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I ANALYZED The Philadelphia 76ers vs Milwaukee Bucks!!

  • Published on Mar 4, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Phillybul
    Phillybul 6 months ago +17

    As a sixer fan appreciate the unbiased commentary. Definitely earned a sub. Good stuff

    • Can’t 3ven call it!!
      Can’t 3ven call it!! 6 months ago

      Yes I understand why George Neing plays so much for spacing but his defense is abysmal at best

  • Grime23 30
    Grime23 30 6 months ago +5

    Bro this is gold, keep your videos coming and I guarantee you in a year or so you’ll have several subscribers..
    It’s not every day people are able to break down basketball so well

  • Jason A-Team #eaGles
    Jason A-Team #eaGles 6 months ago +1

    You a very intelligent man brotha love hearing you explain and teaching us its much appreciated

  • Anpu Minds
    Anpu Minds 6 months ago +1

    Great breakdown brother!

  • T
    T 6 months ago

    This man harden was pulling form curry range deep🔥

  • Aaron Moes
    Aaron Moes 6 months ago

    Bucks fan here... This loss hurt for sure! I think Middleton is proving to be a liability defensively. They may need to keep him on the bench the rest of this year and hopefully he can get healthier. I don't see him coming to form :(

    • Erick H
      Erick H 6 months ago

      Don't let the mash unit look for? Khris fool ypu he'll be OK. I know he's got all this extra stuff on his legs that makes it seem worse than it, really. Is come playoff k money will be ready We got plenty depth so it will be good. You know how the NBA is nowadays. These guys are extra cautious with certain individuals money time is the playoffs.

    • Aaron Moes
      Aaron Moes 6 months ago

      @Erick H The thing is, he has had a setback already this year. Then he had his knee flare up before the Chicago game (he held himself out of that one) and he seems to only be able to really play 20 solid minutes. He looks much worse on D if he pushes that threshold.

    • Erick H
      Erick H 6 months ago +1

      @Aaron Moes Trust me, it's the medical staff People are exaggerating about the defense against philly. He went under the screen instead of over the top and just following harden and he made an incredible 3 point shot. Then he ran past joel those were mental errors not because you can't play d Very correctable

    • Aaron Moes
      Aaron Moes 6 months ago

      @Erick H his defense has been very inconsistent but she doesn't pay that many minutes so it's not always noticed. I'm just comparing him to past years. But he does have plenty of good moments. Overall I think is playing well. It's just that it seems to come in spurts. I don't know if that's because of the knee or because he's not conditioned. We got like 20 games until the playoffs, he needs to be able to ramp it up soon or how is he going to play 30+ minutes in the playoffs? I hope he gets some extra work today with Giannis and Jrue sitting out.

  • Kenneth Bailey
    Kenneth Bailey 6 months ago

    I don't know, because it all depends on Harden. He has to be big time all during a series. But in the playoffs he gets small. And Philly fans are not Houston. They are not looking for excuses. And Jane's don't know how they can get. They already list the Super Bowl and World series.

  • SD4philly
    SD4philly 6 months ago

    good analysis and true balancing I sub ...

  • G Richard
    G Richard 6 months ago

    at 1:14 ... is there a reason why no one uses the Hook Shot anymore?
    There's a clip of Wilt Chamberlain making 4 or 5 hook shots from the corner (in practice) and it just looked so effortless.

  • R. Jay stewart
    R. Jay stewart 6 months ago

    Both teams were on fire 🔥 from 3

  • Dominique Brown
    Dominique Brown 6 months ago

    This guy woul ld crush everyone of the "analyst" in the mainstream media

  • Can’t 3ven call it!!
    Can’t 3ven call it!! 6 months ago

    Bro this jawn is 🔥

  • Can’t 3ven call it!!
    Can’t 3ven call it!! 6 months ago

    New sub nd alike can I have your opinion on Tyrese Hali vs Sixers in the PnR defense

    • pattDOR
      pattDOR  6 months ago +1

      imma be watching that game, the video should be out in the next few days. Haliburton went CRAZY, 40 points 16 assists is a MUST WATCH

  • 1Black 1Black
    1Black 1Black 6 months ago

    bro im from europe, i love your videos, but just i think you should investe on a mic the sound not to clear, positive review...have a nice day

  • the real royal
    the real royal 6 months ago +1

    Y’all don’t gotta believe in philly just don’t hop on the bandwagon

    • pattDOR
      pattDOR  6 months ago

      i won’t, i promise. if they get far, i’ll be happy for them cuz i love to see people be great. but i won’t say i’m a philly fan or nun