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Redmi Note 7 Durability Test - It almost survived...

  • Published on Feb 26, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • The Redmi Note 7 is one of the best budget phones you can buy. Powerful specs, Tons of features, and... a plastic frame. Will the Redmi Note 7 survive every day use? Yes. Will the Redmi Note 7 Survive extreme abuse? No. Most phones do survive my tests. The Redmi Note 7 did not. It took 3 strong bends. But the phone did give up the ghost when the screen cracked. The front glass however, did not break. Just the LCD under the glass. Interesting.
    Would a plastic phone frame make you nervous?
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  • shreyas p
    shreyas p 3 years ago +4790

    Imagine how many mobile chargers this guy has now...

  • Galaxy Catnip
    Galaxy Catnip 2 years ago +1635

    Zack: * went into phone store *
    Every single phone there: * sweats nervously *

  • Vishaaal Gaming
    Vishaaal Gaming 2 years ago +109

    Using my redmi note 7 since last 2 years and surprisingly not even a single scratch lol it still works as smooth as butter.

    • syaondri
      syaondri 15 days ago

      @ieatgrass oh? Does that mean your redmi often fell?

    • MONKEY
      MONKEY 7 months ago

      Same but my mom broked back

    • ieatgrass
      ieatgrass 10 months ago

      Still using mine with barely any scratches. This phone likes to slide off a completely flat surface so I'd say it's pretty durable.

    • sllash
      sllash Year ago

      @RHL290 true

    • RHL290
      RHL290 Year ago

      There's no phone heats like OnePlus

  • Chirag Parjan
    Chirag Parjan 2 years ago +1114

    Me : watching on my redmi note 7
    My Note 7 : **sweats nervously**

    • AdamoSaurusRex
      AdamoSaurusRex 4 months ago

      Im using redmi note 7 nearly 3 years in every day use, gaming, social and it works still fast and fine, also battery condition is good

    • SCP 0460
      SCP 0460 11 months ago

      @다람쥐맛풀잎 yes definitely all people have enough money to buy one,no they dont.But a used one shouldn't stab your wallet.But I prefer it new

    • Rahil Naqvi
      Rahil Naqvi Year ago

      Mera dost ke pass by hai lekin usne lete hi pehla mahine mai backglass damage kar lia aur aaj uski condition very serorr

    • Chirag Parjan
      Chirag Parjan Year ago

      @BigHit ikr... Mine is still in perfect condition after using it for more than a year or so... I dropped it a million times and there is still no crack on the screen or the back panel... That's the reason why I don't get a new phone coz this mf won't break 😂😂😩

    • BigHit
      BigHit Year ago

      Redmi note 7 indian version is very very durable.
      Go watch gupta information channel.
      He literally tried to break the cp out of the phone

  • VoxelN00b
    VoxelN00b 2 years ago +261

    “Cell phones are the most abused tech”
    Game controllers: Am I a joke to you?

    • Viraat
      Viraat Year ago

      @Boom the f*** you say to me you little sh**

    • Boom
      Boom 2 years ago +21

      Ninja's Keyboard: Sure

  • Yellow Snow
    Yellow Snow 2 years ago +42

    Wow, phones in general have become more durable, if this is Zacks least durable phone of the year. And even this phone at least almost survived. I remember the Nexus 6P, Nextbit Robin, Honor 6X etc. which did far worse than this one. You really have an impact on the phone manufacturers. Keep the work up man💪

    • Rasu :3
      Rasu :3 2 years ago +6

      Agree. He has to bend it 3 times to break while other phone as you said break in 2 times bending... It's fairly a good budget phone; the right price for it's spec imo

  • Isabel R.
    Isabel R. 2 years ago +844

    Every time he cuts the border I get anxiety and think he’s gonna cut his finger 🤣🤣🤣

  • doge9
    doge9 2 years ago +11

    I'm watching on a redmi note 7. I'm telling you it didn't pass the durability test but it's heckin cheap compared to others and performance very nice. Bought mine for $150 usd, 6 months now and still heckin good

  • Fricken Trap beats
    Fricken Trap beats Year ago +4

    Plastic frame is not mainly for cost cutting, it's primary purpose is to save glass from shattering if phone drops on its sides

  • Haris Surya Saputra
    Haris Surya Saputra 9 months ago

    Even though I'm now watching this video from Xiaomi Redmi 7, it's even cheaper sibling, it still gave me chills. And btw I've been using this phone since mid-2019, it's still kicking strong! Just the batteries has been replaced, but that's mainly because I used this phone like a maniac lol.

  • Daniel C
    Daniel C 2 years ago

    thank you for this review, i have this phone for 6 months now and i don't use it without the case for the probability of blend, but fortunately it seems to be strong enough, i have dropped a few times and used on mtb, running, calisthenics and trips and it has be a champion, the only thing that breakes every time is the screen protector, nowadays those things are made of eggs it seems

  • mathextsGD
    mathextsGD Year ago +1

    Been having my note 7 for 2.5 years now,dropped it twice, last year in the corner, it shattered a very small portion of glass,and yesterday, fell with its back onto concrete at a height of 1.6 meters, nothing broke but somehow it got air bubbles trapped under the glass,i have no idea how that happened

  • James Faction
    James Faction 2 years ago

    Looking forward to the redmi note 9 pro review (what i'm watching this on)... It's an awesome phone with 4 cameras on the back and water resistance, 5000mah battery, the same plastic frame but the phone is a bit thicker

  • Dikeido
    Dikeido Year ago +1

    I had my redmi note7 for 1year and 4months and it really bends easily. Apparently my pocket killed it, with the mainboard bent

  • Kafino LoL
    Kafino LoL 5 months ago

    Watching this on my redmi note 7 with no scratches after 3 years and everything still working smoothly 😎

  • Arsh Malik
    Arsh Malik 2 years ago

    My father has the redmi note 7 pro it's been 11 months since he got it and I gotta say it is an amazing phone! It runs all the high graphic games smoothly and the camera is just spectacular.

  • Muhammed Nishad
    Muhammed Nishad 2 years ago

    I've been using redmi note 7 for an year, dropped a hundred times, but still looks new and function ad well.its really great for a 12000₹ phone

  • Mohamed Naufal
    Mohamed Naufal 3 years ago +4484

    Imagine bend test on Galaxy Fold.

    • Tanveer Singh
      Tanveer Singh 2 years ago

      it has came now😅

    • Genaro Abil
      Genaro Abil 2 years ago

      I'm from the future, and guess what?

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ 2 years ago

      @Fabian they basically want a device small enough to fit in a pocket, but a tablet at the same time.

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ 2 years ago

      It actually survived.

    • Faded Toast
      Faded Toast 2 years ago

      This comment didnt age well..

  • YunGlock
    YunGlock 2 years ago

    While Redmi 4/Redmi Note 4 could survive anything from getting bent to sides and front glass getting cracked (even with a huge web over display) and still work perfectly fine. 😄 but this is def. phone abuse, man😕

  • Pink Phoenix
    Pink Phoenix 2 years ago +93

    Zack: Kinda like spotlights shining up into the sky after a...
    Me: Rock concert
    Zack: Nuclear apocalypse
    Me: O_o

  • Istiyak Shuvo
    Istiyak Shuvo Year ago

    Still using this phone.Awesome one from Xiaomi. ❤️

  • Infev
    Infev 2 years ago +46

    *Xiaomi:* **doing a durability video of Note 7** *This phone is best in durability!*
    *Zack: Hold my strength.*

    • 다람쥐맛풀잎
      다람쥐맛풀잎 2 years ago

      @Infev hope u earn some money and switch to samsung or apple

    • Infev
      Infev 2 years ago

      @다람쥐맛풀잎 show proof

    • 다람쥐맛풀잎
      다람쥐맛풀잎 2 years ago

      @Infev ohhhhh Xi jinping will share your information

    • Infev
      Infev 2 years ago +2

      @Reffinzarel 27 You could say this somewhere in December. I already have my Redmi 8A

    • Reffinzarel 27
      Reffinzarel 27 2 years ago +2

      Xiaomi is fake for everything dont buy this scum phone

  • carlo lacdao
    carlo lacdao 3 years ago +1414

    Waiting for the bend test on the Energizer 18,000 mah phone 😁

  • S T
    S T 9 months ago

    I've had the Redmi note 8t for almost 2 years. I am yet to see a decent durability test for it. *Cough* hint.....No, I'm not testing my own, before anyone mentions that.

  • Rohun Roy
    Rohun Roy 2 years ago

    1yr with this phone... absolutely no issues..it's cheap and fairly robust as well provided that you use a case always

  • nole
    nole Year ago +4

    I'm still watching this on my redmi note 7 😂

  • Leinard Jhon Guetan
    Leinard Jhon Guetan Year ago +2

    My 2 yrs and half old Redmi Note 7 is waving 👋 with multiple times accident but still ✌🏽😂

  • Roman40
    Roman40 3 years ago +799

    Now Jerry needs to unleash his fury on the Samsung Galaxy S10+

    • Sarp Turan
      Sarp Turan 3 years ago +3

      His name is Zack

    • JP
      JP 3 years ago

      And mi 9

    • Jayed Yeameen
      Jayed Yeameen 3 years ago +1

      Yes he needs to

    • GD2005
      GD2005 3 years ago

      TechRax already did it !

    • heck
      heck 3 years ago +1

      @nycbk23 yeah that would be more durable

  • Pudot Gwapo
    Pudot Gwapo 2 years ago +1

    Thanks man... Now we know.... We should never abuse our phones like that....

  • ThumXyl
    ThumXyl 2 years ago

    Fun story - I've somehow managed to put a solid scrap along camera protectivve glass, even though maker of this video couldn't do it. And I think that scrap was made not by some metal object, but a mere bread crumb, while I was using stock silicone case, which goves 0 elevation and protection of camera glass.

  • Pimbador Master
    Pimbador Master Year ago +1

    Mine had some falls where it should've broken ez but came out without a single scratch or broken screen, i have my doubts on this :v

  • Nepushi
    Nepushi 3 years ago +275

    "One last bend for the road!"
    *cracks space and time*

    • pogsher
      pogsher 2 years ago

      Weeeeb come at me

    • Boosted Savage
      Boosted Savage 2 years ago +1

      @Guest Is Back what fucking problem do you have with anime pfps?

    • Guest Is Back
      Guest Is Back 2 years ago

      @Nepushi and you must be 5 years old because u like anime, greedy stupid anime pfp osu player 😂

    • Guest Is Back
      Guest Is Back 2 years ago

      @Nepushi yes it does, greedy stupid anime pfp osu player 😂

    • Nepushi
      Nepushi 2 years ago +4

      @Guest Is Back you really are 6 years old.

  • meka amo
    meka amo 3 years ago +164

    Drop tests should also be included. After all, it is the most common abuse that a cellphone must survive.

    • Hundvd7
      Hundvd7 9 months ago +2

      @Michael Preuss Sure, but even if it doesn't survive Zack it can survive drops.
      I dropped my Redmi Note 7 like 10-15 times, (about half carpet, half kitchen tile) without a case or screen protector, and I never had a problem with it.
      (Not to mention 0 signs of wear and tear after 2 years.)

    • Michael Preuss
      Michael Preuss 3 years ago +4

      If it survives Zack, it’ll survive a drop.

    • superstealth
      superstealth 3 years ago +2

      Put a good case and add a screen protector

  • ilikegameswithnopcplayerscauziamamobileuser SDTMP

    Zack:built like other glass backed phones
    Also Zack:peels glass like a sticker

  • Orhan Kaplan
    Orhan Kaplan 2 years ago +40

    Me: *watching this video on a Redmi
    Note 7*
    Zack: This phone failed my durability test
    Me: well... TOO LATE!

  • eruc
    eruc 2 years ago +40

    Jerry: walks into phone store
    Employees: not this guy again...

    • GeatSeiba
      GeatSeiba Year ago

      Jerry or Zack, whatever.
      Next time, call it Zack!

    • Zeyad Ashraf
      Zeyad Ashraf Year ago

      His name is Zack, get it right!

  • greatwolf
    greatwolf 6 months ago

    Any chance of a durability test for Redmi Note 10 Pro? That's been a very popular phone according to gsmarena.

  • Rishi V L
    Rishi V L 3 years ago +567

    “Scratches at level 6, with deeper grooves at level 7” That should be on your merch, Zack, no kidding.

    • Mikey
      Mikey 3 years ago


    • Final_Cross
      Final_Cross 3 years ago

      @Rishi V L yeah. I think we shouldn't need to use a screen protector on multiple 100 dollar phones

    • Rishi V L
      Rishi V L 3 years ago +1

      megakoni1 true that, they destroy the elegance and class of the phone. Your pockets may be filled with pocket sand which can easily scratch any gorilla glass series. Watch out for that

    • Final_Cross
      Final_Cross 3 years ago

      @Rishi V L i know but still. I almost never drop my phone. I just get scratches on my display by putting it simply in my pocket. I want them to increase scratch resistance because screen protectors are so ugly

    • Rishi V L
      Rishi V L 3 years ago

      megakoni1 that’s increase indurability while dropping the phones.

  • Immadeus
    Immadeus 2 years ago +4

    I'm watching this on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 7.
    If my phone could sweat it would be sweating intensely right now.

  • Yaccham Nageswar
    Yaccham Nageswar 2 years ago

    Xiaomi is providing good product at decent price, i like this from MI

  • Muhammad Arekat
    Muhammad Arekat 3 years ago +1

    Turns out you need to start durability testing the Note 8 Pro

  • Erick Joshua Nebreja
    Erick Joshua Nebreja 2 years ago

    My problem with this phone is that its camera lens do not have the same elevation when sat with the screen faced up, that it made my phone bent and damaging the LCD. I am so disappointed in this design, especially when some games may need you to put your phone flat. They have a free phone case, but still it does not solve the camera lens still not aligned to its back

  • Rasu :3
    Rasu :3 2 years ago

    I wonder why Zack didn't do durability test like drop test from various heights.. well I know bending test is more than drop test, but as a average phone user who mainly use it for normal daily activity, the bending test is too extreme...
    I own Xiaomi note 8 and it's 90%+ similiar with note 7, already dropped it from 1m+ height several times, and nothing break. That's why I didn't get why Zack said it's the least durable phone in 2019... also you have to bend it for 3 times to make it completely broken, while some other phones totally broken after 2 times bending... Is it because brand? But I think Xiaomi did a good job for balancing price and specifications.

  • A Lion
    A Lion 2 years ago +177

    *I'm watching this on my Redmi note 7 pro, but as he said that it's the least durable Phone of 2019, I broke 😭*
    *Not my phone*

    • Emilio Javier
      Emilio Javier Year ago

      @Ramin did you make a hard reset to your redmi note ??

    • Ludwig40
      Ludwig40 2 years ago

      @Illia_ Troshuk good for you!

    • Illia_ Troshuk
      Illia_ Troshuk 2 years ago +1

      @Ludwig40 Yup, still use it, and runs great

    • Ludwig40
      Ludwig40 2 years ago

      @Illia_ Troshuk great choice

    • Saravanan K
      Saravanan K 2 years ago


  • Danial
    Danial 2 years ago +1

    Been using it for more than a year, still working fine.

  • Sabeen Imran
    Sabeen Imran 2 years ago +4

    Imagine if he accidentally called 911 while scratching the phone and they hear scratches at lvl 6 and deeper groves at lvl 7 now that would be dopee

  • Ege Aydemir
    Ege Aydemir 3 years ago +221

    "All things fall out in time, some quicker than others."

    • just Q
      just Q 3 years ago

      Everyone know that it's not new by Jerry.

    • faisal kamran
      faisal kamran 3 years ago +1

      Jerry the philosopher

  • Logan
    Logan 2 years ago +1

    Am I the only one here rewatching Zach’s old videos ‘cause I’ve got nothin else I have the energy to do?

  • • H E Y • T H E R E •

    Viéndolo desde mi Redmi Note 8 😍

  • Kên Kānèkï
    Kên Kānèkï 3 years ago

    Do a durability test on the redmi note 8 lets see if it will still snap in to two i wanna see if they improve the quality

  • dawn
    dawn 2 years ago

    Wait but one of my uncles did a test by dropping it out of a truck going at mid speed, the phone's screen was damaged by a lot but the back side is just fine.

  • Amster Phangui
    Amster Phangui 3 years ago +2492

    Samsung: Foldable phone for 1800 $
    Xiaomi: Foldable phone for just 180$

  • your dailydose
    your dailydose 2 years ago

    I am a mi7s user from last year and still it is awesome 🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Akira
    Akira 2 years ago

    Seeing this comment section and comparing it to other comment sections of Zack´s videos I think Xiaomi has a very big fanbase. I´m not suprised tho, I own a xiaomi phone myself and I couldn´t be more satisfied...

  • Arek Kubecki
    Arek Kubecki 2 years ago

    My note 7 is working great
    Of course i take care of my phone so i bought a case for like 12$ and after a half year is still working like new. No crack or scratches yet

  • Joe van ooijen
    Joe van ooijen 9 months ago

    my redmi note 7 i threw in the air several times and i dropped it from around 15 meters and it fell from that hight on stone and it survived the fall, the note 7 has an amazing durability

  • frixxx
    frixxx 2 years ago +145

    Redmi's first folding phone 😂😂

    • Triman
      Triman Year ago +1

      No that's the iPhone 6

    • Zeyad Ashraf
      Zeyad Ashraf Year ago +1

      @Dishant Kumar Pathak
      That's not a word

    • Siddharth
      Siddharth 2 years ago +1

      Hmmm no

    • ImAGuy
      ImAGuy 2 years ago +1

      @David Williams its ok

    • David Williams
      David Williams 2 years ago +1

      @ImAGuy oh that's what u meant, my bad then

  • sparkz fly27
    sparkz fly27 2 years ago

    I'm glad I Decided to buy samsung a30 over this redmi note 7🙂

  • Latrell Jennings
    Latrell Jennings 2 years ago

    I wonder if they named it the Note even though Samsung is clearly already known for the Note series.

  • Zeyad Ashraf
    Zeyad Ashraf Year ago

    Nowadays Xiaomi have resorted to using cheaper materials in their Note lineup, Plastic backs (similar to Samsung) and a very weak plastic frame that bends very easily if a little weight is applied

  • Kétule Paloma
    Kétule Paloma 2 years ago +7


    • Andrey Leonel
      Andrey Leonel Year ago

      Calma, Paloma ksjsksjskskk
      É só um teste de durabilidade

  • 049 Sagar kumar
    049 Sagar kumar 2 years ago

    This is redmi note 7" pro" , not note 7...!
    The pro model has 48 mp camera, and the normal one has 12 mp camera. Rest are same🙂
    I have note 7 pro..!
    I am using it for last 1 and a half year. And it is a wonderful device for that price range. It is very famous in india..!

  • Wojciech Gromek
    Wojciech Gromek 2 years ago +1

    Watching on rn7 same model ❤️

  • Labilní Imbecil
    Labilní Imbecil 9 months ago

    You could do durability test on Xiaomi Redmi 9C NFC, i have one but i dont really want to try it myself obviously lol thanks.

  • Ruper
    Ruper 3 years ago +3125

    talks very calmy while destroying a phone
    so relaxing

  • Schock.!
    Schock.! 2 years ago

    Ale to boli jak dostałem nowego i to oglądam 😬

  • deathmachine
    deathmachine 3 years ago +50

    "it's not a good day for the redmi note 7"

  • Gisele Silva
    Gisele Silva 2 years ago

    Achei muito satisfatório

  • Enrico Pucci
    Enrico Pucci Year ago

    My friend have this phone and its bend. Its working perfectly for about 2 months now

  • shihas kn
    shihas kn 3 years ago +2381

    It's not durabllity test
    It's nuclear war proof test

    • Nikos NKM
      Nikos NKM 2 years ago

      @Vishal Shetty could you explain how im a crybaby moron i really want to see whats inside on your fucking brain

    • Vishal Shetty
      Vishal Shetty 2 years ago

      @Nikos NKM fuckin crybaby

    • Vishal Shetty
      Vishal Shetty 2 years ago

      @Walid Fakhfakh dumbass moron

    • Walid Fakhfakh
      Walid Fakhfakh 2 years ago

      @Nikos NKM gtfo

    • Nikos NKM
      Nikos NKM 2 years ago

      @Walid Fakhfakh lmao nl

    TRENDS TONAL Year ago

    he should start selling usb c port and usb c chargers to apple😂 richest company with little heart

  • Jesse Nazaire
    Jesse Nazaire 3 years ago

    I'm using the Huawei mate Se... I want to see how it does in the durability test

  • Sasha B
    Sasha B 2 years ago

    I had this and already replaced the screen twice lol

  • grzyweczka
    grzyweczka 2 years ago

    Good job Jerry, extremally test but very usefull, thanks!

  • Pavan Kumar
    Pavan Kumar 3 years ago +92

    If jerry was a quality checking manager of mobile company then that company phone will never fails in durability test 😅😂

    • jhonny
      jhonny 3 years ago

      Wheres your Heart thats right he didnt give one to you

  • Zion Brewster
    Zion Brewster 2 years ago

    I think his is rigged bc the water resistant rubber didn't come out on mine..also for a budget phone it has a surprising 6 gb of ram and it runs well speaking from experience

  • ArMaaaan
    ArMaaaan 2 years ago +10

    Phone company: Let launch new mobile
    Jerrt: Let me check

  • Stary kanał
    Stary kanał Year ago +1

    I used redmi note 7 for 2 years and IT broke first when IT hit my hard floor 2nd when IT hit rock outside yesterday and now screen dosn't work

  • Humbert
    Humbert 3 years ago +1

    Soy el único que sintió horrible cuando lo destruyó? :"v

  • Yashaswi Narayana
    Yashaswi Narayana 3 years ago +285

    Scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7
    Never get bored of that

  • Anti
    Anti 2 years ago

    i think its odd that the Samsung a20 and this phone look the same or the other way around

  • Jai Prakash Sahu
    Jai Prakash Sahu Year ago +1


  • Sowo Nadeko
    Sowo Nadeko 2 years ago +490

    Watched on my redmi note 7
    Edit:it keeps going to home page everytime i watch this exact video

    • Kazuboi君
      Kazuboi君 2 years ago

      Me too

    • Orlaoreo
      Orlaoreo 2 years ago +1

      Phone be like: NOPE

    • ImAGuy
      ImAGuy 2 years ago

      I have a note 8

    • maziu
      maziu 2 years ago

      Yea sure bud

    • Oof Yeet
      Oof Yeet 2 years ago


    _THEESKAPIST_ 2 years ago +1

    "let's see how to redmi note 7 does against a bit of pressure"
    me: ahh yes the pressure of Jerry rig, dont worry it's only a bit

  • Jepoy's Adventures
    Jepoy's Adventures 3 years ago +364

    Samsung: we make foldable phones..
    Jerry:Hold my cutter 😂😂😂😂

  • The_Real_KianSmith
    The_Real_KianSmith 2 years ago +6

    The redmi note 7 and Huawei Y6 2019 looks exactly identical

    • Eszti Majoros
      Eszti Majoros 2 years ago +1

      Yes, I had to choose of these two :D (I chose the Xiaomi and I love it)

  • Nils Dähre
    Nils Dähre 2 years ago +1

    Idk but I think this looks almost exactly like the huawei p20 lite

  • Gamer
    Gamer 9 months ago

    JerryRigEverything : The fingerprint sensor is invincible
    Most other phones : Rip fingerprint sensor

  • Asher Sikes
    Asher Sikes 2 years ago

    Who else got disappointed when he didn't take the rest of the speaker out and just left it hanging there?

  • Filip Cvetkovski
    Filip Cvetkovski 3 years ago +625

    Every phone is foldable if you're strong enough
    - MKBHD 2019

    • Xander Yman
      Xander Yman 3 years ago

      ...at least once.

      NIHAL ASHRAF 3 years ago

      @arcing Suman w

    • A G
      A G 3 years ago

      @MAN no bro see iTush & Tech Bar video they applied a lot of force it still didnt break.
      Jerry is very muscular & strong man ie why phone broke.

    • arcing Suman
      arcing Suman 3 years ago +1

      Nokia build to last

    • Aditya Gold
      Aditya Gold 3 years ago +1

      Every phone is foldable, at least once.

  • Tanuj Mutreja
    Tanuj Mutreja Year ago +1

    Still using this device .. For more than 2 years 🤧

  • Chris Land Tech
    Chris Land Tech 2 years ago +1

    Watched on my Redmi Note 7 Pro
    Always wanted to say that

  • EliteSnowyYT
    EliteSnowyYT 2 years ago +1

    The back is beautiful but MY GOD its weak as glass

  • Kholifa gaming
    Kholifa gaming Year ago

    These man has so many chargers that he can give them to apple so that they can bring charger back in the box 🤣🤣🤣

  • S S
    S S 3 years ago +417

    Savage - even takes the phone out of the box with the knife.

  • Holy Crusader
    Holy Crusader 2 years ago

    What to you expect from a 160 dollar phone?

  • uriel galindo orozco
    uriel galindo orozco 2 years ago

    Gosh this was my favorite phone
    And seeing this guy just destroying it like that made me scream No stop it he's innocent

  • Hr1s
    Hr1s 3 years ago +4


    • Erick Joshua Nebreja
      Erick Joshua Nebreja 2 years ago

      mine is that the camera lens when faced on a surface where the screen is faced up is where my phone bent on the said spots. I was playing rhythm games like cytus so it forced me to place it on a flat surface

    • S. G.
      S. G. 2 years ago

      Mine’s screen got damaged when it fell out of my pocket. Regret buying the phone.

    • hardnacho puppy
      hardnacho puppy 2 years ago

      Same thing happened to my friend. He accidentally sat on the phone and the frame broke

  • Some person
    Some person 2 years ago +1

    Redmi: let's call it the Note 7
    Samsung: Am I a joke to you?

  • Redthorn
    Redthorn 3 years ago +27

    You haven't broken a phone in awhile so you were definitely overdue. Thanks for the video. Keep em coming.