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Rusty Deadlocked Vise - Restoration (the 3rd)

  • Published on Nov 21, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Edo
    Edo 2 months ago +3782

    My theory is that the earth is round because My Mechanics removed all the sharp edges

    • David Cardoso
      David Cardoso 27 days ago

      I laughed at your comment, but I always wonder what can the sharp edges possibly have done to him in the past for him to hate them so much!

    • Maksimus_prime
      Maksimus_prime 28 days ago

      You better Not Show @my mechanics minecraft

    • bioLarzen
      bioLarzen Month ago

      Don't forget about the blueing of the oceans ;)

    • Martin Adrian Arcenas
      Martin Adrian Arcenas Month ago

      Better hope he doesnt decide to make a new one

    • Stephen Youd
      Stephen Youd Month ago +1

      Lets hope he doesnt have to makje a new one !!!

  • John Romberg
    John Romberg Month ago +79

    He has what seems like a dream "job"! I'm guessing there are tedious parts too, maybe the whole video production aspect takes some fun out of it all, but man... To repair old and interesting stuff to a higher than factory standard and, hopefully, be well compensated for it is just an awesome way to live! I'm so envious!

  • Jill Davies
    Jill Davies 2 months ago +903

    I am a lady in her mid-seventies with no interest or aptitude in engineering or mechanics, but oh! how I love to watch you repair these damaged tools and restore them to a state of beauty and a second life. I particularly enjoy it when you make a tool to help you solve some problem. I am so impressed by the filming and editing of your projects. Your work is far superior to that of any other restoration channel. Thank you for the pleasure it has given me over the years.

    • Jim Cheseborough
      Jim Cheseborough 20 days ago +1

      @Tom Perkins i mentioned it. So must matter to me. Right?

    • Tom Perkins
      Tom Perkins 20 days ago

      @Stephen Clark One of the reasons i enjoy this channel is not having to listen to a bunch of untoward comments. I just deeply appreciate the man's skill, performance, and excellence.

    • Tom Perkins
      Tom Perkins 20 days ago

      @Jim Cheseborough Oh, please. Does that really matter?

    • darkallegiance666
      darkallegiance666 Month ago

      @Omega Diving Academy I love it when I see him using a tool that I have watched him restore in a new project - after all, tools are made to be used, not just hung on walls.

    • A Smith
      A Smith Month ago

      Snap! Just love watching !!

  • Lars Nilsson
    Lars Nilsson Month ago +15

    as a amateur mechanic i really LOVE to see you keeping everything so clean and orderly in your shop/garage. I am of that same kind of person, and has even painted my workbech white to see all dirt easier. My "thing" is to get into small projects where i do new things out of anything. As i have a rather poor childhood i learned to make my own tools and come up with solutions to problems. LOTS of trial and errors. Like i can feel pretty easy now when a bolt is starting to break, and backs off.
    I love what you do and i wish i had all your tools and machines.
    But mostly i love your relaxed style, just doing it slowly and methodically.
    THAT is what makes these videos extra good.

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  Month ago +2

      Even though my bench is wood, I clean it too very often :-)

  • S B
    S B Month ago +47

    Love your professionalism and precision, lathe close-ups and sandblasting are the best! Thanks for the great material.

  • rdjess
    rdjess 2 months ago +1664

    You’ve done more for Gressel vise sales than any advertising they’ve done in the last 100 years 😂

    • Face2theScr33n
      Face2theScr33n 15 hours ago

      @HelplmChoking Fair enough, I just wish mass-produced things were a little higher on the quality chart. These days, half of the aftermarket car parts are junk in a box and don't even work. Things we take for granted, like heat-treating a camshaft so it's properly hardened for example. People have perfected heat-treating steel, hardening and tempering. Then, some bean-counters threw away the recipe for success to save a buck.
      Another major problem is the loss of value in currencies. When money actually had intrinsic value, sincere effort was made to earn that money. Therefore, things were of better quality. Don't forget the wage stagnation of the last 30 years before the lockdowns inspired people returning to the workforce that demand more money or stay home instead.
      Now, all too many currencies are barely worth the cost of materials and effort to produce. And it can be robbed from you at the whim of Government/Corporate kleptocratic fascist assholes through inflation and devaluation at any time. How many people signed up for pensions that sounded good 30 years ago and now have to work through retirement because the money is worthless?
      Sorry, just ranting. I don't mean to be rude to you, or even really disagree. I'm just shaking my head thinking things could be better. I just took a job maintaining vacation properties, and one rented at Christmas for USD $90,000 PER WEEK! That is a lot of money for a one week vacation, and it makes me think our currency is a fucking joke all things considered. Can't live without it though, I guess...

    • HelplmChoking
      HelplmChoking Day ago

      @Face2theScr33n that's why this channel hurts to watch sometimes lol can't help imagining a world where every single thing I have was built to this level. Imagine your car, but every nut and bolt was turned to a precise fit, every casting was machined, filed and sanded to a perfect finish and not a single mass produced part existed! It would be a beautiful, intricate and higher quality than literally any other car.
      Sadly, it would take years of man hours and cost an equally eye watering amount, I guess mass production has its place

    • Arcadia Green
      Arcadia Green 2 months ago +2

      See you all again in 2 years for another one

    • Waldorf Von Muppet
      Waldorf Von Muppet 2 months ago

      So true 👍

      GRESSEL AG 2 months ago +8

      Such a good product we don't need to advertise 😉

  • Rob Cantor
    Rob Cantor 2 months ago +331

    What is maybe not so immediately obvious to your viewers is that you are as meticulous and precise with your videography and editing as you are with your machining. It's a joy to see someone who takes so much pride in getting it exactly right. Thanks for all you do.

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  Month ago +3

      Nice to hear that, thank you very much :-)

    • Adam Rath
      Adam Rath 2 months ago +3

      Yes! And the amount of precise measurements/dimensions he must take in order to make his own parts. That can’t be simple, yet for our sake it’s just “I make a new one”!

    • Buffy Star
      Buffy Star 2 months ago

      Bro ur username 😳👀👁👁

    • Mariusz Dziewulski
      Mariusz Dziewulski 2 months ago +2

      how you do anything is how you do everything

    • Jim Cheseborough
      Jim Cheseborough 2 months ago +1

      @Caveman Hikes immediately obvious

  • RaggedyAtom
    RaggedyAtom Month ago +24

    My Mechanics | Where only 100% perfection is good enough.
    Bit of wording/quote inspiration as I really love how you deal with even the smallest things and manage to fix them with ease. Keep up the good work! 👍

  • Erik Žiak
    Erik Žiak 2 months ago +17

    This channel is right at the borderline of OCD. The dedication and attention to the last detail is amazing. I also restored an old small 60mm YORK vice, the old, rounded model, not the current version. While I removed all rust and paint and painted new, I do not have a lathe, nor mill, nor sandblasting box, nor welder. But it turned out still pretty nice, but marks from previous use are still noticeable. I wish I had the tools, time and patience like we see on this channel. I love watching your videos, you are simply the best. The last time I used a lathe or mill was 23 years ago. I liked the manual work.

    • Stephen Youd
      Stephen Youd Month ago +1

      It's the thought that counts and the intent and effort. I had a stroke 3 yrs ago leaving my left arm lame. but it hasnt stopped me. you just need to figure oiut how to clamp stuff. but soldering is tricky and i need my wife to hold the solder !

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  Month ago +2

      Cool story, thanks for sharing :-)

  • Dead Account
    Dead Account 2 months ago +10

    The tool you made is so cool. Great thinking and creation! 😁👍🏻

  • C Gr
    C Gr Month ago +1

    I loved this video. It's wonderous. Clearly dangerous though, in particular the sandblasting the surface, after having used a solvent or oil - I'ld like to know. I would not have increased the size of it. It is a treasure. This video is like surgery on a rusted metallic solid.

  • HWM Designs
    HWM Designs Month ago +7

    Restoration, re-use and up-cycle - it's the way to go. Great video and channel content.

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  Month ago

      Thank you very much, I really do appreciate it :-)

  • Gab MD
    Gab MD Month ago +2

    Awesome video, thanks mate! I really appreciate your attention to detail and how you respect the tools you restore. Out of curiosity: where did you get this rusty vise?

  • Richard Kuberski
    Richard Kuberski Month ago +1

    Beautiful work as always, but I would not put grease on the sliding surfaces. This will attract metal filings and dirt.

  • Joshua Zane
    Joshua Zane Month ago +2

    I always enjoy seeing your clever solutions to problems, like that tool you rigged up to unstick the jaws.

  • LaunchDetected
    LaunchDetected Month ago +2

    I watch your videos to rest my mind when I am sick, and it works. Thanks! I was a little bit worried when you cleaned the handle on the lathe, from a safety point of view that was clearly a no-no for me lol

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  Month ago +2

      I was very nervous too, but it was all clamped very secure

  • Gregory Briggler
    Gregory Briggler Month ago +1

    It's always a pleasure to watch your work!

  • Rowan Last name
    Rowan Last name Month ago +5

    Guys a legend. Love the dedication to restoration. Also love the gressel vice trilogy in general lol

  • David B
    David B 2 months ago +321

    You aren't demonstrating restorations; you're demonstrating a way of working. Clarity of thought, mindfulness in process, and quality of output. You'd be surprised how often your videos have affected my life in completely unrelated situations.

    • Nite Hawk
      Nite Hawk 2 months ago

      Eliminating flaws of the original design too...

    • Mathew Weissinger
      Mathew Weissinger 2 months ago +1

      This channel has made me a better design engineer for sure.

    • eltoncezar
      eltoncezar 2 months ago +4

      apply your absolute best in every smallest detail, even in the ones that nobody will notice. because you do it for you, to know you gave everything you could, not for others to enjoy or criticize.

    • Cat
      Cat 2 months ago

      @Lurifax fireball guy is amazing

    • Suitov
      Suitov 2 months ago +4

      Round corners on everything and countersink every screw! (But yes, I think I get what you mean.)

  • Mads Andersen Wellejus

    That was amazing! Wow, thank you for sharing!

  • wont
    wont 2 months ago +9

    A literal perfect restoration as usual

  • Raymond Bangma
    Raymond Bangma 2 months ago +5

    Beyond superior. Masterful. Exceedingly enjoyable seeing you do your craft. I'll call it art.

  • David Rose
    David Rose 2 months ago +33

    I have a seven year old daughter who has previously never shown any interest in mechanics or engineering, but she adores your videos. We both sit and watch them together after school; I think you have inspired a future engineer!
    Great work as always.

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  2 months ago +7

      Nice to hear that, thank you very much :-)

  • David Martin
    David Martin 2 months ago +291

    I watch tons of restoration videos from all sorts of different Clip-Sharers, but somehow yours always end up just being on another level. Not that the others are lacking in any way, yours are just the best.
    The editing, the production, the quality of the finished product, etc…
    I’ve also noticed that you keep the always seem to know precisely how long to show us each of the repetitive steps like filing, sanding, sand blasting each part, etc. so that we get the idea without it getting boring. Even though you may spend 10 minutes or something sandblasting a part, we only see a few seconds. I appreciate it as a viewer.

    • Mirendil1
      Mirendil1 Month ago

      I agree 99% of your comment except for sandblasting... you can't ever get enough of it. It's so satisfaying to watch!

    • SalatSchnitzel
      SalatSchnitzel 2 months ago

      @my mechanics your editing and cutting skill are pretty good :)

    • thw7five
      thw7five 2 months ago +1

      Without question. These are the finest resto videos on Clip-Share.

    • Robert Lassiter
      Robert Lassiter 2 months ago

      I concur! Well said.

    • ody vinty*
      ody vinty* 2 months ago +3

      @Perinne bruh

  • Green power
    Green power Month ago +5

    Super.Your work is far superior to that of any other restoration channel.

  • Game Asur
    Game Asur Month ago

    Another masterpiece from my favourite Clip-Sharer/artist. I don’t know how i skip this vid. For so long. But again my mind is settled after watching this. Love from india.

  • Jade Diquattro
    Jade Diquattro Month ago +3

    I really enjoy watching your work, thank you for sharing.

  • Patrick Henson
    Patrick Henson Month ago +1

    Weird question... what do you do with the metal waste when you mill things? I'm not as concerned about the environmental issues with it, more the creative. I've seen people make things like Damascus blades with it. Have you ever looked into ideas like that? Love the channel, love the work, it soothes me while giving me motivation to work on my own projects.

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  Month ago +2

      I recycle everything I can.

    • Vickie Bligh
      Vickie Bligh Month ago +1

      MM recycles all metal shavings & swarf from his lathe & mill.

  • Duskpaw 1
    Duskpaw 1 Month ago +4

    Тот случай, когда отреставрированные тиски выглядят в тысячи раз круче, чем то что продаётся у нас в магазинах

  • Hari Hara Kumar
    Hari Hara Kumar Month ago +2

    Like everything else that "my mechanics" does, this thing now belongs in a museum. Beautiful work.

    AVINASH G Month ago +1

    Perfect , Accurate & Clean work always 🥰🥰 Love from INDIA!!

  • seedling15
    seedling15 Month ago +2

    Another great restoration, so I've seen you use this sanding block on tons of metal parts. What is it called, grit, and where can one purchase it? Thanks.

    • Vickie Bligh
      Vickie Bligh Month ago +1

      @seedling15 Honestly, that part I don't know. I just know the grits that MM has listed in the past and has talked about on Patreon.

    • seedling15
      seedling15 Month ago

      @Vickie Bligh Thx so is that the proper grit to use to sand metal to that brushed finish?

    • seedling15
      seedling15 Month ago

      @my mechanics My bad 15:42

    • Vickie Bligh
      Vickie Bligh Month ago +1

      If you are referring to his sanding plate, it's just an aluminum block, 2.5cm (1in) thick x 30cm square that he attaches 240 grit sandpaper to.

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  Month ago

      you mean the oil stone? timestamp?

  • David Lindes
    David Lindes Month ago +1

    Is it just the photography, or is it really that gorgeous? Either way, great work! (In both categories -- restoration, and (video)photography.)

    • David Lindes
      David Lindes Month ago

      @my mechanics it's a pleasure to be! Gladly done. :)

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  Month ago +1

      Thanks a lot for being here :-)

  • willieckaslike
    willieckaslike 2 months ago +2

    Beautiful result, Sir. Thanks for sharing !

  • Typogene
    Typogene Month ago

    Topp Arbeit wie immer!

  • Schraubtischtäter - trashes to treasures

    Great work! I am wondering, and maybe this question has already been answered, but: are you restoring these pieces for re-sale? Or just for yourself and the videos?

  • Linda Wallace
    Linda Wallace Month ago +2

    Beautiful Job !!

  • Vivian Costa
    Vivian Costa 29 days ago +1

    OMG! The patience you have

  • 303HammerHead
    303HammerHead Month ago +2

    Chrisfix tried a penetrating oil made of half automatic transmission fluid and half acetone (iirc). It seemed to be very good at disolving rust and loosening stuff, maybe it can help you sometime?

  • Lee78072
    Lee78072 Month ago

    Must be a great feeling to sandblast off all the dirt and Rust. I was restoring a Horse pulled Plow. It is a nice Feeling to see cleaned, repaired and primed parts in front. LIke a hidden Treasure.

  • JD Kempton
    JD Kempton 2 months ago +461

    The snap sound a bolt makes when coming loose is somehow amazingly satisfying and terrifying at the same time.

    • John O'Neill
      John O'Neill 2 months ago +3

      Had a seized rotor on a car once. Using puller tool, when the rotor broke loose it sounded like a gun shot. Thankfully I threaded a lugnut partially on or else the rotor would've smacked me right in the chest

    • BGood1965
      BGood1965 2 months ago +10

      @Perinne You need to go back to school.

    • Aku Autio
      Aku Autio 2 months ago +6

      @Autunite hehe, screwed

    • Autunite
      Autunite 2 months ago +12

      If the snap comes right as the bolt moves for the first time, you're good. If it comes right after the bolt seems to move, although quite slowly and difficultly, then you're most likely screwed.

    • Steve the country cook
      Steve the country cook 2 months ago +8

      I was a school bus mechanic for over 30 years. usually for me that "snap" meant get out the punch,drill, and tap, cause the sucker broke off! Even heating and spraying! Oh well, we were always in too big a hurry! Haha.

  • Andrew Lloyd
    Andrew Lloyd 2 months ago +4

    After watching a bunch of your videos, I suspect you might actually be a wizard. Also thank you for no music.

  • Alexandre Albergaria
    Alexandre Albergaria Month ago +2

    i literally look for an old vice any vintage store/fair i go - hopefully to idk think that maybe one day i can do my own restoration :)

  • Themus Kwan
    Themus Kwan Month ago +2

    Genius !! So satisfying to watch.
    From start to finish.
    Definitely restoration expert.
    Lets start the bidding at $500.....

  • Akzorz
    Akzorz Month ago +1

    11:14 So, I've always wondered this. Why not, just use like a stiff foam or even a wood block and paint that, press it to the letters and get just as good if not better lettering with less effort? You just enjoy the painting? I would be terrified I would mess them up some how 😂, perhaps you just have more confidence in your steady hands. 👏 Amazing build as always, and your comment section always has me dying of laughter. Ty for making your videos, they are like a massage for my brain.

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  Month ago

      Never tried but I think it sounds easier than it actually would be

  • Zilege
    Zilege 2 months ago +3

    Wow didn't expect that drill bit broken inside. That takes some skill getting something like that out. 😅

    • Zilege
      Zilege Month ago

      @Ayaz Restoration Going to sub to the little man too. Everyone needs their fresh start. 😁

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  2 months ago +1

      What a surprise that was!

  • Ari Bantala
    Ari Bantala Month ago +2

    My man literally just materialized a 450-500USD Vise from Gressel taken virtually for free. 😆
    Your friend must've been very ecstatic knowing that their find now could worth half a grand, probably even more because how well made it is.

  • EL Kay Doug
    EL Kay Doug Month ago +1

    I love the sandblasting part!!!

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  Month ago

      There's a sandblasting special video on my second channel my mechanics insights

  • john Ruta
    john Ruta Month ago +1

    that broken drill bit in the other hole leads me to believe that someone was trying to repair it the right way but the bit broke so they went a different route

  • J B
    J B 2 months ago +2

    Seriously impressive. I wouldn't have the patience.

  • alex k
    alex k Month ago +1

    Newer had vise of that brand but for some reason I think now they look better than they came out from factory 😄

  • OrganOrgelOrgue
    OrganOrgelOrgue Month ago +2

    You could single handedly end the knife crime epidemic with all that removing sharp edges

  • Guti Nagy
    Guti Nagy Month ago +2

    Nagyon szép munka! Gratulálok!

  • FineArts
    FineArts Month ago +1

    Does the particulate coming off of the piece being ccleaned get mixed with the sand used for sand blasting and then recirculated? what happens to it

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  Month ago

      When it gets too small it get filtered out, dirt too.

  • Hendra KOCI
    Hendra KOCI Month ago +2

    Videos that will not be skipped by his subscribers. and too Enjoyable to watch, so that 19 minutes feels only 5 minutes. Too Soon to Finish. Most Details Restoration in the World.

  • Lee Mullen
    Lee Mullen Month ago +3

    I think I speak for everybody when I say we all look forward to your videos

  • Eliezer Weinbach
    Eliezer Weinbach 2 months ago +72

    Watching you remove that broken drill bit was the most satisfying thing I’ve seen in a long time.

    • Trap Johnson
      Trap Johnson Month ago

      @my mechanics *boulder begins rumbling*

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  Month ago +3

      I felt like Indiana Jones ;-)

    • Trap Johnson
      Trap Johnson 2 months ago +1

      @Florida Man *shudders* u right tho

    • Moshe Sheckel
      Moshe Sheckel 2 months ago

      I watched my room mate masturbate when she thought she was alone... that was pretty satisfying.

    • cybertree
      cybertree 2 months ago +1

      Or when the vice finally gave way with a satisfying "bang" 1:38 😌

  • Ahmed El Monawir
    Ahmed El Monawir 2 months ago +158

    Your channel is often imitated but never bettered. Your work is head and shoulders above anyone and anywhere else.
    You take a decades old piece of junk and make it better than brand new; you turn it into art!
    Your skill, attention to detail and pursuit of perfection make you the very best and I await your videos probably more than any other on Clip-Share. Please keep amazing us with your work!

    • Sneakydevil45
      Sneakydevil45 2 months ago +5

      @my mechanics I will say, you have ruined restoration videos for me. I simply cannot enjoy them if they are not as attention to detail as yours is now😮‍💨

    • Dirge Media
      Dirge Media 2 months ago +16

      yes all other restoration channels are gangster until My Mechanics releases a new video....

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  2 months ago +25

      Thank you very much, I really do appreciate it :-)

  • Brian Hinton
    Brian Hinton Month ago +2

    Excellent work friend, look's great , have a nice day friend !!!.

  • Sal Kabalani
    Sal Kabalani Month ago +1

    amazing job

  • ratrod diesels
    ratrod diesels Month ago +2

    thank you for sharing this wonderful video , i will watch it again .

    • ratrod diesels
      ratrod diesels Month ago

      @my mechanics thank you i liked your video i will view them again. you folks do top quality work .

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  Month ago +1

      Thanks a lot for being here :-)

    KAJAL DEY Month ago +1

    Amazing your hand work sir, awesome 👌👌👌👌 from INDIA

  • Zac Jarvis
    Zac Jarvis Month ago +2

    Like many wonder, can you reveal the total hours to complete this project

  • Professor Roundbottom
    Professor Roundbottom Month ago +2

    What is the deciding factor between using bluing liquid or heating and quenching in oil?

    • Professor Roundbottom
      Professor Roundbottom Month ago +1

      @my mechanics
      Thank you! That was really interesting and gave a more complete answer to my question than I expected! 👍

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  Month ago +2

      Here's a video I made about bluing: clip-share.net/video/5Sty5upsadY/video.html

  • Lily Skye
    Lily Skye 2 months ago +5

    I really love how the hot bluing turned out on this one. Super beautiful end result and it was awesome seeing you make tools to solve problems along the way. I love your videos so much.

  • Ziomek Sterys
    Ziomek Sterys Month ago +1

    Too deep damages to file away.
    Step 1: make it bigger

  • Derek
    Derek Month ago +1

    Does anyone know why he doesn’t use a rubber roller to apply the paint for the lettering? Seems like it would be neater and easier than drawing it by hand.

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  Month ago +1

      I guess it would be pretty easy to ruin it if you mess up with the roller.

    • Vickie Bligh
      Vickie Bligh Month ago

      He's more comfortable with the hand painting.

  • Уличное шоу
    Уличное шоу Month ago +1

    Вам нужно лазером чистить весь инструмент, так быстрей

  • Marcio H Claudino
    Marcio H Claudino 2 months ago +44

    This is not only a restoration video. This is art. You are an artist and the restoration products are only a way to show the world your talent.

  • fabiopinna
    fabiopinna 2 months ago +2

    "A bit of penetrating oil"
    *uses half of the can*

  • Restoration Mania
    Restoration Mania 2 months ago +17

    *You are the reason I started filming my restorations. You inspired 💫 me and I hope one day you find the time to watch one of my videos, your thoughts are very valuable for me.*

  • Darren Scruggs
    Darren Scruggs Month ago +8

    This was my favorite vise restoration so far. The bluing turned out amazing and it looked awesome with that red and white.

  • Sofian Hadi wiranata
    Sofian Hadi wiranata Month ago +1

    saya sangat senang ketika menonton semua konten konten anda.
    semua peralatan sangat lengkap.
    cara pengerjaannya sangat baik dan rapi.
    semua video anda tidak membosankan walaupun ditonton berkali kali ☺️.
    ditunggu video selanjutnya 👍

    • muhdfuad 24
      muhdfuad 24 11 days ago

      Kan. Rasa tenang bila tengok dia buat satu persatu dengan sangat teliti

  • Cam'ron Diplomats
    Cam'ron Diplomats 2 months ago +1

    Всегда смотрю с наслаждением

  • Árni Viðar Björgvinsson
    Árni Viðar Björgvinsson 2 months ago +283

    I love that you finally got to the tiny vise! Would be great to get a picture of all of them side by side. Gray, Green, Blue & Red. :)

  • rich keylor
    rich keylor Month ago +1

    Step one. Soak the whole thing in Evapo-Rust for two or three days.
    That stuff works.

  • Kishore R
    Kishore R Month ago +2

    Omg this looks so cute, I can't use it anymore. 😗🤧

  • dodgersfn Shepard
    dodgersfn Shepard Month ago +2

    Dude...just...dooood. that's excellent. Dig the color choice

  • Mike OHandley
    Mike OHandley 2 months ago +5

    It's too bad they don't have something similar to an Academy Award for restorations. If they did, I'd be one of many nominating you for Best Master Restorer. As always, definitely worth the wait. Nobody even comes close in terms of thoroughness and quality of finish.

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  2 months ago

      Thank you very much, much appreciated :-)

  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith 2 months ago +14

    I wish you had videos more often, but I will take quality over quantity any time and your quality is second to none. Simply beautiful.

  • Paulo M. Jr.
    Paulo M. Jr. 2 months ago +2

    Excelente trabalho, meus parabéns 👏👏👏

  • Adam Shannon
    Adam Shannon Month ago +2

    The factory worker who left those sharp edges in: Hey! Leave my edges alone!

  • Jonathan kline
    Jonathan kline 2 months ago +1

    What kind of files do you use? They are chewing that metal away quick!

  • Andrzej Borecki
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