 months ago +2


  • Hahaha
    Hahaha 3 months ago

    This video taught me more counting than my entire schooling life!

  • Steven Petrov
    Steven Petrov 3 months ago

    Amazing how Nothing managed to put 4000+ leds in this small phone.

  • The Bound Breaker.
    The Bound Breaker. Month ago

    As I don't actually own a nothing phone so I can't tell if all the led's are far often programmable for lighting up individually. It would be even cooler looking if to put like a rainbow covering along with that program for each individual led's.

  • Krunoslav Smrekar
    Krunoslav Smrekar 3 months ago

    If somebody's asking me how my vacation so going I'm just gonna say I spent 15 minutes watching this. So having a pretty good time! 🥰

  • Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock Holmes 3 months ago +378

    There are exactly 420 LEDs on the bigger circle and 69 LEDs on the rest of the device.

  • Hamdhoon Mohamed
    Hamdhoon Mohamed 3 months ago

    Love your work man! :)

  • BlaZe Gaming Official
    BlaZe Gaming Official 3 months ago

    Thats a video i didn't expect from jerry but it was fun watching,u are awesome dude

  • Ashutosh Kumar
    Ashutosh Kumar 3 months ago

    Hey Jerry Thank you very much...
    My 3 years old Niece was looking for a online Maths Counting class..this one is unique...😄😄

  • O'tkirbek Toshboyev
    O'tkirbek Toshboyev 3 months ago +1

    I am curious. What can nothing do accept having extra lights

  • Michael Ördög
    Michael Ördög 3 months ago +327

    This felt like listening to one of my kids show how far they can count

  • Kohakka Nuva
    Kohakka Nuva 2 months ago

    This should be a recurring series on this channel; "counting with Zack"

  • Arpan Ghole
    Arpan Ghole 3 months ago

    I am sure many of us must have changed the video quality to maximum to see those led's clearly and to count with Zack..
    But this was intresting...
    Keep going...

  • Real Racer 03
    Real Racer 03 3 months ago

    I didn't even know LEDs could be THIS small!

  • BH4x0r
    BH4x0r 3 months ago

    (3 for each pixel color) 7 776 972 in reality, if you add the OLED screen, add maybe another 2 for the dual tone flash, and another 2 approximately for the sensors (infrared)
    in that case the Xperia phones win by a large margin with the 4K screens

  • Aidan Meadows
    Aidan Meadows 3 months ago +133

    I like when people follow up with promises. Props to Zach for counting all 420 led lights

    • Deezave
      Deezave 3 months ago +1

      oh, ok, its not 420, its 415

    • Deezave
      Deezave 3 months ago +2

      cmon, no spoilers

  • algor burn
    algor burn 3 months ago

    I'm sure some people can use this counting session to help fall asleep it's just like counting sheep but we're counting LEDs. It's crazy how it's exactly 1000 LEDs they fit in there

  • Shifty
    Shifty 2 months ago

    I can't believe Zack figured out that Nothing bamboozled the customer by trying to disguise an Edison Bulb as 701 LED's.

  • Darth Nihilus
    Darth Nihilus 3 months ago

    The mad lad went and did it. 1032 Led Lights, incredible. Respect!

  • Arjun Dave
    Arjun Dave 3 months ago

    Wow I didn't think you'd actually count all LEDs individually🤯
    My favorite treat is pizza!

  • Loren Bhanu
    Loren Bhanu 3 months ago +238

    You literally did it

    • Vizdrom 97
      Vizdrom 97 3 months ago

      He did, he counted 69+420 pairs making it 978 LEDs.

    • Bimi siKocheng
      Bimi siKocheng 3 months ago +1

      @Google Account Can be both lol

    • Google Account
      Google Account 3 months ago +1

      @Bimi siKocheng you mean we make ourselves do it by liking his video 😌

    • Bimi siKocheng
      Bimi siKocheng 3 months ago +1

      @Google Account And we make him do it by liking his teardown video

    • Google Account
      Google Account 3 months ago +4

      We did it lmao, we physically sit in front of the screen and repeat after him.🤣

  • Russianmafia10
    Russianmafia10 3 months ago

    I would've calculated the LEDs per inch, and just measure the length of the strips

  • Abdul-Muhaimin Mustafa
    Abdul-Muhaimin Mustafa 3 months ago

    I literally didn't expect Zack to count like that.. when he started counting my face like: 😀😦

    ANRDVZ 3 months ago

    Nothing had NOTHING (literally) to do but to include all those mini LED’s omg, and Zack counting them it’s just 😭😭😭 this is what i love to call ✨ q u a l i t y c o n t e n t ✨

  • IftiChan
    IftiChan 3 months ago +1

    Wow there are over 40k LEDs😁. Much liked when you made them rainbow RGB color. I really liked it.

  • Kelvin Fajardo
    Kelvin Fajardo 3 months ago +37

    So far 96K of us have sat down through 14 minutes of a buffed grown up man counting miniature leds. Definitely quality entertainment.

    • Uncrustable
      Uncrustable 3 months ago

      @Kevin Hammond neither

    • Kevin Hammond
      Kevin Hammond 3 months ago +4

      I don't know if I should feel scammed, or grateful?

  • Hemanth Rao
    Hemanth Rao 16 days ago

    That 'nice' when the 69th LED was counted cracked me though 🤣

  • Martin Parshorov
    Martin Parshorov 3 months ago

    5 LEDs?! I didn't expect this. How come you are not getting thousands of likes?! Whoever is watching Zack's videos, just leave a like before you go. If you are watching then he deserves the like.

  • Kattar Hindu
    Kattar Hindu 3 months ago

    What is the expected life of these led?? What happens if few LEDs stop working?? Will it repaired or replace fully?

  • mutahher2k official
    mutahher2k official 3 months ago

    I watched the whole video. It would be more worthy if he marks every hundred during counting. I like his patience

  • kbbl11
    kbbl11 3 months ago +422

    I'm still pretty shocked that nothing have used 0 LEDs for this phone, since they invented a whole new illuminance system never seen before, just mindblowing...

    • Gustavo Henrique
      Gustavo Henrique 3 months ago

      @jorge rocha got em

    • Kasper Abigail
      Kasper Abigail 3 months ago

      @Friend Gef K nope, I would be a fool to watch someone count 100s of led segments and everyone that uses sarcasm on the internet just sound like morons to me. Not my fault they cant write. maybe a lol or jk. my personal favorite >.>
      I cant stand when people hold me accountable because they crappy joke didn't land. they get mad almost about it and call you dumb. its almost like flipping the script. but yeah the sarcasm is obvious now. sounds just like a fake kickstarter campaign or elon musk fans. elon's the definition of a chode

    • Friend Gef K
      Friend Gef K 3 months ago +9

      @Kasper Abigail You either don't understand sarcasm, or you haven't watched the entire video.

    • Kasper Abigail
      Kasper Abigail 3 months ago +1

      Neither if those things are impressive. Anyone can engrave glass and make leds. Someone said “wow amazing its all one led” like we didn’t just count the individual segments. Its not amazing, its cool and about damn time someone does something different

    • jorge rocha
      jorge rocha 3 months ago +8

      @Carlos Rodriguez nop they not invented nothing! This is COB LED, it´s commune type of LED, the can be manufactured in various shapes and sizes .

  • ;
    ; 3 months ago +1

    still confused by what you meant when you said they used a NEGATIVE amount of LEDs. did they break 900 LEDs in the making of this phone?

  • Durugy Árpád
    Durugy Árpád 2 months ago

    I can`t believe that I watched 14 minutes of somebody counting LED`s. Great job.

  • Cosmic-Perri
    Cosmic-Perri 3 months ago

    Wow, I can't believe they used fibreoptic cabling to make the most of a single LED.

  • Nandeesh Kumar
    Nandeesh Kumar 3 months ago

    While liking the Nothing Phone 1 durability test video, I thought it was a good idea to torture Jerry but this backfired, this video was just as much a torture to watch 🤣

  • El Duderino
    El Duderino 3 months ago

    It's oddly satisfying to hear you counting

  • The Opinionated YouTuber

    Whoa! Who’d have thought you’d have found 3500 LEDs in that tiny little phone?!?

  • AJ
    AJ 3 months ago

    I love how there are just 199 leds, very far from what Nothing said.

  • Ashtyn Morel-Blake
    Ashtyn Morel-Blake 3 hours ago

    Wow that’s some cool technology there’s only 3 lights back there!

  • Mukherjee
    Mukherjee 3 months ago +1

    Zack kept his promise. Total LEDS: 486 😅