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22 BEST Things I saw in Vegas at CES 2022!

  • Published on Apr 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • CES 2022 tech was crazy! I went to Las Vegas to see everything. Here’s the very best things I found, with smart home tech, Samsung, BMW, tons of startups, and way more.
    LINKS (affiliate):
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    My shirt: threadless.78cfvm.net/x9myBk
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    0:00 Intro
    0:31 Invisible headphones
    1:11 Motion doors
    1:53 TCL glasses
    2:33 Govee
    3:01 Rainstick shower
    3:35 Dog collar with vitals
    4:06 Roborock S7 MaxV
    5:02 Tesla Hyperloop
    5:17 BMW + Sony
    6:00 USPS
    6:19 Sengled health bulb
    6:48 Robotic cart
    7:25 Automated windows
    8:01 Sleep headphones
    8:21 Wallet Finder
    8:47 LG + Ring empty
    9:22 Infection alert
    10:01 Zooz
    10:27 Samsung
    11:23 SmartThings
    12:15 HomeShadows
    12:43 TP-Link
    13:19 Tablet jail for kids
    13:38 Weirdest things
    Terminant by Nihilore
    The End by EVA
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  • Smart Home Solver
    Smart Home Solver  Year ago +412

    Pulled an all nighter to get this one out for you all. CES was a blast and I feel lucky I was able to safely see it in person!

    • Tweedel Dee
      Tweedel Dee 2 months ago

      Why wouldn't it be safe to see? Never mind. I see the mask now. lol You boostered up bro?

    • Daniel Lambert
      Daniel Lambert 5 months ago


    • Troy 123
      Troy 123 10 months ago

      not surprising to see some of the smartest people in the world still afraid of something that is not that scary. smart people but they are scared of thier own shadows. pathetic

    • AJ S
      AJ S Year ago

      you can get innway wallet card its rechargable and just as thin as credit card !

    • Oscar Stolpe Bello
      Oscar Stolpe Bello Year ago

      Regarding Rainstick; I poop in the shower. Does it have a composter?

  • Nacho Joshas
    Nacho Joshas Year ago +434

    This is the best CES video I saw this year, you actually went and did a good selection of tech. The other channels I saw were too inflated or showed unexciting stuff.

  • TheFamilyCTO
    TheFamilyCTO Year ago +76

    Having been at the show, I appreciate how well you not only captured it, but did so while staying focused on a great balance of both the bizarre and practical products on display.

  • Kate Apple
    Kate Apple Year ago +25

    This was hands-down the best review video that I’ve ever seen on any subject.. you were quick you took time on the things that were interesting that the audience wanted to see you were funny without being over bearing and you gave your honest real opinion!

  • A C
    A C Year ago +56

    all this tech is great, some cool innovations. my concern is the durability and how often you need to upgrade once locked into their eco-system.

    • Peter Belanger
      Peter Belanger Year ago +3

      Trade shows are for companies to attract mostly investors, not end customers. So, they pull out all the most impressive looking stuff, most of which is still prototype, or very early production.
      What would be interesting is a documentary series doing follow ups on things introduced at CES (and even all the way back to 19th century words fairs), and how that "cool idea" actually turned out. Many things in tech that could have solved many problems get lost in history.

    • Jorge Fachada
      Jorge Fachada Year ago

      thats your concern? what about the radiation?

    • forwardertsu
      forwardertsu Year ago

      b m j j k k ki i

    • Ev M
      Ev M Year ago +1

      Agreed, that's so very true. Well tech or non tech since you obviously can not quite smartly build similar stuff, it's not like you have a choice hotshot! You are forever bound to be dependent on others to provide for all your life's necessities old man. SO CHERRIO, AND OUT WITH THE DOUGH! 💵 💵🍷

  • Psy-bo Paradox
    Psy-bo Paradox Year ago +27

    Hey, I think you had the best coverage of CES'22 ive seen. You explained a lot and your presentation was really cool and soothing. I know you were not too impressed with Samsung's Projector, but I think its really cool gadget for what it does, and solves a lot of issues that are faced with usual projectors. You can project on walls and that too different colour, projector will adjust the picture according to the wall! how cool is that! also you can stream on your ceiling easily with its design. maybe overpriced for now, but really cool.

  • Nemanja Milic
    Nemanja Milic Year ago +14

    Man i remember waiting for these CES videos back in 2013-2015 and was like wow how many new inovative products, felt like Christmas ( an Interstellar reference). Now i feel like there are only slightly improved versions of already existing products.

    • Spamlogs
      Spamlogs 10 months ago

      @William Lozanosubscription services to thank for the lack of innovation

    • Lyrics Assam
      Lyrics Assam Year ago

      Except that fricking tail

    • William Lozano
      William Lozano Year ago

      Yeah we’re definitely hitting a wall in technology

  • Brent Kleinman
    Brent Kleinman Year ago +36

    Of course another amazing breakdown of CES! Was looking forward to this one and you killed it!

  • Jamie Lievesley
    Jamie Lievesley Year ago +17

    Loved it. There's a distinct lack of videos that are this interesting about this year's CES, so this one was great to see

  • Af0
    Af0 Year ago +12

    That tail pillow seems more useful than a lot of these. As for the automatic door - I thought we've been using those for like...decades now? Having them at home has the potential to create so many problems.

    • Richard
      Richard 7 months ago

      Automatic doors at home are a solution to a problem that doesn't exist for most people.

  • Linc 215
    Linc 215 Year ago

    This is the best CES video on Clip-Share hands down. Very thorough and a good selection. Camera work is much better also. Good job

  • dsolomon
    dsolomon Year ago +105

    I’d rather have a shower that doesn’t clog from my wife’s and daughters’ hair.

    • Destiny Mayberry
      Destiny Mayberry 2 months ago


    • SirSmokeAlot732
      SirSmokeAlot732 3 months ago

      Buy the tub shroom that's what I recommend as a professional drain cleaner aka the snake guy

    • Yami Akumu
      Yami Akumu 3 months ago

      Well it's a LOT cheaper unclogging a shower then some pipes under your house

    • Kung Fu
      Kung Fu 7 months ago +1


    • Kung Fu
      Kung Fu 7 months ago


  • Benjamin Kuhl
    Benjamin Kuhl Year ago +1

    Awesome re-cap for those that did not make it. Made me laugh a lot too. Thanks for the work and effort. I'd say the color changing car was the coolest to me. Probably not that feasible but really neat to see.

  • SithLordRJ
    SithLordRJ 9 months ago

    The door is probably something I'd buy. I've come to hate normal doors, take up so much space..sliding doors are great..and automatic ones..even better.

  • Modern Day Geeks
    Modern Day Geeks Year ago

    The BMW exhibit's color changing car truly is a sight to behold. CES looking awesome this year as well and excited for the tech industry too. Thanks for the video!

  • Raymond Bailey
    Raymond Bailey 6 months ago

    Would love to see a review on the automatic window opener 😊

  • Professor Wizard
    Professor Wizard Year ago +3

    I very much enjoyed CES this year! Thanks for putting this together! It brought back memories. I liked the new hall, but LVCC did a bad job of connecting it to the other halls. I thought that a lot more companies would show up, then did. It was weird, all those open spaces. I expected missing overseas companies missing, but it surprised me how many US companies were not there.

    • Marcus Damberger
      Marcus Damberger Year ago +1

      Yeah the new west hall is missive and airy. But it felt like the Tesla loop was a kind of last minute add on when they realized how far everything was now apart. It's kinda cool, but you would think some kind of people mover would have been more practical. Instead you pick a stall, tell the attendant what hall you want to go to and then the next car they get, goes to that hall, and everyone who walks up to that stall is told it's for whatever hall. So if you are the first to arrive, you basically get to choose.

  • DarkFoxDK
    DarkFoxDK Year ago +90

    Wow, I bet that hyperloop would be even better if the cars were larger and longer, so it could carry more people, and then you could couple a row of them together. And then, instead of carrying a heavy battery, you could have some sort of rail along the side or bottom, providing the power, and maybe instead of tyres that wear out, put steel wheels, and put tracks in the tunnels?
    What I'm trying to say is: Elon invented the metro, but worse...

    • Quack
      Quack 7 months ago

      I was about to say.....

    • Machuca Gostoso
      Machuca Gostoso 10 months ago

      I’m more concerned when all humans are micro chipped soon lol.

    • Spamlogs
      Spamlogs 10 months ago

      Who wants to take the train tho. Most would prefer a car

    • Marcus Damberger
      Marcus Damberger Year ago

      @Telekinézis Ufok érdekességek Why do you keep posting this same statement over and over? They had mask mandates inside any building, including the casinos. That's why.

  • Christian Williams
    Christian Williams 2 months ago

    I used a kiosk and a CES in Hollywood in the year 2014. This kiosk did have directional sound that does exactly what you mentioned in your first piece.

  • Street Freaks Racing Videos

    Wow I thought my Autoslide was expensive! I think I ended up with $1,200 in it with the RF pet tags, which I never use anyway. Autoslide is a patio door slider, I have it connected to Alexa so we can let the dog in or out by voice, or the Hoke Assistant app, or with a double tap on just about any light switch in the house, thanks to Tasmota and MQTT.

  • Evan Moore
    Evan Moore Year ago +1

    Quick point on the $2.5k sliding doors, standard American wall thickness is roughly 4.5-5" thick. The price of the kit does not include rebuilding your wall to accommodate the new door.

  • Prashant Sakhuja
    Prashant Sakhuja Year ago +16

    SmartSlydr is an awesome innovation. Specially, like the feature that it can be seamlessly used as a Smart Pet Door too!

  • Real Smart Technologies Inc

    Love your videos best coverage of CSE 2022 always share your work and others that put in the extra effort. Thank you.

  • AManWithoutAName
    AManWithoutAName Year ago +3

    I see tech is improving rapidly and yet everything else goes backwards and im usually a sucker for high tech stuff.

  • D. Sanchez
    D. Sanchez Year ago

    I had seen some CES videos before that but , as always, Smart Home Solver makes the best to make all the nice tecnology to arrive to us :) thanks you a lot! Is the best CES video i had seen this year :D

    • D. Sanchez
      D. Sanchez Year ago

      @Smart Home Solver thank you for all you super Nice work! 😍💜💕

    • Smart Home Solver
      Smart Home Solver  Year ago +1

      Thanks, I appreciate that!

  • Brian Wimberly
    Brian Wimberly Year ago +1

    Back in 1975, our 8th grade class went to the Exploratorium in San Francisco.
    They displayed two 5 foot, wooden parabola shaped dished facegin each other, about 50 yards apart.
    In the center, there were two tw inch metal rings to speak/listen into. You could whisper to each other, AND if you were standing in the "tunnel" between to two discs, you could hear it.
    THIS is similar to the technolody behind the first speaker in this cast.
    I always thought that this techonology would be used in cars. But here it is.

  • Melanatedone
    Melanatedone Year ago +4

    Well now... that CES was truly scraping the bottom of the barrel!

  • Joseph Lundine
    Joseph Lundine Year ago

    The first year I went to CES (2010 or 2011 it was all about tablets , smart appliances and mobile devices. The next Time I went in 2015 it was all drone's, smart TV's , Samsung, Google and Apple dominated with their phones and tablets, Apple had an entire section separated from the main hall. 2015 was the last time I went.

  • Hs Ka
    Hs Ka 3 months ago

    Excellent job covering the breadth of the show in a reasonable period of time

  • Bo Vanston
    Bo Vanston Year ago +6

    What would be more awesome than a Tesla moving people around underground would be an actual automated rapid transit system with enough capacity to move people and without traffic jams. As was the original intent and what Musk originally promised…

    • Marcus Damberger
      Marcus Damberger Year ago

      Yeah, that makes more sense. Why not a people mover that uses maglev or similar, like the old Disney Tomorrowland PeopleMover.

  • Best
    Best Year ago +2

    The WiFi charging remote is cool. If you think how many WiFi transmitters are around you, if this works I can see upgraded versions of it.

  • Michael Mancino
    Michael Mancino Year ago

    I'm digging that auto door, and auto window. The directional sound would be awesome for meetings too

  • deepeshmathuria
    deepeshmathuria Year ago +9

    You might wanna do a double take at the Samsung projector, I saw the full reviews of it, the features are insane af.

    • Kaido1
      Kaido1 Year ago +1

      It's dark, no built in battery, is expensive, what else, ...
      The tech they prise as new like the autofocus, automatic keystone for walls, ceiling and floor has been around in ultralight projectors for a while.
      It looks better than most though

  • Daniel Wurmer
    Daniel Wurmer Year ago

    If you are into DIY RV/camper builds, then you know that recycling showers are around for a while, and they have their problems. For example soap clogs up the filters and they need to be cleaned quite often which is a gross job. Still a cool idea!

  • moist pancakes
    moist pancakes Year ago +1

    Man an automated door with an app on my phone would be so convenient for letting my cat in and out of my room. No more getting up at 3am to let him in. I could just open it from my bed 😂

  • Alysha Guzman
    Alysha Guzman Year ago +8

    I only saw maybe five items that an everyday person could use on the regular. I wish companies would focus improving what we already use. That and make the electronics we use more durable

  • Tez _
    Tez _ Year ago

    This is a quality video, first I've come across your stuff but you get a sub from me for sure, the depth as you transcend throughout the different booths was great, also is the 55" Odyssey Ark available for the general public?

  • Lightning Gamer
    Lightning Gamer Year ago

    Big fan of the automatic door 👀 I’d love that! Also those speakers at the beginning 😦 how the heck does that work! It’s like magic! Alright very very cool tech. I wish I could have gone! I seem to miss it every year 🥲

    • Lightning Gamer
      Lightning Gamer Year ago +1

      @jmchez Ohh, that's so cool! Thanks for explaining it to me :D very cool.

    • jmchez
      jmchez Year ago +1

      Noise cancellation. The geometry of your head's location is calculated so that one speaker's signal reaches you out of phase with the other speaker's signal unless you are in the sweet spot.

  • John K
    John K Year ago +1

    Since I've been a consumer electronics representative since 1985, this is the first show I've missed in 36 years due to health and COVID issues. Sure missed being there. Good vid. TY

  • Kevin Clark
    Kevin Clark 10 months ago

    The "audio beaming" technology was featured on a show called Future weapons in like 2006 or so. Interesting it took so long to come up with a consumer application.

  • booksandvideos
    booksandvideos Year ago

    I wish I could go to CES. Everything is just so cool!

  • Sandriell
    Sandriell Year ago +4

    The smart window was most interesting to me, but looks like its sliders only and not single/double hung windows.

  • Bradley S.Cooper
    Bradley S.Cooper Year ago +3

    Great recap video! Better than some of the others that I've seen. Thanks for that :). Also, please get that weird pillow tail for your kids. I want to know how they react lol

    • Smart Home Solver
      Smart Home Solver  Year ago +1

      Thanks! Haha whenever I can order that thing I totally will.

  • Just Imagine
    Just Imagine Year ago

    If you hook up a Lowrance fish echo finder to a speaker out port... it does that beaming of the sound where you can point it at one ear and hear it but not the other. We were doing that in the 80's. I should have known it would be a thing someday.

  • wlogan0204
    wlogan0204 Year ago +4

    man, look at those 2 things that are actually useful and could one day be worth buying!

  • Kari Barry
    Kari Barry Year ago +5

    Excellent coverage! Whoever is running Waay Doors needs to hire a CMO or someone to manage their S.E.O. because they are impossible to find online! This video is the only piece of media anyone can find about them and it makes me feel like I've been the victim of a psyop lol

    • Autumn SUMMERFIELD
      Autumn SUMMERFIELD Year ago +2

      @Smart Home Solver The website is nearly ready to go live. I know I work with the owner

    • Smart Home Solver
      Smart Home Solver  Year ago

      Haha yeah they definitely need to get their website up ASAP, but it sounds like it's in the works

    • Autumn SUMMERFIELD
      Autumn SUMMERFIELD Year ago

      It's coming soon. We are working on it

  • Kleiner
    Kleiner Year ago +2

    Wow, a vid covering CES thats not just laptops and TVs!!! FINALLY!!!
    But ngl the rainstick I think is def my fave, ppl use way to much water when they shower so its nice seeing ppl trying to tackle the issue. My friend literally takes 40 min showers everyday so like? Yeah I'm def excited for that tech. Too bad its so expensive...

  • Dale Kirby
    Dale Kirby Year ago +3

    Thanks so much! So much cool tech and I love the door automation advances. I’ll pass on the sensing bulb in the bedroom though, my echo dot already hears way too much and I can’t use Alexa as a “safe word” any more!!😜

  • TropicalBeatDown
    TropicalBeatDown Year ago

    Great coverage, amongst all the other overviews of CES yours is the best!

  • The Spa Guy
    The Spa Guy Year ago

    Best video for CES! ViraWarn should have definitely turned their machine on! This would have been hilarious seeing all of the woke run out of the building. I would have just kept looking around at the exhibits and lived life like normal. Time for more and more events!!! The shower was cool but how does it keep the water steaming hot?

  • Derek Macdonald
    Derek Macdonald Year ago

    always cool new stuff coming out. been watching CES for last 21 years. who remembers SACDs?

  • PnW Chillin
    PnW Chillin 6 months ago +1

    Just gotta say love your videos! I just need to find a raspberry pi at a solid price so I can set up home assistant and the possibility’s are endless. Thank you!

  • Brandon@cyber
    Brandon@cyber 11 months ago

    comparing the Rainstiick to a Stillsuit is pretty great but with a still suit your are actually drinking your own pee. oof! i don't think the3 rainstick is viable unless they add a feature where it dispenses shampoo or body wash and automatically turns off the recycling until it detects a certain level of contaminants and then turns back on. Fun idea still!

  • Danny Winget
    Danny Winget Year ago +195

    This is fantastic coverage!

  • MrDavid
    MrDavid 5 months ago

    I'm interested in seeing medical technology put into homes. Like body scans ect. Putting diagnostic capabilities built into the house.

  • Darth Dapor
    Darth Dapor Year ago +1

    Audio engineer here. You'd be surprised to learn that audio steering (or beaming) tech isn't new, and it isn't proprietary. Meyer Sound has been doing this for decades, and John Meyer pioneered it in the 70s and 80s. Those speakers look cool but it's not a difficult design, and they probably land for less than $40 a unit.

  • J&K Newb
    J&K Newb Year ago +1

    It seems like it's to early in the year for something to be "technology of the year" in 2022 or do they have these monthly?
    Great job on the video,interesting stuff here would be cool to visit someday.

  • Alpha Blender
    Alpha Blender 4 months ago

    Thank you man, i don't get why other videos are not as enthousiastic as yours. What's more they just don't go straight to the point...Thanks man I'm watching right now

  • Joe Anderson
    Joe Anderson Year ago +4

    Thanks for NOT overdoing it on TVs !

  • David Noland.
    David Noland. Year ago +4

    Reed, Love the sliding door. You just know they modeled the speed after Star Trek.
    Off topic, smoke detector went bad last night right at the 10 year mark.
    Do you have a smart solution for smoke, fire and CO? The Nest Protect seems to get good reviews.

  • Green Breeze
    Green Breeze Year ago

    0:33 I read someone came up with this tech in an article just a few weeks ago and what are the chances I actually see it in a video that was recommended for me and it’s become and actual product🤣😭. Good video dude I’m definitely subscribing hoping to see you attend more events like this.

  • Ghost Viggen
    Ghost Viggen Year ago +3

    How we humans managed to survive as a species without automatic doors will forever be a mystery.

  • D Hova
    D Hova Year ago +1

    Can’t wait! Looks like a bunch of new stuff that’s not needed. More stuff to break.
    Easier doesn’t mean “better”

    • D Hova
      D Hova Year ago

      @Loud Pack idiocracy is upon us

    • Loud Pack
      Loud Pack Year ago

      Can't stop evolution 🤷‍♂️

  • Mustaqeem Ahmed
    Mustaqeem Ahmed Year ago +2

    Fun fact the largest EV contract ever awarded was for building the new EV fleet for the USPS, it was awarded to . . .Oshkosh, a company that has never built a single EV. Since being awarded the EV Oshkosh have clearly stated they aspire to build EV trucks but will supplement this with Petrochemical vehicles.
    The postmaster general is also known to be corrupt AF

    • Mustaqeem Ahmed
      Mustaqeem Ahmed Year ago

      @Unscripted with Antonio nope, just that reporting technology news should be a little more robust, otherwise all they report is vapour ware

  • SV Scatterling
    SV Scatterling Year ago

    Loving this run through and the amazing content. Did have a chuckle at the Ring sponsored lounge "ring Always Home"...so that's where they were lol

  • Guts
    Guts Year ago +11

    I love when companies are making exciting hardware not just software

  • Zynan Zymantas
    Zynan Zymantas Year ago +1

    Great video! Nice review of CES and included some things you don’t see in other peoples videos.
    New subscriber. I’m going to watch your other content now!

  • AndrewGotLost
    AndrewGotLost Year ago +3

    I feel like you skimmed over cool features of Samsungs projector, like how it detects the color of the wall its projecting onto and automatically does color correction, auto adjust for angles, and move the screen location without touching the projector. Idm if youve ever messed around with a 150 dollar mini projector but it freaking SUCKS. This thing looks awesome.

  • Llewellyn Cass
    Llewellyn Cass Year ago

    Best CES Coverage.
    The big, the small, the popular and teh weird and quirky.
    Great piece.

  • Haley Saunders
    Haley Saunders Year ago +1

    I hope you're getting paid well cause you're better than all of the tech journalists at NYT, WaPo, Engadget, Forbes, etc...

  • Christopher Blake
    Christopher Blake Year ago +1

    The sliding door is awesome, I can see that everywhere once it's more affordable

  • CptUhudini
    CptUhudini Year ago +6

    Company: Makes device that can detect corona
    The same company: Not activating the device because it can detect corona

  • Jarom Brown
    Jarom Brown Year ago +1

    Awesome job, my favorite item from the video were the TCL glasses! Also, I’ll take one of the BMW’s 😁 Thanks for the great coverage!

  • james Hall
    james Hall Year ago

    The best part of ces is that the adult entertainment awards usually are going on during ces. Lots of eye candy.

  • S Clair
    S Clair Year ago

    "A whopping 1400 dollars!" As a cleaner thats actually pretty cheap for commercial uses. As a student I used to clean the university part time and dragging vacuums to different offices made up like 30% of my work. Using these in small spaces so cleaners only have to empty the waste would save a lot on labour

    • jmchez
      jmchez Year ago

      They need to be bigger. More expensive, I know. But, commercially, that little thing won't do.

  • Maru Misu
    Maru Misu Year ago

    Invisible headphones, TCL glasses, Rainstick shower, Curved monitors, and tail pillow look cool. Automatic home stuff scares the shit out of me, especially if they mention that those things are connected to the internet or work remotely.

  • KSWonder
    KSWonder Year ago +1

    Thanks for your work on this, so much awesome stuff! Your video was great, but Luna 🐶 stole the show 🎥🎥🎥

  • Sunrise
    Sunrise Year ago +7

    Thanks for concise recap and excited to see smart slydr solution for existing windows and doors with mobile app , one button remote and voice commands like alexa, google, etc.

  • Bobby Walker-Clickfu

    pocket doors have been around for a long time. this one is just motorized which makes it a lot cooler.

  • Stephen Losongco
    Stephen Losongco Year ago

    Pretty nice gizmos and gadgets..call me old fashioned but I’d like to keep my life as simple as possible, less things to fix when it breaksdown 😁

  • N8oR
    N8oR Year ago

    Can anyone else see lots more home break-ins happening?

  • Ngoc Thach Nguyen

    3:01. We already have a great water recycling system. It is called your local waste treatment plant. They take your used water, partially clean it, put it into a reservoir. When you need new water, they take the water from the reservoir, filter it, add chlorine to disinfect it and send it to you for pretty decent price. Don't go adding another source of pollution (the in-shower filter) which will go to land fill. You will need to conserve a lot of water to recoup the cost of the shower and the constant filter change. The single source of filtration is easier to manage because it is 1 place to maintain and upgrade whereas the in-shower filter are spread out which mean to upgrade them you need to upgrade all.

  • Danielle King
    Danielle King Year ago

    the has been directional audio speakers before There were ones you could wear around your shoulders or you could place them on the table and anyone not in the position couldnt hear them.I could do wit a set of these novetos as long as could wire them to my mixer .The ones i had before were wireless and had lots of lag.

  • VR with Jasmine
    VR with Jasmine Year ago +18

    That's me at 00:17! Love that you showed VR ❤️

    • VR with Jasmine
      VR with Jasmine Year ago +2

      @Smart Home Solver Nice to meet you, too! Gloves were really interesting. The coolest part was summoning lightning or magic out of my fingertips and actually feeling the haptics. I felt so powerful 😎

    • Smart Home Solver
      Smart Home Solver  Year ago +3

      That's awesome! Nice to meet you. How was the VR glove? I didn't get a chance to try it.

    • Q2C - VR  GAMER
      Q2C - VR GAMER Year ago +1

      Hey VR with Jasmine. Awesome

    • Danni
      Danni Year ago +2

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