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Chemical Hearts - Official Trailer | Prime Video

  • Published on Jul 28, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • Chemical Hearts is an unapologetic, coming of age story involving a hopeless romantic and a young woman with a mysterious past. Seventeen-year-old Henry Page (Austin Abrams) has never been in love. He fancies himself a romantic, but the kind of once-in-a-lifetime love he’s been hoping for just hasn’t happened yet. Then, on the first day of senior year, he meets transfer student Grace Town (Lili Reinhart) and it seems all that is about to change. When Grace and Henry are chosen to co-edit the school paper, he is immediately drawn to the mysterious newcomer. As he learns the heartbreaking secret that has changed her life, he finds himself falling in love with her -or at least the person he thinks she is. Based on the novel by Krystal Sutherland, Chemical Hearts is a journey of self-discovery that captures the thrills, disappointments and confusion of being a teenager. Available on Prime Video August 21.
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  • sam singh
    sam singh Year ago +4186

    Austin gives me timothee vibes, his voice and his acting. He's a good actor

  • Anna B
    Anna B Year ago +4168

    This looks like an unbelievably cliche, american, angsty teenage movie but that's also my preferred genre so I'm looking forward to watching.

    • Gary Williams
      Gary Williams Month ago

      It is not cliche, the ending is actually horrible (from my point of view). It is actually intelligent (unlike most American teens).

    • Aytaj Alizadeh
      Aytaj Alizadeh 7 months ago

      Reaaaad the book this movie cannot be compared with the book it's beyond fabulous

    • BOT-MAN
      BOT-MAN 11 months ago

      You were so very wrong

    • Emma Smith
      Emma Smith Year ago

      It’s really great if you read the book first. It just gives you a thrill :)

    • For Music
      For Music Year ago


  • Dream1ng
    Dream1ng Year ago +6177

    its great to see lili in something that's not riverdale. That show does not do her justice.

    • alexis .
      alexis . 4 months ago

      i think she’s great in riverdale

    • dreamy mood
      dreamy mood 8 months ago

      hey is this a good film to watch if a girl is feeling down and she just wants to smile ?

    • Gans Del
      Gans Del 9 months ago


    • Purple Pig
      Purple Pig Year ago

      your opinion babe

    • Sul Whale
      Sul Whale Year ago

      There more for her then revertale

  • EtherealBeauty_SF
    EtherealBeauty_SF Year ago +2003

    "The world tells you to express yourself, but the minute you do it tells you to shut up!" Truer words were never spoken!!

    • Ahana Sarkar
      Ahana Sarkar 8 months ago

      @himura haibara yes right

    • D R
      D R Year ago

      @Loulydollx3Keep them barriers up. They help..

    • Alisha Pranju
      Alisha Pranju Year ago +1

      @himura haibara that's what it means. No offense really! It's just an opinion.

    • Alisha Pranju
      Alisha Pranju Year ago +1

      I totally agree. It's not that were being told to shut up because we're doing something toxic. It's just something very practical and just can't be framed into words. People's morality tells us to express ourselves but at the same time, their hatred and jealousy wants us to just shut up. And it's just so confusing and painful.

    • Rajdeep Chatterjee
      Rajdeep Chatterjee Year ago

      +Zsuzsanna Varga Good luck.

  • Uzair Shaikh
    Uzair Shaikh Year ago +3142

    When I saw Euphoria I knew Austin Abrams was good actor. Its good to see him in a lead role

    • sienna lucas
      sienna lucas 6 months ago

      i saw him in dash and lily

    • Cayden Allen
      Cayden Allen 11 months ago

      I knew since twd

    • Ivana F
      Ivana F Year ago

      wait he's from euphoria?? i knew i recognized him from somewhere but couldn't remember from where

    • Angie Felton
      Angie Felton Year ago

      Josh Kolbo yeah, Ben Starling. He’s fucking adorable.

    • Josh Kolbo
      Josh Kolbo Year ago

      I remember him from paper towns

  • Fairyland Decor
    Fairyland Decor Year ago +133

    Having read the book, I love that this trailer doesn't give too many spoilers about the real storyline of this film. Can't wait to see it.

    • loco. wanderer
      loco. wanderer Year ago

      i hope the movie can do the book justice!

    • RandomlyRJ
      RandomlyRJ Year ago +4

      This book made me laugh and cry. And I know this movie is gonna do the same thing to me again. 😭😭😭😭

    • Anas Shaikh
      Anas Shaikh Year ago

      @Sanjana Xiong thank you

    • Anas Shaikh
      Anas Shaikh Year ago

      @Fairyland Decor thank you

    • Fairyland Decor
      Fairyland Decor Year ago

      Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland

  • browniie
    browniie Year ago +24

    Lili is just THAT actress that makes you feel tons of emotions with just one look. Riverdale never did her justice and will never do. So proud of her!!🧡

  • cactus juice
    cactus juice Year ago +115

    Just watched this movie and im still very deep in the feels. This movie is a marvelous piece of cinema, the story, the acting, the taking, the message and the feelings it conveys (thank you to the author of the book and every one who worked in the making of this movie).
    I'm very glad to see Lili in a role that does her acting skills justice and I can't wait to see Austin in more films because he is phenomenal.

    • Anaïs Taane
      Anaïs Taane 6 months ago

      where did you watch the movie?

    • kashif ahmed
      kashif ahmed Year ago +1

      That's because she thought of Henry as Dom in her mind all the way ! She didn't love Henry , she loved Dom ! It was hard to believe they moved on , but that's how it is .

  • sara nawar
    sara nawar Year ago +61

    The movie is just *chef's kiss*
    It's a great movie. The acting + the scenes + the story + the emotions , these all equals to a perfect movie which chemical hearts is. 💕

  • Luke Nick Archie
    Luke Nick Archie Year ago +188

    Lili Reinhart is such an amazing actress I’m really happy she’s getting good roles outside out of riverdale,she deserves such greater roles! (Even tho riverdale had a lot of potential)

  • gordoboy18
    gordoboy18 Year ago +10

    Man this movie really hit all the heart strings. I did feel a bit uneasy at the end, which is a different feelings than most movies. Sort of the feeling you have when you don't get closure in a relationship (probably intended), but Great acting and beautifully shot.

  • Yolo Morrison
    Yolo Morrison Year ago +230

    The trailer is so good, lili as an exec producer she’s honestly going places

  • AllNamesAreTaken
    AllNamesAreTaken Year ago +7

    Well acted, well written and emotionally draining. I think that one problem this movie has is how it ends. It is left wide open for a sequel but because there isn't a second book, its highly unlikely that there's going to be one. To me, it feels like unfinished business.

  • katherineッ
    katherineッ Year ago +831

    everyone is talking about lili (she’s great ofc) but what about austin? :(( he’s also amazing

    • Filo
      Filo 5 months ago

      @-Rem- I knew him from TWD season 6 and then I saw him in Dash and Lily. Every since I've been watching every thing he's in, like Euphoria (I was wanting to watch it bc of Rue and Jules but Austin pushed me to) and Chemical Hearts and it's been a great experience. Idk if I like him because of genuine attraction or gender envy (honestky it might be gender envy since he does give me dysphoria) but I like him noneheless lmao 💀

    • Matthias Schweighöfer
      Matthias Schweighöfer Year ago

      Hello how are you doing today

    • Up'town East Hannah
      Up'town East Hannah Year ago

      @NaySicarius ron Yes

    • -Rem-
      -Rem- Year ago +1

      Nay I haven’t watched it yet but if he was there first then yea my first time seeing him was on euphoria my bad

    • NaySicarius
      NaySicarius Year ago +2

      Hayley M isn’t he from twd? the one carl didn’t like lol

  • Grace Duffy
    Grace Duffy 4 months ago +3

    Literally one of the most underrated movies ever. It was so good and so heart trenching, I was in a slump for a couple of days after watching it.

  • Chloe
    Chloe Year ago +60

    Austin Abrams has that Timothée Chalamet kind of appeal. Tall, boyish, kind of shy and mysterious but magnetic, totally intense in character with an aura that pulls you in. Whatever role he’s been in, he’s captivating. I hope he goes far!

  • Miranda
    Miranda Year ago +183

    I feel like so many people are commenting about how Riverdale doesn't do Lili justice and I think that although Riverdale *might* have not let her fully express her acting talent, it did help her grow and you can tell that her acting got better throughout Riverdale, so I think that it's a good thing Lili is on Riverdale. 1.) she plays Betty Cooper so well, I honestly couldn't imagine anyone else playing Betty and 2.) it really was a learning experience for Lili, the whole cast really. Personally, I think Riverdale really helped the entire cast (including Lili) grow and expand their careers and they all seem to get along great. Although some of you think Riverdale didn't do Lili justice, it did help her out because she gained learning experience, friends from Riverdale, and it really opened up more options for her so she could land more roles in more shows/movies (not that she couldn’t do that without Riverdale because she is amazing). I'm excited for season 5 of Riverdale, as well as Chemical Hearts. Congrats Lili!

    • ArchAng3L7
      ArchAng3L7 Year ago +1

      @Miranda How can you type so much yet say so little. Your whole paragraph in one sentence " A lot of people think Riverdale didn't do her justice but it gave her experience"

    • Miranda
      Miranda Year ago +1

      IZARO BEROIZ I’m sorry that I said that, I meant that it did gain her fame, but she still could definitely have gained fame, even without Riverdale. The way I phrased it made it seem that I didn’t think that she would have the fame she does today without Riverdale. I rephrased it in my comment

    • Miranda
      Miranda Year ago +1

      himura haibara thanks, I try my best to look for the good things in situations.

    • himura haibara
      himura haibara Year ago

      You're a positive person, it's rare nowadays..

    • Saloni Prasad
      Saloni Prasad Year ago +1

      riverdale might not have done justice to her but she got famous doing that show, so yes, it's a terrible show but she owes that show for making her career.

  • Tia
    Tia Year ago +273

    "Being young is so painful." never seen a more dramatic line in a movie.

    • Ana Vida
      Ana Vida 6 months ago +1

      Yes of course because life is Soo easy for young people right??

    • Yacobs
      Yacobs Year ago +17

      Just because u haven't gone through that doesn't mean it doesn't happen to others. N

    • Nylah🦋🌝💕
      Nylah🦋🌝💕 Year ago +17

      Yes, that line may have seemed a bit dramatic to you and they could’ve put it in a simpler way. But if you really sit down and think about that. It’s true. Stop being so annoying, and PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF BREAKFAST SANDWICHES, GET A LIFE.

    • Shreshth Mukund
      Shreshth Mukund Year ago +16

      @Nadim Ahmed lol true
      There are lines like 'life's second name is problem'

  • J. Ninu
    J. Ninu Year ago +6

    I didn't even know when this film ends so fast.
    I am dying to see more of this story.
    I am in love 🥰

  • Steven Tuza
    Steven Tuza Year ago

    Es muy buena pelicula me dejo con ganas de ver mas, ojala enga una continuación

    GHOST FF Year ago +1

    Muito bom esse filme, ele me fez chorar de emoção🇧🇷

  • Shaarif Ansari
    Shaarif Ansari 10 months ago

    This movie thought us that just because their story didn't have a happy ending doesn't mean that it wasn't a story about love. Just because they did not end up together doesn't mean they didn't mean anything to each other. Both the teenagers touched each other's lives, and will always be a part of each other. Outstanding movie

  • Maya Ramjattan
    Maya Ramjattan Year ago +33

    Yes so proud of lili! This looks like an amazing movie! I can’t wait to see it!!!

  • Chita S
    Chita S Year ago +2

    I was skeptical of lili’s acting because of riverdale but wow, once you watch this movie, you get to really see her acting. This movie was also great, it really captures the core of what its like being a teenager

  • alekzz
    alekzz 8 months ago +2

    i never realize how much i actually love romantic movies before i see them, and i can just say that this is one of the best movies i have ever seen! loved it!

  • Lilah Washington
    Lilah Washington Year ago +12

    I think this going to be a great movie and im so happy the lili is acting again and i cant wait she deserves it all he is a wonderful actor

  • Holly Vowell
    Holly Vowell Year ago +4

    I don't normally comment on videos, but I had to add mine. This film is amazing. It's fun at times, heartbreaking at others, and Lili Reinhart and Austin Abrams play beautifully off each other.

  • yashika
    yashika Year ago +3

    the movie is nothing like the cliche it seems. It is unbelievably gorgeous,heartbreaking,real and just so beautiful. It will make you cry or at least keep you up for a while at night,staring at ur fan thinking.Lili was so amazing and i felt that emotion she expressed and Austin wasn't that conventional boy character in a HS movie,he was so good and felt like a real person. A good person. I highly recommend this movie to all contemplating wheather to watch this or not. Watch it

  • Mystery_ Current
    Mystery_ Current 6 months ago

    I love this movie sm
    I hope they make a part 2 soon 👀
    Would definitely watch the 2nd part to this if they ever release it

  • RandomlyRJ
    RandomlyRJ Year ago +12

    I feel so bad that I didn't know that the book this was based on is being made into a movie. I remember loving that book when I read it that I even bought 2 copies with 2 different covers.

    • Elena Kosseva
      Elena Kosseva 5 months ago

      Wow! When I personally finished reading the book I thought it’s the most fucked up thing I have ever seen and couldn’t even watch one hour of the movie

  • Kat Okay
    Kat Okay Year ago +6

    Such an underrated movie!!! It so amazing 10/10 recommend. Shows the Reality of life and love, plus these actor did an amazing job.

  • straysthetic
    straysthetic Year ago +4

    I can't wait to see this fantastic movie. I already love it and can we talk about how cinematic it is? I am so proud of Lili!

  • Led Molina
    Led Molina Year ago

    they are both such amazing actors, i can’t wait to see them in more roles. i liked this movie, angsty coming of age movies are my weakness. not for everyone but i enjoyed it !

  • Leonard Tornow
    Leonard Tornow Year ago +1

    This film was beautiful! Loved it. I was just confused on how he would ask her for rides and she would then proceed to walk home despite her leg issues. Great film!

    • Life is MTB
      Life is MTB 5 months ago

      Yeah, I'm confused about that too... And don't like end

  • Makayla M.
    Makayla M. Year ago +2

    this film was so beautiful it moved me so much , the morning after i literally bought the book and i’m almost done reading it. of course a movie can’t shove every little detail that was in the book but i highly recommend reading the book if you like the movie.

  • Marie
    Marie Year ago +10

    This looks so good! Highly recommend reading the book! It’s not just another teen love story.

  • illnsp08
    illnsp08 Year ago +1

    Lili is awesome in this!! Hope to see her more in films.

  • Shayari Mazumdar 13
    Shayari Mazumdar 13 10 months ago +2

    I finished the book yesterday. It broke my heart but mended my soul ❤️

  • Dolores Arce
    Dolores Arce Year ago +2

    I love that in the film lili's character loves writing and in reality lili actually loves writing

  • Ade
    Ade Year ago +6

    Lili's acting is so natural, I fell in love with her! ❤

  • Kei56
    Kei56 Year ago +3

    I’ve never been so happy like this- to see Austin Abrams in a lead role. When i saw him in Paper Towns, i was like, pls pls can someone just give this guy a lead role? ❤️

  • Im his Lobster
    Im his Lobster Year ago +1

    (Beware there spoilers in this sentence)
    Just watched it, and it was amazing!!! Loved how it taught you someone entering ur life doesn’t mean it’ll improve u can care about them but ppl can’t always fix u I loved how she took time to work on herself at the end

  • Kylie Throne
    Kylie Throne Year ago +33

    Being young is so painful, it’s almost too much to feel. Those words hit so deep.

  • iambackwithabang
    iambackwithabang Year ago

    It's a really beautiful movie. I loved it. And I saw it accidentally in start of Jan this year. Clicked coz I saw Lili on the cast list on Amazon. I am glad Amazon recommended this movie. It was really really great and both of them - Austin and Lili performed really well.

  • Love Raphael
    Love Raphael Year ago +1

    just wanted to thank Lili for producing this movie. I too lost someone who was very dear to me and even after a long time, I wasn't able to pull myself together and move on. But watching chemical hearts gave me hope. That I'm not broken beyond repair. Thank u so much for giving me hope.

  • Enmu
    Enmu Year ago +1

    Just finished the movie and honestly it’s a masterpiece so poetic! Lili’s acting skills surprise me everytime also Austin is so talented

    SRIKAR SRK Year ago

    Only writers can feel this movie more than anybody else in the whole world 💓

  • Geovanna Oliveira

    Sou completamente apaixonada 🥰

  • Katrina Dela Cruz
    Katrina Dela Cruz Year ago +22

    I read this book like 3 years ago and it is amazing had me bawling my eyes out😭😭😭

    • Katrina Dela Cruz
      Katrina Dela Cruz Year ago

      @Elena Anna omg! Yes! Read it❤️

    • Elena Anna
      Elena Anna Year ago

      I haven't read it yet but Krystal Surherland is such a great author, I'm gonna buy it for sure!

    • Tshepang Bosilong
      Tshepang Bosilong Year ago

      I loved it as well. I always quote that poem 'I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the the soul'

    • Katrina Dela Cruz
      Katrina Dela Cruz Year ago

      @BEAST 007 welcome! yeah as i was reading i was really expecting that they'd end up with each other. It was an amazing story. I just hope that the movie would be amazing as well😊

    • BEAST 007
      BEAST 007 Year ago

      @Katrina Dela Cruz & btw thx for d reply😊

  • SeekingTheLight19

    No way! I saw this and was like no it can't be, I literally have this book. I read it and it made me cry, it's so good. Can't believe they made it into a movie

  • Bear en Muffin
    Bear en Muffin Year ago +1

    Keep up the great work Lili! And all the others behind the scenes ofc!! 💕

  • Mish Hara
    Mish Hara Year ago +10

    This is based on one of my favorite books and i genuinely hope the film lives up

  • Sanjana Xiong
    Sanjana Xiong Year ago +12

    Ummm am I the only one here who came for the actual story instead of the actors??? I love this story and can’t wait to see it on prime 🥰

    • Sanjana Xiong
      Sanjana Xiong Year ago +2

      Anon 123 honestly I didn’t even know lily Reinhart was acting in it :/ I’m literally here just for the story

    • Jade Camilly
      Jade Camilly Year ago +1

      I came from both, bc of Lili I meet the book, and became my favorite ❤️

    • Anon 123
      Anon 123 Year ago +4

      finally someone who came from the book

  • yrailza rodriguez
    yrailza rodriguez 8 months ago +1

    Hermosa history📖 me encantó

  • Sai Teja
    Sai Teja Year ago

    It's a beautiful movie❤️ I just loved it

  • This Nigerian Loves Drinking Garri

    I love Lili but I’m kind of afraid that this might not live up to the book but I really REALLY hope it does :)

  • Endless Music3301
    Endless Music3301 Year ago +6

    After reading the book I expected the movie to somewhat be a flop. But seeing the trailer now, I think its gonna fit perfectly😊😊

    • Tshepang Bosilong
      Tshepang Bosilong Year ago

      I loved the book. It was really good. I hope they stay true to it.

  • Syd White
    Syd White Year ago

    This movie is so good!!! Yet touching, mixed feelings. Makes me think of my teenage life.

  • Rizqi Khoirunnisa
    Rizqi Khoirunnisa 11 months ago +3

    "Being young is so painful." When I heard that, I decide to watch this film because something which relate to my condition is such a big hug.

  • anoushka mitra
    anoushka mitra Year ago +1

    Just watched the movie and I absolutely love it

  • FreshGirl 3000
    FreshGirl 3000 Year ago +578

    When I saw this I immediately wanted to scream: "Free Lili Reinhart! Stop making her play teenagers!" But I guess since she's an executive producer on this film she actually enjoys playing highschoolers..? Why though hahaha?

    • Whalium
      Whalium Year ago

      @Raquel Lawlitet oh oof i totally forgot about her in hustlers. i just remember she couldn't dance lol

    • alyssa c
      alyssa c Year ago +1

      she does optionally audition for these roles🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Yah Maha
      Yah Maha Year ago +6

      @Yaboy492 because most of them aren't talented enough nor do they have the emotional range or understanding someone in their mid to late 20's has. To act as someone completely different to yourself you have to have an understanding of a lot of different life experiences, most teenagers can barely understand what little life experience they have themselves, let alone understand and have enough knowledge to portray someone else's.

    • Yaboy492
      Yaboy492 Year ago +1

      Prachi Chaturvedi why don’t they let actual teenagers play the roles? Very rarely do

    • FreshGirl 3000
      FreshGirl 3000 Year ago +2

      @takinou Lol. Fair enough! This is the only answer I'll accept.

  • gyusfltr
    gyusfltr Year ago +4

    So proud of her

  • Pavan kumar
    Pavan kumar Year ago +4

    When she said "The world tells you to express yourself but the minute tha you do it ,it tells you shut up" i felt that.🥺

  • Chrithika Peter
    Chrithika Peter Year ago +78

    Guys! I'm not saying this movie is bad. But what I'm trying to tell is, this movie is heavily depressing and melancholic. Do watch it, but in my opinion not during such stressful times where you don't know what you feel. Especially if u r lighthearted, do not. I speak from experience and it took me several days to recover. Stay safe, y'all.

  • Jagriti Dhariwal
    Jagriti Dhariwal 4 months ago +3

    I fell in love with a guy in dec 2020 and it was my first ever serious relationship. We had a good time in relationship but i never felt him being emotionally attached to me. He was like lost in a void and one night in car he mentioned me about this movie. I didn't realised that he was giving me a hint. When one day he cheated on me i figured out that all this time when he was making out with me he was thinking bout his ex whom he had loved the most. He never came outta his previous relationship and slept with multiple girls has he was damaged and didn't believe in love anymore.

  • Priya C
    Priya C Year ago +5

    Although I got the feeling that I've seen this movie before.. I think I'll watch this, coz it's refreshing to see Lili in something other than Riverdale. Loved her in 'Miss Stevens'!

  • Yamileth Cano
    Yamileth Cano 6 months ago

    La mejor película que he visto

  • maya reilly
    maya reilly 4 months ago

    Love Lili as an actress but omg let's not forget about Austin, he is such an underrated actor, all his work is phenomenal!

  • Gary Williams
    Gary Williams Month ago

    This one really kicks you in the balls. I found it quite difficult to watch. You can feel the pain from both sides and that really says something for the cast and crew. 'I felt it' is THE best complement I can give to this movie.

  • Kunal Thakur
    Kunal Thakur Year ago

    After a long time there comes a romantic movie which touches your heart and soul .
    Even though I never had a girlfriend.

  • Ivy Agrina
    Ivy Agrina Year ago +111

    literal chills as I read: executive producer: LILI REINHART

  • DE Visuals
    DE Visuals Year ago +1

    I'm not really sure the message I was supposed to get from this movie. I do think it had excellent cinematography.

  • 059 Jaya Leishangthem
    059 Jaya Leishangthem 9 months ago

    I don't know about other people but I found this movie really have poetic dialogues...I write...so I totally loved the emotions being portrayed in such a poetic manner and the chemistry is just lit....

  • Ana Karen Paniagua Moreno

    Wow, espero con ansias está película, leí el libro y lo ame

  • Vaishnavi Vallinayagam

    Austin = ❤️
    Austin's acting = ❤️❤️
    Austin's voice = ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jean Abante
    Jean Abante Year ago

    The kind of movie where you already know how it will end but still stick to it anyway.. because some things are just worth the pain
    I just realized it gives out John Green vibes. you already know what to expect

  • Sakib Shahriar Rahman
    Sakib Shahriar Rahman 11 months ago +1

    My takeaway from this movie is just one line-
    "You are an extraordinary collection of atoms, Henry Page" ❤️❤️❤️

  • Ana_ Cole
    Ana_ Cole Year ago +1

    'The world tell you to express yourself but the minute that you do it tells you to shut up."
    I'm crying. It hit that hard💖💖

  • Rose
    Rose  Year ago +13

    “Being young is so painful it is almost too much to feel “
    Ow that hit me

  • Aida Idrissi
    Aida Idrissi Year ago

    Its nice to see Adam's in the lead role , good for him he deserve it

  • koko
    koko Year ago +2

    I loved this movie

  • Malin Hessedahl
    Malin Hessedahl Year ago

    Love this movie❤

  • Gabi
    Gabi Year ago +94

    Lili is so beautiful I can’t. She literally can wear everything 😍

  • Fernanda Guzmán
    Fernanda Guzmán Year ago +3

    I haven’t seen this move and I already love it 😍

  • bhargav bobby
    bhargav bobby Year ago +621

    Netflix : I am going to release bunch of movies in coming months
    Prime : Hold my 🍺

    • Gaurav
      Gaurav 7 months ago

      @TURBO PLAYS Spectacular now... The map of little perfect things.

      TURBO PLAYS Year ago +4

      Can you tell me Movies just like this on Amazon Prime? This chemical hearts Movie was badass, and the TAKE CARE song made it even beautiful😢😢

    • Prerak Patel
      Prerak Patel Year ago +2

      It's so funny.

    • Kenny
      Kenny Year ago +5

      Lol 😂

  • ropes
    ropes 10 months ago

    I LOVE this book, i'm open to watching the movie too

  • The Pilot
    The Pilot Year ago

    Watched this movie today.
    Not a teenager BTW but learned few valuable lessons that I wanted to learn.
    Lessons of letting go and living with our own scars. Because in life that is only thing there ever is

  • xEmilio525
    xEmilio525 Year ago +140

    I literally cry because i saw Lili again acting

    • Fats Makalove
      Fats Makalove 11 months ago

      @Yousef Yousef hustlers
      The kings of summers

    • Yousef Yousef
      Yousef Yousef 11 months ago

      what other movies does she have ?

  • Ada sultana
    Ada sultana Year ago

    This movie is a MASTERPIECE 👌

  • Becky
    Becky Year ago

    Lili is such a good actress the parts in hustlers with her in it where really perfecf✨

  • Johanne Westh
    Johanne Westh 9 months ago +1

    i loved the book this is based on, so im sure the movie will also make me cry

  • Latha Kumaran
    Latha Kumaran Year ago

    Lily is always an editor. Literally in all the movies and tv shows she's in. If you know what I mean....

  • Aria Hale
    Aria Hale Year ago +47

    Holy cow this looks amazing Lili I’m so proud

  • Maia Elise
    Maia Elise  Year ago +1

    This movie was so good 10/10

  • Guilherme Fagundes

    muito bom

  • Ayesha Ali
    Ayesha Ali Year ago +2

    It's such a good movie

  • Paola MB
    Paola MB Year ago +1

    Lili es perfecta❤️

  • ritwik kishore
    ritwik kishore 28 days ago

    This is a great movie! A must watch

  • mia bella
    mia bella Year ago +663

    "I'm messed up...you can't fix me" *eye roll

    • Filo
      Filo 5 months ago

      no but it's actually kind of true and he couldn't fix her, he was naive and she was traumatized so she knew what she was tlaking about. Like just watch the koi pool scene

    • meow
      meow Year ago

      the book

    • Matilda Daniels
      Matilda Daniels Year ago +4

      she actually is...read the book.

    • loco. wanderer
      loco. wanderer Year ago +5

      read the book :) though the movie looks okay, the book was really special.

    • Harsh Singh
      Harsh Singh Year ago +5

      Watch it and you will find there are plenty of eye roll moments. Absolute garbage!

  • Sam Singh S
    Sam Singh S 10 months ago +3

    I just watched the movie now and I literally came here to see what others actually thought about this good creature ...and then I could see the a highlighted words in comments is
    HENRY❤️ & GRACE❤️ ..