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🏆LSU’s Angel Reese on giving Caitlin Clark a taste of her own medicine 🏀 |

  • Published on Apr 2, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • LSU star Angel Reese got the last laugh and let Iowa sharpshooter Caitlin Clark know about it as the Tigers won their first women’s basketball national championship on Sunday, 102-85.
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  • Arrell Ehn Israel
    Arrell Ehn Israel 6 months ago +668

    This girl hurt the feelings of so many fragile grown men. 🤣

    • Bruciphers Dungeon
      Bruciphers Dungeon 6 months ago +55

      How? Real men didn’t watch.

    • De’Angelo D
      De’Angelo D 6 months ago +48

      @Bruciphers Dungeon it actually was a good game, but real men watch sports

    • David Thornton
      David Thornton 6 months ago +42

      White men

    • wyuls
      wyuls 6 months ago +7

      @Bruciphers Dungeon facts lmao

  • Juju Bean
    Juju Bean 5 months ago +204

    "Its cool when they do it. Its a problem when i do it, fuck em "
    -2Tymes lol 💜💛

    • Silent Assassin
      Silent Assassin 4 months ago +1

      ☝🏾 truest shit I know

    • Jesse Almaguer
      Jesse Almaguer 4 months ago +2

      I promise you as the universe is my witness those words do not age well. The Bible says God said humble yourself and I will exalt you, exalt yourself and I will humble you😢

    • chidi
      chidi 3 months ago

      @Jesse Almaguer you’re crazy

    • Jesse Almaguer
      Jesse Almaguer 3 months ago

      @chidi my friend in the age of “Karen and you are a racist” yes I am crazy but angel Reese is not crazy she played everybody and knows exactly what she is doing but fame and popularity is a fickle child and history is older than the internet so keep my post and call me crazy in the next sweet sixteen😁

  • Kip Wonder
    Kip Wonder 5 months ago +137

    Iowa was the most recent version of The Great White Hope. And...they...CHOKED😭

    • cho666sen
      cho666sen 5 months ago +8


    • Nalms Itraz
      Nalms Itraz 5 months ago +4


    • Noah Fence
      Noah Fence 5 months ago +16

      Black Power 😂😂😂😂

    • ray hill
      ray hill 5 months ago +7

      Cmon now you cant say they choked when nobody else besided caitlin scored🤦🏾‍♂️, good for lsu but dont start false bs😂

    • Ebony Petit
      Ebony Petit 5 months ago +13

      This is why the fear us for real. We show them who are the better athlete every time.

  • the one 🔪
    the one 🔪 6 months ago +232

    😂😂 that ending was cold, left that girl wide open and she doesn't even take the shot - it's like how they treat Ben Simmons or Russ

    • JordanScottMills
      JordanScottMills 6 months ago +7

      I'd say "it's like they don't know how to play" but to each their own.

    • Juan Bullock
      Juan Bullock 6 months ago +9

      She didn't leave a LSU player wide open... LSU dug in iowa ass... LSU 🏆 🏆

    • ItsMaceo
      ItsMaceo 5 months ago

      More disrespectful than anything that people are talking about 😂😂.

    • Tatum Brown Tribe
      Tatum Brown Tribe 5 months ago +1

      @Juan Bullock Well I mean you don’t use the same tactics/game strategy for the same teams in the playoffs/tourney. She did it to one person and yall tripping balls.

    • Juan Bullock
      Juan Bullock 5 months ago +1

      😂😂😂 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 LSU 💯💯💯💪💪💪

  • Justin O
    Justin O 6 months ago +84

    “I don’t take disrespect lightly”
    Love that

    • astackz son
      astackz son 6 months ago +9

      When did she get disrespected though?

    • Texas Texas
      Texas Texas 6 months ago +2

      ​@astackz son that's what I'm saying. Seems to me, from the clips that keep being shown, that it was done in a competitive atmosphere. People trash talk in those types of games.

    • Jugg
      Jugg 5 months ago +8

      @astackz son exactly. Reese wanted attention

    • Mz Baton Rouge beauty
      Mz Baton Rouge beauty 5 months ago

      ​@Texas Texasbefore the game Alexis Morris was excited and waiting to me Clark.. she basically brushed her off. There's a video

  • John Edmondson
    John Edmondson 4 months ago +5

    Young black queen 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  • Mexican Mama
    Mexican Mama 6 months ago +71

    She didn’t disrespect anybody, that’s how you play the game it’s just trash talk🤦🏽‍♀️get a backbone😂

    • Cagon415
      Cagon415 6 months ago +26

      She trashed talked her back. The backbone is there. That's why people are so butthurt. I don't know what you're even talking about. 🤣

    • Wonka
      Wonka 6 months ago +4

      @Cagon415 she didn’t trash talk her back…she created a moment for the cameras AFTER the game was over. You don’t trash talk someone after you beat them…it’s just extra for the camera.

    • astackz son
      astackz son 6 months ago +3

      @Wonka People can have a problem with it, it's kind of the point of sports discourse

    • joe kaiser
      joe kaiser 5 months ago

      It’s all bullcrap…

  • Stranger In the Alps
    Stranger In the Alps 6 months ago +6

    Caitlin living rent free in her head

    • DreamChasing
      DreamChasing 6 months ago +7

      and angel livin rent free in yours & white america head😂

    • Otanod Ys
      Otanod Ys 5 months ago

      Reese and Morris are just jealous of Clark. No class at all for both.

    • Otanod Ys
      Otanod Ys 5 months ago

      You are the champion but the focus of the media is on Clark...hhhhj

    • M D5225
      M D5225 5 months ago

      @DreamChasing I got news. The ratings, the hype and attention was cuz of clark. 20 years from now this performance will still be talked about, more than the title itself. Like what curry did at Davidson.

    • Fola the Wizard of Sound
      Fola the Wizard of Sound 5 months ago

      and now championship ring living rent free on her finger

  • d Barnes
    d Barnes Month ago +2

    Caitlin made that gesture to her coach. And she scored 31 points against LSU.

    • BossMan 12
      BossMan 12 Month ago

      And lost. I rather score 10 and win than 70 and lose.

    • Harry Kane
      Harry Kane 21 day ago +1

      ​@BossMan 12bro wants to play trash☠️

  • jc dova
    jc dova 5 months ago +7

    That was a brutal moment in sports!!

  • The Boy
    The Boy 6 months ago +10

    Bruh she had 41 on south carolina thats already enough disrespect in and of itself😂

    • Lamonte Cunningham
      Lamonte Cunningham 6 months ago +4

      Don’t matter lost when it matter the most

    • Courtney W
      Courtney W 5 months ago +2

      But this aint South Carolina.. this is the champs LSU. She can't win it by herself.. she needed her team to pull through more.

    • Jugg
      Jugg 5 months ago

      I swear. She did them dirty😂😂

    • Jugg
      Jugg 5 months ago +4

      @Lamonte Cunningham she still dropped 30 Doubled what Reese had😂

    • Lamonte Cunningham
      Lamonte Cunningham 5 months ago +1

      @Jugg and lost😂

  • Kaila Simmons
    Kaila Simmons 6 months ago +43

    Angel did not give a damn at all bruh. 😂

  • B.C.
    B.C. 5 months ago +13

    “And I took that personal”-Caitlin Clark

  • werk719
    werk719 6 months ago +6

    Caitlin killed her anyway 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪💯

    • Shawn Woods
      Shawn Woods 6 months ago +8

      Don’t matter she not a champ 😂

    • werk719
      werk719 6 months ago

      @Shawn Woods muck savages

    • NightRyder16
      NightRyder16 6 months ago +2

      Lol she didn't win what mattered tho and that's that ring bud! 😂

    • werk719
      werk719 6 months ago

      @NightRyder16 ok

  • Chester's Teen Talks,Mukbangs and Mentorship

    Wow, Caitlyn was very cocky in that moment. God is a very funny entities. Just loves how he can make people eat their ego

  • Candace
    Candace 6 months ago +81

    Yeessss Reese. You have that heat to Caitlin 😂

    • cincyfan80
      cincyfan80 5 months ago +9

      She scored 15 Caitlin dropped 30 and had to sit on the bench because the refs kept her out will see how many WNBA titles she gets CAITLIN IS FAR MORE SUPERIOR

    • Dinonuggies1905
      Dinonuggies1905 5 months ago +3

      1.8 gpa

    • cincyfan80
      cincyfan80 5 months ago

      Like what does that even mean

    • Pretty-Sweet
      Pretty-Sweet 5 months ago +1

      @cincyfan80 No because you have girls in the NBA that are far more superior than Caitlin wait until she has to stomp with the big dogs

  • Ed Meds
    Ed Meds 5 months ago +10

    Well at least some one cares about women's basketball for a second

    DIAHAINE 6 months ago +49

    The snow people are mad that the "ghetto girl" through it back in the face of their precious innocent snow princess. I love it.

    • All Black
      All Black 6 months ago +7

      Those cacs tears are delicious 😂😂😂

    • True Finance
      True Finance 6 months ago +4

      I’m a snow person but I still like Caitlin and Angel

    • Robert Losha
      Robert Losha 5 months ago +1

      Exactly 😂😂😂😂

    • G4MB1T
      G4MB1T 5 months ago +8

      Damn! So if they are snow people are you charcoal?

  • Kristin Alayna
    Kristin Alayna 2 months ago +1

    Imagine them in the wnba draft hoping they don't get picked for the same team lol.

  • Yoshiyuki
    Yoshiyuki 5 months ago +2

    They need the whole team up there not just Reese

  • Joseph Matron
    Joseph Matron 5 months ago +3

    “I was waiting” yeah bc she was too scared to hit it while it was a game. “everyone wants to act tough when they’re up”

    • Khris Greggs
      Khris Greggs 5 months ago +1

      They won by like 20. The game was over well before the final buzzer

  • Siryvonne Bell II
    Siryvonne Bell II 6 months ago +20

    This a long time coming for this team and this sport!!! Ya'll got some sho 'nuff fans over here!!! Congrats LSU!!!

  • Brandon Gordon
    Brandon Gordon 6 months ago +26

    Hit her with the John Cena "You can't see me" lol

    • kev080
      kev080 6 months ago +2

      Angel literally has zero sportsmanship. And you’re ok with that ? Not surprised.

    • Modelte Kindly
      Modelte Kindly 6 months ago +7

      Tony yayo

    • Brandon Gordon
      Brandon Gordon 6 months ago +4

      @kev080 absolutely ok with what she did. Caitlin did it first. How do you feel about her actions since you are so critical of Angel?

    • Brandon Gordon
      Brandon Gordon 6 months ago +1

      @Modelte Kindly aaaaayyyyyee lol

    • kev080
      kev080 6 months ago +2

      @Brandon Gordon during a game is different than chasing and harassing a player after the game is over . Again, you don’t understand how sportsmanship works

  • William Gouch
    William Gouch 6 months ago +18

    Black girls 🪨 💯

  • Kyle F
    Kyle F 5 months ago +11

    Enjoy your moment, bc this is how people will remember you.

  • First Ghost
    First Ghost 6 months ago +7

    John Cena ain't create jack

    • J C
      J C 5 months ago

      Right John cena said he got it from yayo one time

  • edward kline
    edward kline 5 months ago +5

    I love this queen

  • bighuss
    bighuss 6 months ago +7

    Shot out to Tony yayo

  • Wonka
    Wonka 6 months ago +5

    “You disrespected S Carolina and those my SEC girls too” ……….what?

    • MG Wase
      MG Wase 6 months ago

      Yes, the SEC teams supporting each other every non conference games so 🤷🏾‍♀️
      Btw, Johnson was shooting at 3/6 3 pts... She didn't feel like shooting at that time

    • Get Box
      Get Box 6 months ago

      You must be to mad or slow to see what that means 😂SEC supports sec

    • astackz son
      astackz son 6 months ago +1

      @Get Box Example of CC disrespecting SEC?

    • Get Box
      Get Box 6 months ago +2

      @astackz son waveing off the south carolina player? Holding her hand towards her ear like somebody said something about her bad like it's supposed to means something?

    • astackz son
      astackz son 6 months ago +1

      @Get Box Waving* and the waving off is extremely common, holding her hand towards her ear was against the SEC? Also seemed like it was encouraging her crowd. I think you're off on these.

  • Mahlon Thomas
    Mahlon Thomas 5 months ago +3

    She got the last laugh 😃 😀 😄 😁 🤣 😂 😃

    • Michael Kramer
      Michael Kramer 5 months ago

      For now wait until she flops at the next level😃🤫

    • Hannah Disponett
      Hannah Disponett 5 months ago +1

      ​@Michael Kramer, yep...AR is gonna cross someone that won't just ignore her and she will get laid out flat

    • Michael Kramer
      Michael Kramer 5 months ago

      It's a long time coming

    • Hannah Disponett
      Hannah Disponett 5 months ago

      @Michael Kramer, agreed!!!
      I cannot wait to see AR get her shit handed to her!!!

  • Stephanie Long
    Stephanie Long 4 months ago

    these girls are Rockstar. each one of them have their own personality and the coach was amazing at learning who her players are and using it to help them become better. She truly paid attention to her players and they did th3 work and showed what it took. I truly think they need barbies made after this team. it shows our daughters that you don't got to take your clothes off for the gram you don't need a man to make it that you don't need to be a baby mom at a early age you stay in school that it's not bad to be in school practice everyday listen to your coach or whoever is teaching you work hard everyday and you will become someone. these young ladies are who I want my daughter who is about to be 18 looking up to. I dont give a shit about the color of their skin. if anything it is amazing to see so much love for these girls. it's amazing how a white lady can coach a team of mostly black girls not be scared of them not think they are ghetto and listen to them and also use their personality to help them to be better at playing ball. she new what each girl brought to the team. angle is a true leader as well. angle didn't do anything qromg. she dished out what Clark dished out. even Clark has said stop th3 hate that angle didn't do anything wrong. she didn't take it to heart so Noone else shouldn it wad innocent trash talk. both showed respect for each other after the game calling each 1 of the best players put there. everyone needs to stop the hate on this girl. she is a rising star because of her hard work that she has put in sense she was young. she isn't out here on the gram shaking her ass taking her clothes off or trying to be a rappers baby mom. she doing it on her own. yall should be proud of her. not trying to bring this girl down. even tho it shouldn't matter I am white and I would buy every barbie that they cane out with for this team to support them. stop the hate and show some love for this girls hard work that she has put in. if it was guys yall would be laughing. smh

  • RaiderGuy
    RaiderGuy 6 months ago +25

    I am a South Carolina fan, thank you Angel Reese, much respect to you Miss lady

    • Jimbo22
      Jimbo22 6 months ago +1

      No one cares

    • Mike
      Mike 6 months ago +7

      @Jimbo22 cope

    • IsraeliteMan713
      IsraeliteMan713 6 months ago +6

      @Jimbo22 😂You mad

    • StaleMate
      StaleMate 6 months ago +5

      ​@IsraeliteMan713 big mad and he cares 😭

    • Modelte Kindly
      Modelte Kindly 6 months ago +7

      ​@Jimbo22 Of course a guy named Jimbo is mad. 🤣

  • Aya A.
    Aya A. 5 months ago +1

    The problem isn't taunting, if she is was pointing at the audience. She was literally chasing the goddamn player.

  • Eugene Stewart
    Eugene Stewart 5 months ago +8

    Black Queen we love you ✊🏿🖤👸🏿

    • BossPlaysIt
      BossPlaysIt 5 months ago

      Dam she ain’t that black nigga😭

  • Jake Equality
    Jake Equality 5 months ago

    How was ot disrespectful? Didnt Angel make videos all season about how she was from Bmore and she talks trash? She pushed that narrative more than anyone

  • LNik21
    LNik21 6 months ago +11

    😂Commets are getting deleted! Why?

    • dirt bike
      dirt bike 6 months ago +7

      They really hurt 🤕🎉😂🎉

  • lee bowens
    lee bowens 5 months ago +3

    LSU coach looks like a Dolly Parton impersonator, I'm expecting her to start sing Jolene any minute.

  • Cowboys Fan585
    Cowboys Fan585 2 months ago

    She didn't disrespect you, it was all on the court with Caitlin and about basketball, you carried it on after the game she didn't and to this very day you do it and that was your walk to fame and you ran with it, you are the disrespectful one

  • Jacob Baughman
    Jacob Baughman 3 months ago

    listen to her Racist comments on Clark, she is the one who is racist and if Clark got up their and said a racist remark. oh how many Black People would point that out.

  • Braden Harris
    Braden Harris 5 months ago +3

    Can people let this go now? Both of these girls spoke on it, made it very clear they respect each other and they have no animosity or hate towards each other and that it’s just in the heat of the moment trash talk on the court and neither is offended by it.
    They kept trying to bait Clarke to say something and I’m glad she didn’t bite and made it clear that “hey I do it too so I can’t complain, it happens on the court and it’s not that big a deal” and went on to give Reese, Kim and the rest of the LSU team their flowers for their season and how they played. And Reese also is right here and in other interviews since has basically said the same thing, that it wasn’t a big deal and she respects Clarke and also gave her props on HER playing this season.
    The media and race baiting dicks are who blew this “feud” into something it NEVER was. You do not have to put down one of them in order to raise the other up!!! They can BOTH be awesome people who are talented, pretty, nice and excellent players. It doesn’t have to be one or the other, we can celebrate both and their achievements. People need to grow up and learn that. And also learn that just because someone says or does something in the heat of the moment (like an important basketball game) that it doesn’t reflect their personality or how they really feel about someone or something. These are common sense things but people are lacking a whole lot of that and critical thinking skills lately

  • RUTHLESS Ambition
    RUTHLESS Ambition 5 months ago +2

    She got pale faces UPSET 😂😂

  • Juan Manzano
    Juan Manzano 5 months ago

    Of course act awkward and then play the card.

  • Azim Murray
    Azim Murray 22 days ago

    Greeeeeeeeat job

  • Young monster
    Young monster 5 months ago +1

    So is this the LSU rapper

  • Lionel Sims
    Lionel Sims 5 months ago +1

    Pure Manifestation

  • Eric Moody
    Eric Moody 25 days ago

    Anyone saying these two did the same thing is disingenuous. If Caitlin chased her around to do this to her face, be honest about how Angel and the media would have reacted. Such a biased take on what really happened

  • Roman Wassink
    Roman Wassink Month ago

    She was the one who carried her team. You were the one who got carried by your team. And she dropped 41points against South Carolina and broke the tournament record for most points scored in a game. She didn’t even disrespect South Carolina I mean yea the hand flick maybe if raven Johnson could shoot she wouldn’t have to do that next time. And the disrespect is enough when nobody in the ncaa can guard her.

  • Ace
    Ace 6 months ago +2

    God bless everyone and have a good day

  • Big Business
    Big Business 5 months ago +1

    It ain’t no fun when the rabbit get the gun 🔫🐇

  • Shivam Patel
    Shivam Patel 5 months ago +2

    Caitlyn gpa 3.86 , the ultimate taunt . Lol after all main reason they are in college is to be educated , second is to be student athletes . But Kaitlyn won’t do that cause she will hear crickets .

  • Joseph Raymond
    Joseph Raymond 6 months ago +1

    It's women's basketball. Who cares

  • Krishaun beast
    Krishaun beast 5 months ago +1

    It was wrong to leave her alone😈

  • Lucy Too
    Lucy Too 5 months ago +2

    So beautiful 😊

  • C.T.
    C.T. 5 months ago

    .....BLM.....Baby baby baby. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tony Nunez
    Tony Nunez 2 months ago

    Very immature act...

  • Vinny Fatstacks
    Vinny Fatstacks 5 months ago

    I say the same thing about women’s college basketball as I do to the fake Rolex dealer on my block.
    I don’t wanna watch

  • Ruatsanga
    Ruatsanga 5 months ago +1

    Sorest champion of all time🤣

  • CJMacN1990
    CJMacN1990 3 months ago

    That's John cena you can't see me

  • Yezmir Sheppard-Halika
    Yezmir Sheppard-Halika 6 months ago +4

    What the white girl did at the end was very rude.

    • Jon Trollston
      Jon Trollston 6 months ago +5

      lmao how

    • Wonka
      Wonka 6 months ago +1


    • Jess
      Jess 5 months ago

      How is that rude

    • VaL EriE
      VaL EriE 5 months ago

      She was scared to check her in that moment.

  • John Sal
    John Sal 5 months ago

    Who even watches women’s basketball 😂

  • geekhan559
    geekhan559 4 months ago +1

    1st off she aint your girl you just hope she is as you ride someone elses coat tails

  • Wonka
    Wonka 6 months ago +3

    She’s getting her back for disrespecting another team? Huh? She’s being mad extra. Followed Clark around and taunted her cuz she knew the cameras were rolling. Clark did the “u can’t see me” for a half second and directed it to her teammates…Reese, after the game was over, literally taunted her.

    • John Jack
      John Jack 6 months ago +13

      ya need a tissue

    • DBE904
      DBE904 6 months ago +2

      Facts, good for you for not being a sheep

    • Get Box
      Get Box 6 months ago +5

      u mad? We the champs🐅 stop tryna keep this bullshit goin to make yourselves feel better about that L😂

    • Gregg Crawford
      Gregg Crawford 6 months ago +1

      ​@Get Box Champs at what? Caitlin jersey is selling out, her NIL deals about to head into millions, sneaker companies are trying to get the jump in her. Keep your paper championship😂😂😂😂😂

  • WouldAnyoneElse LikeToBeHeard

    Tha sistahood baby

    • Jugg
      Jugg 5 months ago


  • Keka Collins
    Keka Collins 5 months ago

    Them huunkies are petty and fragile and obessed.

  • Caught on Camera
    Caught on Camera 5 months ago +1

    clark didnt defend ol girl.was hard. man. clark knew. ol girl was unguarded and still passed the ball.

  • cbreeze1322
    cbreeze1322 6 months ago +5

    Originally I didn't like it but now I have context so... Ah well! I didn't watch Iowa beat South Carolina but I know South Carolina dragged LSU. I was thinking she should've said thank u to Iowa. It's all about matchups! I didn't know Clark did that so now I understand. Most times you'll be on both sides of taunting. You'll get somebody and then somebody will get u... Ball on!

    • Tatum Brown Tribe
      Tatum Brown Tribe 5 months ago

      That’s not her beef nor school tho lol I’m confused honestly, on top of that the media is the one who put gas in the flames by trying to make it a rivalry. CC beat the defending champs/the team that did NOT lose one single game this year. She did the you can’t see me to her own bench and the I can’t hear you to the crowd wasn’t nothing specifically directed towards SC. They counted CC team out and she ended up with 40 back to back games but CC said she cool with it bc it’s apart of the game different ppl have different personalities and she took up for Reese after the internet tried to slam Reese. But who I am? I just love hoops!

  • Franklyn Williams
    Franklyn Williams 5 months ago

    The world love Queen Angel 👸🖖

  • Sean
    Sean 6 months ago +17

    Double Standard: Caitlin Clark Is Celebrated As The Queen Of Clap Backs!

    • Pure OGKush420
      Pure OGKush420 6 months ago +4

      Not sure why...Caitlin didn't do ish to her or her teammates

    • astackz son
      astackz son 6 months ago +4

      Example of CC following a player around taunting them? I don't have a problem with what Reese did, but to say it's a double standard to have a problem with what Reese did seems ignorant.

    • Mir_NaStyyy
      Mir_NaStyyy 6 months ago +5

      I think the first time Reese did it was fine it was the fact she was being excessive and literally going after Clark trying to get her to notice it or get a reaction which I don’t understand. You think Reese has personal issues with Clark but I know if it was reversed and Reese reacted and pushed her majority say it was justified.

  • P M
    P M 5 months ago

    When keeping it real goes wrong.

  • Cowboys Fan585
    Cowboys Fan585 2 months ago

    You are wrong it's all in the game it's no disrespect, then you went the distance after the game and stalked her with the hand to the face smh smh oh and I don't like Clark or Iowa either

  • Jmac
    Jmac 6 months ago +6

    Caitlin Clark own real estate in Reese's head no mortgage.

    • krazyboi231
      krazyboi231 6 months ago +9

      yea reese gonna be think how clark gave her a ring her whole life XD HAHAHAHA

    • Jimbo22
      Jimbo22 6 months ago +2

      @krazyboi231 a ring for what a women’s basketball the most unathletic uncompetitive shit ever and the ring prolly worth 10$

  • F Pedojoe
    F Pedojoe 2 months ago

    13% scored 13 irrelevant points.

  • Jim Francis
    Jim Francis 5 months ago

    She’s starting to talk and act like NBA young boy now smh.

  • gotosleepTyler
    gotosleepTyler 6 months ago +4

    nothing like profiting and gaining sympathy and support off of grifting on race

  • Sakura Lunomi
    Sakura Lunomi 2 months ago

    From which video that you get Kobe talked about the kill list? Thank you🙏😊

  • Albert Highmore
    Albert Highmore 3 months ago

    One of the most classless displays in all of sports.

  • Thomas Green
    Thomas Green 3 months ago

    Can’t believe she’s being applauded for such classless behavior. A sad statement about their culture.

  • Danny Bunch
    Danny Bunch 3 months ago

    Fake Eyelashes Reese wouldn't have won a title at Maryland.. Thank Kim Mulkey. Catlin Clark MVP.....

  • Phuk Yew
    Phuk Yew 5 months ago +1


  • Brett Gaskell
    Brett Gaskell 5 months ago +1

    I wanted to pick her pocket… but I couldn’t

  • Lewis Martin
    Lewis Martin 2 months ago

    she had such a bad sportsmanship! she should have not gotten the Most Outstanding Player. She had less points than Caitlin did!

  • Nick Frog
    Nick Frog 3 months ago

    Don’t be disrespeck’n

  • lavetta bennett-paige
    lavetta bennett-paige 5 months ago +4

    Unapologetically bayou barbie supreme & paramount. I'm so loving LSU the winner yes

  • stevemiller747
    stevemiller747 5 months ago +2

    Trying to rationalize being a bad winner.

  • caligreenclean
    caligreenclean 5 months ago +1

    Being classy is only cool when it fits an agenda. Since when we started encouraging our kids to be classless? That applies to Caitlin clark too. All this lame disrespect from these two women has been more than I’ve seen in the entire nba season. Classless.

  • mandybelle p
    mandybelle p 5 months ago

    How petty

  • Bruciphers Dungeon
    Bruciphers Dungeon 6 months ago +1

    I searched “Ghetto Ho” and this popped up…

    • KP3Times
      KP3Times 6 months ago +4

      😂 that shit don’t work on most of us no more. Do better

    • Fearless J. Walker
      Fearless J. Walker 6 months ago +1

      I searched "sun" and "skin cancer" and Caitlin popped up, or atleast someone who looks like her.

    • Fearless J. Walker
      Fearless J. Walker 6 months ago

      I searched "sun" and "skin cancer" and Caitlin popped up...or atleast someone who looks like her.

  • Kevin Hardy
    Kevin Hardy 6 months ago +3

    Way to represent, it’s never funny to tell a joke but now the jokes on you… don’t dish it out if you can’t receive it… they having fun just like u was

  • max
    max 5 months ago +1

    So reese trashed talked because clark trashed talked South Carolina players? Sounds dumb aa hell😂

  • TCake Love
    TCake Love 5 months ago

    That's exactly how Carson lit them up! Carson had not been able knock down her shots in other games, but she was on fire. Iowa wasn't ready.😅😅😅

  • happymama1015
    happymama1015 5 months ago

    Yeah maybe now you can fix those lashes. Jesus

  • HiFi5280
    HiFi5280 5 months ago +2

    It was poor sportsmanship but folks so caught up in rationalizing her behavior. She didn't have to be that way plus she did it while up. Easy to talk junk when your up.

  • Cynthia Wright
    Cynthia Wright 6 months ago +4

    She said a month full! Go Tigers and Gamecocks! SEC Baby

  • Ketchup
    Ketchup 3 months ago

    Caitlin Clark is better

  • go eat cheese
    go eat cheese 4 months ago

    SC girls r her girls too 🥰

  • Silent Assassin
    Silent Assassin 5 months ago +1

    I said she did that for sc too

  • Ra Shaan
    Ra Shaan 5 months ago

    She ain't like that she took her medicine from a fist not a spoon.

  • Steven Garcia
    Steven Garcia 5 months ago

    John Cenaaaaaaa

  • Tyrisha Smith-Grady
    Tyrisha Smith-Grady 5 months ago +3


  • 3izzy33
    3izzy33 5 months ago +2

    I hope they remember this when Caitlyn goes to the W nba and dominates them and becomes considerably more popular.