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Fire Jimi Hendrix cover recording with Logic Studio 8

  • Published on Oct 17, 2007 veröffentlicht
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  • Joe Vai
    Joe Vai  14 years ago

    Thank You PreacherofArrakeen
    The drums are made with stylus rmx software which i use as a plugin in logic studio.These are actualy a drum loops which you can edit just like a midi notes , cool thing.
    I think it was all recorded one afternoon but I´m not sure , maybe two.
    Keep on rocking

  • Joe Vai
    Joe Vai  15 years ago

    Thank you , the guitar was recorded in one take directly cable into sound card without any extern equipment , just Logic Guitar Amp Pro plugin.

  • Preacher At Arrakeen
    Preacher At Arrakeen 14 years ago

    Impressive. How did you do the drums? On an electric kit, hitting keys in realtime, step-write, or a combination? I am just starting to learn Logic's tricks. Light years ahead of my last sequencer, Cubasis. 5 stars. One more question: how long did it take you to put this together?

  • Accomplice Rex
    Accomplice Rex 14 years ago

    Logic has a full drum synth. With any sequencing program, you can draw out individual notes if you want, step edit, or record in real-time with a midi controller.

  • Mikee Holl
    Mikee Holl 13 years ago

    Actually you can draw notes by hitting command while in selection tool, on the piano roll view on Garageband.
    And Logic express does come with instruments and effects, what it doesn´t have, are the utilities, like Mainstage, compressor, or Sundtrack Pro.

  • Seth McKay
    Seth McKay 14 years ago

    Impressive vox m8, Very talented on the axe, can you do both at the same time?
    If yes, you're a perfect candidate for a frontman.
    World next Rock Idol?
    Possibly =)

  • Layne Slack Key
    Layne Slack Key 14 years ago

    Fricking awesome voice man!

  • Preacher At Arrakeen
    Preacher At Arrakeen 11 years ago

    @ShSwStudios I agree with you more or less, though I think Hendrix would've made use of whatever tools were at hand at a given moment to expand his capabilities. The sequencer and soft-synths are merely tools. It requires an artist/craftsman to know what to do with the tools. As for me, Cubasis, on an old Mac, was very clumsy, with some of the basic features of a sequencer not working properly, or at all. No audio, either. Logic is a great tool, but it is only as good as the person using it.

  • bgalx03
    bgalx03 15 years ago

    looks gorgeous!

  • rabidmongoose51
    rabidmongoose51 15 years ago

    You can do alot more with logic if you want to use midi, and synths, drum machines and such. Protools is simply the industry standard, most studio's use
    protools, but that doesn't mean its better.

  • dexthebutcher
    dexthebutcher 14 years ago

    what kind of mic did you use on the vocals they sound great

  • Joe Vai
    Joe Vai  15 years ago

    The Drums are all programmed in Logic with Stylus RMX software.

  • paranoid android
    paranoid android 11 years ago

    @PreacherofArrakeen you didn't understand me^^ it's the quality that comes from the equipment, so the quality is just as good as the engineer is. But the music output shows how much the musician feels his song. And for me, working with software-synths etc. is like drawing without a pencil..
    Hendrix was just a guitarist and singer, not an audio-engineer!
    And there must be a reason y some of the "old legends" who are still alive&making music hold distance to those modeled sounds..

  • KillaCalisVeryOwn
    KillaCalisVeryOwn 13 years ago

    Does anyone know how to fix this problem: Whenever I add a beat that I'm going to record over using Logic, it won't play it until I close Logic and then Open it up again.
    It's pretty annoying. Any suggestions?

  • george mc
    george mc 13 years ago

    OOh yeah... Incredible what can be done in a bedroom these days. (after working out the "parts" of course)...Done are the days of thinking outside of the square with all the mic's and tape decks you can find....Givin my age away here..Anyway,great recording /keep havin fun...

  • paranoid android
    paranoid android 11 years ago

    @PreacherofArrakeen Do you believe, that hendrix did music without looking on a computer screen? :s
    Why don't most of the musicians today accept that good music comes from the heart, not from a "better" sequencer than the last one?

  • TeddySea
    TeddySea 15 years ago

    Great work again.

  • Nik K
    Nik K 13 years ago

    how did u get those guitar tones? amp sim? which one?

  • luca anselmi
    luca anselmi 12 years ago

    can you tell me how to record the guitar?

  • dexthebutcher
    dexthebutcher 14 years ago

    that doesnt sound like a logic kit but yes they do have tons of drums

  • Joe Vai
    Joe Vai  14 years ago

    Thank you dkrumrie123 , it is an old AKG C4000.

  • shredder27
    shredder27 13 years ago

    he recorded with midi. you can see the tracks on the screen. but if you want to use a real drumset, hook up around 8 mics to your computer, one for each component of your drumkit you want to record, be it your toms, snare, hi-hat, overheads, and record them each to a different track.

  • shutdownthefed
    shutdownthefed 15 years ago

    hi, i am thinking of getting an imac. as a musician, is garageband adequate for making pro recordings? or should i get logic with the imac? thanks

  • Geoff Hand
    Geoff Hand 15 years ago

    im jealous bro i want this program

  • Andy S.
    Andy S. 13 years ago

    I like it. nice vice.

  • Richard Hunt
    Richard Hunt 15 years ago

    you mean you just plugged the guitar directly into the computer, so no other eqipment was needed apart from the guitar, cable and logic?

  • shredder27
    shredder27 13 years ago

    why would you use a midi controller for audio tracks?

  • SurpriseFace
    SurpriseFace 15 years ago

    Logic Pro wouldn't run well on a Mac Mini, if at all. It barely runs on my Mac Book pro :P

  • Geoff Hand
    Geoff Hand 15 years ago

    LOL russian hendrix AWESOME!

  • KoRnhead12
    KoRnhead12 14 years ago

    is this the real Jimi hendrix song? because that doesn't sound like his voice.

  • ryanrosenq
    ryanrosenq 13 years ago

    good remake

  • Joe Vai
    Joe Vai  15 years ago

    He he , sorry but i have to correct you , i am not russian , never been there , and i just try to demonstrate my new Logic 8 , not Hendrix - nobody can do that.
    Anyway , thank you for comment.

  • mimaxworld
    mimaxworld 13 years ago

    @dkrumrie123 that mic sound better than a newer akg c1000.

  • greg best
    greg best 15 years ago

    Solo was o.k.

    MACEDONIAN GRACE 14 years ago

    OOOdlicno Salee

  • Joe Vai
    Joe Vai  15 years ago

    You should get Logic.

  • Joe Vai
    Joe Vai  15 years ago