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The best new campervan this year! Full review of the Campervan of the Year 2023

  • Published on Dec 18, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Peter Vaughan spends three days with the Campervan of the Year 2023, the Globe-Traveller Voyager Z, which has just arrived in the UK. Based on a Fiat Ducato or Peugeot Boxer, this Polish campervan has numerous unique features. It has a very clever roof bed, an extra high roof, a redesigned rear with tailgate and garage, automotive-style seating and a washroom with separate shower. And it's all finished to a top-quality standard. Watch our review to see why it's a worthy winner.
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    ◼️ REVIEWED BY: Peter Vaughan, Group Motorhome Road Test Editor for MMM magazine and What Motorhome magazine Editor. Peter has been writing about motorhomes since the age of 14, has a love of touring France and is mad about old Italian sports cars.
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Comments • 170

  • Travelling _ Stephen
    Travelling _ Stephen 3 months ago +11

    The two main features I liked about this van is the boot space (I've always hated the rear doors if you need to get something out and it's raining your bed gets wet) and the rear passenger seat's are a big plus with the adjustability they have. And it looks very well built and as Peter pointed out no rattling. Someone else also has said about the payload those of us with the correct drivers licence would be able to upgrade the van to a 4.6 ton if needed. And to Peter thanks for another great video and you and your family have a great Christmas 🤶 and of course everyone else and for when it comes around Happy New year.

    • Travelling _ Stephen
      Travelling _ Stephen 2 months ago +1

      @sadkowskid to be honest I don't know but I would imagine if you searched the Internet you might find them. If you rang the British dealers they may no who the manufacturer is i would assume they are made in Germany a lot of the best equipment seems to come from Germany.

    • sadkowskid
      sadkowskid 2 months ago

      Hi, do you know if those seats are available as aftermarket products?

    • Travelling _ Stephen
      Travelling _ Stephen 3 months ago +1

      @Boating, Sibbing and Wandering about nothing really everything is costing more nowadays no matter what it is .

    • Boating, Sibbing and Wandering about
      Boating, Sibbing and Wandering about 3 months ago

      What do you think about the price ?

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago +2

      You can certainly upgrade the gross weight to 3,820kg but I'm not sure you can go beyond that (not from the factory anyway).
      Thanks for your comments and a happy Christmas to you and, of course, all our Clip-Share supporters.

  • Matty
    Matty 3 months ago +53

    I thought £92k was a bit steep until you mentioned the remote control dimmable lights. 😂😂😂

  • Mark B
    Mark B 3 months ago +6

    Think I'll stick with our brand new Select 164. This is a great conversion and as usual a very decent review, but the price would be hard to justify for most I would imagine. By the way it was very nice to meet you at Castleton last week.

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago +1

      Great to meet you, too, Mark. Hope you enjoyed Moreton-in-Marsh!
      Yes, the Globe-Traveller is premium-priced but Swift's latest Fiat campervan (Carrera) is now £70k, and the Voyager can easily justify the extra cost over that. There doesn't seem to be any shortage of buyers for motorhomes at this price point at the moment.
      Good thing I haven't tempted you to change 'vans already as you haven't had your Select long!

  • justin linnane
    justin linnane 3 months ago +3

    I'm not a huge fan of van conversions but this one is excellent . Elegant and inventive design and functionality. it oozes style .

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago +2

      Totally agree. It's also a van conversion that adds features normally only found in coachbuilts - double floor, separate shower, etc

  • noname
    noname 3 months ago +4

    The way the wood grain carries from one panel to the next shows this is a quality product. I had a good look at them in Düsseldorf.

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago

      Yes, the quality puts a lot of better-known brands in the shade

  • Alan Moore
    Alan Moore 3 months ago

    Overall look is good - travel seats are really great! front bed is great for the grandkids. Kitchen is a little disappointing for counter space (why not at least a flush chopping board cover over the sink?) but the garage is great and driving features are very nice.

    • Alan Moore
      Alan Moore 2 months ago

      @Andrzej Wawa Nice. Both would be a big improvement for usable space - and simple!

    • Andrzej Wawa
      Andrzej Wawa 2 months ago

      You can order a kitchen counter with lowered sink and/or hob and wooden board covers/chopping boards made of the same counter piece. Looks great: just one big wooden counter and once you need to cook or wash you just take the corresponding board off.

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago +1

      Yes, there's loads to like here and I guess the kitchen is just a lower priority on the Continent

  • Likes To Travel
    Likes To Travel Month ago

    Well-done Globe -Traveller! I really like this build!

  • Jim B
    Jim B 3 months ago

    Peter - very nicely produced review - thanks.
    There are some very well thought out design touches - particularly the travelling seats.
    A few comments:- Is there any access to the water tanks hidden in the double floor? Any leaks from the tank connections will be hidden and trapped in the double floor. Also if access required in the future - how? There is lots of space under the van - I think that's the best place for tanks. Also having gas bottles in the garage is sub - optimal. Better to have an underslung gas tank and free up the garage for general storage - maybe that would be offered as an option. 200a lithium and 200w solar is good, is there a B2B fitted also? I agree with comment below that if you need a 4 berth then a compact coach built or A class is a better option than this particular van for the price. But lots of thought gone into it.

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago +1

      There are two servicing hatches in the double floor for the water system. I can't agree that tanks should go underfloor - I've recently been away in a similarly priced UK campervan with underslung tanks and overnight both fresh and waste tanks froze up, despite being insulated and fitted with tank heaters. It was minus 4 or 5 overnight in Derbyshire just before Xmas. Then, no shower, no loo flush, no drinking water, no washing up... Good thing I had water in my coffee machine!

  • Simon Clarke
    Simon Clarke 2 months ago +2

    Very nice looking van with some inovative features.

  • Ruby Mouse
    Ruby Mouse 6 days ago

    Reminds me of the auto trail v-line of 2015. Very handy garage space.

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  Day ago

      The build quality, roof bed, winterisation (double floor), automotive rear seats, etc, all move the game on quite a long way from the V-Line

  • Joe C
    Joe C 2 months ago +1

    Very nice van. It must be nice, it won campervan of the year for a year that didn't even get here yet.

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  2 months ago

      The year has only just arrived but, as far as the motorhome industry is concerned, the 2023 season was launched to the dealers and press in June 2022 and to the public at Düsseldorf in September. Soon, we'll be seeing 2024 models...

  • Digiparts Merch
    Digiparts Merch 3 months ago

    Still not a better camper van layout than the Westfalia James Cook of 2002... Seat 5, Huge Beds, Massive Kitchen, Decent Shower/toilet space...Never bettered when it comes to Campervans.

    • Digiparts Merch
      Digiparts Merch 2 months ago

      @MotorhomeCampervan I think so, I purchased a California Exclusive last Summer, 2002 in Silver and I agree the best Small Van available, just wish they had carried it on but guessing the Account dept got in the way. The newer Club Joker just isn't quite as good although it gains a shower.

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago

      Yes, the James Cook was a brilliant design - so, is it market trends that have made the latest JC so much more conventional in layout? Buyers seem to want fixed beds and garages now.
      My favourite Westfalia was the California Exclusiv.

  • Tony Sutton
    Tony Sutton 3 months ago

    What a nice van, I particularly like the fact that you can sit and eat your breakfast while lazier people have a lie in. The ladder is a let down and a telescopic model would take up less space.
    The only thing missing for me is an oven/grill as dietary requirements make eating out less attractive than it used to be and I don't like fried food.

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago

      The company is recommending an Omnia stove-top cooker to give you more culinary options

  • brenda bardsley
    brenda bardsley 3 months ago +2

    Hi Peter ,We have enjoyed watching your Videos over time, We wanted to send you and your family a Christmas greeting and hope the New Year has many wonderful things for you and family

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago

      That's very kind. I hope you had a good Christmas, too.
      Always nice to hear from our regular viewers, many of whom I meet at shows and on campsites.

  • Ross Whittleton
    Ross Whittleton 3 months ago +1

    That's an outstanding van and at 1.93m tall myself it's perfect. Just got to get the numbers out now! Lol

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago +1

      Yes, it's perfect for taller folk - but great for average height blokes like me, too!

  • squawkparrot spitting feathers

    You are an excellent reviewer. Great Van.

  • Jez Wild
    Jez Wild 3 months ago +3

    Very nice van and an excellent review.

  • GirlPatriot12
    GirlPatriot12 Month ago +2

    The Globe Traveler needs to travel to the US!

  • Rebecca Chadwick
    Rebecca Chadwick 3 months ago

    We passed you Peter, in our blue Warwick XL on the coast road in Southport. You were driving towards us but we were distracted and only realised it was you at the last minute, just in time to catch you smiling 😁 The penny dropped that it was actually you about a nano second after we'd passed but I still wasn't sure until seeing this review which has confirmed I hadn't imagined it. 🤣

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago +1

      Maybe I was harder to spot in a left-hand drive 'van?
      Hope you enjoyed Southport - I did!

  • Robin Kellett-Navellou
    Robin Kellett-Navellou 2 months ago +1

    Think I'd find that rear space claustrophobic without a rear-window - makes it very enclosed and dark. Some clever features there though, albeit at a super-premium price.

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  2 months ago +1

      Surely, you have the blinds closed much of the time in the bedroom anyway? There are windows on each side, a rooflight and plenty of artificial lighting, so it's not a big issue.
      Lots of clever features to make up for it, anyway, as you say!

  • Brandon Lowe
    Brandon Lowe 2 months ago +2

    Great review video and super nice van.

  • Peter Hobbs
    Peter Hobbs 3 months ago +1

    Worthy winner, looks excellent Peter

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago

      It really is very good! So pleased that it's now available in the UK

  • Wally Stellmacher
    Wally Stellmacher 2 months ago

    Good review of a nice camper. But strange: The year 2023 has just started and there already is a winner of 2023.

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  2 months ago +2

      That's the motorhome market for you. It's an annual cycle. New 2023 models were shown to dealers and press last June, and went on sale in Europe in September (Düsseldorf show). We're already receiving invites to see the 2024 season models...

  • Noel’s Ark
    Noel’s Ark 2 months ago

    Wish we had this in the US!

  • Marcel Wolf
    Marcel Wolf 3 months ago +1

    Thanks for using metric/meters too. For us Eu-members. I don't really understand the concept of going in a van with more than 2 persons. It will be crapmped on a rainy day and kids mostly don't like travalling all the time. They just want to make friends on a camping site and stay with them as long as possible. But hey...that is my opinion. I would change the 2 seats for a sofa to relax.

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago

      Since Covid more families have discovered the joys of campervans. My kids love our VW T6!

  • Çoğu gitti azı kaldı
    Çoğu gitti azı kaldı 2 months ago +1

    Very nice van. I like it. I wish I could buy it in Turkey.👌

  • Jamie Pickles
    Jamie Pickles 3 months ago +2

    I enjoyed watching the Video Review. Looks very nice particularly Inside 😊

  • The Conversion Shed campervans

    Im baffled as to how it got camper of the year!! Its nice but just that....just nice.

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  2 months ago +1

      The double floor, the clever roof bed, the redesigned rear (which gains interior space), the redesigned roof, the automotive rear seats (which slide both ways and recline), the separate shower - can you name another campervan with all these features (some of which will be very expensive to develop)?
      Then there's the build quality, which is superb. And there were other campervans at the NEC last October at similar prices without any of the above...

  • Bill True
    Bill True 2 months ago +2

    They need to do away with the rear cuboard doors above the bed, like in the malibu so you sit up.

  • D Tollemache
    D Tollemache 2 months ago +1

    Nice video and nice to hear of any cons !

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  2 months ago

      Glad you enjoyed it. We always try to include the negatives, not just the good bits!

  • Lorraine AJG
    Lorraine AJG 2 months ago +2

    Ok it's expensive but I am literally in love!!!Honestly

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  2 months ago +1

      Obviously, we love it, too. Can't remember the last time a new brand arrived here and impressed so much first time out

  • Mr SteveVee
    Mr SteveVee 3 months ago

    No idea how this was the van of the year, the bed layout is pretty pants, not one for us methinks. Thanks for the review.

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago +1

      Not sure what you don't like. The rear single bed format is the same as in dozens of other campervans of this size, except that here you have longer beds and no draughty rear doors. As for the roof bed, it's a brilliant way of turning a 'van of this size into a family vehicle.
      If this sort of layout isn't for you, then you can see all the other award winners at - www.outandaboutlive.co.uk/motorhomes/information/campervan-awards-official-homepage

  • Her Mevsim Gez
    Her Mevsim Gez 3 months ago +1

    it was a beautifully designed caravan

  • It's Only Me
    It's Only Me 3 months ago

    Nice review.
    Van appears well constructed but I'm personally not keen on GRP body kits.

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago

      I was probably harder to spot in a left-hand drive 'van! Hope you enjoyed Southport

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago

      It's not really a bodykit (which is usually a purely styling thing). Here, the increased roof height and redesigned rear have genuine practical benefits.
      Glad you enjoyed the review.

  • Paul Alcock
    Paul Alcock 3 months ago

    Where did you find details on options that were mentioned in the video and the pricing? Their website contains very little information and the UK dealers seem to know very little ATM.

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago +1

      Prices were supplied by the UK agent. Remember that Globe-Traveller is very new in the UK. It had never been seen here prior to the October NEC show.

  • richard coughlan
    richard coughlan 3 months ago +2

    Shouldn’t this be the 2022 camper van of the year? They are jumping the gun a bit for 2023 when it’s not even 2023 yet.

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago

      It's a 2023-season model. By June we'll be seeing the 2024 models at press launches (that's the cycle the industry works to) and in October we'll announce the 2024 Campervan of the Year!

  • Karlos Pappy
    Karlos Pappy 3 months ago

    Looks great but 100k, ouch. I saw this van pass me in Southport so presumably you Peter, first thought when it was coming towards me was Bloody Hell that's tall. Second thought, what is it? now I know. Great review Peter if a little pricey but they all are at the moment. Cheers K.

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago +1

      Hi Karlos. Yes, prices have shot up, so the £100k campervan is not that rare now, sadly!
      Your the second person to say they saw me in Southport!

  • lesley wall
    lesley wall 3 months ago +1

    There is not much not to like about this van. Have you reviewed their shorter vans?

    • Peter V
      Peter V 2 months ago

      @lesley wall Sorry, Lesley. Have to speed through a lot of comments and missed the double negative!

    • lesley wall
      lesley wall 3 months ago +1

      @MotorhomeCampervan Read carefully. I say "there is not much NOT to like". = There is a lot to like. Double negative makes a positive. I could have made it easier.

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago

      It's the very first Globe-Traveller in the UK, so the only one we've reviewed so far. I don't understand why you say there's "not much to like" - the quality, the travel seats, the separate shower, the garage, the clever roof bed...
      But, if this isn't your cup of tea, have a look at the other finalists in the Campervan Awards 2023 - www.outandaboutlive.co.uk/motorhomes/information/campervan-awards-official-homepage

  • Antonio Lima
    Antonio Lima 2 months ago

    Does the camper van comes with Morrison’s Granola as standard or is it an option?

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  2 months ago +1

      I'm sure ES Hartley would include the granola if you ask nicely!!!

  • Steve Bennett
    Steve Bennett 3 months ago

    Only one armrest on the cab seats 🤔🤔For 93k I’d expect more tbh 😉

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago

      If that's the only thing you don't like, they've done pretty well, haven't they? No 'van is perfect

  • xmol xmolxmol
    xmol xmolxmol Month ago

    This awkward position while watching TV or just sitting in bed looks like a serious problem. Why not make this high roof along the entire vehicle? With this extra height, you can raise the cabinets in the sleeping area, get rid of the plastic shelves in the back wall and voila, you can sit comfortably. Or just half-height shorter back cabinets and that's an even easier solution.

  • Gas Gas
    Gas Gas 3 months ago

    I wanted one and as no one here knows when they will be in the shops I looked on t'internet for used ones in Poland. There was only one available anywhere I could see. None in Germany, apparently. I've given up.

    • Gas Gas
      Gas Gas 3 months ago

      @MotorhomeCampervan The web site is good, easily navigable with all the dealers contacts. I specially liked the flat floor, and the overall quality was exemplified by having five hinges on the washroom door and the continuation of the wood grain from one cupboard door to the next. That takes time and skill. I would want one of the cheaper standard two rear door ones though. I've driven LHD in the UK and it isn't a problem.

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago

      I'd suggest you cal the factory in Poland or ring around the dealers before you give up. This 'van is worth pursuing!

  • Colin newmarch
    Colin newmarch 3 months ago

    Lovely van, but wow the price

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago +1

      Sadly, campervan and motorhome price have rocketed over the last two years. And, when they're forced to go electric, they'll be dearer still.

  • Chris G Carini
    Chris G Carini 3 months ago

    Innovative but priced out of my league. Some good ideas incorporated though.

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago

      Maybe have a look at the rest of the range, starting at £71,595.
      Or, if you're looking to buy used, there's a great feature coming up in the Feb issue of What Motorhome magazine, with 'vans starting at £15k.

  • Xtrax38
    Xtrax38 3 months ago

    Hi Peter, What's the payload for this van?

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago +1

      400kg in standard spec. You can upgrade the gross weight to 3,820kg if you have the right licence, giving you over 700kg

  • Boating, Sibbing and Wandering about

    It always makes me laugh how Mr V jumps to the instant defence of these massively overpriced motor homes. I think he is in total denial of what most people can afford and will pay. You pay this amount of cash and buy yourself a world of hurt when all of the electronics kick in and send the whole overpriced article into limp mode. And then you have a wonderful time sending it back and forth under warranty and finally end up regretting the day you ever parted with such a ridiculous amount of cash...... We could all just fawn over it and Mr V of course or we could just speak our minds and the truth as we see it

    • Peter V
      Peter V 2 months ago +1

      @Boating, Sibbing and Wandering about What's affordable is simply down to how much you have, so what's affordable to one person isn't to another. The motorhome market is booming, so I'd suggest that there are enough people to whom these vehicles are affordable and that, having spent a lot of money (and probably having retired), they'll use them as much as they can.
      Anyway, my job is to review what's out there. I don't set the prices or comment on the politics of the "real world" or "haves and have nots".

    • Boating, Sibbing and Wandering about
      Boating, Sibbing and Wandering about 3 months ago +1

      @MotorhomeCampervan You dont seem to understand that Comparing a very expensive thing with another very expensive thing does not make it affordable. They are all way over priced and the makers will realise that soon. Put Simply Normal people simply cannot afford that sort of money on something they might use 5 - 10 times a year. The Massive depreciation after first purchase is the killer. I think you don't fully understand the real world and the massive gap between the Haves and Have nots

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago

      Why "massively overpriced?" - are they really any more overpriced than, say, SUVs? I don't intend to defend the prices but they are what they are - all manufacturers have had to increase prices substantially and they aren't coming down - in fact, expect more big rises when they have to go electric.
      However, a motorhome can still be good value over a five year period if you use it regularly, providing affordable touring and often with minimal depreciation. If price is an issue, there a plenty of good used buys - see the February issue of What Motorhome for a great feature - www.outandaboutlive.co.uk/motorhomes/store/digital-archive-subscriptions/
      Or you can hire instead.
      And remember that most motorhomes have a very easy life compared with the (hard-working and often abused) vans they're based on, so the "world of hurt" you describe is extremely rare.

    NARENDRA KOLPE Month ago

    Possible to have a dual purpose design for
    "Office on Wheels + Caravan" ?

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  Month ago

      You could certainly use a 'van like this as a mobile office in these days of WFH - or working from motorhome, WFM?

  • Nelson muntz
    Nelson muntz 3 months ago +1

    Now that’s ingenious

  • Justin R
    Justin R 2 months ago

    Why do no vans in the US have the ceiling bed like this? it really opens up the floorplan for more options.

  • ronecc
    ronecc Month ago

    £100,000 for a campervan. They are taking the proverbial now. My 2016 Autocruise Accent was £43k. I could stand in front of the washbasin without having to kneel on the loo and I could sit up in bed. This is a nice van, but as usual they are trying too hard to make you feel 'at home'. I bet the lip over the cab causes some wind noise and it is still narrow, so only one person at a time standing please. As you said, nothing is perfect, but for £100k I would expect it to be. It is a third of the price of my house, silly!

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  Month ago

      The equivalent model from Swift is now over £65k. Prices have shot up and the Select is not really comparable with the Voyager in terms of spec, features, build quality, etc.
      You don't have to kneel on the loo here and I didn't experience any extra wind noise on a decent 70mph motorway run. In fact, the Voyager was much quieter on the road than most rivals.

  • Piere LeNigus
    Piere LeNigus 2 months ago +1

    I find the campervan of the year award to be dubious and suspect. I mean it's built on a 'fix it again tony' and this video was put out before 2023 even arrived, much less had a chance to show anything else for the 2023 year. I tend to block channels that make outrageous claims in their captions, because if they are willing to start the conversation with a lie then everything they say after that should hold the same value, and I just don't like wasting my time on liars.

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  2 months ago +2

      A bit strong. The Campervan of the Year award is from the UK's leading publisher of motorhome/campervan content, including MMM magazine (a best seller for over 50 years), What Motorhome, Campervan magazine and outandaboutlive.co.uk
      It is a 2023 award because that's how the motorhome industry works. The 2023 models started appearing last June and were available to the public from the Düsseldorf show in September and the NEC show in the UK in October. In the specialist press, we'll soon be seeing 2024 season models!
      As for Fiat, it is still the best-selling chassis for campervans of this size by a country mile. At times, the Fiat Ducato has claimed well over 80% of the entire European motorhome market!
      No outrageous claims here, just unbiased reviews. I, personally, have been reviewing motorhomes for almost 40 years.

  • William Hurley
    William Hurley 3 months ago +3

    Totally unimpressed with this van. Quite frankly if you want a four berth van with fixed beds at the rear don't buy a van conversion. Buy an A class or a coach built van.
    We have a 6.36M ducato van conversion and we love it. But the thought not four people in our lounge simply horrifies me.
    We enjoy our Skyview up front it makes the lounge feel a bit larger. Also this van is more than 3.5T limiting who van drive it.
    Also at over £90,000 surely there are better options for up to four people travelling in a motorhome.

    • William Hurley
      William Hurley 2 months ago

      @MotorhomeCampervan Peter as others have said you are a great reviewer. I have just read your review on MMM. Yes build quality this is an excellent van. I love so many things about it, but my original point stands. Unless Dr Who has been involved in creating this 4 in a van conversion is not for the faint hearted. Our Rapido V68 has the 180 engine, I am glad I forked out the cash for this. We also had air suspension fitted to the rear wheels. But honestly the front lounge is tiny, and we don’t have a drop down bed to contend with. So yes it’s a quality van, and it’s original, and these are good points. But if I wanted to travel with 4 occupants I would not want what we have. We do occasionally take our grandson out, he sleeps on the made up third bed in the lounge, but we on,y carry this on the rare occasions he comes out with us. As usual great review of a lovely van that some will love, and no wonder. One other point we can access our garage from within the van, I don’t fancy having to always go outside to do this, or have I missed something there.

    • Firstname Lastname
      Firstname Lastname 3 months ago

      @MotorhomeCampervan I think that's the key. This is an A class for those who don't want the bulk. They'd proably see it as decent value in that context, whereas to me it has much style but maybe not the simple practicality I'd want in a much less expensive PVC (mine was less than half the price, ok I know they all jumped in the last couple of years but still..... it stood up to 6 months continuous summer use with a bit of tlc). The top bed is clever, I give'm that.

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago +1

      If you have a 6.36m van conversion, then surely you appreciate the big advantage of having a more compact (and especially narrower) motorhome? I would much prefer to drive this (over any A-class) in Cornwall or when visiting medieval French villages. It's also much, much quieter on the road than most coachbuilts and has far superior travel seats for its rear passengers.
      The Globe-Traveller won't suit four adults, but a 2+2 family would be ideal. Or there are many grandparent buyers who will only need the roof bed from time to time - in which case, this is a FAR better solution than the typical high-top camper with a pop-top added.
      And it isn't over 3.5t - unless you want it to be (and order the GVW upgrade).

  • Derek T
    Derek T 3 months ago +1

    £100k unbelievable.

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago

      Sadly, it's easy to spend that - or more - on a campervan or motorhome now. But then look at the price of a high-spec SUV and it almost looks cheap. Range Rovers start at £100k these days...

  • L. Howard Richards
    L. Howard Richards 8 days ago

    Are these available in USA?

    DARK GHOST Month ago

    واقعا کمپرهای شما عالی و هوشمند هستن

  • Roger Olivier
    Roger Olivier 3 months ago

    The fiat series 8 is great.

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago +1

      The biggest improvement in my book is reduced engine noise but the electric parking brake is a boon in a camper

  • Bass Monk
    Bass Monk 2 months ago

    Double floor....radiant heat?

  • David Farrell
    David Farrell 3 months ago +1

    At £100k would you be better with a £60k 4x4 and a £40k caravan with more space and less compromise and you have 4x4 for all year.

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago

      With a caravan you would have a completely different holiday experience. In this you could camp off-grid, or use the fabulous aires network in France. You don't need sites. And you can move on regularly to a new location without the constant hours of faffing about setting up a caravan... When you go out for the day in your camper you also take your shower, loo and kitchen with you, so you don't need public facilities (at the beach, for example).
      No everyone likes towing, either. And the residual value of a campervan is likely to be far better than the 4x4 and caravan combo.
      In the end, it's horses for courses. My in-laws love their caravan. I love our VW T6 camper. Different tools for different jobs...

  • Yam Yam
    Yam Yam 3 months ago +1

    Very nice van however would have liked to be able to sit up in bed without hitting my head on overhead cupboards

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago

      Agreed. It looks like that might be easier in the Voyager X (the double bed version)

  • blue miller
    blue miller 3 months ago

    Is it available in India??

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago

      I doubt it, but ask the factory in Poland. See globe-traveller.eu

  • Alan Rogers
    Alan Rogers 13 days ago

    Can this be driven on a normal car license

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  12 days ago

      Yes, it can as max gross weight is 3,500kg (with 400kg payload).
      There is a 3,820kg option but then you need a C1 licence.

  • Hectors House
    Hectors House 3 months ago +3

    What's the point when they're all sold, and so you can't get one? Lol

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago

      A lot of motorhomes have long waiting lists (12 months or more). If you want one, then check whether any dealers have stock coming that isn't sold yet. Otherwise, this is definitely a 'van that's worth waiting for!

  • Yeti Gee
    Yeti Gee 3 months ago +1

    Not for us. Terrible roof light at front. Presumably you could fit air-con in the rear roof light position, then how dark would that be in the main bed area. Is it curtains on some side windows? Ugh. No Oven!! Sorry not a patch on our Adria Twin Supreme 640 SGX. Just how is this van voted best campervan.?

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago +1

      Surely the "terrible roof light" is the one nearly everyone fits? Yes, I guess you could fit roof air-con but few will (I'd prefer to look into a unit mounted in the garage, so as not to add weight high up). No curtains on side windows, but the cab (coldest area) can be curtained off (as well as Remis cab blinds) - a great feature for really cold nights.
      We're big fans of the Twin range (and the new 600 SX would have been in the running, had Adria got one to the NEC show) but there's no double floor, separate shower or rear tailgate (replacing Fiat's ill-fitting, draughty barn doors). And, if you want to take kids in a Twin, you'll need a Sports model with cold pop-top - they'd freeze in winter!
      So, there are plenty of reasons why the Globe-Traveller is a very worthy winner.

  • Gros Lait
    Gros Lait Month ago +1

    brown wood color makes the inside looks like an old car

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  Month ago

      Most motorhomes have a lot of wood decor. If you want something different try our review of the Wingamm City Suite - clip-share.net/video/vAr4SConuAc/video.html

  • Mark Burns
    Mark Burns Month ago

    The van is bit expensive but hey ho . No one seems to let you know who makes the mattresses.

  • E Wright
    E Wright 2 months ago +1

    much better than the garbage we get in the states.

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  2 months ago

      Then let's hope your RV makers learn from the Europeans. At least there should be some benefit of Thor owning Erwin Hymer?

  • Von Trap
    Von Trap 2 months ago

    Try a wide angled lens so everything is not so close up. Basic stuff really. Cannot tell the layout properly from this 23 minute review.

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  2 months ago +1

      I think the layout is pretty obvious. None of our 68,000 subscribers have complained

  • Silent Running
    Silent Running 2 months ago

    Dear lord a Fiat. Lol

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  2 months ago +1

      Still the most popular base vehicle for campervans of this size. Even in Germany, readers of Promobil magazine voted it the best base for motorhomes...

  • G Ellis
    G Ellis 20 days ago

    Materials look very cheap compared to a Pleasure Way Van

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  20 days ago

      I can assure you that the Globe Traveller is very high quality throughout. But, in any case, it's not sold in the US and Pleasure-Way vans are not sold in the UK, so they don't compete.
      Would love to see a Pleasure-Way, though, if they are that good.

  • karl peart
    karl peart 3 months ago

    Where’s the shower n toilet😅

  • Roger Job
    Roger Job 3 months ago


  • J.A.M '68
    J.A.M '68 3 months ago +1

    Southport in the winter..you poor bugger !

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago

      I actually rather liked it - definitely want to go back when it's warmer and drier! And I recommend the Pavilion café

  • JNS
    JNS 3 months ago

    Can only watch TV in bed?

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago

      It's hard to see where a TV could be fitted in the lounge - maybe a flip-down screen in the cab ceiling, like some Auto-Trails? But a portable screen (laptop, iPad, etc) could sit on the kitchen unit or table, which is probably what most folk will do.

  • Zany
    Zany 2 months ago

    remote control........to..........brighten.........or dim the awnig light... ok mr clarkson

  • Marshall Alliedllc
    Marshall Alliedllc 2 months ago

    I'm American and ALL of our campervans SUCK! Compared to European. 😮‍💨

    • Marshall Alliedllc
      Marshall Alliedllc 2 months ago

      @MotorhomeCampervan I am pessimistic about that. I mean why offer better products and more choices, when they can get away with offering the same old thing. They know the US market is not going to demand it because we can't demand what we don't know about. US RV manufacturers only started offering Lithium based non-gas generator systems. After Erwin Hymer came here and shook up the US market.

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  2 months ago

      Let's hope that Thor learn from their European brands then - for your sake!

  • Edward Theodore
    Edward Theodore 2 months ago

    noninnovative, just another old van design sad. what was the award for? is tis the best on offer for vans?

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  2 months ago

      I think there's quite a bit of innovative design here. I've not seen a roof bed like this before and the redesign of the rear of the Fiat van, the travel seats, the double floor and the separate shower all put it ahead of most rivals. Plus, the build quality is superb

  • Brian Sales
    Brian Sales 19 days ago

    Fiat, crapy

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  19 days ago

      Would you say the same about Peugeot and Citroen? - their vans (Boxer and Relay) are essentially the same vehicle. And the Ducato is still the number one base vehicle for motorhomes, even in Germany!

  • anires eegam
    anires eegam 2 months ago

    Seriously poor video. You never showed a panning shot of the interior. Just bit by bit . Waste of time

    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  2 months ago +1

      Well, 111,000 people have watched it and we have 97.6% likes on this video...

  • Tony Greenhill
    Tony Greenhill 3 months ago +1


    • MotorhomeCampervan
      MotorhomeCampervan  3 months ago +2

      67,838 subscribers don't seem to agree
      Is this sort of comment really necessary?