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The Most Insane 900 IQ Among Us Outplay!

  • Published on Sep 21, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • We play Among Us with Dream, Georgenotfound, and Sapnap! Who's got the biggest brain between the Dream team and the Beast crew? Watch and find out!
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  • GeorgeNotFound
    GeorgeNotFound 2 years ago +109828


  • Zealous
    Zealous 2 years ago +45167

    Karl takes this game so seriously I love it 🤣

    • Yazan Ali
      Yazan Ali 2 years ago +450

      He does w every game

    • Elson Ayson
      Elson Ayson 2 years ago +482

      Zealous aren't u verified yet?

    • Imari
      Imari 2 years ago +402

      if this comment ever goes viral, at least im the 4th reply. it might be my biggest achievement

    • Cid Malones
      Cid Malones 2 years ago +77

      You didn't verified your channel, Zealous.

  • Shabana Mahboob
    Shabana Mahboob Year ago +1057

    I love how George always runs around clueless and then he finds an imposter and no one believes him

  • Audrey Liu
    Audrey Liu Year ago +1440

    you guys give jimmy some credit he's never been imposter before relax

    • FoxPopz
      FoxPopz Year ago +8


    • Shieldo_Masteru
      Shieldo_Masteru Year ago +3

      Sussy baka -_+

    • Beyond YT
      Beyond YT Year ago +7

      @FoxPopz don't search what is the scientific name of pig.
      (If you do don't tell anyone)

    • N. Hemanth
      N. Hemanth Year ago +1

      @Beyond YT sus

  • Javan TuckerR
    Javan TuckerR 6 months ago +635

    Dream's logic was on point but Mr beast got the sneak kills

  • Mheine
    Mheine Year ago +696

    karl in the end sitting listening back to dream explaining shit knowing good he isnt the imposter and its the end for him is HiLARIOUSS

    • deletedbee
      deletedbee Year ago +10

      Dream is spitting out shit complaniling to Karl

    • jadjeedrenad mussad
      jadjeedrenad mussad Year ago +1


    • Gengar Crobat
      Gengar Crobat Year ago +5

      Karl didn't know that Beast was the imposter he was literally begging Jimmy "please do not throw"

    • dionne green
      dionne green Year ago

      Ikr and Ik that he loves it

    • Sebo
      Sebo 8 months ago

      Jimmy fooled both of them lmao

  • The Nether Lord
    The Nether Lord 9 months ago +473

    Karl: 'Why is George chasing me?' George: 'Don't kill me Karl, don't do it'

  • Saints Freaks
    Saints Freaks 2 years ago +2708

    Dream: Gives three reasons why Karl is the impostor
    Karl: A crewmate
    His mind: *Maybe Im the Impostor*

  • Derp
    Derp Year ago +684

    The fact that George was able to find both imposters in the first round is honestly 250 Iq

    • someone😃
      someone😃 Year ago +17

      More like 300 iq

    • Mvnochromee
      Mvnochromee Year ago +13

      It wasn’t iq he got lucky when sapnap killed on the cameras and mrbeast defended sapnap making it obvious

    • cHarLie
      cHarLie Year ago +7

      @Mvnochromee Karl put himself in sight of cams though

    • Mvnochromee
      Mvnochromee Year ago +13

      @cHarLie yeah that’s Karl’s smart play not George’s

  • Den Moure gaming
    Den Moure gaming Year ago +473

    Love the fact that dream is so convincing but nothing he said was right 😂

    • Edgyman
      Edgyman 11 months ago +12

      people mostly believe him because he does mostly puts his suspicions on the right people, but that karl choke where didnt see the body was hillarious

  • Isela Barbosa
    Isela Barbosa 9 months ago +219

    MrBeast: I cant do anything to draw attention to myself because i allready have suspicion. Also MrBeast: *follows Dream around the whole map for 20 minutes*

  • Joseph Lloyd
    Joseph Lloyd Year ago +267

    I love how Jimmy is like "I can't do anything to draw attention to me." Meanwhile he's chasing dream.

  • Truly Athena
    Truly Athena 9 months ago +99

    Dream stuttering while giving evidence on how Karl is the imposter:
    Karl: *proceeds to sit back and give up* 🙆‍♂🍵

  • iGamingBro
    iGamingBro 2 years ago +3810

    Dream's IQ is so high, he outplayed himself

    • User One
      User One 2 years ago +42

      80 is so high to me

    • User One
      User One 2 years ago +31

      i kidding, dream is actually 900iq

    • User One
      User One 2 years ago +6

      @Silver Axe silver axe, that's the strat

    • XswerhyuX
      XswerhyuX 2 years ago +48

      Dream thinks too much out of the box

    • Rax Animations
      Rax Animations 2 years ago +20

      *I want MrBeast to do a survival playthrough with Boy Jedi, Jeertsu, and the Bruh Meme Gang in Minecraft*

  • • 𝓶𝓲𝑧𝓾4𝓾 •

    the fact that Dream made a whole explanation that Karl was the imposter and turns out he was dead wrong.

    • Some big boy letters
      Some big boy letters 10 months ago +10

      Given the circumstances, I don’t think Dream was in the wrong, like I’m not saying he was right since, well obviously he was wrong, but I don’t think it’s his fault as he just put some pieces of evidence together, and Karl got unlucky and was the most likely suspect to be the imposter

    • Pvzisntdead
      Pvzisntdead 6 months ago

      @Some big boy letters thats among us for ya

    • Ricardo Delgado
      Ricardo Delgado 4 months ago


  • Basel Bannoud
    Basel Bannoud Year ago +64

    Just love how karl's listening to dream's speech about why he's impostor knowing very damn well he was innocent.

  • Lawrence_0827
    Lawrence_0827 Month ago +5

    the funniest momments in mrbeast is when 2 crewmates think its eachother but it’s actually the other person

  • Ceballos
    Ceballos Year ago +137

    I love how George acts like a detective with intelligence 😂

  • kieran sutton
    kieran sutton 5 months ago +40

    Dream’s high IQ turned out to be his downfall

  • ayleighaisaislalara
    ayleighaisaislalara 2 years ago +9417

    i like how he shows everyone’s povs

    • ChristianGames5
      ChristianGames5 2 years ago +103

      not joking, i really actually do

    • Shelby
      Shelby 2 years ago +11


      TOONI DRAWZ 2 years ago +10


    • Sam the wise Rock
      Sam the wise Rock 2 years ago +11


    • Chillin' Out
      Chillin' Out 2 years ago +12

      JustAAverageGamer are you trying to say that he got 700 likes in an hour 🤯
      and for the future viewers......758 likes

  • PlebMasters
    PlebMasters Year ago +42

    The fact that Dream was so confident that it was Karl 👌

  • wolf 🐺
    wolf 🐺 Year ago +69

    I liked how smart George acted in first game.

  • R1v3r
    R1v3r 7 months ago +28

    I love how George and Karl were both scared of the other killing them, when neither of them were imposters

  • Heather B
    Heather B Year ago +39

    I love how Mr Beast is still smiling while he's talking

  • Free Iphone 14 Reward In Bio

    Wow i didn't expect that to happen at 1:05 haha. Lets take a moment and apperciate all the hard work he puts into the content for us! Thanks for the videos.

  • ryou
    ryou 2 years ago +1208

    George: “I don’t like being near dream”
    *Manhunt Flashbacks intensified*

    • ryou
      ryou 2 years ago +5

      I genuinely didn’t know someone else commented this sorry for commenting the same thing

    • Ju Galaxy
      Ju Galaxy 2 years ago


    • soup
      soup 2 years ago +1

      true tho, his fears started at Minecraft manhunt 1 speedrunner vs 1 hunter

  • -Zara??-
    -Zara??- 11 months ago +52

    I absolutely love chandler he’s hilarious I can’t😂

  • •Twinkle•
    •Twinkle• 10 months ago +35

    “I can’t do anything to attract suspicion to myself”
    Also him: Literally follows Dream around the whole map

  • Adv__aith
    Adv__aith 8 months ago +9

    Karl's a genius, pure genius

  • Zara Smith
    Zara Smith Year ago +41

    Karl takes this game so seriously. I love it XD

  • Kaylani Rivera
    Kaylani Rivera 9 months ago +7

    This video is still the funniest thing ever because Snap was worried about Mr Beast getting caught and then Snap got both of them caught but Jimmy somehow clutched it up lol

  • BIG floppa
    BIG floppa 2 years ago +1198

    Are we just going to ignore the fact that Chandler got some fresh glasses

  • Doge C.
    Doge C. Year ago +14

    The most difficult part of Mr Beasts Job must be actually getting all these huge creators to turn up to a recording session on time

  • rtx_edits_
    rtx_edits_ Year ago +26

    It's crazy how much time and effort you put into these videos . Huge respect . Keep up the work !

  • Playing Cat
    Playing Cat 9 months ago +16

    Dream's reaction is just amazing!!!

  • viking_king
    viking_king Year ago +26

    Karl and George are both scared ir each other and they're both the 2 most innocent ones playing that game lol

    BOOOKS! ARE AMAZING. 3 months ago +16

    The ending of round 2 is a glorious train wreck to watch unfold. You see what’s about to happen with the misunderstanding and Karl’s reaction is golden.

  • Spencer Stevens
    Spencer Stevens 2 years ago +1564

    MrBeast: *unmuted* "imposter baby let's do it"
    MrBeast: *still wins*

    • HOLYbots
      HOLYbots 2 years ago +27

      thats all gud but did you know that bungee gum has the property of both rubber and gum!!??

    • blueberries
      blueberries 2 years ago +3

      i no

    • Harris.Productions
      Harris.Productions 2 years ago +8

      Very true lol

    • Cupcake🧁
      Cupcake🧁 2 years ago +6


  • Juli Roset
    Juli Roset Year ago +19

    Dream media hora diciendo que Karl era el impostor y al final no lo era, quedo: 🤡

  • Abigail56🌑🪄
    Abigail56🌑🪄 Year ago +43

    George: Karl is scarry
    Karl: Don't kill me

  • Nikki Evanson
    Nikki Evanson 5 months ago +63

    Jimmy really played dream! Like, HOW DO YOU NOT SEE THAT!?

  • Wolf_876
    Wolf_876 Year ago +9

    I liked how Jimmy said "I have to kill someone" while he was chasing dream, and then he denied dream when dream accused him of chasing him!

    BLEEP BLOCK 9 months ago +3

    I love it when Mr Beast just tricks the crewmates that he's not imposter when he is and then he just ends up winning😎

  • wontletgo
    wontletgo 2 years ago +2629

    Jimmy: I am suspicious, I should play safe now..
    Also Jimmy: *"chases dream for 10 min straight"*

    • Byakuya Kuchiki
      Byakuya Kuchiki 2 years ago +7

      i wanna like but dont wanna destroy the sacred number :v

    • Jayden
      Jayden 2 years ago

      Byakuya Kuchiki sameee 99 likes xD

    • Werner Desouza
      Werner Desouza 2 years ago +2

      Reverse psychology

    • DinoX Studios
      DinoX Studios 2 years ago +2

      BOT GAMERZ no

    • DinoX Studios
      DinoX Studios 2 years ago +2

      BOT GAMERZ not trying to be rude but...you don't need to say three times, they already now

  • DropTzy
    DropTzy 11 months ago +20

    I love how dream was defending TheBeast at the end. Lol.

  • MyKpopLifeInANutshell
    MyKpopLifeInANutshell Year ago +17

    If Dream had laughed this would’ve been so much more funny

  • Average Noah
    Average Noah 5 months ago +172

    6:16 I love Chris’s little “why,” for some reason.

  • OKC Celtics
    OKC Celtics 7 months ago +11

    I don’t think I would ever be able to forgive Jimmy if he played me that hard😂

  • Sans Comic TV
    Sans Comic TV 2 years ago +3124

    I watched 10 times :D Good job Bro

  • B3nsön
    B3nsön Year ago +60

    I love how jimmy keeps calling “sap” “snap”

  • No3AI
    No3AI 10 months ago +4

    George is the brain master and Karl is the one of can figure out any type of imposter mystery, maybe you two make a good team!

  • Genesis Countryball
    Genesis Countryball 8 months ago +4

    Sapnap: Jimmy's gonna kill someone and get caught; I guaran(flippin)tee it
    Also Sapnap: Kills Karl on cameras and gets caught by George

  • charles poston
    charles poston Year ago +7

    Karl sees dream and instantly thinks it is dream 😂

  • Somebody that you used to know

    Please more among us with the bois!! I love to watch y’all play among us and have the biggest brain plays ever!!

  • terra7254
    terra7254 Year ago +3709

    Bro the way Dream was so confident that it was Karl and gave lots of reasoning and then he was dead wrong 😂

  • Simrik Shrestha
    Simrik Shrestha Year ago +41

    I just love how every among us video when jimmy is an imposter he always says its his first is it just me??

  • It’s_arxanna
    It’s_arxanna Year ago +2

    Y’all are the only people on earth that can make among us entertaining

  • Andrew British
    Andrew British 3 months ago +3

    You know someone chasing you when you go around in circles and they're still following you

  • elj3y.
    elj3y. Year ago +10

    aww, the way chris cheered for mr. beast cos they won as a imposter:))

  • Daniel Hesse
    Daniel Hesse Month ago +1

    George got the card swipe first try, little did he know the pain we are all in

  • Argustin Y.
    Argustin Y. 2 years ago +320

    Dream: *makes incredibly analytical observations that proves that Karl is the Impostor*
    *Karl was not The Impostor.*
    Dream: the
    *W H A T*

    • Matt Alsol
      Matt Alsol 2 years ago +1

      Im 69 like lol

    • SwazLeeYT
      SwazLeeYT 2 years ago

      Rip lol 😆

    • Henry Bradford
      Henry Bradford 2 years ago +3

      @Icy do you really think that people like DanTDM and Pewdiepie got so many subs by begging in the comments? No. No they didn’t.

    • Bonfist
      Bonfist 2 years ago

      He votes quickly instead of listening to Karl at all, and does not realize that he just hands imposter the win cause Jimmy can just bandwagon.

  • HnDz
    HnDz Year ago +51

    _du du doing the task~~~_
    Chandler , thanks for mood booster 😂

  • Brennan
    Brennan Year ago +10

    That ending was hilarious how Dream was going on and on about how it was Karl when it was actually Mr. Beast!

    ORENJI 9 months ago +1

    Dream is so smart that he outsmarts himself and got it wrong


    Dream: Gives three reasons why Karl is the impostor

  • Dsmp is better than Bill Nye      Change my mind

    Chandler looks good with glasses. You can't deny it.

  • Wow My name
    Wow My name 2 years ago +449

    I love how Dream is just constantly yelling while Jimmy is just trying to figure out where people are 😂

  • Estremo99
    Estremo99 Year ago +10

    1:55 - 2:06 is pure comedy gets me every time

  • Unknown Bassist
    Unknown Bassist Year ago +17

    It would've been funny if Jimmy voted Dream together with Karl at the end. That would've been a top 10 anime betrayal.

    • NotnormLOL
      NotnormLOL Year ago +1

      But karl could have voted jimmy

    • Toad
      Toad 11 months ago

      That would arguably have been better

  • Jack Paterson
    Jack Paterson 7 months ago

    Here after seeing the backlash Dream received for no reason because I want to support every video the man is in!!

  • miss Belle
    miss Belle Year ago +7

    "Its getting so nerve wracking' chandler says in the calmest tone ever

  • HarryPotterKeed
    HarryPotterKeed 9 months ago +6

    George was so smart in the beginning, he knew it was Snapnap and MrWeast

  • LOLGamer98
    LOLGamer98 2 years ago +1581

    George literally predicted the whole thing

      TOOSMOKEMOI 2 years ago +7

      Yeah lol

    • Super Bananas Ice
      Super Bananas Ice 2 years ago +16

      GG george u smart even tho ur definitely are not reading this but if u r uhhh? Happy New Year?

    • Danman O-G
      Danman O-G 2 years ago +5

      Nice name LOL Gamer

    • Egg
      Egg 2 years ago +4

      Congratulations, your a prophet.

    • Ibrahim Khaliq
      Ibrahim Khaliq 2 years ago +3

      For once lol

  • KennyCLove
    KennyCLove Year ago +3

    I love how Mr. Beast is chasing Dream and is deciding how to win, and it switches to Dreams POV and he is freaking out

  • xSushiBunniex
    xSushiBunniex Year ago +41

    I absolutely love how harshly Dream pinned Karl-

  • William Pang
    William Pang 7 months ago +2

    I love how George saw where the kill happened, and he ran the wrong way to report the body

    • Saura Nahar
      Saura Nahar 7 months ago +3

      That was intentional because sapnap ran the other way. If he had run up then sapnap would have found him.

  • zazadaqueen
    zazadaqueen Year ago +3

    i like it how George saw Jimmy following dream and still has suspicions for dream

  • Ryker Nitzsche
    Ryker Nitzsche 5 months ago +1

    I guess this is the reason Dream dose so many manhunts😂

  • Stanley bane
    Stanley bane 2 years ago +711

    I love how Mr.Beast looks like he doesn't know how to play well but still wins.

    • wilford
      wilford 2 years ago +14

      This is one of the reason mr beast doesn't participate in every teask he give to the gang cause he always wins

    • The Sniping Seal
      The Sniping Seal 2 years ago +3

      Guys don’t press the link it’s a link to his Fortnite life stream

    • Ana Gabriela
      Ana Gabriela 2 years ago

      @wilford lp

  • Noel mattfeld
    Noel mattfeld Year ago +5

    Let’s all take a moment to appreciate George’s mic rip mic for being screamed at by George

  • Evelyn loves cats
    Evelyn loves cats 2 months ago +1

    I love how mrbeast said “I’m going to try to do some thing that doesn’t draw attention” but then he chases dream lol

  • Angie Cruz
    Angie Cruz Year ago +11

    Everyone being suspicious of each other
    Chandler: “I’m doing my taskss:)”

  • Bake gamer
    Bake gamer  3 months ago

    Mr beast love how you just smile throughout! Make everything worth the watch

  • pacy hulk
    pacy hulk 2 years ago +737

    Votes Karl
    Karl: "Why are we still here, just suffer...."

    • zane
      zane 2 years ago +1

      @Lost sol Kaneki I prefer to be rick rolld than see that thanks for saving our eyes in sacrifice for yours

  • Thats SoAbby
    Thats SoAbby 11 months ago +1

    George’s face knowing it was sap is so funny😂

  • You_AteMyFrame
    You_AteMyFrame Year ago +11

    The way Chris says 'I love you' to chandler was the funnest part

  • Noobskillz
    Noobskillz 5 months ago +2

    Nice video, MrBeast! I really like how you convinced Dream and you outthinked him.

  • Jiro Gutierrez
    Jiro Gutierrez 10 months ago

    Dream and Karl’s feud is so ENTERTAINING😂

  • Toshi Suki
    Toshi Suki 6 months ago +1

    Been watching this for 5 times, and still laughing for everyones reactions after getting died🤞😂

  • Nick tw
    Nick tw 2 years ago +1289

    mr beast: calmly explains his plan

  • Steven Caroline-playz
    Steven Caroline-playz 11 months ago +11

    Karl:knows the most about among us
    Also Karl: loses

  • Yessica Pérez
    Yessica Pérez 11 months ago +10

    I love how George is always acting like a detective with intelligence 😂

  • army_edits
    army_edits 5 months ago +89

    George:one big happy family
    Jimmy:gotta get some milk

  • The Saga
    The Saga Year ago +1

    Man new vids of this would be killer, the flipped maps on april fools day wlda been funny to see them play too

  • misterdot
    misterdot 4 months ago

    "i cant do anything to draw atention to myself"
    while casually following dream

  • A_little_mossy_stone
    A_little_mossy_stone Year ago +4005

    George: “Karl is scary”
    Karl: (while giggling) “please don’t kill me..”

  • Saberhex
    Saberhex 11 months ago

    *dream big-braining the entire game* *Jimmy just vibing with the kills and getting away with it*

  • Wiggly
    Wiggly Year ago +1

    Your videos never fail to entertain us

  • Terrarium.
    Terrarium. 6 months ago

    even after 2 years, these are pretty addicting

  • Kaitlyn Maguire
    Kaitlyn Maguire Year ago +1

    I love George’s accent I can’t stop laughing at it 😂😂😂