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Magnus Carlsen Finishes off a Super GM with Brilliant Tactics

  • Published on Mar 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Magnus Carlsen Streams Titled Tuesday 21 March 2023
    Magnus Carlsen vs GM
    online Blitz Match, chess game, online chess
    watch GM Magnus Carlsen livestream on: www.twitch.tv/maskenissen
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    Video created by: Filmora10
    #chess #magnuscarlsen #titledtuesday #chessgame

Comments • 86

  • Malcolm Clarke
    Malcolm Clarke 2 months ago +70

    Never fail to be absolutely blown away by his instinct, speed of play and his skill level. Surely the GOAT.

    • Good Dog Nigel
      Good Dog Nigel 2 months ago

      Prove it

    • sanchit verma
      sanchit verma 2 months ago +6

      ​@Good Dog Nigel everyone knows magnus is arguably the best player ever to play chess. His rating is the highest ever by any player in history of chess which is 2850. He was the world champion for 10 years and maybe would have stayed for even longer if he wouldn't have decided to drop out of WCC this year. No one will ever come close to him for atleast another decade

    • Good Dog Nigel
      Good Dog Nigel 2 months ago

      @sanchit verma until M.C. plays chess greats from the past, you cannot prove he is the greatest

    • Bogdan Simonescu
      Bogdan Simonescu 2 months ago +7

      @Good Dog Nigel Any top 50 will destroy any greatest from the past with all the engine prep and cutting edge theory. What you want to say maybe is give them the same tools and let them play after.

    • Clark Potter
      Clark Potter Month ago +3

      ​@Good Dog Nigel "Prove" isn't meaningful in this context. You decide your metric and make your case. Further analyses and results refine our evaluation. "Proof" is rarely a practical bar to set.

  • The_Jim
    The_Jim 2 months ago +216

    Only Magnus can blunder into an advantage

    • Aless British
      Aless British 2 months ago

      no u

    • ILiekFishes
      ILiekFishes 19 days ago +1

      Other people can, but they don't. That's why it's impressive.
      -unlike sports-

  • Sabali Show
    Sabali Show 2 months ago +41

    When Magnus starts blinking that fast, you know its game over.

  • Gregory Hall
    Gregory Hall 2 months ago +17

    How do you not get bored after being one of the best in a game that you've played thousands of times... How many games has Magnus even played?

    • David Bartlett-Vowles
      David Bartlett-Vowles 2 months ago +12

      Man has lost more games than 99% have ever played.

    • Samaya Hone
      Samaya Hone 2 months ago +3

      We'll probably in the hundreds of thousands, I'm assuming that because that's what Hikaru has said he has, and given they're about the same age I imagine they're probably both in the same ballpark

    • Rambo
      Rambo Month ago +7

      He is bored. That's why he ditched the championship lol

    • V
      V 21 day ago

      ​@Samaya Hone i think hikaru plays much more judging from on Chess - 32788 blitz games vs only 1790

  • MN
    MN 2 months ago +8

    This streamer is really good in chess

  • An Unusual Nick
    An Unusual Nick 10 days ago

    Remember, even if you play your eyes closed, there is a chance you can beat any player.

  • Ravi Patel
    Ravi Patel Month ago

    Well playing magnus go ahead you are no 1

  • Burger
    Burger 2 months ago +2

    Magnus saw Rook A4 and he liked it

  • Deathmonkey361
    Deathmonkey361 2 months ago +59

    I always read it as tilted Tuesday.

    • Maximilian Alvim De Faria
      Maximilian Alvim De Faria 2 months ago +7

      Wait it isn’t tilted Tuesday?

    • aa1greg
      aa1greg 2 months ago +1

      Only realised because you pointed it out 🤣

    • ced
      ced 2 months ago +2

      Holy sht, I always read as tilted lmao.

    • Axel Rånes
      Axel Rånes 2 months ago

      I never read it as tilted as I have watched it since birth 😅

  • rabbi miah
    rabbi miah 2 months ago +8

    he is a good player. hope he wil bright in future. he almost play like me

    • amry_the_noob
      amry_the_noob 2 months ago

      He is the world champion since 2013 lol?

    • Nate
      Nate 2 months ago +4

      @amry_the_noob I hope you’re joking

    • amry_the_noob
      amry_the_noob 2 months ago

      @Nate im not, magnus is the ex world champion, he refused to join this year tho

    • Mouse
      Mouse 2 months ago +1

      @amry_the_noob stop trolling dude

    • amry_the_noob
      amry_the_noob 2 months ago

      @Mouse uh, what

  • Maximus Invictus
    Maximus Invictus Month ago +3

    Magnus saying he was better did not refer to being a better player (even if he was) instead he referred to still having a better position despite of making a blunder. ❤

    • Luis Gordon
      Luis Gordon Month ago +2

      Yeah, no shit. Everyone already knows that.

  • California Plant-Based Eater

    I think when Magnus Carlsen had _____ on move ______ he could have _____ and then he would have had ________.

    • ADG
      ADG 2 months ago +6

      No you see,he would have ______
      on the spot, blundering checkmate on the first move

    • crimsonitacilunarnebula
      crimsonitacilunarnebula 2 months ago

      ______________________________ checkmate

  • Simon L
    Simon L 2 months ago +5

    Can someone explain the blunder, and how MC wriggled out of it?

    • Jonathan
      Jonathan 2 months ago +3

      At 4:28 he misses Rxa5, which loses the passed pawn. Then, at 4:35 he wins back the pawn with the knight fork (taking on f7) and making black have 2 pawn islands

    • Keith Barrow
      Keith Barrow 2 months ago

      He took the pawn and was then able to fork the king and took with his bishop, allowing him to have a pawn advantage

    • baldheadkid
      baldheadkid 2 months ago +3

      When he says "I missed that entirely", I believe he's talking about not seeing that his King was on the same diagonal as his pawn on a5, which the opponent Bishop could've taken advantage of.

  • bla bla
    bla bla 2 months ago +4

    Samurai magnus

  • Andrzej Kozak
    Andrzej Kozak Month ago +1

    Its nice to can watch Master doing his job.sorry for my bad english.respectMagnus.happy Easter

  • shumi aihao
    shumi aihao 2 months ago

    great chess tactic,
    just curious what chess software that used in this video ?
    have a similiar topic about chess too on my channel,
    any feed back is greatly appreciate, thank you

  • Cameron Miller
    Cameron Miller 9 days ago

    He loses 50 iq points with that hairstyle…still at 150 though.

  • jeneb100
    jeneb100 2 months ago


  • paenutz
    paenutz Month ago +1

    hope he gets a consultation about that hairline

  • Mr.D
    Mr.D 2 months ago +3

    that hairdo :) the dude abides

    • Justin
      Justin 2 months ago

      Did anybody in the big Lebowski have that hairdo?

    • Mr.D
      Mr.D 2 months ago

      @Justin not that I recall, but Magnus is one bathrobe away from being The Dude

    • Justin
      Justin 2 months ago

      @Mr.D He isn’t a golfer to my knowledge though.

  • Matteo Bonanno
    Matteo Bonanno Month ago +5

    sound on at 2:30 😂😂

  • Ryan Harris
    Ryan Harris Month ago +2

    2:31 Magnus farts 💨

  • scott gurney
    scott gurney 2 months ago

    He is wired. Thats why his hair is up.🙃

  • Buddy Diamond
    Buddy Diamond Month ago

    @6:08 why didn't black take the bishop?

    • Bingo
      Bingo Month ago

      Rook > bishop/knight

    • Buddy Diamond
      Buddy Diamond Month ago

      @Bingo after king takes rook there’s king takes knight.

  • Sloth Bear Anonymous
    Sloth Bear Anonymous 2 months ago +4

    2:30 💨 😀

    • Tony Tony
      Tony Tony 2 months ago

      sound came from mouth

  • Shantorey Wilkins
    Shantorey Wilkins 2 months ago +1

    #6th 🎉😇😁

  • Levi Vallad
    Levi Vallad 4 days ago

    I’m Billy fooking Kimbah

  • fRᏋ𐌀k𐌀𐌕𐌕𐌀Ꮳk 69

    He has a hair problem.

  • willy harris
    willy harris 2 months ago

    Does anyone know why he blinks so much? Is it a condition?

    • Osodan
      Osodan Month ago +1

      I think he was concentrated in this game and that "stress" caused the blinking-very-often.

  • Cecilia Pardo
    Cecilia Pardo 2 months ago

    Billy kimbah vs thomas shelby

  • Darksoul87
    Darksoul87 2 months ago +1

    who is the opp

  • J-mastaflash Rizzledizzle
    J-mastaflash Rizzledizzle 2 months ago +4

    The biggest mistake here is that hairdo

  • You're OK
    You're OK 2 months ago


    ATHEIST 2 months ago