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Know Your USMNT Teammate: Yunus Musah & Brenden Aaronson

  • Published on May 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • In Know Your USMNT Teammate, Yunus Musah and Brenden Aaronson discuss their hidden talents, one thing they couldn't live without and go in depth about toilet paper protocol.
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Comments • 79

  • Patrick Delaney
    Patrick Delaney 11 months ago +360

    Sometimes you forget if these guys weren't pro athletes they'd just be regular college kids

  • Bryan Gonzales
    Bryan Gonzales 11 months ago +153

    Please make more videos about them like the English team does! It makes them even more lovable than they already are and shows their human side! They really do feel like brothers! Love y’all! ❤️🇺🇸💙🇺🇸

    • K3siX
      K3siX 11 months ago

      why do yall always compare the US with The UK/England??

    • NSMP
      NSMP 10 months ago +9

      @K3siX it’s just simple comparison. Sometimes ideas should be shared.

  • Hoang Truong
    Hoang Truong 11 months ago +60

    I will never ever get tired of seeing Musah smiling. I am sure the USMNT feel really great when he is smiling and being positive all the time. Never take it for granted

  • A R
    A R 11 months ago +108

    God this team is so lovable. I hope the nation and the WORLD falls in love with them like we have in Qatar.

  • Andrew McLure
    Andrew McLure 11 months ago +179

    Love Musah’s energy 😂

    • Akhil Sriram
      Akhil Sriram 10 months ago +1

      reminds me of ksi😂

    • Jesse W
      Jesse W 9 months ago +4

      @Akhil Sriram Yeah a wholesome version of KSI is a good shout

    • iamrichlol
      iamrichlol 6 months ago

      Bruh is English

    • heretustay
      heretustay 6 months ago +2

      @iamrichlol born in bronx 🤙

    • Toasted Grapes
      Toasted Grapes 5 months ago

      @iamrichlol He's as much Italian as English; he lived there for 9 years and only lived in England for 7. But he was born in the USA, and that's what matters.

  • Connor Purks
    Connor Purks 10 months ago +16

    I just love this squad. All the guys are just so much fun to watch. I hope they always stay this energetic and never get too big or jaded to being genuine.

  • Bryan Gonzales
    Bryan Gonzales 11 months ago +22

    I love the dynamic between these guys! 😍 They talk to each other like they’re family or known each other for years! Good luck in the World Cup guys! I’m rooting for y’all from back home in USA! 🇺🇸 Much love! ❤️💙

  • Uncle Sam's Highlights
    Uncle Sam's Highlights  11 months ago +20

    Two of my favorites on the team! Such bright futures ⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • ouchcaliente
    ouchcaliente 11 months ago +4

    Love these two, great players, great future ahead of them.

  • James S.
    James S. 5 months ago +4

    They are just kids!! Wow. Great job this year representing us. (Or US). Enjoy your lives and keep spreading good vibes as you will always be representing US when you are abroad. I’m very proud of you two. Aloha

  • KenDaKingArrives
    KenDaKingArrives 11 months ago

    Good stuff. I just hope these two can make it onto one of the big teams someday.

  • Pinktaco
    Pinktaco 11 months ago +17

    Yunus is wise beyond his years

  • alexluna
    alexluna 11 months ago +6

    musahs ability in the midfield is such an add on to this team.
    alex mendez has to get a callup soon @usmnt

  • Freshnewz
    Freshnewz 11 months ago +2

    I just wanna see Dest, Reyna, Weah, Musah, Mckennie, A Robinson, Zimmerman, Richards, Pulisic, Adams on the same field at the same time. Brendan Aaronson and Lucas De La Torre also ready to be subs

  • Binh Robles
    Binh Robles 11 months ago +71

    "What about your family, bro?" 😂😂😂

  • Cavanmisa
    Cavanmisa 11 months ago +32

    Brenden wasn't prepared for this 🤣

  • Bart Thompson
    Bart Thompson 11 months ago +3

    Two of my favorites 👏🏼👏🏼 More content like this!

  • Hello
    Hello 11 months ago +2

    More Content please! I wanna see the boys preparing for the World Cup. This is another opportunity to grow Soccer in American eyes.

  • Meepmeep
    Meepmeep 6 months ago +7

    Brendan definitely would’ve been in a frat in an alternate universe

  • Haley Cook
    Haley Cook 11 months ago +10

    You need to one with Pulisic, Adams, and McKennie

  • Jimmy Bailes McClelland
    Jimmy Bailes McClelland 11 months ago

    Read a few times that Yunus is a great guy and wanted the rumours to be true about Leeds being interested in him but looks like we have gone in another direction for now.

  • Karl Striepe
    Karl Striepe 11 months ago +6

    Jesus, they're so young! Bright future for the USMNT!

  • wahswolf
    wahswolf 11 months ago

    these 2 are exciting players for USMNT.

  • Mr.Eyebrows 303
    Mr.Eyebrows 303 11 months ago +3

    Keep this content coming US soccer !!

  • Derick Mendez
    Derick Mendez 11 months ago +5

    I wanna this entire team do a fifa tournament and just judge on their own cards

  • Rene Jaramillo
    Rene Jaramillo 11 months ago +5

    These are fun we need more of these videos

  • tiara j
    tiara j 11 months ago +5

    1:13 "season them nicely, with some nice sauces" is so funny 🤣

  • Johan Falk
    Johan Falk 11 months ago +1

    Musah's the man.

  • Eb
    Eb 11 months ago +10

    I love them 😭

  • Not Elon Musk
    Not Elon Musk 11 months ago +2

    Yunus is a fucking vibe lmaooo

  • Choloti 69
    Choloti 69 11 months ago +1

    Yunus cooks off and on the field

  • Muhammad Abdullah
    Muhammad Abdullah 11 months ago +5

    Hopefully Want To See Boys As Fifa World Champions 2022.

  • Antonio S
    Antonio S 10 months ago +1

    KSI is a man of many talents

  • Kevin Hernandez
    Kevin Hernandez 10 months ago


  • Andrew Castruita
    Andrew Castruita 11 months ago

    Is a hamburger considered a sandwich? I would say no so I agree with a hot dog not being considered a sandwich

  • Monique Gonzalez
    Monique Gonzalez 11 months ago +7

    Musah is 5 times the player Nagbe ever was.

    • max Maxie
      max Maxie 11 months ago +2

      Musah 18 years =Nagbe at his prime.

  • Dent185
    Dent185 11 months ago +1

    Keep this going

  • Eat thebigonefirst
    Eat thebigonefirst 11 months ago +1

    In the nicest way possible... Brenden might be the most boring person on the planet.

  • Javier Mendoza
    Javier Mendoza 11 months ago +1

    More of this type of content >

  • xblurr
    xblurr 11 months ago +18

    "Oooh, American friends!"

  • f
    f 5 months ago +1

    make more fun vids !! pls

  • Dale Efti
    Dale Efti 6 months ago

    How come Musah got a British accent?!

  • Akhil Sriram
    Akhil Sriram 10 months ago

    Yunus gives me KSI vibes😂😂😂

  • kreitous
    kreitous 11 months ago +4

    If Aaronson was bigger and had a nose extremely hella bigger, he could be Ibrahimovic son !

  • Ethanw
    Ethanw 11 months ago

    I love them

  • nFWAYGo
    nFWAYGo 11 months ago +9

    Bring in flo balooooo

  • MrNothingButAir
    MrNothingButAir 11 months ago +2

    Musah reminds me of KSI

  • Oscar Zavala
    Oscar Zavala 10 months ago +1

    The Moose! 🦌

  • Damon441
    Damon441 10 months ago

    Lol we have a British guy playing for us

    • Jonathan Trevino
      Jonathan Trevino 8 months ago +2

      And thank God he is! He's incredible. We're blessed he chose us. Born in NYC means he's American.

  • Andrew Chen
    Andrew Chen 5 months ago

    Is it just me or does Aaronson look like Tom Holland?

    • jrr44
      jrr44 5 months ago

      He reminds me of Ansel Elgort!

  • Wiltu Howard
    Wiltu Howard 6 months ago

    Is Musah from Liberia? He has a Liberian name

  • jdicari
    jdicari 11 months ago +2


  • Choloti 69
    Choloti 69 11 months ago

    Brendon is not valid if a hotdog is not a sandwich than is a hogie a sandwich

  • Cameron Kwong-Murphy
    Cameron Kwong-Murphy 11 months ago +13

    That’s KSI u can’t tell me otherwise

  • X7 Rogue
    X7 Rogue 11 months ago +1

    I don’t really know much of Mousah did he use to live in the UK or what’s with his accent

    • Hoang Truong
      Hoang Truong 11 months ago +1

      Born in New York, moved to Italy and England when he was young

    • X7 Rogue
      X7 Rogue 11 months ago

      @Hoang Truong that explains a lot thanks

    • John Doe
      John Doe 10 months ago

      @X7 Rogue he grew up in England and Italy. The guy also speaks English, Italian, some dialect of Ghana, Spanish.

  • Clutterful
    Clutterful 11 months ago


  • Eno Bobi
    Eno Bobi 11 months ago

    Tajon buchanan>the whole usmnt

    • Gio
      Gio 11 months ago

      Stop, he is not even half of the player I am right now even if I'm not in form.

  • Anıl Erden
    Anıl Erden 11 months ago +9

    very lovely American Guys for me.😊😇🥰🤗😍❤🤍💙💪👍

  • Jonathan Rupert
    Jonathan Rupert 9 months ago