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Why Most Indians Live Above This Line

  • Published on Nov 21, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Abdul Rahman
    Abdul Rahman 11 days ago +6881

    Lmao this man manages to put a line in every country.

    • Ruth xk
      Ruth xk 18 hours ago



      @Yash Agrawal its pretty well known,north is highly populated .....read the surveys conducted by govt you will understand all the data in the video

      VIKAS KANNAUJIYA 3 days ago


    • Cube Guy
      Cube Guy 4 days ago


    • karan chandel
      karan chandel 4 days ago

      Showing India's wrong map bro stop defaming English dog 🤬🤬

  • Jouchy
    Jouchy Day ago +25

    this guy thought me more about indian geography than my indian geography teacher in 16 minutes 💀💀💀

    • M. Yousaf
      M. Yousaf 2 hours ago

      @Yash Sharma Same

    • Yash Sharma
      Yash Sharma 11 hours ago

      @Jouchy Lol! Mine took only 2-3 days.

    • Jouchy
      Jouchy 23 hours ago +1

      @Mainak Mandal my social teacher took 3 months to explain India's geography and climate patterns and still didn't understand 💀💀

    • Mainak Mandal
      Mainak Mandal Day ago

      Means you have bunked all basic geographic classes 💀💀💀 wtf!

  • SayonR
    SayonR 7 days ago +240

    This guy just managed to teach us Indian Geography upto the 10th standard in under 15 minutes lol

    • Ayush
      Ayush 12 hours ago

      @Tamilselvan D $ 100 billion dollars remittances came to India in 2022. China is on 2nd place with $51 billion dollar remittances and you are saying inefficient education system 😂..yhi s padhkr bahar gye hn wo log bhi...

    • Tamilselvan D
      Tamilselvan D 14 hours ago

      That's just shows how inefficient our education system is

    • Sangh Path
      Sangh Path 3 days ago +1

      Everyone please report this video for wrong depiction of indian map.

    • Jirachi- Wish Maker
      Jirachi- Wish Maker 3 days ago

      8th 7th?

    • Ayush
      Ayush 4 days ago

      @BUBBLODE Tech & More
      1. Partition k just baad pak army n attack kra tha kashmir pe tb jakr humse le liya POK. To disputed Pakistan k according hai na ki hmare ly. Hmara he hai POK bhi by default and by all divisions.
      2. Aur sun geography video hai to tumne map nhi dekha kya geography books me India ka?
      3. Baki pure India me jakr dekh jitne bhi geography teachers hn wo kya map dikhate hn.
      4. Map discuss krna politics nhi hoti
      Tere comments se pta chal rha tumne kitna teer maara hoga geography me..tere jaise chutiyo ki wjh se is trh maps promote hote aarhe hn internet pe ..kuki gyan he nhi khud India k logon ko map ka...kon sa India ka teacher h jo is trh map dikhata h..kon si geography ko book me is trh map bna h jara bta dyo mjh...
      Kch ata na jata chale hn gyaan dene ...

  • Jon
    Jon 6 days ago +28

    It’s really interesting to note that a majority of India’s population is not concentrated in the major urban city centers like most countries in the world!

    • Arindam Paul
      Arindam Paul 4 days ago +2

      It is because it is very packed. When I grew up in India, I grew up in the densest region of the country (state of West Bengal) and then went to college in a sparser northwest part. It is not that the cities are less dense / they are very dense and more dense than the suburban and rural areas. It’s just that the population density is say 12x times the US. But, it is true that the cities probably doesn’t have 12x more density than American cities - more like 4x but then the suburban and rural areas are much more dense 20x than American cities.
      The difference also is that unlike counties like China where very few people live in 85% of the country. This is simply not true for India. Yes there is a line but the difference in density is not as stark.
      Another thing is concept of urban centers. Lucknow metro area - capital of Uttar Pradesh - largest state by population is 2.9 million people. The East of the line also includes the capital Delhi with more than 16 million people as well as the colonial capital Kolkata (erstwhile Calcutta) at 14 million people. Kolkata and Delhi instead has more people than Australia.
      More examples of other urban centers to the East of the line include two more cities in Uttar Pradesh which comprise about 2.5 million each, and many many cities which have between 1-2 million people in the metro areas. For comparison, Finland capital Helsinki population is 700,000. Stockholm - largest among Nordic countries is just less than a million - about same as Agra (Taj Mahal).
      The south has more tech and finance hubs and so more popular in the West. But, there are many many (more than 15) urban centers in the East which would be larger than capitals of most counties.

  • Erime
    Erime 2 days ago +4

    9:40 Uttar Pradesh has a "polulation" 🤣.
    It certainly is an extraordinary situation..... and spelling! 😅

  • Empruror
    Empruror 11 days ago +4191

    Me, being an Indian had no idea northeastern states (Meghalaya and Manipur) had a such a high fertility rate! It's astonishing to to see the diversity in India... one could live just a 500 miles apart and look, dress and speak completely different!

    • SP
      SP 7 hours ago +1

      @Chirag Gupta False. There were multiple smaller Indian kingdoms, and the British forcefully united them. The Marathas were not the major power in the most northern part of India, the Sikh Empire controlled the North-West

    • Yash Sharma
      Yash Sharma 11 hours ago

      @Benjamin Buescher You mean India is very diverse?

    • Yash Sharma
      Yash Sharma 11 hours ago

      @Evil S. Eweits Which country you are from, how was your trip here?

    • Yash Sharma
      Yash Sharma 11 hours ago

      @Browner Jerry Are you from India?

    • Yash Sharma
      Yash Sharma 11 hours ago

      @OctoManUno Why?

  • Arjun P S
    Arjun P S 7 days ago +80

    I live in Kerala in the narrow strip of land between the Arabian Sea and Western Ghats. On some clear days if we stand near the coast, we can see the sea on one side and the mountains on the other.
    Western Ghats are UNESCO World Heritage Site with some unique flora and fauna. Some amazing hill stations are located in these mountains in all states through which it passes.

    • Metro Trivandrum
      Metro Trivandrum 2 days ago


    • Arjun P S
      Arjun P S 3 days ago

      @Pavanaj Sridhar Almost right. Kozhikode. 😉

    • Pavanaj Sridhar
      Pavanaj Sridhar 4 days ago

      Ohh you must be from north kerala then….let me guess …near Kannur or perhaps mangalore side

    • Tarek Fatah Fan Club
      Tarek Fatah Fan Club 4 days ago +4

      Western Ghats is not just limited to Kerala.

    • ADARSH M D
      ADARSH M D 4 days ago +1

      Also Western Ghats is one among the 8 hottest biodiversity hotspots in the world.

  • Stephen Moerlein
    Stephen Moerlein 3 days ago +5

    Interesting information. Thanks for posting.

  • Abhijith cv
    Abhijith cv 7 hours ago +1

    But, why do you show only poor areas when showing India? And showing only the rich side of other countries when showing them ?

  • Surendra Godi
    Surendra Godi Day ago +1

    The simple answer is because of the lack of family planning. The end. 😂

    • Sumit Kumar
      Sumit Kumar Day ago +1

      I hope future generations will take the population problem seriously.(including me).

  • David OMalley
    David OMalley 11 days ago +1236

    I traveled overland from Chennai to Kochi, across the dry plains of Tamil Nadu, over the Western Ghats, and down into the lush jungles of Kerala. Aside from the region being fascinating culturally, the geographic diversity of South India is incredible. The best of this was Munnar, where the climate is just right for mass tea production. The verdant hills covered with tea plantations makes it one of the most beautiful places I've visited.

    • Mugiwara
      Mugiwara 5 days ago +1

      @Sasi Kumar safe 😂, i heard "sar tan se juda" there 😂😂

    • Sasi Kumar
      Sasi Kumar 5 days ago

      South India is unique compared to other parts of India. It's safe & literacy rate is high compared to others, world's powerful ceo's originates here! Oldest language in the world is also here

    • Robb Morrison
      Robb Morrison 5 days ago

      Where do you live Middle Earth? Just kidding lol

    • Krishnaprasad Chirakkil
      Krishnaprasad Chirakkil 5 days ago

    • Avanish Awade
      Avanish Awade 7 days ago

      @Aneetha Salim Yeah I understand that but I just wanted you to know that it was a bit of an overshare lol. I used to do it a lot until I realised that trolls just take advantage of that to ridicule. On Clip-Share, this happens so sooo much, just take a look at the number of replies on a remotely Indian comment.


    That himalayan blocking produce uncontrolled levels of rainfall that people outside that zone cant believe...it just floods every year....also 2-3 cyclones hit the gangetic plane every year which cost the people billions

  • Karl Lober
    Karl Lober 2 days ago

    Thank you .. a great explanation .. the best ..

  • Sergio Basilio
    Sergio Basilio 6 days ago +26

    Some time ago I saw a night map showing the lighting concentrations of urban centers, and it struck me that in India they were closer to the mountains than on the coast. I have never known the reason until now.

    • ARiSE
      ARiSE 3 days ago +1

      The Impact of Himalayas in the Indian Subcontinent is HUGE.
      That's why in many cultural stories,they are depicted as a father figure .

  • Mark V
    Mark V Day ago

    if it known that the raising mountain is causing not just India's weather but across the plantet due to making changes to the winds and jet stream I dont' understand why yes its not natural but take 2 feet off all the peaks and I am sure most weather patterns from the early 80s- and 90s would return planet wide

  • Saad Ali's Art and Drawing

    India is itself a Continent, a separate World having diverse, colorful and beautiful mix of races, cultures, religions, ethnicities, languages and traditions. Almost every kind of Geographical feature is available in India from coastal plains, rivers, streams, delta, bays, seas, Oceans and islands to deserts , plateau, fertile lands, valleys, hills and high snow covered mountains. I admire and Love Indian Geography

    • TrollSlayer
      TrollSlayer 2 days ago

      @R.Arulkumar it's already is a subcontinent lmao. what are you talking about? THE INDIAN SUBCONTINENT.

    • TheSpiritombsableye
      TheSpiritombsableye 2 days ago

      @BananaClipse you believe that

    • BananaClipse
      BananaClipse 2 days ago

      @Saad Ali's Art and Drawing
      Because they can’t stop fucking to make a labor force. Population ≠ continent status, lol.

    • BananaClipse
      BananaClipse 2 days ago

      There’s no correct definition. Yet somehow we can recognize the fact that there are 6-7 of them. Nowhere teaches India to be a continent, lol.

    • Prafful Sahu
      Prafful Sahu 3 days ago

      india isnt mix of races. there are no races. skin color depends on environment one lives in.

  • darkisatari
    darkisatari Day ago

    Hey, “mountain” has a T in it you know.
    Nice video though but that was driving me crazy

  • Rajat Shah
    Rajat Shah 4 hours ago +1

    The map of India is incorrect, you have included Pakistan occupied Kashmir in Pakistan territory.

  • Cauliflower
    Cauliflower 2 days ago

    He forgot to mention, indo-gangetic plain is as big as Mississippi baisn but indo-gangetic plain is 4 times more productive.

  • Rohit Tandulwadkar

    Great video!
    But you've used the wrong map of India. 😅

  • ZTEmax Gaming
    ZTEmax Gaming 11 days ago +2098

    This video fully explains why Bangladesh has a higher population than Russia as well, it's just the fact that throughout the human history this region has been so fertile that people in general never had to go through the similar hardship faced by people living in colder or dryer regions
    and if certain indian states were to be independent like west bengal or uttar pradesh they'd have similar to even higher population then Bangladesh

    • Charles
      Charles 5 days ago

      @Snehil Jain Firstly,not all Muslim people can be affected by or take these “maulana” people seriously,secondly even if you are ordered by these maulanas to not do specific things of believe in other things,a person can just simply ignore them and keep doing what they want to and if they’re feeling too troubled by it they can leave the religion altogether,it’s very easy to do in India and they can get support if they’re pressured.
      Also,there are secular rules for minorities and people of other faiths in Kuwait and Qatar,I’ve been to both countries myself and didn’t face any sort of discrimination at all,mostly because I don’t do any sort of religious practice like praying,wearing traditional clothes etc. anyways and so if you can avoid doing that,there is 0 chances of you facing any kind of discrimination there.And it’s not like you will be stripped off all human rights in Kuwait and Qatar,if someone attacks you just because you follow a different religion there,that person will be punished.There are a few countries such as Iran and Saudi Arabia where people of other religious communities don’t have have some of the basic rights but that’s not true for all Islamic states.Although you cannot call them full secular countries,a persons chances of facing religion based discrimination in Kuwait,Qatar,UAE,Oman and even Bahrain are extremely low if that person doesn’t do stupid things like praying or wearing religious clothes in public and Qatar is definitely not trying to promote Islam using the fifa wc,they’re doing it to increase revenue through tourism,sales of merchandise and broadcasting just like all other countries that host the wc.
      Honestly,this religion stuff is just completely stupid to me and the only thing you need to do in order to not face any kind of religion based discrimination anywhere is to just know the rules of that place and not practice any religious activities(which are useless anyways).

    • Snehil Jain
      Snehil Jain 5 days ago +1

      ​@Charles Yes,
      1. actually in India, the maulana(religious leaders of muslim) issues a order every week for their community which explains what is against their religion & not, they somewhat misguide their own people, many muslim friends of mine also agrees that people in power in their community doesn't let them uplift themselves.
      2. Islamic states mainly UAE can have secular rules for minorities there. BUT kuwait, Saudi Arabia & Qatar are fully islamic states, they don't allow different religion people to pray on their land inside their own homes in those country. Mainly due to :
      one major philosophy of islam : people believe their Allah is the only god possible & others are kafir.
      other religion philosphies : people believe , i worship my god, you worship yours.
      This is the only major belief in islam which is the cause of almost every problem associated with, whether be it terrorism or other issues.
      3. Qatar is hosting FIFA but with full islamic influence, it's using this platform to spread their religion , i don't have any issue with it. since its a fully islamic state & we have to follow their own rules in their country but I won't call it a fair & secular nation like INDIA (where everyone has human rights atleast).
      4. I partially agree with you in this topic & won't be replying further(since i have exams from tomorrow , lol , need to study :)

    • Charles
      Charles 5 days ago

      @Snehil Jain well *if* your hypothesis is correct it means that most of the people in the Muslim community in *India* are plain stupid and dumb,it may be because they have not had access to proper education for a long time or they just don’t want to use their brains and develop.But none of the TV channels in India are very credible so we can’t say that what they show is what really happens.But let me remind you that not all Muslim dominated countries discriminate people on the basis of religion widely,turkey and Lebanon practice a very strict kind of secularism which is not even followed in India or the US,it is called the French secularism approach and is practiced in very few countries except France and although UAE,Oman,Kuwait and Qatar are technically Islamic states,there is very less religion based discrimination there.Qatar is even hosting the fifa wc,that would definitely not have happened if religion based discrimination was very prominent there.

    • Snehil Jain
      Snehil Jain 5 days ago +2

      @Charles That's also what i thought in the first place but in case of India, muslim population has grown from 2cr to 27cr after 1947. Mainly because of you think about their mentality, i have seen those in interviews in TV channels, these people say, like "children are given by Allah & we're gonna make them atleast 7-8 per family" .
      That's what I'm pointing out of majority poor indian muslims mentality, idk how they got it.. but in every state they're producing at a very rapid fast pace & even this community is neither educated much nor financially stable.
      Many of the islamic groups in India have a mission of making Muslim as an majority so that they can declare India as a islamic state asap.
      Can you point even one majority muslim country which is Secular?
      All of them are islamic right, same thing these people are planning in India to convert from Secular to Islamic, by producing more.

    • marinus18
      marinus18 5 days ago

      @Achuthankutty Menon For a civilization to be stable it kind of needs to have rich cities but also a poor rural population that constantly migrates to that city.

  • dr.rahul kakad
    dr.rahul kakad 3 days ago +1

    Please show correct map of India.. whole Jammu and Kashmir is integral part of India

  • Puneet Maheshwari

    wow thanks u explained it very well

  • Anonymously Opinionated
    Anonymously Opinionated 23 minutes ago

    0:02 errr... no... it depends on what area you count as India or China at any given point in history..

  • Krishnan Unni Madathil
    Krishnan Unni Madathil 2 days ago +2

    In other words, rivers give life.

  • Dr. Irina Luminesk
    Dr. Irina Luminesk 11 days ago +2215

    It feels like every nation has a population "Line" and real-lifelore is going to cover it all.

    • Yarum Illai
      Yarum Illai 2 days ago

      @Modi can't Speak English injella kangla new superpoor of sooth asioa

    • Yarum Illai
      Yarum Illai 2 days ago

      Real life lower has infinite content now

    • roofie and raggy
      roofie and raggy 4 days ago

      I wanna see the line that separates the crazy from the not quite as crazy people.....😬 that line would be squiggly as hell......🤔

    • Modi can't Speak English
      Modi can't Speak English  6 days ago

      West Bengal, Bihar, Chatisghar, UP, Jharkhand, Orisha along with North East & Andaman Nicobar islands are integral part of Bangladesh which is currently iIIegaIIy occupied by cooloniaI India. Bangladesh demands immediate withdrawal & cessation of hostile & iIIegaII occupation of colonial India ASAP according to the UN charter. Thank you & Bangladesh Zindabad.

    • Gods Bloody Hammer
      Gods Bloody Hammer 7 days ago

      2:03 map of Mughalistan.

  • Chetan Kumar Laxkar
    Chetan Kumar Laxkar 3 days ago

    You have shown wrong map ... The part you removed from the map is ours and current occupied by pak

  • yourcat
    yourcat Day ago +1

    The north eastern states are also facing illegal immigration from neighborhood.

  • Lethal Soul
    Lethal Soul 3 days ago +11

    This man managed to put my whole life's geography lessons in a video 🫡

  • Albin Abraham
    Albin Abraham 4 days ago +2

    I'm from Kerala, southern state in India. We get more than 3000 millimetres of rain every year. While the neighbouring state Tamil Nadu receives only less than 1000 millimetres of rain every year. This clearly shows the impact of western ghats on the climate of India.

  • Kushagra Dubey
    Kushagra Dubey 5 days ago +5

    The Gangetic plains probably have something to do with the high population density. The line you drew also parallels the trajectory of Ganges.

  • Mukund Balasubramanian
    Mukund Balasubramanian 4 days ago +2

    This video only makes me appreciate the Indian monsoons even more. We have to manage this sensitive and very significant resource well and ensure future generations can benefit from it.

  • Om Annamwar
    Om Annamwar 2 days ago +2

    Wrong map of India 🇮🇳
    Theirs no telengana state in that map

  • Sushil Verma
    Sushil Verma 2 days ago +1

    Why west always shows incorrect map of India..?

  • Gil
    Gil 10 days ago +631

    As a non-Indian, I always think the Brahmaputra river deserves more attention. It's not as famous as Nile, Amazon, or Mississippi, but Brahmaputra's trail is simply equally impressive, originating from high plateau of Tibet and flowing through vast portion of Tibet as well, carving through Himalayas to create some of the deepest valleys around the world, and when the river actually reaches the lowland of India, the sheer scale of the river becomes simply mighty. I haven't been to India to see the river myself, but just the photos and footage on the Internet already amaze me.

    • Rude Awakening
      Rude Awakening  Day ago

      @Daniel V true it's not really Hindu extremism to be fair it just normal Hinduism which happens to be extreme throughout.

    • Daniel V
      Daniel V Day ago

      MI G "There's no such thing as Hindu extremism, except for the Hindu extremism that I will now describe in different words."

    • Rude Awakening
      Rude Awakening  Day ago

      @TATHAGATA MUKHERJEE Sure it is 😂 Your peaceful extremist fanatical Hindu gurus have been calling for genocide against minorites live on tv. While boasting how close they are to the PM. Why do new Hindus the radical fanatics obsess with killing or raping minorites? You do know India is rape capital of the world? Even rape victims get raped by police Hindu officers for reporting it. It's well documented. And you all have communal social 💩 together in the field.


      @Rude Awakening india is still more peace loving than western and muslim world....and it will stay like that unless west or islamic extremists create problems in india

    • Expose China 🔱
      Expose China 🔱 2 days ago +1

      brahmaputra is second holiest river of india after mother ganga
      brahmaputra originates close to mount kailash parvat

  • Tarun gupta
    Tarun gupta Day ago

    You don't have the right to make a video on India unless you use the correct map!!!
    Also there is an overall decline in fertility rates even in states like Bihar, UP etc.
    In the next couple of years all indian states will have the replacement rate (fertility rates equal 2) or lower.

  • Júnior de Souza Alves
    Júnior de Souza Alves 22 hours ago

    would be cool a video about Brazil

  • naveenrreddy2008
    naveenrreddy2008 5 days ago +3

    99 pc of Indians would not know the quality content in this video. Kudos to your extensive research to make this possible

  • Vidu Sharma
    Vidu Sharma 6 days ago +4

    As an indian, you just revised my geography. All of the geographical facts you said are taught in schools.

    • Sangh Path
      Sangh Path 3 days ago

      If you are an indian, please report this video for wrong depiction of indian map.

  • Maulik
    Maulik 11 days ago +974

    So basically he covered the geography syllabus of cbse/icse till class 10 in a single video lmao

    • sushit vro.
      sushit vro. 4 days ago

      You didn't noticed that pok and aksai chin was not in indias map.

    • Tuhin Mridha
      Tuhin Mridha 5 days ago +1

      Pls Brother add in ur comment to correct this map, He at least should know that this isn't our real map...it's include POK and Akshaichin ....Ur comment is highlighted that's why I am telling u pls 🙏🙏🙏

    • beataoo
      beataoo 6 days ago

      @Lord Vader I think there was an chapter very small one regarding population in class 8 i guess but it got ommited

    • beataoo
      beataoo 6 days ago

      @Lord Vader cbse

    • Lord Vader
      Lord Vader 6 days ago

      @beataoo bhai which board were you in? I was in icse..... check morningstar geo book i think class 8 or 9

  • Utsav Kumar
    Utsav Kumar 3 days ago +2

    Partly true, the majority of population growth in bordering states ( Bihar, Assam and Meghalaya) is due to exploding population growth amongst Muslims and the mass infiltration of Bangladeshi Muslims through these porous borders.
    Turkey and Pakistan along with several middle eastern nations (Saudi, Kuwait, Iraq) colluded in this notorious act so that the demography of this country can be changed. It is appalling to see that the most of these bordering states now have Muslim majority ( near Dehradun, Kishanganj in Bihar, several districts in West Bengal, Assam, Manipur, and Meghalaya).

  • Sarath Dasari
    Sarath Dasari 5 days ago +1

    Great job, but I would love to see how actually winds, rains and weather in the world works, I know that’s basic but listening from you might make it more practical and relatable

  • Vishnu Srigiriraju
    Vishnu Srigiriraju 7 days ago +12

    I’ve been watching this channel for quite a long time now and I’m really happy to see a video on my country :)
    Much love from India❤

    • TransPenX
      TransPenX 6 days ago +1

      love india from malaysia.
      we have a lot of indians here

  • jonnydent825
    jonnydent825 3 days ago

    I get how the population of the northern plain historically got so high, but why is the birthrate there still so high now? Why hasn't it dropped like the rest of the country as it develops?

    • Maina B
      Maina B 2 days ago +1

      Because the states on/near the northern plains like uttar pradesh and Bihar are also one of the poorest states in India. They rank low in terms of literacy rate, per capita income and other things when compared to other states in India.

  • TüranSpider
    TüranSpider 11 days ago +1930

    Fun Fact: Mumbai City has not only the same population as My Country, Kazakhstan 🇰🇿, but also both of them also has a same GDP of $225,000,000,000 Billion, Wow 👏 😳.

    • Yash Sharma
      Yash Sharma 10 hours ago

      @High Octane Alaska population is very less.

    • Yash Sharma
      Yash Sharma 10 hours ago

      @Harsh Jain Lol! Xbox flag.

    • Jacob Smith
      Jacob Smith 11 hours ago

      @ProToGo that's not true because I earn about 100 trillion every year and I am a part of the solar system.

    • Jacob Bhattacharjee
      Jacob Bhattacharjee 4 days ago

      @たわごとを食べる overall country GDP per capita isn't same as state/City GDP per capita
      City per capita is way way high

    • たわごとを食べる
      たわごとを食べる 4 days ago

      @S G then how'd you claim their GDP is double lol, do some research before teaching people mate

  • Alan Becker's Fan
    Alan Becker's Fan Minute ago

    Wonderful explanation

  • J H
    J H 2 days ago

    0:53 "...China will lose around 30 million people from their population [a] day..." thus being wiped out in seven weeks.

  • Akshay Rokde
    Akshay Rokde 8 hours ago +1

    That's not fair. The Map which you are using in this video is wrong bro.

  • Optimus Maximus
    Optimus Maximus 2 days ago

    1:50 Bihar
    Finally my state gets called out by RealLifeLore!!

  • tsu
    tsu 10 days ago +570

    As a South Indian(from Karnataka), our dams and other infrastructure have become part of our identity. They have literally transformed our lands from arid, infertile patches to land that can even grow rice. The Krishnaraja Sagara Dam(KRS) in particular is a tourist attraction for us but most non-Kannadigas don't understand why we travel 100s of kilometres to cherish a wall of concrete so much lol.

    • Karthik Munishamaiah
      Karthik Munishamaiah Day ago

      @Bonemarrow you did. I was only talking about water sharing.

    • r444
      r444 3 days ago

      @Bonemarrow Exactly, I agree with Clove beans here. U don't know anything outside karnataka lmao. And only 17 bangaloreans know about mysore and bangalore. Other kannadigas are proud of their state like Udupi and tumkur. And where are ur sources? Hm?

    • Clove Beans
      Clove Beans 4 days ago

      @Bonemarrow South is just dust? I see, your knowledge about anything outside your state is questionable at best, you're living in a bubble. Edit: 9:21 for your reference.

    • Clove Beans
      Clove Beans 4 days ago +1

      @Bonemarrow Are you just gonna ignore the agricultural belt in South Karnataka? Mandya, Mysore, Hassan districts are not hilly and rugged, even tumkur and chamrajnagar depend on kaveri and to not mention supplying a Metropolis of 13 million+ population nearby. They are very productive producing lots of sugarcane, rice, millet. It's just one of the perks of being an upstream state. We can't just choose to utilize Krishna more efficiently, both Krishna and Bhima originate in Maharashtra- similar sutation you guys face with kaveri but here there are three states that share the river, it would be even more troublesome to deal with. Only Tungabhadra runs through the state but it's mostly the central part not north karnataka. Also climate wise the North is naturally more arid than South. So I don't know where you're getting "north karnataka is better suited for agriculture" from.

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    You forgot mention that education and health care in each states and how is affected in the population growth like the states in South got developed much earlier compared to north which also affected population growth

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    One thing which wasn't discussed in this video are that most of those areas of India with the highest fertility rates also are the poorest states in India and lag behind when it comes to education, GDP, and access to birth control. More developed parts tend to have lower fertility rates for the same reason we see it in highly industrialized countries and cities.

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      in gdp nominal fertile land places are still best tb f

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      It's not a direct cause or anything.

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      It's not a direct cause or anything.

    • newbie
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      It's not a direct cause or anything.

    • newbie
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      It's not a direct cause or anything.

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    South India also had the very same high population rate, some decades ago. The governments in these states educated the people to control the population. The same was not done in Northern states. This is the very main reason, why still the northern states are having higher population rate and density.

    AADARSH 2 days ago

    Please correct the map of India
    The map ur using is incorrect and spreading wrong information

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    As a Bangladeshi and as a part of North Indian Plain I can confirm that the amount of rain that pours here is unfathomable to most of the westerners. Assam & Meghalaya(Wettest place on earth) recorded 858mm of rain just in June 2022 and we happened to be on the receiver end of all the water. For context London receives 585 mm of rain throughout the year.

    • Floppy Lukiee
      Floppy Lukiee Day ago

      @Daniel V Wow that's a good information..Thanks Mate..

    • Daniel V
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      People think that London and Seattle are wet. They are, but they aren't. Their days of rain are very high, at least in Seattle's case exceeding 250 a year. But these 250 days are often just a near-constant slow light rain mist. In terms of actual inches of rain, these cities are actually on par with places like New York and Chicago.


      @Adarsh Mohapatra it just floods bangladesh and assam

    • Kunal singhal
      Kunal singhal 2 days ago

      @bram callebert it is a remote place though so issues like low network occurs. But yeah for a peaceful stay it is one of the best places.

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      @MuslimSlayer well, dhemaji gets flooded a lot..

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    After independence the population explotion in the morth has to do with education and economic development than anything to do with geography. This video reasoning belongs to medieval period than anything to do with present time. Absolute waste.

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    My hometown was on the edge of Western Ghats and believe me, the amount of rainfall most places in India receive is something most Westerners cannot comprehend.. It is genuinely an ungodly amount of rain to the point that it is more destructive than helpful to agriculture.. Also most of the water goes back to the Arabian Sea and some of it flows eastward..
    I moved to Toronto a few years ago and I can guarantee you that what people might call an afternoon's worth of rain in India will overflow Toronto's Don River and flood the road..

    • Tuhin Mridha
      Tuhin Mridha 5 days ago

      Pls Brother add in ur comment to correct this map, He at least should know that this isn't our real map...it's include POK and Akshaichin ....Ur comment is highlighted that's why I am telling u pls 🙏🙏🙏

    • Abhay Bhatt
      Abhay Bhatt 5 days ago

      Nopes it is. Monsoons vary a lot by region and time. That is why there are floods and droughts at different places each year.

    • newbie
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      @Buffalo Bill it is one of the most fertile, warm, comfortable place to live on the entire planet . When you talk about things in the scale, you have to consider the general climate and stuff, and think outside the financial aspects.
      It's funny coz the one reason why Europeans invented a lot of stuff and started industrial revolutions and all was because of their limitations due to climate and all. India was soo fertile that there was a lack of need of inventions

    • newbie
      newbie 5 days ago

      @Abhay Bhatt actually, it's not even that unpredictable. It's just seasonal.
      Like in west, there is summer and winter. Similarly, we have well calculated rainy season where 90% of all precipitation happens.
      It's not unpredictable... If it was, the country wouldn't have been nearly this much popular.

    • Aneetha Salim
      Aneetha Salim 8 days ago

      @R N that's the case in the central and northern parts of the country but the south-west and north-east recieves high levels of rainfall year-round.

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    I think if you can add sources of the data and statistics in the description box of not only this but for every video then it would be great.

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    I am from Chhattisgarh- a tiny anamoly between the north and south divide. You might have noticed in the precipitation map that a deep blue stretch was seen in the middle of the country. That's the Mahanadi Basin. The name "Mahanadi" literally translates to "The Great River". Mahanadi is one of the biggest rivers of the country and the river provides continuous water supply to Chhattisgarh forming an arch and thus a wonderful river basin. Chhatiisgarh on a political map looks like a sea horse, but on a topographical map looks like a sink, or a bowl. Its surrounded by hills- a segment of Aravalli mountain ranges and various other hills that trap the monsoon winds forming almost a lake like catchment. This generates a suitable enviornment if paddy plantation which is why CG is also a leading producer of rice. The population of Chhattisgarh is quite low compared to other states, however its still more than the entire population of Australia.

    • Megha Shukla
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      Pls sister add in ur comment to correct this map, He at least should know that this isn't our real map...it's include POK and Akshaichin ....Ur comment is highlighted that's why I am telling u pls 🙏🙏🙏

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    The difference is relative.Though I live below the line, it doesn't one bit feel like I live in a region of sparser population, there are just too many people. There is overpopulation in the country as a whole.

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    Much work has been put in this video. All great Civilisations have prospered around major rivers. Fertile soil, nourishing water.
    But that was back then. In the modern day scenario of global networks and supply chains of food, water, housing and transportation, the population distribution is bound to change.
    For those studying timelines of demographics this would be an interesting shift.

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    It is mind-blowing that Uttar Pradesh have similar population with that an entire Indonesia, another country who known for having a huge population, despite having 8times more land than Uttar Pradesh, their population is somewhere similar, it's like Java of India, but it only contain 20% of India's population, unlike Java who have 60% of Indonesia's

    • Clove Beans
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      @Piyush Negi Those are probably Enginners and other skilled workers that your state is on its knee asking them to help with infrastructure. I would know since my father visits himchal atleast twice a year to service transformers for hydroelectric plants. Sure your sceninic state is a nice place for a vist or retirement but not somewhere people want to settle. I bet there are more people from your state living bangalore than there are south Indians on your state.

    • ArtDaClown
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      Indonesia have 50 million more people

    • Piyush Negi
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      @Naveen " I think Himachal is too polluted because of tourists and also has some drug problems. Sikkim is incredible, and I really like Uttarakhand too"
      I think the first line explains it well. Yeah why you should bother reading your won comment when you yourself are this dumb. Go watch some cartoons kid, this stuff is not for you.

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    • Naveen
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      @Piyush Negi idk why I even bother but read my comment again. "Sikkim is incredible, but I really like Uttarakhand"

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      Tuhin Mridha 5 days ago

      Pls Brother add in ur comment to correct this map, He at least should know that this isn't our real map...it's include POK and Akshaichin ....Ur comment is highlighted that's why I am telling u pls 🙏🙏🙏

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    As far as the population explosion is concerned, the damage was done 30-40 years ago when the fertility was over 3 for most of india, as shown in the video the fertility rate is either at 2 or even below that, its fallen so rapidly that some researches even fear that India might grow old before it can actually become rich so you can't even introduce aggressive population control policies like China did. Unfortunately, the 2 states that stick out like a sore thumb in almost every statistic about India and its states, the same states also contribute to nearly 30% of india's population.

    • yomamasohot
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      @X Æ A-XII there's nothing wrong with dreaming

    • Nirmalya Chatterjee
      Nirmalya Chatterjee 6 days ago

      @Debo Datta South India trails West India in terms of GDP per capita - if anything is to be emulated it should be Western states of MH, GJ and GA.
      RJ is not "95% desert" your data source seems to be wrong., and also if that is the metric 70+% of South India is arid/semi-arid (actually) as well with just the coastal areas fertile & wet.
      WRT UP, BR, WB being populous that is true - but unlike South India they aren't dependant on basic food from other parts of the country (which South India is, especially its urban centers).
      It sounds nice I know, but data is complex, and the statistical reality is different. Also, S India is as rife with casteism, irrational religiousity and ritualism and violent crime and prejudice as any part of India. Evidently their higher "education" isn't helping. Kerala is #2 after Delhi in violent and economic crime, and AP, TG, TN are also in top 10.

    • Nirmalya Chatterjee
      Nirmalya Chatterjee 6 days ago

      @Rahil Malhotra Why don't you start with Delhi-NCR will take care of 3 crore at one go.
      Bengal and Bihar are populous and have been so for 5000y for a reason - the land is fertile and supports feeding those people without begging for subsidies to poison the lands apparently then to "grow food". Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, N Rajasthan are frickin' deserts still crores live there. Time to depopulate the teeming deserts and stop wasting river water :D and poisoning the soil.

    • Rahil Malhotra
      Rahil Malhotra 6 days ago

      Bihar and West Bengal needs to be nuked, both are so freaking overpopulated its ridiculous.

    • Preetam Yadav
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      UP and bihar used to be most richest part throughout history .
      Even though they also had huge population at that time

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    China : offended

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      Bihar size in 12th but in population 3rd in India. 12 crore Biharis in such a small State.

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      @Tuhin Mridha Bro thats the internationally accepted map. We claim POK nd aksai chin but it doesnt change the fact that those areas are occupied by our neighbours.

    • Tuhin Mridha
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      Pls Brother add in ur comment to correct this map, He at least should know that this isn't our real map...it's include POK and Akshaichin ....Ur comment is highlighted that's why I am telling u pls 🙏🙏🙏

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    Like yes, Mumbai's population is pretty big, i have been there before so I can confirm, but never in a million years would i have guessed that it has a bigger population than the 9th largest country in the world.
    Great video!

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      @RiderChallenge Well, most accurate city population measurements are done by metropolitan area. Mumbai has a larger population *by city proper*. A city only has a larger population by its proper when the proper includes land not part of the metropolitan area. If the metropolitan area exceeds the city proper, the metropolitan area will give you a larger population estimate.

    • Sanket Khamkar
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      @Nirmalya Chatterjee bro seriously in slums people live more. In buildings, towers and societies family members are less 2-5 members avg. In slums many people live 5-10 members. With 10 × 10 house. Its truth bro. There are many videos on Clip-Share also and many articles u will find. Even near my house there is big slums. Families live in small house and they have 3-4 kids. 5-7 memeber. 5-10 Migrant labourers live in small house. And these all slums are illegal and made by cutting down trees and mangroves. And ya they don't even have voting rights. Some have bt they are illegal. They also have 2-2 adhar cards. They live in slums cuz living in slums is cheaper than any city and or state in india. They don't pay tax nor any maintenance. Except some amount they pay for slum mafias. I mean just see residential areas where slums are not their. Population of those areas are less.

    • Nirmalya Chatterjee
      Nirmalya Chatterjee 8 days ago

      @Sanket Khamkar - Which is impossible because only ~30% live in cities. Unless you are so arrogant as to call villages "slums". OR are saying 40% is slum? not impossible but subject to definitions.

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