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Steve Harvey Gets Uncomfortable Seeing Pic of His Daughter with Michael B. Jordan

  • Published on Jan 18, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Watch Steve Harvey get hilariously uncomfortable as he's shown a photo (that he’s never seen before) of his daughter with her boyfriend Michael B. Jordan. The comedian also talked about what Michael gave him for Christmas, and how he feels turning 65.
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  • Afolabi Ayomide

    Steve is just a natural comedian. He doesn’t even stress it and he makes billions laugh 😂😂😂

  • Think Science 7

    He’s 65

  • Bevon Gonsalves

    Ellen has a talent for making people feel uncomfortable

  • MistaCDawg Gaming & Poker LIVE!

    Steve is one of the few celebrities that actually had to start with absolutely nothing and work his way to the top. As an African American, this is so motivating.

  • everything you need to know

    Steve seems like a great father and sets a good standard for his daughters. He loves his wife and is very protective of the women in his life.

  • Ziggy Zhané

    Steve has a natural reaction any father would have towards his kids, especially daughters. She could’ve been 40 && his reaction would be the same😭😭😭🥰

  • gasss
    gasss  +14

    Ellen has perfected the art of making people uncomfortable.

  • Harmony - Mind, Body, & Nature

    Steve Harvey is timeless. It would be a blast to spend the day with him and just literally laugh ALL day (and work a million jobs). We need more laughter in this world.

  • King Muruka

    "I'm 65 I'm doing pushups , that is enough excitement" hahaha

  • Stella Anna Kachigamba

    Dude's got a great sense of humour

  • lethu msibi

    He's just effortlessly funny 😂😂

  • spencer8501

    I Love Steve Harvey. He makes us laugh everytime. The natural Face lift

  • Popel Benedict

    His facial expression when he saw Jordan and his daughter 😂😂😂😂😂

  • BeaNTownMN

    This man right here has "The Key" to living a meaningful life. Family, and hard work from humble beginings to success without the ego. Just seems to be a genuine man. Blessed with the ability to make others laugh and feel good for a moment when life throws you a curve ball.

  • ProcrastinatingSaint

    😂 I love him. He reminds me of my dad. My dad was always so quick with the jokes and made everyone laugh and feel good. My dad even had the same sort of humor as him. I don't know if watching Steve Harvey makes me miss my dad more or makes me feel a little bit closer to him, probably a bit of both, but I'm going to be quite sad the day I learn of his passing too.

  • Kristine Ximeno

    He is just magical. Everytime I watch him, I just magically forget about all my worries!!! So thankful to him and his humors.

  • Dumma K
    Dumma K  +3

    Jordan is the only dude that made Harvey happy about being his Daughters Boyfriend

  • Phillip Beckford

    I like his enthusiasm and the fact he always looks happy and tries to make everyone laughs and I could see he was uncomfortable with that pic,lol.

  • Iraro 4show

    I just love Steve Harvey. No dull moment with him.

  • Constance Dohwe

    We need to have michael b jordan and steve harvey in the elllen show together