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Making food that lasts forever

  • Published on Mar 25, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    Over the last several years, I have experienced many traumatic events. However, with the power of science, I hope to never have to experience this ever again.
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  • Max Boskeljon
    Max Boskeljon 2 months ago +32642

    This man has pretty much every type of equipment he needs for chemistry but has to cut pizza with a spoon.

    • Jada Z
      Jada Z 2 months ago +640

      Spoon the pizza 'cause no knife

    • Kain Yusanagi
      Kain Yusanagi 2 months ago +639

      He definitely has knives, too.

    • V. T.
      V. T. 2 months ago +166

      @Kain Yusanagi that caught me so off guard 😂

    • chillydickie
      chillydickie 2 months ago +58

      Because science!!!

    • spencer layne
      spencer layne 2 months ago +107

      Either that or he's lazy like me some times where I can't be arsed to wash up a knife 🤣

  • Trent T
    Trent T Month ago +2263

    NileRed: Takes all precautions to make sure there are no accidents
    NileBlue: Directly pours liquid nitrogen into a plastic bin

    • long hui
      long hui Month ago +158

      NileGreen: let’s nuke things

    • StarWolf Animations
      StarWolf Animations Month ago +68

      Nileyellow: destroys the universe

    • MistusLordus
      MistusLordus Month ago +68

      NileWhite: tictok dances when mixing combustible chemicals

    • coolio
      coolio Month ago +48

      NileBlack: is literally just depressed

    • Ishaan Harry
      Ishaan Harry Month ago +51

      Nilepurple: just Nilered but stoned out of his mind

  • Mis7erSeven
    Mis7erSeven Month ago +643

    NileBlue in the future: "I don't want to lose anymore of my friends, so I found a way to preserve them."

    • Alkeryn
      Alkeryn Month ago +81

      "hmmm, he's like 90% of what he once was"

    • Matthew Writer
      Matthew Writer Month ago +10

      ...which is actually why A.I. girlfriends were created.

    • Matthew Writer
      Matthew Writer Month ago +4

      @Alkeryn...yeah, but that last 10% is really important.

    • Alkeryn
      Alkeryn Month ago +1

      @Matthew Writer kind of my point haha.

    • Aero01
      Aero01 2 days ago +2

      Flash freeze your best friend!

  • XtR
    XtR Month ago +868

    Nigel and his cameraman's interactions are my favorite part, they have such good chemistry

  • The Inedible Muffin
    The Inedible Muffin Month ago +941

    I feel like when Nigel walks into the office with a plate of food for you to test without any context, you have reason to be concerned

    • Laerin
      Laerin Month ago +69

      They were probably wondering what kind of household items he managed to convert into rice and chicken.

    • topeye
      topeye Month ago +22

      @Laerin "He did _what_ in his cup?!"

    • Matts Lantis
      Matts Lantis Month ago +37

      @Laerin ”and what I have in here is latex gloves turned into chicken with rice made from balsa chips”

  • Medweds Creepytrash
    Medweds Creepytrash 3 days ago +109

    Reggie serves a critical function not only as the cameraman, but as the man who goes outside regularly enough to recognize a sin against nature while it is in progress.

  • Cheesi
    Cheesi 2 months ago +3606

    NileRed is calm and collected, NileBlue is flash freezing a hole in your floor.

    • Cpt. Wolf
      Cpt. Wolf 2 months ago +356

      "Nice objective opinion. One small issue: I am flash-freezing your home."

    • Yusni5127
      Yusni5127 2 months ago +45

      More like a NileGreen video

    • Coyote0874
      Coyote0874 2 months ago +41

      NileRed is Gus Fring and NileBlue is Lalo Salamanca

  • Michael Trees
    Michael Trees Month ago +459

    I feel like I'm gonna need to talk to my therapist about how uncomfortable the words 'the chicken looks a bit glassy' make me feel

    • Neo One
      Neo One Month ago +16

      I hope you're able to work through such tough time in your life. Stay strong!!

    • Blake M
      Blake M 26 days ago

      I’ve had that happen. Didn’t want to eat it

    • Joshua Patterson
      Joshua Patterson 5 days ago +2

      0:50 "that's very sad"

  • Risser
    Risser Month ago +273

    Nileblue: food gets disgustingly freezer burnt
    Also Nileblue: let's take food and freezer burn it until it's a cracker

    • j p
      j p 29 days ago +15

      Not the same…..

    • TS-7864
      TS-7864 25 days ago +11

      Not how it works

  • Scooby Doobies
    Scooby Doobies Month ago +138

    NileBlue leaving food reviews like "This is 100% edible"

  • Ramo
    Ramo Month ago +80

    This reminds me of when I got braces and I couldn't chew solid food, so my brother put pizza into a mixer. It was way too dry, so he poured in some water. By then it was cold, so he microwaved it.

  • Choi Yat Lam
    Choi Yat Lam Month ago +55

    "Prosperity makes friends, adversity tries them."
    Pretty much sums up what Nigel's friends have to been through, stickiest smell ever.

  • Rachel Gilyard
    Rachel Gilyard 2 months ago +1566

    Because of how Nile reacts to horrible smells, I don't trust him at all when he says, "It actually tastes fine".

    • TippyHippy
      TippyHippy 2 months ago +63

      I put my hamster in a sock and slammed it against the furniture.

    • Blazey
      Blazey 2 months ago +116

      @TippyHippy how many calories?

    • Rituraj
      Rituraj 2 months ago +16

      @Blazey 27

    • Random clips
      Random clips 2 months ago +15

      ​@Rituraj nah man it was atleast 28

    • not nobody
      not nobody 2 months ago +22

      This comment section is just 😘😘

  • NeoTenic
    NeoTenic Month ago +77

    I always wondered how freeze drying worked but never thought to read up on it for some reason. After this, I looked it up and found that there's a heavy amount of work done on "pretreating" food that is meant to be freeze-dried (such as for MRE's and meals for space travel). A lot of the time, it requires reformulation of the food to prevent alteration or degradation of the texture/flavor.

    • Fulgar~
      Fulgar~ Month ago +9

      I never thought of the pretreating necessary to make foods able to be freeze dried. I had always assumed freeze-dried foods were simply chucked into a freeze dryer and bam. Thanks for the info!
      I still want a freeze dryer though haha.

  • Martin Finnerup
    Martin Finnerup Month ago +29

    I think ideally you'd want to measure how much moisture is extracted from each meal, and use that to guide how much to add back in.
    Also, I'm guessing separating some parts will make it easier to rehydrate them, using different techniques more suited for those parts.

    • Phazz
      Phazz Day ago

      Yeah, I figure you'd have to design a mechanism that measures it, as well as adds it back in, just for that to even really work.
      And even if you design and build a machine like that, "done" food would need different amounts of moisture. It's like he said in the video with the "crushing" and the "one-way street" behavior of oven-heated food. Extracting water and then misting it back on doesn't work on the same principle.
      Also the solution is actually kinda easy, but also a little painful: Freeze-dry the components. Not the entire meal, not even the cooked meal, just the chicken and the rice and so on. You could probably fully prepare and freeze the sauce itself, I guess.
      This would obviously have the downside of just not tasting like your favorite restaurant's food and rather your own cooking, but it'd at least be edible in the end. In some ways disgustingly textured food you'd expect to be nostalgic would be worse than reimagining the food by cooking it yourself.

  • Alexis Harper
    Alexis Harper Month ago +23

    The reason the chicken fried rice is so heavy is because dry food fries better. For fried rice, places generally use day old rice so it's even drier because that separates the grains so they can dry. And with the chicken, if it was deep fried, that means that it sat in hot oil until the water bubbled out and was replaced with fat (which is more dense than water, so it ends up gaining mass, PLUS it won't evaporate from a simple vaccum).

  • ctdieselnut
    ctdieselnut Month ago +40

    Freeze dried fruit or ice cream is awesome, i love it. Feels like your biting into a block of chalk at first, but it just melts in your mouth. I imagine all these different things probably acted kind of the same way.

  • Kirsten Golnaz
    Kirsten Golnaz 11 days ago +13

    There are some really good editing moments here, props to the editor(s).

  • George Janzen
    George Janzen 2 months ago +2623

    Nigel: Disappears to build his fancy new lab.
    Also Nigel: Proceeds to ruin his lab with liquid N2.

    • Rob Kirke
      Rob Kirke 2 months ago +93

      Yeah, from memory the floor was some kind of elite ultra chemical resistant stuff, wasn't it? Or am I thinking of Breaking Bad.. Either way, I'm surprised that LN2 killed it so easily, over the years I have seen plenty of school and college teachers dump buckets of it on floors and carpets to no ill effect..

    • Mario Mario
      Mario Mario 2 months ago +115

      @Rob Kirke I may be completely wrong with this so take it with a grain of salt, but I assume the floor cracked because the liquid nitrogen was concentrated in a container on the floor. When you pour it directly on the floor, it spreads out, so it's more likely to pretty much immediately evaporate.

    • Rob Kirke
      Rob Kirke 2 months ago +29

      @Mario Mario Yeah, fair point. I guess being poured on a (relatively) warm floor would boil a lot of it away before the floor lost too much heat + also have some leidenfrost bounciness going on

    • Definitely not your dad
      Definitely not your dad 2 months ago +9

      You don't eat pizza with a spoon?

    • Rob Kirke
      Rob Kirke 2 months ago +5

      @Definitely not your dad Only when all the forks are dirty..

  • Garfish
    Garfish Month ago +26

    This is great, I've always wanted to try it. You can buy food sold as ex government bunker freeze dried food - rated for 20 years - it's also stored in an oxygen free container. They have anything from pound cake to avocados and pork chops. They have instructions on how to rehydrate also. Should definitely check it out

  • Edgardo Lianno
    Edgardo Lianno 3 days ago +9

    Reggie: *genuinely concerned* “Why is it bending like that?”
    Nile: *laughs*

  • Scott Bruner
    Scott Bruner Month ago +16

    17:56 “Non-cracker form”
    Nigel is unique in using that phrase to describe food. Awesome 😂

  • OnGoing Switch
    OnGoing Switch 7 days ago +8

    I like how he just smiles through all his trauma

  • CyberPirate2008
    CyberPirate2008 Month ago +9

    I want to see a follow up food dehydration video, refine your technique for freezing and rehydrating. Also look at how the professionals make food that is to be stored for long periods of time. Remember Space Food Sticks?

  • suedoe スー・ドウ
    suedoe スー・ドウ 2 months ago +1234

    I sort of feel like the cracked and broken pizza is a pretty nice visual metaphor for Nigel trying so desperately to preserve his memories of childhood.

    • TheJunnutin
      TheJunnutin 2 months ago +62

      The harder you grasp....

    • Halo Mika
      Halo Mika 2 months ago +75

      ​@TheJunnutin ...the harder your pizza cracks. So true man

    • Nuclear Cat Baby
      Nuclear Cat Baby 2 months ago +4

      Good thing for me my childhood was too traumatizing for me to want to eat anything I ate as a child.

    • Phantom Gato
      Phantom Gato 2 months ago +3

      @Nuclear Cat Baby my one is a mixed experience.
      Crunchy noodles I had with my grandma? Yes ofc
      Broccoli omelette? F*ck no.

    • Nuclear Cat Baby
      Nuclear Cat Baby 2 months ago +3

      @Phantom Gato The foods I hate most are the foods I hated as a kid. I don’t hate any new foods as much as those.
      As for foods I liked as a kid... like McDonald’s, I don’t like it anymore. Tastes a lot blander than it used to. Not sure if they changed the recipe or if my tastebuds just evolved. But apparently they stopped using lard when I was just a baby.

  • Dev Veerwal
    Dev Veerwal Month ago +13

    Nigel is the only kind of guy i have ever seen laughing upon a pizza slice floating on liquid nitrogen
    Aaaand enjoy eating food dipped in liquid nitrogen and freeze dryed w/o rehydrating it

  • DetectiveSlowpoke
    DetectiveSlowpoke Month ago +28

    For rehydration without cooking you could do what Joel creates did and use a piezoelectric fogger to add moisture. Plus, it would look cool to pull food from the fog.

    • Art V
      Art V 10 days ago

      @Tsumugi you very funny 🤣.

  • 2 Brain Cells and 1 Opinion

    I hope Nile does more weird cooking videos… I subscribed before realizing I probably shouldn’t expect this content from him but I’ll stay in hopes to see more!

  • Buster Nut
    Buster Nut Month ago +24

    Is it just me or is he gaining more confidence and humor with content?

    • Robbie👾
      Robbie👾 Month ago +5

      it is not just you ! he's definitely adding in humor when before every thing was very instructional , have you seen his shorts ? they can be really funny lol but the shorts are clips from his videos I think

    • Profileno
      Profileno Month ago +1

      I've been dying of laughter watching these lately when he was making the chocolate, and it looked like 💩 I died of laughter, and it was only cause of how much he was laughing 😂

  • 7even
    7even Month ago +8

    27:10 I really enjoyed this experiment. I remember eating astronaut food in the 80s from the space museums, and that never bothered me. Honestly, I think I’ll eat any freeze dried food when it came down to an emergency.

  • Hzul _
    Hzul _ 2 months ago +1553

    nigel is deffinitely the guy that would do all this instead of just learning how to cook the food yourself

    • Stephen james
      Stephen james 2 months ago +19

      @Hzul _ * that is his idea, but the idea of food rations is not bad especially nowadays for canning. And our upcoming food shortage.

    • Ali S
      Ali S 2 months ago +5

      for real. uber eats is a thing in Canada too

    • Enisra Bowman
      Enisra Bowman 2 months ago +16

      i would laughed SO hard if the Video would have been a factor sponsorship video :D

    • nintando
      nintando 2 months ago +8

      he even has the entire metal pot right there

    • Crow Demon - The Archives
      Crow Demon - The Archives 2 months ago +15

      To be fair, cooking is just another form of chemistry.

  • AKuTepion
    AKuTepion Month ago +38

    Understandable. I also made a cast of my girlfriend so I can enjoy her smile even if she gets hit by a car. Looking forward for future episodes of Cooking with NailGlue!

    • Fulgar~
      Fulgar~ Month ago +1

      You too huh? Rock on, rock hard ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

  • Dragon7722
    Dragon7722 Month ago +4

    If NileRed walks into the room and offers some... food, i'd be very cautious indeed.

  • Lucy H
    Lucy H Month ago +3

    It may seem silly now, but this could genuinely be the future of food when we start exploring space for real

  • Alexis Woodberry
    Alexis Woodberry 17 days ago +2

    NileRed: amazing chemical transformations I can hardly understand
    NileBlue: cuts pizza with a spoon

  • Random Internet Guy
    Random Internet Guy Month ago +5

    I have watched so much nilered that I was waiting for the ridiculousness to start for a solid 5 minutes.
    I was legit thinking "huh, guess they ran out of ideas bc this sounds like something Nile would actually do". And then I checked the channel name. U accidentally made me laugh for the first time in the last 2 weeks. Thank you

  • V
    V 2 months ago +7817

    he’s getting closer and closer to becoming a real life flint lockwood

    • Edward Toast
      Edward Toast 2 months ago +19


    • TheHeartless Gamer
      TheHeartless Gamer 2 months ago +186


    • MilkyWay#0001
      MilkyWay#0001 2 months ago +69

      Nile Lockwood

      IEATDIRT 2 months ago +105

      What do you mean 'real life' that movie was a documentary right????

    • Unexpected
      Unexpected 2 months ago +45

      The chocolate video he made was just the beginning.

  • Thamiri Vonjaahri
    Thamiri Vonjaahri Month ago +4

    I think it was that nitrogen that made those things taste kind funny. Because this is pretty much otherwise quite similar to method that I heard about back in the days. If I remember the method right, just instead of pouring nitrogen over it you cool it to about 39F (which is where water takes least space and should reduce the crushing effect of crystals that form in the food once temperature goes below zero) and then youll start to vacuum dry it and subsequently once vacuum draws as much moisture as possible you'll reduce temperature enough to freeze dry it and then seal it in can, or other container immediately after. It is quite important to limit exposure to air moisture (cus those crystals anywhere on the food are like Vandals in Rome, completely ruining everything and even with most efficient methods youll never draw all the water out completely, but above said process can greatly reduce the damage). If all is done right, food can stay good for decades, or if properly stored in deep freeze, theoretically it can last even for centuries.
    This being said, its been over 20yrs since we last talked about it with guy, who claimed to be one of the research team that was working on this stuff for army years back, so its all second hand knowledge and its possible I remember the method wrong.
    And as for pizza, I think main reason for it going so horribly bad was that since it's basically just milk fat and protein, without water to buffer the temperature, proteins simply overheated and denatured upon contact with steam, since steam being steam is still just water heated to over 212F, which is more than enough to do such a thing along with oxidising milk fats (think burned butter, you don't need even boiling temperatures for it to start oxidise) especially considering that your average pizza cheese is about 40% water which otherwise is very efficient in insulating other cheese content.

  • ᴜᴍʙʀᴇʟʟᴀ ᴄᴏʀᴩ.™

    Astronaut food. 😂 🚀
    Nile Red/Blue ideas would be great for the Umbrella Corporation.
    They are always fresh and new.

  • Casey Kahler
    Casey Kahler 13 days ago +1

    I love that you used a spoon to cut the pizza. Of all the things Nile could use.

  • Maihak
    Maihak Month ago +4

    That hit hard, one thing i still cannot get over is how my childhood favorite restaurant just closed one day suddenly!

  • Scott Robertson
    Scott Robertson 2 months ago +1601

    I like to think that Nile's weak sense of taste and smell come from his childhood chemistry experiments in his parents' garage

    • Nick
      Nick  2 months ago +122

      Remember when he did the bad smelling stuff and was unfazed while his cameraman was dying? Yeah

    • Takoala
      Takoala 2 months ago +39

      Like, taste is still highly related to smell, so it's kinda expected his sense of taste would be lessened

    • Rylen StuffsV2
      Rylen StuffsV2 2 months ago +18

      ​@Nick Even The Unstopable Camera Man was dying, how's that possible that's against all rules we've understood

    • Zeemas
      Zeemas 2 months ago +31

      His sense of smell and taste buds are definitely toasted

  • Last Name First Name
    Last Name First Name 27 days ago +1

    nigel's food sufferings are very relatable.

  • SSJ Killluah
    SSJ Killluah 3 days ago +1

    Whenever I watch Nilered, everything he says I understand and can follow thru with ease, Nileblue i cant take anything he says seriously and just laughing along the way

  • Tammy Lynn
    Tammy Lynn Month ago +4

    the one question i have is what does this process do to the nutritional value of the food? and thank you for reawakening the inner geek in me. much love

  • Bib B
    Bib B Month ago +1

    I never thought I'd see a solid floor crack through the sheer cold of liquid nitrogen

  • Kyle Anderson
    Kyle Anderson Month ago +3

    I've never laughed so hard him trying the food got me dying

  • Nelson Capehart
    Nelson Capehart 2 months ago +2678

    as informative and polished as the content on NileRed is, i genuinely enjoy the unhinged, fuck around and find out direction NileBlue has taken. NileRed is what you publish to a scientific paper, and NileBlue is what you actually did in the lab screwing around while you waited on reactions and instruments to finish running 😂

    • abhishek sinha
      abhishek sinha 2 months ago +4

      Woah you're lucky dude

    • cparks1000000
      cparks1000000 2 months ago +27

      I strongly prefer NileRed, but I also understand how hard it is to produce that content.

    • H
      H 2 months ago +63

      Just wait till you hear about NileGreen

    • Someone404
      Someone404 2 months ago +47

      And NileGreen is when you end up drunk in the lab

    • It's Teebz!
      It's Teebz! 2 months ago +33

      NileRed in the streets
      NileBlue in the sheets

  • NoG Inc
    NoG Inc 2 days ago

    hahahaha i love this guy always brings a smile to my face and knowledge to my brain. thank you nile for all the joy you bring into my life :)

  • Dremekeks
    Dremekeks Month ago +1

    What you should have done is weigh the food before freeze drying, then compare it to the dry weight, and use that to calculate how much water you needed to add back!

  • Clifton Norton
    Clifton Norton 3 days ago +1

    Fascinating as always :-) maybe weighing before and after freeze-drying should give you an idea how much water is needed to re-hydrate 🙂

  • vyzell
    vyzell Month ago +2

    You should have taken the mass before and after to determine how much water was lost, then use a humidifier to reintroduce that same mass of water

  • Macko
    Macko Month ago +4

    Nilered sure knows how to rehydrate a pizza

  • raging willie
    raging willie 2 months ago +1551

    nigel: makes grape soda from gloves
    also nigel: cuts pizza with a spoon

    • Dani Syx
      Dani Syx 2 months ago +26

      i was surprised it wasn't a hammer.

    • Vexia
      Vexia 2 months ago +17

      ​@Dani Syx I was surprised it wasn't hydrochloride acid.

  • Svearald Blood-Anvil

    Okay so in a few years, I think there's a very real chance we're going to hear of a real life Mr. Freeze that needs to save food instead of a sick wife

  • Shawn Goh
    Shawn Goh 20 days ago +1

    There was this video where the guy (Joel Creates) created a contraption that generates water vapor, and he used that to rehydrate toast back into bread. I think you could probably rehydrate the food with something like that which doesn't introduce heat to the rehydrating.

  • Polna Panda
    Polna Panda 2 days ago

    It must be scary when you work for chemistry youtuber and he walks in with weird looking food and tells you to test it hahha

  • Weston Prather
    Weston Prather 11 days ago

    Freeze drying that chicken and rice went a lot smoother than I thought it would’ve

  • canonicaltom
    canonicaltom Month ago +1

    More interested in knowing if it's possible to preserve the ingredients of these separately, then actually reconstitute them separately and put them together. I've heard things like cheese, cooked rice, etc. actually do fine on their own.

  • ok why?
    ok why? 2 months ago +2375

    Nile is the only person who can say, ‘that’s the worst thing I’ve ever tasted’ with a straight face and continuing to chew.

    • Mike Drop
      Mike Drop Month ago +87

      I gotta give the man credit, he always willing to taste whatever travesty he makes

    • Caitlin P
      Caitlin P Month ago +5

      He really isn't...

    • Kuli24
      Kuli24 Month ago +6

      Me too. I take it as an experience instead of spitting out bad food.

    • LeeOne 2000
      LeeOne 2000 Month ago +15

      @Caitlin P then you literally have watched none of his videos

    • LeeOne 2000
      LeeOne 2000 Month ago +16

      @Caitlin Pjust look at the worst smelling video, he didn’t even care, he’s like hmmmm smells like like throw up and continues to smell it

  • Sami Sheikh
    Sami Sheikh 7 days ago

    Nile literally had a Heinz Doofenshmirtzin moment explaining the sad problems he is facing and used the power of science to solve it

  • hinnifreaxxx
    hinnifreaxxx Month ago

    is it just me or does somebody else feel like making chips/crisps with a bunch of flavours now as soon as i heard the pizza crunch i wanted to hear it made into seasoning xD

  • Butter
    Butter Month ago

    I've messed around with a freeze dryer. Ice cream was weird but the secret is perfecting the rehydration in order to not change the taste.

  • Something Clever
    Something Clever Month ago

    The way he describes it in the beginning is like how my biomedical ethics teacher would start a conversation about human cryogenic preservation.

  • Asket
    Asket 10 days ago

    Watching Nile videos just feels like watching Dr. Stone live action!

  • Jablue
    Jablue 2 months ago +1406

    My man is grieving this chicken chipotle wrap more than I've seen people grieve family members

    • General Rubbish
      General Rubbish 2 months ago +97

      I know, right? At first, I got worried that he's about to talk about something really sad and serious, and then he goes "cHiCkEn cHiPotLe wrAP". I love this dude.

    • Andrew Genaille
      Andrew Genaille 2 months ago +43

      I get it. McDonalds is such a source of reliability, change is shocking. I have a friend who went on a killing spree after McDonalds changed dollar drink days to "summer drink days".

    • Sean's Homeshop
      Sean's Homeshop 2 months ago +30

      to be fair i dont think it'd be good to make a video on freeze drying family members, thats reserved for Walt Disney

    • Rainkit
      Rainkit 2 months ago +19

      The stresses of life get infinitely worse when your comfort food is gone lol

    • Bobdance Bobdance
      Bobdance Bobdance 2 months ago +2

      @Rainkit fax

  • Julian Silva
    Julian Silva Month ago

    If this man is able to become a successful chemist then I am able to do literally anything in life.

  • Silent Island Tempest
    Silent Island Tempest Month ago +1

    I think you need now to figure out a way to make a food grade humidifier that doesn't run at high Temps so you avoid cooking the freeze dried food. After you moisturize the food then you reheat the food to an acceptable level and serve

  • G. B. Wanscher
    G. B. Wanscher Month ago

    I think the only way to get the water back in there for the non-.soup stuff without all the side-effects, is if you pull another vacuum on it, and let water vapour in at a high concentration (like... 50%) to force the food to absorb it very quickly. Just like it left :D

  • Sn0w.-.fl4ke
    Sn0w.-.fl4ke Month ago

    When he wanted to freeze it I started LAUGHING bc he just casually pulled a tank full of nitrogen 😂

  • João Reis
    João Reis Month ago

    All the childhood food I remember and care about is the cooking of my Mother and Grandmother! Thats what I would freeze so I could enjoy it for the rest of my days!!! To late for my Grandmother though :( I cherish every memory at the table!!!

  • firekeeper
    firekeeper 2 months ago +1010

    "Putting food in the freezer gives it freezer burn and I think that's bad"
    Also Nigel: *busts out liquid nitrogen*

    • Carrie Mansfield
      Carrie Mansfield 2 months ago +62

      Liquid nitrogen makes amazing ice cream because it's flash frozen.

    • Oprean Trifan Mircea
      Oprean Trifan Mircea 2 months ago +33

      Different size ice crystals from liquid nitrogen or your home freezer

  • Weaverbe
    Weaverbe Month ago

    I've never seen a chemist spill as much stuff as nile

  • Hans Lab 實驗室
    Hans Lab 實驗室 Month ago +2

    This is the most simple and violent way to enjoy food I have seen 😂

    TCHOM LIM Month ago

    Nilered: Okay, we better not let this stinky gas to anyone.
    Nileblue: FOOD.

  • Dinosore
    Dinosore Month ago

    I love how a chemist just eats fast food lol. I’d assume you have a Rube Goldberg machine that cooks you food or something

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    💤 2 days ago

    NileRed cooking is the funniest content and I love it, please keep making more cooking with science videos.

  • Gwen Catz
    Gwen Catz Month ago +1122

    There's something horrifying about Nile pouring water onto the chicken and commenting, *"It's so thirsty"*

    • Sky
      Sky Month ago +16

      Even after death...

    • Ella Well
      Ella Well Month ago +20

      For a Halloween special he could feed it drops of his own blood and watch it resurrect into Count Squawkula. I mean Chickenstein's monster. Night of the Chicken Heads?

  • Kyle Parker
    Kyle Parker Month ago

    We have a blast freezer (or hardening cabinet) at work. It freezes our ice cream to -30 degrees in ~20 minutes. It prevents ice crystals from forming in the ice cream. I think it would definitely help your process.

    • Mijc Osis
      Mijc Osis Month ago

      Spraying the liquid nitrogen through an atomiser nozzle (so it evaporates in the air) would be a fairly simple way to make a blast freezer.

  • Void Ant
    Void Ant Month ago

    Would it be a welcome surprise to actually see that five years from now Nigel would upload a video to eat test the cracker pizza or something, right?

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    123zB3avisz123 28 days ago

    Man, I remember the watching him when he was working from his garage. He used almost Every. Single. Precaution. Now the man has a full blown lab with a fume hood and dumps nitrogen on his shoes. I love it

  • 緑前
    緑前 Month ago

    what if you harvest the ice thats collected under the freeze dryer and when re hydrating, place it with the food item in a ziploc bag and sousvide it? i imagine it might work better if you can control the temperature + if its rehydrated with its original liquid it might taste closer to the original than rehydrating it with plain water.

  • Jeff Messer
    Jeff Messer Month ago

    I know I'm late to the party but I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one destroyed over mc Donald's getting rid of the chicken wrap, literally the only reason I went there

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    regular people: gets the recipes for their favorite foods
    neil: imortal food

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    Mal-2 KSC Month ago

    This gives me hope that maybe food on the first Mars mission won't totally suck.

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    I appreciate this video simply because I was literally saying a bit ago how I’ve never actually seen the liquid of liquid nitrogen before because of all the vapour. The content is great too lol obviously

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    At this point, I wonder if he can taste the difference between michelin star food and good food

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    David Noll Month ago

    Maybe if you steam it in a pressure cooker for a short time instead of steaming it for a long time? Since a vacuum was pulled during the freeze drying? Or, if you could cool the water down a lot, put it in a strong container and then just warm that up to like 90 degrees or something, so it's not hot enough to cook but the air can hold some moisture

  • Peter Maddin
    Peter Maddin Day ago

    For a short while you could buy in local shops freeze dried cheese cubes mixed with macadamia nuts. It was really tasty but they discontinued that line. A lot of camping shops sell freeze dried meals.

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    NileRed is the chemistry channel while NileBlue is the alchemy channel

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    This is awesome and I’ve thought about this before!! The steamer is a bit aggressive I think. I was thinking if you did the opposite of the drying process. And put it in a pressure cooker with a very small amount of moisture in the chamber. Like maybe a 30% to 48% moisture based on the mass of the dried food. Because most food contains a moisture percentage of around that much. Just a though!!! Thanks Nile!!

  • freddy :D
    freddy :D Month ago

    I wish to see the solid foods like the pizza rehydrated with joel create's Reverse Toaster.

  • Random Electronics and Displays

    I would say regeneration needs lower temperature, for longer. I'd guess around 65~70°C 90~95% humidity, or maybe a cycle between saturated/mist and not saturated.
    And then, depending on the dish, some amount of time at 90~120°C to dry out the outside a little bit so it's not soggy.

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    Reggie knows what's up - mad respect 😂

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      Copied comment

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      @ABG murrell you realize that two different people can have the same idea

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      @Edgy Anole he the copyright police

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