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Spain vs. Germany Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

  • Published on Nov 26, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • FOX Soccer
    FOX Soccer  2 months ago +277

    Who will advance to the knockout round from Group E?

    • Graphite
      Graphite Month ago

      @Loose74 say it again

    • The Big 12 Conference
      The Big 12 Conference 2 months ago

      🇪🇸 and 🇯🇵 because 🇩🇪 is thinking about 🌈 🇯🇵 and 🇪🇸 ⚽️

    • John Jameson
      John Jameson 2 months ago

      I'm sexy that's why they call me big a** t**** lady hole

    • Der Kommissar
      Der Kommissar 2 months ago

      @Toni Martin you predicted it

    • R3trix-_- revs
      R3trix-_- revs 2 months ago

      Spain vamooossw

  • laenzednem
    laenzednem 2 months ago +1471

    Musiala was a wizard this game, dribbling passed multiple Spanish players at a time, if he scored that chance it would’ve been a 10/10 performance for sure

    • Parsa tha Great
      Parsa tha Great 2 months ago

      The only way they could’ve stopped him was if they fouled him

    • Kamil Ebrahimoff
      Kamil Ebrahimoff 2 months ago

      Hanging Flick changed the lineup because Germany's loss to Japan was awful.

    • Roots Hub
      Roots Hub 2 months ago

      The media love pedri dish and gavilina. Bias

    • AFTV
      AFTV 2 months ago +3

      Better than that Gavi and Pedri frauds

    • The Commenter
      The Commenter 2 months ago +1

      @Dave Mariano Exactly he needs to play smarter and get that ball in the goal that's how Germany 2014 won they were so unselfish

  • Aaron
    Aaron 2 months ago +484

    That match was the definition of an "exciting draw". Both sides left it all on the pitch and there was quality galore on display.

    • KN Byam
      KN Byam 2 months ago

      That's how England should have played, but they qere timid.

    • Gautam De
      Gautam De 2 months ago +3

      Germany made more solid chances - but missed most.

  • Shuvari
    Shuvari 2 months ago +751

    What an exciting game! Both teams played exceptionally well. These two European powerhouses tying and Costa Rica winning against Japan might just be enough to bring Germany back from the dead. They still depend on Spain winning against Japan and them finishing off Costa Rica but those are both pretty likely outcomes. This group is by far the most interesting to watch so far.

    • motion attached
      motion attached 2 months ago

      @Dan Tega no, South Korea is not a well organized and coordinate team as Japan, they could have high moment for some push, but no consistency. For an asian team to advance to second round or more, they need a good playbook since they have less physical capacity by nature.

    • motion attached
      motion attached 2 months ago

      @TK well, since Japan just messed up their chance, everything is now up to Spain's will. 😅

    • TK
      TK 2 months ago +1

      @motion attached where are these numbers coming from

    • motion attached
      motion attached 2 months ago

      Costa Rica win against Japan : 20%,
      Spain win against Japan: 90% (it depends on if Spain really want to bring Germany back from death row),
      Germany should finish Costa Rica: 90%. So overall percentage to advance is not that promising though,.

    • Eduardo Herrera
      Eduardo Herrera 2 months ago +3

      I’m predicting Japan lose to Spain.
      I’m also predicting that Costa Rica ties with Germany and makes it to through.

  • JayCFC
    JayCFC 2 months ago +659

    Compared to the previous game, Germany looked much better. Interesting to see how the third game will go. Spain are looking really strong as well and can definitely go far in this tournament.

    • Hung Phan
      Hung Phan 2 months ago

      @Jonathan it happened haha

    • Hung Phan
      Hung Phan 2 months ago

      @Jonathan yeah they kept passing passing and passing, after Germany scored 2-2 they don’t intend to attack anymore. They have a shot of Dany Olmo but it is too weak like he passed the ball to the goalkeeper.

    • Jonathan
      Jonathan 2 months ago

      @Hung Phan did the Spaniards actually try to lose? I watched the Germany game so I honestly don’t know

    • Hung Phan
      Hung Phan 2 months ago

      @Jonathan it actually happened. Thanks Fifa for putting group F played before group E even E is before F alphabetically.

    • Hung Phan
      Hung Phan 2 months ago

      @Caesar Santizo yeah and now it happened. Thank you Spain

  • john estaban
    john estaban 2 months ago

    Spains goalie is elite 🔥🔥

  • HM MOB
    HM MOB 2 months ago +390

    Germany played a great second half. Their pressing was superb. Spain was, as usual, great, too. I sense that Spain and Germany will advance. Japan had it in their own hands, but failed to keep control.

    • HM MOB
      HM MOB 2 months ago

      @Hoangsa Truongsa He retired from international play following the last Euros.

    • 96_Stars
      96_Stars 2 months ago

      Kroos retired from the German national team

    • Hoangsa Truongsa
      Hoangsa Truongsa 2 months ago

      Why Kroos not in the German team ?

    • Nou Lee
      Nou Lee 2 months ago +6

      I some how believe Japan winning over Germany was a coincident.

    • abhishek bhattacharyya
      abhishek bhattacharyya 2 months ago +8

      Also if Spain draws against Japan, Germany needs to win by 2 goals

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 2 months ago +98

    As a Germany fan, this game gave me like three different heart attacks lol but hopefully we can make it to the ro16🇩🇪

  • Vic
    Vic Month ago

    Fullkrug is a great German player and easy on the eyes too!

  • Omar Elazab
    Omar Elazab 2 months ago +609

    Fulkrug just made his international debut 11 days ago and now he scores a big goal to keep Germany’s hopes alive 🇩🇪

    • Yauert
      Yauert Month ago

      @Proinvincible In the last 8 seasons alone, there have been 8 different teams in the top 4 in the bundesliga and Frankfurt, Union, Freiburg could do it this season. Only 6 in the epl. It is evident you don't watch the bundesliga. Also, if you wanna talk about peformance in the ucl there are 4 teams in the r 16 while only 1 Spanish. Frankfurt won uel last season. The world cup was won by Germany in 2014? If Bundesliga is a farmers league then explain to me why it just overtook Serie A in the uefa coefficient?

    • Proinvincible
      Proinvincible Month ago

      @Yauert sure he is good but he can only get so good in a farmers league. It might be 3rd or 4th best on paper but in reality it should be lower, there is no competition, its always just the same top 5 teams with #5 changing on occasions. Besides this is evident considering german teams and national teams don’t have much success international wise. When was last time a world cup was won? A champion league was won? Its been like a decade since last major cup they won internationally. If they wanna actually compete they need more competition and less of bayern being their only hope for anything.

    • Dezsi
      Dezsi 2 months ago

      @Tustin funkster I'm not bashing him...he's my favorite on the team

    • Tustin funkster
      Tustin funkster 2 months ago +1

      @Dezsi I mean true come on hes 19 and tryna make a name for himself whoch he is .....he made and opening and he took it boy justs need to work on his vision and see teammates that are open but come on he's hungry for goals and his attack his spot on for not him to make chance to get on the scoreboard but FULLK IS 29 YEARS OLD homeboy already had his chance but is lacking

    • JiveT
      JiveT 2 months ago

      @Tustin funkster Nah, they needed a goal. Musiala would’ve got nervous and missed that

  • Musical Spirit (Muse)
    Musical Spirit (Muse) 2 months ago +38

    Literally one of the best matches I have seen recently. Incredible performance by both teams 👏 👏 👏

  • Dr Plasma
    Dr Plasma 2 months ago +9

    Best match of the WC so far. Both teams left everything in the field. Neither of them played to stall, they both played to create good football and win.
    It didn't feel at all like a group match, it felt like a final game.
    As a Spaniard, i would have liked of course for Spain to win, but I feel that a draw is the fairest result, given how ruthless was the German pressing. Very impressive. Both teams had multiple goal occasions, so a draw seems fair.

    • Jose Antonio Fernandez
      Jose Antonio Fernandez 2 months ago +5

      I'm also from Spain and I agree. I wasn't even that angry when Germany scored. Somehow it felt fair. Un saludo!

  • Francis Douglas
    Francis Douglas 2 months ago +40

    What a nerve wrecking world cup this one is,, so many great plays,,great finishes,great saves,great games from underdog countries.. this is freaking crazy!!🤩 can not predict anything thus far

  • Mathew's Blog
    Mathew's Blog 2 months ago +99

    Germany really looked good with Sane and Fullkrug on the pitch.
    They should reach the 2nd round with Spain.

  • chong manack
    chong manack 2 months ago

    I enjoy your existing words!
    Great work you two!!

  • Dark. scenes3578
    Dark. scenes3578 2 months ago

    Germany has still never been able to beat Spain since Spain changed to using tiki-taka

  • Jules Tjamak
    Jules Tjamak 2 months ago +125

    what a great game it was between 2 powerhouses. the game was fast, intense and both of them wanted to win but a draw is well deserved. My man leroy sane changed the game when he entered, he created chances for his teamates to score and the goal came, morata nice finish. I love this game.

    • GoFuego
      GoFuego 2 months ago +1

      @KingKyrie same it’s insane

    • KingKyrie
      KingKyrie 2 months ago +1

      I don’t see why sane doesn’t make the starting 11

    • Bruh Moment
      Bruh Moment 2 months ago +5

      @keisi kodra no I’m not even German and this match had me excited watching it, great game played by both sides

    • keisi kodra
      keisi kodra 2 months ago +3

      @Bruh Momentthis!!! maybe it was just me as a german, so i was of course rooting for germany, but this game had me so tense! great plays by both sides

    • KING TIGER98
      KING TIGER98 2 months ago


  • Robert
    Robert 2 months ago +245

    Spain looking really solid this year, might see them in the finals

    • Derek Jetter
      Derek Jetter 2 months ago

      @Idk Dino 🦕 some of the players for germany arent german. Ruins the sport

    • jthanrubio
      jthanrubio 2 months ago

      @Kauê Pereira unless they lose against Japan, then that makes Germany out (unless they csn win by 6 goals). This would actually be in advantage for Spain to be 2nd in this group by losing to Japan, provided Costa Rica do not win against Germany.

    • Jeremy DeCaro
      Jeremy DeCaro 2 months ago

      Repent...believe in Jesus. John 3:16 -KJV - For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
      Luke 13:3 KJV - I tell you nay: but except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.
      John 3:3 KJV - “Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

    • _alexis206
      _alexis206 2 months ago

      Spain vs France

    • Idk Dino 🦕
      Idk Dino 🦕 2 months ago

      @Derek Jetter what’s that supposed to mean ?

  • rumpelstilchen
    rumpelstilchen 2 months ago +1

    Compared to many other games, this game was a good, clean, fight between two powerhouses. Hardly any questionable calls from the refs, no diving, no bad fouls, etc.

  • Aamir Razak
    Aamir Razak 2 months ago +37

    Entertaining exciting game from both teams. Germany had their chances to win as did Spain, Germany still alive due to the Japan loss. Good fighting spirit From them not to give up after conceding the first goal. I hope they can win next match and go through to the next stage.

    • KING TIGER98
      KING TIGER98 2 months ago


  • eda oz
    eda oz 2 months ago +3

    Spain looking really solid this year, might see them in the finals

  • Martin Rivera
    Martin Rivera 2 months ago +10

    Nobody talking about Rudiger being absolute class of a human being.

  • L&E Fragrance
    L&E Fragrance 2 months ago +2

    What a great game it was between two European powerhouses. The game was fast, exhilarating, & intense. Both teams wanted to win so bad but a draw is well deserved. My man Marco Asensio played extremely well as well as Rodri, Pedri, Sergio Busquets, Álvaro Morata, Jordi Alba, Ferran Torres, Gaví, & Unai Simón. 🇪🇸♥️🇪🇸♥️🇪🇸♥️🇪🇸♥️🇪🇸♥️🇪🇸♥️

  • Aesop Thegamer
    Aesop Thegamer 2 months ago +6

    Usually with these highlights its a few chances and then some actual chances and finally a goal or two. These highlights were crazy play after crazy play. Best draw in this world cup so far

  • TheBobjane0
    TheBobjane0 2 months ago +9

    I don’t understand how there wasn’t a penalty given to Germany after Busquets' handball. A very clear handball

    • Kaiserin
      Kaiserin Day ago

      @H1SHU No..? A handball is a handball regardless. It’s just a bad call. This world cup is full of them.

    • Alexito Pipito
      Alexito Pipito 2 months ago

      Should’ve been a penalty

    • H1SHU
      H1SHU 2 months ago

      not a handball if your hand is down in a natural position

  • Drumzoo
    Drumzoo 2 months ago +3

    Exciting match. Great finishes on both ends. Class from Morata... also, this world cup is a disgrace. Never forget to add that fact.

  • Hybrid Musicians
    Hybrid Musicians 2 months ago +18

    Exceptional performance from both teams!

  • Sergio Herrera
    Sergio Herrera 2 months ago +24

    I saw glimpses of the Germany team I fell in love with growing up but nothing compared to the 2014 team, great game though!

    • Dave Mariano
      Dave Mariano 2 months ago +2

      If only they had Klose or someone who makes scoring look easy

    • 𝔅𝔞𝔳𝔞𝔯𝔦𝔞𝔫
      𝔅𝔞𝔳𝔞𝔯𝔦𝔞𝔫 2 months ago +1

      @Kenneth RobinsonI think Sané does well with playmaking. He changed the game after coming in, fantastic player he is!

    • Kenneth Robinson
      Kenneth Robinson 2 months ago +2

      They do have the 2014 set up complete with Musiala. To me that has been the missing piece in this German team since they forced Ozil off the team. They lacked that playmaker that brings fluidity, opens up spaces and helps create chances. The team that will win this World Cup will either have an insane playmaker involved or just have a crazy pressing high intensity passing game like Japan in the first game.
      I noticed how they attack the ball with multiple players. You get past one and another is on you, u get past the second and a 3rd and 4th ready to go at you. You can’t play slow paced football or build up and win this tournament with the way several teams are playing with intensity that’s for sure.

    • Alexander Mills
      Alexander Mills 2 months ago +3

      Germany 2006 was also great, and they reached the semi's in 2010; perennial powerhouse

  • g00dl00kinb0i
    g00dl00kinb0i 2 months ago +3

    Must've been one of the most legendary matchups between those teams in history !
    I'm glad Germany is still hanging on...

  • Nery Carpenter
    Nery Carpenter 2 months ago

    Why Germany did not play as good with Japan as it is playing with Spain? Strange.

  • dLimboStick
    dLimboStick 2 months ago +2

    What great game. High quality play from both sides.

  • Nicholas Loduca
    Nicholas Loduca 2 months ago +6

    For as much as I heard about how De Gea wasn't picked because of his distribution/ability with his feet, I really wasn't that impressed with Unai Simon's distribution. I thought he put Spain under pressure quite a few times with either passing into pressure or taking his time on the ball. What player Musiala is though. Incredible dribbling and close control. It was fun to the see the new generation of him, Gavi, and Pedri face off against each other

    • Don Volio
      Don Volio 2 months ago

      I agree. He’s suspect. It’s hard to put my finger on it but I can feel a huge costly mistake in his future.

    • Jose Antonio Fernandez
      Jose Antonio Fernandez 2 months ago

      I agree with you

  • HM MOB
    HM MOB 2 months ago +14

    The Spanish goalie had a great game. His positional game is superb.

  • sila  nur
    sila nur 2 months ago +3

    Germany fought for dear life, and I loved every moment of it... 💪🏾🔥🇩🇪🔥👍🏾

  • rockey micky
    rockey micky 2 months ago +3

    Both Teams have talented players, they both will advance. Coaches have made adjustments and we will be seeing a superb technic and speed of both of these teams.

    • Hazacar Robinson
      Hazacar Robinson 2 months ago

      You can see why these 2 coaches are the ones who have won trebles with their clubs in recent seasons,good at adjustments

  • Sohom Mookherjee
    Sohom Mookherjee 2 months ago +14

    Spains continuous backpassing to Simon was very risky at times... And Germany played well last 10 mins

    • Chance Ф
      Chance Ф 2 months ago

      @Eduardo Herrera hopefully he starts aganist costa rica

    • Eduardo Herrera
      Eduardo Herrera 2 months ago

      Leroy Sane has entered the group chat

  • Germane Habib
    Germane Habib 2 months ago +51

    Germany fought for dear life, and I loved every moment of it... 💪🏾🔥🇩🇪🔥👍🏾

  • Vulcan Raven
    Vulcan Raven 2 months ago +295

    Japan is really regretting choking against Costa Rica right now.

    • Gong Tau Master
      Gong Tau Master 2 months ago

      @Aluzbrilhou Naescuridão Let's put it this way, if Germany can win Brazil 7-0 why can't Japan sneak past Spain for a 2-1?

    • Gong Tau Master
      Gong Tau Master 2 months ago

      @Brian Rodriguez See my predictions above. LOL.

    • Gong Tau Master
      Gong Tau Master 2 months ago

      @Aluzbrilhou Naescuridão Obviously??? look at my prediction above. The retail are all cheated with their money while the gambling boss let Japan wins and they take profits LOL

    • Gong Tau Master
      Gong Tau Master 2 months ago

      @irnes mujic Lmao, I told ya I told ya I told ya...Spain is smart. They allow Japan to go through and Germany out.

    • Brian Rodriguez
      Brian Rodriguez 2 months ago

      @irnes mujic what happened?

  • Daniel Maluenda
    Daniel Maluenda 2 months ago

    this is the most classic game in my opinion , i love this and specially takes me back to when i was a kid watching soccer for the first time in 2010 🤩 viva el mundial !!

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment 2 months ago +33

    Hopefully Germany wins against Costa Rica on Thursday to keep themselves in the World Cup would love to see more from this team.

    • Bruh Moment
      Bruh Moment 2 months ago

      @Dre Day I’m sure they won’t take CR lightly especially when everything is on the line that game

    • Dre Day
      Dre Day 2 months ago +1

      I'm a Germany fan I've seen Germans take Skorea and Hungary lightly, they need to play this way against CR and they can win that way.

    • Bruh Moment
      Bruh Moment 2 months ago +2

      @Eduardo Herrera that’s why I’m saying hopefully Germany wins. If they win and Spain wins no big deal but if Japan somehow wins as well against Spain rip Germany 💀

    • MrBIMBO66
      MrBIMBO66 2 months ago

      @Eduardo Herrera I am from Peru and routing for Costa Rica for the last 3 world cup but this time I don't see it a potential group of players as before when they played extremely well. Best wishes for this beautiful country and their people 👍🏻.

    • Eduardo Herrera
      Eduardo Herrera 2 months ago +1

      @MrBIMBO66 Costa Rica knows they can hold off defensively against most teams. If you go to PKs against Keylor Navas, that’s a problem.

  • hakuna matata
    hakuna matata 2 months ago +16

    One of the best matches of this world cup !!

    • SnzyzK
      SnzyzK 2 months ago

      you tripping

  • Nana brefo
    Nana brefo 2 months ago +55

    Nice match by two European powerhouses.

    • KING TIGER98
      KING TIGER98 2 months ago


  • 1x.JordiSama
    1x.JordiSama 2 months ago +4

    This was good match from both teams they did well but i am beyond relieved that Germany didn’t lose that one wouldve been unfortunate i still think the odds are more or less in our favor spain being the better team is expected to beat japan and we should be able to do good against costa rica but we shall see 🤧🤧😔

  • Colby Wilson
    Colby Wilson 2 months ago +5

    Musiala wonderfull game, great tackle and great dribbling got an assist , and almost a goal, what a wonder this player is

  • Mewtation Nation
    Mewtation Nation 2 months ago +21

    Really competitive game from both teams. Spain is my favorite to win it all.

  • Cemre Demir
    Cemre Demir 2 months ago +1

    Fulkrug just made his international debut 11 days ago and now he scores a big goal to keep Germany’s hopes alive 🇩🇪

  • Big fish Ke
    Big fish Ke 2 months ago +99

    What a player Musiala is,the future is bright for him Gavi and pedri

    • DDeglane16
      DDeglane16 2 months ago

      Gavi isn’t on the same level as Pedri and Musiala

    • Asdfswer
      Asdfswer 2 months ago


    • Be Ur Self
      Be Ur Self 2 months ago


  • Official KP
    Official KP 2 months ago +51

    Performances were exceptional 👏 👌

    • KING TIGER98
      KING TIGER98 2 months ago


  • A B
    A B 2 months ago +1

    Leroy Sane should’ve come on the pitch much earlier. He was the big difference maker in the second half. I know he didn’t start because he’s recovering from an injury but he looked awesome.

  • Jonathan Funnell
    Jonathan Funnell 2 months ago


  • jthanrubio
    jthanrubio 2 months ago +1

    If I were Spain, I would throw the next game with Japan, as long as Germany are not ahead by 5 goals or Costa Rica is not winning. The path to the semis are actually a lot easier by avoiding Brazil in the quarters. I'm sure La Roja are thinking the same thing right now.

  • Nur Tez
    Nur Tez 2 months ago +2

    Musiala was a wizard this game, dribbling passed multiple Spanish players at a time, if he scored that chance it would’ve been a 10/10 performance for sure

  • Gustavo Loza
    Gustavo Loza 2 months ago +3

    No one going to talk about how good Raum was? Top 3 players tonight for sure in my humble opinion

  • Jose Perez
    Jose Perez 2 months ago +5

    Best game so far this World Cup!

  • Margo Mendoza
    Margo Mendoza 2 months ago +12

    Morata miss the easy goals but he is capable making difficult goals

    • Alexander Mills
      Alexander Mills 2 months ago

      yes unfortunately morata is an inconsistent player plagued by confidence issues

  • Noah Meyers-Richter
    Noah Meyers-Richter 2 months ago +13

    Really thought Spain was gonna demolish them but Germany really should have put this one away what a game

    • Ricky
      Ricky 2 months ago +1

      @Dxzts Germany still sucks there not going g to go far or mske it far Germany is trash

    • Dxzts
      Dxzts 2 months ago +5

      Germany knew they couldn't lose at all. Spain was in a more comfortable position.

  • Carlos Bello
    Carlos Bello 2 months ago

    Wasn't a bad game. Germany has a lot of things that needs improvement though, hope they get their focus back, was rooting for both.

  • Mazdak Mina
    Mazdak Mina 2 months ago

    I was expecting Sane to shoot at 4:34 (look at where the goalkeeper is). I was screaming when he took another touch with the goalkeeper already out *that* far (especially given how good he is at bending it to the far corner, and that's through a sea of bodies and with the goalkeeper back on his line with plenty of time to take multiple steps before diving for the ball).
    Overall, this Germany team has been so off in its finishing! In only these two matches, they've had *37* shots (non-penalty) shots, with *12* on target (and at least *six* of those at point blank range), and yet, they've only scored *one* goal from the run of play!
    The good news is, if those players start finishing like we normally see them finish for their club teams, this team could be *very* dangerous in the knockout stages (we've even see how dangerous they can be since Flick took over - their loss to Japan was only their second loss in the nearly two years he's been in charge). But, of course, the bad news is that it (even if they fix it by the very next game), it might *already* be too late, as there is now *no* mathematical way they can win the group anymore (even if they win and finish with 4 points, either Spain will win and finish with 7, Japan will win and finish with 6, or they will tie, and Spain will finish with 5. No matter what happens, Germany cannot finish above 2nd in the group), which means that, even if they advance (which they very well might *not* if their finishing woes continue) they will have to get past the *winners* of Group F to reach the quarterfinals (and that's gonna be tough, given Group F contains defending finalists Croatia who just thrashed Canada 4-1, an old, but still talented Golden Generation Belgium team, and a Morocco team that drew with Croatia in match one and *upset* Belgium in match two)! So yes, the damage may *already* be done! That being said, if it's not, and Germany *does* start finishing like they normally do, then that could be terrifying to anyone who has to play against them!

    • Ash
      Ash 2 months ago

      If you can’t beat Croatia or Belgium or Morocco in knockout rounds, you have no business to want to be a finalist. So who they face next round shouldn’t matter if they want to go far. Spain was a tough test. They did well so they can handle most teams on their day. They just need to play with todays intensity vs the lackluster display against Japan.

  • sasquatch
    sasquatch 2 months ago +1

    Gnabry should've been swapped out for Sane early in the game, he was losing possession far too much and Sane brought a lot more intensity and creativity to that right-hand side. Fullkrug also should've come on for Muller earlier, Muller just couldn't get very many touches on the ball as a player out of position and Fullkrug better fit that striker role.

  • elana piper
    elana piper 2 months ago

    with every game a team gets to play i learn that there are many possibilities in most cases

  • Rezoph
    Rezoph 2 months ago +3

    Come on Germany we still might have a chance I believe in y’all 🇲🇽

    WALLY 2 months ago +49

    This World Cup has a lot of offside goals

    • Alexander Mills
      Alexander Mills 2 months ago

      I don't know the right way, I just think if there is any real uncertainty should go to offense

    • Carlos Hernandez
      Carlos Hernandez 2 months ago +1

      They should modify the rule so that it is the backmost heel of both players to add more offensive opportunities and make it easier to understand for the players.

    • Alexander Mills
      Alexander Mills 2 months ago +1

      @max D.M even elon musk level tech cannot detect if "the center of mass of 1 player is ahead of another", and also cannot detect "the moment the ball leaves the passers foot", it's up to God.

    • max D.M
      max D.M 2 months ago +2

      Theres new tech involved so now they can check it quicker and more accurate.

    • Kidd arts
      Kidd arts 2 months ago +1

      Because they check carefully now

  • Jon Las
    Jon Las 2 months ago +4

    Both teams had chances to finish it but I guess the pressure of the moment got to them. That's world cup for you considering both are power houses of the world.

  • Eddie Figueroa
    Eddie Figueroa 2 months ago +4

    So happy for Morata. Beautiful finish. Finally! 🙏

  • El Dente'
    El Dente' 2 months ago

    I've been impressed with the goalkeeping in this tournament by all teams. Germany is so much better when they've got to play for something. Spain looked very comfortable IMO.

    • Tech
      Tech 2 months ago

      @Laine Orna No

    • Laine Orna
      Laine Orna 2 months ago +2

      Jesus love you he died on the cross for your sins. Believe in him and you will be saved and go to heaven!

  • ray pietrzik
    ray pietrzik 2 months ago +11

    Germany had a good fighting spirit, they need to keep that up

  • The Big 12 Conference
    The Big 12 Conference 2 months ago

    I had to wait for a day before i comment because I was so angry. 🎉 to 🇯🇵 and 🇪🇸.
    🇩🇪 we're thinking about Rainbowoand Klinssmann was a major distraction to 🇮🇷. It is well deserved get the ✈️ ready das ist Karma. Lessons not learned from 🇷🇺, i was there. I have been to every world cup somce 1990 but not this one.

  • Almira
    Almira 2 months ago +5

    The last substitute for Spain caused a stupid turnover that resulted in the German goal. Can’t complain, football is football- but very avoidable situation. Should’ve just let Jordi Alba play until the end or get players that don't trip on balls.

  • Migelon
    Migelon 2 months ago +2

    Would have been fun to see Germany kicked out in the group stage two world cups in a row. But Spain will either draw or win against Japan and Germany will prolly score lots of goals against Costa Rica to leapfrog the Japanese (in case they tie Spain).

  • Anas Moukrim
    Anas Moukrim 2 months ago +1

    I’m not a Spaniard but Let’s appreciate the beautiful football Spain plays.

  • Benedict Chinweuba
    Benedict Chinweuba 2 months ago +4

    Spain had chances, _really good chances,_ to put the game away. But they didn't, and that'll frustrate Luis Enrique.
    Sané really should've won it for Germany at the death.
    Another exciting group in this World Cup with all to play for on the final day.

  • Tillman Giebel
    Tillman Giebel 2 months ago

    As a German, we really need to start Füllkrug up top. Love everything Müller has done for the team, but he doesn’t seem to be fitting in at the moment and Füllkrug gives us a target man. Thought Süle looked much better at CB rather than when Hansi played him at RB against Japan. Sane was the game changer but I wish he had tried to go for goal at the end. Feeling more optimistic than before! Los gehts!

    • Jackson Reda
      Jackson Reda 2 months ago

      Müller isn’t a pure striker is the issue play him and Füllkrug and they may have something but I don’t know if you can make that sacrifice defensively
      You think Flick who won a sextuple with him would know that sadly

  • Marianne B
    Marianne B 2 months ago +7

    Did anyone else notice that the Spanish goalkeeper was taking too many risks by dumping the ball to a player right near the goal instead of kicking it far down the field? I mean, seriously, what is wrong with that guy? I've lost count of how many times he did that. SMH.

    • Marianne B
      Marianne B 2 months ago +2

      @Ernesto Gasulla I saw him doing that more than once when a "German player" was right next to the Spanish one who got the ball ....I mean really close to the goal area. I've NEVER seen any goalkeeper do that. EVER! Stupid Luckily Germany didn't score more goals. Watch the video here on Clip-Share named "Incredible Goalkeeper Mistakes in Football".

    • Ernesto Gasulla
      Ernesto Gasulla 2 months ago +3

      Do you realize that some teams live and die for ball possession?
      Kicking the ball far away may work for Neuer because Germany doesn't have a midfield to circulate the ball.

  • Mark Martin
    Mark Martin 2 months ago

    I really dig the camaraderie of soccer fans. I have been supporting the German national team since I was a 12yr. old army brat living in Frankfurt Germany in 1974. No fans in any other sport give such respect to the opposition. I am very proud of my fellow supporters.

  • Miguel Robles
    Miguel Robles 2 months ago +4

    Spain should of won no doubt about it!

  • Hg Hg
    Hg Hg 2 months ago +4

    Morata coming in lifted Spain but the inclusion of Nico Williams put them down big time... The youngster was simply not ready for this particular game and opponent.

    • Hg Hg
      Hg Hg 2 months ago +1

      @Ernesto Gasulla The guy lost all duels that he was involved in and gave way the ball at least 4 times...Ansu Fati he is not and Luis Enrique shold have known that better than any of us.Wish him all the best and he is supposed to be a great talent been called for Spain but his performance in this game is something to be forgotten for sure.

    • Ernesto Gasulla
      Ernesto Gasulla 2 months ago +1

      He's fast, but was beaten twice by the rugged German backs. It could have worked.

    • Zongo Native
      Zongo Native 2 months ago +2

      Exactly he was doing nothing.. I was like why did the coach bring him in

  • rydmerlin
    rydmerlin 2 months ago +10

    I cannot believe that final play he goes left and doesn’t try to bend it with his right ?

    • MIX
      MIX 2 months ago

      nah, he will face laporte... he should shot right at the moment before he goes left.

  • Draco Madness
    Draco Madness 2 months ago +10

    Here is the game plan for Germany to progress here. We need to score 8 goals against Costa Rica just in case Japan ties with Spain. They most likely won’t tie but this World Cup has been wild so we need to do what Spain did to Costa Rica just better. But if Japan wins then I believe we are nicked out but Spain hopefully won’t let that happen. There is a very good chance for Germany to progress. Best of luck to them. Wanna see my team reclaim the lost glory from last World Cup. We have a history of losing to Asians lmao

    • Draco Madness
      Draco Madness 2 months ago

      @Captain MichaelJ2 If so that’s would suck big time. But I said it like that cause I truly hope and believe we will win against them. That loss against Japan brought us down. Then seeing every one else break apart sucked watching. But this draw lit a fire for us. So we gonna win against Costa Rica. Can’t let Alain have all the fun and gotta get 1 win in there

    • Captain MichaelJ2
      Captain MichaelJ2 2 months ago

      why do you guys think that Germany winning Costa Rica is a given? what happens if Germany draws with Costa Rica?

    • Richard Lee
      Richard Lee 2 months ago

      Maybe because germany style is predictable

    • Draco Madness
      Draco Madness 2 months ago +1

      @Leo Plays ah ok. Thanks for letting me know. I heard somewhere we needed 8 lmao. I’m just hoping Japan loses to Spain cause that’s our best chance. But I’m sure if Spain and get 7 goals on Costa Rica. We can get 3 on them

    • Hung Phan
      Hung Phan 2 months ago +3

      @Jose Antonio Fernandez yeah please don’t let that happen. Spain is much better than Japan.

  • Rudy Z.
    Rudy Z. 2 months ago +18

    Germany is still alive and tied with Füllkrug goal. Germany did play better against much stronger team. Third game against Costa Rica, Germany should start Füllkrug, Sane from the get go.

  • Benet Thomas John
    Benet Thomas John 2 months ago +1

    Leroy Sane made a huge difference with his through passes which eventually lead to the German Goal. Sane, Fulkrugg and Klostermann need in the starting lineup.

    • Laine Orna
      Laine Orna 2 months ago

      Jesus love you he died on the cross for your sins. Believe in him and you will be saved and go to heaven!

  • Aemilia Delroba
    Aemilia Delroba 2 months ago +14

    German team made a big comeback,
    They are getting better !

  • Genesis David
    Genesis David 2 months ago +1

    Spain needs to cultivate more finishers cause Pedri could have had like 3 assists here if they could find the back of the net.

  • Mr bubble buns
    Mr bubble buns 2 months ago

    surprised at this result, I truely thought Spain was going to walk all over Germany.

  • Imbugged
    Imbugged 2 months ago +7

    wow really had my money on Sane scoring at the end there. Great positioning by Simon to force him wide

    • Vaeell
      Vaeell 2 months ago +1

      Mancity Sane scores there easily.

  • mohammed hridoy
    mohammed hridoy 2 months ago

    Gavi will not get any ratings for this play. It's not a goal/assist/dribble/cross/tackle or anything but plays like these makes him so crucial for Spain.

  • Tajay5hypeVevo
    Tajay5hypeVevo 2 months ago +1

    1:05 legendary assist

  • Trần Ngọc
    Trần Ngọc 2 months ago

    Please please do more of these. I absolutely love vids like this from ya.

  • Qais Rahmani
    Qais Rahmani 2 months ago

    The second goal slowmo was 🔥🔥

  • Azor Farms
    Azor Farms 2 months ago +4

    Spain is the best team in this competition.

  • Merry Maurader
    Merry Maurader 2 months ago

    Germany gave it all that they had. Great game

  • Chris
    Chris 2 months ago

    That last play should’ve been a goal from Germany. Wow, what a game though.

  • Escodream
    Escodream 2 months ago +1

    Spain took out Jodi Alba out and Germany scores from the left side. What a comeback from Germany they were almost eliminated.

  • C-Low
    C-Low 2 months ago +6

    Its a crime to have Sané on the bench...

  • Lord Lee
    Lord Lee 2 months ago +11

    If Germany lost this match, I don’t know how the Germans will survive this winter

    • Gladly Aj
      Gladly Aj 2 months ago

      Why though lol

    • Kobe Mejia
      Kobe Mejia 2 months ago

      Omg💀 was this a joke about what I'm thinking?😭

  • Chris Bowman
    Chris Bowman 2 months ago +3

    What a game! 👀💯

  • Rah-mown
    Rah-mown 2 months ago +12

    Spain and germany are back 🤩

  • HGabriel Roseman
    HGabriel Roseman 2 months ago +1

    Musiala should have squared the ball,Asensio with the first time hit when he had all sorts of time and Sane should have buried that with his favorite left foot.

  • Ripley
    Ripley 2 months ago +6

    Spain gonna be champs

  • Myst
    Myst 2 months ago +1

    Rare mistakes from Enrique. Didn't start Morata and both defensive sub's quickly failed

  • Phu Vo
    Phu Vo 2 months ago +2

    Spain is favorite to go through. I am curious to see who finishes second.