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🔴 Main Card | Bellator 290: Bader vs. Fedor 2

  • Published on Feb 3, 2023 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 622

  • Marc Jov
    Marc Jov Month ago +378

    Respect to Bellator to put this great card on youtube for free :)
    Also happy for Fedor to get so much respect from all the legends!

    • tibiboss
      tibiboss Month ago

      @Todd Laurette Bellator is just a rebranded Strikeforce

    • tibiboss
      tibiboss Month ago

      @Todd Laurette yea it's just bellator the 2nd biggest MMA organization currently running

    • jake cass
      jake cass Month ago +2

      @Todd Laurette yeah but we dont have showtime in canada lol

    • Todd Laurette
      Todd Laurette Month ago

      @jake cass Ya, but it's bellator... lol

  • A. Lzn
    A. Lzn Month ago +233

    14 years ago I was watching Fedor's fights in an internet cafe in Costa Rica and here we are now, saying good bye to a leyend. I know he isn't going to read this but thanks for everything champ.

    • Sometimes It Be Like Dat
      Sometimes It Be Like Dat Day ago

      @Moh Al Leyendary fighter.

    • blacksquall
      blacksquall Month ago

      Weird. 14 years ago I was visiting Nicaragua and I was watching Arlovski vs Fedor in an internet cafe 🤣

    • La Cavallo El Mundo
      La Cavallo El Mundo Month ago +2

      He is a freaking living legend💪 a real beast. Same feelings

    • POWER
      POWER Month ago


    • RT COMZ
      RT COMZ Month ago

      @Moh Al I lost it when copied the spelling haha. Kidding aside, it hurts to see him get mauled.

  • blumen
    blumen Month ago +64

    Хвала српском брату!!! Велики поздрав из Србије за Фјодора!!! Догодине у Призрену!

  • Alissa Tome
    Alissa Tome Month ago +153

    15 years ago I just tuned onto a sports channel and saw Fedor beating the crap out of Mark Coleman and I fell I love with mma and massive fan of fedor, he is the GOLD standard, thank you professor.

  • N8TIVE
    N8TIVE Month ago +110

    Thank you Bellator for giving us free live streams and thank you for allowing one of the greats to grace us 1 last time. 🙏

  • APlaceToBeWithMyThoughts
    APlaceToBeWithMyThoughts Month ago +142

    Fedor is the reason I started watching MMA. Greatest HW ever. Amazing career

    • Shirley Siu
      Shirley Siu 7 days ago

      Jon Jones is the GOAT now

    • Sports enthusiast
      Sports enthusiast 29 days ago

      While I do agree he’s one of the greatest of all time, there have to be consequences for taking these cash grab fights at his age. He can no longer be considered the greatest of all time, if he wanted that honor he would’ve retired 5 years ago. If the argument is who had the greatest peak then he definitely has a case but longevity unfortunately is an important aspect as well.

    • Made Man
      Made Man Month ago

      @Bunny Ban after his prime and ten year win streak

    • Bunny Ban
      Bunny Ban Month ago

      @Krishna Rai no? Anderson silva is one of the greatest fighters ever lol
      Fedor lost to dan handerson lololllolol come on now

    • Krishna Rai
      Krishna Rai Month ago

      @Bunny Ban with your thinking, anderson silva was gate keeper. Lost so many fights late in his career

  • jutjub22
    jutjub22 Month ago +30

    Respect to Fedor from Serbia, and thanks for using "Anthem for the Life of Serbia" entrance song. He really gave it all in his MMA and Sambo career, glad he was not KOed, 46 is too much. At that age you have to decline more and more, without PEDs of course :).
    Nice ending after all, and all the fighters that came to the cage, no other fighter got that much respect. Nice moment.
    I always remember Fedor's talk after Bigfoot fight, when he said, “maybe it is time to retire”, at that point he felt the age and physical decline. Mentally he never lost it, that is why he tried one last time.

    • Maarten Kranendonk
      Maarten Kranendonk 29 days ago

      from one war criminal to another.

    • T. R.
      T. R. Month ago

      That entrance song ... song of loosers ... so the fight ended just like that

  • Bert de Wit
    Bert de Wit Month ago +10

    This gave me goosebumps. A legend stepping away from that which defined him for most of his life. Always the silent respectful type. He struck fear in the hearts of his opponents for 20 years. He will be missed.

  • Comte De Micha II
    Comte De Micha II Month ago +16

    Going out in legend with Serbian music... Uzdravlje ljudino naša!! 👑🇷🇺🇷🇸❤️❤️

  • Steve from Yellowstone

    I was trying so hard not to cry, but then they showed all the ''old'' PRIDE fighters, and Fedor putting down the gloves, I couldn't hold my tears.
    In a way it's the end of an era for a lot of us too, since most of the legends are gone, and so is our interest for MMA

  • Stefan Braun
    Stefan Braun Month ago +21

    Bеличайший из бойцов за всю историю ММА! Лучший в своём деле! Cербия любит тебя! Спасибо Федор!!

  • Aleksandar Mitov
    Aleksandar Mitov Month ago +12

    Thank You from Serbia! Спасибо тебе Федя! 🇷🇸

  • 100%normie
    100%normie Month ago +64

    it was hard to see Fedor lose like this.... truly a legend

    • 100%normie
      100%normie Month ago +1

      @pam's fluffy hat yeah bro, it was sad to see, for someone who started watching back in 2004 , i was fortunate enough to see the prime fedor so this was really hard to witness, i am gald he hung his gloves now

    • pam's fluffy hat
      pam's fluffy hat Month ago +1

      @100%normie even your comment didnt prepare me enough, it was sucky to see

    • 100%normie
      100%normie Month ago

      @pam's fluffy hat Sorry bro, my bad

    • pam's fluffy hat
      pam's fluffy hat Month ago

      @Nederlands haha and all the other comments seem to be "safe".. bad luck 🤣

    • Nederlands
      Nederlands Month ago

      @pam's fluffy hat friendly that your not angry 🥺

  • Ed Liyai
    Ed Liyai Month ago +34

    This makes me love Bellator, allowing us to watch the Last Emperor one last time. Scott Coker is the man, period.

    • Ed Liyai
      Ed Liyai Month ago +2

      @Tony I think it is alright because dude is 45 years old, doing what he loves most. Every champion loses towards the end of his career and Fedor is no exception. He can still whoop 95% of the population😂😂.

    • Tony
      Tony Month ago

      @Ed Liyai maybe he shouldnt have allowed us to watch this version of Fedor, lose to Bader

    • Ed Liyai
      Ed Liyai Month ago

      @Tony you don't agree?

    • Ed Liyai
      Ed Liyai Month ago

      @Bert absolutely

    • Bert
      Bert Month ago

      It really is amazing how much difference the guy at the top makes.

  • Atanas Vasilev
    Atanas Vasilev Month ago +3

    Through my life one of the best if not the best sports sensations I felt was watching young Fedor! Thank you very much, Fedor! I will never forget your glory days! I hope one day in the future someone could come close to providing me with such epic moments. ❤

  • Axel Saenz
    Axel Saenz Month ago +6

    Gracias por todo Fedor, eres una leyenda. 💪

  • Danny
    Danny Month ago +27

    Deja un gran legado, hubiera deseado verlo pelear en su mejor momento.
    Se va un grande de todos los tiempos !

    • Danny
      Danny Month ago +2

      @Raul Carmona Un par de tipos salvajes hermano, aunque me encanta el mma moderno esos tiempos siempre serán especiales no los pude ver en vivo pero siempre que puedo veo videos de sus peleas. Solo respeto para esas dos leyendas y todos los de esa época.

    • Raul Carmona
      Raul Carmona Month ago +3

      Totalmente de acuerdo, qué tiempos, mi favorito era Wanderlei Silva y el de mi colega Fedor Emelianenko. Gracias a ellos me aficioné a este deporte.

  • james cho
    james cho Month ago +5

    Nothing is forever and there is such a somberness to acknowledging the simple truth as Chael put it
    Time has come to accept the end to yet another story that i held close for a long time
    but what a beautiful last scene it is with Fedor smiling among the old friends..
    Thank you Fedor for not giving up for so long, and staying the true fighter that you have always been until the end

  • Ivan SM
    Ivan SM Month ago +10

    Wow, that las picture, with everyone, including Bader, was just beautiful, total respect, legends!!!

  • joshko666
    joshko666 Month ago +24

    Спасиба Fedor for all you've done for this sport
    Long live the Last Emperor !

  • Juan Navarro
    Juan Navarro Month ago +10

    I’m amazed that Fedor fought for as long as he did. I doubt anyone else will do it as long and as good as Fedor.

  • Sasa Zivkovic
    Sasa Zivkovic Month ago +2

    Спасибо Федор 🇷🇸❤

  • Tylor Myers
    Tylor Myers Month ago +1

    I am a huge Fedor fan, but thank you Bader for being classy and having the appropriate respect. Bader is a class act and professional.

  • NG87 BJJ
    NG87 BJJ Month ago +25

    Thank you Bellator for honoring this legend! Thank you Fedor for all you did for the sport!

  • MarshalONE Gaming
    MarshalONE Gaming Month ago +2

    Respect to these guys, they are more than a fighters!!!

  • Abi Naga
    Abi Naga Month ago +3

    What a man, what a legend. Fedor, one and only.

  • Nikola Nikolic
    Nikola Nikolic Month ago +6

    Fedore BRATE NAS ovde sam samo zbog tebe da ti izjavim duboku zahvalnost . Od uvek si bio najbolji i veliki Gospodin. Volimo te jako .. hvala za sve 🇷🇺🇷🇸🇷🇺🇷🇸🇷🇺🇷🇸

  • MERK U
    MERK U Month ago +5

    Fedor is truly one of a kind!
    What a Legend!

  • Jokelot
    Jokelot Month ago +9

    Pozdrav za brata Fedora iz Srbije. Najveci. 💪

  • 나 호남 산다
    나 호남 산다 29 days ago +1

    No matter what he lose He is my Hero. Thank you Fedor making my childhood memories

  • Gun Puntuhong
    Gun Puntuhong Month ago

    He was the guy that triggered my interest in mma, what an absolutel legend. Thank you Fedor 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️

  • Goodb0b
    Goodb0b 7 days ago

    Hearing Big John and Mauro Ranallo in commentary together is a dream come true. Both men r living legends in the fight game even if they're not prizefighters. What a stacked lineup of old fighters there! In their primes they were problems!

  • Blue Soul
    Blue Soul Month ago +17

    Хвала Федоре, и Србија воли тебе 💌

  • Mario Roncevic
    Mario Roncevic Month ago +3

    Kao Hrvat uvijek sam žalio što Mirko Filipović nije nikada pobijedio ovog velikog borca, gospodina i profesora slobodne borbe... Hvala vam svima na uzbudljivim trenutcima !

    • Mario Roncevic
      Mario Roncevic Month ago

      @Mario Gogic slažem se, tanka je bila linija u bodovanju tko je bio bolji. Sjećanje na neka lijepa MMA vremena kad se ustajalo rano ili čekalo borbu do sitnih sati, i danas volim pogledati snimke borbi koje sam već gledao. Kad se samo sjetim ulazaka u ring... Wild boys💪

    • Mario Gogic
      Mario Gogic Month ago

      Gledao sam taj meč, navijao za Mirka ali to je bio sudar dva najveća titana tog doba, niko jači nije bio od njih dvojice difinitivno, i ako je Fedor izgledao lošije od Mirka na kraju što se ozljeda tiče i njegovog lica, dobio je na bodove, sve u svemu lavovsja borba dvojice najvecih ikada, poslije njih MMA je izgubio svoju čar

  • Srambo
    Srambo Month ago +6

    man what a ending with all these legends. if they somehow got crocop and big nog in there too it woulda been perfect!!!

  • tibiboss
    tibiboss Month ago

    The Legends that built the sport...
    The first generation of warriors
    Thank you for the memories

  • Silverpump
    Silverpump Month ago +13

    Not a good end for Fedor but he was the best...thanks Fedor you are a legend 💪🏼❤️

  • Tauqeer Baig
    Tauqeer Baig Month ago +2

    Fedor introduced me to MMA. I was overwhelmed

  • R Peace
    R Peace Month ago +1

    Wow...such an amazing final few minutes of Fedor with all the other MMA legends, and gentlemen all!

  • Ed
    Ed Month ago +1

    Thank you Bellator you did one of the best jobs i have seen in your MMA Events! 😁 The Closing for Fedor was the Best.

    FABRIZIO Month ago +1

    Everything has an end... My respects, Mr. Fedor Emelianenko!

  • nick
    nick Month ago +1

    Very sad to see one of the best ever mma fighters of all time to finish this way.Age was his enemy this time as much as his opponent looked slow and outclassed failed to land a shot in bout 1 or 2 .ABut the shot that took him down in this fight was to the back of head and looked an illegal blow from my view. Farewell Emelienko 🎉🎉🎉

  • Piquelele
    Piquelele Month ago +8

    Quién no derramó un par de lágrimas cuándo deja los guantes y la foto junto a todas esas leyendas.. Gracias ❤️

    • felono2007
      felono2007 Month ago +1

      Pensé que era el único que había llorado.

  • James
    James Month ago

    Hats off to Belator … total class all the way showing respect for the greatest HW in MMA history .

  • dovlanjino
    dovlanjino Month ago +16

    А српска песма се ори. Борац за сва времена, један и непоновљив, Федор.

  • James Taylor
    James Taylor 22 days ago

    Thank you and the greatest respect to an absolute legend and true master of mma Fedor Emelianenko , may his name only ever be spoken with the utmost pride and total honor due to a man who earnt every once of it , to you Fedor I bow my head sir .

  • The first dude
    The first dude Month ago +5

    Congrats to fedor on a phenomenal career

  • elbardo1977
    elbardo1977 Month ago +27

    Fedor is the best heavy weight ever. A true mix martial artist and an absolute legend who characterized by his calm and humble. Great legacy!

  • Slobodan Jevtovic
    Slobodan Jevtovic Month ago +14

    He's 46, and you can't expect him to win! It was a good fight. 👍

  • Владислав Ряполов

    Федор, респект и уважение!!!!!!!!!!

  • Garry Black
    Garry Black Month ago +4

    Eblen's total domination and Mauro's "had him leaking like a political document" were the true highlights of this evening.

  • Dave Ledonio
    Dave Ledonio Month ago +4

    so beautiful to see his fellow veteran fighters came there to show respect the Heavyweight goat

  • 1966cambo
    1966cambo Month ago

    Congrats Mr Ward!!!!
    Stay with your sobriety and the path you are on, PROUD OF YOU!!!!

  • Caith Sith
    Caith Sith Month ago +20

    ​Crying here right now lots of emotions! He's with the legends!

  • Julio Gil
    Julio Gil Month ago

    Larga Vida al Emperador y único GOAT de las MMA.

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia Month ago +13

    El número 1
    Siempre respetuoso, siempre tranquilo, siempre seguro

  • BZ Highlight Reel
    BZ Highlight Reel Month ago +7

    What a great scene right there with the Legends.

  • JustinTrudeau
    JustinTrudeau Month ago

    So happy to see Ward get that stoppage against Homasi. Bro deserves it.

  • 1984 1984
    1984 1984 Month ago +22

    De un rincón tan ínfimo en el mundo llamado Chile, un adolescente vibraba con las batallas de Fedor. Hoy soy un adulto que practica Sambo y no se olvida de esta leyenda! Gracias Sr!

    • foley
      foley Month ago +2

      Saludos Bryan bader Soto

    • Jorge Cerda
      Jorge Cerda Month ago

      Eres tu Osvaldo Emilianenko?

    ÖZGÜR ÖZGÜR Month ago +2

    Respect for Fedor 🙏🏼

  • Josip Arvaj
    Josip Arvaj Month ago +6

    Kakav gospodin i borac. Thx Bellator!!!

  • 댄스인더룸 / dance in the room

    Thank you Fedor! Respect my hero.🙏

  • Che Lazar
    Che Lazar Month ago +4

    Fedor the greatest of All time !! We Serbians love you ❤️🇷🇺🇷🇸

  • Gladiator Maximus🚨🚨

    Федорееееее јуначе наш , најбољи си икад и заувек , и Србија те воли и не заборавља брате ‼️🇷🇸☦️👑

  • Frederik Deda
    Frederik Deda Month ago +1

    See the support of other Legends only for him . Great champion and humbled person !

  • Federico Benitez
    Federico Benitez Month ago

    Thank you Bellator for giving us this card for free,long live Fedor thank you for the wars

  • Belgrado Athlete
    Belgrado Athlete Month ago +32

    Сербия любит тебя Федор! 🇷🇸
    Fedors entrance song is Serbian Traditional song- "Himna za zivot Srbije" (Anthem for a life of Serbia). Спасибо Федор ! Thank you Fedor!

  • Ante
    Ante Month ago +42

    I'm sorry that Cro Cop didn't come to this fight!!!The Last Emperor!!!I'm 41 years old, and him ,Cro Cop and Minotauro were the guys made me love this sport!!!!thank you for everything!!!

    • RedAppleProductions
      RedAppleProductions Month ago +1

      Cro Cop put out a statement I believe, Praised Fedor and wished him well

    • pointysidedown
      pointysidedown Month ago

      It would have been so special if cro cop and Nog had been there. Still an amazing event

    • Ante
      Ante Month ago +1

      @Dtoodlez he recovered from that, that was a while ago...somebody siad that his leg, or foot is injured...i don't know if anybody, i mean Coker called him!!??

    • Dtoodlez
      Dtoodlez Month ago +3

      @Grey Heart crocop is recovering from a stroke, he suffered it backstage after his last fight

    • Grey Heart
      Grey Heart Month ago

      Why didn't they come tho?

  • C_Arms96
    C_Arms96 Month ago +1

    Really classy from Bader. No celebration and immediately went to console/thank Fedor. Enjoy retirement Fedor! 💯

  • Anfimus
    Anfimus Month ago +10

    Amazing show of class for all those other LEGENDS to be there.

  • Sagar Puri
    Sagar Puri Month ago +24

    Thanks for many great MMA fights Fedor Emialankeo

    • john smiley
      john smiley Month ago +2

      @Serhio you are literally in every comment section of every comment you must have no life to be here hating a legend

    • Serhio
      Serhio Month ago

      fedor in USA: 7 wins ( 5 wins against old veterans) and 6 loses. goat🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • azbak bakr
      azbak bakr Month ago

      @BXtrovertierTV yes

    • BXtrovertierTV
      BXtrovertierTV Month ago

      @azbak bakr are you?

    • Caith Sith
      Caith Sith Month ago +1

      @azbak bakr You know nothing do some research boy 😆

  • nash الونش
    nash الونش Month ago +1

    Thank you bellatour for sharing with us this greatness

    AWUNGSHI AWUNGSHI Month ago +2

    Thank you Scott Coker. This is how you honour a true legend, win or lose.

  • One Willow
    One Willow Month ago

    I fell in love with MMA at the start of new millennia, the start of the PRIDE ERA and its peak with Cro Cop and Fedor.
    This is the end of that ERA and the last Emperor.
    Kudos & Oss 🥋👊

  • Mounir Chentouh
    Mounir Chentouh Month ago

    The end of an era, thank you fedor

  • Ljiljana Smiljić
    Ljiljana Smiljić Month ago +85

    уважение из Сербии!🇷🇸☦️🇷🇺

    • Aquarius rising
      Aquarius rising Month ago

      Zašto tebe interesuje koja je pesma u pitanju,ne razumem?Jel pratis MMA,ili ne?I zašto tebe dotice to koja je pesma?Mnogo bih imao pitanja imao da te pitam,ali ne želim.Tako da ni na ova dva nema potrebe da odgovoris.Samo produži dalje ....

    • Aurelius Marcus
      Aurelius Marcus Month ago +6

      @thecroatianzombie mirko filipovic je srbin zoran milanovic srbin verovatno si i ti 😂

    • Dragi Kenta
      Dragi Kenta Month ago +3

      @thecroatianzombie polako, i vas će. Ništa se ne dešava u par decenija.

  • Channel Studio
    Channel Studio Month ago +1

    Me alivia que haya perdido Fedor, si hubiera ganado no se retira y eso sería muy malo para su salud. Fedor es Fedor y siempre será GOAT de las MMA.

  • damircroat mastoo
    damircroat mastoo Month ago

    Than you BELLATOR and Scott Coker I think that the support of all the greats of this sport in the cage in the end shows that Fedor really was the best of all time.. good luck in training the younger generations, "the last emperor". 🖖❤️‍🔥😎

  • Nelson Augusto Rios Tejada

    El emperador FEDOR.. GRACIAS por grandes batallas... El mejor luchador!!!.. Saludos desde Lima Perú

  • Duran Duran
    Duran Duran Month ago +4

    It's sad Cro Cop and Minotauro didn't come on event, best fighters of that era.

  • Boshko8
    Boshko8 Month ago +3

    Sjajna pjesma Srbine !!!

  • J E
    J E Month ago +4

    Amazing to see this. Dana Would never line up and give those amazing fighters the recognition they earned and deserved

  • Alonso Haro
    Alonso Haro Month ago +6

    Fiódor Yemeliánenko leyenda 😍

  • losem kayong
    losem kayong Month ago +7

    First time i saw fedor smiles a little bit longer.

  • Mastermind
    Mastermind Month ago +2

    Sad ending to a legend's career. But as they said, this sport is unforgiving.

  • ivan novakovic
    ivan novakovic Month ago +2

    Wow man just wow! I wanted to cry when I saw legends of the sport! ❤️🥊

  • Black Planet
    Black Planet Month ago

    Respect for Emelianenko, respect for his belief and style!!!

  • Nemanja Crnobrnja
    Nemanja Crnobrnja Month ago +4

    Name of Fedor song is "Himna za život Srbije"

  • von wolfsblood
    von wolfsblood Month ago

    very cool to see all those old legends in the ring.

  • Sergio Altamirano
    Sergio Altamirano Month ago

    Larga vida para un gran gladiador

  • Siveryos Demir
    Siveryos Demir 18 days ago

    we love you fedor. you are and will always be the living legend. God bless you

  • Matovic Milos
    Matovic Milos Month ago


  • Apeman Commeth
    Apeman Commeth Month ago

    Tokov is a beast, love watching his fights!

  • Oscar Escalante
    Oscar Escalante Month ago

    Bye Fedor! Thank u for all you do for the sport! Greetings from Perú 🇵🇪

  • john smiley
    john smiley Month ago +14

    Still the greatest heavyweight for me❤️❤️

    • john smiley
      john smiley Month ago +1

      @Serhio will. He is older than those veterans than you are talking

    • Serhio
      Serhio Month ago

      fedor in USA: 7 wins ( 5 wins against old veterans) and 6 loses. goat🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • սուրբ չար
    սուրբ չար Month ago

    A Great champion, salute to you Fedor..

  • bigal
    bigal Month ago

    i always think it sad to see many champions go out this way.

  • Kole Steele
    Kole Steele Month ago

    Frank Trigg looking sharp. Glad he’s a referee now. Long career

  • Jon
    Jon Month ago

    Exelente subir el evento completo

  • sexy_chef
    sexy_chef Month ago +1

    The greatest last Imperator! I almost cried 😭