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How Assassins Got Their Hidden Blade in Every Assassin's Creed Game (2007-2021)

  • Published on Nov 10, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Hello friends...
    In this video I am showing you How Assassins Got Their Hidden Blade in Every Assassin's Creed Game (2007-2021)-
    👉 00:10 Assassin's Creed
    👉 01:05 Assassin's Creed II
    👉 01:59 Assassin's Creed III
    👉 02:29 Assassin's Creed Liberation
    👉 03:00 Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag
    👉 03:37 Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry
    👉 03:48 Assassin's Creed Rogue
    👉 04:00 Assassin's Creed Unity
    👉 04:56 Assassin's Creed Syndicate
    👉 05:05 Assassin's Creed Origins
    👉 05:45 Assassin's Creed Odyssey
    👉 06:26 Assassin's Creed Valhalla
    This Video Also Showcases the Graphics Evolution in Every Assassin's Creed Games in Series till now... EVOLUTION OF GRAPHICS IN AC Games
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Comments • 453

  • ж
    ж 6 months ago +2035

    Bayek didn't had to cut off his finger to use the hidden blade, he accidentally cut his finger while assassinating Eudoros the Hippo

    • Manoj Kumar
      Manoj Kumar 6 months ago +103

      during his assassination of eudoros the snake
      Edit :- according to story , Bayek Refer Eudoros as snake , so i got confused due to that , Eudoros was the Hippo according to order of the ancient map

    • ж
      ж 6 months ago +5

      @Manoj Kumar thx

    • MafiaRTX
      MafiaRTX 6 months ago +3

      Bruh why are you spoiling?

    • Manoj Kumar
      Manoj Kumar 6 months ago +117

      @MafiaRTX what is spoiling in this?? Bro most of the viewer of his channel already played all assassin creed till Valhalla , and if you are saying that giving spoilers of a game released 6yrs ago , man how it becomes spoilers?

    • MafiaRTX
      MafiaRTX 6 months ago +12

      @Manoj Kumar dude few people like me have not played this game. Don't be rude. I didn’t make mistake

  • TheHammerGuy Plays
    TheHammerGuy Plays 6 months ago +882

    For those still confused:
    Altair wrote the codex we find in AC2 which details the new schematics of the hidden blade. This "new" design bypasses the need to sacrifice the ring finger.
    Proof? In revelations, Altair in his 60s and older has dual hidden blades, and his right hand still has his ring finger.
    Altair also developed hidden blade combat. By giving the blade mechanism armor, this gives the user a chance to defend against enemies with much longer weapons.
    Notice how you can't really fight with hidden blades in Valhalla? Ezio's second blade has actual armor, made straight from Altair's codex.

    • Rahul Sar
      Rahul Sar 5 months ago +78

      Also I think Altair actually designed the Hidden gun. Even Da Vince said these hidden blades upgrades and even more advanced than the Renaissance Revolution Era.

    • Darwin Uang
      Darwin Uang 5 months ago +59

      @Rahul Sar yes.
      as shown in Assassin's Creed Revelations, Altaïr invented the Hidden Gun, using knowledge he gained from the Apple of Eden. he later tried to use the Gun on Abbas Sofian (then the self-proclaimed Mentor of the Levantine Brotherhood of Assassins, after driving Altaïr out of Masyaf and forcing him into exile for 20 years), resulting in Abbas's death.
      and yeah, Altaïr thought the removal of a finger in order to use the Hidden Blade was a "false promise of paradise". so he redesigned the Hidden Blade so that the ring finger no longer had to be removed. of course, this doesn't change the fact that his left hand no longer has a ring finger...

    • Nandhakishor V S
      Nandhakishor V S 5 months ago +35

      @Darwin Uang I think ive also seen a theory that the ringfinger removal was modified and avoided as a tactic so that the assassins cannot be identified quickly as anyone walking without a ringfinger could be marked easily

    • Darwin Uang
      Darwin Uang 5 months ago +28

      @Nandhakishor V S indeed, the early Levantine Assassins could be identified by their missing ring fingers (if I recall correctly, Altaïr himself was identified using this method once). this is also one of the reasons why Altaïr created the new Hidden Blade.

    • Sleef RCD
      Sleef RCD 5 months ago +7

      The devs keep trying to make a new altair but keeps failing. Personally i neber played ac1 but i love it and love nit playing it somehow. It gives a sense of vagueness and the information yoru given by him in the later ac games seem to say he was the greatest assassin to ever live. People criticized revelations, but for me, revelations was a BADASS game! Some of the gameplay was bad but the story was amazing! 9/10 ACR, 9/10 AC2, 9.5/10 ACB. 10/10 AC Ezio collection, you get whst you paid for but at a discount + dlc!

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 4 months ago +258

    I love the rotation mechanism on Connor's hidden blade so he could wield it as a dagger. It doesn't get enough appreciation.

    • DeathMamba
      DeathMamba 3 months ago +2

      Same bro, same! Hell, I see shadow blade as it is an upgraded version of Ezio's hidden gunblade!

    • TmothyOz
      TmothyOz 3 months ago +9

      Yesss! That was one of my favorite things about AC3. It was so badass. Ezio’s hookblade in revelations was dope too!

    • DeathMamba
      DeathMamba 3 months ago

      Well good usage for roof to roof travel but thank good Frye's upgraded it to a grappling hook system which is not blade but add-on advancement on their gaunlets!

    • Shadow
      Shadow 2 days ago

      Ikr. It's a simple, yet ingenious, touch that makes it one of my favorites along with Edward's

  • Th3Prowl3r
    Th3Prowl3r 6 months ago +583

    Arno's hands down, sleek simple and versatile with a modest upgrade. Something I would picture a stealthy and light on their feet assassin to wield

    • Majin Muu
      Majin Muu 6 months ago +35

      Also talented able to take out 2 people at once with just one blade

    • Th3Prowl3r
      Th3Prowl3r 6 months ago +3

      @Majin Muu another point to be added

    • Th3Prowl3r
      Th3Prowl3r 6 months ago +6

      @Majin Muu feel like they should've kept that style with the games moving forward, though I don't mind the throwing knife/axe assassination but I feel as though they could've had both. One for targets right next to each other and the other for targets further away

  • dustin_echoes
    dustin_echoes 6 months ago +629

    The hook blade has two parts, you see. The hook and the blade.

    • Goofy Ahh Goober prod.
      Goofy Ahh Goober prod. 6 months ago +86

      An elegant design, no?

    • MyNameisJohnMarston
      MyNameisJohnMarston 6 months ago +3

      Was that supposed to be a joke?

    • Jaden
      Jaden 6 months ago +43

      @Goofy Ahh Goober prod. it’s was the conversion exchanged between ezio and Yusuf in Ac revelations

    • Chrissant
      Chrissant 5 months ago +2

      ​@MyNameisJohnMarston ?? No?

    • IcePhoenix
      IcePhoenix 5 months ago +5

      And I love how in the game it's only ever a hook lol. So you just stab somebody with this huge blunt hook. It is kinda good but I enjoy it

  • TopDoom Slayer
    TopDoom Slayer 6 months ago +306

    I’d say design wise, I favor Ezio’s hidden blades from Revelations, including the hookblade. But when it comes to practicality, I’d say Connor/Ratonhnhaké:ton’s hidden blades were best. But overall, I’d say that my personal favorite of them all has to be Eivor’s hidden blade from Valhalla.

    • Damoose 7
      Damoose 7 6 months ago +12

      Fair, eivors is the most intricate design wise and I'll always love the rotating blade connor uses

    • Tiny Richard
      Tiny Richard 5 months ago +1

      @Damoose 7 bro i dont really know if eivor has the hidden paet down

    • Damoose 7
      Damoose 7 5 months ago +2

      @Tiny Richard yeah but that blade looks the prettiest

    • TheSnep
      TheSnep 4 months ago +1

      @Tiny Richard Didn't you know? Eivor's is called a visible blade.

    • DeciMation
      DeciMation 4 months ago

      @TheSnep Nah, it’s just a blade, a blade he stabs through people's necks with extreme force.

  • DarkKnight6six6
    DarkKnight6six6 5 months ago +43

    I kind of love the irony that Eivor, the character most opposite of the traditional assassins, wears the blade as originally intended, on the outside of the arm as we see in the first blade dlc.

    • For The Brotherhood
      For The Brotherhood 2 months ago +4

      It's funny how ubisoft forgot AC 2 clearly showing him the hidden blade being mounted as a hidden blade, not a combat blade.

  • Turbo Radman
    Turbo Radman 3 months ago +7

    I love Eivor's reaction to the hidden blade. Pretty much goes how you'd expect when giving one to a viking. "This thing's awesome, why would I want to hide it? If im gonna kill someone, they're gonna know about it."

  • JackFRipper
    JackFRipper 5 months ago +56

    I love Arno’s hidden blade, despite it not being dual he was stylish with it and the phantom blade shots were a great tool for distance kills

    • L3g1t
      L3g1t 5 months ago +10

      He didnt need duals, he could make double kills with just one

    • Hannibal Burgers
      Hannibal Burgers 4 months ago +5

      Dude, ezio glued a glock to his knives. Arno's no match .

    • ChernoAlfaΩ
      ChernoAlfaΩ 3 months ago

      @Hannibal Burgers yes although Altaïr did it first, I still think the phantom blade was better because the cannon was very loud and crude

    • For The Brotherhood
      For The Brotherhood 2 months ago

      ​@ChernoAlfaΩ Knife belt is even cooler

  • FelixTeeberg
    FelixTeeberg 6 months ago +141

    Actually Kassandra acquired a Hidden Blade during her travels around the world. When she met Eivor for the first time, they had a short crossing of their respective blades.

    • Allan M. Hanson
      Allan M. Hanson 6 months ago +15

      I wan't to see how she got involved with the brotherhood.
      Imagine if Aya herself gave Kassandra her hidden blade. You actually get the hidden blade in Odyssey when you finish the last DLC and Kassandra goes to Egypt.
      A family reunion would be just incredible.

    • Halley reus
      Halley reus 6 months ago +3

      @Allan M. Hanson yeah, that would be cool

    • Halley reus
      Halley reus 6 months ago +4

      I dont remember that, I remember in my gameplay eivor uses the hidden blade to defend and kassandra uses a sword, but I can be wrong

    • FelixTeeberg
      FelixTeeberg 6 months ago +6

      @Halley reus "Crossing" was meant a bit figuratively. But we see both use them, and each looking a bit confused , the other having one.
      It's even used in promotional artwork for the DLC

    • Halley reus
      Halley reus 6 months ago

      @FelixTeeberg ah, I get It, interesting

  • the slayer
    the slayer 5 months ago +20

    I've always loved that each game brought a new Deliverance of hidden blade it really sucks that they went back to the style of one single blade in the later games but hands down I think Connor has the best hidden blade of all not only does he have two but one of his hidden blades can flip out to be a small dagger which can be combo with many other weapons other than just hidden blades ezio's hook blade comes in second for me and arno's phantom blade is definitely a runner-up however Connor's just has more usage

  • Ôkami Sanjuro
    Ôkami Sanjuro 6 months ago +46

    I love the foot blade of Shao Jun, so gymnastic and stylish, and the three headed blade of Arbaaz Mir, very useful to ward off attacks. Too bad they don't appear in this video.

  • Ásragin Kyron
    Ásragin Kyron 4 months ago +2

    It really is interesting to see how the blade changed over time, both in-game as well as by lore-history.
    We see the first blade being used over the hand both by the unnamed assailant who attacked Cassandra/Alexios, and in the assassination of Xerxes by Darius, but the same blade is under the arm when used centuries later by Aya. After that, only a Viking carried it over the arm.

  • TheMightyWolfie
    TheMightyWolfie 4 months ago +3

    Always loved the Phantom Blade design in Unity. It's the best in my opinion. If combined with the grappling mechanism in Syndicate, it would be the most powerful and versatile Hidden Blade in the franchise

  • TeaInnIT
    TeaInnIT 6 months ago +22

    Arno's phantom blade is the best in my opinion, very helpful when doing heists and I feel more like an assassin when using it.

  • Username
    Username 6 months ago +239

    I like how that eivor is technically wearing the hidden blade right

    • yougo
      yougo 6 months ago +8


    • Striker
      Striker 6 months ago +8

      No they weren’t

    • Savathun,The Witch Queen
      Savathun,The Witch Queen 6 months ago +82

      @Striker they were, considering that Darius, the inventor of the Hidden Blade, used it the same way.

  • Hyperr 109
    Hyperr 109 5 months ago +27

    Yeah sure Arno's blades are cool but Connors are the coolest by a landslide. Just the fact that you can flip them out into daggers is so cool and shows a new level of skill is required. They're really only the kind of hidden blades that an extremely skilled assassin could effectively make use of.

    • ChernoAlfaΩ
      ChernoAlfaΩ 3 months ago

      Actually only the right blade could be turned into a dagger I think

    • Phantom Wolf
      Phantom Wolf 2 months ago

      @ChernoAlfaΩ no it was actually both if you watch closely when fighting with the hidden blades or doing a double assassination you can see both blades went into daggers

  • The_Swordman1
    The_Swordman1 5 months ago +11

    I miss the uniqueness of the hidden blades like the hook blade (from AC:R), phantom blade (from AC: Unity) and the grapple blade (from AC: Sydicate).

  • Rafael Figueirêdo
    Rafael Figueirêdo 4 months ago +8

    It's funny to think that Eivor technically uses the hidden blade correctly purely to show off and the hidden ones/assassins use it the wrong way. wonder what Darius would make of this whole situation lol.

  • chungus
    chungus 4 months ago +2

    I love how they connected Odyssey with Origins.

  • TurtleBerries
    TurtleBerries 6 months ago +34

    AcTuAlLy, the blade aya gave to bayek is a replica of Darius’ blade. Aya kept the real one, you can see it in photo mode they look exactly the same while bayek’s looks completely different(makes sense considering she is a descendant of darius and the blade is bound to her by blood). When she said it killed xerxes she probably meant it was that weapon system was used to kill him, not that exact blade.

    • Nick F.
      Nick F. 5 months ago +3

      Nah, she literally says this blade killed Xerxes. So Bayek has the original one. She has the replica

  • Aradhya Sakpal
    Aradhya Sakpal 5 months ago +3

    Ezio's looks the most beautiful with the Italian design and has 2 of them. He hides it well with his cap and is very sharp and extremely effective as a tool of weapon.
    He takes this as the best Blade imo. But I also love Altaïr and Arno's

  • Fabio Poma
    Fabio Poma 6 months ago +142

    Hello. Did you know that the Phantom blade was also an invention of Leonardo da Vinci?
    In Assassin's Creed Project Legacy is said that an italian Assassin named Francesco Vecellio (who also existed in reality, and was a painter) was an apprentice and former killer for Ezio Auditore during the time between Brotherhood and Revelations, and to complete a mission Francesco asked his mentor (Ezio) to have a hidden gun like the Ezio's one, but Ezio refused because he considered the Hidden gun inadequate for a not enough skilled Assassin like Francesco
    However, he decided to accept anyway his request to have a medium distance adequate weapon (and to give him a more silent and less dangerous one) and asked Leonardo to create something with that characteristics
    And so... the Phantom blade was born, and the first Assassin to use one was Francesco Vecellio
    It's a shame that they didn't mention at least the name of Leonardo or Francesco in Unity when Mirabeau introduced the Phantom blade, but probably given the low quality of the game, the devs didn't even knew about Project Legacy

    • ж
      ж 6 months ago +5

      Ah yes the Devs didn't know about their own project

    • Fabio Poma
      Fabio Poma 6 months ago +15

      @ж yes because it's not their own. At the start of every game you see always "produced by Ubisoft Montreal", or Ubisoft Quebec, or Ubisoft whatever, and the writers are never the same for the games (for example the writer of Valhalla is the same for AC4 and Revelations but not for the other two Ezio's game, Odyssey and Syndicate have the same devs too but not Origins, and so on)
      Project Legacy came out at the time of Brotherhood in 2010 and was forgotten, in fact even 80% of fans don't even know about it, and it's no news that the several studios don't communicate between them and this is why you see a lot of plot holes in the games, retcons or just contrasting lore in different games. You can thank the excessive division of mansions for that, without a unique head to coordinate everything

    • ж
      ж 6 months ago

      @Fabio Poma no wonder why Odyssey and Syndicate are so bad

    • Fabio Poma
      Fabio Poma 6 months ago

      @ж yeah literally. You see the pattern

    • Raymond Morlock
      Raymond Morlock 6 months ago +3

      Bro wrote a novel

  • Lukas Luna
    Lukas Luna 5 months ago +5

    I didn’t enjoy and play the later games (odyssey/valhalla) but I do like that Darius was an overhand blade user and then later on, Eivor was too but they got disrespected for it. I doubt the assassin who called them out didn’t even know Darius was like that too

    TANO TANO 5 months ago +6

    Ezio blade had most versitile design. Pretty much three in one. A blade, a pistol, and a dart gun. The hook came later, but damn, finishers were brutal.

    • Breader
      Breader 5 months ago

      I love revelations so damn much, its probably my favourite because it ends his story and also the finisher with the sword where you stab in the neck and spin it around is so badass

  • LoneWolf916
    LoneWolf916 3 months ago +1

    I think the only one that truly earned the hidden blade is Connor Kenway, yes of course altair earned it, it also because he was in the assassin's brotherhood, but connor earned it because he wins Achilles' heart and truly became his successor

  • Halley reus
    Halley reus 6 months ago +3

    In my opinion arno’s, bayek’s and altaïr’s hidden blades are the best, I like the fact It’s just 1 blade, I can assimilate more with a stealth assassin, but in gameplay two hidden blades are most useful.

  • Nikki Hamilton
    Nikki Hamilton 5 months ago +6

    My favorite hidden blade is probably from Altair. The sound the hidden blade makes when you assasinate someone is so satisfying. Its a crime that they didn't keep that sound for every assassination

  • Danuja Abeywickrama
    Danuja Abeywickrama 6 months ago +38

    The phantom Blade is the best Hidden blade since it offers a stealthy ranged attack and also it look badass.

  • Michael Luzier
    Michael Luzier 3 months ago

    Edward didn’t loot his. He looted the outfit, but he looked at the hidden blade Walpole wore before discarding it. Edward got his blades from Julien Du Casse when he was posing as a Templar agent.

  • Hunter Dempsey
    Hunter Dempsey 5 months ago +22

    I like that in Valhalla “ hey Ik we just met and you haven’t been trained to be a proper assassin but here take a sacred weapon that we also use as a key to unlock ancient temples holding our most treasured secrets“

    • yougo
      yougo 5 months ago +5


    • Micha G
      Micha G 5 months ago

      in fairness he gave it to Sigurd who he had traveled with and trained for 2 years.

    • Rock the Conqueror
      Rock the Conqueror 3 months ago

      Basim said it's just a cold metal don't call it sacred or something like that to hytham

    • not so joyboy
      not so joyboy 28 days ago

      Basim did it on purpose

  • Angel Castro
    Angel Castro 4 months ago +1

    I never got how Edward knew that broken blade-thing he found in the corpse was supposed to be the hidden blade Duncan mentioned.. and then he knows exactly how to wear it and use it.. out of the blue. Great game nonetheless

    • deth
      deth 3 months ago

      he doesn't wear or use the one he finds. Edward gets his hidden blades given to him by tricking templars into believing he was a real assassin and a traitor

  • anwar bojorges
    anwar bojorges Month ago

    Arno's is effective cause of the design, easy to carry and only to stealth kill enemies but the best one is Bayek's cause every upgrade to the blade changes the design and the materials

  • Aradhya Sakpal
    Aradhya Sakpal 5 months ago +2

    When you realize Altaïr constructed the path for Ezio to run.
    God these 2 Assassin's have such a High place in my mind.
    I have respect for Altaïr doing everything he did with the Apple and Ezio for being the best with the liberty he had to earn everything. He didn't just use it like it was a gift...he earned everything he had. Only difference being....he had no clue Altaïr walked so he could run. Glad in Revelations they made it indirectly clear....Dos Legends

  • kisame
    kisame 5 months ago +7

    they never had to cut off the finger they only cut it as a sign of respect for the first siua bayek killer who accidentally lost his finger while killing the hippo thats where the motif came from

  • TH3_ K1NG
    TH3_ K1NG 5 months ago +6

    Most practical blade would be Connor's. You eject, stab and swivel it to wield like a dagger. Perfectly fits with his brutish playstyle.

  • Syaz Hikari
    Syaz Hikari 2 months ago +1

    Kassandra actually got a hidden blade from the Korfu Quest.

  • Brandon Wyatt
    Brandon Wyatt 5 months ago +2

    I think the best is from Ezio and Jacob because are the most equipated but my favorite is the Aguilar’s Hidden Blade 😊

  • FishFossils
    FishFossils 3 months ago +1

    I choose to believe that Leonardo personally modified the blade. That just fits his character

  • Allan M. Hanson
    Allan M. Hanson 6 months ago +3

    You actually get a hidden blade in Odyssey after finishing the new DLC released last year. But it's just aesthetic, in the gameplay you keep using Leonida's spear.

  • Faê
    Faê 5 months ago +2

    5:22 love how bayek almost loses a hand when using the blades for the first time

  • somebody
    somebody 6 months ago +13

    I understand the "viking honor" part but unless you got a longer blade having it on the outside is not practical. In every game it showed the blade range a but after the fingers when extended,
    But you could still turn your hand upward and so stab deep if needed.
    So a normal blade that is on the outside won't be able to stab deep

    • Micha G
      Micha G 5 months ago

      I think it has nothing to do with honor and that's just tounge and cheek, she thinks that the blade is what cut off their fingers and doesn't want to lose hers, so she puts it on top. Also it wouldn't matter top or bottom, if the point the blade comes out of is aligned with the wrist it would be the same distance top or bottom.

    • Breader
      Breader 5 months ago

      @Micha G but you can't bend your hand as much down as up, and it hurts if you do so

    • Micha G
      Micha G 5 months ago

      ​@Breader I mean you can if you have wrist flexiblility and it doesn't matter you don't flex your had up when it's on bottom, the point is you more or less put your hand on them and the blade comes out. your hand would be at about a 45, where as on top Evior uses it as a dagger striking with it out, instead of putting the opening against their target and firing it in. idk i played through 4, then just got valhalla, but either way you put it, it works just fine, it's clearly meant to but used under as a sort of wrist mounted switch blade, but it works just as well as top wrist mounted fixed blade, like baraka from MK.
      The thing to remember with it on top is you just have to clear the blade, if you have it 10degree down of 90, it makes no difference so long as the blade doesn't shoot into your hand, since it's not intended to be fought with it's mean for one quick stab to the liver or throat (The xray kills in game look like eivor uses a sword to perform them instead of the hidden blade so i don't think they use it very much, unlike ezio or Altiar.)

  • Assassin's Creed is LIFE
    Assassin's Creed is LIFE 6 months ago +6

    I still LOVE Eivor’s hidden blade. It’s so iconic! I love them all though, not just hers. But hers is definitely the most beautiful and elegant…except for the Standard Ottoman Hook Blade lol 😂

  • Evilerglint 1138
    Evilerglint 1138 6 months ago +1

    I’d have to say ezios hidden blade is the best one design wise bc the leather with the metal insignia on top with a red gem is nice also you left out Desmond

  • Kwinoh
    Kwinoh 5 months ago +2

    If the hidden blade that Bayek has is Darius's, at what point in the passing down of the hidden blade did they decide to wear it the other way around?

  • Troy Ruddock
    Troy Ruddock 6 months ago +5

    Assassin's Creed Valhalla also pays tribute to the way Darius used his blade (on top of the wrist instead of under it).

  • Pamitalan, Rey Alfred Angelo

    That's not all, in Valhalla and Oddesey collab, Kassandra has a hidden blade, without her ring finger removed, HAH!

  • Mason Ballard
    Mason Ballard 6 months ago +12

    Arnos the only one who properly got his hidden blade, but we might see basim get his to

  • J C
    J C 2 months ago

    Aveline doesn't get enough credit for how resourceful she was. Like, making your own hidden blades from scratch? Cmon

  • MilleniumAdam
    MilleniumAdam 6 months ago +4

    Hmmm best one for practical usage... the phantom blade and Connor's blades where one can be modified into a dagger as an off-hand weapon

  • Cpt Đèáđpøøl
    Cpt Đèáđpøøl 3 months ago

    Eivor is shaming the assassin hidden blade and saying she won't make the same mistake the assassins cut their ring finger on purpose in honor of Bayek who lost his finger while using the blade with an open arm and he too said the blade doesnt need a ring finger sacrifice

  • not so joyboy
    not so joyboy 28 days ago

    Man. Eivor's blade is goddamn beutiful

  • Chandler Treon
    Chandler Treon 5 months ago +1

    You're telling me some of these dudes were scaling walls while missing a finger? Never knew that

  • Matt Tan
    Matt Tan 5 months ago +1

    The hook blade from ACR I swear that one was my personal fav and ezio is the fav assassin before rogue to valhalla

  • Redneck Bwaoi
    Redneck Bwaoi 5 months ago

    I was sure Ezio got two hidden blades, the second one when he enters Constantinople, from Yusuf in Assassin's Creed Revelations

  • Lad
    Lad 4 months ago

    I like evior's method all the way. I'm sorry but it was odd for a weapon like this to be used how the hidden ones use it ever since. Sure its a stealth weapon but I value my fingers and felt like I was the predator

    • deth
      deth 3 months ago

      All you would need to do to make it "hidden" again is wrap a piece of cloth around it, boom it's a hidden blade again

  • nonoQuacks
    nonoQuacks Month ago

    I think it is ok to call Darius’ blade a hidden blade right? That’s what the wiki calls it at least. So is that technically the first hidden blade?

  • Erin Melton
    Erin Melton 5 months ago

    Y’all I really like AC Valhalla she didn’t hide the blade did it like a true Viking I mean during that game you could hide in the grass and stealth kill people or you could decide to go out on an all attack sometimes in that game I like to do still heels just for the fun of it but yes I do love the old assassin Creed games

  • Pinkytinky1234
    Pinkytinky1234 4 months ago

    I forgot how much Altair looked like Desmond 😂

  • XxQuakezxX
    XxQuakezxX 2 months ago

    Kassandra did posses a hidden blade in one of the dlc. Probably she got it from darius as he the grandfather of kassandra child.

  • FireDan
    FireDan 4 months ago

    I love when Edward is like:"Fuck that" 😂

  • Ridho Zindani
    Ridho Zindani 6 months ago +1

    Still wonder is Walpole only had one Hidden Blade or he had two but both of it broken when his belongings looted by Edward.

  • Dwayne Mandac
    Dwayne Mandac 6 months ago +2

    Plus the fact that the times of eivor they still had that small little porblem and thats the ring finger removing and i think eivor didnt want that

  • warbossgrotsmasha23
    warbossgrotsmasha23 5 months ago

    6:40 uhm...it wasn't basim who gave sigurd the hidden blade, sigurd took it from a hidden one named ammon which he killed in self defense, the story behind how he got the hidden blade is told in a prequel comic called "song of glory"

  • FlodTheLunatic
    FlodTheLunatic 4 months ago

    Edward Kenway is the only assassin who get is blade from a real bad guy

  • Gustavo Henrique
    Gustavo Henrique 4 months ago

    Speaking of Edward Kenway, am I the only one who thinks the outfit he borrows from Duncan Walpole is prettier than his original costume? It remembers Arno Dorian's outfit

  • daniel faraoanu
    daniel faraoanu 6 months ago +6

    My favourites are Ezio's and the Fryed twins just because of the hidden gun and batman's grappling gun

    • Sir_Beatdown101
      Sir_Beatdown101 6 months ago +1

      Useful, yes but the problem with them was they stood out too much, especially in that time period. The amount of armor, the dart launcher and the bulky glove really should've given them away as suspicious individuals if not assassins.

  • ZeroLosses4Nero
    ZeroLosses4Nero Month ago

    Cleopatra gave Bayek and Aya the hidden blades. Why did they feel the need to create those though

  • Acterdi
    Acterdi 2 months ago

    Tbh I think Arno had the best hidden blade, his is a 2 in 1 a phantom blade and the hidden blade

  • Jessey Ploeger
    Jessey Ploeger 2 months ago

    Actually the assassins called Darius, the one who killed king xerses is the one with the first hidden blade. He invented it himself for his mission

    • c
      c 10 days ago

      That’s just the new ac ruining the story line

    • Jessey Ploeger
      Jessey Ploeger 10 days ago

      @c no that was already known during the ezio trilogy

  • Pawl555
    Pawl555 2 months ago

    Actually Kassandra had a hidden blade in the ac valhalla when she meets Eivor

  • Arc
    Arc 5 months ago

    The first Blade wasn't Bayek's it was actually of Darius from The Legend Of The First Blade DLC in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Ironic isn't it.

  • Mitsuri-chan 🇹🇷
    Mitsuri-chan 🇹🇷 5 months ago +1

    7:00 yeah it’s true, it’s because Viking never use somethings that help you to win easy, they fight with honor, they are loyal

  • Sir_Beatdown101
    Sir_Beatdown101 6 months ago +1

    Connor's blade on the off hand and the phantom blade on the main hand. That's my assassin setup.

  • Nathan, a Hedgehog
    Nathan, a Hedgehog 6 months ago +1

    Everyone rags on Evoir for wearing it the same way Darius did, but no one rags on Darius for how he wore it

    • Seth Hauck
      Seth Hauck 4 months ago

      Because most people aren’t realizing, that was the way it was intended 😂 Darius forged the blade to kill Xeroxes and when Bayek obtained the blade he wore the wrong way and cut off his finger lmao.

  • isaac martinez
    isaac martinez 3 months ago

    Hidden blade is cool but the spear of leonidas is growing on me 😂

  • Raúl Antonio Grau Sánchez
    Raúl Antonio Grau Sánchez 6 months ago +13

    But in Valhalla DLC, we see Kassandra with another hidden blade. The question is... who gave it to her?

    • SomeSnake ™
      SomeSnake ™ 6 months ago +8

      Well by that time, Kassandra is atleast over 1000 years old, and it seems safe to say she probably met a hidden one, also another thing to note, she was in Egypt at one point, so she may of met a hidden one.

    • Sir_Beatdown101
      Sir_Beatdown101 6 months ago +4

      She may have learned to make one on her own. That could also be a possibility considering her father in law invented it. I'm sure at some point she got curious on how it worked and learned from him during the first DLC.

    • TheHammerGuy Plays
      TheHammerGuy Plays 6 months ago +1

      Considering the ancients' goal is to obtain isu artifacts for control, and Kassandra gave herself a lifelong duty to stop these from falling into the ancients' hands (straight from her mouth) at some point, she saw the war between the ancients and the hidden ones unfold. Since her goals align with the hidden ones, she probably was gifted one by a hidden one bureau who she allied with.
      Just like Eivor, she is an agent of the Hidden ones, but not with them. The hidden blade was a more of a symbol of her allegiance.

  • Riki Shikato
    Riki Shikato 6 months ago +1

    "I'd rather not make the same mistakes you two has"
    Whoa, okay then. Okay.

  • Ridho Zindani
    Ridho Zindani 6 months ago +1

    Aya said the Hidden Blade is weapon used to kill Xerxes, and in Odyssey DLC we saw Darius using the blade in outer arms like Eivor. So why suddenly Bayek and Aya used it under the arms and resulting in finger mutilation? Is it because Hidden Blade is a lost weapon that don't have manuscript to describe it?

    • TheHammerGuy Plays
      TheHammerGuy Plays 6 months ago +3

      Well, I guess we know who to blame why the ring fingerectomy tradition exists.
      Then Altair, through the guidance of the apple, discovered that the lack of the ring finger violates the 2nd tenet. After a millenia of war with the ancients and the hidden ones, the ancients noticed every hidden one has a missing ring finger, which gives away their identity.
      This led to Altair redesigning the blade to be extra stealthy...
      By removing the sacrifice requirement.

    • TurtleBerries
      TurtleBerries 6 months ago

      I believe you are correct on that reason. Eivor just liked it on top.

    • GenshinStar
      GenshinStar 6 months ago +2

      because the answer itself lies in the name "hidden" blade Darius use it in the way it was convenient to him ,same apple for Eivor .The finger mutilation happened because Bayek used the blade with a fist resulting in the finger being cut but it became a tradition or to show commitment to the brotherhood

  • Patric Levin
    Patric Levin Month ago

    i think eivor has has a great hidden blade just the design is cool

  • Nyl John Victor Acierto

    A minor design error on Ubisoft about the hidden blade not matching in Odyssey and Origins. The hidden blade in Odyssey was much wider and was worn above the forearm, the hidden blade in Origins is thinner and is worn below the forearm

    • TeaInnIT
      TeaInnIT 6 months ago

      To be fair the blade was centuries old and it might of worn over time

    • Sir_Beatdown101
      Sir_Beatdown101 6 months ago

      I just realized: how come that blade wasn't passed down to Aya? If Darius was her ancestor then you'd figure it would be passed down to his grandchild's offspring, then the next, then the next but it somehow ended up in Cleopatra's hands to give to Aya, to give to Bayek. If there's an answer can anyone explain?

    • Worst Than Average Gamer
      Worst Than Average Gamer 6 months ago

      @TeaInnIT that and bayek can upgrade the blade to be more powerful and suitable. Each upgrade changes the look of the blade as well

    • TurtleBerries
      TurtleBerries 6 months ago

      @Sir_Beatdown101 Aya keeps the blade. Bayek has a replica(can see in photo mode when playing as Aya or if you have eagle eyes in some cutscenes). But I also do wonder how it ended up in cleopatras hands.

  • Galaxy warrior 2099
    Galaxy warrior 2099 2 months ago

    I know that in some wikis and comics and other they say “oH yEaH, ThE DoUbLe HiDdeN BLaDe iS fOr MaSTerS OnLy” when they clearly give a double blade to everyone after Altaïr because it was cool and nothing more, then after comics and wikis started world building properly then in Unity began to differentiate.
    Was Shay already a master when he was training since he had double bladeS? Was Avélin a master assassins since she had double blades as well? Nah, it was just cool to have two hidden blades that’s all

  • Talon
    Talon 5 months ago

    Edward was gifted gloves from a templar thinking he was somebody else

  • that famous redneck
    that famous redneck 5 months ago

    Just got an idea for Makin a hidden blade with the forearm armor set a relatively sensitive button mid forearm for when u open your palm as they do in the games the forearm flexes to push the button with a co2 cartridge sytem

  • Jesus
    Jesus 6 months ago

    Actually in assassins creed black flag he loots the blades then throws them away and later he is gifted different blades

  • Good Old Gaming YouTuber
    Good Old Gaming YouTuber 5 months ago +1

    All of this because Bayek's fault. Don't know why they add it as a custom to cut your finger. I ever wondered why Assassin must cut out his finger to use hidden blade, and finally answered that all of this because of Bayek carelessness.

    • Draco Beans
      Draco Beans 3 months ago

      He lost it while taking down the order. The lifelong purpose of all assassins and to me there's nothing more traditional in respect to the one who began the movement careless or not lol

  • Naidou
    Naidou 2 months ago

    ezio blades were the most useful plus no fingers lost you get a gun that barks a poison dart shooter and two blades all in the same package

  • Sandcrakes 123
    Sandcrakes 123 3 months ago

    Literally Edward: Ooo, legendary blade

  • Ashley Rispoli
    Ashley Rispoli 4 months ago

    Darius had his blade on top… yet kassandra had hers underneath in her recent cameo? And evior wore his on top and bayek just randomly put it underneath?

  • brian ogle
    brian ogle 2 months ago

    My favorite blade is Darius. Very Persian style and blade was bigger than normal

  • RichwoodCman5
    RichwoodCman5 6 months ago

    Ngl. Arno Probably or If not did. Had the best assassin initiation, he battled his past. Killed his old self to become his new self, then the visions were OP and dialogue

  • MafiaRTX
    MafiaRTX 6 months ago +7

    Every Assassin's first leap of faith please ❤️

    • AKG29
      AKG29  6 months ago +1

      okay i will try

    • arjo starudo
      arjo starudo 6 months ago +1

      @AKG29 you sure? I mean, sure AC Odyssey and Vallhalla could gives us the first leap of faith for the protaganists, but we can't exactly know for most of remaining ones since they propbably did this on off-script/screen more than times we seen it.

  • relaxedgamer93
    relaxedgamer93 6 months ago +1

    Wrong sir Haythams hidden Blades was his father's Edwards James Kennway who was a Pirate who also stated he won't join the Assassin brother hood and he was told by the mentor he can not join

  • Brian Bailey
    Brian Bailey 3 months ago

    Man Leonidas just needed the hidden blade to kill xerxes? Godking my ass

  • Joelxprime48
    Joelxprime48 6 months ago

    The phantom blade is really my style but here's a fun fact: there is actually something about the first assassin recorded in the bible. I'm not joking.

  • Oskar Gołdyn
    Oskar Gołdyn 4 months ago

    First blade wasn't bayek's It was Dariusz's blade

  • Goble Goblin
    Goble Goblin 6 months ago +3

    Can I be the one to say, the only reason why the people of the Assassins cut their finger off is because their founder wore the blade upside down

  • Jason R
    Jason R 4 months ago

    Hidden blade is actually a bit of a downgrade for Kassandra. If it's not Isu made it's not good enough

  • Jonathan Wyatt
    Jonathan Wyatt 6 months ago +3

    ...and Shay kept his hidden blades well after becoming a member of the Templar Order

    • Damoose 7
      Damoose 7 6 months ago

      Haytham, Lee, hickey, Pitcairn, church, and Johnson all have a recorded use of the hidden blade in ACIII Templars use them too

    • kenni
      kenni 6 months ago +1

      the hidden blade is not an assassin's exclusive weapon

    • Jonathan Wyatt
      Jonathan Wyatt 6 months ago

      @kenni I meant they could've put that in as well

  • itay noy
    itay noy 4 months ago

    I'm kinda disappointed you didn't put the hookblade from revelations but otherwise very cool video 🤯🤯🤯