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If you learned how to quick save in real life.

  • Published on Nov 7, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • Im quick saving before every purchase I ever make so I could use it before I actually buy it.
    Oddwin - 19
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Michael2344
    Michael2344 2 years ago +31024

    dude quicksaving would literally be the best superpower to have.

    • Olivia
      Olivia 2 years ago +452

      For real!

    • I like Oranges
      I like Oranges 2 years ago +1941

      Some guy is literally invincible*
      Quick save and fight him then move continents because you realized the you messed up
      Lost the lottery*
      Quick save then keep respawning until you win
      About to die*
      Respawn then deal with what to do with future knowledge
      Waste 60 hours gaming then respawn back to make it seem like your all ways studying to your parents(downside is that all data will be deleted)
      And the list goes on

    • Wind Wood
      Wind Wood 2 years ago +788

      @I like Oranges studying then goes back to play the game and then when your parents ask you, you can answer them with a swag

    • Wind Wood
      Wind Wood 2 years ago +249

      Lucio Pcamp and then the teacher goes full monika.

    • Serg
      Serg 2 years ago +229

      Maybe the ability to control time for only certain people in general. Freeze Karen in time. Look at your exam paper and then go back in time and study those questions. Warn everyone about 2020 etc.

  • Jack Anderson
    Jack Anderson Year ago +5065

    I love how quickly he accepted the fact that the burglar didn't remember anything because he wasn't in the party

    • quit kid #87
      quit kid #87 Year ago +288

      Dude just bent time to his will, having a party system isn't all that wak

    • DefinitelyARealPerson
      DefinitelyARealPerson Year ago +85

      I love that he correctly him when he said robber

    • Vexnator
      Vexnator Month ago +4

      "Oh yea he not in the party."
      "oh shi man i play dragon age that make sense"

    • Gabriel el Random !
      Gabriel el Random ! 4 days ago

      Lpl true

  • WilsonCoffee
    WilsonCoffee 2 years ago +6650

    If you notice he quick saves when the fan is moving and then stops so every time he resets you see the fan moving, Caleb is a genius.

  • Jovonn
    Jovonn Year ago +5446

    0:55 1:26
    I like how the burglar gives a hint on how to beat him: "If there was TWO OF Y'ALL, I probably wouldn't have a chance."

    • Ashtin Pace
      Ashtin Pace Year ago +416

      Yea bro, nobody is catching that. He says it the first two times he attacks.

    • Sebastian Calvey
      Sebastian Calvey Year ago +282

      Video Game Hints Achieved

    • The3dollarpizzainquestion
      The3dollarpizzainquestion Year ago +198

      @Sebastian Calvey he lost too much the game literally have to give tips

    • elohim cabrera
      elohim cabrera Year ago +64

      I'm gonna be honest I had absolutely no clue what he was saying until you pointed it out

    • Drako
      Drako Year ago +16

      Puzzle games in a nutshell

  • Randus
    Randus 2 years ago +11901

    "So, what's your superpower?"
    "I can quicksave."
    "Oh man, that-that sounds fantastic, we can prevent so many disasters-"
    "But I don't know how to load."

    • vhrill
      vhrill 2 years ago +464

      Re: Zero

    • xxgacha Guyxx
      xxgacha Guyxx 2 years ago +209

      Hey im here for the interview

    • LotusEater
      LotusEater 2 years ago +24

      @vhrill yup

    • ᗜˬᗜ
      ᗜˬᗜ 2 years ago +229

      @vhrill in re zero he does know how to load (by dying) but he doesn’t know how he saves so it’s kinda the opposite.

    • KingKwam
      KingKwam Year ago +7


  • agzzr adface
    agzzr adface 2 years ago +8464

    "Was a bat. the only weapon of choice. For the burglar"
    "I- yes yeah..."
    "bruh this is easy"
    *pulls out a fucking katana*

    • Eight Kills One Move Sword-Master
      Eight Kills One Move Sword-Master 2 years ago +367

      "Hey bro you forgot to say he was level 50 come on I'm still at level 42"
      "Sorry I got killed so fast I didn't even see the number"
      "Oh right bro you're level 15 you trash bro but ok with our levels combined we can take him out let's do this"

    • Jon Jon
      Jon Jon Year ago +12


    • nobody
      nobody Year ago +25

      And still lose

    • Nemesis Alex
      Nemesis Alex Year ago +93

      Fun fact: The japanese katana is a terrible sword compared to other swords. It only stayed relevant because of prideful royals who thought it was really cool and decided that every sword should look like it

    • agzzr adface
      agzzr adface Year ago +120

      @Nemesis Alex it is cool you cant deny that :/

  • TheEastPort100
    TheEastPort100 3 years ago +50744

    Theory: Quicksave guy is time loop guy after he learned how to control his power.

  • Qwilsy
    Qwilsy 2 years ago +12769

    The best part about these videos is you can’t tell who’s winning

    • pilkers2
      pilkers2 2 years ago +327


    • Kanye Rahming
      Kanye Rahming 2 years ago +89

      Look at the end

    • Vivek
      Vivek 2 years ago +466

      Caleb's winning of course.. he beat Caleb with the help of another Caleb so Caleb was winning

    • Gidion
      Gidion 2 years ago +30

      What do u mean the robber lost at the end of the video

    • Babz
      Babz 2 years ago +10

      @pilkers2 hmmm, still cant tell who won

  • Protato7
    Protato7 Year ago +2729

    Alternative ending:
    “Should we go back?”
    “I can’t, it autosaved.”

    • MrLost
      MrLost Year ago +76

      *Insert shocked face*

    • Oliver Peralta
      Oliver Peralta Year ago +17

      Alternate ending

    • JonesFTW93
      JonesFTW93 Year ago +38

      Depending on how the saves work you would still be able to go back.

    • MIles Edgeworth
      MIles Edgeworth Year ago +34

      Most games ive played quick, auto, and manual saves takes up seperate slots

    • drakke125
      drakke125 Year ago +33

      "I'm not the administrator..."
      "S...so God's...real?"
      "Dude wtf are you talking about"

  • AcesPrune
    AcesPrune 2 years ago +917

    "Teach me how to quick-save,"
    "Oh, nahh, man, you gotta me the main character for that."
    *existential crisis intensifies*

      JOSIAH DOWDSON Year ago +2

      216 likes with no replies? Crazy

    • TrafficConeMemes
      TrafficConeMemes Year ago +10

      if it was a party, then that means they were in co op
      meaning the oldest one in the party would be able to save

    • Al Malone
      Al Malone Month ago +1

      ​@JOSIAH DOWDSON Nah the guy with plot armor can save. Nobody else

  • Soraine
    Soraine 2 years ago +7307

    *superpower interview
    Caleb: so what's your power?
    Guy: I can save in real li-
    Caleb: GET OOOUUUUTTT----
    Guy: *goes back to save file*
    Caleb: so what's your pow-
    Guy: I can go back to time in a SPECIFIC spot and specific time and not make a time loop-
    Caleb: so.... did you do this already?
    Guy: yEs-

    • بیننده
      بیننده 2 years ago +118

      @Leone Light lmaoo that would be funny
      also its superhuman interview not superpower interview

    • Bless Le
      Bless Le 2 years ago +169

      caleb: so whats ur power
      guy: i can quicksave irl
      caleb: dam thats pretty useful
      guy: but-
      caleb: of course It has a draw back
      guy:i can only do It in parties of 2

    • Chris Schoenthaler
      Chris Schoenthaler 2 years ago +182

      Bless Le Nope. Still INSANELY useful. He just has to operate with one designated partner. Perhaps the guy who can switch places with other people?

    • Silver Dusted Flower
      Silver Dusted Flower 2 years ago +32

      Subaru(Re:Zero) : at what cost

    • بیننده
      بیننده 2 years ago +9

      @Silver Dusted Flower what?

  • Slobro850
    Slobro850 Year ago +596

    2:10 the most perfect “equip” animation I’ve ever seen irl

  • Jess †
    Jess † 3 years ago +16965

    sometimes i forget he just one man and he be doin all the characters himself. my mans need an oscar.

    • Genisix
      Genisix 3 years ago +175

      Jess † Just like Hardstop Lucas

    • G
      G 3 years ago +135

      LongbeachGriffy too bois.

    • Magik Rich
      Magik Rich 3 years ago +26

      3 Goats

    • cheppi die go
      cheppi die go 3 years ago +38

      Caleb does not have a twin brother, right?

    • Who YoMommy
      Who YoMommy 3 years ago +8

      cheppi die go yeah he don’t at least I don’t think so

  • mutilator97
    mutilator97 2 years ago +1434

    "Hold on, partner. This is a real bat."
    Same energy as that vid of the cop that shot the two thieves with a fake gun, then says "Too bad, mine's real."

    • Solidslicer
      Solidslicer 2 years ago

      @ENVIONJ no.

    • Starry Night
      Starry Night 2 years ago +7

      Can you tell me the title of the cop video please.

    • Mega Byte
      Mega Byte 8 months ago +1

      it has the power of one thousand homeruns

  • Tsewe
    Tsewe Year ago +150

    I love how he keeps repeating "Hold on partner, this a real bat!"
    Being able to wuicksave in life would be very OP, thought about it many times lol. You know even just for those "What if I'd do that, just to see what would happen..."

    • Pyras Wolf
      Pyras Wolf Year ago +1


    • Grizzlox
      Grizzlox Year ago +10

      The sad part is, 90% of guys would use the power primarily to pick up women

    • Papa Billbo
      Papa Billbo 10 months ago +2

      @Grizzlox "pick up" yeahhhh.. imagine you can do anything and then load back and it never happened, im sure u can imagine much more things ;)

    • dasdas asdasd
      dasdas asdasd 8 months ago

      what if u get caught in a loop

    • Rooks Wayne
      Rooks Wayne 4 months ago

      @Papa Billbo 😈

  • Lance Mitchell
    Lance Mitchell Year ago +125

    You gotta love how he doesn't get mad at his friend when he sent him out there to get folded by himself 🤣🤣🤣

  • DarkestMoon
    DarkestMoon 2 years ago +310

    The Burglars screams of pain had me dying laughing.😂🤣

  • Just a shrimp
    Just a shrimp Year ago +26

    Caleb is the type of guy you'd think was a classic and nostalgic and doesn't post anymore since like 2 years ago but no, he's still a classic, a goat, very nostalgic, and is STILL posting

  • 65 rogeryork
    65 rogeryork 3 years ago +15131

    "So uh what's your power?"
    "I have the power to quick save."

    • Tearsim
      Tearsim 3 years ago +811

      Man he needs to create a superhero interview 3 now

    • Joshua J
      Joshua J 3 years ago +852

      Fails interview.
      2 minutes later:
      Hey, I'm here for the interview

    • Curtis King
      Curtis King 3 years ago +237

      This is op tho

    • FireFlame gamer
      FireFlame gamer 3 years ago +53

      good my hero ability

    • tulbanhawk
      tulbanhawk 3 years ago +95


  • Kaneqo
    Kaneqo Year ago +66

    These videos are literal masterpieces. I was not ONCE dissapointed, didn't laugh or chuckle, like fr this shit should be on a museum or some shit.

  • nocturnal
    nocturnal Year ago +30

    this man is so entertaining. i could watch a full tv show that was just him talking to himself

  • AcidA$h
    AcidA$h Year ago +28

    1:46 I love how he goes to completely shocked about him quicksaving, to understanding it completely in 5 seconds

  • Crystal LXIX
    Crystal LXIX 2 years ago +70

    Its both sad and epic to think that the final fight scene is just him hiding next to the door bashing pans together and shouting at the other calebs

  • Lurdiak
    Lurdiak Month ago +2

    Funniest part of this is that there's 100% no reason not to start out by rushing the guy as a team if you can quicksave. Guy's just making more work for himself.

  • kermit_san_ 420
    kermit_san_ 420 3 years ago +5679

    The way he takes out his sword really shows how many saves he's had to do

    • Notkick
      Notkick 3 years ago +30

      i don't get it

    • Zadamanim
      Zadamanim 3 years ago +298

      @Notkick He draws it very casually like its the 100th time he's done it

    • Moai Machines
      Moai Machines 3 years ago +12

      More than 1k likes in 5 hours...

    • Notkick
      Notkick 3 years ago +3

      @Zadamanim oh I see

    • mettle456
      mettle456 3 years ago +10

      Max B. Why do you care about youtube comment likes?

  • Crypto
    Crypto 2 years ago +42

    So the time loop guy finally mastered his powers, I’m actually really happy for him

  • Joseph Lach
    Joseph Lach 2 years ago +71

    "I quick saved, you don't know? I've been quick saving for about a week"
    Like I would just recognize the "signs" and realize you have superpowers.

    • Redninja 007
      Redninja 007 Year ago +1

      I would just quote Sabs with his secret codewords tbh.

  • Not A Pro64
    Not A Pro64 Year ago +9

    the way the other guy in the party just casually accepts quick saving as a thing is the funniest part

  • gurvmlk
    gurvmlk 4 months ago +2

    I love how the burglar doesn't remember what happened because he's not in the party. It's exactly like in a video game how if you lose, you try again with the knowledge of your previous attempt while the enemies lack that knowledge about yourself.

  • Papa Appa
    Papa Appa 2 years ago +644

    Aye Aye
    hold on, back up partner
    This a real bat

    • ModdedInkling
      ModdedInkling 2 years ago +35

      Anti-maskers: Yeah yeah yeah *YOU IN MY HOUSE!*

    • Vichy Bitchy!
      Vichy Bitchy! Year ago +33


    • Cortez Martinez
      Cortez Martinez Year ago +6

      *loads quicksave*

    • Jurell Stephenson
      Jurell Stephenson Year ago +2

      Mad underrated comment

  • MisterHero101
    MisterHero101 3 years ago +37758

    “Bro you should ask your crush out.”
    “Aight let me save real quick.”

    • Acalycal
      Acalycal 3 years ago +2879

      Even with that power I probably still wouldn't dare.

    • Mex
      Mex 3 years ago +4088

      But loading the quick save will not heal a broken heart my friend...

    • Adnox
      Adnox 3 years ago +1129

      @Mex wisdom 100

    • Dead
      Dead 3 years ago +230

      New video idea for part 2😂😂

    • Jsplit 97
      Jsplit 97 3 years ago +578

      There's still the possibility the same thing that happened to the rat from juuni taisen could happen to you. If you want to watch the anime this is a massive spoiler. He has the ability to replay a scenario a hundred times and choose the best outcome. He did that with his crush and got turned down every single time.

  • OneBillionTacos
    OneBillionTacos Year ago +3

    Little do you know that he's not actually quick-saving, but is instead just going to another reality where the other version of him takes his place.

  • Revan
    Revan 11 months ago +1

    This reminds me of the time when Fallout 4 first came out and I binge played for like 12 hours straight, when I got up to go use the bathroom I tried to quicksave IRL 😭

  • Kevin Pierce
    Kevin Pierce 11 months ago +2

    Other Caleb is obviously still in the tutorial. He hasn't unlocked basic mechanics yet, there's a helpful guide character to make the early game easier, and the boss is even giving hints on how to beat him.

  • Mini Maximus
    Mini Maximus 2 years ago +86

    Caleb’s neighbours must be so confused when he records

  • That Guy
    That Guy Year ago +11

    i love how you cant tell who's losing or who's winning, and you just have to wait for him to load the save

  • CozyHi
    CozyHi 3 years ago +2932

    Imagine being a side character in Caleb’s world?! Instant anxiety!!

  • GuyDude439
    GuyDude439 2 years ago +142

    *learns that I can quick save irl*
    okay bouta quick save before I do literally anything ever

  • dead account
    dead account 2 years ago +32

    I love how cocky he is till they both show up like "Now hol' up pa-oh OH THERE'S TWO OF YALL"

  • Bounty_Hunter19
    Bounty_Hunter19 Year ago +5

    I YIELD! I YIELD!😂 Caleb's skyrim quotes are always on point

  • Logan B.
    Logan B. 2 years ago +1

    Let's face it, everyone wanting to possess and and use a quicksaving superpower would just end up creating millions of alternate timelines.

    NFLBRAD 2 years ago +1

    I wonder what Caleb's neighbor's be thinking when he be making these videos😂😂😂

  • RAiSiN idc
    RAiSiN idc 3 years ago +49540

    Everything is fun and games until the save file is corrupted

    • Mr. Jonny
      Mr. Jonny 3 years ago +1430

      shame you didn get the most relevant comment , cuz that shit made me laught for hours

    • Bill Codes
      Bill Codes 3 years ago +406

      How do you not have at least 1000 likes? This shit was funny

    • Max Anthony
      Max Anthony 3 years ago +217

      It's because of the date, this video came out a month ago.

    • Visin
      Visin  3 years ago +60

      Rio futaba?

    • amiri
      amiri 3 years ago +29

      ​@Visin it is her
      I think

  • The Hybrid
    The Hybrid Year ago +3

    This is literally something a lot of people could do with especially college students like imagine you quick saved an hour before an exam or something and you know specifically what to put in your exam or if you quick save and make notes of what you got wrong when you get results then go back to the save and do things properly

  • Maxwell Kamlongera
    Maxwell Kamlongera 2 years ago +8

    When you realize deja vu is the feeling you get when someone in the world reloads their quick save but you're not in their party so you don't retain your memories.

    • Semaj Moore
      Semaj Moore Year ago

      No wait wait you've got a point,this is underated.

  • Matt A
    Matt A Year ago +1

    1:45 Caleb shows his mastery of terminology when he corrects himself from "the robber" to "burglar". Dude swinging a bat in someone else's home, definitely burglar.

  • pomfi
    pomfi 2 years ago +12

    Damn Caleb is so lucky he was taught how to quick save

  • drakke125
    drakke125 Year ago +2

    The concept of saving in video games usually is shown in the form of diary or record logs.
    In other words, the best way for us to 'save' and quicksave IRL is to make a To-Do List and record of achievements if necessary such as receipts, invoices, bills, even writing phone calls we make to companies because of the BS the workers or companies give to us as customers that we need to write down the time and day we made the phone call and the name of the person we spoke to as evidence of what we did, instead of sounding like we're making stuff up.
    All of this stuff I learned from my family. Even talking harshly against people on the phone or to people in business in public because you MUST advocate for yourself and put people in their place if they do a shit job.
    Yes it may piss you off. But people need to be held to a higher standard.

  • セロsero
    セロsero 3 years ago +7264

    Ma dude literally just betrayed him and this guy still trusted him lmao 😂

    • Dark Unicorn
      Dark Unicorn 3 years ago +564

      This is typical of duos or parties. No hard feelings. That's why we have quicksave and respawns. Lol

    • Kendrick
      Kendrick 3 years ago +175

      Dark Unicorn lol very typical, my best friend has the WORST in game communication and I’m always like broooo, I’m done, but then he’ll be like run it back? And we back into another game lol

    • Six Old Dereks
      Six Old Dereks 3 years ago +244

      Well he also immediately went out by himself after saving the guy. Only to be beat just the same. So, kinda even in a sense.

    • Unknownzy
      Unknownzy 3 years ago +4

      Dark Unicorn wanna squad up

    • Rhaz of Rheos
      Rhaz of Rheos 3 years ago +51

      Well, to be fair, he did went in alone the second time..

  • TheStapleGunKid
    TheStapleGunKid 9 months ago +3

    Just wait till he meets his arch enemy: The guy who knows how to set the difficulty in any situation to "permadeath".

  • BananaBoi
    BananaBoi 2 years ago +7

    This man really did the extra detail where every time he quick saves the fan moves

  • Captain Sprinkles
    Captain Sprinkles 7 months ago +3

    Caleb was actually right when he said "Robber" because burglars steal your stuff without attacking or harming you. Robbers attack you

  • CJ lite
    CJ lite 2 years ago +1

    In order to Quick Save, you need to have a pencil and a notebook
    Write down Saves on the cover of the notebook
    Everytime you want to save, write down the current time, location, and party members into the notebook, taking up a single page and nothing more, then write down a phrase that will remind you of it. The same will not work if you miss any members in your party ( the name they give you, not a nickname you give them), get the location wrong (what you call the location), or get the time wrong (with a margin of error of 2 minutes)
    If you want to load a previous save state, then find it in the notebook and say the phrase in the notebook three times, and you will be transported to that save, and time will resume as normal
    *Warning! If you load a save that you made, any other save states you make after will be erased. If you want to return to your current location, you must say the phrase twice to return to your original location.*

  • Philip
    Philip Year ago +1

    I appreciate that you addressed and gave a reason why the other guy, but not the burglar kept their memory.

  • Marcus Lopez
    Marcus Lopez 3 years ago +5017

    I love this dude man his intelligence is highly underrated

    • Sarcasm
      Sarcasm 3 years ago +91

      Yeah he has put a whole lot of points on INT for sure.

    • blenDerbunnY33
      blenDerbunnY33 3 years ago +78

      Probably targeting his vital organs

    • Johnson Baron Caveler
      Johnson Baron Caveler 3 years ago +12

      Madwrestler 145 nice joke.

    • rohan
      rohan 3 years ago +26

      Madwrestler 145 you cant sleight someone for spelling a word wrong when you spell it wrong as well

    • Johnson Baron Caveler
      Johnson Baron Caveler 3 years ago +6

      @rohan i get the joke, but what's sleight supposed to be?

  • NoName
    NoName 2 years ago +5

    He understands the difference between a robber and burglar. A true intellectual.

  • Memebow Dash Poposhy

    Im 110% sure if anyone had this ability, they would troll people.
    Imagine you learn this, and ur roomate is in the other room sleepy, you quicksave, and run into the room screaming and yelling, making weird noises till you feel stress free, and he looks at you confused af, and you just revert your save.

  • Shwerpy
    Shwerpy Year ago +16

    only just now realized that the part where caleb corrects himself for calling the burglar a "robber" is put in the video probably because he gets irked when people fail to differentiate the two
    otherwise there would be literally 0 reason to put that in

  • Joker
    Joker 2 years ago +1

    Y'know, with the power of quick saving and some ingenuity, you can probably become the most influential person on the planet.

  • Onbiiono
    Onbiiono Year ago +3

    I like how if they had just gone together in the first place, they wouldn’t haver had to go through all that lmao

    • Brighter Phantom
      Brighter Phantom Year ago +1

      He still has power swings. Probably has perks so forward power attacks do double critical damage.

  • Jonathan Li
    Jonathan Li 3 years ago +3463

    he really said "he not in our party" and the man just be like "that makes sense".

    • RtistiqSkubie
      RtistiqSkubie 3 years ago +143

      Because it does.

    • NicciJemz
      NicciJemz 3 years ago +235

      He just saw quick save work twice irl... I'd accept that explanation also

    • Jaydee!
      Jaydee! 3 years ago +1

      PS4 type beat

    • CloudTV
      CloudTV 3 years ago +3

      I understand this logic tho
      We all do😐

  • Gyro
    Gyro Year ago +1

    I feel like his neighbors think Caleb is going on adventures every day.

  • Germain Kreiger Gapud
    Germain Kreiger Gapud 2 years ago +1

    Do you guys know what made it the best super power ever? Is that he doesn't need to die in order to go back to his save point. Unlike some protagonist we all know who literaly can't stay alive for 3 episodes hahaha

  • The Funnest Account!

    All you need to do to quick save is press the start button and click on Save within the pause menu using the A button. It will then ask you if you're sure you want to save, click yes and after a second or two your save should be complete!

  • Natedoesart
    Natedoesart 4 months ago +1

    I like how in this skit instead of just learning that the guy can quick save he is somewhat already experienced in it instead

  • The Dark Doggy
    The Dark Doggy 2 months ago +1

    Voicing the battle off screen lines must have been a ton of fun and really concerned your neighbours

  • Dr. Deadpool
    Dr. Deadpool 3 years ago +15483

    Most Anticipated crossover: Avengers Endgame
    Our most anticipated crossover: Time Loop guy meets Quicksave guy

    • Le Noir TNB
      Le Noir TNB 3 years ago +933

      But... they are the sam-
      *Door opens*
      Hey I'm here for the interview!

    • FBI
      FBI 3 years ago +468


    • Kawthar Qasem
      Kawthar Qasem 3 years ago +112


    • Yuno Gasai
      Yuno Gasai 3 years ago +34


    • Anonymous Thanks
      Anonymous Thanks 3 years ago +13

      Colossal titan...

  • john johnson
    john johnson 2 years ago +3

    "was a bat...the only weapon of choice....for the burglar?" I have no idea why but that had me laughing my ass off 🤣

  • Sanduiiii
    Sanduiiii 2 years ago +2

    Caleb is one of the only people that impersonate three people at once

  • you • 5 seconds ago • 15 years ago

    I got addicted to a game before and were so used to saving, that after getting off the game, I accidentally made lots of mess when tryna eat and my mind was like "ugh now I have to reload the last save" then I immediately realize that it's actually real life so I need to clean the mess MANUALLY

  • De X Rose
    De X Rose 2 years ago +1

    The fact that he pulled out the sword like an npc guard gets me every time

  • NightTerror2067
    NightTerror2067 Year ago +7

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    KING DOM Year ago +46

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    Red Caleb: “Soo, basically I can save points in ti-“
    Interviewer: “NOOO, GETT OUUT GET OU-“
    Red Caleb: *quick saves*
    Interviewer: “So what’s your po-“
    Red Caleb: *snaps his fingers and smiles*
    Interviewer: *does the same thing*

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    Proceeds to beat the shit out of all of them with his bat

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