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England vs. United States Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

  • Published on Nov 24, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • FOX Soccer
    FOX Soccer  2 months ago +8332

    It's called SOCCER btw 😤

    • masterful wrath
      masterful wrath 11 hours ago

      Nah football

    • Giggles
      Giggles 16 days ago


    • MarvelandRobloxDude24
      MarvelandRobloxDude24 19 days ago

      @unknown unknown thye reahced quarters in 2002

    • Tom Scott
      Tom Scott 2 months ago +1

      Its called, what ever it is called, in the country you are calling it in.

    • Steve Johnson
      Steve Johnson 2 months ago

      @W you're welcome to sound ignorant of course. American Football was highly influenced by Ruby Football but existed before that and retained some aspects not part of Ruby.

  • Stephen Color
    Stephen Color 2 months ago +2134

    Honestly, the first block by the US defender saved the game. How devastating to give up a goal that early in the match. Well done.

    • T. Riddler
      T. Riddler 2 months ago +3

      That same US defender gave Bale the penalty.
      Zimmerman is a very good Centre Back. You take the highs with the lows as in all sports.

    • Cautela
      Cautela 2 months ago +4

      Nah, that was and ez block for Zimmerman... saying that's what 'saved the game' is quite the stretch. What really saved the game was the US team as a whole capitalizing on English arrogance.

    • Jordan Perdomo
      Jordan Perdomo 2 months ago +2

      Walker Zimmerman Remaking his mistake against Wales

    • SB ESPN
      SB ESPN 2 months ago +3

      What saved the game was the clock. Without the clock it would have gone on forever. They would have never known when to stop.

    • Auggie
      Auggie 2 months ago

      @Drew Jackson ppp0

  • Edmond Richmond
    Edmond Richmond 2 months ago +1075

    Stellar showing by USMNT. To go toe to toe with England is massive

    • wkid Essz
      wkid Essz 4 days ago

      Yeah proof it’s soccee

    • cinnaminson 06
      cinnaminson 06 2 months ago

      It's "United States," you woke dope. "USMNT" is some PC rubbish.

    • Fred IV
      Fred IV 2 months ago

      And with Wales as well,

    • The Last Ninja
      The Last Ninja 2 months ago

      huh ? this is the worst team the US came with in the past 20
      years ! pure garbage by European garbage, England
      should have won 3-0 but they chose to be 'woke' instead
      of focusing on the game

    • Edmond Richmond
      Edmond Richmond 2 months ago

      @Ph Tim That's just 4 years ago. In soccer years it was last year. This is not football

  • G BA
    G BA 2 months ago +1025

    McKennie should have scored in the 26th minute. It was a one-in-a-million moment.

    • Mr. Fil-Am
      Mr. Fil-Am 2 months ago

      @Alejandro Perez-cortes So you believe England and the US plan this whole time is to gang up on Iran like it's NATO peace keeping mission? 😂

    • DangerDan
      DangerDan 2 months ago

      @Alejandro Perez-cortes Lol cope

    • King Carter
      King Carter 2 months ago +1

      @Alejandro Perez-cortes nobody cheated lol. It was a close game and both of the teams obviously wanted to win just because they didn’t score doesn’t mean they have some mischievous plan against Iran.

    • johnny cat
      johnny cat 2 months ago

      He had a defender's finish.

    • BB
      BB 2 months ago

      @Drew Jackson tbf his first shot was terrible because the ball took a bad bounce right before he shot it

  • Stefano Trando
    Stefano Trando 2 months ago

    2:53 Tyler Adam’s tackle. Dang. He’s a GOAT

  • kaziabir1
    kaziabir1 2 months ago +864

    This US team makes me proud, plays with their hearts out. Feel that surge of nationalism flowing through me.

    • CornPopWasABadDude
      CornPopWasABadDude 2 months ago +3

      ​@Crystalyn England literally tried to wear a rainbow arm band/uniform and Qatar said they couldn't do it lmao. Well, that backfired.

    • IA
      IA 2 months ago +1

      Bleeding red white and blue 😤 yeehaw

    • Chef And musician
      Chef And musician 2 months ago +3

      @Crystalyn democrat USA don't represent USA
      Just like hip hop isn't all of USA Music

    • multimidnight13
      multimidnight13 2 months ago +7

      @Crystalyn I don't understand. What does a pride flag have to do with this ?

    • Crystalyn
      Crystalyn 2 months ago

      Yeah you must be proud of your pride flag as well.🏳️‍🌈 😢🤣

  • Pompey Fitness James
    Pompey Fitness James 2 months ago +326

    English fan here, despite what the English media says, average England supporters never really expect England to do well in tournaments, we always fail! (hence the song "it's coming home" which is tongue-in-cheek humour) And there's a lot of animosity towards our coach Southgate, he had a billion dollar squad of talent just sitting on the bench which he didn't use, Foden especially. A lot of us think he should be fired. Cudos to the US for humbling England and our media. Hope you get through with us.

    • Clooney Beak
      Clooney Beak 2 months ago +1

      Offsides, 10 yard penalty (defense). Automatic first down.

    • Pompey Fitness James
      Pompey Fitness James 2 months ago

      @Raw Dawg I am English, I just used used American words to make myself understood better.

    • Guy Conger
      Guy Conger 2 months ago

      @Raw Dawg Texas

    • Guy Conger
      Guy Conger 2 months ago

      @Spooky Not all of them.

    • Raw Dawg
      Raw Dawg 2 months ago

      You don’t sound English…

  • Ogion
    Ogion 2 months ago +1866

    Finally a US team worth supporting

    • HeyImJustAGuy
      HeyImJustAGuy 2 months ago

      Nah bro I watched every U.S. soccer over the years this the least good team they have

    • bpsc
      bpsc 2 months ago

      @Ed MWomen’s team got beat by preteen boys. They also are boring and slow to watch.

    • Adrian Trejo
      Adrian Trejo 2 months ago

      @jesse might as well just watch a high school soccer match

    • le_blitz
      le_blitz 2 months ago

      @Bonn 007 You know, what is the similarity between Germany Men's team 2022 and US female soccer team? They go woke and politicking too much instead of concentrating in their play, and look at the result! You can say all you want, statistic is statistic and hard to overlook. Just look, they both lost after they got woke! Coincidence? German team just got relegated few hours ago btw! So tell me again I have no idea?

    • Mari E
      Mari E 2 months ago

      @ArticWarrior229 so telling people to hush up is your way to convince others? I am a casual and so what. Most sports fans are. Still doesn't change the fact that my local club's 13-14 year old boys would win against the uswnt

  • Michael Fouladi
    Michael Fouladi 2 months ago +165

    If the USMNT can just work on their offensive coordination in order to synchronize their plays, I can definitely see them being a strong contender in 2026. Especially considering how young the team is on average, I feel like we have a good chance later on

    • Funchkidnijffik
      Funchkidnijffik Month ago

      Yea and the older players like messi will probably be retired

    • Rob3rt
      Rob3rt 2 months ago

      Our time is now 🇺🇸🦅

    • Lilieth Cameron
      Lilieth Cameron 2 months ago +10

      The USMNT just needs a good CF/Striker and they could surprise everyone in how far they could go at the next world cup.

    • D_II
      D_II 2 months ago +10

      Pulisic will be 28, Adams 27, Musah 23, and McKennie 28, when 2026 roles around. Watch out!

  • Juan Wick
    Juan Wick 2 months ago +852

    The USMNT played very well and actually looked better than England for long stretches. However a good CF/striker is desperately needed.

    • Guy Conger
      Guy Conger 2 months ago

      A striker a striker! my kingdom for a STRIKER!

    • Cooper C
      Cooper C 2 months ago +1

      @Christine Rose The top athletes in the US play other sports, not soccer. There are three other major sports that the majority go, basketball and baseball.

    • Carl McWilliams
      Carl McWilliams 2 months ago

      Sorry to say....We are outclassed....any team we play and beat, would be like Belgium beating an American football team.... they focus on this in childhood... and we will always be just making an effort and feilding a team

    • Christine Rose
      Christine Rose 2 months ago

      @KP finally a well said post

    • Christine Rose
      Christine Rose 2 months ago

      And the U S never made it into the World Cup 2018 .just saying and how much bigger is the U S from England.millions more men to choose from .

  • Cameron V
    Cameron V 2 months ago +548

    Hoping the sports becomes more popular in the USA as a result of this. I feel like we will continue to grow as a threat in 2026 as our squad gets older!

    • ๑ Charms 🏳️‍🌈⃠
      ๑ Charms 🏳️‍🌈⃠ 2 months ago


    • seasons of love
      seasons of love 2 months ago

      Soccer is definitely gonna get more popular, I can feel it

    • good user M.A.A.D internet
      good user M.A.A.D internet 2 months ago +1

      lmao this game was literally the worst experience for americans, all that running around just for it to end 0-0, i’m fine with my NFL and Overtime thank you

    • Guy Conger
      Guy Conger 2 months ago

      Ha Ha why? 90% of the country doesn't care and yet we still do well.

    • NATO Slayer
      NATO Slayer 2 months ago

      The US are a top Striker and Centerback away from being good enough. But when I watch Brazil and France it makes me realize the US has a long way to go to be legit contenders.

  • Ok Beer
    Ok Beer 2 months ago +151

    US doesn't lack the talents. What set US apart is the amount of time players play together. This team literally played together since they were babies.

    • Aesop Thegamer
      Aesop Thegamer 2 months ago

      @Captain Obvious American players are really young and no one wants to take a risk with an american potential flop. We dont have these developmental facilities like la masia or even ajax here in usa.

    • Captain Obvious
      Captain Obvious 2 months ago +4

      @Aesop Thegamer what do you mean no one wants them? And England pretty much develop their own players because they’re too expensive for other leagues

    • Aesop Thegamer
      Aesop Thegamer 2 months ago +1

      @Reyben Cortes england is full of already developed or developing talent but they have an outlet to develop it. Usa doesnt get this treatment anywhere and no one wants them cus they are dtill young like bruh

    • Reyben Cortes
      Reyben Cortes 2 months ago +21

      @Aesop Thegamer right 🤣
      Young guns , University players giving these British hard time embarassing

    • Aesop Thegamer
      Aesop Thegamer 2 months ago +15

      They are still babies

  • Werli
    Werli 2 months ago +57

    I'm not a fan of this sport by any means but I understand the basic strategies and what not. I don't really care for normal games but when the world cup comes around I love seeing different countries around the world play each other. It's interesting to see the different play styles by the different teams

    • Najeeb Alyafai
      Najeeb Alyafai 2 months ago

      not a fan, zip it 🤫🤫, no need for comment

    • KP
      KP 2 months ago +7

      World cup is cool and all, but it's not a good representation of high quality soccer. Players just lack team chemistry, and that's the most important thing in soccer. I would say Champions League semi-finals and finals are good ways to dip your toes into the sport.

    • Freshnewz
      Freshnewz 2 months ago +10

      If you wanna judge soccer by World Cup result then you’re not watching real soccer quality. Don’t get me wrong the World Cup is fun but if you wanna see some best quality soccer then watch the knock out stages of the champions league

  • Maximus Primus
    Maximus Primus 2 months ago +190

    Despite being a draw, I thought this was the best game I have seen played by this US squad.

    • Giancarlo A.
      Giancarlo A. 2 months ago

      this is definitely a sentence

    • Commissar Yarricks ghost
      Commissar Yarricks ghost 2 months ago +1

      @T. Riddler that same tournament they beat Spain also . Spain was the best team in the world at that time

    • Aieko
      Aieko 2 months ago +1

      @AspireGD Sounds like it🧍‍♂️

    • AspireGD
      AspireGD 2 months ago

      @Aieko Ikr, best sleep I've had in a while.

    • Aieko
      Aieko 2 months ago +1

      @AspireGD Good for you.

  • Osvie01
    Osvie01 2 months ago +78

    I'm happy that the US didn't get clobbered like everyone expected, but that McKennie missed was so disappointing. That was easily the closest to a goal in the entire game and we could have actually pulled the upset. I hope we win on Tuesday, but it will not be easy.

    • Mageic
      Mageic 2 months ago

      U a hater pessimist

    • Lilieth Cameron
      Lilieth Cameron 2 months ago

      If only Iran was England.... smh.

    • Aieko
      Aieko 2 months ago +1

      @Chris dude so many people did. Me myself, I did as well. I have watched England’s games and I fully expected us to lose, not by a lot but still lose, so I was presently surprised when it came to the second half. The USA played so well and I for sure hope they win against Iran on Tuesday.

    • Osvie01
      Osvie01 2 months ago +7

      @Chris They actually did

    • Chris
      Chris 2 months ago

      Nobody expected us to get clobbered

  • Roger C
    Roger C 2 months ago

    Thank you Jurgen Klinsman for the focus on the youth academies back in 2011

  • Julián Jaimes
    Julián Jaimes 2 months ago +256

    Proud of the boys 🇺🇸

    • CleanEarth
      CleanEarth 2 months ago

      @DoodleDrawsKT soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer ..

    • Benjamin Ledee
      Benjamin Ledee 2 months ago

      @DoodleDrawsKT it's just a word

    • MBG3
      MBG3 2 months ago

      @DoodleDrawsKT yeah why did he call it soccer if he’s obviously against the US??

    • DoodleDrawsKT
      DoodleDrawsKT 2 months ago

      @CleanEarth And no wonder you're American, because of the third last word

    • MBG3
      MBG3 2 months ago +4

      @CleanEarth the game was insane

  • Robert Price
    Robert Price 2 months ago +105

    So proud of our boys in blue! I was expecting a rough loss but I was pleasantly surprised.

    • Izzylangg
      Izzylangg 2 months ago

      @Gherbo bro they started a holiday and gifted the players cars. Idk if that’s humble

    • Lilieth Cameron
      Lilieth Cameron 2 months ago +2

      The lads went out on the pitch and competed and that's all we wanted from them. Gave everything and got the result (although winning the game would have been great)

    • CleanEarth
      CleanEarth 2 months ago

      @Robert Price it's sports it does nothing with daily life..

    • Gherbo
      Gherbo 2 months ago

      @Sean Matthew King Im a fan 😂we shouldn’t be happy it’s a draw , now we have to win our next game or we’re out

    • Sean Matthew King
      Sean Matthew King 2 months ago +5

      @Gherbo let fans be happy

  • Travis
    Travis 2 months ago +2544

    That shot by pulisic that hit the crossbar would’ve been an amazing way to shutup the English pundits shitting on him weekly

    • John Hehir
      John Hehir 2 months ago +1

      The goal is 24 feet wide and 8 feet high

    • Jason Schott
      Jason Schott 2 months ago +3

      @Hat Trick Pulisic has been a sub because for about two years he was always injured. Before that he played well for Chelsea. And now everyone still considers him injury prone when the truth is he hasn't had a major injury in over a year. I'm not saying he's the greatest player ever but when he gets on the Field for Chelsea he is a part of the chances being created. And yes he has had chances in the final third and can't finish, but the same can be said for sterling, havertz and Mount. So the question is why does sterling, havertz and Mount continue to get multiple games to try and find form and Pulisic gets one start then benched for the next 3 games? Why not give him 3-4 consecutive starts in his position and if he does well then great, and if he does nothing then drop him and I'd be the first to say I was wrong

    • Bro Tato
      Bro Tato 2 months ago

      @Ra Akhanaten bro's English and can't write it properly

    • hempwickwizard
      hempwickwizard 2 months ago

      @Edgar Allan's Hoe he’s unfortunately had many injuries, and it shows :( he still has some in the tank. Also, real Chelsea supporters back Pulisic. And our whole squad. Only people hating are supporters of other clubs like you who don’t watch the games close enough

    • Brotato Chip
      Brotato Chip 2 months ago

      @Edgar Allan's Hoe and a Chelsea bench warmer just made the English team look like fools. That says a bit doesn’t it?

  • I B.
    I B. 2 months ago

    How did the USA win with the score being 0-0?

  • Rodney Hewitt
    Rodney Hewitt 2 months ago +34

    I thought the US would be lucky to get a draw but after watching this match, England was the ones that were lucky to get the point

  • Аризона
    Аризона 2 months ago +4

    The us team played a solid game against a favorite England. It was just unfortunate that USA couldn't put the ball in the net in at least two clear opportunities. If they keep that same level they should be able to win against Iran and secure a pass to the next round. But definitily USA is playing at a wold class level.

  • RTChannel
    RTChannel 2 months ago +37

    USA dominated midfield. They had more energy and intensity. The only thing missing is the last killer pass for the goal. They seem to lack ideas around the box. This is a young team. Can’t wait to see them play in 5 years time in USA. I will be watching in person with my family.

    • E A
      E A 2 months ago

      @80's Nostalgia Guy crazy

    • 80's Nostalgia Guy
      80's Nostalgia Guy 2 months ago +1

      3 1/2 years. It will be in 2026.

  • David Alan
    David Alan 2 months ago +6

    If McKennie had better composure and finishing he'd be a deadly midfielder with a scoring touch. So close but so far....

  • Aren #
    Aren # 2 months ago +30

    that was a beautiful game i’m so glad US improved it’s soccer team to this point

  • Artem Bogatikov
    Artem Bogatikov 2 months ago +27

    The most entertaining scoreless game so far in this World Cup

  • Jerry Z Cai
    Jerry Z Cai 2 months ago +18

    2:14 Kudos to the two US defenders whose pincer move against the UK forward allowed the goal keeper to accurately predict where the shot will be directed.

  • E M
    E M 2 months ago +3

    GK Turner Man of The Match, he was a presence in the box, made clean saves that offered no rebound opportunity.

  • Mentuhotep II
    Mentuhotep II Month ago

    At least when they get back to the US they'll get a Participation Trophy which is more prestigious than the actual World Cup Trophy!!🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😂😂😂😂

  • Jenna & Lyndon Jagroop
    Jenna & Lyndon Jagroop 2 months ago +4

    This USA team is fiery, love the energy. They dominated the English from start to finish 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸⚽️⚽️⚽️

  • Nelson
    Nelson Month ago +1

    Ishowspeed said england lost against a team that calls it soccer 😂😂😂

  • fallenphoenix
    fallenphoenix 2 months ago +5455

    This game just shows why USMNT fans are so excited for 2026. We've never had players anywhere near this level of potential.

    • UndyingKnowledge
      UndyingKnowledge 25 days ago

      @Jenny Le Yeah, we were seriously lacking a good number 9, like, all of our options frankly just weren't good enough. I still wish Berhalter wouldve called up Brandon Vasquez and maybe even Ricardo Pepi (at least due to his current form at the time st gorinengen). But even then, you compare their skill levels to other number 9s for other nations, and they are just not the same level. We seriously gotta find a couple of good ones before the start of the next WC.

    • Garden GUSTER
      Garden GUSTER 28 days ago

      @Chris Ramirez completely subjective if its stupid or not. Also, a one or two sentence response every day based on how you respond isn't taking it seriously at all.

    • Chris Ramirez
      Chris Ramirez 29 days ago

      @Garden GUSTER I mean to take it this seriously is pretty stupid, don't ya think?

    • Garden GUSTER
      Garden GUSTER 29 days ago

      @Chris Ramirez I'm not angry its just what you said is stupid and a mainstream talking point thats irrelevant.

    • Chris Ramirez
      Chris Ramirez 29 days ago

      @Garden GUSTER Clearly I was implying North America, lol like bro trying everything to feel correct. Who hurt you? Why so angry? lmao

  • Dustin Lawrence
    Dustin Lawrence 2 months ago +7

    Suddenly im full of patriotism 🦅 🇺🇸

  • Marco Barrios
    Marco Barrios 2 months ago +2

    US held up surprisingly well against England, but somehow i was disappointed at both sides on the level they were playing considering this is the world cup. Slim chance of either team making the finals if they keep making plays the way they did today

  • Shaggy
    Shaggy 2 months ago +4

    We (USA), should’ve definitely won the game. We outplayed them but just couldn’t score. That pulisic shot that hit the crossbar should’ve went in but as least we got a point. Now its time for Iran!

  • Paul_
    Paul_ 2 months ago +5

    What a game! So far England has never defeated USA in the world cup. Hopefully this gives USA a great momentum leading to the Iran match and advancing. USA needs to turn into goal scoring crazy mode, play with no fear!

  • AE E
    AE E 2 months ago +140

    When you're watching this after already knowing the final score and still wince whenever the ball comes close to a goal.

    • A N
      A N 2 months ago

      @CleanEarth If you think it is boring, likely because you don't understand the game and have never played it. It is so fun to play! I think American Football is boring for those very reasons...

    • Aieko
      Aieko 2 months ago +3

      @CleanEarth your unbelievable if you call this game boring 😭

    • CleanEarth
      CleanEarth 2 months ago

      I think you have to be pretty sheepy to watch soccer 0-0 score talk about boring...

    • A N
      A N 2 months ago


    • Terry Trezner
      Terry Trezner 2 months ago +2

      Yep, that's what I did.

  • Jeremy King
    Jeremy King 2 months ago +1

    I'm not a big fan of the disrespect that seems to come out from both sides in this matchup, but these are two dangerous teams. You can really see the potential of the young USA roster when they gain more confidence and experience. And England's squad is full of legendary players and world class skill. I hope this stays as a matchup that we can look forward to for many years to come. This has been one of the most enjoyable World Cups to watch in my entire life. There is massive talent on display everywhere you look, in every nation and they are all playing for the pride of their country. Cheers from USA

  • Mr. Charming
    Mr. Charming 2 months ago +5

    They don't want to hurt each other, no goals, no fouls, no hard feelings, everyone is happy.

  • irae.k
    irae.k 2 months ago +3

    Harry Maguire actually played like a top defender this game. Man hustled.

  • Blue Figure
    Blue Figure Month ago +1

    Go usa!!

  • Turyan Rafaelli
    Turyan Rafaelli 2 months ago +4

    Proud of my country! 2026 we will be on top here on US soil!

  • WildwoodClaire1
    WildwoodClaire1 2 months ago +3

    The match [possibly] revealed that the US team is better than many thought and the English team is not quite as good as some thought.

  • Synconntez
    Synconntez 2 months ago +1

    It's amazing how this year, teams you expect to get out there and play next level soccer, get out there and play mediocre instead, bringing their game level down to match opposing players. Why is this happening this year? This is why I don't bother with FIFA any more. This game stank of a deliberate attempt to ensure a certain team can select their opponent in a coming game.... just saying...

    KWANGSOON CHANG 2 months ago +759

    Thanks to all soccer mom in US, we salute you! Go, USMNT!

    • Danny Phantom
      Danny Phantom 2 months ago

      Underrated comment

    • Preston Phillips
      Preston Phillips 2 months ago

      @barg box I agree

    • Afro Man
      Afro Man 2 months ago

      @Ilya Kovalchuk well I'd be happy to see both teams succeed but I ask you which team would you cheer for? You don't have to be politically correct it's obvious question bro.

    • Ramazan Yener
      Ramazan Yener 2 months ago +1


    • barg box
      barg box  2 months ago

      @Preston Phillips liberals suck

    SKYTOUCH 🕊 2 months ago

    Always great to see the US and England go at it!

  • Toxik Waste
    Toxik Waste 2 months ago +2

    Turner is an amazing goalie and prevented the superior English team from scoring any goals, wow!

  • thewirah1
    thewirah1 2 months ago +12

    The US team was good everywhere except in the box. Choked in front of the goal a few times. I don't understand why Pulisik did all the corner kicks. Turner did great.

  • brandon mcalister
    brandon mcalister Month ago

    Honestly, I think the US just goes harder anytime we compete with England🤷‍♂️😂🤠💂‍♀️🇬🇧🇺🇸for some reason🤣🎆☕️🛳

  • Soggypotatoes29
    Soggypotatoes29 2 months ago +361

    The fact that there has been so many draw matches shows the teams have gotten better compared to the previous World Cups

    • Shaheed Harun
      Shaheed Harun 2 months ago

      @dr kay Only makes playing defense & goalie much easier! You forget there are diff positions, and think forward is the only position smh

    • Shaheed Harun
      Shaheed Harun 2 months ago +2

      @Na Tee In America it’s soccer. Ppl wear helmets in football. Soccer is a better name

    • Na Tee
      Na Tee 2 months ago

      @Shaheed Harun it's football

    • dr kay
      dr kay 2 months ago

      Exactly,it's become more competitive and difficult , makes the winner of this competition more worthwhile ..No easy games no more and that is good..

    • Flavio Velasquez
      Flavio Velasquez 2 months ago +4

      @Shaheed Harun Eventually fans will stop watching. Some teams may only have 3-4 legit scoring chances against a better team.
      Those rules favor the big nations 💯. I honestly think offsides should be at least the players entire body. Even teams with pace like Jamaica can't exploit their opponents lines with those rules.

  • SV DaGoat
    SV DaGoat 2 months ago +3

    For the first time in a LONG time the US men's team looked really good to control the game against such a stacked team like England and McKennie crosses were a thing of beauty would've been pretty ironic to see Pulisic score against England especially since he plays for Chelsea now the focus is on Iran win and advance !

    • Chris
      Chris 2 months ago

      Long time? 2014?

  • jlb74a
    jlb74a 2 months ago +3

    In my opinion, England played a better team today than Iran four days ago.... against Iran, England's goals were so easy because the iranian team was chaotic and its defense was out of control. Goals came in to easy , it was like a team from the PL playing a team from The Championship. Even though they didnt win, England played a better game today... the man of the match, out of all people, Maguire. He looked like a left winger... :)))))

  • Plus231 Official 🇱🇷
    Plus231 Official 🇱🇷 2 months ago +9

    This US team is the future. They need to play more international matches. You can see the chemistry. Give them the next World Cup. They gonna be a problem 🇺🇸

  • Directo Al Marco
    Directo Al Marco 2 months ago +2

    Muy buen partido, sobre todo el segundo tiempo.

  • Jchristif
    Jchristif 2 months ago +156

    This was one of the fullest stadiums I’ve seen at event

    • Lilieth Cameron
      Lilieth Cameron 2 months ago

      Yeah, tons of English red and white in all over the stadium.

    • Michelle
      Michelle 2 months ago

      @jlbueno0611 lol true 😂😂

    • I Can't State an opinion on the Internet
      I Can't State an opinion on the Internet 2 months ago +6

      Mexico fans still are kings of making them have homefield advantage wherever they play though

    • jlbueno0611
      jlbueno0611 2 months ago +17

      Lol..wait till tomorrow on the mexico vs argentina.....that place is gonna be packed ...even outside in the parking lots

    • Mo A
      Mo A 2 months ago +11

      Saudi Arabia and Argentina was 88000

  • Long420circles
    Long420circles 2 months ago +2

    Even though it was 0-0 as a American that game was definitely one of my favorites ever

  • Elijah James
    Elijah James 2 months ago +6

    First game I was so excited to watch live and I missed it. I have never felt so much disappointment and sadness in myself

  • BGY Mix
    BGY Mix 2 months ago +79

    I don't usually watch the sport, but I HAD to tune in to this legendary matchup

    • CleanEarth
      CleanEarth 2 months ago +1

      So legendary no one scored any points how long is a soccer game what a waste of

    • BGY Mix
      BGY Mix 2 months ago +5

      @Terry Trezner I agree. I don't watch the sport the most, but I understand why it attracts viewers the most. It unites people together and has an insane atmosphere at its games.

    • Chris
      Chris 2 months ago

      They played them in 2010

    • Terry Trezner
      Terry Trezner 2 months ago +23

      I don't either but I like these big tournaments when the US plays.
      I sat down to watch USA play Mexico in the World Cup a long time ago, I was curious as to why it's the most popular sport in the world. About 20 minutes in I got it, I understood. Every time Mexico would get close I'd just want them to kick it out of there. When the US would get close I'd want the goal, I understood why people love it. US won that game..... It really is a beautiful sport.

  • meltem cinar
    meltem cinar 2 months ago +1

    Thanks to all soccer mom in US, we salute you! Go, USMNT!

  • Raul Rubio
    Raul Rubio 2 months ago +15

    So proud of US MENS TEAM they showed quality today

  • Omnis
    Omnis 2 months ago +3

    Excellent job by the announcers on this one. You could really follow a lot of the play even if you were only listening.

  • Cj Boyer
    Cj Boyer 2 months ago +1

    I feel like we saw a B+ game from USMNT and a C+ game from England. I think we played extremely hard but I also think England over looked us coming off that thumping they gave Iran.

  • Nershon Kamara
    Nershon Kamara 2 months ago +2893

    England tasted the freedom of a draw 🦅

    • Tim R
      Tim R 2 months ago

      @A W Who would like to dominate the game where there is no winner? This game had no winner and no loser! In any competition there's always a winner and a loser.

    • Brotato Chip
      Brotato Chip 2 months ago

      @Idk Dino 🦕 he was saying if they focused on European football instead they’d be the best. All of the best athletes in the us go to other sports.

    • Brotato Chip
      Brotato Chip 2 months ago

      @A W honestly it’s a fair trade for these other sport. Nfl, nba, nhl, and mlb are all great leagues. What’s a shame is that the world doesn’t pick up these games.

    • K LR
      K LR 2 months ago

      @Crypto then we had the last laugh in 1812 😃

    • K LR
      K LR 2 months ago

      @Crypto then we had the last laugh in 1812 😃

  • Mateusz Bak
    Mateusz Bak 2 months ago +9

    there’s so much talent in the us it’s honestly shocking to me how the national has managed to stay bad so long. thankfully tho it finally seems we’re breaking thru.

    • Guy Conger
      Guy Conger 2 months ago

      @Chris As far as having strikers/scorers yes I agree.

    • Chris
      Chris 2 months ago

      Do you have any clue what you are talking about? Go watch 2002 highlights. This is one of our weakest squads.

  • Thunder_Cheek
    Thunder_Cheek 2 months ago +2

    The US just need a fast, ball playing CB and a clinical striker and they’re golden.
    Oh, and also a new manager.

  • Bryan Florian
    Bryan Florian 2 months ago +1

    USA showing strengths of just great potential. Let’s keep supporting the boys 🇺🇸⚽️🇺🇸

  • Vdramatico
    Vdramatico 2 months ago +35

    It’s funny how polite both teams are .No faults at all

    • Ashaaz Imroz
      Ashaaz Imroz 2 months ago


    • Logan Schroeder
      Logan Schroeder 2 months ago +6

      I think both squads respect each other. This was an all-around great match that should give the Americans plenty of hope heading into Tuesday.

    • Tim Taylor
      Tim Taylor 2 months ago +11

      @Tallo754 Welcome to football

    • Tallo754
      Tallo754 2 months ago +12

      If only their fans were like that

  • Abdoul Diallo
    Abdoul Diallo 2 months ago

    Go USA young players , great energy , great talent wow .

  • Sunbulah
    Sunbulah 2 months ago +5

    Great US defense and goalkeeper ⚽️

  • tigmo55
    tigmo55 2 months ago +1

    What a pleasant surprise! I truly wish that the U.S. could have found a way to score (SO close on a few occasions) but still...considering what England did to Iran, this was a real win for U.S. soccer. They have given themselves a chance to advance for sure. Gotta beat Iran though!

  • Old Pain
    Old Pain 2 months ago +1

    I feel like not losing against England is technically a win by international standards.
    I'd of been happy for a win (or a score) by either team.

  • Xylem 😈
    Xylem 😈 2 months ago +3

    US really played well. I seen all over that England would win. USA has a chance to win but need to make goals and not draw. So many draws are happening in this World Cup.

  • Mike Bennett
    Mike Bennett 2 months ago +1

    A draw. Some midfielders playing favorites though instead of going for immediate presses on offense. When it comes down it, USA players have virtually no originality in offensive moves. And when the ball is set up to them 9 yards in front of the goal, they shoot it thru the roof or 30 yards to the right of the goal. Pulisic had the one threat goal shot, everyone else thought they got points for putting the ball in the nosebleed seats.
    Now consider how many offensive attacks and how many shots they got against Wales and look at how Iran, of all teams, got a slew of attacks going against Wales. The US does not have an offensive mindset and even less of an ability to press an attack home. Defense only gets you so far (especially when losing the ball in your own end on dumb, needless intercepted passes).

  • Justin Pelkey
    Justin Pelkey 2 months ago +10

    McKennie was shooting like me the first time I played Fifa.

    • James
      James 2 months ago

      Honestly he wasted so many chances it’s ridiculous.

    • ooga booga
      ooga booga 2 months ago

      He shooting like me the first time I played football

  • Kevin B.
    Kevin B. 2 months ago +1

    Was expecting to beat England, just like in everything else we do since our independence 🦅

  • Swiftie4life
    Swiftie4life 2 months ago +642

    and people really thought that England was gonna walk all over us. smh

    • Ruben T
      Ruben T 2 months ago

      @Fe4rlessCv The last time the U.S. won a World Cup game by more than 1 goal was in 2002, against Mexico. Prior to that, it was 1930. There is no question about it that this team struggles at the World Cup level, in ways virtually no other national team does. They will play heroically against superior teams, but when it comes to teams against which they are the clear favorites to win, they have *no* killer instinct. It seems once they get a go-ahead goal, their number one priority seems to become "prevent the other team from scoring," rather than "protect the lead by extending it."

    • Andy G
      Andy G 2 months ago +3

      @ManE I thought England was going to smoke the US 5-0, what happened mate? 🤣 Every big mouth English pundit predicted US to come last in the group being destroyed by Wales and England lmaooo

    • Damaskごみ
      Damaskごみ 2 months ago +1

      @Lucky fr tho 🤣

    • ecbenny J
      ecbenny J 2 months ago +4

      @Lucky football being England’s only main sport is a good thing. That way they can mainly focus on producing top notch players. Imagine if the US only had one sport and then football? We would have won at least two World Cups by now!

    • Chris M
      Chris M 2 months ago +4

      @Jay Jay Fishing Lol great excuse, USA has a great team now and we controlled the ball for most of that game, England was panicking for sure.

  • Ibex
    Ibex 2 months ago

    Given how amazing the British team is this is an embarrassing moment for them and a triumph for the US team

  • Alejandro Sosa
    Alejandro Sosa 2 months ago +3

    As an American I'm happy with the draw.

  • E C
    E C 2 months ago +15

    As a Mexican 🇲🇽 I jumped and shouted goal when Pulisic 🇺🇸 hit the cross bar. Get this W against Iran 🇮🇷! Let’s go Concacaf!

    • Jacob McCoy
      Jacob McCoy 2 months ago +1

      @80's Nostalgia Guy same 🇺🇸🇲🇽

    • 80's Nostalgia Guy
      80's Nostalgia Guy 2 months ago +3

      Thank you. I wish you guys a good game tomorrow against Argentina. Greetings from Los Angeles.

  • Zarco Ivan Ambriz
    Zarco Ivan Ambriz 2 months ago +3

    Well played I'm rooting for USA/ MEX in this cup. Glad to see the US back in the Dance baby!! See you soon IRAN

  • Ed Salinas
    Ed Salinas 2 months ago +1

    I'm blow'n away! I didn't think the U.S. could do this well against this years World cup Brits.

  • crunkamigo
    crunkamigo 2 months ago +4

    I cannot believe the lack of yellow cards in this game. Thankfully it never got too physical, but if it did then the headline would have been about the missed cards. All in all, though, best draw I've watched in a minute.

  • Edson Delinski
    Edson Delinski 2 months ago +67

    Brazilian here but I’d love to see US winning their first WC.
    They should get more involved outside of us in many areas…

    • Mine Tekno
      Mine Tekno 2 months ago

      @Blanca Velasquez Takes more than money and resources. Can't buy talent, and that's one of the most crucial things to building a top team.

    • Blanca Velasquez
      Blanca Velasquez 2 months ago

      @Mine Tekno there’s enough money and resources for all the games

    • Mine Tekno
      Mine Tekno 2 months ago

      @Dacholo If they could they already would have. Many US players go to Europe so teams can reach the American market, not because players are the most talented.

    • Dacholo
      Dacholo 2 months ago +2

      @Mine Tekno no, the USA is large and can produce plenty without the need of diverting from other sports. Same as the other largely populated countries.

    • Cynthia Ott
      Cynthia Ott 2 months ago

      Thank you

  • J
    J 2 months ago +3

    McKennie straight up SHANKIN it holy cow 😵‍💫

  • M C
    M C 2 months ago +1

    It was an OK game, both teams were cautionary and not over committed. A draw is a fair result. I am disappointed US didn't go for it in the last 10 minutes, but a point is not a bad result to US. Cz at least they are still in it. They have to go for it versus Iran, let's see if they can get the win and through to the next round.

  • O. Bottechia
    O. Bottechia 2 months ago

    Frankly, the US played really well...pressing England high at midfield and attacking whoever had the ball, if only they had scored!!! From what I saw today, they'll go further in this WC. ⚽️🇺🇸😎

  • Maldust
    Maldust 2 months ago +71

    This is one reason I love this sport, 0-0, and still an awesome game

    • ecbenny J
      ecbenny J 2 months ago

      @Tim R well, I can’t truly convince my you but if you don’t like the sport then why even complain? That’s just the way it is, and when you truly appreciate the sport then you understand why it is the way it is. A team gets 3 points for a win and 1 for a tie. In a way, a team that ties does deserve a point for all the effort they put in. It’s the hardest team sport in the world and also the most toughest on the human body. A team doesn’t want to risk injuries so ending a game in a tie is justified considering how much wear and tear is put on the body after running constantly for 90 minutes. But like I said, if you don’t like it then don’t watch it. Nobody is trying to convince you to become a fan. Just continue watching your American football and be happy with that 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Tim R
      Tim R 2 months ago

      @ecbenny J was there a winner or loser? Or did both teams just get some exercise??

    • Guy Conger
      Guy Conger 2 months ago

      0-0 is what drives the typical American crazy.

    • ecbenny J
      ecbenny J 2 months ago

      @Tim R and in every competition nobody runs 90+ minutes and makes sudden changes in directions which causes a tremendous amount of wear and tear on joints. It’s OK that there are ties because nobody gets all three points, only one.

    • Tim R
      Tim R 2 months ago

      In most competitions there is a winner and a loser.

  • Jerry Hsu
    Jerry Hsu 2 months ago +1

    Great performance by the US team. Now that tie with Wales is costly. They have to beat a tough Iranian team to advance. But they can do it!

  • Dr. apostasy
    Dr. apostasy 2 months ago

    2026 is our year.. our youth is masterclass..... this reminds me of when germany laid an egg and did not qualify and then proceeded to win the cup 10 years later. their youth program improved and motivated the country as a whole to better the sport.

  • Keramatir Raja
    Keramatir Raja 2 months ago

    Great job USMNT folks! Keep up the good work and we will win the next match.

  • sila  nur
    sila nur 2 months ago +1

    The USA really dominated England. They played great, especially Matt Turner in goal and Tyler Adams, Musah, and Mckennie in midfield. Unlucky to not have scored.

  • Generation Youth
    Generation Youth 2 months ago +1

    Great match and great showing by the US indeed.

  • SevoVEVO
    SevoVEVO 2 months ago +103

    Wow! USA supremely exceeded my expectations today. USA gave England a proper game. Maguire somehow surprisingly had an excellent today. Southgate was totally outclassed!!!

    • Sea Sky
      Sea Sky 2 months ago +1

      Still we are hoping for goals and a win. Draw is better than a losing though.

    • Chris M
      Chris M 2 months ago +7

      Agreed, US played really well, arguably better than England. We really proved we're to be taken seriously in this tournament now, I'm so excited to see us play again. Man I really wish we scored a goal though, I was so hyped for them when they got those close shots, like the crossbar shot was a nail biter haha.

  • Nancy Smith
    Nancy Smith 2 months ago

    Well played match...
    Sponsors, fans, owners, worker's especially, commentators, goalies good saves...
    Nice use of using fans shooting balls...
    Barber's and hair stylist, dresser's amazing work, skin care products

  • tompara2
    tompara2 2 months ago

    I"m finally proud of the US mens team!

  • David Soto Santos
    David Soto Santos 2 months ago

    These highlights do not do justice for team USA that played a phenomenal game🔥

  • Ivan Mulin
    Ivan Mulin 2 months ago +2

    😳 I can't even imagine the match against Iran on Tuesday,
    I think it will be felt in the hearts of the fans, whether it be for the joy of victory or the pain of defeat

  • Jeff
    Jeff 2 months ago +3

    Don’t tread on me. Well played US!

  • JJ Plasencio
    JJ Plasencio 2 months ago +2

    England’s dating profile says they’re a great team but I have a hard time seeing the evidence. US could’ve won this match just as much as England could have. Entitlement can punish countries, we are seeing that again and again as “powerhouse” countries still have to put points on the board.

    BYINGTON HEAVEN MINISTRY 2 months ago +11

    So much Improvement in USA 🇺🇸 men soccer Team! ⚽️ Great Job Men of the Greatest place on Earth 🌎 The USA 🇺🇸