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I Finally Watched She-Hulk

  • Published on Mar 20, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • This is the greatest mcu show of All Time
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  • CaptainSauce
    CaptainSauce 6 months ago +43835

    She-Hulk deserves so much better than this puddle-deep writing. Jen's supposed to be a loser; a booksmart, physically unassuming lawyer with little self-confidence. Guys aren’t interested in her and she doesn’t have friends. Then she becomes She-Hulk, this sexy, powerful, popular, funny version of herself. Where Bruce sees the Hulk as a curse, Jen sees She-Hulk as a blessing. If Hulk is the embodiment of anger, She-Hulk is the embodiment of self-esteem. Bruce wants to cure himself of the Hulk and stop transforming. Jen lives her day-to-day life as She-Hulk often refusing to transform back. She’s not only battling super villains but also her own confidence and self-worth. The show doesn't explore any of this because she has to be a girlboss. She can only do right and they insert a supporting cast whose entire role is to call her awesome. She has no motivations, no personal struggles, no flaws, no character development, she's just the self-insert power fantasy of a weak writer.

  • Isaac DiSanto
    Isaac DiSanto 6 months ago +1985

    I'm so impressed that Downey and Evans got out at the absolute perfect time. Not only did it all go so downhill from there, but the MCU was riding sooooo high at the time

    • Gay4pay
      Gay4pay 8 days ago

      @CreaperReaper redditor detected 🤓

    • Rocks Cousteau
      Rocks Cousteau Month ago

      This show......it is a joke

    • Et Cogito Ergo Sum
      Et Cogito Ergo Sum Month ago

      Shame about the departure of their characters, Endgame and like 3/4 of the mcu before Endgame being as awful as what we got after it

    • PandaPabloDoe
      PandaPabloDoe Month ago

      @Richard Long took me so long to figure out you meant Black Widow and not endgame lmao I was so confused

  • thinkwithurdipstick
    thinkwithurdipstick 6 months ago +2938

    “Why make it a competition about who has the most trauma” because that’s all the writers can think about. They’re constantly dealing in victim points and trying to out-marginalize everyone around them

    • Nayan Punekar
      Nayan Punekar 2 months ago

      @Yoda by more than a margin of 10 times

    • Dicey6969
      Dicey6969 2 months ago


    • Yoda
      Yoda 2 months ago +2

      And even if this was a competition on who has more trauma, Bruce would still win

  • 💛Yellow Stickers🧡
    💛Yellow Stickers🧡 6 months ago +2029

    Going to say this. Do NOT let the show ruin the character for you. She-Hulk is an awesome character in the comics/cartoons.

    • Take The Red Pill
      Take The Red Pill 19 days ago

      As someone who does read comic books, she hulk has made me stop watching the mcu and limit myself to said comic books. Gave it another chance with the latest thor movie and that butchered my favorite comic series too, so yeah, mcu can crash and burn, comic books all the way

    • Kyle Broflovski
      Kyle Broflovski 29 days ago

      That’s unfortunate

    • Democrats Lie
      Democrats Lie 2 months ago +2

      True, but there are so many better characters. Sadly, this will be a sh!t-stain on She-Hulk, regardless.

    • dmdudes2
      dmdudes2 2 months ago +2

      i agree this shouldnt effect ur viewing of she hulk in those mediums but people only know she hulk from this medium so thats all they’ll think about

    • J Pro
      J Pro 2 months ago

      There is a possibility that they could make her character better in a future movie and/or tv show. But I highly doubt it

  • Cobra427
    Cobra427 6 months ago +725

    Charlie has a perfect voice to play Garfield and you can't change my mind

    • Catzilla64
      Catzilla64 Month ago

      Makes more sense than Chris Pratt

    • Weeb Jail
      Weeb Jail Month ago

      oh god i cant unsee this

    • dmdudes2
      dmdudes2 2 months ago +1

      imagine him in like 30 years i feel like his voice would be perfectly Garfield aged

  • Saubera
    Saubera Month ago +55

    The “This show feels like it was written by an AI” take ages like a fine wine considering how the show actually ended.

  • RT FM
    RT FM 6 months ago +11260

    Writers need to know, that strong female characters and insufferable girl bosses are two different things

    • tripl9
      tripl9 11 days ago

      @ItzMalick that's even worse UR COMMENT ADVERTISING FOR SHORTS CONTENT 😭😭😭

    • tripl9
      tripl9 11 days ago

      ​@ItzMalick you don't even upload consistently why do you advertise before sorting that out

    • IcebackbullyMaguire
      IcebackbullyMaguire 13 days ago

      @Ventura the Ace yeah but not the legend of korra they made her horrible but topha is good great even

    • Ray Hinson
      Ray Hinson Month ago


    • Shady Platinum
      Shady Platinum Month ago

      @Kyle Spevak exactly

  • Hermos
    Hermos 6 months ago +385

    What's worse about the whole Jen saying she has it worse than Bruce is that people on Twitter are defending that. And when people call them out for it by telling them the horrible things Bruce has been through, they just reinforce the stereotype about all men being emotionless by saying that he needs to man up.
    People on Twitter actually think that a woman being catcalled is worse than a kid seeing their abusive father beat their mom to death.

    • Desmond Dolan
      Desmond Dolan 15 days ago

      ​+​@EpicEverz Well, no. If anything bad happens to a woman, she deserves sympathy. But if it happens to a man and he gets upset, he's a pansy

    • Fernando D
      Fernando D Month ago

      She recently got turned into a hulk when she said that. People don't usually watch their words when something life altering happens

    • Clobs
      Clobs Month ago +1

      No they don’t. You missed the point of the scene.

    • Robot
      Robot Month ago +1

      @EpicEverzwelcome to fact or cap………

  • Anas MOUADA
    Anas MOUADA 6 months ago +502

    She-Hulk: A normal woman with normal women problems. Bruce: A man abused by his own father throughout his childhood, who was betrayed by his own government and then chased throughout north and south america for doing his job, who also lost the love of his life, twice.
    Yep, she really dealt with more anger than him

    • MaximumCustoms™
      MaximumCustoms™ 4 days ago

      @Angel of the Uchiha. She doesn't know what a patriarchy even is I'm willing to bet. She just saw some tiktoks and is now preaching the gospel everywhere.

    • MaximumCustoms™
      MaximumCustoms™ 4 days ago

      @IllusionaryHeart No point. She hasn't thought things true, she's just a child probably.

    • IllusionaryHeart
      IllusionaryHeart 12 days ago +1

      @wow”Don’t compare problems!”
      But that’s what she’s doing in that scene. She literally tells Bruce that she has it infinitely worse than him.

    • TRAKTOR😫
      TRAKTOR😫 17 days ago

      @wow mate if you think getting cat called is worse than losing the love of your life twice, and being chased around by the government, I don’t know what to tell ya

    • Abdullahi
      Abdullahi Month ago

      @Angel of the Uchiha. the whole prison thing is disgusting there was a man who sexually harrased his underage student and got 5 years in prison very well and a woman did the same thing and got 3 months what

  • Moshin Rafsanjani
    Moshin Rafsanjani 6 months ago +472

    "Perhaps we treated you to harshly"
    - Current Marvel fans to DC after knowing about phase 4 of Marvel.

    • Aredel
      Aredel Month ago

      *Henry Cavil gets removed as Super Man again*
      Current Marvel fans: And I took that personally.

    • Robot
      Robot Month ago

      @Bubbas ___idk it seems like things might be on the rise with the Batman

    • Sogeking Simp
      Sogeking Simp 2 months ago

      @Bubbas ___ good take. I'm my opinion, DC should stick with animated series and movies because they never miss with those. Even the killing joke was good, it just had . . . Yeah

    • Moshin Rafsanjani
      Moshin Rafsanjani 3 months ago

      @Fork I guess so.

    • Fork
      Fork 3 months ago +1

      @Moshin Rafsanjani They’ve released way too much mediocre-to-bad content in just 2 years with only a few good movies and shows. Bad content once or twice a year is fine, but consistent mediocre to bad quality is very bad especially because they’ve pumped up their release schedule.

  • Red Ericson
    Red Ericson 6 months ago +441

    Wait a minute, he's right about almost every character trying to be funny now but, remember we used to have an actual comedian in the MCU that made things funny without pandering or overselling it? Robert Downey, Jr. used to riff his lines with quality script play on the fly like it was nothing! Unfortunately, he's fucking gone now!
    Edit: Very much appreciated for the likes, my friends.

    • David Zambrano
      David Zambrano 11 days ago

      I feel like the funny Marvel movies were Guardians of the Galaxy ones. Now they all try to to be like them. Doesn't work like that Marvel

    • GowokeGobroke
      GowokeGobroke 5 months ago +5

      I’m glad Disney’s is gone they would’ve made iron man look stupid at some point. Marvel is all just a woke joke 👌🏼😂

    • Red Ericson
      Red Ericson 6 months ago +9

      @Sneed's Feed & Seed That's absolutely true!! I think they attempted something similar with Star-Lord and Thor but we never actually got to see that relationship play out at all. Plus, Thor just turned out to be more of a hippie-like weirdo while Star-Lord was being his usual, dorky self.

    • Sneed's Feed & Seed
      Sneed's Feed & Seed 6 months ago +22

      YES! Quippy characters work great, but only if they're unique in that aspect and counterbalanced by the Straight Man type character. This is something that made, for example, Cap and Tony's dynamic so interesting

    • Red Ericson
      Red Ericson 6 months ago +2

      @Npc I'm knot I know that's right.

  • Elijah
    Elijah 4 months ago +97

    It’s actually amazing you described the finale perfectly. Literallly an A.I just pumping out content

  • Mr Scientific
    Mr Scientific 6 months ago +36422

    Honestly, I feel bad for Bruce. But now I'm glad that the Iron Man character is over in Marvel and Robert Downey Jr. has refused to play this role any further. Otherwise, these people would have turned him into a joke as well.

  • MrBrotein
    MrBrotein 6 months ago +229

    “It’s like going into a middle school classroom during a substitute teacher where every student’s trying to make the best joke all at once and they’re all terrible”

    • ImpishlyIt
      ImpishlyIt 2 months ago +2

      Having been a substitute for middle-schoolers... yeah, this show was actually more cringe. At least you expect children to not understand humor.

  • Bob Flemmet
    Bob Flemmet 6 months ago +422

    The writers are so stunning and brave! Of course she hulk has been through more trauma than anyone ever has, being cat-called from random men is the worst thing to happen to anyone ever!

    • Ray Hinson
      Ray Hinson Month ago

      I think half the world getting blipped is worse than getting catcalled. Finished watching the show tn, and hell naw. Shit made no sense all the time

    • フラティー
      フラティー Month ago

      @Nathan91 r/wooooosh

    • Nathan91
      Nathan91 Month ago

      @Robot r/wooosh

  • Dormaze
    Dormaze 2 months ago +46

    I find it both funny, and infuriating that She's bragging about how much better she is at controlling her anger than him, while she immediately loses her shit completely enraged at this bit of honest advice, and he's just standing there calmly. Yeah you're really showing how much calmer and more in control you are, B.

  • Rômulo Montes
    Rômulo Montes 5 months ago +69

    "I finally watched She-Hulk"
    Let's have a minute of silence in honor of this man's admirable bravery.

  • ManaBytez
    ManaBytez 6 months ago +62

    The entire MCU is basically a sitcom at this point.

  • Biturb0bros
    Biturb0bros 6 months ago +9268

    She says she hates having her own area of expertise explained to her, while explaining controlling anger to the Hulk 💀

    • Basketbomber Slackingson
      Basketbomber Slackingson Month ago

      @Stupid Anon I almost fell for it. You almost got me. You rascal!

    • Jero Valentin
      Jero Valentin Month ago

      @Stupid Anon
      Great to see that you're being accurate to your username

    • Casted_Shadows
      Casted_Shadows 2 months ago

      Them both being green strong people doesn't mean they have the same character flaws, not everyone has uncontrollable anger issues. *He* was the one with those problems, that doesn't mean *she* also does. That makes no sense, they aren't the same character, this isn't a He-Loki and She-Loki situation. Her flaw is her pride and being in a poorly written show.

    • Stupid Anon
      Stupid Anon 2 months ago

      @Noctis Lucis Caelum But she's been a woman her whole life, and he _never_ has, so naturally she has put up with a thousand times more shit than he has. That's the point. Whether you agree with it or not, that's the argument that the show and the showrunners and writers are making. I don't care if you love or hate the show, but you need to be honest about the argument they're making, and where that argument comes from.

  • Green Light Music
    Green Light Music 6 months ago +173

    It is honestly so jarring seeing Bruce and Jen on the same screen when in their Hulk forms. Bruce looks solid, as he did in Endgame; like an actual big, green man. Jen looks like an early PS4-era NPC. On some Mass Effect: Andromeda-type shit.

    • Mr.Monkey
      Mr.Monkey 6 months ago +3

      @CreaperReaper or it just sucks

    • Mary Zmijski
      Mary Zmijski 6 months ago

      Riven326 You mean Fiona?

    • CreaperReaper
      CreaperReaper 6 months ago +3

      Probably multiple reasons for this.
      • Hulks character model was created a long time ago during Endgame, so i imagine they just reused the same character model with a few extra details.
      • She Hulks character model is completely brand new and due to the state of artists currently it may have been hard to create a good model before time was up.
      • Hulk also has many masculine features that make him seem less awkward. His body hair, facial hair, and rougher skin covers up his not so normal body and skin. She Hulk has none of these features as women tend to have soft skin with no body hair. Hence why it looks so smooth and green.

    • Daniel Morris
      Daniel Morris 6 months ago +9

      Like Fiona from Shrek

  • Artemis A-24
    Artemis A-24 6 months ago +100

    Idk what's worse: The fact that the quality has dramatically dropped or the fact that there's people who still believe that every piece of new content is a new undiscovered gold mine

    • jypsumfantastic
      jypsumfantastic 6 months ago +14

      It's a goldmine for people that have commentary/review Clip-Share channels!

  • Kragar01
    Kragar01 6 months ago +82

    I had no idea who Megan the stallion was, and honestly I would have been quite happy to have continued that way. So thanks for that She-Hulk.

    • Cog Cog
      Cog Cog 5 months ago +1

      There's a scene with her and she hulk twerking.

  • BurgerKingGuy
    BurgerKingGuy 6 months ago +64

    When she-hulk started explaining how much better at controlling her emotions she is than Bruce and physically outperformed him (at every step, somehow), I thought “great! they’re gonna subvert expectations and make her seem like a Mary-Sue, only for her to realize how overconfident she is and how much she does need Bruce’s expertise to navigate her new powers.” A very human experience to realize that you don’t have as much control as you thought. I mean, she almost killed those dudes outside of the bar for talking to her before Bruce found her.
    Nope. Mary-Sue. how am I supposed to identify with and root for a character that doesn’t have any flaws?

    • BurgerKingGuy
      BurgerKingGuy Month ago +2

      @Metal Sign I don’t recommend watching, but if you want to see for yourself, it’s in the first episode. it’s very jarring going from “I can control my emotions better than Bruce” to “I’m gonna kill these guys for catcalling me”

    • Metal Sign
      Metal Sign Month ago +1

      I’ll admit I haven’t actually seen it, but somehow “she almost killed those dudes outside of the bar for talking to her” sounds like a pretty big flaw to work with

    • njkbj
      njkbj 5 months ago +3

      because the character was created so people who beleive themselves to be flawless have someone to identify with

  • PDudley504
    PDudley504 5 months ago +39

    After the finale it’s scary how spot on Charlie was lol.

    • PDudley504
      PDudley504 4 months ago +5

      @Mike Ross I couldn’t lol

    • Mike Ross
      Mike Ross 4 months ago +7

      You must have some strong will power, getting though the entire show

  • Robin
    Robin 6 months ago +5584

    I believe this is the future Thanos was trying to save us from.

    • Tannia Craig
      Tannia Craig Month ago

      Eh…. He was very specific about his motives and feminism wasn’t one of them lol

    • Robot
      Robot Month ago

      “Thanos should have killed all of us” -Captain America

    • Ariel Perez
      Ariel Perez Month ago

      We should’ve listened!


      @once i get my death note y'all are doomed Maybe you said it as a joke but the reality of the situation is that you're right...like really right....
      After that...the writing got confusing and stupid.
      Wanda-Vision was great..but followed by a stupid conclusion.
      And people say it and it's true....
      The Trailer was Clickbait, me a HUGE Wanda fan thought she was gonna show up and help and leave or something, turns out they decided to make her the big bad and screwed up the whole writing made on the Wanda-Vision show

  • Chewy Mew
    Chewy Mew 6 months ago +13

    The whole part about her trying to one up Bruce's trauma and problems is like in X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Where Jean Grey tell Professor X, another incredibly powerful telepath, that no one knows what it feels like to constantly hear everyone's voices and thoughts, when that is exactly what Professor X had dealt with most of his life.

    • Metal Sign
      Metal Sign Month ago

      From what I know of Prof. X’s character, that has potential to be an excellent scene for highlighting his character.
      empathy from “I’ve been there too” can be very powerful.
      When done right.

  • SpiderGutsy
    SpiderGutsy 6 months ago +229

    I miss when things like the Hulk was a huge horrible myth, and just like Spider mans' bite it was a extremely, unearthly rare occurrence. I miss old marvel where things like timelines over lapping and worlds colliding was actually cool. When into the spider verse first appeared, ill admit it wasnt as hyped for me.
    They are over using concepts, and are trying to get more into now times, like Thor being a dad belly wearing hippie, or She-Hulk being some perfect sexy person.
    Marvel used to do rare ideas, but i just. Cant help but yawn at another movie when Thor loses the ability with the hammer, or Loki gets captured but free and nearly kills everyone, or spider man meeting another universe him, or even things like there being a female version of a male version who is this perfect sexy chick.
    Its boring, annoying, lame, and they need to let it rest.

    • SpiderGutsy
      SpiderGutsy 6 months ago +1

      @tacosauce I agree, and the show/style itself i dont have an issue with, its a situation that Spiderman has done atleast 3 meeting other world versions of himself ordeal. Even if i think one or two were off handed shitty cartoon network ones, it still happened either way so it killed the vibe.
      Though, i do absolutely adore the style and how they rendered it all. Its very lovely.

    • tacosauce
      tacosauce 6 months ago +4

      I wish they would create new and interesting charecters both male and female. Before they had both with iron man and black widow and stuff. But now they're just milking the cash cow dry. They aren't making any new superheroes. Or if they are they're just copy pasting "dark emo guy" or "goody silly man" onto all of them. There is no interesting designs anymore.
      I do have to disagree with spider-verse though. I really liked how they did the movie with the art style and different charecters.

    • Call Me Calamity
      Call Me Calamity 6 months ago +4

      The old marvel had interesting concepts as to why the shit happened like with spiderman. And how with peters dna being similar to a mutants to where the body adapts to foreign things so thats how he got his powers instead of just killing him like it would everyone else

    • Juniper McClary
      Juniper McClary 6 months ago +16

      tbf she hulk has been around for decades, they just did her dirty in the show lol

  • bruhmoment
    bruhmoment 4 months ago +9

    I think Jen talking back to Bruce and trying to say how she controls her anger better is mostly just her showing that she doesn't have any actual control over herself.

  • Mitch-MKiAM
    Mitch-MKiAM 6 months ago +85

    “The boss isn’t going to like this”
    I haven’t watched one minute of She-Hulk, but I can already tell you it better not be Kingpin.
    Daredevil was a good show. You don’t need to write empty story because “oh they liked Daredevil, let’s just toss the universe in”

    • Mitch-MKiAM
      Mitch-MKiAM 6 months ago +1

      @BlackLives OrBlackVotes she didn’t beat Kingpin, she knocked him out. If she didn’t have Hawkeye’s arrows, she would have not survived.

    • Mitch-MKiAM
      Mitch-MKiAM 6 months ago +2

      @Klutch Kenzo I mean the dude got blown up by several arrows. Multiple explosive arrows that only one somewhat crippled Loki.
      So a bunch of them knocking out a pint-sized, lite version of the Hulk makes enough sense.

    • BlackLives OrBlackVotes
      BlackLives OrBlackVotes 6 months ago +1

      @Mitch-MKiAM no it didn’t. Kate Bishop had no business beating Kingpin.

    • Klutch Kenzo
      Klutch Kenzo 6 months ago +1

      @Mitch-MKiAMDid it?, I think him being there made sense, but power wise?? that fight where she was bullying him did not work canonically, kingpin should’ve slapped her up at that stage… Even if you haven’t read the comics, just playing the Spider-Man game, the guy is literally a indestructible demigod almost 😭

    • Mitch-MKiAM
      Mitch-MKiAM 6 months ago +2

      @Klutch Kenzo that was warranted, hawkeye made sense

  • Random Entertainment
    Random Entertainment 2 months ago +3

    the fact that he predicted the A.I. writing the whole show completely by accident is crazy

  • tots
    tots 6 months ago +8254

    Charlie is like the type of guy to stand by his window in a robe and look at the snow while holding a cup of hot chocolate

  • Dulu
    Dulu 6 months ago +17

    We’re in an age where people can create video games, and have never been a gamer. And people can write for comic book shows and never read the comics.

  • Neil Van Schepdael
    Neil Van Schepdael 2 days ago

    If you're a superhuman for watching 3 episodes in one sitting then i wonder what i am cuz i can binge-watch that entire show

  • Rhombushead 2
    Rhombushead 2 6 months ago +37

    We somehow live in a world where the DCEU is somehow on better standing than the MCU with the comic community.

    • Santoryu90
      Santoryu90 4 months ago

      Comic fans are fickle

    • f
      f 6 months ago +2

      i really did not see it coming

  • Logan Symmes
    Logan Symmes 6 months ago +11

    Let’s keep fourth wall breaking and meta humor with Deadpool

  • Caleb Crew
    Caleb Crew 6 months ago +2

    Charlie makes such a good point about Marvel and it’s comedy, but the even bigger problem is that it’s done so well (in the box office) that a lot of other movies are also taking the exact same formula of comedy. It’s like watching the same movie no matter who makes it.

  • Laxhoop2525
    Laxhoop2525 6 months ago +3903

    I just want to remind people, that in the comics, the relationship between She-Hulk and Hulk was one of the most wholesome, yet tragic, character dynamics they had.
    Hulk/Bruce both constantly felt guilty for pushing their cousin into their world by giving her their blood, even though they did it to save her life, and She-Hulk constantly feels guilty about how she got the better deal. She can transform at will, and doesn’t have an alter-ego. She got such a better deal than Bruce, and that constantly makes her feel guilty. And because of that, in most incarnations, She-Hulk uses her lawyer skills to keep the government off of her cousin’s back.
    But it wasn’t all doom and gloom, she was still an upbeat character, she was confident in her body, and she loved the attention she got for her sexy green muscles. She was the original Deadpool, constantly making fun of the reader for only picking up her comics because she was only wearing a towel on the front cover.
    It wasn’t until very recently, where the comics, and, seemingly Marvel at large, decided to just make the character far more bitter. Like, just writing the character from a place of bitterness.
    And it sucks, because that bitterness that was never part of this iconic character, is now the only thing that the majority of people, will ever associate her with. Both Hulk and She-Hulk deserved so much better, because they ARE better, they’ve been better.
    Now look at them. She-Hulk calls her own cousin a whiny b*tch baby, while twerking. Utterly shameful.

    • Crickets
      Crickets 2 months ago

      @Mocha Lavender93 They didn't read her comics. And proudly admit to it.

    • ItzMalick
      ItzMalick 6 months ago

      Yoo fam, I’m a small content creator, and I make a variety of entertaining reactions, vlogs, and a range Of other content and I’m still working on quality but I guarantee you will find something you will enjoyy!🙏🏾💯

  • ok lol
    ok lol 6 months ago +4

    I totally agree with marvel getting tiring with the same formulas and quippy, quirky characters. I chalked it up as "me just growing out of marvel", but it's nice to hear someone else say it lol. But I have to admit I was genuinely taken aback by the writing in Moon Knight, it just felt so fresh compared to the rest of the MCU, similar to Spawn in a way, and every episode had me questioning what was coming next, and trying to understand what was going on. Every episode answered my questions while raising more- not in a bad way, but it kept me invested. Something not many other marvel things does for me anymore

  • Erik The Red & Black
    Erik The Red & Black 2 months ago

    Very entertaining and an interesting critique. Thanks 👾

  • NoobMaster69
    NoobMaster69 5 months ago +8

    I am really sorry Marvel turned out this way. I genuinly loved it, and ended up crying at the end of many movies. I never thought I would feel betrayed by it, but here it is. Gonna take a break up until the next Avengers, Goodbye Marvel.

    • Riley Ribble
      Riley Ribble Month ago +1

      Brendan J. Smith The Fantastic 4 saved Marvel comics back in the 60s. It’d be pretty poetic if the Fantastic 4 were also what saved the MCU long term

    • Brendan J. Smith
      Brendan J. Smith 2 months ago +2

      At least have hope for Fantastic Four. If they fuck that up I'm officially dropping the MCU forever.

    • Mike Ross
      Mike Ross 4 months ago +1

      Exactly how I felt, when big companies try to introduce the woke agenda kind of gets annoying af

  • Jester
    Jester 6 months ago +9

    Even when you quoted she hulk I literally groaned and rolled my eyes, how could this show be so bad that even you can’t help me.

  • T-Rell
    T-Rell Month ago

    It’s so funny what Charlie says about the plot and how soulless it is written by and AI, I wonder if Kevin is gonna take offence and respond in the next season 😂

  • Suwacc
    Suwacc 6 months ago +29787

    The funniest part is the writers for a show about an attorney admit they know nothing about law, let alone writing a story about law.

    • V̸i̸c̸i̸o̸u̸s̸
      V̸i̸c̸i̸o̸u̸s̸ 5 months ago

      @DONT READ MY PROFILE PICTURE Landmine has taken my sight
      Taken my speech
      Taken my hearing
      Taken my arms
      Taken my legs
      Taken my soul
      Left me with life in hell

    • Anon
      Anon 5 months ago

      @Tiago Monteiro Kek your brain is completely smooth. Like bros entire persona is being told what his next opinion should be and what the next product he should be outraged at by conservitard chuds on twitter.

    • Tiago Monteiro
      Tiago Monteiro 5 months ago

      @Anon There is a reason why she hulk is the first marvel Show that did not make it to the top 10 and is failing it's woke garbage just like Rings of power that has literally nothing to do with the original books of Tolkien or any modern crap

  • Mister Macabre
    Mister Macabre 2 months ago

    A show that does the "girlboss" thing right is Agent Carter. It's such an underrated gem and I HATE that it was cancelled so soon... :'c

  • Dylan McFiggins
    Dylan McFiggins 6 months ago +9

    5:40 i feel like it started with Guardians of the Galaxy. i LOVED that movie when it first came out because of the jokes. they never really did it with any other movie before, and they were actually peaty good jokes. i feel like marvel then was like. (lets do this again... and again... and ag-) and just wore it out QUICK. they should have just left it to the guardians if they wanted movies like that.

  • Silky Me
    Silky Me 6 months ago +11

    She holk is the definition of yes queen slay queen .

  • Kaleb McIntyre
    Kaleb McIntyre 6 months ago

    I really love this and I do hold some of the same issues with the show, but the 4 "nobodies in episode 3 were actually relatively well-known marvel characters. They were the supervillain team 'The Wrecking Crew' and I was a bit surprised to see them here. They are usually street-level villains so I figure this is just a precursor to having them show up against other street-level heroes like Daredevil in his upcoming show or Spiderman in any related media. It's possible they could have bigger role in this show but unlikely due to the team's lack of interactions with characters like She-Hulk.

  • Mayhem Gaming
    Mayhem Gaming 5 months ago

    I dont know how it took me so long to get to you man. You are a national treasure and I would die for you

  • Jesse
    Jesse 6 months ago +2563

    Crazy world we’re living in where Spider-Man is the most serious series left in the MCU

    • Big Man MATEO
      Big Man MATEO 6 months ago

      @TheThiccDonut Even if it does count I personally still find the PS4 game better tbh (Not the Miles one lmao I haven't played it yet)

    • TheThiccDonut
      TheThiccDonut 6 months ago

      @Big Man MATEO Spiderverse still 100% counts. Miles IS Spiderman. You missed the point of the movie lmao.

    • : AcridGalaxy1772 :
      : AcridGalaxy1772 : 6 months ago

      @Big Man MATEO don't you talk bad about spiderman now, the raimy triligoy was amazing even if the ending movie was a little bad, andrew garfields first movie was actually really good but the second movie was questionable as the tried to fit too much into one movie, but the thing is that movie has the best swinging scenes out of all the spiderman movies, and as for the tom holland movies they kinda combined the best of both world but spiderman no way home is easily the best spiderman film ever created

    • Gargle Me
      Gargle Me 6 months ago +1

      @CutCutado no ur wrong as hell Spider-Man makes jokes in combat bc it throws enemies off . THATS LITERALLY ALL has nothing to do with his spidy sense

  • mmk
    mmk 6 months ago +2

    if jen experienced the same arc similar to tony's , treating she hulk as a mask of confidence instead of a curse. which then reflects back to her struggles framing bruce as the antagonist as he tries to wake her up from her own dilemma of how it isn't ok to just hide behind that mask. but instead we got a girlboss walters.

  • Jason Lyons
    Jason Lyons Month ago +2

    Funny you mentioned the Marvel AI computer pumping out the story. Keep watching. It's ok for what it is.

  • Asa-Punk at South Vinland

    I watch all of She-Hulk 😵‍💫 I think only the last 2 episodes were not horrible. They're not good, but they are tolerable.

  • Dylan Buchanan
    Dylan Buchanan 6 months ago +12

    My question is: Do the writers actually believe the feminist dogma they write into it or they don’t and are just trying to do it to be cool and don’t actually care about feminist beliefs?

  • Rama Tut
    Rama Tut 2 days ago

    She hulk in the comics is so good and it’s disappointing to see how the show ended up. It feels like they threw the whole script together within a week

  • MikeTheAmazing
    MikeTheAmazing 6 months ago +8630

    I can’t believe that Thanos wiping the entire universe out of existence probably would have done more justice to the MCU characters than Disney has post phase 3

    • TheCometGuy
      TheCometGuy 4 months ago

      @Khaled M. k, I think that's pretty valid. I thought She-hulk was terrible but you're right they did do Daredevil well and I think that's because the actor, Charlie Cox, refuses to ruin the character.

    • Khaled M.
      Khaled M. 5 months ago +1

      @TheCometGuy about the same way although I'll admit episode 8 was a banger and daredevil was great all-out but otherwise it's "ok"

    • TheCometGuy
      TheCometGuy 5 months ago

      @Khaled M. what do you think now?

    • Tagging Chan
      Tagging Chan 6 months ago


    • ArrogantLobster
      ArrogantLobster 6 months ago

      You act like mcu movies now have to be infinity war or endgame levels of good. It’s all about the build up.

  • PrettyBoy23
    PrettyBoy23 6 months ago +6

    The casting of She Hulk is perfect and the show had promise but it’s the execution that is hurting it. I’m glad there’s people out there who agree and understand we don’t hate the show because of a female lead but how they write the character. Marvel Phase 4 is a bunch of up and downs. I hope Phase 5 comes back strong

  • NickFilmz Productions
    NickFilmz Productions 6 months ago +3

    I remember when I was little, I watched an old She Hulk cartoon and I had a crush on She Hulk, and I bet everyone did as well lmao. And this..this just destroyed She Hulk..this is not the She Hulk I knew and cared for. They literally did the character so dirty and poor Bruce is getting slaughtered for no reason in this.

  • Mo Chann
    Mo Chann 6 months ago +14

    I think the purpose of her response was to bite back at the common demand of “stop being so emotional” to women. Like it’s their commentary on how we shouldn’t tell women how to feel. But their fake wokeness is becoming so ridiculous that it’s ignoring context, and we’re circling around from trying to make a good statement about women into turning your character into an asshole

  • vvarrrgs
    vvarrrgs 6 months ago

    It took decades of different writers and individual story arcs before Endgame actually happened in the source material. I believe they played their best card to a completely different audience that wasn't ready for it, and now it relies on a "drama-of-the-week" formula instead of the "villain of the week" format that would have carried this franchise for a lot longer.

  • Matthew
    Matthew Month ago

    You definitely need to do one for that 90 show It seems more like a Disney show than a reboot of that 70s show And it's not the original cast that make it that way it's the kids they brought on

  • Gary WAn
    Gary WAn 6 months ago +2214

    I like when She-Hulk said her iconic line: “It’s Shulking time!” And they started twerking while everyone else stood up and clapped for their bravery.

    • Andrew K.
      Andrew K. 6 months ago +2


    • Hat Boi
      Hat Boi 6 months ago +7

      I love Xenoblade Chronicles!

    • Monado Blaze
      Monado Blaze 6 months ago +12

      @Crilp Gaming Reyn you’re a lifesaver!

  • eannnTV
    eannnTV 4 months ago +6

    That’s crazy how Charlie called the ai algorithms because at the end of the season Kevin Feige is a robot & humans work for him, dude was only 3 episodes in & could tell …

  • Meinard Voskamp
    Meinard Voskamp 4 months ago +2

    Fun thing, She Hulk breaks the 4th wall and finds out that the show is written by a robot. The writing is off the charts with this series.

  • October May Objects!
    October May Objects! 4 months ago +6

    "I watched three episodes of She-Hulk."
    *Oh you poor man.*

  • Cthulu
    Cthulu 6 months ago +3

    Surely you like Moonknight too Charlie, I found that that one breakd the mold a little bit and was genuinely very enjoyable to watch.

  • Appledsauzz
    Appledsauzz 5 months ago

    You know a show is bad when Charlie is serious

  • Soviet_Yugoslav
    Soviet_Yugoslav 6 months ago +1078

    When hulk said “bruh” it truly changed my life, it was so inspirational to me, truly a show of all time

    • Master Manipulation
      Master Manipulation 6 months ago

      Jokes aside, I can’t believe he really said that. 🥹🤣

    • ItzMalick
      ItzMalick 6 months ago

      Yoo fam, I’m a small content creator, and I make a variety of entertaining reactions, vlogs, and a range Of other content and I’m still working on quality but I guarantee you will find something you will enjoyy!🙏🏾💯

    • passerby
      passerby 6 months ago

      @Josh E nah look it up. Hulk literally says Bruh

    • mosher2001
      mosher2001 6 months ago +1

      Ghost its a bot genius. Its only point is to disrupt the comment section by baiting people into a response. People tag it and it multiplies.

    • NuggetGX
      NuggetGX 6 months ago +6

      @Josh E nope it isn’t a joke. Hulk also said “its morbing time”

  • Mr. Shin.
    Mr. Shin. 6 months ago +3

    Mikoto Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell is a good example of a female character done correctly.

  • Moray Rhoda
    Moray Rhoda Month ago

    Holy crap, Charlie is a prophet. He literally called the ending here after 3episodes.

  • MW Elite
    MW Elite 6 months ago +3

    8:10 The reason people hated that scene so much is because it breaks the things the writers say they hate (which is female objectification) and that she hulk says she isn’t respected. So having She hulk twerking in a glass office, where her colleagues can see her does not help. (When Spongebob did it in Squid wood at least it wasn’t hypocritical on any level, you could argue that it was just cringe)

  • Captain Jack Sparrow
    Captain Jack Sparrow 6 months ago +5

    So I also decided to give She-Hulk a chance. about 12 minutes into the first episode I got a notification on Instagram. So I picked up my phone and answered. Scrolling through videos I realised that my Disney+ was auto-playing the next episodes. Suddenly I was on episode 4 and 1 and a half hour had passed.

  • altair vidal
    altair vidal Month ago

    You was spot on with that robot analogy.

  • David R. T
    David R. T 6 months ago +2176

    When she hulk was on actual danger she said my favorite marvel line: "He's right behind me, isn't he?" Truly up there with morbius

    • Corban Finch
      Corban Finch 6 months ago

      Morbin time

    • David R. T
      David R. T 6 months ago

      @Audentes Fortuna Juvat They are the same, I'm hulking while I morb

    • Raul Rahaman
      Raul Rahaman 6 months ago +1

      That’s when I knew it was one of the shows of all time

    • Guitar
      Guitar 6 months ago +1

      It’s hulkin time

    • Audentes Fortuna Juvat
      Audentes Fortuna Juvat 6 months ago +2

      Don't associate Morbius with this joke of a series.

  • K A C H I Edits
    K A C H I Edits 6 months ago +1

    Thank you somebody else who liked the loki series I personally think out of all of the shows they put out during phase 4 it was actually really good

    LOGAN HILL 6 months ago +8

    She-Hulk complained about men always trying to talk down to her about her own area of expertise, when she quite literally talked down to Bruce on his area of expertise. Not even her unlikeable personality is consistent, it’s just terrible writing all around 😭😂

  • Luke Connors
    Luke Connors 6 months ago +25

    "Everyone is always just joking"
    "I don't like any of the Marvel TV shows except..."
    Wait, have you seen Punisher or Daredevil?

    • Luke Connors
      Luke Connors 6 months ago

      @W dill Hey I didn't see this before writing my other comment. Are you sure that's the reason they aren't canon? Could it have been due to IP rights (Netflix v. Disney)? It's really off-brand if the real reason is "they're too dark" because Marvel has no problem combining character stories with different tones in the comics.

    • Luke Connors
      Luke Connors 6 months ago

      @Ivan Acapana Daredevil showed up in Spiderman so I disagree with this. If Daredevil is in Spiderman and Spiderman is in Avengers, then Daredevil is in MCU by association and so is Punisher by the same logic (Punisher is in Daredevil). Unless I'm wrong by some technicality? Also, the characters from all 5 Netflix Marvel series reference "the event" (i.e. the attack on NYC in the Avengers movie). I'm pretty sure they're part of the MCU at least in a peripheral capacity.

    • Demiray Koç
      Demiray Koç 6 months ago

      @Sir Shrimpy They're not canon in the mcu.

    • W dill
      W dill 6 months ago

      @oliverbs 04 they just recasted him as Daredevil. Marvel has outright said that the shows aren't canon and never will be due to their extremely dark nature.

    • oliverbs 04
      oliverbs 04 6 months ago +1

      @The Borkiest Borkchop then why is Matt Murdock(daredevil) in Spiderman no way home and she hulk if he's not MCU and by him being in it that includes Luce cage, Jessica Jones and punisher because they all feature in daredevil.

  • Carter
    Carter 6 months ago +1

    My friend and I watched it before you made this video, I literally gave the same review and he got sooo adamant that it's not that bad and it'll get better. Thank you for validating my point 2 days later

  • Spider-Sammy's Stop Motion Oasis

    Critical is a national treasure.

  • TehWhiteTiger
    TehWhiteTiger 6 months ago +2745

    Such an inspiring character. I'm so glad the kids will understand that being independent means being a selfish asshole that thinks you are better than everyone else.

    • em4i_s
      em4i_s 6 months ago

      Nonaya Bidness I literally couldn't agree more, this is perfectly said. This girlboss troupe is soo one-dimensional and lazy. I'd love to see more intentionally well-written flawed women, if that makes sense. It does a disservice to women, especially since there is more unexplored depth with She-Hulk in the comics. MCU has gotten so corny in about every way possible.

    • アリシャ
      アリシャ 6 months ago

      @Yash Raaj Ram Nah, it is the absolute majority.

    • ItzMalick
      ItzMalick 6 months ago

      Yoo fam, I’m a small content creator, and I make a variety of entertaining reactions, vlogs, and a range Of other content and I’m still working on quality but I guarantee you will find something you will enjoyy!🙏🏾💯

    • Collosal Bomba
      Collosal Bomba 6 months ago

      @Thclemm lol I needed to salt mine!

  • skylar parker
    skylar parker 6 months ago +8

    I feel like the falcon and the winter soldier was a good series only because it didn't have the cliche alien invasion or even much of alien talk in the show. It showed a reality of society after the blip and struggles even people like Sam have endured. And shows more of characters like Bucky and even Zemo. Again this is my opinion

  • Faking
    Faking 6 months ago +1

    I liked the part where she said "Better call Hulk!". and Hulked all over the bad guys.

  • Grant Jacquemart
    Grant Jacquemart 2 months ago

    Loved your critique of Marvel TV shows in general at the beginning.

  • Ben D.
    Ben D. 6 months ago +2

    Winter Soldier and Civil War were peak marvel. Sick fights and choreography, awesome super hero moments, deep and emotional stories that dealt with heavy topics, massive plot twists, stakes, character development, and incredible pacing.
    Now everything is just this goofy, stupid adventure with no greater picture, no stakes, undoing character development, and awful CG and fight scenes. I really miss action like we had in the Black Panther vs Winter Soldier fight.

  • Dave Bacon USA
    Dave Bacon USA 5 months ago +1

    Ironically, while Jen she-splains controlling anger, she starts losing it and getting angry.

  • Trevor Rice
    Trevor Rice 6 months ago +1998

    It's funny, because both Daredevil and The Punisher are the two highest rated Marvel shows on IMDb as of now. What they lacked in CGI, they made up in actual good stories and plot. We need more of those shows in the MCU, but I KNOW Disney is bound to mess them up as well.

    • Bad Wolf Blue
      Bad Wolf Blue 6 months ago

      @Fury Monger i think the problem was that you didnt read the thing i was replying to. I was saying that Moon knight (one of my favourite shows actually) was the least disney thing they had made, but i can understand the misconception.

    • Fury Monger
      Fury Monger 6 months ago

      @Bad Wolf Blue ohhh I see

    • Bad Wolf Blue
      Bad Wolf Blue 6 months ago

      @Fury Monger i didnt say it was "too dark" i said it was relatively speaking edgy, given its themes.. disney don't do that kind of thing.

    • Tee
      Tee 6 months ago

      MCU needs to move and be bought by Netflix, otherwise, they'll be more comedic shows incoming.

    • Fury Monger
      Fury Monger 6 months ago

      @Bad Wolf Blue ah yes if it’s too dark it’s edgy but if it’s too much comedy then it’s too light nothing will satisfy you huh

  • Sirinterweb
    Sirinterweb 6 months ago +4

    "Why make it a competition of who has the most trauma" Charlie that's just how people debate politics these days

  • Big C
    Big C 6 months ago +2

    Watching him talk was more entertaining then the show

  • Junmitis
    Junmitis 6 months ago

    It's like they fed 10 years of Twitter data to an AI and then asked it to write a script

  • jamteg
    jamteg 6 months ago +1

    It’s painful to get through this wreck of a show, I forgot I was watching it so many times and I got lost on my phone and Clip-Share videos

  • Patrick Lorey
    Patrick Lorey 4 months ago +1

    Three episodes? And you’re still alive? Wow, you have strength. 😎🤘

  • GenerousMitch
    GenerousMitch 6 months ago +2668

    SheHulk- “I get catcalled and mansplained. I’m better than you.”
    Bruce- *Laughs in years of abuse and being hunted by the entire us military.*

    • organicleaf
      organicleaf 6 months ago

      @[husk] because i was jokingly reffering to the whole sjw and 3rd wave feminist bs?

    • gamewizard the 𝐈𝐈 🗿
      gamewizard the 𝐈𝐈 🗿 6 months ago +1

      @[husk] it's literally In the hulk movie bro

    • [husk]
      [husk] 6 months ago

      @gamewizard the 𝐈𝐈 🗿
      Stop saying comic backstories like they’re actually canon especially when you only know them on the surface value. This isn’t an Immortal Hulk comic it’s the MCU

    • [husk]
      [husk] 6 months ago

      @danny365 Davvis
      Exactly, She Hulk let’s her emotions out once in a moment where she clearly isn’t thinking and people are acting like that’s her true feelings regarding her cousin’s experiences
      Her life is potentially ruined in her mind and everyone just forgets that

  • Christopher Shipley
    Christopher Shipley 6 months ago

    Let's not forget she hulk was fully aware what she was doing when she wanted to kill those guys she didn't like.

  • Rocklessness
    Rocklessness 5 months ago

    Thank you for translating my frustration into words. Ive been noticing letterly Everything you said long time ago and I thought I was alittle bit crazy and overreacting so I stayed silent. But now I really feel satisfied :)

  • oz waldo
    oz waldo 5 months ago

    Thankyou for this video 🙏. Now I know not to waste my time on this show

  • TBSMazumon
    TBSMazumon 6 months ago +1

    I mostly agree on the marvel TV-Show thing at the beginning, with Loki being my second favorite. Though did you watch Moon Knight Charlie? If not I highly recommend it.

  • Arish Baig
    Arish Baig 2 months ago +1

    I also feel like Bruce has lost three of his best friends, Steve Rogers, and Tony Stark, and Thor is in the middle of nowhere, this leads to Bruce feeling even more Isolated the before, Imagine how much rage and depression is built up from all of his experiences.

  • MajorSmurf
    MajorSmurf 6 months ago +2491

    The worst thing about the whole Jen and Bruce relationship in the show. Is that in the comics their relationship is pretty open and they're extremely friendly to one another. They open up to each other and in one famous storyline She-hulk thanks him for giving her powers. Up to that point he hated himself for it. He knew what he was doing was going to possibly cause her pain in the future. Whether that be people out to kill her or she lost control and killed people. He didn't want to turn his cousin into what he considered a monster but he had no choice as it was do it or watch her die from blood loss. Hearing those words from her mouth helped him. She also clearly knows about super heroes and what has happened to him. You would think she would be a little bit nicer to a guy who has risked his life multiple times to save the world from enemies and his world breaking alter ego.

    • hulugans
      hulugans 6 months ago

      @Noway Later nonononononononononnonononono :((((((((((((((((

    • Noway Later
      Noway Later 6 months ago

      @hulugans OPINION REJECTED!

    • SpeedyCheese
      SpeedyCheese 6 months ago +1

      @TheRealValkyrie True, but I think it started after Black Widow. Winter Soldier and Civil War were serious, as well as Iron Man 3. The Guardians of the Galaxy stuff was humorous but put the right amount of seriousness. Same thing with Ragnarok. I think that when Phase 4 started things started going downhill. Especially with Thor 4.

  • Miskada
    Miskada 6 months ago +1

    Damn Charlie. You've been going for years and in all this time you retain a non toxic aura of you. Even iron mouse is out here making fun of a friend's raincoat calling it a ziplock bag but it looks just fine and resistant to bad weather and people make fun of that. I can't wait for the people in Gucci rain coats to realize it doesn't protect them the the elements and no one is laughing anymore. Please keep up the god takes but yeah, she hulk is now giving the bad takes and people are "trauma dumping". It's absolutely shit. I hope she gets killed in the MCU because no one wants her and Bruce is trying to teach her and she won't listen. Fine.

  • Julio Aldana
    Julio Aldana 5 months ago

    Wow! I had no idea everyone was trashing the She-Hulk show. I absolutely loved it. It’s just a comedy sitcom but with super powers. Oh wells

  • Will Nuñez
    Will Nuñez 6 months ago

    Thats why I loved the netflix Marvel shows. Yes there were somewhat comedic moments, but it was mostly dark and serious.