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TikTok Tech Tips are Terrible

  • Published on Oct 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    0:00 Linus Tok Tips Pt 2!
    0:55 Thanks VRLA Tech for letting us use your PC for the video!
    1:48 DIY RGB?
    2:38 Changing your monitor color
    4:31 Vinyl wrapping your desk
    5:25 How about vinyl wrapping your side panel?
    8:00 Competitive Minecraft Mouse Mod
    9:57 DIY Monitor Painting gone wrong
    10:28 Sticker remover hack faceoff
    12:30 Unfollow CarterPC? Y or N?
    14:44 Amazon Affiliate Bait Tech Haul!
    15:54 Handwarmers...for gaming
    16:45 l33t h@x0r mode (⌐■_■)
    19:45 Google AdSettings
    21:13 NVIDIA Clean Install GPU Drivers
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  • 1ronsid3
    1ronsid3 9 months ago +3730

    I worked at a company that "refurbished" old surface pros and we basically only used hand sanitiser

    • Simono Ono
      Simono Ono 9 months ago +571

      @user-ui9ni4nf5z that's because nobody asked, because nobody cares..

    • War Pigs
      War Pigs 9 months ago +17

      @Lumma's Travels reverse psychology :)

    • Pathological Liar
      Pathological Liar 9 months ago +52

      @War Pigs only works on kids.

    • Felix Kütt
      Felix Kütt 9 months ago +27

      @Pathological Liar Might not even work that well on them.

    • Max Myzer
      Max Myzer 9 months ago +5

      i only ever use hand sanitizer in my personal use

  • Miika
    Miika 9 months ago +1444

    Years ago when I was working in tech store (and Linus was reviewing pc cases on park benches) I was first surprised about people bringing phones that just had 0% of battery convinced that its broken, there were 1-5 of these everyday. So not that surprised anymore that people can't update their own pc drivers, heck some people even don't know how to turn off the computer without pulling the plug.

    • Billy Bob
      Billy Bob 9 months ago +71

      Why pull the plug? There's a switch for convenience /s

    • Nidungr
      Nidungr 9 months ago +27

      To be fair, I've had a phone that at 0% wouldn't charge other than from a wall socket. I would have thought it was broken if I didn't see it go to 0% just before.

    • Michael Tranquility
      Michael Tranquility 9 months ago +5

      @Nidungr So you couldn't charge it if it died in the car or something like that and if you tried to plug it into a car charger it wouldn't have worked? It only worked if you used the wall charger? Like even if the cable from the car is the same cable you use to charge your phone in the wall. Like just unpluging the wire from the USB from the charging brick and plug that into the USB car phone charger? Or was this one of those old-school car chargers that wasn't USB and the cable and I guess you'd call it the "Cars charging brick" were all one piece?- (I'm putting a lot of eggs in the- "This must have happened in a car/the wire they tried to use was their car charger to try to charge it, but it didn't work, but the wall charger at home did." basket lolol I mean idk if you had a portable power bank with you for your phone or not and tried that. I just know I don't normally do, so if I was out and my phone died, the only way for me to charge it/turn it back on, would be for me to put it in the car.
      But I know a lot of people do have and use those portable power banks around with them.

    • crazypenguinguy
      crazypenguinguy 8 months ago +34

      I once spent two hours on the phone navigating someone who used windows daily to the start button. I 100% believe this.

    • Roshi
      Roshi 8 months ago +31

      I work in a school (K12) and I always joke about "what do these kids do with their phones when they die?" because the kids let their chromebooks completely die and then try to say they have no idea what is wrong with the device.
      but now I'm reconsidering things...

  • Jc
    Jc 7 months ago +270

    Love that he goes from joking to properly showing us how to safely use Spray paint. Caught me off guard but loved how he can transition from being goofy to serious in seconds !

  • Jackie89000
    Jackie89000 5 months ago +100

    For alot of games, you can also just rebind the left mouse button to the scroll wheel for very fast "clicking". I did this in Fallout 4 with a "Never-ending" double barrel shot gun as that gun fires as fast as you can click, and the Never-ending legendary effect means you dont ever have to reload. It was very fun.

    • CraftyWitch1990
      CraftyWitch1990 2 months ago +3

      Yep i did that for both Diablo 3 and Diablo 4 for force move. Because of the rapid "clicks" i can pick loot up easier too

  • LJJumble
    LJJumble 9 months ago +620

    Its the gelification of an evaporating solvent that gives it more time to penetrate. They purposefully do this in art restoration with various solvents to allow more working time and penetration on small areas so something harsher doesn't have to be used.
    Hand sanitizer will get just about anything off of a hard non permeable surface. It's also good for getting dried paint out of paint brushes.
    I use it for so many things around my house that when 2020 hit I had just under 2 liters of it already in the house.

    • Approach Cautiously
      Approach Cautiously 9 months ago +31

      It is also amazing for actually getting white boards cleaned to the point of being white again.
      Acetone can clean out the paint from brushes but probably ends up shortening the life span of any brushes made from artificial hair. I only use it on brushes that are ruined and I used on harsh paints like spray paint (for touch ups of minor scratches or nicks)

    • blargg
      blargg 9 months ago +9

      I use Goo Gone and it gets stickers off but leaves an awful-smelling oily residue that I then have to clean off with something else. Hand sanitizer will be tried next time.

    • ApnaBhidu King Eric
      ApnaBhidu King Eric 9 months ago +1

      also a sanitizes the surface for you.

    • Dave Martindale
      Dave Martindale 9 months ago +2

      @Approach Cautiously You can by spray bottles of white board cleaner. The one I have is mostly ethanol - the main ingredient of hand sanitizer.

    • Arnox
      Arnox 9 months ago +6

      But does it work on the legendarily bad paper GameStop stickers?

  • Chik Nuggets
    Chik Nuggets 6 months ago +32

    Something important to know about the last tip is that a clean driver installation also resets your NVIDIA Control Panel settings (and probably also your GeForce Experience settings, but I can't say for sure). I learned this the hard way because I followed this tip elsewhere for a different issue and didn't read what a clean install actually does.

  • Jamey Summers
    Jamey Summers 9 months ago +4764

    Because of TikTok, I had a customer use a two-part JB Weld for thermal paste. That ruined a perfectly good Ryzen 9 3900x.

    • Olivier Caron
      Olivier Caron 9 months ago +988

      It worked, it will never be too hot again

    • Qardo
      Qardo 9 months ago +500

      @Olivier Caron Yeah. Plus, that CPU and Heat Sink will never be apart again.

    • Arif k
      Arif k 9 months ago +109

      @Olivier Caron Haha. It probably will never get hot at all.

    • Imraan M
      Imraan M 9 months ago +24

      Oh my...

    • banko 0100
      banko 0100 9 months ago +76

      how to delid your cpu guide?

  • Nathan Q
    Nathan Q 9 months ago +47

    My father got some of those hand warmer/power bank things, and to me they seems like they decided to turn their product overheating into a feature

  • TheDeathmail
    TheDeathmail 9 months ago +24

    I love how for some of the bad TikTok, you also gave good TikTok alternatives...
    The main issue with TikTok is that it's a lot easier to gain views... the videos are so short and easy to go through that it's a lot easier to watch the bad videos...
    On Clip-Share, you don't just scroll through videos, you search for them and then the algorithm recommends them to you... so even if you like the bad videos, you'd be stuck in that community and the people who don't like them will probably never see them...

  • Brendan Moorer
    Brendan Moorer 7 months ago +79

    About the drivers thing; A year or so back my friend that I usually game with was complaining about games running really slow, and his hardware was better than needed for some of these games, so I tried to help him figure out why. After testing a few things I looked at his drivers. When I realized that he just hadn't updated his drivers in 4 years, I was actually floored. He's usually pretty decent with computer stuff, so the fact that something basic like that wasn't something he realized he should be doing kinda blew my mind.

    • study focus
      study focus 7 months ago +1

      is there any software you suggest to automatically update all the drivers. i have a lenvo thinkpad windows 10

    • study focus
      study focus 7 months ago

      @Kana does it require credit card ??

    • Ultimate Studios
      Ultimate Studios 5 months ago +7

      @study focus no ofc
      why would u need that??

    • AndyKPOV
      AndyKPOV 2 months ago

      ​@study focusnot always. Windows updates delete my gpu all the time and I have to manually redownload once a week from AMD. Windows doesn't ask about graphics updates only security and windows updates. Sometimes framework. But unless you manually update your GPU it won't update it self. Only the the program does (i.e. amd/Nvidia's graphics controller)

  • Duke of Gnar
    Duke of Gnar 9 months ago +79

    WD-40 is another way to remove sticker residue, depending on the material. They used to make WD-40 pens that were great for it

    • The1Mce
      The1Mce 5 months ago +1

      Plus a magic eraser with it. Works everytime

    • Synesthesiac
      Synesthesiac 2 months ago

      I've used hand sanitizer as a facilities painter for spilled paint before. Offices and schools are abundant in it and it's amazing for a quick cleanup job on tough cleans

    • Carlos Velazquez
      Carlos Velazquez 2 months ago +1

      On the other end, for all the great uses for WD-40, it shouldn't be used in locks/keyholes or squeky hinges. It's a temporary fix that will inevitably make your situation worse. Once the WD-40 dries it leaves a residue making your lock/keyhole worse and the squeaking will return. Use a dry lubricant like graphite.

  • Not Mr Lizard
    Not Mr Lizard 8 months ago +14

    At the beginning of the pandemic when isopropyl became pretty much impossible to find we had to use hand sanitizer at our shop, I was surprised at how well it worked.

    • Nom
      Nom 2 months ago

      @blockedrex it really wasn't

  • ManFred TheLast
    ManFred TheLast 9 months ago +1016

    It seems like everyone is doing "reacting to tiktok rage bait" videos, it's cool to see someone discussing the proper methods instead of just squealing at intentionally bad content

    • swOOp
      swOOp 9 months ago +27

      Baited, stooged and fanboid.

    • Timbob Jr
      Timbob Jr 9 months ago +17

      I really like the Donut Media series were they have mechanics react to TikTok advice, it's a good one to watch if you also enjoy cars (there's a surprising amount of overlap between people who love cars and people who love computers lol)

    • Clever Man
      Clever Man 9 months ago +10

      I love that LTT never does low effort content, they put a ton of effort into his work, including silly videos like this.

    • DukeNukem421
      DukeNukem421 9 months ago +24

      "Intentionally bad content" is a fantastic way to describe TikTok lol

    • Night Motorcyclist
      Night Motorcyclist 9 months ago +8

      Except some of these "pros" like that privacy and security "expert" are getting REAL jobs from their BS. It needs to be mocked.

  • DiscoBallGaming
    DiscoBallGaming 9 months ago +6

    I actually love that vinyl wrap on the glass, I think it's hilarious that you had to run another adspot for "destroying" their computer though, that was funny

  • TakaGame!
    TakaGame! 9 months ago +10

    I worked at Staples for a little over 18 months. We'd have people come into EasyTech all the time to have us just update their stuff. Cost them around $30 to do it if they didn't have a protection plan for it (which typically costs $200 by itself for 2 yrs).

  • Abaddan
    Abaddan 8 months ago +6

    I've used the hand sanitizer to take of goo. Honestly thought that wasn't a "trick" It just stays on the surface so you can scrub it more and the gel helps suspend the goo in the sanitizer vs just smudging it on the surface.

  • Koolstr3
    Koolstr3 8 months ago +10

    I'm actually genuinely surprised at how useful or cool some of these tips ended up being. Wow. Thanks for testing them out - for science!

  • Jolan XBL
    Jolan XBL 5 months ago +10

    18:13 To bypass signup walls on article sites, open the Inspector or developer window, find the css for the modal (that layer that darkens or blanks the screen) and set it's visibility to none. Then go up to the body tag and set overflow to scroll.

  • WoOsKii 1
    WoOsKii 1 9 months ago +1994

    I've been using hand sanitizer over alcohol on stickers and labels for years, just out of convenience, not knowing it's actually better than alcohol.

    • Vash Baldeus
      Vash Baldeus 9 months ago +8

      now you know xD.

    • WoOsKii 1
      WoOsKii 1 9 months ago +30

      @Justin van der Merwe Is that stuff okay on plastic? Guess I can test it on something... I usually use acetone on metal- just got a car bumper dropped at my door with nothing but shipping labels and stickers slapped on it, acetone took it right off, ready to paint.

    • Keemo
      Keemo 9 months ago +39

      @Justin van der Merwe depends on the type of plastic. dome hard plastics melt from acetone and some soft ones dont just depends

    • WoOsKii 1
      WoOsKii 1 9 months ago +6

      @Keemo Thanks, I'll try it out... I almost used it on a motorcycle's plastic fearing, trying to remove some sticky black road grime boogers- Probably shouldn't keep the acetone next to the mineral spirits and paint thinner, all in similar looking cans going forward lol. Now I think I'm gonna try it on a small spot on the inside. That road grime is nasty, and I can't get it to come off.

    • svw1999
      svw1999 9 months ago +22

      @WoOsKii 1 Please do some research about the plastics you use. You can easily find charts that detail the resistance of certain materials against most solvents. ABS, PBT, PE, PET and PC should all be avoided when using acetone when it's not the material you want to remove. And since those are very common plastics in anything tech related using acetone blindly can f.e. destroy the surface finish of you laptop or worse.

  • Jacob
    Jacob 9 months ago +3

    When it comes to removing stickers, just use turpentine based solvent. It really does the job. The one I used was mady by Starwax but I think any other would do just as well. Be careful though - it smells like oranges or tangerines but don't breathe it. It's not healthy.

  • The Hat
    The Hat 9 months ago +1

    Another great one for hand sanitizer is when you need to apply something with an adhesive backing but one a bit of time to get it into place. Apply a thin layer of it onto the adhesive strip, and you have about a minute to get the positioning right.

  • Nick Birnie
    Nick Birnie 8 months ago +7

    The hand sanitiser one is because of the gelling agents acting as surfactants (carbomer in the one you used)
    Same thing that helps it spread across a surface also helps it dissolve stuff (i.e. how soaps work) - In practice yeah the 99% is gonna work better, but hand sanitiser is a bit easier to find than the high conc alcohols or organic solvents

  • thescinema
    thescinema 8 months ago

    I laughed pretty hard, numerous times, during this episode. This was a really good one.

  • Tony D
    Tony D 8 months ago

    I ❤ u Linus! Honestly your enthusiasm makes me smile during some of my worst ideations

  • Butts294
    Butts294 9 months ago +306

    Loved Linus's face when Alex sarcastically says "income is high for some reason". The silent offence he took is gold. 20:37

    • Sam
      Sam 8 months ago +10

      Everybody thinks they're middle class

    • SeniorButttercup
      SeniorButttercup 7 months ago +1

      I love ur name

  • Svarthol Stjörnuson
    Svarthol Stjörnuson 9 months ago +2

    That vinyl wrapping on the side panel actually looks good. The design would go well with a "Fractal" Design Meshify case.

  • Aster
    Aster 9 months ago +2

    Actually used the vinyl trick myself for my spare PC, added some wood vinyl to the front to give it a nice finish and it looks really good

  • Bond Jovi
    Bond Jovi 8 months ago +2

    I like the one about catching fungus gnats, and other similar bugs with a bowl of dish soap. It creates a breeding ground, instead of killing the bugs. Brilliant people out there.

  • Zanto1050
    Zanto1050 9 months ago +2

    My preferred method of removing stickers is using a hair dryer. It heats up the glue and loosens it. I wouldn't try it on sensitive electronics tho, I mostly use it to remove shipping labels from packages. Blow dry on hot over the whole label/sticker for up to 30 seconds or until the sticker turns slightly darker. It comes right off with very little residue. But again, I would not try this on electronic devices.

  • Corpsecrank
    Corpsecrank 8 months ago +7

    Linus being a curious noob in the hidden menu is the best part of this whole thing for sure.

  • wonkothesane13
    wonkothesane13 9 months ago +277

    It's really easy for an established Clip-Sharer to dunk on TikTokers for being ridiculous, but something I appreciate about this video (and LTT in general) is that you went out of your way to shout out TikTokers who are actually giving good advice, potentially sending traffic their way

    • TheRokkis
      TheRokkis 5 months ago +8

      The problem with TikTok, and YT too, is the content farming. They just pull shit out of their hat to make as many videos as possible for views to get ad revenue. Usually the hacks just don't work, but more than often they actually destroy your equipment and way too often they are dangerous to the point you could get injured or even killed. Both platforms are plagued by that shit.
      It's not tech related that much, but channel "How to Cook That" by Ann Reardon regularly goes over some "life hacks" made by content farmers and explains the science why they won't work, and she does show articles about people who have been permanently injured because they followed the faked videos of these content farmers. The worst part is that Clip-Share or TikTok couldn't care less as long as they get their share of the money.
      Though not so much of that in these LTT examples, except that one weird video where the audio didn't even match the video at all. That was probably AI generated random crap or just randomly thrown together by some content farmer, which is why I kinda wanted to bring this up. And that glitter thing was pretty obvious content farming.

    • yo milo
      yo milo 5 months ago

      @TheRokkis omg thank you for this rabbit hole. It's such a niche topic that I didnt even think such a page existed, but I remember reading about a case where this happened involving a microwave, i think they were making rice or something lmfao

  • Maxo 6453
    Maxo 6453 9 months ago +101

    For any of those interested, drag clicking can actually be used to get up to 50 cps. Pretty cool

    • The Amish
      The Amish 9 months ago +12

      My auto clicker can get up to 100 cps

    • Danil
      Danil 8 months ago +3

      I've gotten 56 cps with a Bloody A70x, without tape

    • Gravity Shark
      Gravity Shark 8 months ago +12

      you only really need 20cps because minecraft runs at 20tps meaning it only accepts inputs every 20ticks per second
      although going above 20 gurantees that you hit a click every single tick

    • Suth A
      Suth A 8 months ago +1

      Nah 💀

    • ThanksForAllMyToes
      ThanksForAllMyToes 8 months ago +2

      I did not understand what the drag clicking bit was. He put tape on his mouse, then that somehow makes it click when you drag??

  • adecree
    adecree 9 months ago

    I've found hand sanitizer IN SOME CASES can work better than iso, I think it's definitely the thickness of the gel that helps

    M3RKINFINITE OFWGKTA 8 months ago

    To put film on, it would be easier to get a spray bottle and fill it with a bit of soapy water. And then you spray the back of the film and the front of the panel. Also cut the film bigger then the panel so you can take a exacto to it after to get a nice edge.

  • Rovlemhage
    Rovlemhage 9 months ago

    at work I actually found out that hand sanitizer worked decently well at getting sharpie off the plastic cases of laptops and stuff.

  • Michael
    Michael 7 months ago +1

    I worked at Amazon, corporate doing tech support, and for the laptops that were turned in covered in stickers. We just let hand sanitizer sit on them, and then scrape them off with a razor blade.

  • Lewis Foster
    Lewis Foster 9 months ago +1686

    I once had a client at a business who was complaining about a keyboard not working. I told them to bring it over, plugged it in and it worked fine. Went over to their desk area and plugged it in and hey presto, it was working. They just hadn't plugged it in properly. Ten or so minutes of their work day, gone for that.

    • Freelance Bum
      Freelance Bum 9 months ago +70

      Had a client once plug their keyboard into the Ethernet port on their iMac. I had them take a picture with their phone (that they were okay at using) of what it should look like when properly plugged in.

    • redmanticore
      redmanticore 9 months ago +80

      company should send everyone that uses too much desk help to computer 101 troubleshooting class as a punishment.
      actually, just send everyone to such a course, if it exists.
      class would be mainly about "what to do when printer isn't working, what to do when mouse isn't working" scenarios that they have to solve.
      and it would have surprising stuff too, like a friking glove jammed inside the printer. I've had that in real life at work

    • Mel Ya
      Mel Ya 9 months ago +15

      @Freelance Bum I have to admit (not I don't, but I will) that I have done that once. In my defense, I wasn't looking when I plugged it in, and figured it out right away.

    • stevelakes
      stevelakes 9 months ago +21

      @Freelance Bum I wouldn't expect more from an iMac user really 🤔😂

    • Marek Siciński
      Marek Siciński 9 months ago +1

      could've been more

  • Steven Fox
    Steven Fox 8 months ago +30

    You can actually read NY Times articles by just refreshing the page and then halting the page load before it finishes loading. It looks like the check to add the "sign up" banner is one of the last things that happens, so if you cancel the page load fast enough you can just read the article.

    • Suzumi-kun
      Suzumi-kun 5 months ago +1

      if the entire page gets loaded before the popup surely there's extensions that just remove the popup (or you just disable it yourself in the html)

    • Steven Fox
      Steven Fox 5 months ago +1

      @Suzumi-kun Sometimes you can disable it manually in the HTML, but some sites have gotten smart (but not that smart) and when the paywall pop-up loads, it truncates the page so even if you delete it, it's removed the text on the page beyond the first or second scroll.

    • Nicholas Crow
      Nicholas Crow 3 months ago

      Or hitting stop or turning off wifi/data before the payment page usually works

  • Chii Motosuwa
    Chii Motosuwa 9 months ago +1

    I like how during the hand warming part I was thinking the same thing as Linus right at the start, just use the PC exhaust lol.

  • KoenvdW88
    KoenvdW88 7 months ago

    Yeah, having systems come in to update drivers is surprisingly common. Those last few ones were pretty good, not going to lie, but dang... That paintjob and the glue thing were just horrible. That was tough to look at, must've been tough to shoot as well.

  • Bateson Genetics
    Bateson Genetics 8 months ago

    If you're taking stickers off with alcohol, I recommend soaking a rag/paper towel and setting it on top of the sticker. Will eat into the sticker soften it and makes peeling them much easier

  • Steven Fazzio
    Steven Fazzio 7 months ago

    The hand sanitizer most likely worked better because it had water (in addition to isopropyl alcohol) in it. Some substances are more readily dissolved by alcohol, and some are more readily dissolved by water. I'd recommend a 70% isopropyl alcohol (30% water) mixture, which is widely available for purchase. As a bonus, it's less of a fire hazard than 99% isopropyl. Alternatively, you could just add some distilled water to 99% alcohol.

  • ThisIsPotatos
    ThisIsPotatos 9 months ago +24

    I like how Linus is like "wow that is a terrible way to do that" and then shows a video where they cooled a PC with propane and melted the back of a monitor.

  • Manuel8123
    Manuel8123 9 months ago +91

    So about the hand Sanitizer one, It happened to me once that I got a big drop of fast dry super glue (the transparent one that is used to glue plastics) and I started to panic, by the time I got to the bathroom to wash my hand it was already dry, I try scrubbing my hand really hard and it didn't work, so in a last ditch effort I used Hand Sanitizer, and I removed it without trouble, apparently many glues dissolve on Hand Sanitizers

    • George Sperelakis
      George Sperelakis 9 months ago +1

      Best way is to have it under warm water for about 2 minutes,

    • Mels Lenstra
      Mels Lenstra 8 months ago +5

      Just use some acetone based nail polish remover. Readily dissolves CA glue.

  • Juho Johansson
    Juho Johansson 8 months ago +1

    The thing about hand sanitizers might be not so much alcohol at all, but the fact that some glue actually dissolves in oils... 8-bitguy is known to use WD-40 to remove stickers (often intact to be reused)... And I think I have seen others use similar methods for removing stickers and glue residue, in the vintage computer restoration.
    I once removed stickers from a glass jar, soaked it in water for ages, tried all the usual kitchen tricks, and try as I might, it would have taken forever to simply scrub it off... Then I just happened to try some olive oil, and there just happened to be one bottle out of date and a bit oil left, just sitting there waiting to be disposed of... So there was nothing to lose, and it actually worked. Now it did leave the glass a bit oily, but that is nothing one could not get rid of with a bit of soap.

  • kropf leuchtenfuß
    kropf leuchtenfuß 8 months ago +1

    The thickener in the hand-sanitizer works as a binding agent, for the glue flakes.

  • Counterproductive G
    Counterproductive G 2 months ago

    i honestly love how you can barely hear the ventilation but he starts basically yelling over it anyway hahahaha

  • Adham Rabah
    Adham Rabah 9 months ago +2594

    real gamers sit on their hands, we're a natural heater.

    • Hello World
      Hello World 9 months ago +271

      Nah. Real gamers hold their PP which provides both heat and a source of human touch.

    • Adham Rabah
      Adham Rabah 9 months ago +94

      @Hello World Honestly was gunna say all males are born with a natural heater... But wanted to keep it PG :P

    • Adham Rabah
      Adham Rabah 9 months ago +76

      es e Real gamers don't turn on the heat, they bring it.

    • DeltaPlays
      DeltaPlays 9 months ago +9

      oh my god this is fucking genius

    • Olutukko
      Olutukko 9 months ago +13

      I for one just fucking sweat while gaming so no problem for me

  • PzykoStyle
    PzykoStyle 9 months ago

    Been using plain hand sanitizer to clean stuff forever. It’s always worked 👍

  • DJ Daddy
    DJ Daddy 9 months ago

    The Samsung debug menu one depends. It’s disabled on some phones (I think based on original carrier). It’s great for repair techs to test when it works

  • JxC250
    JxC250 4 months ago

    Those battery bank hand warmers are actually so underrated. I've had a dif one for almost 5 years and it's a life saver when you're out in the cold. Cause cold ruins your lithium battery charge, having a warm and charged pocket to keep your phone good while you're skiing on the mountain is amazing.

  • Manoël Denis
    Manoël Denis 9 months ago +4

    For stickers, just use olive oil. On anything, you don't need to put much, great especially on books because alcohol will attack the colors, whereas as olive oil will make it only slightly greasy and that goes away by simply wiping. It aggregates the glue residue almost instantly (takes a few seconds for really old stickers).

    • KickKat
      KickKat 8 months ago +2

      The interaction between vegetable oil and glue amazes me. Vegetable oil seems like it would be the most benign, non-reactive thing, but a little of it will completely destroy glue in seconds. I used some cheap vegetable cooking oil to free a lizard that had gotten stuck in a glue trap meant to catch rats.
      The lizard was treated to an oil massage while almost all of the glue in the trap was disintegrated/melted ... meltegrated!

  • Alex Ross
    Alex Ross 7 months ago +10

    The way Alex is holding his MacBook at 21:50, I don't need this kind of anxiety in my life.

  • PrettyCow
    PrettyCow 9 months ago +1826

    watching linus learn drag clicking is peak comedy

    • sparkyispog
      sparkyispog 9 months ago +4

      yea lmao

    • Aurniox
      Aurniox 9 months ago +79

      he only got 11 cps with a roccat 💀

    • Scott van der Chijs
      Scott van der Chijs 9 months ago +4

      @Aurniox yup 💀

    • anselowo
      anselowo 9 months ago +29

      as a bedwars/boxing main i find watching him try to be the funniest thing ever

    • Carlos C
      Carlos C 9 months ago +141

      Wtf is drag clicking??.

  • Alexander Close
    Alexander Close 7 months ago

    With the hand sanitizier vs alcohol thing i assumed the tip was because more people have hand sanitizer around than have isopropyl alcohol.

  • Kira Yamato
    Kira Yamato 8 months ago +1

    Can't wait for the second course. I'm going to be using my modern times PC like a.. like a cutting-edge tech person soon.

  • lyall dawson
    lyall dawson 8 months ago

    I've used hand sanitiser to take stickers off computers since early 2020 (when hand sanitiser became ubiquitous) and it works brilliantly. I hate cable ties and only use velcro ties.

  • CloudSamurai
    CloudSamurai 7 months ago

    Hand warmer part for me was the best🤣 Linus knows his audience 🤣

  • Salma Hyena // Sashimi Cheetah

    So after doing some research it is indeed the glycerin in the hand sanitizer that helps with the residue. Apparently glycerin will actively decelerate the polymerization of methyl acrylate (the most common adhesive used in stickers) which then allows it to be far more easily dissolved into the alcohol in the hand sanitizer, thus breaking the polymer bonds between the adhesive and whatever the item is stuck to.

  • Sarkli Gaming
    Sarkli Gaming 9 months ago +623

    Ive used Zoom for 3 years now and can tell you, yes people DO in fact need a dedicated mute button. Not a lot of them but definitely some.

    • TheMightyZwom
      TheMightyZwom 9 months ago +21

      But do you really think the people do dumb (or not well-behaved enough) to use a muting correctly would actually use a mute button as intended? I doubt it...

    • Sarkli Gaming
      Sarkli Gaming 9 months ago +56

      @TheMightyZwom I didnt specify what kind of people i was talking about. Thanks for putting words in my statement. Middle to late aged people (50-80 years old), whom ive been on Zoom with a lot, have issues with muting/unmuting themselves and not knowing if they are on mute or not etc. The interface, though simple for most of us, is still overwhelming for some. Like i said, some have learned but some definitely need a button.

    • MyUsualComment
      MyUsualComment 9 months ago +6

      There is a dedicated mute button: the space bar.

    • President Irina Vladimirovna Putina
      President Irina Vladimirovna Putina 9 months ago +2

      I've got a dedicated mute on my Razer headset. It helps when you're gaming with open mic and need to easily mute/unmute for whatever reason mid-game

    • Being47
      Being47 9 months ago +9

      @Sarkli Gaming dedicated mute button will also confuse them , as with keyboard shortcut or anything you have to look on screen to make sure your are mute or not.
      so dedicated won't solve anything , because as you mention they don't understand they are on mute or not .

  • WhiteRabbit#47
    WhiteRabbit#47 9 months ago +1

    I had my desktop in my bedroom and didn't like getting woken up in the middle of the night because my computer decided to turn on, so I applied one-way garage blackout tint. I accidentally applied it in the wrong direction, but it's no longer blinding in a dark room so I can sleep through it and it looks kind of cool

  • Monster Infamous
    Monster Infamous 9 months ago +1

    Hello LTT ! 😀 You can used hand sanitizer, to remove rubber that start to disintegrated.
    Worked fine with the back of my old Galaxy Note 3.😎

  • R-Tech Gaming
    R-Tech Gaming 8 months ago

    I legit want to do the rainbow vinyl siding trick on both my computers. I mean they're acrylic side panels, so ANYTHING is an improvement. lol.

  • Jackson Arnold
    Jackson Arnold 9 months ago +1

    I would like an entire long video of Linus teaching me proper painting techniques like I’m a new hire at my first day on the job

  • mxs
    mxs 2 days ago

    About wrapping the side panel window: A friend of mine used the rest of the chameleon tint foil he had left from wrapping his car window and used it on his pc side panel window. It looks fire and I would have never gotten the idea to do this. Amazing

  • Comet!
    Comet! 9 months ago +55

    The thing about these is, for example, a child would easily be able to do the first one with any art and craft kits that most children get for birthdays/Christmas. And I can only imagine a parents reaction to glue and glitter all over a VERY expensive work computer and an unknowing child thinking they did their parent a favour ;-;

  • Sam Vimes
    Sam Vimes 9 months ago

    11:50 personally I've never found rubbing alcohol all that effective at removing adhesive residue, and I don't know why people always recommend it for everything. I'll give hand sanitizer a try next time I need to wipe something down.

  • Jeffrey
    Jeffrey  8 months ago

    For bypassing paywalls, you can use 12ft ladder and it works really well

  • Daniel N
    Daniel N 7 months ago

    That "hacking" thing with the command prompt is the kind of things scammers use to show all the viruses you need to get removed.

  • juanantonio.fm
    juanantonio.fm 8 months ago

    I would guess the glycerin in the hand san. acts as a tensioactive, which helps capture the "glue particles" and clean it better. As a counterpart, I had great success using WD40 to remove glue from laptops, whiteboards, jars etc. The way it works is the opposite of glycerin, it covers the glue in grease so it doesn't stick anymore and makes it so much easier to clean. then you just clean the wd40 easily with alcohol, no need for strenous rubbing.

  • Maria Isabel
    Maria Isabel 7 months ago

    Oh my gosh! That “rainbow vinyl hack” and pink washitape/vinyl are stuff I did on my pink “cougar conquer”-like case. It’s not for everyone, but I LOVE my PC and monitors (one of the monitors is borrowed from the studio I work for so I can’t paint it). Some of these are hard to watch, even for a crafty person like myself. Hahaha😂

  • Daniel Harrow
    Daniel Harrow 9 months ago +27

    I love how Alex was like oh wow lmao people taking their PC into a repair shop just for them to update some drivers, when, having worked in a PC repair shop, I can 100% confirm that it’s a painfully accurate depiction of what being a PC tech repair guy is like 😂

  • Richard G
    Richard G 9 months ago +1

    Best tape/adhesive remover is called Wildcat TR-60. We use it on pretty much any surface in the amusements industry (pinball/arcade/slot machines/dart boards/etc)

  • crazypenguinguy
    crazypenguinguy 8 months ago

    I've been using hand sanitizer for years for removing sticker gunk . It usually seems to work better than isopropyl. As long as it isn't touching any contacts that is, because it can leave a bit of a residue.
    To be fair, the first time I tried was out of desperation, and it just kinda stuck

  • Farinhir
    Farinhir 6 months ago

    Yes, the glycerine would help dilute the adhesive. I tend to just use an oil (even canola) and then clean that residue off with 99% alcohol.
    So, it seems I have no ad topics for me. Google doesn't know what to sell me. Just as I like it. Thank you duckduckgo

  • Null Reference
    Null Reference 9 months ago +3

    Cold hands is actually a problem, and using water as a constant solution would dry them out and irritate them (have to even avoid things like too much time under hot water washing dishes). The best solution for my body, though, is keeping my core warm. My extremeties get cold first, but trying to warm them and not my core doesn't do anything.

  • W T
    W T 5 months ago

    To make it a fair test u should have diluted the 99% ipa down to like 70-80% to make it the same alcohol as the hand sanitiser

  • Akoshus
    Akoshus 9 months ago +567

    I remember a repair shop could not diagnose the cause of my instability when I was younger. Years down the road I could. This guy in the last tiktok killed it. Driver and bios updates and default settings for diagnosing is the first thing you do.

    • AgentIce
      AgentIce 9 months ago +47

      Totally agreed, update drivers and default settings.
      90% of Other common issues are fixed by Checking cables and connecters.
      And check installation and seating of ram, cpu, and gpu.

    • Deolicious
      Deolicious 9 months ago +103

      I think you needed to go to a therapist not a repair shop for that kind of problems mate.

    • Akoshus
      Akoshus 9 months ago +33

      @Deolicious that joke was uncalled for but damn I laughed hard

    • Akoshus
      Akoshus 9 months ago +1

      @amoloch yeah, reading it back later it really does lmao

  • bobingabout
    bobingabout 8 months ago +1

    I can see why they'd suggest hand sanatiser to remove sticker residue. Most basic hand sanatisers are about 60% Isopropanol, and 40% water as a base. Not all are though.
    I'd use it if I didn't have any Isopropanol at hand, but people recommend you do mix it with water to prevent it evaporating too quickly, and Hand sanitiser will get you that far at least.
    Hand warmer? I tend to have the oposite problem, my hand stuck to the mouse from sweating where it makes contact.

    • Bipolarbear
      Bipolarbear Month ago

      Ha that's what I was thinking "Who TF want to warm their hand while gaming?" In the early 2000's Madcatz and a few others made xbox controllers with cooling fans.

  • Mikko Rantalainen
    Mikko Rantalainen 9 months ago +1

    To remove stickers and residue, you should get proper product for it. Get one of those sticker removal fluids in a spray can and you can simply spray, wait for a few seconds and swipe all the residue off.

    • David Enzler
      David Enzler 3 months ago

      But, the "proper" product is just an aerosol with a solvent in it that probably costs more than a small container of iso alcohol or hand sani... alcohol is already a solvent for the compounds used in sticker glue.

    • Mikko Rantalainen
      Mikko Rantalainen 3 months ago

      @David Enzler Not the better stuff. With a high quality sticker removal spray you can just lift he sticker of with zero effort. I think the high quality stuff includes mixture of some thin oils and solvents.
      I guess mixture of WD-40 and ethanol or propanol might be pretty good, too, but I haven't tried such thing.

  • NochSoEinKaddiFan
    NochSoEinKaddiFan 8 months ago

    I think one of the really good things to remove residue is lighter fluid, but I might be wrong

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob 9 months ago

    Love that melted monitor. Looks kinda sick. Would look better with red or silver though.

  • Cody Werner
    Cody Werner 6 months ago

    So that number you dialed to bring up that menu is actually a test mode for Samsung phones it’s called dial in mode or test mode, that image you chose is part of the accelerometer test function. It basically tests the landscape to portrait mode of images, if you go to graphs you can shake the phone and test it that way too. Also there’s more than just one “secret codes” that can be used for different menus or functions. Not sure what value this adds but that’s what it’s there for.

  • Joshua Alan
    Joshua Alan 9 months ago +19

    The thing is that a lot of these are intentionally fake "hacks" literally for the purpose of getting younger children to semi-permanently or often permanently damage expensive things around the house, as a "prank"

  • seigeengine
    seigeengine 2 months ago

    I think the idea of having different audio from video isn't about attention span, but rather that having two different things makes it impossible to take the whole video in in one watch, pushing the viewer to watch it again, with each loop counting as another view.

  • Ryan Zinter
    Ryan Zinter 9 months ago

    I've started using hand sanitizer as after shave when shaving my head since we had an abundance from lockdown... honestly it works way better than normal aftershave ever did..

  • Senbon-zakura
    Senbon-zakura 7 months ago

    The last one is serious business! I worked for a repair shop and you'd be surprised of the number of people that come to repair their PC and telling you it's broken or smthng, but all you have to do is upgrading the system or flash Bios or updating the drivers or even uninstall/reinstall drivers, its 70% of the jobs sometimes

  • BringerOfD
    BringerOfD 8 months ago

    To use alcohol effectively to clean off adhesive residue, wet a piece of rag with it and place it over the residue for 10ish seconds before you start scrubbing. The alcohol needs time in contact to work. That's why the hand-san works so well. The added viscosity gives it time to work.

  • CustomHydroGaming
    CustomHydroGaming 8 months ago +1

    WD40 is great at getting rid of stickers, goo, and whatnot. They even have a type of WD40 that is electronic component friendly that you can clean motherboards etc with it.

  • Blake Helton
    Blake Helton 9 months ago +48

    Having recently started a new job as a GeekSquad agent, can confirm, you would be VERY surprised the types of things the average consumer brings their devices to repair/tech support for. Talking like forgot their password, then it turns out they have 2FA hooked up to their landline (no texts) or something, and we've got to explain to them 10 different ways that we can't magically fix that.

    • Spoon!
      Spoon! 9 months ago +18

      ..how do you enable 2FA on a landline??? Doesn't it send a test text first so you can actually enable it???

    • HAMMER 911
      HAMMER 911 9 months ago +1

      @Spoon! same question here

    • Marvin H
      Marvin H 8 months ago +3

      @Spoon! sometimes you could youse a „code over voicecall“ option

  • Ferro Giconi
    Ferro Giconi 9 months ago

    Part of the problem with the alcohol is the concentration was too high. If you want it to be good at quickly cleaning residue, you need more water in it. Water is a solvent, and combined with isopropyl, it makes cleaning work much better. If you try 70% isopropyl, it will likely clean sticker residue better than 99%. The hand sanitiser will probably still work better though.

  • Will Morris
    Will Morris 4 hours ago

    I love that some them were actually good tips! Not what I expected.

  • SierraAngel
    SierraAngel 7 months ago

    12:20 there is specialised residue remover that does the job 100 times easier. I had to use some lately to remove the residue leftovers from carfoliation. That stuff comes from hell thou. Need to use it with all safty gear you can imagine in an very VERY well ventilated room or outside.

  • eMallard
    eMallard 8 months ago +4

    For anyone wondering about drag clicking, it likely wasn't working well for them as they hadn't lowered their debounce time in the mouse software. Doing so you can hit 60+ cps if you are skilled enough.

    • Medinger
      Medinger 8 months ago +3

      isnt easier to just use an autoclicker?

    • eMallard
      eMallard 7 months ago

      @Medinger yes but one requires some skill the other is cheating. if u wanna be considered a loser go ahead

  • Lucas Edwards
    Lucas Edwards 2 months ago

    I still like to remove sticker residue with a little bit of Virgin Olive oil.. if you slightly heat the residue with a hairdryer it almost always comes right off. Pretty much always using microfiber cloth to prevent any possible scratches. Then a quick wipe with some non streaking screen safe glass cleaner and your done.

  • feenomhoosh
    feenomhoosh 9 months ago +18

    hands down the best part of the video is when alex says google has him in the high income category "FOR SOME REASON" and then linus has a slight delay of information processing before realizing what he just heard lmao

  • Mndless
    Mndless 9 months ago +1

    I miss the rattle can automotive paints from Dupont. Those really were the gold standard for spray paint in my opinion. Apparently that market segment wasn't sufficiently profitable, so Dupont eliminated it, which is very sad.

    • TehButterflyEffect
      TehButterflyEffect 9 months ago

      Rustoleum is the best, but they are irritating because the cans clog really quickly. I've purchased brand new cans that only worked for two or three sprays.

    • Mndless
      Mndless 9 months ago

      @TehButterflyEffect that kind of thing is why I miss Dupont selling products in that area. Their cans had the hinge-top plunger mechanism so it was easy to actuate, the paint basically never clogs the nozzle, and the nozzle can be rotated depending on what spray pattern you need. I miss working with that paint because it just behaved so well.

  • Devious J
    Devious J 9 months ago

    The "You'd be surprised" at the end really hit home having worked in a repair shop myself. I've seen some shit lmao.

  • Grigeral
    Grigeral 8 months ago

    I loved the "Just use alcohol..."... "IT'S NOT BETTER!?!"

  • Just Take A Chanc
    Just Take A Chanc 9 months ago +3

    No I actually bust out laughing when you said "if you're a real gamer, you know how to warm your hands" because I have absolutely used the same technique