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Dirk Nowitzki - 30000 point game - Tributes and Extended Highlights

  • Published on Mar 7, 2017 veröffentlicht

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  • bowlchamps37
    bowlchamps37 4 years ago +2651

    21 seasons for one team. No player has ever played more for a single team. That is loyalty

    • Joshua Masserant
      Joshua Masserant 16 days ago

      Gordie Howe 25 seasons for the Detroit Red Wings.

    • Doc Philo
      Doc Philo Month ago

      @Trilliam C he didn't play 21! 19 as a player. 1 as assistant coach.

    • dashdot
      dashdot 3 months ago

      @Trilliam C lol Tim almost went to Orlando to replace shaq, but his fiancee said nahhhhhh yo azz gonna be loyal to me and this boring city

    • Vani XIII
      Vani XIII 6 months ago

      @KaBong Tv kobe wanted a trade at one point

    • phoebe
      phoebe 10 months ago

      21 seasons is not loyality - it's love!
      (Love = if fidelity makes fun 🤷‍♀️)
      (...) And shock seized the assembled crowd,
      As the two held each other in their arms,
      Crying for pain and joy.
      No eye was without tears,
      And the wondrous tale is relayed to the king,
      Who, feeling a human stirring,
      Quickly had them brought before the throne.
      He gazed upon them long in amazement,
      And then spoke: “You have succeeded,
      You have turned my heart,
      In truth, fidelity is no idle delusion,
      So accept me also as your friend,
      I would be - grant me this request -
      The third in your band!”
      -Friedrich Schiller, Die Bürgschaft (1798)
      "(...) Und Erstaunen ergreifet das Volk umher,
      In den Armen liegen sich beide,
      Und weinen für Schmerzen und Freude.
      Da sieht man kein Auge tränenleer,
      Und zum Könige bringt man die Wundermähr,
      Der fühlt ein menschliches Rühren,
      Läßt schnell vor den Thron sie führen.
      Und blicket sie lange verwundert 😮 an,
      Drauf spricht er: Es ist euch gelungen,
      Ihr habt das Herz mir bezwungen,
      Und die Treue, sie ist doch kein leerer Wahn,
      So nehmet auch mich zum Genossen an,
      Ich sei, gewährt mir die Bitte,
      In eurem Bunde der dritte."
      Der" Nowitzki way" ist, wenn Gegner vor lauter Bewunderung plötzlich Freunde werden wollen.... 😏
      (Nowitzki way is if haters suddenly wanna be friends...)

  • Willem Janssens
    Willem Janssens 5 years ago +4404

    He scores 30000 points in a game?!?!?!? What a beast

    • dashdot
      dashdot 3 months ago

      Euro guys always talking about how easy it is to score in the NBA

    • Ronny Stengel
      Ronny Stengel Year ago

      Sure, for one Team!

    • john david jovellanos
      john david jovellanos 2 years ago

      HAHAHA good one, brother. 😂

    • gta bros
      gta bros 2 years ago

      your so stupid

    • V. P
      V. P 2 years ago

      @Blake Berger look the N@zi grammar kid is in the house, how about to F off ?

  • Kyle Johansen
    Kyle Johansen 5 years ago +616

    Over 17 seasons, from 1999-00 to 2015-16, Dirk averaged 22.5 points on .475 FG, .384 3PT% and .881 FT%. Unbelievable.

    • Christian Martens
      Christian Martens 2 days ago

      @Michael Fleming yeah because he chases rings and has other stars next to him .....dirk had good roll players and did it with one team ....

    • Michael Rauch
      Michael Rauch Year ago +1

      @Michael Fleming I see No one becoming hysteric If someone talks nice about a NBA-Star. But ALWAYS a LeBum-Groupie shows up moaning. You guys are hilarious. 😂

    • Tethalo
      Tethalo Year ago +1

      Bro its basketball and not math

    • Macho Turbo
      Macho Turbo Year ago

      @Michael Fleming In the 2011 Finals against Dirk, LeBron and his hand-picked superteam got spanked 4-2 by the aging Mavericks with only one All-Star. LeBron's 4th quarter scoring: Game 2: 2 pts. Game 3: 2 pts. Game 4: ZERO pts. Game 5: 2 points. In Game 4 he totaled just 8 pts, and lost even when Dirk was sick. He had more turnovers for the series than anyone on either team. He was seriously outplayed by the smaller, aging Jason Terry. This is why he has lost twice as many Finals as he's won.

    • Macho Turbo
      Macho Turbo Year ago +1

      @Michael Fleming But Dirk did it without asking other all stars to play on his team. He did it on his own, which is the right way.

  • Petro Dudiy
    Petro Dudiy 3 years ago +384

    Nowitzki is the only player to record at least 31,000 points, 10,000 rebounds, 3,000 assists, 1,000 steals, 1,000 blocks and 1,000 three-point field goals

    • Yahia ali
      Yahia ali Month ago

      @Jayven Marty Santos mj missed missed some prime years he would’ve been at like 44k not 50

    • ontop
      ontop 2 months ago

      @Jayven Marty Santos he would bro lmao he barely averaged 20 in his last season

    • Jayven Marty Santos
      Jayven Marty Santos 2 months ago

      @Macho Turbo bro would prolly hit 50k lmao

    • Sheldon Montgomery
      Sheldon Montgomery Year ago

      @Dvnnis24 they deff can those two season count lmao

    • Macho Turbo
      Macho Turbo Year ago +1

      @Kaan The Desperate Imagine if MJ played as long as Lebron has, what stats would MJ have?

  • Skylar gocotano
    Skylar gocotano 5 years ago +3513

    a man win a champ ring without building superstar team..

    • God's Wheel TV
      God's Wheel TV 2 months ago

      Patience really paid off to Dirk's legacy🙌😊

    • Lily Wang
      Lily Wang 10 months ago

      Not a super team? Tyson Jason not a star? U kidding?

    • shadow rain
      shadow rain Year ago

      You all acting like jason kidd is not a super star and a hall of famer

    • Tony Mahoney
      Tony Mahoney Year ago

      @Red . The odss For winn the Champions Chip where:
      Miami 1.70
      Dallas 2.00
      Miami wasnt the big Favoriten in this Finals !

    • Tobeornottobe ?
      Tobeornottobe ? Year ago

      Not superstar team but super old team

  • Thomas Bischof
    Thomas Bischof 5 years ago +2875

    he did not need to reach that mark to be a legend, but all the guys who underrated him are silenced finally.

    • Drygin Baelish
      Drygin Baelish 3 years ago

      @Thomas Bischof
      what u need to be a legend.
      i guess u are in the team who underrate him

    • Taaha Siddiqui
      Taaha Siddiqui 3 years ago

      @Joshua Are you stupid you said, under a video tribute of him getting 30,000 points that even if he doesn't get 30,000 he is still a legend

    • S. Kreuznacht
      S. Kreuznacht 3 years ago +1

      Remember "Nowinski"? know everybodys talking like they have always been on his side

    • Christian Mariano
      Christian Mariano 3 years ago

      What made you think that he scores 30k in the game? Lol..

    • Mik Hail
      Mik Hail 3 years ago

      nobody can underrate him once his career is done.

  • Hanuta 123
    Hanuta 123 2 years ago +25

    Was für eine Persönlichkeit... Unglaublich!!! Er besitzt alles, was ein herausragenden Sportler und Mensch ausmacht! Bleib gesund Dirk!!!!! Danke für Alles 👍

  • Franz Friedrich
    Franz Friedrich 3 years ago +271

    This man is a BEAST. He makes Germany proud

    • Der_Fuchs_ 9140
      Der_Fuchs_ 9140 Year ago +5

      @Florian Mitze: Wahr

    • Florian Mitze
      Florian Mitze 2 years ago +63

      Also mich macht es stolz ihn als Landsmann zu haben. Nicht nur weil er so erfolgreich ist sondern weil er so ein bodenständiger Typ ist der nie negativ aufgefallen ist. Ich könnte mir keinen besseren Repräsentanten vorstellen.👍🏻

    • SuperFlaten
      SuperFlaten 2 years ago

      stolz würde ich jetzt nicht sagen lol

  • Trappin B
    Trappin B 5 years ago +444

    What a legend greatest European player to play the game the man got dallas a fucking championship over the big 3 in miami

    • Kristina Estep
      Kristina Estep Year ago +5

      @thomas schroter fact

    • thomas schroter
      thomas schroter 2 years ago +23

      and now dallas has a new European who could very well be the next great European player

  • Tubong Purok Saranay
    Tubong Purok Saranay 5 years ago +990

    Come on Luke Walton. Take a timeout after Dirk made that shot! Respect!

    • julez Verne 🐇©️
      julez Verne 🐇©️ Year ago

      Dirk puts in the three pointer after that ...
      And that's what he is, a monster!

      ADITHYA RAMESH 2 years ago

      @thegreathutt it's a bot dude don't waste your time

    • thegreathutt
      thegreathutt 2 years ago +3

      MANCHESTER UNITED F.C please shut the fuck up as it‘s not related to the topic at all.. also why are you calling it soccer when your name literally contains „football club“ ? clown

    • M
      M 2 years ago

      Soccer is the number 1 and most important sport on Planet Earth. Soccer is the WORLD GAME and is massive in over 240 countries. Every nation on Earth loves Soccer. Basketball is a great sport but only big in less than 40 countries. Soccer is more popular than basketball in every country except the Philippines, Lithuania and US. I tell you this my brothers soccer will be the number 1 sport in America by the year 2070 A.D. Soccer will be the number 1 sport in all 50 American states by the year 2100 A.D tyf

    • Eric Zamudio
      Eric Zamudio 2 years ago +1

      04:53 lol mark

  • Maik Fiedler
    Maik Fiedler 4 years ago +56

    ein Ausnahme Basketballspieler und trotzdem so Menschlich geblieben! Danke für das was Du, Dirk, dem Basketball und den Menschen gegeben hast!!

  • dagda3000
    dagda3000 5 years ago +322

    30000 points in one game. Respect.

  • pjeter wilderer
    pjeter wilderer 5 years ago +2589

    8:48 his german trainer.. i almost cried :(

    • Vincent K. McMahon
      Vincent K. McMahon 11 months ago +1

      @Michael Fleming wtf is this comment get that shit outta here

    • Captn Jack
      Captn Jack 2 years ago

      iamseb10 you look like a 5 year old kid

    • Daniel Brokmeier
      Daniel Brokmeier 3 years ago +1

      @Lyle Stavast Pardon, ich kaufe ein e und möchte lösen! ^^

    • Lyle Stavast
      Lyle Stavast 3 years ago

      @Daniel Brokmeier Holger Geschwindner :)

    • Markus K.
      Markus K. 3 years ago

      i did

  • Magoo 0
    Magoo 0 5 years ago +337

    One of, if not THE, classiest athletes of all time

    • The Dorchaidhe
      The Dorchaidhe 2 years ago +2

      @pride you are absolutely right about that. It's the we played the game and what he did for the game. That's what makes Michael Jordan the greatest ever. Dirk change the way the game was played. So you could make the case that he could be the goat because of that reason. You literally change the game from an inside game to a three point game. Only one other person changed the game completely. That was Jordan
      Says a lot about Dirk.

    • watman
      watman 2 years ago +2

      Dirk is a class act, for sure.
      I'd like you to look up Neven Subotic.
      He spends almost all his free time in Ethiopia, digging wells for people without safe drinking water.
      I don't want to make this a contest, but if you can, please donate to the Neven Subotic Stiftung.

    • Ballislife99
      Ballislife99 3 years ago

      @pride Bird is over Kobe and on par with Bron. Jordan is the GOAT tho

    • pride
      pride 3 years ago

      @Felix Oh too bad classiness doesn't make you a GOAT, like jordan, kobe, and lebron

    • Skytho
      Skytho 3 years ago +8

      @Felix Oh ok, wtf, Steve and Dirk yes, and I'll agree that LeBron is not exactly the classiest but Kobe is a class act and Bird was amazing but very, very far from a nice or classy guy. You oughta check that racism of yours

  • Andi H
    Andi H 3 years ago +14

    We here in Germany love Dirk. It's his personality what makes him special. He always was and still is down to earth and really cool and nice guy.

  • Wrashawn Griffin
    Wrashawn Griffin 5 years ago +521

    I cried watching this
    Basketball will never be as great as the last generation
    Duncan Dirk and Kobe

    • Macho Turbo
      Macho Turbo Year ago

      @Weston Wheeler Yes maybe. But I really wonder how far greater would Bird be as a 3 point shooter if teams put more emphasis on that shot during his time, like what is the norm now in NBA teams.

    • Mario Botti
      Mario Botti Year ago

      Robinson Ewing Jordan.....

    • JefftechTv
      JefftechTv 2 years ago

      ganyan nila kamahal si Dirk

    • TheDonCrazePhaze
      TheDonCrazePhaze 2 years ago +2

      Well you're obviously a millineal or GenZ kid.
      Dr J, Jordan, Magic, Dominique, Kareem, Bird, Isaiah, Barkley, Drexler, Stockton/Malone, etc....80/90s Lakers, Celtics, Pistons, Bulls. All due respect to these great players your era has, but I dont think so.

    • Mattes
      Mattes 2 years ago +1


  • Priyank Gill
    Priyank Gill 5 years ago +699

    Laker nation salutes you Dirk. 2011, never forget.

      PHOENIX MARIZZLE 5 years ago +5

      Like Kobe, He stayed and won.

    • Z
      Z 5 years ago +12

      undertaker3534 foreal bro laker nation loves you dirk

    • slaveforaudio622
      slaveforaudio622 5 years ago +31

      undertaker3534 Salute to Kobe also.. another NBA legend

    • Drizzy Drake
      Drizzy Drake 5 years ago +20

      remember when kobe outscored the whole mavs team... well now dirk scored his 30k point on them

  • yurfavorite ahmed
    yurfavorite ahmed 5 years ago +633

    NBA fans not in Dallas & who aren't Mavs fans so undervalue and underrate him. They know nothing about his game, or think he's legitimate & deserving of his accolades. They don't recognize how much of a transcendent player he is/was to the league..which is a big deal. Again, they undervalue him. The Nation needs to give him more love.

    • marush
      marush 11 months ago

      Why underate?Of course.Against the greatest MJ Lebron,Wilt,KAJ,Kobe.They all were better. Nowitzki is on of the Top 20 Player in NBA history. And he was loyal.

    • Emoji Mr
      Emoji Mr 2 years ago

      True him and Kobe used to rival hard stop Kobe from metering LeBron I'm the finals and in 2011 beat LeBron in championship 🏆 Miami heat

    • The Dorchaidhe
      The Dorchaidhe 2 years ago

      What Dirk Nowitzki has done a kind of reminds me with Allen Iverson did. Carried absolutely shit teammates to a winning record into the playoffs. Only difference is that Dirk won a ring and change the way the game is played nowadays.

    • A B
      A B 3 years ago +1

      Alot of that is because DIrk refused to over commercialize himself throughout his career. Typically, the NBA only promotes the players that promote themselves- very lazy on their part.

    • azznbad1
      azznbad1 3 years ago

      drbryant23 And the other player who had the game of his career in game six. Brian Cardinal the well known superstar. lol

  • Voice of REASON
    Voice of REASON 3 years ago +12

    Dirk, UNTOUCHABLE in his prime. The early 2000's were an amazing time to be a Mavs fan :D LOVE you Dirk, now go rest those legs son. They need it! LeBald wishes he could get an ovation like this!! Dirk did it with class, being humble and doing it his OWN WAY! A LEGEND! We LOVE you Dirk, you are a TRUE Texan to us!!

  • Joe Keene
    Joe Keene Year ago +16

    Dirk's one-legged, high-arcing fallaway from the mid-to-high post is on the short list of impossible-to-guard moves.

    • Tobias
      Tobias Year ago

      Tough to block when the 7ft is jumping and blocking you with a leg

  • Ivy Sarzuela
    Ivy Sarzuela 4 years ago +9

    I always cry everytime i watch this Thank you Dirk for being a loyal Maverick and for giving your heart out to Dallas.

  • knut bodden
    knut bodden 3 years ago +4

    was für ein spieler...was für ein mensch...danke dirk,für die tollen 20 jahre...dir und deiner familie alles gute

  • Kamlesh Thakoor
    Kamlesh Thakoor 4 years ago +5

    I had the utmost fortune to be at this game. It was absolutely surreal to see this happen. Dirk is one of my all-time favorites and to witness this was so awesome. I remember vividly getting to the AAC early to watch warmups and Dirk was hitting every single shot and I knew something special was gonna happen. This video gave me goosebumps. Dirk is the greatest to me. Swish 41!!!!

  • marine kidz
    marine kidz 5 years ago +210

    he is the best power forward ever

  • Ball Don't Lie
    Ball Don't Lie 2 years ago +24

    7:38 Dude scored 25 pts in 11 field goal attempts.. That's efficient.. Some people need 60 shots to score 60 points.

  • Marz Abuanpz up sl
    Marz Abuanpz up sl 3 years ago +6

    His legend is way more emotional and exceptional than the others.. "no one has done it the way he did".. A true legend!!

  • RepsajAnn81
    RepsajAnn81 Year ago +2

    I think he is the first German born NBA champion. This man is dope at this era. Great physique and scorer. Glad to see him to be hall of fame with his buddy Steve Nash!

  • LeBron James
    LeBron James 5 years ago +102

    Call a fucking timeout!! Respect!

  • Javier Arocho Vega
    Javier Arocho Vega Year ago +2

    Special man... Tears in my eyes... A humble assassin... 💪🏾

  • Francisco Kono
    Francisco Kono 5 years ago +1

    wow. I totally forgot he was on track for that this past season. I'm a spurs fan for life and the battles they had with the mavericks was always memorable. I have to give dirk respect and total admiration for what he has done. Beside my team winning the championship, I almost cried to see him win a title, and what ppl said about him, and destroyed the heat. Man him and the spurs showed me, heart, humbleness, never give up attitude and nothing can stop you. Even if there some bumps in the way. Respect dirk the net jerker

  • Philippe NZOGHE
    Philippe NZOGHE Year ago +2

    What a player. Always clean, fair play, and respectful...

  • WildOne KY
    WildOne KY 4 years ago +1

    5:23 you KNEW it was going in! Good job for him! Bravo 👏 Well played my man. He is one of THE best to ever have done it! 7 feet tall ALL finesse (in the beginning). Then in 2011 finals He took over that game and single handed ky beat the Miami Heat team. Nobody has represented the game of basketball any better than Dirk. With one of the Mist unstoppable shots to block, the fade away one leg.... he will be a first ballot hall of farmer without Question!

  • Carlo DF
    Carlo DF 2 years ago +5

    Man I miss that guy. I miss their era. The era where superstars will give special performances on special occasions.

  • Joe Care
    Joe Care 3 years ago +3

    Honestly speaking I am more interested in soccer like most Germans. But watching this stunning German basketball player and even more important experiencing such a kind and down-to-earth human being makes me happy. I hope a lot of young people will copy his style of play but even more his down-to-earth nature. This is Dirk's biggest legacy. Congrats from Germany to our German Wunderkind!

  • Greg Hass
    Greg Hass 11 months ago

    Man, what an amazing player. I am glad to have seen his entire career. He is an absolute legend in every sense of the word.

  • Joshua
    Joshua 5 years ago +6

    As a child Dirk wanted to play Tennis until such time that the game of basketball was introduced to him and now he is a legend and an all time great in the nba and all time great power forwards ever!

  • ilCapitano
    ilCapitano 4 years ago +18

    Dirk Nowitzki eine absolute Legende!

  • Bae
    Bae Year ago +2

    I'm just happy he retired with a ring, man! He proves that anything is possible.

  • batboy 1989
    batboy 1989 5 years ago +10

    You know, all those guys, who still talk him down ala "Lebron threw the final away"(just not true), "Dirk cant defend"(7th all time on the defensive rebound list), their hate will be forgotten soon.
    But the love for this man, the love you see in this video, that will live on. Go Dirk, go for Michaels number, go for top 5,top 4.
    Couldnt happen to a nicer or better player.

  • Firexツ
    Firexツ 4 months ago +1

    This is sport! They gave him all their respect

  • Dost Bakış
    Dost Bakış 4 years ago +1

    He's a legend And for me He's one of the top 10 of NBA history.

  • Detective Jimmy McNulty

    Jason Terry’s tribute was touching. Forgot how amazing this first half was. Blessed to grow up a Mavs fan and watch Dirk for every year he’s been in the league. Now he gets to be the bridge to the next generation of Luka and KP. Go Mavs!!!

  • ghostedpt
    ghostedpt 2 years ago +3

    God this made me so happy, we love Dirk so much here in Dallas

  • Richard Shuang Feng Guo
    Richard Shuang Feng Guo 4 years ago +1

    A true legend, much respect

  • Ki 84
    Ki 84 3 years ago

    Wonderful.. I'm glad I witness his games in this era.. You gonna be always remembered in this sport

  • Sai
    Sai 3 years ago

    That fadeaway midrange always makes me tear up a little. Classic beautiful bruiser of a big man's shot.

  • B M
    B M 5 years ago


  • Yongrae Kim
    Yongrae Kim 4 years ago +2

    I saw him when I was 16. and I got busy for study and naturally away from NBA. Now I got a job and 32. And he became a legend from fresh man from Germany.
    you are my role model of life. big man!

  • DerCorso
    DerCorso Year ago

    I simply love, how the three-pointer rushes through the net after the 30.000. As if there was nothing to it. Naturalness in perfection. If I had to name the greatest moment in sports that I've witnessed live (on TV), it would be the day Dirk and the Mavericks won the title in Game 6 in 2011: Middle of the night, German time, somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Schleswig-Holstein, northern Germany, my dad and I and a shaky internet stream. Memories!

  • adingdingdiiing
    adingdingdiiing 3 years ago +2

    He got his 30k, the Lakers didn't call a timeout so he could have his moment, so he just casually drains a 3 to finally get that stop. What a legend. 😂

  • Rip City Games
    Rip City Games 4 years ago

    That 2011 Mavs team was incredible.. I'm a Portland fan but that team may be my favorite team any organization has assembled. Just who they were as people.. they whooped up on Portland in that series and I couldn't even be mad it was perfect team basketball..

  • JunkBondTrader
    JunkBondTrader 2 years ago +3

    Above all his humbleness,modesty, down to earth persona seperates him from other greats..cant stress enuff

  • Edward Young
    Edward Young 3 years ago

    RESPECT. No NBA player of the last 20 years has more class than Dirk. So long, big fella.

  • EsKaS Gaming
    EsKaS Gaming 4 years ago +2

    i really liked how Matthews raises his arms at every dirk shot like "go on, this is in FOR SURE!"

  • Arguing With Stupid People
    Arguing With Stupid People 5 years ago +1266

    Dirk's patented fadeaway should replace Jerry West as the new NBA logo.

    • John Gotti
      John Gotti Year ago


    • Kristina Estep
      Kristina Estep Year ago


    • Emoji Mr
      Emoji Mr 2 years ago

      @Pio Victor Basilla either one but his fadeaway revolutionize the style Big men play the game shooting from long range...

    • Alex
      Alex 2 years ago +2

      @M I've seen u in a lot of basketball videos spamming than shit bro

    • JRX
      JRX 2 years ago +2

      @M man u make me laugh

  • Sergey Ivanovsson
    Sergey Ivanovsson 4 years ago +1

    Congratz, Dirk!!! Forever your personal and your Mavs fan, Sergey! You are one of the GREATEST EVER MAN PLAYING THE GAME!

  • Sebastiam Llort
    Sebastiam Llort 3 years ago +1

    El mejor para mi gracias Dirk por todo desde Brasil un Español que te admira

  • Cassie Younqq
    Cassie Younqq 3 years ago

    I've Been To A Few Games. I Am In Dallas And I've Been A Dirk Fan Since Him And Nash Were Picked Up. Dirk Is Probably 1 Of The Most Underrated Players Ever. He Sits With The Greatest Players Ever Now. He Is A True Legend Whether They Want To Give Him His Respect Or Not.

  • çağıl doğaN
    çağıl doğaN 3 years ago

    Hardworking, skillful and smart legend !

  • GamingAddicted
    GamingAddicted 4 years ago

    i can not tell in words how much i love this one

  • popfant
    popfant 2 years ago +11

    In germany we say: "Legende"

  • ULookSoDefeated42
    ULookSoDefeated42 Year ago +1

    I’m live in the Dallas area and this guy is a living legend around here…and soon a statue for him. #41Forever

  • Anthony
    Anthony 5 years ago +10

    God bless Dirk Nowitzki!! We love you and basketball in this city wont be the same once you retire!!

  • life of a worker
    life of a worker 4 years ago +2

    I always loved his high arcing shot it was the best

  • Boyer Ranch
    Boyer Ranch 3 years ago

    The way he did this is so great. Guy is pure greatness.

  • tara.
    tara. 2 years ago

    Even folks in Dallas who despite basketball love Dirk, that's the kind of person he is. 🙌

  • Romische Geschichte
    Romische Geschichte Year ago +2

    My first ever game I’ve been to personally 😍

  • Osvaldo Peña
    Osvaldo Peña 4 years ago +1

    Excelente Trabajo el de Dirk !!!!!!
    Tu Nombre esta Estampado en Oro y seras Recordado por siempre
    en la Historia de la NBA .💪💪👍👍🙏🙏

  • Visons 26
    Visons 26 4 years ago +2

    My favorite player, what a legend.

  • Carl Mangapit
    Carl Mangapit 3 years ago

    Greatness! Loyalty! Respect!
    I wanna be like Dirk!

  • Nikko Rubio
    Nikko Rubio 2 years ago +1

    As a die hard laker fan. I love seeing this because of dirk. Long live Dirk!!!

  • johnny Jordan
    johnny Jordan 4 years ago

    Ein Superstar... Innerhalb und außerhalb des Platzes... Einfach ein super sympathischer Typ.... Respekt Dirk! 👍👍👍

  • P K
    P K 3 years ago +1

    The most underrated player in NBA history and one of the best players ever humble guy from Germany :)))

  • Henry Benaid
    Henry Benaid 2 years ago +2

    5:21 the best and legend moment of everybody's life...

  • r3wturb0x
    r3wturb0x 3 years ago +1

    dirk is like jordan and kobe, he just has the love of the game in his blood and can't hardly give it up

  • J Jones
    J Jones Year ago +1

    Dirk was just greatness on a nightly basis.

  • sierramandtx
    sierramandtx 5 years ago +7

    8:47...when a mentor feels his not son did it...PASSION! DIRK FOREVER!!!

  • 1982Amok
    1982Amok 3 years ago

    The First German Hall of Famer in NBA History and one of the best power Forward i ever seen !!!!!!! Deutsches Wunder Kind !!!!!!! Dirk Nowitzki

  • Jay E. Maquimay
    Jay E. Maquimay 3 years ago +1

    one of the best great shooter in NBA history!!!

  • Don Erick Angeles
    Don Erick Angeles 2 years ago

    My man who never leave his team even other stars already left him and get a ring. So loyal!!!

  • dragon81
    dragon81 4 years ago +3

    Cannot wait to see No. 41 go to the rafters and Dirk get his HOF induction, respect to Dirk Nowitzki.

  • Donna Nabong
    Donna Nabong 4 years ago +1

    now that hes months from retirement this brings tears to my eyes. everyone loved him.

  • Rara Sardua
    Rara Sardua 2 years ago +12

    2:36 one of the most lethal fakes in NBA

  • Daniel B.
    Daniel B. 2 years ago +1

    Held, Vorbild, Lgende! Immer wieder geil das zu sehen.

  • KanameKashita
    KanameKashita 5 years ago

    20 points in a quarter at that age with that efficiency, what an absolute savage

  • Strongside
    Strongside 4 years ago +1

    Never mentioned in the same vain as Bird, yet plays similarly and is statistically superior in every way. The only major difference is that Dirk didn't have a god tier team for a decade that allowed him to fill up a hand with rings. Still won one with a mediocre squad though.

  • Henri Raze
    Henri Raze 2 years ago

    How can someone press "dislike" to such a great video?!??!

  • Mattathias Israel
    Mattathias Israel 3 years ago

    Watching this Hurst as a long time dirk fan I rocked with him before his first all-star break,mvp season,tough finals lost to Wade's heat,2011 Champs(most underrated playoff run and difficulty along the way) and now this str8 into retirement.thus said I will this generation of players Dirk, Duncan,the Black Mamba 8/24RipKing, kg,pau gasol , Nash, Amar'e,Pierce, Allen, rondo, Iggy,mcgrady can't believe vi almost forgot him,Kenyon Martin,Turkgolu,etc..it was so competitive ,so many different styles of offensive weapons,toughness and TBH those champs have more meaning to me even tho I'm a big fan of basketball still..MDF guys I can't believe I forget Manu ,and Parker ,Vince Carter so much niggas was hard back then literally it was never a for gone conclusion who would win the champ cause it was always numerous of teams that provided a huge threat!!! 2000 decade had pure Cold BloodedMonster!!

  • Evelyn Guerrero
    Evelyn Guerrero 2 years ago

    Worked as news Photog and did lots of sports. This took time to make. Editing was good. Fast cuts but not too fast. Slower cuts when needed. Kept my attention and focus. I love hoops but even if I didn't I think this was well done.

  • Louie Tabbilos
    Louie Tabbilos 2 years ago

    He just keep goin and tried as hard as he did. He earned it!

  • Olajide Sehinde
    Olajide Sehinde Year ago

    And it was immortalised in a statue @ his Jersey Retirement... Great Call Commentator 🙌🏽

  • Jan Rodriguez
    Jan Rodriguez 3 years ago +4

    The 7 footer sharp shooter and his unstoppable fade away shot. I don't really like watching basketball but I watched the whole finals Dallas vs Cavaliers before and they became champ..

  • Matthew Cyr
    Matthew Cyr 4 years ago +2

    I’m gonna miss this man when he’s gone

  • TurbojugendJoe
    TurbojugendJoe 3 years ago

    L-E-G-E-N-D , on and off the court

  • John Gotti
    John Gotti Year ago +1

    Simply no words. Me from Germany, just proud!

  • MyYouTubeName
    MyYouTubeName 2 years ago

    Dirk was the consummate professional, hard working, team player, selfless, no ego.

  • GTD
    GTD 3 years ago

    This is one of the greatest moments in german sports history ... maybe one of, if not the biggest one apart from football (Soccer ...).
    Do you think that more than 2% of the ppl in germany know about this? :D
    "Yo Dirk is in the 30 k club, it´s unreal dude!"
    "Oh yea i know him ofc, he´s playing in the NBA right?"
    "He makes these DibaDu commercials, nice guy!"
    "Yea ... "
    It really is frustrating, even American Football is more popular than Basketball in Germany ... well, some of us know what this meant for german sport, he´s one of the Top 5 sportsmen in german history!

  • Beavage
    Beavage 5 years ago +88

    Coming from a Blazers fan.... I like to refer to him as the German Jesus sometimes. Legend for sure

    • Nathan Salinas
      Nathan Salinas 3 years ago +1

      @Ser Bonkers he's never winning one after the contract he signed. not sure how they can afford more high caliber players going forward

    • Ser Bonkers
      Ser Bonkers 3 years ago

      I hope Dame get his chance to win a ring with the Blazers.

  • Scope Lynx
    Scope Lynx 4 years ago +2

    Nobody mentions how much Mark Cuban loves his team, specially Dirk!

  • Hartmut Thomas
    Hartmut Thomas 3 years ago +1

    One does not appreciate that in Germany what this Dirk Nowitzki has done great in Dallas.