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7 Most Mysterious Unsolved Creatures In Video Games

  • Published on Nov 24, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Not  me
    Not me 2 months ago +7310

    oh man , that established titles sponsorship came at the worst time after they were exposed as a scam

  • Sophie Aquitan
    Sophie Aquitan 2 months ago +1010

    The Duke Nukem one is actually really easy to answer, it's a placeholder. I believe every NPC in the game is required to have one of these models, regardless of wether they are humanoid or not. They just didn't bother hiding this one because it would already be out of sight to most players.
    This happens quite a bit in older games, Fallout 3 for example used an NPC model on the trains to input their behavior.

    • Aaron Dee
      Aaron Dee 5 days ago

      Nah, it’s just the first guardian of duke nukems universe

    • hernández
      hernández 2 months ago

      @Cleffafable which game?

    • Cleffafable
      Cleffafable 2 months ago

      i think that in one of the spongebob games this is also the case, barnacle boys model is behind one of the machines in a certain place that you can 'talk to'

    • Oh No
      Oh No 2 months ago +3

      Yeah it's likely the Duke model is just a scale reference model they used for quick testing of the boss, and just attached the ball later. The room was obviously made with a quick and dirty approach.
      This is kinda my issue with the presentation of most stuff on the channel, as anything slightly bizarre out of bounds is always described a huge mystery that can't be explained, when the explanation is either quick and efficient work, or just simply a silly easter egg. Not everything put out of sight needs any real meaning to it.

    • skarjj1
      skarjj1 2 months ago +1

      @inplane i think your thinking of Fallout 3

  • Alex
    Alex 2 months ago +125

    I have watched this channel for two years, and I admire this man's commitment to never enunciating anything properly ever.

    • Dripp Anghell
      Dripp Anghell Month ago +2


    • birdie
      birdie 2 months ago +14

      I actually really like his voice. It's very calming. I love it at the beginning when he always does some kind of freak-out while playing a game. Lol.

    • Jethro Reading
      Jethro Reading 2 months ago +18

      I say this with nothing but the best intentions but list youtubers speak in a way that no human being has ever done before

  • Rain Raven
    Rain Raven 2 months ago +503

    Small correction on the Subnautica entry: the gargantuan leviathan skulls are found in the Lost River, not the void. The void doesn't even have any ground, you can even get underneath the playable map and once you go far enough down the game just teleports you away. As for the weird "void noises" presently in the game, those are actually the game getting confused and playing the ambient noises from other areas.

    • Abby Hurd
      Abby Hurd Month ago +2

      Ive been in the void before in the full game, theres only like 3 or 4 ghost leviathans

    • the blue hat
      the blue hat Month ago +19

      the void noises arent the game getting confused, its a unity bug where, upon leaving and entering areas, theres a chance that theres no ambient sound trigger between them which causes unity to pick a random ambience loop to play. It sometimes includes the blood kelp zone or the dunes where there is a creature roar in the ambience. Also, as for the maze and the noises in prerelease versions they were (quote) "[the foghorns] were there to seem like the entire area is intentional. We had so many bug reports about the odd terrain generation that we couldn't close them all before another one popped up. Ever since the noise was added players thought that it was a way to tell everybody to turn around."

    • PrescottSF
      PrescottSF 2 months ago +14

      So interesting, and i think the maze is like the farlands from minecraft from going out too far

    • Silent
      Silent 2 months ago +15


  • Floofie kun
    Floofie kun Month ago +3

    I love it when game creators put in weird, disturbing or just incredibly cool secrets hidden in their games.

  • Nubert
    Nubert 2 months ago +5012

    What a cool sponsorship! Im sure nothing is gonna go wrong

    • Chipmunkboy
      Chipmunkboy 2 months ago +1

      So true my man

    • thatguy art
      thatguy art 2 months ago

      @James Bartolomeo I got manscaped as a gift and love it. Maybe over priced but definitely not a scam because everything works as advertised. It's been a year and the undies are still comfy and the blades still cut.

    • Laromlab
      Laromlab 2 months ago

      oh my gosh is that nubert

    • Eq_NightGlider_
      Eq_NightGlider_ 2 months ago

      @The Geeler it’s not a scam clip-share.net/video/nIjkACB2Xqk/video.html

    • VincentJones
      VincentJones 2 months ago

      @SECONDQUEST More than that. I remember them putting ads out all over the web ten years ago.

  • diego diablo
    diego diablo Month ago +3

    I always felt like the red dead one could’ve been like a costume that a serial killer would’ve worn , and the fact that it was a pedestrian file maybe that confirms it could’ve been worn by somebody at sometime , that’s what I love about this game it’s so full of life and story , there’s so much that make you question what the hell? Like the time traveler and the giant in the cave , AND the mystery man that could be the devil himself .

    • diego diablo
      diego diablo Month ago

      I feel that it’s just the fact that it’s in that abandoned house and you always have that feeling that somebody could walk in any second it’s a creepy Secret for sure

  • Generic Protagonist
    Generic Protagonist 2 months ago +4

    I think that creature in RDR2 is also them testing ideas for if they do a new Undead Nightmare.

  • Otaking Mikohani
    Otaking Mikohani 2 months ago +339

    I remember reading long ago that Mizzu was supposed to be a swimming creature, and the reason why you never encountered it elsewhere was because the devs had no real place to put it (considering that a water level would create a logic bomb of "wait, I thought water was supposed to kill me?")

    • OverStrive
      OverStrive 12 days ago

      @Mano set the healing man on fire, good idea, I smell no consequences in the future :clueless:

    • Mano
      Mano 2 months ago +1

      @Naisan Coder fellow fire lunch enjoyer 😤✊ 🗿🤝🗿

    • Naisan Coder
      Naisan Coder 2 months ago +2

      @Mano based firepunch enjoyer enjoys oddheader

    • RyuZxA
      RyuZxA 2 months ago +11

      @feathero3 Mizu translate to water in Japanese, but I add an extra z just because

    • feathero3
      feathero3 2 months ago +7

      In what language? I can't seem to find it anywhere online.
      Found it to be Japanese if you only have 1 "z." Mizu

  • Ignis Spiritus
    Ignis Spiritus Month ago +1

    The Gamborrah’ta seems like some sort of Lovecraftian monster lore they hid in the game. That’s pretty cool. Kinda like the Zalgo monster that corrupts. Maybe Gamborrah’ta will get mentioned in future games and they can make an expanding cosmic horror lore that’s hidden in the background that ties there games together.

  • Chaos Shadow
    Chaos Shadow 2 months ago +132

    The Freezer might be difficult to corroborate in Present Day because the nature of the error is linked to old X-Box models. It will NOT occur on other consoles, PCs, or later X-Box models.
    From what I understand, the original version of the X-Box had issues with heating and operating strain (hence the infamous Red Ring of Death being so prevalent). The Freezer itself wasn't the cause of the freeze but a symptom of the X-Box straining to keep up with the game while the game itself kept trying to continue the Zombies mode in areas that it was not meant to do so. The strain would impact the hardware itself and cause disc wobble, which would over a play session become severe enough that the disc read would eventually fail and the game would crash.
    The Freezer was found to actually be a rendering of the player's shadow offset by several frames, thus why it appears different every time it shows up. It's not what crashes the game itself, but a symptom of the game hiccuping as it tries to keep up with the ongoing strain, and why it's possible to see it pop up for a few frames without the game actually crashing.
    It wouldn't always happen, but it is 100% possible for a glitch to cause file corruption, and also possible for a glitch to render an entire game unplayable (look up Animal Crossing brick seeds). In the case of the Freezer, it might just cause a crash, it might cause file corruption if it disrupted an autosave function... and if you had an old X-Box in the vertical position, the disc wobble could be so severe that it would *scratch the disc* and literally break the game.
    The Freezer is one of my favorite glitch phenomena. It has all the perfect makings of a creepypasta-- you break the game's rules to fling yourself into a silent wasteland of a map only to find a mysterious shadowy entity stalking you before it strikes, corrupting your save file and even leaving you a reminder of its presence in the real world.

    • #1 Browns Fan
      #1 Browns Fan 16 days ago +5

      @Linneus Because, as was explained in oddheader's video, a lot of people made up their own claims of having encountered it. Same with the RDR2 claims of seeing the mysterious creature. Sure, people will make up that they saw something, doesn't mean it's entirely fabricated and/or fake.

    • Linneus
      Linneus Month ago +3

      Then how are there videos of people 'getting it to happen' in the Steam version, posts about it happening on PS3, and common reports of "it _mostly_ happens on the 360 version"? And also, you say "it was found" to be a rendering of the player's shadow... where? How? Who?
      I do genuinely want to believe/understand, but the internet is SUCH a breeding ground for hearsay.

  • Jacob W
    Jacob W 2 months ago +69

    Maybe the mysterious entity in Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe is the serious table in its true form that you would only encounter if you entered the serious room with the bucket.

    • eat hot chip and lie
      eat hot chip and lie Month ago +1

      I honestly just think it's as simple as the recording being a parody of horror podcasts. Think stuff like Nightvale, Magnus Archives, etc.

  • Em El
    Em El 2 months ago +181

    The Freezer has a shout out in the popular The Binding of Isaac mod Fiend Folio. A thing called a Mother Orb has an incredibly rare chance to appear in an error room and will stick with the player in every room for the rest of the run, and if bombed enough, will summon *several* Freezers that, of course, crash your game.

    • Sophie!
      Sophie! 2 months ago +2

      So that's what that fuckin thing was.

    • Funny Guy
      Funny Guy 2 months ago +7

      @Marxel “the community unlocked… a rock!”

    • Marxel
      Marxel 2 months ago +23

      And that orb was part of an arg that led to the Golem character getting revealed wayyyyyy before it was ever added to the mod

  • YellowCrestedWeasel

    I enjoy that even out of bounds in the Demo disc, you can mess with pedestrians

  • Soup
    Soup 2 months ago +1234

    That ittle dew easter egg is so cool, I wish more games did stuff like that

    • Daniel Bueno
      Daniel Bueno Month ago +2

      @A crab #logyisabum Ah, the NES Godzilla creepypasta is literally my favorite creepypasta ever. Reading that one didn't feel like I was reading just a creepy tale on the internet, it felt like I was reading an actual good book. 10/10

    • A crab #logyisabum
      A crab #logyisabum Month ago +3

      @Daniel Buenokind of like that nes Godzilla creepypasta with the red guy.

    • e f
      e f Month ago +1

      I played Ittle dew 2 and didnt know about the dream level

    • Biggie-Bozo
      Biggie-Bozo 2 months ago +5

      So that’s what a sleep paralysis demon looks like.

    • Go Galactic!
      Go Galactic! 2 months ago +19

      Fun Fact, the game has another creepy easter egg that required finding secrets within secrets to decipher gibberish signs and used it to find a path to a super secret boss. The creator, Remar planted that behind everyone's back and admitted he wanted to add yet one more secret where an NPC reveals to be yet another secret boss but he couldn't make it in before they submitted it to Nicalis who sat on the game for a year before actually publishing it :p

  • Maxie
    Maxie 2 months ago +107

    Wozma is Duke Nukem from the timeline where Duke Nukem Forever actually came out in 1998 leading to Duke taking on a Mario-esque role as the most well-known video game character of all. The green aura represents the sheer amount of money he generates per second.

  • JoJoVersus
    JoJoVersus Month ago +6

    Odd, you really need to address the Established Titles thing :/ they're a huge scam, & you're kind of the last Clip-Sharer to not address that fact & denounce them. Wavywebsurf & Whang are both donating their Established Titles sponsorship money due to this recent revelation. I don't want the ravenous public to crucify you because you chose the wrong side to stand behind..

  • Legoguy9875
    Legoguy9875 2 months ago +38

    With the Subnautica segment, I think the tall terrain was a placeholder for what would later become Subnautica Below Zero, a standalone sequel that was originally planned to be an expansion to the first game. Below Zero has a greater emphasis on land exploration, with tall ice structures that you can eventually explore with enough progression. Unsure of what the horns are for though, as I don't recall any creature or entity in Below Zero that makes such a noise.

    • the blue hat
      the blue hat Month ago +1

      The terrain generation glitch was not intentional at all, it was also the reason why the developers tossed the procedural generation idea out of the game. The foghorn noises were there so bug reports about the terrain gen would stop flooding in, making the entire area seem intentional.

    • Floor Panel
      Floor Panel 2 months ago +12

      @TheHeartless Gamer the reality of it was just a wall to deter players, and the sounds come from the precursor alien gun. Or at least an early version of it.

    • TheHeartless Gamer
      TheHeartless Gamer 2 months ago +13

      Actually the tall terrain was the void and ghost leviathan determinant of the time meant to keep you within the actual playable area of course since I believe it was generated as it went that caused ways to slip through. I believe the sounds are one of three things but I don't remember exactly. 1. They are placeholder sounds for some of the larger creatures maybe the Sea Dragon or such 2.Maybe a placeholder or test sound for the Cyclops horn 3. It was corrupted audio from the creature gallery

  • VideoGameStupid LC
    VideoGameStupid LC 2 months ago +134

    That Wozma and Napping Fly creatures are wild! Napping Fly and the creatures before that in the dark room are surprisingly creepy for a game that looks so tame like Ittle Dew 2. And I was not expecting to see a Final Fantasy reference in a Duke Nukem game of all things but here it is... and it gets even weirder with the radioactive Duke hidden inside of it! Makes me wonder if there is something inside of Ozma... if only there was a freecam in FFIX...

  • Sky
    Sky 2 months ago +6821

    Reminder that established titles is a scam and you get nothing you're promised.
    If you're buying it for the replanting of trees, please just donate direct to the charities instead so they get all the money instead of a tiny cut.

    • JohnDaWhale3
      JohnDaWhale3 16 days ago

      All "Climate Change" charities are scams...

    • acksawblack
      acksawblack 27 days ago

      @Sky where in the video does it claim you become royalty? A landed title is not royalty.
      Pretty clear the premise is you jokingly get to call yourself a lord over owning the souvenir plot.
      Considering an actual lordship has nothing to do with land ownership since the Parliament act.
      And even a real lordship has zero relevance outside the UK.
      Lord is a protected title in the uk because they can vote on bills in the House of Lords. Outside the uk it has zero relevance or protections.

    • Sky
      Sky 29 days ago

      @loganbaileysfunwithtrains The adverts within the videos very much did not say that. Many said you become real royalty, you actually own the land, etc all in very explicitly clear wording that that was the case.
      "it was always known it was a gimmick" might be true for some, but there has been MANY people who did not understand that and believed the sponsored sections in videos which did not say that.

    • loganbaileysfunwithtrains
      loganbaileysfunwithtrains 29 days ago

      People that call it a scam are the people who really thought they were buying land for $50, it was always known it was a gimmick it’s like buying a star

    • scrap steel
      scrap steel 29 days ago +1

      Or just go outside and plant some trees.

  • Poppy The Merpasaur
    Poppy The Merpasaur 2 months ago +161

    Can I just say that your ability to quickly and accurately describe a game in less than 5 seconds is genuinely super impressive

  • Jonathan19234
    Jonathan19234 2 months ago

    Funny enough a Clip-Sharer named "the last beacon" got ahold of the old subnautica build and explored the strange environment known as "the far lands"

  • Rin
    Rin 2 months ago +9

    Established titles scam is gonna hit the Clip-Sharers who just realised what's going on, but can't scrap a whole video cause of it because they've rendered it and fully uploaded it to Clip-Share..
    RIP the ones who stagger their content or delay it to make sure it's perfect.

  • Spoopy Chicken
    Spoopy Chicken 2 months ago +16

    Honestly I LOVE games that are Rated E for Everyone but just have a horror segment. Bug Fables did something similar with its finale which I WILL NOT spoil because it came out of nowhere, and A Hat in Time did something with its Subcon Forest chapter aswell. The best part about these horror levels in E for Everyone games is the subtext that is involved in their inclusion.

  • PixelTheSketch
    PixelTheSketch 2 months ago +35

    5:20 watching Arthur manhandle a cryptid like this was too funny IMO. It's like he realized it's weakness and just decided to throw hands instead of running away.

  • Reiveth
    Reiveth 2 months ago +119

    This could just be playing into the joke but a long time ago, I think after Saint's Row 3 was released a couple of Volition devs did a live stream of SR2 talking about some of the dev process and exploring some well known glitches and trying to see what caused them, at the end of the stream they decided to try and see what could cause the freezer, it was theorized to be an npc loading incorrectly and the error handling process being a bit destructive, and managed to fuck their own copy up in the process, this stream isn't archived anywhere unfortunately and I can only find vague mention of it happening which is a shame I'd love to rewatch it.

    • TouchscreamPresents
      TouchscreamPresents Month ago


    • Fuzzy Dunlop
      Fuzzy Dunlop 2 months ago +18

      So much history, right down the memory hole. :/

    • K C
      K C 2 months ago +6

      @SlyCooperReloadCoded Cool, thanks.

    • SlyCooperReloadCoded
      SlyCooperReloadCoded 2 months ago +18

      @K C I remember this. It might be on one of their "Break the Build" videos on the Volition channel.

    • K C
      K C 2 months ago +28

      Damn. This is my new most wanted lost media.

  • Hussain Qureshi
    Hussain Qureshi 2 months ago +64

    I never said this before, but I have to say I love those little live-action segments of your videos, oddheader! They really set the mood and give some much-needed humor to introduce the video, and I thought it worked well for the advertisement too. It gives this channel an almost cozy "friend you know in high school made this video" feeling to it.

  • lego fan
    lego fan 2 months ago +90

    OMG thanks for including me that creature was terrifying when I played it, I was not the original founder of it as I just stumble across things and often try them out to see if there is a truth and that one was one of the more terrifying ones and honestly there is a bigger secret in ittle dew 2 as well. Now I have not played this game in a long time but if you head to the bar by the beach you can hear people speaking which are clues that lead to a secret message, put together all of them (it is not fun to try but if you want to go ahead but it requires beating it on the hardest difficulty which is wearing a frog suit) you can uncover a hidden message leading to another secret area for a hidden boss called that guy which if you beat (I never have because it is annoying) you can play as

    • Fred Spofford
      Fred Spofford 2 months ago

      @Alric Otar His butt whether dead or alive

    • Alric Otar
      Alric Otar 2 months ago +3

      I don’t know guys, Lego replied, but what said sounds like something the Napping Fly would say. I say we grab our torches and pitchforks and pillage his house and butt!

    • lego fan
      lego fan 2 months ago +1

      Since people are confused because me and my bad grammar you can play as the boss that guy and actually interact with the that guys around the island, personally I have only seen it in videos because it is a hard fight but that is what I have seen.

    • Juko
      Juko 2 months ago +2

      You play as.... yea we will never know

    • Demitry Sualokin
      Demitry Sualokin 2 months ago +21

      oh no, Napping Fly got them

  • Carricx
    Carricx 2 months ago

    That saint's row creature kinda looks like the silence from dr who

  • Dannielle Blaze
    Dannielle Blaze 2 months ago +36

    The sirens in Subnautica *might* be an obscure reference to a Ray Bradbury short story called The Foghorn. In it, a lonely giant sea creature hears a sound that he thinks might be another of its kind. Having been alone for so long, it goes to investigate, but upon finding its just a foghorn from a lighthouse, it destroys the lighthouse in a rage.

    • the blue hat
      the blue hat Month ago +1

      The foghorns were there to make people think the terrain glitch that was happening out of bounds was intentional. This was done because they had an insane amount of reports about the terrain generation glitch which they were already aware of.

    • The Motherfucker
      The Motherfucker Month ago

      You don't need to write "might" in caps, we can clearly see it

    • Demitry Sualokin
      Demitry Sualokin Month ago

      @KakyointheDonut nvm, it was the Precursor's Gun

    • Demitry Sualokin
      Demitry Sualokin Month ago

      @KakyointheDonut from where?

    • KakyointheDonut
      KakyointheDonut 2 months ago +3

      Its actually a glitch where the game plays ambient noises from other areas

  • Julius Chartreuse
    Julius Chartreuse Month ago

    I REMEMBER MIZZO, it use to freak me out and I’d watch it bounce for hours cause I was just like 👁👄👁

  • Miscellaneous Media
    Miscellaneous Media 2 months ago +5

    I love this channel but hopefully someone can bring the sponsor scam to Oddheader's attention

  • Kardelen Koç
    Kardelen Koç Month ago

    idk why, i usually never get scared from games but those horn sounds are unsettling me

  • Keith Baker
    Keith Baker 2 months ago +6

    Established titles is a scam otherwise love this channel and thank you for taking the time to make this amazing content!

  • Hugo Clarke
    Hugo Clarke Month ago +2

    What is an "unsolved creature"?

  • Caffeinated DaVinci
    Caffeinated DaVinci 2 months ago +5

    Don't forget that non residents to Scotland can't legally own land there. They never resell the land assuming you're a Scottish resident, but if you're a foreigner who falls for the scam, the land was never really sold because you can't legally own land there, so they can sell the same plot over and over again until a resident Scot buys it.

  • Sir Pootsman
    Sir Pootsman 2 months ago +14

    Man I got a heart attack when i saw Established Titles as the sponsorship.

  • Milanesa Con Puré
    Milanesa Con Puré 2 months ago +16

    So glad to see Ittle Dew 2 here, Ludosity is so underrated man that they deserve to be more know :D

  • Jace Haley
    Jace Haley Month ago +4

    It's been said but Established Titles is a scam, please don't back this shady company

    • Marcell
      Marcell Month ago +1

      Yeah and Saints Row one isn't proven being a hoax. He felt down tbh

  • William Barnard
    William Barnard Month ago

    I read the TaC's of Established Titles and found this not too far down (for those who are still unsure about whether you actually receive any genuine/land or Titles. The entire website and business practice is based on supporting good conservation practices through humorous souvenir gifts of no real value.
    Title Packs: Established Titles Title Packs include dedicated souvenir plots, which are governed by the Land Registration (Scotland) Act of 2012. When Established Titles sells a Title Pack to a customer, it is entering into a private agreement to dedicate a specific souvenir plot, identified with a unique plot number, to a specific person. The purchase of a Title Pack from Established Titles does not constitute or trigger a transfer of ownership over that souvenir plot or any part of the land in the legal sense.
    Souvenir plots are, at the time of writing, defined in the Land Registration (Scotland) Act of 2012 as “a piece of land which, being of inconsiderable size or no practical utility, is unlikely to be wanted in isolation except for the sake of mere ownership or for sentimental reasons or commemorative purposes”, and cannot be registered with the Keeper of the Registers. Under Scottish law, ownership of land only transfers upon registration. As the Keeper of Registers does not register souvenir plots, Established Titles, or an entity of its choosing, shall remain the underlying owner of the land itself, but keep its own private records of which souvenir plots have been dedicated, and to whom.

  • Simte
    Simte 2 months ago +771

    Every Oddheader upload feels like childhood wonder, those days spending hours experiencing games and their secrets for the first time.

    • Mythical Snake
      Mythical Snake 2 months ago

      I'm in this posse

    • Scarecrow
      Scarecrow 2 months ago

      G4 used to have a "Easter Eggs and Cheats" bit in the early 2000s that was EXACTLY like this. I remember it really made me want to play World of Warcraft as a kid, because there was this out of bounds Star Wars racer pod somewhere in the game. The idea of other secrets being out there somewhere was crazy enticing

    • nigga turd
      nigga turd 2 months ago +3

      His videos bring me that nolstalgia feel of looking at obscure Easter eggs in early Clip-Share

    • B
      B 2 months ago +3

      His videos brings me back to the 2000s. Truly a gem

    • mr panda
      mr panda 2 months ago +1

      I know right ? I love the effort he puts in binge his stuff all the time and look forward to every upload

  • Etheru Robot
    Etheru Robot 2 months ago +13

    I was pleasantly surprised to see the Ittle Dew 2+ easter egg covered. There's also a whole other video about the various secret locations and easter eggs of the game, not just about the Napping Flies. (video is here: clip-share.net/video/XUbp8bT1WS8/video.html )
    It's heavily implied throughout the Dream World, and openly stated in the Napping Fly's data card, that Napping Flies find you when you sleep with the lights on. Ittle was shown sleeping on a raft in the opening scene of the first game in broad daylight; it's possible that she's been a nest for them since the very start.

  • Ieuan Smith
    Ieuan Smith 2 months ago +18

    I would like to add that the creature from read dead is a clear inspiration from a real-life Victor Frankenstein by the name of Spencer Black a complete nut job that tried to make mythical creatures come to life and basically cure death, and even the name of it "Immensa Creatura" is very similar to the names that spencer gave his creatures to categories them in a sense, If you want to know more, look him up or go to the channel Thought potato and watch his video on Spencer. Your welcome for the horrors to come :)
    (EDIT: Spencer black is a fictional story and is not real.)

    • Captain Neckbeard
      Captain Neckbeard Month ago +1

      When I saw it the first thing I thought of was the man bear pig from South Park

    • Ieuan Smith
      Ieuan Smith Month ago

      @satsubatsu347 Wait really! Jesus christ how I never knew... Well, I'm an idiot.

    • satsubatsu347
      satsubatsu347 Month ago

      Spencer Black is a work of fiction.

  • PlayrR3D
    PlayrR3D 2 months ago +10

    As is I didn't have enough stress thinking about playing Subnautica. This one just sounds wild.

  • Ski Ba
    Ski Ba 2 months ago +4

    Another one to note: There is a space alien that appears in the game Powerstone 2 for the Dreamcast in the Elevator level. If the game goes on long enough you will end up at the "top" of the elevator which there is a giant space alien who is unkillable.

  • TheAlmightyWawan
    TheAlmightyWawan 2 months ago +4

    I love weird characters or creatures that randomly appear in older games it makes it feel like you found a cryptid

  • bebe
    bebe 2 months ago +2

    I love subnautica so much, as it is one of my favorite games. Would be cool to travel through “the void” with some sort of night vision hack as I’m sure some more strange stuff would be found

    • the blue hat
      the blue hat Month ago

      theres nothing there, anything beyond 3km of 0,0,0 in worldgen is prevented from being generated, including leviathans. There was originally a seafloor, but it was removed because it had 0 purpose.

  • AmangoInAsuit
    AmangoInAsuit 2 months ago +20

    So in the full release of subnautica, I decided that I was gonna see how far the void goes down, so I hopped in my seamoth and went down there (this was HUGE task for me because I have severe kenophobia) after about 14000 meters it just respawned me at the top.
    (I was using creative mode)

    • Zaraza
      Zaraza 2 months ago +7

      I wouldn't be able to do that (I can't stand the sight of the depths of the ocean, let alone play a game where you DIVE into it). You are a brave person

  • Vegaplays
    Vegaplays 2 months ago +12

    My God, you're like one of the best YT channels in existence.
    Thank you for everything over the years, for real.

  • Otter's Vintage All-Sorts
    Otter's Vintage All-Sorts 2 months ago +614

    I actually like the idea of "The Freezer". An entity just as ominous as it's name that does exactly what it says.

    • just something
      just something 21 day ago

      @Dryued same

    • hoy hoy
      hoy hoy 27 days ago +1

      Game-breaking glitches that can ruin your save data specific to hardware absolutely do exist. Look up Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut on PC, it has massive problem with exactly that. It's detailed on PC Gaming Wiki, for almost every player the start of Chapter 9 will corrupt the save and make it impossible to continue due to game always crashing in cutscene it loaded wrong and it'll always keep loading wrong because it already saved over your save, so it's often recommended to just download save file past that chapter. For some players with different hardware it doesn't happen, on other platform ports of the same version it doesn't happen.

    • Kami Sama
      Kami Sama Month ago

      There's a mod for fallout new vegas that does a similar thing. I think it's called Gamecrash-guy or something.
      Basically, the mod inserted an NPC that can't be killed, will always chase you in a fixed speed no matter where you go, and if it caught you, will immediately crash the game.
      I think it's an interesting concept for a mod

    • SU76M
      SU76M Month ago

      Yeah, me too. Something similar to LIDAR entity.

    • Dark Doge X-s Tech
      Dark Doge X-s Tech Month ago

      @ROCK you should tell odd that this only works in the 360. It's important he knows this.

  • Kidd Kannibus
    Kidd Kannibus 2 months ago +2

    There are some creepy Easter eggs in a game called Grounded, the two I’m referring to are the cave with all the ant heads on pikes and the second one which is located underwater in the pond area where when you enter that cave you encounter a lot more ant heads on pikes and ant parts but once you get to the end there is something called an Abomination sitting there on display like a totem, a creature made up of different bug parts and you can also find a recipe to make it yourself while there..
    Edit: autocorrect fixes

  • Chapolin Colorado
    Chapolin Colorado Month ago

    my explanation to the freezer is something like this, by the nature of the out of bounds city being a glitched enviroment, the freezer is mostly a poorly rendered ncp,mostly like an zombie wich when spawned appears as an bugged shadow probably due to it being inside a wall and the spawn of that npc triggers some goofy ahh bug that pretty much just makes the game spaghetti code to kamikaze itself. Or, as another person explained it causes an glitch on the console itself that if i remember correctly fucks up the console data for the game, or causes an malfunction the disc reader that causes it to scratch the disc, causing the game to fuck up the data.

    • Chapolin Colorado
      Chapolin Colorado Month ago

      or its a hoax idk, im not the programmer :P

    • Chapolin Colorado
      Chapolin Colorado Month ago

      also i think the fact that oddhearear didnt get it is because it only happens on xbox 360

  • Stash Merkin
    Stash Merkin 2 months ago +15

    I usually ignore sponsor reads (no anger, they're a necessary evil), but you legit looked like you were having a good time running around the woods in a crown and cape 😄

    • Zelude Rose
      Zelude Rose 2 months ago +19

      whoops it's advertising a scam

  • -Butter time-
    -Butter time- Month ago

    Can we all talk about The Stanley parable creature please

  • Rein Deilerd
    Rein Deilerd 2 months ago +2

    The more I hear about the Stanley Parable, the more I want to play it. This game sounds bonkers. Also, that Mizzo thing is pretty cute. An orb who has no idea what he's even doing here.

  • Stephanie Stephanie
    Stephanie Stephanie 2 months ago +2

    Love your videos! Just wanted to make yourself and your fans aware that established titles is confirmed a scam. You legally do not own that plot of land, you cannot be called a lord/lady for “owning” the sham land, and there is no evidence they even plant trees or support a charity that plants trees.

  • Colt A
    Colt A Month ago

    Who knew ManBearPig was in Red Dead.

  • The Random Scout
    The Random Scout 2 months ago

    Bro, the Saints Row Merman was so nostalgic to me.

    • Marcell
      Marcell Month ago

      It isn't proven being a hoax, odds just cares less and less about his videos

  • ThatGuyTimeWalker
    ThatGuyTimeWalker 2 months ago +6

    I now have a new fear and it is whatever the hell is out of bounds in subnautica. The giant rock formations with a big pillar entrence. And that sound, normally not scared of stuff like that but in that game, it's a nightmare
    Edit: also where can i find any clips of the 2017 beta build, i wanna see more of this.

    • KakyointheDonut
      KakyointheDonut 2 months ago

      It’s a glitch where it plays an early version of the alien gun noises

  • TheBigCheddar
    TheBigCheddar 2 months ago +3

    Just a correction for Subnautica, the gargantuan leviathan skull isn't in the void, it's in the lost river, however the connection is still there as the lost river is the home of Ghost leviathans, the creatures who grow up to live in the void.

  • Jay M
    Jay M 2 months ago +4

    That Napperfly scared me especially concept wise so I had trouble sleeping last night and ended up doing so with the lights on

  • jazznomad
    jazznomad 2 months ago +4

    I have been a huge fan for a long time! Thank you for these videos, I genuinely look forward to each new upload! All the best!

  • Flandre Scarlet
    Flandre Scarlet 2 months ago +768

    That Ittle Dew one was genuinely terrifying considering it's a children's game, were the devs attempting to make a creepypasta?

    • Skeleton
      Skeleton 2 months ago

      its called bored devs

    • Jose S.
      Jose S. 2 months ago

      It was really scary, not gonna lie. Don't expected from such a cute looking Game.

    • Toxic Tin Can
      Toxic Tin Can 2 months ago +2

      @Go Galactic! Oh hey Galactic! Been awhile since I've seen ya.

    • Go Galactic!
      Go Galactic! 2 months ago +9

      @1r0zz Nah, Remar always ALWAYS put secrets in his game since developing back in 2005. He has a whole philosophy to it too that's expressed through a hidden secret world in the game where planting a very tiny clue or hint for observant gamers to find brings him great joy
      Also, Remar put another even more in-depth secret behind the devs' backs. You can find a thread on the steam forums with players trying to help each other out shortly after its release!

    • T-eehee
      T-eehee 2 months ago +3

      @1r0zz okay, after a 18 minutes video, yeah that game was a wild yet lame turn over those ads lol. As for the first part that's kind not the thing I was referring to honestly I thought you would mention Hello neighbour, which is an example of trying to make your game deeper and "lore-ish" for lame channels a matpad (tho fnaf, fits a bit too). But I was just saying that it wasn't the game trying to do that, maybe it was just them showing terror for the sake of storytelling nothing new and that kids can actually handle terror to some extent. Sorry for the long comment, I'm bored so you will be the one facing me extending more than I have to.

  • Eddie G
    Eddie G Month ago

    The SubNautica one sounds like the intro to the original PlayStation console.

  • poonunny
    poonunny 2 months ago +1

    Saints Row IV is my all-time favourite game, and just recently I heard very similar audio standing next to a specific building. Was actually terrifying to tell the truth.
    Although it was the same voice, he wasn't being killed by something, he just sounded distressed. Actually pictured him on a chair in the room in the aftermath of... something.
    Whoever this is, and for whatever reason, it seems they're being tortured and then killed.
    I'll see if I can find the building/area on the map and get a recording.

  • Jay M
    Jay M 2 months ago +22

    Have you thought of doing a video about mysteries that you covered before that have been solved recently?

    • SilverFlight01
      SilverFlight01 Month ago

      @Jay M Yep. Here's a walkthrough of it
      clip-share.net/video/yKNZAzphbVo/video.html at 11:08

    • Jay M
      Jay M Month ago

      @SilverFlight01 Is it a literal giant easter egg?

    • SilverFlight01
      SilverFlight01 Month ago

      @Jay M Futurama PS2's giant easter egg on the Planet Express map. It was properly found in 2019

    • Jay M
      Jay M Month ago

      @SilverFlight01 Futurama's giant egg?

    • SilverFlight01
      SilverFlight01 Month ago

      OddHeader makes a discoveries video every year that sometimes covered mysteries he previously showcased (like Futurama's giant egg)

  • Spark
    Spark 2 months ago +1

    I LOVE your videos, especially ones where there are unused enemies and creatures, especially the creepy and bizarre ones!

  • Yllanthras Blood
    Yllanthras Blood 2 months ago +3

    Awesome video, I always get very excited when I see a new video pop up from you, thanks for all your hard work 😄

  • Iris 🌸
    Iris 🌸 2 months ago +2

    Honestly I'd love to see you do a red dead specific episode, similar to your old tony hawk one. Seems like the game has so much odd stuff

  • milkyway_9217
    milkyway_9217 2 months ago +14

    The sounds in subnautica sound remarkably similar to the war horn of a tripod from war of the worlds, but that probably has nothing to do with it

  • GamerGirlBLU
    GamerGirlBLU 2 months ago +1

    With the brawl one, I thought you were gonna mention something no one’s ever talked about before.
    I can’t remember who talked about it (aside from sounding oddly hoarse due to being mid transition) but in a Metroid stage there’s this weird looking red heart thing with stuff growing off it that weirdly convulses every now and then. Really freaky, probably fits into Metroid lore somewhere but it sounds like no one knows what this thing could be, just some weird twitching organ lookin thing.
    Then again, having arms stretch across the room towards you and crash your game would definitely beat it in creep factor

  • Mateo Perez Ibarra
    Mateo Perez Ibarra 2 months ago +3

    I love watching this videos and thinking they're about to end just to realize that I'm not even half way through. It makes me happy lol

  • LinkMarioKirby
    LinkMarioKirby 4 days ago

    Notably, the Napping Fly is stated to only grow in the subconscious of those that sleep with the lights on. The less light it's given, the less it grows. The small one you fight was made by a few people in the Dream World sleeping in light by accident.
    Ittle is an adventurer. She travels mostly by boat. Out in the sun.
    She has been sleeping in the light for a long time.

  • Mario Cario
    Mario Cario 2 months ago

    that intro made me lol jaja well done

  • Burger King Mascot
    Burger King Mascot 2 months ago +2

    This guys videos may take a while to release but they're always good

  • Michael Stubbs
    Michael Stubbs 2 months ago +321

    Wow what a cool sponsor, I am sure that they are completely legit and not being shat on all over Clip-Share!

    • dst55y33
      dst55y33 2 months ago +1

      @Matt Seremet Ok, genius. Don't you have a subreddit to moderate?

    • Touma Byakuya
      Touma Byakuya 2 months ago +4

      @I Eat Lemons. Oh, so I should let somebody hostile continue doing so? And if I see somebody harassing and old woman, should I let them continue because "is not my job"? Okay...

    • I Eat Lemons.
      I Eat Lemons. 2 months ago

      @PotionSipper How original.

    • I Eat Lemons.
      I Eat Lemons. 2 months ago

      @Touma Byakuya It's not your choice whether someone wants to be hostile or not, and commenting on it won't change their approach.

    • PotionSipper
      PotionSipper 2 months ago +1

      @Matt Seremet we all wish we could be as smart as you

  • B Smith
    B Smith 2 months ago +5

    The freezer is definitely real. It's pretty well documented in some forums. It was however, only an issue on the Xbox 360. And it could actually destroy your disk because the 360 was designed poorly and was known to destroy disks. I lost a copy of Call of Duty: World at War to my 360.

    • B Smith
      B Smith 20 hours ago

      @I Eat Lemons. I have several discs with a circle carved into them by the disc reader

    • I Eat Lemons.
      I Eat Lemons. 21 hour ago

      I've had my 360 for 7 years now, never had a disk get destroyed.

  • palmer629
    palmer629 2 months ago +4

    Want to make a quick correction
    At 3:20, the gargantuan leviathan skull is found in the Lost River, not the void

  • RedRamDRA
    RedRamDRA 2 months ago +1

    I love hints of horror... but an actual way to present the horror, albeit extremely secret is much, much cooler!
    That Ittle Dew game has done it, albeit I've only heard of the game just now.

  • Andy Spivey
    Andy Spivey 2 months ago +2

    The subnautica horns really remind me of the sound icebergs make when cracking underwater.

  • Princess NovaInACottage
    Princess NovaInACottage 2 months ago +4

    I love your content and I know it isn't your fault as established titles managed to scam a lot of youtubers but oof on the timing

  • ulookbreedablensubmissive

    Feel like the Red Dead Redemption is a nod to Pigsy from Manhunt. it is Rockstar after all

  • Eric Bright
    Eric Bright 2 months ago +1

    The RDR2 amalgam animal seemed pretty straight forward to me. It even has blueprints nearby.

  • 2BVayne
    2BVayne 2 months ago

    I really fell for the merman hoax this whole time. I love you oddheader

  • GreenTea💚
    GreenTea💚 2 months ago +2

    Love how this guy is just so utterly tone-deaf towards this scam but too late to react since he already took the money... He deserves to get called out hard for this.

  • Finn.
    Finn. 2 months ago +5

    Damn you're married now? That's crazy, congrats man!

  • qwertyqeys
    qwertyqeys 2 months ago +1

    OH MAN THE NAPPING FLY! I remember I decided to watch a video about ittle dew 2+ after I finished all the content, and then the reviewer said "But there's more to discover..." which prompted me to immediately close the video and do a more thorough combover of the map until I found the napping fly myself. Considering how many massive secret areas there are in ittle dew 2, it's impressive that the napping fly still got a reaction out of me

  • brandon blythe
    brandon blythe 2 months ago

    I've accessed the Duke part by accident apparently. I'm playing on normal but possibly have all the nuke orbs. I've definitely never beaten it on hard though.

  • The Neverending Twilight
    The Neverending Twilight 2 months ago +3

    What are the odds that this is literally the first video I watched after having watched one talking about how Established Titles is actually a scam? That being said, might be a good idea to reupload this without the scam at the beginning.

  • Yeti Zombie
    Yeti Zombie Month ago

    Bro oddheader never stop uploading, this is random since you didn’t plant on it but oh my god this content is super enjoyable, no matter how many
    I watch. Thanks for the enjoyment dude!

  • Kako phonien
    Kako phonien 2 months ago +2

    7:42 the bucket actually appears after beating a specific NUMBER of endings. Also, propably, the Gambhorra'ta story is just a parody of many tropes, especially fantasy-games (in the void ending), or horror games (in the tape ending)

  • Ced Bing
    Ced Bing Month ago

    I love Rockstars Easter egg in their games. Always have so many that there's literally years of hidden Easter eggs found in the games even after release


    i remember finding mizzo as a kid and thought they were apart of some sort of secret water level, since there were no completely underwater levels in brawl, it'd make sense on why i hadn't encountered them. i remember i was so excited when i found the tropthy of them and thought it confirmed a secret level, until i read the description. such an odd enemy, almost certainly a scrapped concept. i always assumed they were suppose to be an aquatic enemy because of their pose reminded me of a swimmer, and like i said there aren't many completely underwater levels in brawl, and the swimming in the game really would not have made for a great completely underwater world, so it makes sense why they were cut. maybe at one point the water physics were different?
    EDIT: after some reaserch their name, mizzo is VERY close to the japanese word for water, mizu, so i guess that confirms the water stage thing. i always kinda assumed their name was a pun off of Misses, and they were supposed to be a girl? idk why really lol, besides their weird ass fish lips, which i guess i kinda assumed were supposed to be feminine lips or something, which is really funny to think about.

      Jaded{151} I SAVE EVERYTHING ASWEL 2 months ago +2

      @Cryptonaut a lot of people kinda assume it. i dont think any of the developers have ever made a comment about it though. at least in any interviews which have been translated.

    • Cryptonaut
      Cryptonaut 2 months ago

      I could have sworn I read somewhere that they were a water-based enemy that was cut.

    • pch
      pch 2 months ago +5

      I had a similar experience with Donkey Kong Country 3, except that I did end up finding something new, as after finishing the game they show you all the enemies, but there were some weird looking guys that I have never seen, so I did some research and discovered that there was a whole hidden area of the map. Such an amazing feeling to find something this big in one of my favorite games just waiting to be found.

    • Nore
      Nore 2 months ago +10

      I always assumed they would be a part of a cave level, they are super creepy but I feel like they would have been less creepy if there was more than 1

    • ِ
      ِ 2 months ago +15

      My headcanon is that it was originally supposed to swim after you in certain areas with water and try to drag you under. Which would probably explain why they cut it lol

  • Schmul Goldstein
    Schmul Goldstein 2 months ago

    I have had the same thing happen to me in Saints Row 2 twice, once in the trailer park district and one in the old mission building. This is the first time I have seen it on video.
    The model does not have a face, it’s head is just one solid color. That’s why it looks so weird in the video. The rest of the body looks normal but has a different outfit each time I have seen it.

  • Franklin
    Franklin 2 months ago +2

    @oddheader if you want a suggestion for a wtf enemy I suggest the cannibal enemies in Rayman 3, a kids game that left many too scared to continue. They talk about torturing you in many ways and are invincible.

  • Mason Leake
    Mason Leake 2 months ago +4

    Hey Odd, has anyone ever submitted the bizarre horrific creature that Jon Boos found in his series breaking madden? He talks about it more in his “does a play ever have to end” video, genuinely the creepiest glitch I’ve ever seen from a sports game

    • Mason Leake
      Mason Leake Month ago

      @dog dog No I’m talking about his horrible amalgamation of everyone on the field, I can’t find the breaking madden video, just the picture of the glitch and Jon talking about it

    • dog dog
      dog dog Month ago

      Are you talking about beeftank? I'm desperately trying to find it

  • cool gun
    cool gun Month ago

    im guessing that gamburra'ta is some kind of god/demon that punishes people by turning them into buckets?

  • Dreadjaws
    Dreadjaws 2 months ago +513

    So, we all agree that the Immensa Creatura is just ManBearPig, right?

    • Bill J.
      Bill J. 2 months ago

      Beat me to it... Yeah it's obviously an inside joke with the devs. I mean what would the odds be that it would be those 3 specific things..

    • ChopperPlayed
      ChopperPlayed 2 months ago

      Exactly what I said

    • Ben Anjerris🏳️‍🌈⃠
      Ben Anjerris🏳️‍🌈⃠ 2 months ago +1

      Either that or a nod to Piggsy from Manhunt

    • Grace
      Grace 2 months ago

      Beat me to it. Only thing that would make RDR2 more insane is if it had climate change; the NPCs probably wouldn't care, but we wouldn't get shrinking horse balls anymore. Nobody got cereal?

    • Apelgrandure
      Apelgrandure 2 months ago

      Half man, half bear, half pig

  • Dreamer frostbite
    Dreamer frostbite 2 months ago +2

    *WARNING* for the viewers: the company sponsored in this video called "Established Titles" has been outed as *Scammers* and you should not buy their crap.
    while they (allegedly) help with planting trees in Scotland, they don't actually give you any real land in return and (obviously) don't make you a real "lord".
    the land they give you is what's called a "souvenir plot" of land, this is a *very* tiny area in Scotland that has no use whatsoever and isn't even acknowledged by the government of Scotland.
    even if Established Titles "owns" these lands and is "giving" them to you, the price is still ridiculously expensive for a fake lordship and is the equivalent of a kid selling you his icecream cone for $50 and giving you a pocket of sand in return.
    please don't buy this it's not worth it, if you want property, a fancy title, or want to save the environment then please find an official and safer way to do all of that.
    Edit: also please don't be too hard on oddheader, a lot of people genuinely didn't know this company was bad until very recently, and he probably only realised it until the very last minute.

  • blu jewel
    blu jewel 2 months ago +2

    Ngl, the Ittle dew 2 easter egg sure is freaky and creepy, i want more of those kind of stuff in other games where they put creepypasta stuff in it.