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Spending 24 Hours In A City With No Laws

  • Published on May 6, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • We spent 24 hours straight in slab city, aka the city with no laws.
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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  3 years ago +246599

    Today is my birthday, subscribe plz

  • LT WT
    LT WT 3 years ago +61869

    You know your famous when a person in a lawless city with no electricity located in the middle of a desert recognises you

  • Giovanny Vidal
    Giovanny Vidal Month ago +304

    mr beast: esta ciudad no tiene leyes
    criminales: esta informacion vale millones

  • batier animations
    batier animations Month ago +41

    Ojalá mr beast venga a LATAM a alguna convención 😁

    • Xenocid
      Xenocid 23 days ago +2

      @MaseMase shush!

    • MaseMase
      MaseMase 23 days ago +1

      @Xenocid Oh lalalalalalala so funny how i dont understand you xd

    • El Jefe Master
      El Jefe Master 28 days ago

      @Xenocid Ñ

    • Xenocid
      Xenocid Month ago +2

      Oh lalalalalalalala so funny how i dont understand you xd

    • batier animations
      batier animations Month ago

      Apoco si

  • Joshua Baughn
    Joshua Baughn Month ago +23

    And I suppose they appoint a council of elders when a desperate need for decisions arise.

  • Willybom’Billy
    Willybom’Billy 29 days ago +8

    The Adventures Of Three Knife Man!!! The hero the city needs😂😂😂

  • Lobsterz
    Lobsterz 3 years ago +1139

    "we've been homicide-free for three days, shooting for a week"
    3 knife man: hold my knife

    • RedDeath5
      RedDeath5 Year ago +1

      Sir, which knife

    • Potassium
      Potassium 3 years ago +5

      @lilyy *Knives

    • lilyy
      lilyy 3 years ago +1


    • soap
      soap 3 years ago +2

      The ending ruined it

    • Miller K
      Miller K 3 years ago +9

      3 knife man: ... in your chest

  • Chico Black
    Chico Black Month ago +51

    9:41 did chandler just predict the Ohio meme? 😂

  • El negrito lindo De los Ríos

    ❤🎉Ya me suscribí a todos tus canales, apenas te descubrí ayer en la tarde y amanecí viendo tus videos, me encanto ese corazón ✨💖✨ingenioso pero ante todo bondadoso. El buen universo te ilumine siempre junto a tu maravilloso equipo y buenos patrocinadores Un abrazo al alma desde Colombia Sur America. Love forever………….. 💘😍DmrD

  • TheUltimateFighter
    TheUltimateFighter Month ago +7

    8:42 I agree, Chris. I agree.

  • esteban Colin
    esteban Colin Month ago +4

    Fácilmente está puede ser el inicio de una película de metraje encontrado horror.

  • Kayla Spanbock
    Kayla Spanbock 2 years ago +4303

    After all these challenges and Chris is still the only one who can set up a tent 😂

  • a
    a Month ago

    Vengan a Tepito ay si es peor que ese lugar

  • Ke.________.
    Ke.________. Month ago +2

    yo viendo que mr.beast esta en mexico pero no en mi estado: ;-:

  • 씨봉방
    씨봉방 Month ago +1

    부산사투리 ㅈㄴ 웃기네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 사랑해요 MrBeast ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    DANILO SANTOS Month ago +1

    muito bom

  • Hidde Griffioen
    Hidde Griffioen Year ago +12736

    “We’ve been homicide free for 3 days. We’re shooting for a week”
    So proud of them

    • LJ
      LJ 15 days ago

      Shooting for a week!🤣

    • Ramasamy Iob
      Ramasamy Iob 23 days ago

      Any one can help me please my husband in critical situation please help me 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😭😭😭😭😭

    • Las aventuras de Chía
      Las aventuras de Chía 2 months ago

      love you

    • Tyler Haro
      Tyler Haro 7 months ago

      That the record in my house

    • Mirkonight
      Mirkonight 7 months ago

      "dang maybe even 2 weeks, but we have to make it a week first"

  • SuperSexyNerd23
    SuperSexyNerd23 Month ago +4

    Imagine if when they played baseball that the ball hit someone near the wizard guy and he goes "welp,guess that homicide streak is ruined"

  • Javier g (JaviG)
    Javier g (JaviG) Month ago +2

    grande mr beast yéndose a andorra mad max para no pagar impuestos.

  • Mateo joaquin Vilanova

    los primeros comentarios que leo que no dicen que humilde mr beast

  • isa
    isa Month ago

    Viendo videos antiguos en pleno 2022

  • Hisham
    Hisham 3 years ago +1224

    Jimmy : No electricity!
    Also jimmy : There are lights at the party!

    • HC
      HC Month ago

      You make a good point

    • Bryan S
      Bryan S Year ago


    • J Mo
      J Mo Year ago

      Solar panels

    • Hisham
      Hisham 3 years ago +1

      @vincent castro aka minsin56 makes sense.

    • Infinity Gaming
      Infinity Gaming 3 years ago +1

      There are satelites on every roof

  • Me
    Me Month ago

    2023 MrBeast *i’m buying slab city and putting in laws*

  • AverageBoblosPlayer
    AverageBoblosPlayer Month ago +2

    Ppl: Dawmn bro Ohio is crazy
    Dis city: Ayo stop the 🧢

  • Yağız Kerem Özer
    Yağız Kerem Özer Month ago +4

    9:42 wait bro really made ohio meme 3 years ago💀

  • la team carotte
    la team carotte Month ago

    Happy birthday mr beast

  • Miles Sweet
    Miles Sweet 3 years ago +1472

    Mrbeast:3.1 million views in 6 hours
    Clip-Share trending list: y’all see something?

  • TAREQ. X
    TAREQ. X Month ago +2


  • Alan アラン
    Alan アラン Month ago +2

    Omaiga imagínate vivir en una ciudad así :000

    • Alan アラン
      Alan アラン Month ago

      @Astriix xdxd

    • Astriix
      Astriix Month ago

      y q un hombre de 3 cuchillos te diga q moriras xd

  • Davi Lucas
    Davi Lucas Month ago

    Happy birthday mrbeast

  • DarwinJesus OrtizRamos
    DarwinJesus OrtizRamos 24 days ago +2

    Es increíble todo lo que pueden hacer

  • Preston Jones
    Preston Jones 3 years ago +299

    Nice. Slab City is an interesting place. Yes, it is a community where people respect each other and get to meet really colorful people.
    Salvation Mountain is being maintained and restored by the near by community and good samaritans from out of the area. The hill was first inhabited and build by one person, Leonard Knight. Every day he would dedicate his time, resources and passion and his whole life to the project.
    He was very welcoming and was all than more than happy to welcome people that came by to take a look and told them bout his life and the reason for the hill.
    It's a place he spent to worship and wanted to people to know about and get people to come, has his way to spread the word of the lord. All the things you see he made by hand, painted it all, built it all with mud and hay, the large branches he moved all himself.
    He passed away in 2014.

  • Eduardoシ
    Eduardoシ Month ago

    Pero si es un barrio de Latinoamérica promedio

    EL PRO GAMER Month ago

    Happy birthday ms Beast

  • Rodrigo Cabrera
    Rodrigo Cabrera Month ago

    Tu si q vives tu vida al máximo xd

  • Celia Sloan
    Celia Sloan Month ago

    I love how Jimmy can just make anyone do anything for him by just paying them😂

  • Mashuu
    Mashuu 3 years ago +4871

    A city with no laws.
    Expectations: Everybody is running, screaming, you can hear gunshots, basically The Purge in one city
    Reality: Bowling and Open Mic Shows

    • 129das
      129das Year ago

      Most People have morals.

    • {Cactus_Gamer}
      {Cactus_Gamer} Year ago

      Ikr XD

    • Demona Pastime
      Demona Pastime 2 years ago

      They’ve also been homicide free for three days

    • Not Ologist
      Not Ologist 2 years ago +3

      Fun Fact, you actually DO hear heavy artillery fire and bombs constantly there, but only because it's near a military bombing range.

    • Connor Barkington
      Connor Barkington 2 years ago +2

      @claire To be fair there's at least one 3 Knife Guy in every city.

  • CASSI NALA Al reves

    Eso eso sale en GTA 5 Épico.

  • somkun poppy
    somkun poppy Month ago

    Mr beast in 2050: we are buy fucking Ohio for Satan

  • Sopa de Pedo UwU
    Sopa de Pedo UwU Month ago +4

    13:55 Jimmy bostezando jskdjfksjfkdjf me da años de vida

  • StevenWDubs
    StevenWDubs 29 days ago

    If only Technoblade were here 😢

  • Luis Tornez-Martinez
    Luis Tornez-Martinez 3 years ago +1735

    Purge: There’s 24 hours where you can do anything no laws
    This City: hold my beer

    • David Briggs
      David Briggs 10 months ago

      But there no crime

    • Silk The CatMoth
      Silk The CatMoth 10 months ago

      If you understand what they meant you don't need to correct them.

    • Xynxmymans
      Xynxmymans Year ago

      Woman: We are gonna die
      Men: *steals food*

    • Duck
      Duck Year ago

      hold me

    • Lusia !!!
      Lusia !!! Year ago

      “Hold my three rusty knives”

  • Ryze Drxco
    Ryze Drxco Month ago

    Did he tell the basketball goal to go back to its own country

  • Grey 7.9
    Grey 7.9 Month ago

    Está en la frontera de México 🇲🇽 y estados Unidos 🇺🇲

  • Elizabeth Jasso
    Elizabeth Jasso Month ago

    A es mi mexico querido

  • Lissette Cruz Franco
    Lissette Cruz Franco Month ago +3

    Chandler wasn't the first to get sick lol

  • weaveconic _
    weaveconic _ 3 years ago +933

    when a person living in a desert recognizes you, you know what you're doing is right

    • Halil Y
      Halil Y 3 years ago

      🦓 *WAN8T ME? LO4OK, I MASTBATE NAKED,снеск3 VID5еО.* 🔥🔥🔥

    • Teh Ribbons
      Teh Ribbons 3 years ago

      @Thechaostornado I think it's just cuz everyone knows about him so its easier to compare than actually finding a reasonable argument xD

    • Mathilde M.
      Mathilde M. 3 years ago +2

      @Thechaostornado Haha, yeah ,very true.

    • Thechaostornado
      Thechaostornado 3 years ago +2

      @Mathilde M. yeah, you got me. Just tired of people comparing everything to hitler, even when there is no connection.

    • Mathilde M.
      Mathilde M. 3 years ago +1

      @Thechaostornado triggered pansy much dear?

  • جوجو تشالنج

    10:34 You insulted my country

  • Еникеев Артур

    you don’t specifically translate into English you hear

  • JS BOYz OP
    JS BOYz OP Month ago

    Me looking up when the camera man said:me watching my mom face with a stick in her hand

  • Lukman Gurbanow
    Lukman Gurbanow Month ago


  • Mushie Mayhem
    Mushie Mayhem 3 years ago +1861

    man: does anyone skateboard?
    chris: *raises hand* “i do but i forgot it at home”
    man: you fü€k£d up

    • Nomadic Zig
      Nomadic Zig 11 months ago

      It's cause there's a skate park in town.

    • Niv3434 Ahmed
      Niv3434 Ahmed Year ago

      @Amateur_Apple a country with no laws for ya

    • Amateur_Apple
      Amateur_Apple 3 years ago

      Ü yeah he is Ü

    • little mickey
      little mickey 3 years ago +1

      @Lululipes i think they didnt want to use the swear word

  • abovemotors
    abovemotors Month ago +1

    If theres no electricity then why are there lights

  • Sung Jin Woo
    Sung Jin Woo Month ago +2

    Muito bom assistir MrBeast

    MK TRADE Month ago +2


  • Jorge Rivas
    Jorge Rivas Month ago

    soy tu fan

  • CryoTyro
    CryoTyro 3 years ago +526

    Jimmy is the kind of person to give other people money on his *own* birthday.

    • YoloYester
      YoloYester 7 months ago +1


    • meem _
      meem _ 3 years ago +3

      Jimmy is just a legend

    • Murkrays
      Murkrays 3 years ago +12

      I bet he would aslo let other people blow out the candles on his cake

    • Neeny1231
      Neeny1231 3 years ago +10

      CryoTyro he is giving away 10 grand on Twitter because it’s his birthday!

  • Jantzen Black
    Jantzen Black Month ago

    * Stayed in slab city for 5 hours lol ..

  • Makan & minum
    Makan & minum Month ago

    Salam dari Indonesia mr beast

  • Juana Jesus Mayta Soncco

    Parece el mapa de gta 5

  • Agustin Heisecke
    Agustin Heisecke Month ago +3

    Chandler es el alma de este programa.

  • BuddyBee
    BuddyBee 3 years ago +1860

    Chris: Wanna play basketball?
    Three knife man: I'm about to end this mans whole career.

    • ItsCharapy
      ItsCharapy 3 years ago

      Jeremy Howard also three knife man has 3 words in it

    • Jeremy Howard
      Jeremy Howard 3 years ago +11

      This comment right now has 333 likes....
      Maybe you are Three Knife Man

    • ¿Up In Smoke?
      ¿Up In Smoke? 3 years ago +1

      Someone already stole your comment! Lmfao

    • Goon Rides
      Goon Rides 3 years ago +6

      Wafflehouse34 WHAT CAREER (Supa Hot Fire... please don’t make fun of me)

  • JaredAlyse Jensen
    JaredAlyse Jensen 28 days ago

    MrBeast u are so kind and caring for others I love you so much and your videos ❤

  • Cristian Guzman
    Cristian Guzman Month ago

    Si tan solo tubiera una oportunidad de estar con tigo aria cualquier reto tan solo de conocerte🥲🥲🥲

  • MRS
    MRS Month ago

    تحدي انه اكون في منزل ١٠٠ ايوم وربح مليون دولار😅❤ حاب ان اكون اول عربي يدخل في قناتك

  • Sebastian Coll
    Sebastian Coll Month ago


  • Volleygirl 99
    Volleygirl 99 Year ago +9650

    The fact that Chris came with them when he was sick literally shows how much they need him in order to survive. He the man :)

  • un africano
    un africano Month ago

    Cuando entras a un servidor anarquico de minecraft

  • Hilber Martinez
    Hilber Martinez Month ago

    Terror de los abogados

  • Maddox Campbell
    Maddox Campbell 20 days ago

    Garrett saying "I went to Ohio" would go on to be his most legendary line

  • 장작
    장작 Month ago

    make a city

  • J O
    J O 3 years ago +1480

    “Go back to your own country”
    “Heard that before”
    I felt that on a spiritual level 😂

  • Rauda Nurliza
    Rauda Nurliza Month ago


  • Thuận NVT Vlogs
    Thuận NVT Vlogs 14 days ago

    Imagine being in the middle of an apocalypse and seeing a FedEx van delivering stuff

  • m3ndy
    m3ndy Month ago +3

    I really don't understand how Jimmy manages to do that lol

  • 그러지 왜
    그러지 왜 Month ago

    형 10만원만 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Gerard Ah-Fook
    Gerard Ah-Fook Year ago +2914

    If three knife man was actually planning that then chris is a LIFE SAVER

    • stpaulimdog
      stpaulimdog 5 months ago

      True. He might've been waiting until they were all asleep, or most likely was just crazy and forgot about the whole thing with his next drink.

    • GiannisFan3030
      GiannisFan3030 5 months ago +1

      Trust in the LORD, and do good; dwell in the land and befriend faithfulness" - Psalm 37:3

    • Rainbow Rose
      Rainbow Rose 5 months ago

      no but for real.

    • Aerial Imaging
      Aerial Imaging Year ago +1

      @Duck ?

    • Duck
      Duck Year ago +1


  • ze7zer0
    ze7zer0 Month ago

    fallout beast edition

    M ARIEF FURQON R Month ago

    😄😄😄😄 lucu sekali

  • BeastFanEver
    BeastFanEver 18 days ago +1

    Respect you Jimmy❤️❤️

  • DIDIER Santana
    DIDIER Santana Month ago

    XD me dio mucha risa el hombre de los tres cuchillos 😂

  • James Franco
    James Franco 3 years ago +2744

    There’s no McDonalds out here
    Chandler: “Sooo when are we leaving”

    • Yashiro
      Yashiro 9 months ago

      @Victor what

    • Rosalba Cuna
      Rosalba Cuna 10 months ago


    • mr.bingus
      mr.bingus 10 months ago

      @Victor oh no I’m sorry for your lost 😞

    • Victor
      Victor 11 months ago

      @clã hvb henrique He died a year ago. Man got to become a deliquient meal though so I respect that😔💔

    • clã hvb henrique
      clã hvb henrique 11 months ago

      @Victor i think you brother is missing. It has been 2 years now

  • thhugo
    thhugo Month ago +2

    Que humilde mr beast en el simulador de latam

  • •G-O•
    •G-O• 14 days ago

    "Can't I just give you 1k for both"
    Got me cracking up

  • lily pham
    lily pham Month ago

    Cap ou pas cap d’aller au Vietnam

  • Richard Ziolkowski
    Richard Ziolkowski 8 days ago

    @MrBeast There is a place in Australia called Lightning Ridge that is basically the "Slab City" of Australia. I've heard they have a great golf course.

  • Randomplaceinruralamerica

    “We’ve been homicide free for 3 days”
    That’s pretty good! Less than most major cities!

    • SB817
      SB817 7 months ago

      @Sarah Johnson Ur mum

    • YoloYester
      YoloYester 7 months ago

      @Lol Lol ok yoda.

    • YoloYester
      YoloYester 7 months ago

      B A S E D AS H E L L

    • Duck
      Duck Year ago


    • Lol Lol
      Lol Lol Year ago

      @Kiyan at least i got grammar unlike you

  • Camila Lopez Torres
    Camila Lopez Torres 11 days ago

    Necesito una polera de Mrbeast para entrenar 🤠🇨🇱

  • ~Alejandro~
    ~Alejandro~ Month ago +1

    "hasta ahora la gente a Sido muy amable con nosotros"
    "Vas a morir" XDD

  • Theo Storr
    Theo Storr 3 days ago

    Man, I’d love to go to Slab City.

  • Тима Орехов
    Тима Орехов 11 days ago

    Крутые видео) после просмотра всех видео я даже прочитал биографию вашей команды всей. И наверное огромная моя мечта-это встретиться с тобой,в России Джимми.

  • Yegorka
    Yegorka Year ago +8039

    Chris: Does everything
    Chandler: eats everything
    MrBeast: Buys everything

  • Bilingual Speakers Of Mexico/City

    MrBeast. this is the first time Chandler finishes anything. lol I love your videos and if you ever come to Mexico contact me, Will take you guys on a private tour to the mountain :)

  • Jesús Cárdenas
    Jesús Cárdenas Month ago


  • John Gonzalez
    John Gonzalez Month ago

    un latino no tendría problema para sobrevivir y ademas tienen un fuerte sentido del humor mis abuelos de la montaña

  • Evan Johnson
    Evan Johnson Month ago +2

    That aged well

  • Storme's Gameplay
    Storme's Gameplay 3 years ago +1581

    You need to spend 24 hours in Minecraft online with the group but in VR dude

    • UncomfortablyClose
      UncomfortablyClose 3 years ago

      I’d love to experience getting my house burned down and drowning in lava in glorious VR.

    • Illya chan
      Illya chan 3 years ago +2

      24 hours in Minecraft but every time you die you have to get tazored

    • KING, JJ'03
      KING, JJ'03 3 years ago

      @DarkShadowsX5 it is. but 24 hours in it doesn't sound so appealing

    • Storme's Gameplay
      Storme's Gameplay 3 years ago

      @Sola yeah some dude did but i think it would be a cool idea for these guys to do it aswell. It would be funny.

    • EpicGamer97
      EpicGamer97 3 years ago

      Watch my videos! I need views to feel validation for my shallow, bland, and soon to be forgotten existence within the next 7-8 ish decades

  • ꜱxꜰᴛ ʟᴀᴛᴛᴇ DMC

    amigo...necesito conocer al hombre de los tres cuchillos😞

  • zero
    zero Month ago

    Welcome to los santos

  • Ayad Eryn
    Ayad Eryn 2 days ago