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Lights Out And Away We Gon't ❌

  • Published on Jan 24, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • The 1999 European Grand Prix was set for the off, but an aborted start caused chaos on the grid!
    Full context: Two drivers (Alex Zanardi and Marc Gene) lined up in the wrong spot on the grid, meaning another formation lap was required to set the grid. But before the start procedure was cancelled, six cars jumped the start!
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  • Deafening Octopus
    Deafening Octopus Month ago +10512

    If anyone's confused about what happened here, allow me to explain.
    Back in the 1990s, the starting sequence was triggered by the race director pushing a button which sent a radio signal to the starting gantry. The lights would then hold for a pre-determined length of time, before going out and starting the race. The trouble was, the teams figured out that if they could intercept the radio signal as it was sent to the starting gantry then a computer could work out exactly when the button was pressed and therefore exactly when the lights would go out, and it would play a beep in the drivers' earphones right before the lights were set to go out, allowing the drivers to start perfectly.
    On this particular occasion however, Alex Zanardi's car was out of position on the grid, and the start was aborted DURING the lighting sequence. As the button had already been pressed however, the beep still played in the ears of the drivers and they automatically leapt off the line, despite the race failing to start.
    After that, the lights were made to stay on for a randomised length of time so the teams wouldn't know exactly when the race would start, and now it's up to the driver again to react to the lights going out.
    EDIT: I know there is a popular theory that the FIA deliberately caused the lights to stay on to catch teams cheating, and this is definitely possible. However, since this has never been confirmed and since no-one was ever penalised, I decided to only include information that was confirmed or widely accepted. Please stop "Well ackshually"ing me.

  • Bukhari Jabar Azman
    Bukhari Jabar Azman Month ago +4450

    When an honesty test looked like a Race Control Accident…

    • Its'a Me (HAAIIYYAAAHH)
      Its'a Me (HAAIIYYAAAHH) Day ago +1

      ​@Oliver Skasbergyaaaas! The teams knew how long the lights would be on for and would signal a beep to the driver at the time of launch.
      Was a great way to catch out those teams that were using inside knowledge from the lights operator

    • Seven The Misgiven
      Seven The Misgiven 20 days ago

      @John Cenashi How do you not keep track of the fact that lights are only allowed to be on for a maximum amount of time? :d

    • John Cenashi
      John Cenashi Month ago

      @Alex Hendel Well, obv this isnt a counting or timing thing. You allready described it. I just generalized the rule.
      And if its not cheating to time the start perfect then they wouldnt have the .4 rule. Right? So, counting and timing it perfect is seen as cheating. The .4 rule is there because it HAS to be a reaction, not a timing thing.
      Atleast i think its .4 seconds. Hard to find anything about F1 rules if you dont wanna read like 100 pages on useless stuff first. When bottas did the perfect start i think they mentioned .3 tho. So somewhere in there i would guess.

  • Ferrari's Masterplan
    Ferrari's Masterplan Month ago +2928

    Teams: Yes we found a great idea to start the race.
    Race director:Hold my lights

  • SandalphonCPU • 210 years ago

    Teams: exploited the light signals to get a perfect start
    Race directors: imma bout to do what’s called a pro gamer move

  • Tacticz19
    Tacticz19 Month ago +1267

    I really miss Murray Walker, he truly is the voice of F1... 😢💔

    • Rivals AjaX
      Rivals AjaX 12 days ago

      @LLIVE crofty is the best commentater of all time all sport

    • LLIVE
      LLIVE 13 days ago

      ​@Rivals AjaX crofty is a disgrace

    • Flu Virus
      Flu Virus 15 days ago

      @Rivals AjaX DTS newbie I guess.

    • Jon Donnelly
      Jon Donnelly 21 day ago +1

      A. I. Will bring it back in a few short years. A. I. is comming for your jobs.

    • Tacticz19
      Tacticz19 29 days ago +1

      @Sebas987 Who?

  • ChazMyster
    ChazMyster Month ago +488

    For context, the fia were becoming suspicious about some teams race starts. Some teams used a beep as soon as the lights would usually go out. This time the lights were kept on for longer and caught the teams using the beep.

    • Abik Asanov
      Abik Asanov Month ago


    • Llew
      Llew Month ago +1

      The thing with the beep might be true. The story that the lights were kept red intentionally however has never been confirmed. You probably watched WTF1 or the Race or whoever told that story, I've heard that one somewhere before...

    • Alex M
      Alex M Month ago +1

      False - stop believing what you read in the Clip-Share comments

    • Gringo Starr
      Gringo Starr Month ago +2

      ​@Owen Smart There are sources that tell what teams had to do after hacking the system. Remember back those days. There wasn't any team-radios broadcasted (unless if teams allowed that to happen few times per race). There where so called "spies" in every major teams back then who listened to other teams frequencies to know what the tactics are.. I've watched almost every race since the early 90's, but when this happened it wasn't mentioned in finnish news papers nor in internet. Learned it years after it.

    • Boss Tanaka
      Boss Tanaka Month ago

      They were former fighter jet radar designers

  • Матвей Маслов

    Trolling from a race director before it became mainstream?

    • SebVettel
      SebVettel Month ago +5

      Mikey, I have sent you an email ..

    • Rachel
      Rachel Month ago +16

      What a masi start to a race

  • Faris Hanafiah
    Faris Hanafiah Month ago +104

    I miss Murray Walker's voice. He's a true legend.

  • Evan Thorpe
    Evan Thorpe Month ago +107

    When the officials exposed the entire field

  • Farhan Maleq
    Farhan Maleq Month ago +63

    Back when Petronas was still considered a "village brand" within Malaysia's borders...

  • Dale Neish
    Dale Neish Month ago +21

    Funny how it was all the top teams that knew when the light was supposed to go.

    • Q Z
      Q Z Month ago +2

      Prost, a top team? 😆

    • Thomas Conway
      Thomas Conway Month ago +3

      They were reacting to the aborted start lights flashing at the very top. Just like Murray did. Do you think Murray also had a beep on his ear? It's a fake story

  • Jstewlly
    Jstewlly Month ago +22

    1999 Frentzen turned up second half after Michael got hurt he turned up!!! That Mugen Engine still one of my favs!!!!

  • ブランドーディオ

    jordan 199 probably the greatest car eddie jordan ever had

    • Herman The Tosser
      Herman The Tosser Month ago +1

      Frentzen the ultimate underdog that season

    • Arjen Vreeken
      Arjen Vreeken Month ago

      Nah, that is the '93 car. One hundred hands down.
      So the 191 indeed. 191 also meant a significant step forward, if my memory serves me right.

    • Jstewlly
      Jstewlly Month ago +4

      100 percent agree we know 191 is gorgeous but this car with Mugen V10 was fabulous 👌

  • Adrien
    Adrien Month ago +116

    For instance : some teams at the time cheated with a « signal » few ms before lights out. Race director knew it and wanted to see who cheated. Then he knew 😅

    • Adrien
      Adrien Month ago +2

      For information*

  • Max G
    Max G Month ago +43

    This was no accident. This was later explained by an ex technical director that once worked for Ferrari and McLaren. He said the FIA decided to check which teams were using a sensor on the car electronics to be clever enough to sense sequence the lights went out. McLaren definitely were using it as you can see.

    • Sam Turberville
      Sam Turberville Month ago +1

      If I was fia I would of disqualified them immediately and rest of the season

  • S R
    S R Month ago +36

    April fools at F1

  • Juancete010
    Juancete010 Month ago +5

    Back when F1 was F1.

  • Sergeant
    Sergeant Month ago +7


  • Solomon
    Solomon Month ago +2

    When honesty hits you in the face… this is EXACTLY my point

  • Timsalt3100
    Timsalt3100 Month ago +4

    I remember this it was a simple but clever way to catch teams who were at the time cheating

    • Seng Xiong
      Seng Xiong Month ago

      Yea like they cheating I wish it would happed again so we can. Catch cheating f1

  • Flávio 27
    Flávio 27 Month ago +3

    Boa noite !!!!!
    Harald Frentzen na pole position.
    Absolutamente fantástico......
    1999 foi a melhor temporada da história da Jordan.
    Só saudades......
    Obrigado pelo vídeo e parabéns pelo canal.
    Abraço do Brasil.

  • Beckman
    Beckman Month ago +3

    We miss you Murray Walker 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Justin Murrey
    Justin Murrey Month ago +2

    Drag racers, to this day, still use delay boxes to "cut a perfect light" and I think it's b.s. I prefer the way Formula starts by responding to a light going OUT rather than one coming on. Our brains react slower to lights extinguishing than we do one illuminating. It's 0.400s coming on, but closer to 0.600 when going off.

  • RaySat
    RaySat Month ago +4

    They wanted to see which team exploited the timing of the lights. Certain teams always jumped perfect.

  • rustypotatos
    rustypotatos Month ago +1

    Those race cars are so light woaaahhh the dude just pulled up and reversed him single handedly

  • Herman The Tosser
    Herman The Tosser Month ago

    This was an epic race.... I remember as a kid this being on the TV in the pub when I was a kid as we had some do going on when I was part of the football team... there was so many twists and turns in this one... no one could've ever imagined Johnny Herbert eventually winning this one.

  • Tracy Panavia
    Tracy Panavia Month ago

    I remember watching this. Pretty much about the time I got into F1

  • Hiram Willis
    Hiram Willis Month ago +1

    This was a great era! I’m lucky enough to work on two Jordan B197

  • Chandemonio
    Chandemonio Month ago +1

    Away we go...n't, jajajajajajaja that had me ROFL!

  • Joshua
    Joshua Month ago +2

    Murray Walker's comments was wonderful

  • Sherlock Ohms
    Sherlock Ohms Month ago +1

    Murray Walker, the very enthusiastic & knowledgable voice of Sunday afternoon F1 on the BBC! Well before TV signals from space was a thing! Sorely missed.

  • LeMe
    LeMe Month ago +2

    Lights ain't out and here we stay!

  • MrMezmerized
    MrMezmerized 2 days ago

    Ahh, the howling of those engines...

  • Jim Hood
    Jim Hood Month ago

    If Murray Walker hasn't seen it before you know it's pretty rare.

  • autofixation
    autofixation Month ago +1

    The day the drivers got played.

  • MD
    MD 12 days ago

    back when cars could afford the weight penalty of paint

  • Francisco Xavier
    Francisco Xavier Month ago +1

    It's crazy how they knew the exact moment the lights would go off

  • Jason Juno
    Jason Juno Month ago

    Teams: Cheat the system to get the best start.
    Charlie: How about I leave em on.

  • Nerdius
    Nerdius Month ago

    Crazy season, at this time frentzen was actually a title contender

  • Ryan Thunderhammer
    Ryan Thunderhammer Month ago +1

    This race is one of the most incredible in history. 1999 European GP

  • DrSuperCut
    DrSuperCut Month ago +3

    Front of the grid caught in 4k

  • Raditya Pramana Putra
    Raditya Pramana Putra Month ago +4

    It's Lights Out, And Away We Go! ❌
    It's Lights Out, And Away We Gon't! ✅
    25/01/2023 19:57.

  • green dragon
    green dragon Month ago

    Now this is an odd Grand Prix races and all endurance races started this way that's one reason why they were called The Gentlemen's races

  • Daily Dose Of Racing
    Daily Dose Of Racing Month ago +1

    Legends says lights are still red

  • Shadz & Gohan 2.0
    Shadz & Gohan 2.0  Month ago +2

    It was at that race, eddie irvine's hopes of becoming champion, were lost.

      IRON PATRIOT Month ago

      He never deserved to be a champion.
      A mediocre driver at most...

  • Kutassy Bertalan
    Kutassy Bertalan Month ago

    What a team..... Jordan .....what a year .... '99

  • Saqib Iqbal
    Saqib Iqbal Month ago

    The cars looked amazing back then

  • Hoyvin
    Hoyvin 25 days ago

    99 Jordan = best livery ever.

  • Mathews Philip
    Mathews Philip Month ago

    My guy has not moved for 30 mins 🚶💀

  • DMA
    DMA Month ago +1

    It was a crazy time back then 😂

  • FPVFandom
    FPVFandom 9 days ago

    Computer: "Nahhhh not today. too loud"

  • PerplexedProto
    PerplexedProto Month ago

    Correct me if I’m wrong but there were rumours some teams had figured out a way to predict when the lights go out, giving them an impossible reaction time. So to test this the FIA kept the lights on. So basically all the cars that jumped the start at exactly the same time were cheating.

  • Shobhit Vasaniya
    Shobhit Vasaniya 5 days ago +1

    Yellow car be like : me toh aage aa gaya hu ab piche nahi jaunga

  • Solomon
    Solomon Month ago

    I like that race director … who is that man ?! He put them on blast for the whole world to see.. caught with your pants down…

  • Robert Percy
    Robert Percy Month ago

    Charlie Whiting's greatest power move

  • Levente Paizs
    Levente Paizs Month ago

    This was a nice trap set by the FIA to catch the cheaters 😁

  • Keo Rodriguez
    Keo Rodriguez Month ago +1

    When 3 teams got caught cheating

  • Harish T
    Harish T Month ago

    They should have gone green after few seconds and penalize jump starters rather than abort the start. Believe every other driver was still watching the red lights apart from the ones who got beep.

  • eudofia
    eudofia Month ago +1

    And lights not out, and still away they go!

  • stan stansky
    stan stansky Month ago

    The lights had a major mal-misorganisation problem

  • djdsf
    djdsf Month ago

    Great way to catch some cheaters

  • Paul
    Paul Month ago

    I miss Murray walkers..Murray isums...😏🙄🤣🤣.. he had a way with words that left others speechless..🤣🤣

  • kalyan chakravarthi
    kalyan chakravarthi Month ago +1

    The scandal of timing the lights by engineers 😂

  • Deag Edwards
    Deag Edwards Month ago +1

    Ralf must've been cacking himself when DC stopped.

  • OpposedScroll75
    OpposedScroll75 Month ago +7

    This is the most genius FIA moment in Formula 1 history, caught the cheating teams red handed

  • Kris A
    Kris A Month ago

    I saw this live,. forgot I'd seen it,. was crazy, it lead to a change in light design IIRC.

  • Mika The Rookie
    Mika The Rookie Month ago

    When they jump started, I bet they thought “Wait a sec…”

  • ZeidGho
    ZeidGho 15 days ago

    They jumped the start once the yellow lights came on, as a reflex. It came on cause the grid was incorrect

  • michael lavery
    michael lavery Month ago

    Frentzen in a Jordan on pole? They were the days.
    I can't remember which race this was. It looks like the Hungaroring or Nurburgring with all the downforce on those beauties.

  • William
    William 11 days ago

    It’s the context that makes this interesting

  • Ryan McCall
    Ryan McCall Month ago

    Perfect way to catch them

  • Samuël Hitijahubessy

    F1 fans having no clue that there was F1 before 2019.

  • The Great African
    The Great African Month ago

    This is where Maldonado got the inspiration from Spa 2012

  • The Legacy
    The Legacy Month ago

    Does anyone know what race this is? I would love to look it up and read up on the history of this in greater detail.

  • bobby sapp
    bobby sapp Month ago

    This was done on 100% purpose to prove who where cheating they had the timing down and they left lights on to prove which teams where using the count to get a head start

  • David Mann
    David Mann Month ago

    I remember when this happened lol 😂

  • Mark Wittels
    Mark Wittels Day ago

    Very interesting. Thanks

  • Ted Varrick
    Ted Varrick Month ago

    Me when I'm late for work!

    GAMERSTAR83 Month ago

    Bro in 4th place saw the other launch so he did too 💀

  • Gocubbies2016
    Gocubbies2016 Month ago

    classic troll job by Mr Whiting. 12/10

  • David Mann
    David Mann Month ago

    Aww i love the yellow buzzin hornets car 🐝

  • Stormchaser Nichtpit
    Stormchaser Nichtpit Month ago +2

    That one williams amlost hit the mclaren

  • Bob G
    Bob G 27 days ago +1

    F1 shooting itself in the foot. I see that nothing has changed in the last quarter century, they manage to do it every season in one way or another.

  • s Johnston
    s Johnston 15 days ago +1

    Box, box.. Stay out! Stay out!

  • MT Infinity
    MT Infinity Month ago +2

    It is light ON and away nobody goes

  • Xavi Mac-Bash
    Xavi Mac-Bash Month ago

    "we do a little bit of trolling"

  • Noah de Jong
    Noah de Jong Month ago

    i didnt expect this haha

  • Daniel Wan
    Daniel Wan Month ago

    May I know the driver on the last row able to see the light? It's so small and so far

  • Ink Co
    Ink Co Month ago

    I thought it was related to that fiasco with hijacked signal that gave away drivers sound signal when to drop the clutch.

  • Obama_streams
    Obama_streams Month ago

    Love how they all just freeze

  • Cotoi
    Cotoi Month ago

    when cheaters exposed themselves

  • Alex Goldie
    Alex Goldie Month ago

    I remember watching this!

  • the one
    the one 24 days ago

    The Mercedes McLaren looks so great.

  • Mohamad Izuwann
    Mohamad Izuwann Month ago +1

    Glory moment to jordan. Pole position 👏🏻

  • Camogap
    Camogap Month ago +11

    This is basically the race director pranking the teams lol

    • TaikaJamppa
      TaikaJamppa Month ago +2

      @Lol Spoolin Both. This was a nice prank, yet it DID catch some cheaters.

    • Lol Spoolin
      Lol Spoolin Month ago +4

      Na they were catching who was cheating.

  • Hanif Pandu
    Hanif Pandu Month ago

    Aah yes one of the early anti cheat system in F1

  • Retro Roast
    Retro Roast Month ago

    I can just hear the ring from engineer in the earpieace that told them to go

  • Aneko GT
    Aneko GT Month ago

    Lights out and here we stay

  • Solomon
    Solomon Month ago

    Bet you they didn’t try that again..

  • Brian Pearsall
    Brian Pearsall Month ago

    I miss Walker!