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Youtuber's Life in Danger

  • Published on Nov 25, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • friendlyjordies

    Thank you so much for this vid Charlie! And many thanks to everyone for all their support. Hopefully we'll find out exactly what happened soon so we can get back to work.

  • Cayne Clampit

    As an Australian I'm concerned about how little we have heard about this over the past 2 weeks. I only hope its because the NSW police are actually doing their jobs.

  • Sofascialistadankula Megadonakeratosis

    As an Aussie I'm so glad you feature Friendly Jordies. He's a national treasure here and what happened to him is reprehensible and un-Australian.

  • carringbushpet

    As an Australian, I love that you are showing support for Jordan, Charlie!

  • Alf Stewart

    Thanks for sharing this man, I'm Australian and sick of seeing all of the bullshit that goes on here and no one caring. Much love everyone <3

  • legaliseme
    legaliseme  +118

    FriendlyJordies is a fucking hero, exposing political and media corruption in Australia, hes pretty much single handedly fighting back against the media that's all owned by the billionaires in Australia.

  • lalaloz92

    As an Aussie, really appreciate you amplifying this story internationally, our own country has only barely covered it

  • Casualkopodcast Nick

    This means alot dude because now jordies is gonna have even more people rallying behind him

  • Beb The Kid

    Jordan is one of the most admirable Clip-Sharers on the platform, glad you’re featured him on the channel and brought more light to his situation

  • Color Green

    You know you’re a good journalist when the government hates you

  • Jorgen Pakieto

    Thanks for covering this. Friendlyjordies is one of the most valuable political channels that Australia has to date.

  • Ashtasticle

    The irony of the firebombing is that it's only going to make people look more and make things seem more suspicious

  • AbsoluteCuppa

    As an Australian, I really appreciate you spreading the word


    I remember seeing this on the 7 o’clock he’s an absolute hero and doesn’t deserve any of this shit he’s copped

  • He He-tler

    I've been watching jordie for so many years, it's honestly heartbreaking to see what his honest work has led to.

  • Mat Donnelly

    if you're not subbed to Friendjordies then do so now..... his work is changing our country for the better and it helps more than you know!

  • casey bradshaw

    Corruption in Australia is actually pretty insane ... Goes deep

  • Andrew harwood

    As an Australian, I'm very happy to see your shining a light on this. Jordies is an excellent reporter with no fear. Hopefully with all the support he'll continue.

  • Fear
    Fear  +3

    This man is a chad; his house got firebombed, yet he managed to keep composure and make jokes about the situation. Australia has a reason to be proud of this man.

  • Krisperton Railington

    Good on you. Nowhere near enough Aussies are outraged about this. Jordies and his team is out working the entire mainstream media on effective journalism. They deserve to be protected and rewarded for their commitment.